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All Signs Point Toward Decline in
Wtett Receipt.
tiwmlln alalia la Cera ti
'" Have Beea Taking; Profile
Hara Xlajwdged the
! Sltaallea.
OMAHA. Jan. a. 151i.
AH signs point ka a very decided de
crease la the wheat receipts from now
on, which Is a Tory tacoumiDf argu
ment oa the side of th buyer.
Than ia a remarkably auonc ton to
rut values In ail positions. Castas were
a UiUa easier today and this acted as a
check to l lie early advance, but senumett.
Is bullish, and If corn continues firm
higher values will be sura to come.
Conservative bulls in corn who have
been taking profits, expecting- values to
hreak under a heavy run to market, have
misjudged the situation, as values sre
still advancing. The very heavy demand
has absorbed (lis heavy offerings, as a
result of a near faiulns In coarse grains
is being experienced.
Wheat ruled firm and higher oa bullish
Canadian news. Cables and local news
was relher bearish, and closing values
were unchanged.
Corn was strong and higher. Sentiment
continues bullish and values were ad
vancsd by shorts covering. Cash, values
were la higher.
Primary wheat receipts were 617,060 bu.
and shipments were M00O bu.. against
receipts isst year of M.wO bu. aud ship
ments of TXVJt bu.
Primary com receipts were l,?t,fl0 bu.
and shipments were 39.000 bu., agatnat
receipts last year of v;.v bu. and ship
ments of ies.(ul bu.
Clearance were bo. of com, WO
hu. of oats and wheat and four equal
to MOOO bu.
Liverpool closed Hd lower on wheat
and Httld higher on corn.
The fo: lowing rash aalea were reported:
WHEAT No. I hard: 1 car, II M, No.
1 hard: 1 car. fl.oiS: t car. Il.oiw- No.
: spring: I car. Il.st1; 1 car, tl.wi No.
I mixed: 1 car, D 0H. No. I mixed: I
car. $101.
CORN No. whits: 1 ear. 4.e; t car,
& No 4 whits: I ear, CSV:: 1 car,
a-. No. t yellow: I cars, etc. No. 4 yel
low: 1 car. etc; 4 cars, atc: 1 car. Jc;
I cars. 411c; 11 cars, Mr. No. I mixed:
I cars. sec. No. 4 mixed: I cars, X; i
vs.. OKte.
OATS-No. I white. J car, flc: I cars.
He No. 4 while: 1 car, iV. Z cars,
Omaka Cask r rices.
WHEAT No. I herd. Sl.OMjl 04S: No. I
hard. l.iai H: No. 4 hard. OTHootl.tfl
CtlUN-No. 1 white. mi4Vr; Nn. 4
white. ewwBV: No. color. 3tti-4'ir.
No. 1 ysllow, PsMc; No. 4 yellow, ook
(a-; No. I. Ittsttaec; No. I, siitjelc; no
grsde, 7Wc
OATS-No. t while. He-JIV. standard.
iltl'.lV: N. while, Hi(61r: No.
while. slrtt6Se: No. t ysllow, W.4cV,
No. 4 vellow, &,tjtHte
BARI.KY -Mailing. 1 nt?l 11 No. 1
feed. fr-titl.OO; heavy feed, kiclitl l.
HVE-.So. 1 soma-: No. , mrwo.
t'arlet Mewetpte.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
I -bless.) a Ts 15
Minneapolis ..XI
Umaha It lis It
Uulutk 1
mixed, eld. steady at 0s KM. Fnluiea
strong; February, 4a lVd. March, as M.
resleres ef the Trading and (losing
Prices ea Beau af Trade.
CHICAGO, Jan. n -Wheat prices fell
In the last hslf hour today as a result
largely of signs ef a let up In the recent
exirsordlnsry demand for corn. Tiie
olaee wsa weak at StONo to Ho decline
from last nlghi.
The collapse In the wheat market came
chiefly alter the receipt of dispatches
from "t. Louis and Kansas City saying
II looked as if the southwest and south
had been filled up with corn for a
while. In addition Peoria sent word
ihst sxport bids on corn were Ho lower
than of lets.
Heerlsh Argentina reports' hid reused
a weak openlnc. but (he big hula In
coarse grain, especially corn, sent prices
for wheat skyward. Ths upturn was
aided by statements that Canadian farm
ers faosd huge losses unless 30.ouo.uu0
bushels of damp wheal In (he west could
be dried and marketed before spring.
Profit taking, however, and the heck net
la com brought In the end a complete
reversal of lone. May fluctuated from
II. slt to HiKS with last salea So net
lower at IliUHttl.wv Although corn
futures today touched a hew high level
for the movement the market finished
weak under heavy celling en the part
of oommlaeVxn houses. May ranged
from t!Sc to 0Wrtic, rinsing at 47V.
a gain of tan net. cash grades were
firm. No. 1 yellow was quoted at 04 Vu
Oats mada new record prices for ths
1 ". put a anerp reaction look piece
wnen otner grain Began to sag. May
ranged from elo and HMioiHo with
the floss U'e, a Cain of te over laal
Hlg receipts of togs weighed down pro
visions. Pork sold off too to Uerlard,
to to We. and ribs. Two to into.
leading options closed as follows:
Article! Open. Hlah. low, Close. Yee'y.
irvi, imsi
IbarWI wvi
evetrisl avsi
M 40
14 00
July. I7WN
1 0!tJi 0JSW
It 40
0 00
it md
0 40
Oastatlaas af the Day ea Varieas
OoV W aaatOaOOjl 1 1 trae
XEW YORK. Jan. .q.-FTXUR-teady
'pring patents, fc.2t.lji.r-e. winter strslghts.
H Mjlto: winter patents, Kt ; spnni
clears, R2SJH-45; Kansas straights.
Kye flour, firm: fair to good
t.W; choice to fancv. U Afr X. Buckwheat
flour, firm: K.idta.90 per NO pounds.
CuRNJJKAI. steady; fine whits and
yellow. tl K-trt ': coarse. Sl.4Mil.30; kiln
RVE-FIrm: No. i. Sic c. I. f. Buffalo.
WHEAT Spot market easy; No. 2 red.
H.0 elevator export basis snd tl.Ofa
f. a. b. afloat: No. 1 northern Duluth.
U.2 t. a. b. afloat. Futurea declined at
the start on tower cables and favorable
Argentine sdvicea. rallied sharply on ac
tive speculative buying and in sympathy
with the outplde markets, but eased off
under profit taking, closing at Sc decline
to c net advance. May closed II Ot 11-14;
Jul, ii ii
CORN Spot market ea5" aiport, T-Vjc
f. o. b. afloat. Futurea nominal.
OATS Snot market firmer: standard
white. Mc in elevator: No. 1 SVc; No. 1
and 4. Kir; natural white and white
clipped. USipilc on track. Futures nomi
HAY-Firm: Brlme. il.B: No. 1. 1.W;
No. !. U.Wil.20: No. 3. tocDJI (.
IHHEri-iitesdy: Central America, Uc;
Bogota. r-MtSc.
LEATHtK-nrm: nemiorg nrsts,
r,c; seconds, it&3Sc; thuds, SlVOe; . re
Ject lie.
PROViriiONS-Porlc. stesdy: mess, iit.isj
trlT.M: famllv. lit WhrfuaJ: short clear.
IK.OotrttN. Reef, firm; mess, tU.OOtrUW:
ra.mll). n.eUtLS7; beer hama. x.',.uus.w.
Cut meats, steady; pickled belllea. Id to 14
pounds. tMi1c: pickled hams. UwllM-
Lard, easy: middle west prims, asivir
II): refined, steady; continent, a-no.
South America. fs.&: compound. CUfric
TAIJjiw guiet; prune city nnaa, ec;
special. OSc; country. OtieHc.
HI TTER I nsettled; creamery specieiv
lie; extras, Me; firsts. Kvuic: process
specials, Xc; extras, S(ti2iV; firsts, i'.Q
ac. - i
1'lfKK.SE-eieady: akims, 7nitvyc.
rHi Firm: freeh ssthered. extras.
SMl0c: extra firsts. Wc: firsts, 3
use; refrigerator, firsts, c; western
gsthered. whites. 943c.
rot UK) Alive, steaay: western
hlrkens. USIIV: fowls. I:l3c; turkeys.
'.fel-: dressed, aulet: western rhlcsens.
n'.-.l; fowls, l;VulHc; turkeys, Uyclc.
HI. I.oele Ueaerwl Market.
KT IJH IS. Jan. ll.-WHKAT-Flrifi.
track. No. 1 red. 1.U1MU; No- t bard.
t:OKi Pteaay; trace, iw, e esc, iio.
white. ir;c.
OATS-Mteady; trace, fto, x, kc; r.o. j
white, MVic.
StB-i ncnangeo, smc.
i.nji'iL Mteeilv: red winter patents. extra fancy and atrslsltts, tun
ti4.45; hsrd winter clears. H.4WWI nruoiny, diwvw
BHAN-Mteady; sacked, east track,
IIAV-rirm: timouy, ea.vwv.wt pii-
e. IU.nml7.iO.
PKOVI8KNH-Pork, unchanged: lob-
bins. IliiO. lard, unchanged: prime
learn, lisi'iflut'e. Ih-y sslt meats, un
changed: boxed, extra shorts, . clear
rll.K. .i0: Fliorl clears, tti'S. Hscon. un
changed: boxed, extra shorts, H.M; clrar
rum, t.n: shorts clears. t Ti.
POIM.TK1 nrm: cnicsens, lie; spring,
15c: tuiHeys. Ho: ducks, IIHc: geeee, Ic.
HI TTKlt liwer; crrsmrry, ;.giJC.
JiOOfl- Uiwer; c.
Receipts. Shipments
Plor. this lo.oo ll.wn
Wheal, bu 41 W.i
(hits, bu v.
Corn, bu Ul.m ,ws
Kaaeaa rlly tirala sad Prevlaleas.
eh.nerd: No. t hard. ll.ftMil.ll: No. 1
I1O2SU10S, no. x. reu, ti wxji.ui, no. a.
COR.N I ncnangea to wo nigner; no. x
n,ed. aaVAtc: No. I. .c; No. I white,
vav; No. i, tTHOeac.
OAT Mesoy to ya nisoer. rvo. t
whlt Ktfc; No. 1 mixed. WMtOe.
u v K. w art .
HAt-stesdy; choice timothy. IttOOO
SW: choice prairie, ntouoit to.
Hl'TTKR-creamery, He; firsts, Mc;
aeconda, Mr: packing stock, Uf.
KtiUO KXtras, SBC, I1I"P, mv, eevunus.
Receipts Shipments
Wheat, bushels .'i0 M.ono
torn, bushelg 1.
oata, bushels 110 U.000
Pklladelpkla r red see Market,
PIfllJIDBIJ'HIA, Jan. s1.-rnTTER-
Hteady; western creamery, special, one;
western creamery, extra. He; nearby
nrtnts. extra. 41a.
riuun r irm ana cuereni reoeipis e-c- i"i
ue hlsher: 1'eniosjlvsnia ana otnsr
nearhr f rsts. Ill is per case; rwnnsyi-
vanla and other nearoy, current receipt e,
free cases, til.30 per case; western firsts,
free rases, II! M per ease; western, cur
rent receipts, free cases, tiz.sw per esse.
CHKrB-nrm: New York full creams,
fancy, 1?V; New York, fair to good, Itt
Vi ic.
Mlaaeaaolla Oral Market,
Mav. II ekiil OfiL.: July, ll.ose.9l tste: caah.
No. I hard. II 0S; No. I northern. II.0LH
tjl.M; No. 1 northern, si.nvrvi.ot; mi, x.
II oi curl . (O.
COIIN-No. I yellow, Mr.
OATH-No. i while. eVio.
RVK-No. I.
KUX'H-First intents. KmiS.Sn: sec
ond patents, lt.SMt6.10; first clears, 13.
W, second clears, e.emr:.M.
14 4i
11 00
14 40
llsXTWii II
I0 4I-7U,
gJH;i aryo
100 I 0
W 4'H lHW
4K;Vs!0 wMiVsl
l m
1 11
irnioj i as
s ew B
i i nwn
Cash quotations were as follows.
FUJUR-Plrm; winter patente, U M
. : winter straights. B eota-
patents, sV8.00; spring attslghta, 14.41
jr... "i-riMs pwiesiiaj n.uv bakers,
RARITY-reedor mixing. K)c4tl 4; fair
o rnwi. iwiihr, I:
8KKI-Tlmothy, 2.4eeju.0; tlovwr,
PROVIPIONS-Pork. mesa, eld. tlatSH
osw ii . lard (loose), Hhort
ribs (loose). H ML
Total clearances ot wheat and flour
uual to bushels. Primary recelnta
were ilt,m bushels, compared with 0M os
oueneis tne correepoaoing day a yer ago.
r-stimata rcipts for tomorrow: Wheat.
rem head. vm'. i cars; Bogs,
Chl-mgo Cash Prtoee-Wlieei v . .
l.oe101.: No. I red. Mcl; No. i
hard, tl.0ie1.05; No. I hard, li.0Ujyl.44: n0
t northern. II.II91.1S; No. I northern. ILijO; No. I northern, tl 04411.00; No.
' --W'. " - n a spring. 41 Srtfl 11 -No.
I spring. HOMtLOT: No t.ZrZ-lh
rir.OO; velvet chaff, 00r.i; durum! sue
illes. Corn. No. X 04.4e; No
k white. V,iV: No. I yellow. OtMMCc-
.Na. 4. OlWMVc: No. 4 whlta OAiwu.
No. 4 yellow, JV4t)43Sc. Oeia. No. ui
65c: No. white. aSSHOc: No. t white
iwwv; no. s wnite, ijtc,c; standard.
bib-mi. z. sv.
BARLRT-surtill O
TIMOTHY 1'.2 Otstu og.
blttkr pteady; creameries, BtyHc
sai asuaar: receipts. I. ea oases: at
Acute Weakness of Steel Xunet Orer-
ihadowT All Other Fektarei.
F la Sesae Qaartere Attrlb-
ted ta 1 aside trWmm aad la
Otkera la I aeertalatr e( .
NEW YORK. Jan. 1L Acute weaknees
of United States Steel overshadowed all
ether features of the stock market today.
The price fell 4'i points, borne down by
an outpouring of stock which smothered
all attempts to auooort It. L'nlon Pav
rifle a allowing- was little belter, that stock
awing iv
The collapse or these two leaders In
fluenced tiie market to a pronounced de
gree. Looses were general among both
railroad and Industrial stocks. The total
transactions for the day were fcll.wjo
shares, tiie largest In several weeks.
Transsctlons In L'nlted States Hteel were
3SS.WU shares. The selling movement was
apparently dua largely to professional
operation and unfilled orders of the United
Slates Hteel corporation were estimated as
larger than at any time during the laet
two years, and Incoming orders were
placed at 41.000 tons dally.
in some quarters the pressure was at
tributed to Inside selling," In others to
the belief that the permanency of the
dividend rate on United Mates Steel bad
seen called into Question. That stock
touched oMk, the lowest price of several
months, as compared with the high price
fteturday of OS7. The preferred fell to
lcei. that Issue, as wel as the common.
dropping below the figure at which It
was offered for subscription to employe
of ma steel corporation.
pit. Paul touched a new low point on its
present movement. Us bottom figure of
HH'a oeing tne lowest ot severe years,
r'rw stocks showed strength tor a time
after the opening. -.
London sold United Steles rMeel heav
ily, apparently on account of Its Interpre
tation of the report.
The bond market was broad, with a
fair volume of business. Changes In quo
tations were moderate. Total salea. par
value. CKx.orn. Panama is advanced
on call.
Numher of sales and leading quotations
on stocks were as follows:
ales. Ultk. Lew Cl.
Allla-Tbalsieni pM 4
4aelaaaale4 dosser ... 14.744 II II
AaMrt'Sa AirlaiUaral .. m 41 sets ".
is Heel sugar 1.14 Hi l
Awerlean (as f " Us HI c. a r. us II as Hi
Aw. ouoa oil !.
SSMrhas H. A 1. 4
curitiea during the esrij trading today IA1I11T1 1 IVr CTrtPF IflPFrT
At noon the market was easy wUb p.'lrea i UifiAIlA Li I LI UlUua. flLfUVlkLl
ranging from . above to a below ester- j
,-.1- - T7l.LaaiOT-l S V.U Ul 1
Se. XUuvk ; l-liMe
se era
BaRlw e A OU MHPwaaavl'aala
CSaMa Paimc . OtURinS Mn
. (3SS.V 1 mfk Oelral Ill's
. tieN0Tteia A H'eat-aHia.
,14 ee :4 n
iw rattans a WMtera. -1
yt uu i ctU Generally Ten Higher and
Fairly Active.
?:wK4etns 7S
ChL Ureat WeKSra. Useaiaera Rr TTa
Mil . lap i s era i
Pa Bern !'.oelbe.-a Parine .. til
Deaver A Rle 6... tl'.Lalea Pacih. iSTH
. ee era m
0 Steal..
.. il see na
.. ilsWabeih
: a. (4 ....
.. 7V
.. lis
4e IK Sf4 ...
Se U pM ...
. Otaad Troak .
llnaets Ccstrsl
Es 41.
SILVER Bsr. steady
MoNET-IMirA, per tent.
The rate of discount In the open mar
ket for short bills is IS per cent: for
three months' bills. 3 7-lota's per cent.
Shee-s) aad I .a ask Meeelsite Derteast,
T4 bile Oessaasl let peeves, Mak
iag Trade Mas Active al
k-traearer Prleea.
3t U-ltd per
Realea Sleek Market.
BOSTON. Jan. S -Oloslng quotations
en stocks wer- as foUan-s:
AltMea nVHokae U
Aaul. Coveer ea.Me.a4a Lea IS.
A. I. U AS MVNIsiolm maaa .. X T-l.
Arisssa Coat I Nona Butte XI
A A C. C AIM. 7 Nona Lake II
Batle Cealhiee .... oie laiatoe 44
Cal. A Arlaeaa. nwela 104
Ol. A Hecia. (Si gsiacgr 71
Oataaalal 14 gueaoee I
Cos. Bante C. -" ... Buaertor . Ms
Cut Buna C. M. .. LKBuaener B. M ... 4S
Oireex Coa 4eTaiaerack tl Oa. M I. t s B. a a...
Qfaaee CkBaaaa .... I se era 47S
ale Rarale (Apeer, RSI US CM. u
K.rr Lake !M US User La..... US
iLaaeLVipser jlWlnoee is
I La Belle cesser veWelreriae M
'Miami Osper OS
UalriaMd. aakad. eaegis.
Asi. lea Bersrllles....,
esterlela UsaaeS
Aawtrlcaa Leisaetlea ..
Americas B. A B
Ala. B. A R l'4
An. Btel Saui4rlas....
Oaasr Ksllalag.....
Aaierlma T. B T
Kleaa Taeaeas St4...
Amerlraa WmIss
AnareaSa Mlalng OS...,
Atetaleaa. ei-eif
Atchlwa pf4
A! laal le Caest Uas
Baltlnwra A OSia
BaihUkew SI Ml
Broeaira Rasia Tr
ranaalaa rarina ....,
, II. JM 70S as HH
...i 1M
laa is tl S
, l.tei ias nit ins
7i na llss "s
sal ics srs
, t.m M is xs
, 1 444 IS4S1 MS 14A S
104) lS 147S Wli
las IMS lS itt
, I MS Wis 'S 1S4S
, . us H US
. 1.404 7S '! "S
Neer Vark Mlalng; Btaeka.
NKW YORK, Jsn. M.-Closlng quota
tions on mining stocks were:
Alke :U'.1 ciier I
Oia. Tusaei stock... LMestcsa 44a
do soeSe "Oalarta US
On. C.I. A Vs 7Kilur
Iree Slim .....ler-suaears
LsaOille Oom. lSvellee Jaclet
CMIeree. eAas. p. 14.
OMAHA. Jan. SI. Ml.
Receipu were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Official Monday 1.37S e.U 19 S
Official Tueacay S,51T U.A3 J.aW
proportion of little butcher classes was
fully up to requirements, so that heavies
brought usual premiums without mucn
The best lard hogs on sale moved at
tr. Jt a nickel under j esterday'r top, while
good be coa averages ranged from IS. IS
downward. Strong weight butchers
largc-ly around li.4Wie.rO. v -
RepreeentaCve sales:
Sa. At. sk rr. Na A. ss. rr.
i s sr zsi ... a a. -
- i
Schroeder Charges Fellow Members'
with Hampering' Hii Work. ;
.. mi -f. I mlim TWO OT , I VJ 1 ft! 1 e '
i ri s.y Bmi rjL3 amtsiJi ,-
1SK 5
f.vH 315.
M.515 .iM
4I.i r.,Q rr.n
tf.OTS 30.7I
Estimete Wednesday.
Three dav-s this week.. II, 1.
Auna days last week..lll
Same da-s ! w'ks ago.l4.7t!
Same dsvs i w'ks ago. 14,3J
Same days 4 w'ks ato liil '
. m Aavm la.t veer..lS114
The following table shows the r?1l1
of cattle, hogs and rl.eo at SouthOmatia
for the year to date as compared witn.
last yea' liu:. H- lnc-
cattle .! :" V;;.u
Hoga lil il lM? J;.
Sheep lku.OuS ISl.170 LIT
Tne following labia showa the range ot
prices paid for hogs at Mouth Omaha loa
the last few days, witn ccin.i
Oate. I 1MJ. 1911.i9l. l-i-
I ea
I S4
!7I ... M
1M .. I4S
is: is i sa
m las i as
lit ... 1st
114 ... 4 at
.sa a l a
I 44
-as 44S I IS
tit M 4 IS
SSI . . S M
x ;
.V ... 4 M
III ... I XI
... i la
.. 4 IS
... I sa
as I is
.. I as
.. I s
44 4 44
.. 4 el
04 4 as
. m
. El
Date. I 1MJ. Ill.l. IW. IW-''- i 71.
Jan. a.taH ICj t 4 W 4 M ;
Jan. tJ. IOuSsiJW m J Jj g 71.
Jsn. 14. alrsi 7 ).!, ' IfetSlS
l.n S 4 K 1 1 50! I atl 0 05 4 U l ? 11
44 444
... 4 44
... 4 sa
... 4 44
44 4 aa
44 4
... 4 44
... 4
... 4 44
... 441
4 I
4 44
4 14
4 s
4 14
4 14
4 14
4 IS
4 14
4 le
4 1.
. ui ... a ia
. mi lie a ia
..ra st a it
. El M 4 14
44 4 14
4 14
4 N
4 14
4 W
4 Its
. au ... a 14
.M7 la 4 II
M w ill
. 440 III
144 ... 4 14 -
. 741 ... 4 It
SU ... 4 14
. tea ... lit
,.n ... 491
,.ST( ... I M
174 ... ate
.tS 44 4 14
. nt
si I
Caetrel Lealkae St4..
Nee Jataa
let 47
lie its 144
4.144 US lite
144 US
ItS 1741
, l,tes 14 X4 B4S
ma 14 141 s S
, ll.ea) 144S 144S 1HS
141 44 MS US
laa us ' 14
, l.eaa IMS IMS i'
, M 171SI 170 M4
4.M4 1 lrt
MS 14IS fl. UIS
1 tna us 17s us
I.M4 US 4S . ItS
444 14S M4 IMS
404 It saw SI
mark, cases' included. S4c; ordinary
lime. iirvca. eec.
CHEEriB Firm; daisies. lTVCITV
twins. lCtrOTKSe; young Americas, i;s
KV: long horns. 17V417Sc. 1
POTATOES (Steady, receipts. II cars
ta.-tl av
POL'LTRY-Steedy: turkeys. U4Oc;
thlckena. UH4lc; springs Uc.
VKAly-Oteady; Ttruic
' - l.lverpsel Crala Market.
firm; No. 1 Manitoba, as 1; No. laanl
toba. ss 44: No. t Manitoba, as ltd. Fu
tures, eteady; March, a ;Sd; May, 7s
ISd. July, Is (Sad.
CORN-oot, American, mixed, new.
firm at ta TA: American, mixed, new,
kiln dried, quiet al fa M, American,
Mllwaekre (Irala Market.
I northern, I1.I1ITI 11; No. 1 northern,
tl nV l.n- No. I hard winter, ll.awi.06;
May. 11 oistil.ois; July, sasc.
CORN-No 1 yellow, ttc: No. I whlta'1
Mr: No. 1 sMiCV; May, 47So; July, tiSc
LiA it ntanoaru, aatc.
BAR1JCY Malting, ll.JHr1.el
Peerla Market.
PKORIA. Jan. SI. CORN Higher: No.
t while, (astrSliec; No. I yellow, OMJOIVsc:
No. 4 yellow, c; No. I mixaa, sec; No. 4
mixed, OJc; sample svajWc.
OATil-Ulgher: No. I white. Ue: stand
ard, l;,c. No. I white, II Sc.
(effee Market.
Hires opened steady at a decline ef 163
points in response to lower ksiropeaa
cables and scattering llnuida'ion. There
appeared to be considerable European
selling and the market sold oft to a net
hsa of about aalu points during ths mid
dle of the day. Title wss followed by s
Isle rally on bull support and the close
was strong, net I points lowsr to I Minis
higher. Kales were Of 7SD baga Febru
ary, llc: March, llooo; April. llOle;
May, Mac; June, ttvtc; July and Au
gust, IJ.tev: September, UMOc; October,
UlSc; November, little! December, li ar;
January. ll7c. Ilavre was SvUN I
lower. nam ourg was wncnangeu io
S pfg. lower. Owing to a holiday there
were no official cables from Brasil. but
private advtoea reported B Arm market,
with prices an far above a local parity
that few firms were making firm offers.
rTodsv's special cables from Dantos re
ported the market irregular at tor
(s. New York warehouse dellverlee were
sal bags. Warehouse deliveries, both la
this country and In Europe, have been
runnlne heavier this month and early
ee time tee are for a loss of about karoo
bags In ths world's visible supply for
January. pot cortee, eieeay; i i ruo.
ltsc: No. 4 Sanioa. VV: mild, quiet;
Cordova, lis I -So. nominaL
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. a.-METALS-Stsnd-srd
roooer. aulet: January. February
March. April and May, IH.7S45U.aV Uoa
da market easy; spot. a s SI. Futures.
tax lae M. Custom Bouse returns enow
exports of HUB tons: l.eke copper, livt
14V: electrolytic. 14V014SC: casting, UV
rmsc. Tin. steady; spot and January,
tu f,-t,4( i: February. n:.iMi4S.xl: March.
t42.ktei.n: April. UllHiMliO; May. litis
4Za. London market steady: spot, list
lis: futures, tl! Se. Iad. 04 BUJIH New
York: M Kast St. Loula. Londoa
(U 1U 3d. Speller, dull: HaMM.41 New
York: H.3KX.4. Kast St. Louis. London.
31 2s U. Antimony, dull; Cookson s T B.
Iron, Cleveland warrants 40s iSd In Lon
don. Locally Iron was nnw-ttled. No.
foundry northern. tniOJtrliSe: No. I rtio
till 00; No. 1 tout tiers and No. 1 aouthera
scft. fla.0naiS.o0.
ST. Lot 18. Jan. st. M BT AT Jt Toad,
steady; t4.17 Spelter, firm; M-MrlM.
aBasrar Market.
NKW YORK. Jan. n.-HUGAR-Rsw,
stesd; Muacovado. to test, t.Osc: een
trlfvur 1. N test, l ie: molasses sugar, a
test. i.Uc; reStssd. quiet.
(Setral al
ram-all a oata.
Chliwsa Alias
Olcaa-a O. W
CTiteaea O. w. pis....
Our. si A N. W
m. a at. r.
CAM. U...
Catoeaea f. A I
CalereSs m Saathara..
OaaaUlaual Uaa
Cira ro4ai4s
Dalaesrs B Halaaa...
tlaaear A Rle Oraaea.
p. A R O eft
plailllenr Beranuea ,.
trie Is) e4
Brls 14 Pt4
Oaaeral Bleatria .a
Oraat NseiaarB f4 ,
Oraal Nartaaea Ore Ufa..
Illlaela csetral
latereei-eciea Mat
later. Mat. eta
tnceraallenel Harraat4r..
later-Manas els
iBItmtltniiel Paser
lnterealteael rSmp
lees Central
Kaaaaa ltr at
k. '. la I4
Lafflete Uaa
LoawvMte A HaahnlU...
Miss. A m. I.. snsea4..
It.. M. Pill M
Mlsnarl. K. A T
3 l K. A T. Shi
laeeerl Paelll
Natleaal BI4aalt
n.iim.1 La
N R. R. e( If 04 III
Nee Tart CSarrel
m v ii a w ,
N-i.ia a w . a.rlabla. 1.7M IMS 147S 147S
Narih Awarkaa SM US 77 S TtS
Nerlhere Paelll . 1.SM. IS 1S S
.i-i. . If IIS IIS MS
re....l.eala ,M
rwslai Oa MS IMS IMS i
r . a. r. a ot. L. "J
rutaaersb oal "S
PraaaaS Steal (Sr. lit
Pullaaa ralaaa ear, aa-e. ...... I"
u i . uui aertae 1M It 74 W
ELai.a ...7T.....U4.IOI IMS IMS IMS
neeot.ll. steal 1.ia4 MS nS
Haaablta glael I 1.140 41 S "S
Reck 1.141 l KM MS MS
lack luanl tV I4 S 4J
II. I. A A r M sit... 4M MS 01
. Lsala a w
law .14 SM 74 70
liaae-aaemeia a a i
. ..Mli. 14 44S 1444L I Si VT
oalliara Kallear 4 "04 TS MS MS
e Ballaar I4 1. S
Tanaauaa Coaper. as-4lr Ml a 11
Tasaa A Paellle.
sat leas iws re.
, I.N4 Ml 144 IMS
ins, ill lis lias
, 1,404 ITS IIS lS
444 MS S MS
M4 144SI 141 111
. 1.M4 M MS MS
. M4 M IIS
. I7.M4 lit lias HIS
I. w ws ai
KM 44 4S MS ins Mas lS
I.M4 U US) H
T.. SI. L. A W
T , . I. A W. (4 .
falaa PaeHW
1:1141 raritla aM......
fallal 114144 K44I1T.
t'aitat outea naaeer.
llaltel luuaa Otaal....
U. 0. Oleal MS
tlsS Caspar
Ya -CaMlea CSaaaleal
W4lwaa ra
W44tera Marriaae ....
WaMlaiaeaaa EMeine
Vmuh t'nkaa
AM Cesser If" MS s MS
nar eaaaaliaaiaa "w w "-a
AMac14aa Teaaeae ....... sos ais HI rra
,. IM IIS "Hi US
sua us MS M
..147.M4 IMS 141S 141
.. rat ns 7 it
744 MS H 44S
. MS
. New Vark Money Market.
call, steady, at BO'JS per cent; ruling
rate, V per ceni, nwtini nu. ' ivt i ,
oftered at Ts Par cent. Time loans.
ninety days. !CJ4 per cent; six months.
PRIMS, buu,asiiuh a-Ariustr-eTwaa
Me MUnt.
frriaRiJNO BXCHANOU-XMeady. with
actual business In bankers' blls at M.lali
for xty-day ntua ana ax sa tor oe
mend; rommereutl balla, M.nt.
glL,VEH-Bar. MS; Mexican dollara,
t"c. ...
BONPS-tlovernment. firm; railroad,
- Closing quotations on bones today wot
as follows:
r a m Sa. fee., let latar. M. M. 4Ss.. rr
as eeueee IM Japaa 4a I7S
V. A la. rag MIS 4Sa MS
at aaasae I41SK. C Oe. Itl St.... T3S
B. B 44. rag in u I aa a issl... Ms
ae eaaaae 11 LAN. sal. 4e MS
Allkvaal. lat aa... USH K. A T. tat St.. MS
a-M. as as Mia ea ISa MS
A. T. A T. av. M..1I4 H. rarltV 4a t4s
am. T.nacea 4a MSx. R R. a( at. ISa RS
ea is?l T. 4-. g. asa.... vis
Araear A (. 4 Ha.. M 4a oak 4a. KS
Atiaiaaa see. 4a.... MSN. T X. H. A H. -.
eat aa. aa s. aa 1X
sa ct. aa. IM N a w la e. 4a.. MS
A C U 144 4a KH ea e. IM -
Bel. A Okie ev MSNw PMIH 4a. laaa.
- 4a OSS M se M 44
Ss B W. IS! I'SO A I rMg. M
Ibaak. Tr av. 4s... M reea re. ISa UU.. 47S
atwa. e oa. la 144S a. eea. 1SS
CSn. Laatbar la MSRaaltag gen. 4s.... Ms
r. a- N 1 I I4...U1SS UAA P. Cg. aa 11 S
arsas A OaJe 4S4. WIS a. gea. Is. Ms
4e Sal. 4a MS L. S W . 44.. 41S
artneasa A A. ISa- lV SiM S( a ... M
c. a a 4. i at.... sa. a. u a
aes. aa "ta raa. eat. et..... ns
XI I M an ea ae. 4a MS
C k I. a r. 1 a 11 Is IM eat ta. M
at rig aa. MSBt. Railway as. IMS
arvaw IaA aa. TIS et eaa. aa Ta
Cats. Ml, aa. M Vatee Pwelria 4B....WS
C. A k I. A a 4SS US ea av. 4a Mt
P A H. re. 4a s f lat a ret. 4a.. rs
en. A R O. 4a. M D. S. Baaaee Sa ...MS
aa rat. 4a MS 11. 4 Btaal S4 4a...MS
matiuere aa T7 V. -cr. CMa. aa.lMS
aria s. L et etwwaaaea mk ae. IS,
. eea sea. ea. ns ea let A as. 4a... MS
eaa tv 4S ear. A. MSW4atara MA 4a Ms
Be eMae Tl WaaL Bias. ev. Is.. S4U
Oaa. Maw er. U-...U.Wi. Caatral at.... MS
III Cee. IM rat. as. MSMa. Pas. ev. la.... Ms
hear. SM. 4SA- HSPaassas 0s Mis
Laadaa Iteek Market.
LONDON. Jan. ZL-Ught realising
caused small declines In Americas se-
BITTER No. t 1-ln. cartons, re; No.
I. In s-lu. tubs. M-xc; No. t, lac; packing,
CHKBciE Imported Swiss. Sc; Ameri
can bwlss, Mc; block Mwlss, sue; twine,
Wc, dslalcs, 20r: triplets, Ric; young
Americas, tic; blue is pel brick. Mc; 11m
aerger, lac; Mb.. -.
POL'LiTKY-Hroilers, ll.w per r!ox.;
springs, iac; hena, ltc; cocks. Ivc; ducks,
lac; geese, iac; turkeys, Sc; pigeons, per
dox,, OUsv Alive, broilers, Uito; hens,
aac; old roosters and stags, Sc; oid ducka,
full feathered, lie; geese, full leathered,
ivc; turkuye. Jar; guinea fowls, sac each;
pigeons, per dog.. Jar; homers, per dos.,; squabs. No. L I1S; No. X, boo.
Finn (fresh Irosent -J Pickerel. 7c;
white, 10c; pike, 0c; trout, lie; large crap
piee, 13t)lec; bpanlsh mackerel. 7c; eel,
uc; haddocks, Mc; flounders, lie; green
catfish, Isc; roe ahad, 11 each; an ad roe.
per pair. Oar; salmon, ltc; Halibut, loc,
yellow perch, ac; buffalo, Uc; bullheads,
line; No. X Use; No. 4. lc. Loins: No.
1, Uc; No. I KVac; No. H U1i- Chucks:
No. L sc; No, t, 7sc; No. I, c. Mouocu;
No i, lS.c; No. t, isc; No. t, c Putiaa.
No. I, osc; r-o. x, ac, no. a, stac
APPLJikl Looking venules, per bbi..; Jonathan anal Crimea Golden, per
bu.. Mall; IK-n Ltavia, par boL, 13.00, fancy
winesapa, per Dot., 44.10; laacy aaiaauuri
Pippins, per bbl., iiSO; lancy tJanoe, per
bbl., 14. 00; California BeHUowar. per box.
I1.JS; Colorado Jonathan, extra fancy,
per box,; vvaanington npitsenoerg,
per box. I2.S0; Wsshingtoa R beauty, per
pox, 12 30; Washington ctaman Winssspa,
per box, 02.SO. Bananaa, fancy select, per
bunch, tlixileu. Jumbo, per buhch, U.H
tji ia. Cranberries, Wisconsin fancy, per
hlil.. new: per dox. .-.. aatee. Ancoor
hrwnd. new. M 1-lb.. pkga. In boxes. Den
box,; Dromeuary prana. new. av t-iu.
pkgs. in box. per box. II uu. Figs. Csll
fornla. per case of U 11-ox. pkgs, etc;
per case 01 is 11-vs. paga, w se; per case
of to 4-os pkgs., 12.00; bulk, In and
bO-lb. boxes, per lb . 10c: New Turkish.
4-crown In M-lb. boxes, per lb., lac; 4
crown in 10-lb. boxes, per lb., Mc; 7 -crown
In 10-lb, boxss. per lb., 17c Urape fruit,
Florida, et-M alses. per crate, lu 40; 00-M-s4
alaea, per crate. I- 75. Urapee, Malaga
inuu in bbie.. W5i w. Liemong. umon.
slra, selected brand, extra fancy. Wo also.
or box. X4.W una umoneira. tancy.
WO-MO slaes, per box, Mia; Ml and 4J4
.lees. Son per box less, oranges, California
Navels, extra Ism-y. IO-u-i7e-asit-M
alaea, per box. ww; sxtra cnoica, ail
alses. per box, K-Id.
V Ell KTA BLE Cabbage. Wlaoonaln.
per lb,. IV-- Celery, California Jumbo,
per dos, tucljLOO. Curumbere. hot house,
ner dox.. 11 M plant, faney Florida.
per dos., $2.00. Uerllr, extra fancy, while.
per IP,, iac. aicuuv, rnira isncy leal,
u. A.,t etc. Onions. California, white
per lb., r; Wlsconalo. yellow and red, In
aarks, per lb., xtac; Bpannei, per orate.
11 ml Parsley, fancy southern, per dox.
bunches, 60W7V. Potatoes, Mlnneeota
Early Ohio, par bu.. ti ll; Wisconsin whits
stock, per bu., i.. In 10-aark lou. So
I tea. Sweet potatoes, ivansss, per bu. bsk.,
12.00. Rutahagaa. In aarka. per lb..lsc
Tomatoes. Florida, per 0-bsk. orate. M OO.
Mltk-'aMXANEOUS-Almonde, Terra
one 1 mm lb.. UVao; In sack lota lc lesa
Cocoanuu, per sack. .00. Filberts, per
lb... 14o; in earn lois, is ssas. reanuta
roasted, per lb., sc; raw. per lb. IHc
Pecans, Urge, psr lb.. 17c; In sack lota
to leas. Wslnuts. new crop, 1111. Callfor.
ma, per lb. 17c; In sack kits, lc lees, cider.
New Nehawka, per lS-gsl. H bbl., WOO;
per JO-gsl. bbl.. 60: New York Moll's,
per U-gal. H hm., 11.60: per W-gal. bbl.,
pSaO. Honey, new. M fremaa, $3.71. Kraut,
per ll-gal. keg, i; per a-sal. keg. II 10;
Wisconsin, per is bbl., IS. 60.
Kvaporaleal Apples aad Dried! Fralis
APPLES Hteady, with a quiet Jobbing
trade; on the spot, fancy, 10S10o,
choice. etiOSe: prima, ISdo-wc.
liKlr.u ki'itd-r-runea, quiet and
prices somewhat easier; quotations rani a
from 4Srilc for California up to M-eoa
aad sSttlle (or eOregons. Aprioou. quiet
tut firm; choice, ltoiwjc; extra choice,
latltSc; fancy. 17(1 lie. Peaches, quiet
but rkeady In sympathy with the coast.
choice. Utilise; extra choice, 11 SOI-.
fancy, laiuse. rtaralita, inactive but
ateady: loose, muscatels, stee7c; choice
to faney seeded. 7S1Sc; seedless, Ixjic;
London layers, 11. a 1.(5.
... jiwiiiM nf live stock
at the L'nlon Stock Yards. South Omaha,
for tna twenty-four hours ending at a
o clock yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs, sneep. " -
C. M. St. P. Ry
Wabash K. R. 1
Mo. Pac. Ry. 5
l'nlon Pacific R. R.
C. A N. W.R.. East a
C. N. W. hy. W... 44
C.8t. P. M. O.... 14
C. B. .. Kast
B. at U. West.... 11
C. R. I. P., East.. I
R. I. A P. west
Illinois Cen. Ry..r. I
C. O. W. Ry 0
Total receipts .. SOI
Celtle. Hosts. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co.... 441 . 1.0S4 . L170
Swift and Company.... t.'W
udahy Packing Co.
Armour Co...
Schwarta 4 Co....
Benlon, Vansant A l
Hill A Son
F. B. Lewla
Huston A Co.....
B. Root A CO
If. Bulla
McCreary ft Kellogg...
Wertbeimor A Hexen..
H. V. Hamilton
Sullivan Bros.
Mo. 4 Kan. Calf Co..
Cllna aa Chrlatla
Other buyers
let tea Market.
closed quiet. I points higher: middling
uplands, 1.70c; middling gulf, I.OSc: salea,
1(00 balea. Futures opened ateady; Jan
uary, O.Jse; March. 0.43c; April, I tec;
May. IJ-so: Jo y. 0.74c: Auaruat. i.tsc 1
September, I Ttc: October, 0 Me; Novem
ber. O.Mc bid: llecemher. I.SOC. -
COTTON Puturee closed steady. Clos-
nc bids: February. 1.17c: March. 1 esc
AnrtL IS7r: Msy. : June. I tec; July,
Ttc; August. I 80r: September. I lie; Oc
tober, IH7c; November, I.XJc; December,
1.04c. . .
OIU suae) Real a.
TINE Firm, 4e4reiSc sales, xss bbla;
receipts. S7 bbla; shipments, asl bbla;
stwka XS.OSJ dois.
KOS1N Firm: sales. 1.4M bbla:
celpxe. bit bbla; shlpmems. 1,407 bbla:
stocks. lla-Tll bbla quotations: B, la w
D. 45; E, le w; r, u, h ana 1, tcss
K. IS.M; M, I7.J0; N and WO, 17 . WW
17.00. ,
Kaaaaa City Lie gteck Market.
celDta. AaW head, raciuoing svs southerns
morket steady to iac nigner . areased beef
and exoort riteere. sx.io4n.a: tsir to Bond.
BVjaas.71: weetern steers, stock
ers and feeders, M.00tMV.aO: southern
ateera, avootiASS: smitnrrn cows, noisa
ISO: native cowe. 4ioBm.ii: nauve hell
ers. HSttwas; nuns, n.wnvxjt. calves.
(LOW , JS.
lltXiM rieceirve. 1 .- neao: marxet
atewdv to ac lower: bulk of salea. n.ftjai
CK; heavy. ss jutiaSS: packers and butch
ers. x.u-i; ugnis,; pigs,
HHBEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 10100
heed: market ateady to iac lower: lambs,
I.". Kejt-Tl; yearlings. 14 Vsje-60: wethers,
IS. 7:414. 40: ewes. aVagLlO; stockers and
feeders, xj.,
la Bight."
Receipts of live stock at the five prin
cipal weeiervn snaraets yesxernay:
Cattle. Hoes. Sheep.
Soufh Omaha ........ aSot uaw ;jm
St. Josepn l:n ,.eilo Ms
Kansas City CV0 Une) 14. o
SL LouU X.a I. Sit) ,
Chicago US 44.000 M.tls)
-Trie; recelnta y ftJUBi ti.Ht
' x.7ao urn
..m ... 1 a 11 in ... is
SHEEP A good Strong undertone ex
isted In the market for sheep and lambs,
enabling sellers to place anything good
in the way of lambs, et least, at prices
generally a Utile higher titan thote In
force yesterday. Plain to common corn-
leas also sold reaaiiy, nut me trsae ss a
whole wss rather erratic and any defin
ite lmorovement cannot be auoled. Ma
tured muttons, princlpslir ewes, found an
outlet al figures lilt 1 different from yea
tertiay'a valuee.
Receipts were moderate and early of
ferings were none too attractive In point
of quality and flnlin:' balk consisting of
In-between classes. Pat king demand bad
plenty of life, however, and. moot buyers
gsve smsll heed to the character of their
purchases, only insofar as cost figures
were concerned. The market natureuy
covered a wide range, loppy cornfed
western Ismbs selling UD to . with
tidy Mexicans quote hie at modsrklo
premiums ovsr this limit There were no
Colorados Included In early , arrivals,
but some Mexicans, similar 10 the ts.30
string or yesterday, were expected late
In the morning. 1 ' ,
r at ewes made an s igntiy less man
one-half of the total supply and shewed
very good action rrom too-siari at levels
fully steady Extra good ewes brought
$3. SO early. Indicating a top of M .00 or
oaKier, wniie nientum 10 cuii .variance
ranged from I3.S0 downward. There were
no wethers or yearlings of consequence
on sale.
In the feeder trade, orders were scarce
and the supply meager. The few sales
that were made Indicated A list of values
nominally steady. According 10 packers'
tab. the two days' .purchase on country
account amounts to about 1,000 hesd.
uuolationa on Sheen and Lames
Lambs: Good 40 cholcO. KIsjKoO; fair
to good. I5 2M1130 Yearlings: Uooti to
choice, IS.ISoe.60; fair to good. KTitiS.le.
Wethsrs: Oood to choice, (air
to good. 3. KWesr Oood to Choice,
S3. TMi 4.00; fair to good, r-0003.73.
CATTLifC Cattle receipts
modrral. at .11 Ungpolnts this morn
w-ch-makTh. tot.,
rthrweek to date IS.1H head, a slight
tailing off compared wllk last we-a .
i dicreiV. of t ow head. a. compared with
therrespondlng week of last year At
has been the case all the week the quality
w" decidedly common, there being prac
tically no strklly good cattls In sight.
' tS.7a, recelnts of cattle at leading
market points, buyers seemed very anxi
ous for auppllea. feeling, doubtless, that
receipts would continue light during the
remainder ot ine -..
... nn beef steers opened early in
"he morning and was fairly active at
prices that were tuny io nisner sou m
some casea more inan inac. uiaiiau "i
ferlngs changed hnnda In very good sea
eon In the morning. -
Cows and neuerw BipinrmTi
advance aa bee steers, being safely Wc
...I ,h.. veeierday. It did not take
buyers very long to clean up ail the early
There were very few feeding rattle In
lha yards, but what there were met with
very ready sale so far aa ths good kinds
were concerned. Ught stockers were rath
er slow sale awing to the fact that spec
ulators have quite a good many on hand,
for which ths country demand Is not vary
guotatlOBS on cattle: Good to Otiolee
beef steers. M.0tf7.7O: fair to good beef
ateera, H OOtrl .60; common to fair beef
leer I4.iiuA4.0O: good to choice heifers.
14 ootrt W; good to choice cows, M .aObi.U;
fair to gooa cows ana neuere. ea.ivus.ev;
common 10 fair cows and heifers, W OOry
1 7S- good to choice stockers and teeders,
K.4M4.; fair to good stockers and feed
... t4.aua-1O.40: common to fair stockers
snd feeders, H; slock heifers,
0-4.40; veal calves, ri.ovoa.w; buiis, stags,
etc., XJ.aUWi.W.
Represeniative saiee:
14. 171 I 14 a
It 7M 4 M IS
Ml 4 a
il , m is
4 171 4 M
II 44 I 44
B I" I 44
it.; hi in
H 441 I II
I ...... 'n a e
444 4 n
U. 1M4 4 M
11... 414 I M
1444 4 M
J 174 I 4S
si 1114 40
, 3
II. ......
len 4(
.... Ms a 1
.....1444 I M
..... MS I M
4X4 I 44
,..,.14M 4M
.:.ltl! 4
1M4 4 M
...... 471 4
1414 4 a
rm 4 m
471 4
SM 4 M
MM 4 44
1IM 4M
1414 4
174 4 M
Ul 4 45
COW'S. .
"At. IT.
...14.14 4 II
....1444 4 74
.... 1-144 4 M
... 1111 4 14
....1474 4 14
....1441 I
....1111 4 44
....tl7 IM
... IJli I M
..1174 4 M
..IMS 4 U
..UIS 4 H
..nn 4M
....IKS 4 44
...-1WI 4 It
....111! I M
....IM4 IB
....1M7 I M
....mi t
, 444 4 M ,17
, MS 4 M 4
.Ill 4 M n
. M7 4 44 II
. 474 4 44 I
1171 I 74
K4 4 74
.....1144 4 II
1771 4 M
1471 4 H
im 4 m
IM4 4 M
10S 4M
1471 I M
I. 1471 I M
17 1114 I M
14 1114 4 a
7 1744 4 S
1. 1174 IM
I 1S4 4 44
.. SM 4 44
.. IM 4 74
,.1144 IB
..Ml I M
.171 I 49
,.74t in
.174 I 11
..1414 I II
..III I 94
,. Ml 4
..MM I
... 1444 I 4
14M I II
....1114 I ti
... LW I U
... IM I Si
....1174 I ii
IM 7 74
... 741 4 3
... 771 I M
... 44 I 11
..171 t -
.. Ml 4 71
... M m
..Ull I M
4X4 171 I
11M 4 1
I4M 4 M 1
114 4 41 1
11 4 I
145 I M 1
4 M 1
144 T U IS
till 7 M 1
M4 4 S 14 717 4 ti
M l U..
444 4 M ..
M is m ...
444 I M 77...
...... 477 I M )S..
ni is tr..
U Ill I 15
IL 741 I
H O04 Traders an the selling side o!
the bog msrket worked bard during
early rounds 10 maintain yesterday a
sc-sle of .aloes, but meet buyers refceeu
to entr.-r the trade on this basis and prices
weakened under the pressure of a heavy
supi-ly and bearish demand. Some early
bue'.ness was done at steady figures,
while the big bulk of offerings had to
move at nickel declines.
Ca.itlons buying on local packing ac
count and a shipping outlet that was al
most completely ekieed. were the main
featuree of the market and It foilowa of
course, that movement was quiet through
out with clearance rather late. Outside
orders called for less than 10 per cent
of the estimate, but the packing demand
proved reasonably broad.
Receipts amounted to about 1UM head
fully two-thirds of the run consisting of
weights under XS pounds. Light bacon
asnariainr wienyirrd gjod. Hat
a fed lambs
214 fed lambs
14 fed lambs
110 fed yearlings
4(1 fed ewes
213 lambs, feeders
20 Ismbs, feeders, cults..
SO fed Ismbs
117 fed Iambi
til Mexican fed lambs
711 Mexican fed lambs ....
107 fed lambs
I 00
4 Tl
1 70
4 OS
Dreaaad tor Cattle Fires Hoge
f .ewer .Sheep Steady.
CHICAGO. Jan. ii.-CATTLJ-Rece!pts.
1L0U0 head. Market firm: beeves, M.ftStJ
8 43; Tsxsa steers.. M aOtJS.OS; weslern
steers,; slackers and teeners,
n.664C.(: rows and heifers, C.B$.76;
calves, eii.aO0l.k -- . - . . .
HOUS-Reoelpts. (4 head: Market
fairly active at a shade lower: light,
M20; mixed, . 6.wial; heavy.. 4VOSJ
II7S.; rough. -Se.H; ptga, M.OOtK.SS;
bulk of aales. Itletjt SO.
heed. Market Beady; native. ttlMHTS;
western. W 5004.75: yearlings. M.;S4jffi.
Lambs: Native, M.atrJ.7S. .western. KkS
4.00. . . - ,
St. Lee la Live stack. Market. -
ST. lll'IS. Jan. " 87. PA TTIiE Re
ceipt a, 1S00 head. Including ' MO TOxans;
markst 104 lie higher-, native shipping
and export steers. IT.tMrl 00; stressed beef
ancp butcher steers, m H.00; steers under
1.000 pounds, USHA-sO; akorkers and
feeders. I3.ouuo.oo; cows ana nensrs, K.,4
(14.00; canners. C.OCXJ4.00; bulla, tlcnift 14;
calves. tSittrMtt; Texas and Indian
steers, $5,004x7.00; cows and helfersr IS.00
(nVOO. .
HOOS-Receipts, o.rov head-, market sc
higher: pigs and lights. l6.ontJ4.lo. mixed
nd Butchers, w.;vti.lo; good heavy, xa.i
SHEEP AND liA MBS Receipts, 6,400
head: market steady: - native muttons,
C.'7Sf-i.c.; lamba, in.ilkao.rY,: culls and
bucks, ll.&JtJJ.ov; stockers. U TitJatn.
SI. Joseph Live) Stark Market.
8T. JOSEPH. Jan. IL4?ATTL.f Re
ceipts, 1,000 head; markst strong; ateera,
K.5Oj.0O: cows and heifers, Sx.0Osm.SO;
calves. t3 0o7.l.
HOOS Recclpta 7,000 head; market
steady: top. $4. IS: bulk of sales. I. .
SHEEP AND LAMR8 Receipt a, 400
head; markst strong: lambs, I4.?t.60.
XA'aol Market.
ST. LOUIS. Mo.. Jn. ll.-WOOI-Steady;
territory and western mediums,
lOtjlSc; tine medluma, l.v!17c; fine, 104lSc.
lovra Missionary Sate at Past.
FORT DODGE, la. Jan. L-(SpeclBl.-
Coming" wss the one word In a cable
gram from Shanghai. China, received by
Mr. aid Mrs. F.. R. Somen ot this city
from their daughter, Mrs. Klrlck Wil
liams, a young missionary who has been
trying to brave It through the Chinese
crisis and remain at her post In Chengtu.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Williams will come to
the United Stltes on a furloueh during
this Urns whin no effective missionary
work la possible because of the unset
tled and terrible conditions In the orient
-Pea coaster" Berka Saoeeeels la)
Psslaoalag HoetllKles ta Men. ;
day A aether Cloak OWer
Pal sa Readers.
RebelUous ar-d threatentng utteranceBj
disrupted the session of the city council .
committee of the whole yesterday arter-i
noon. Fred. Schroeder charged his fel-
iow members with.rntentlonally hamper-,
ins him In his wore and wilfully neglect-'
ice bis wartl. He threatened to "msks,
a campaign before the election la the'
spring to show them up" unless a reso
lution ha had submitted received favor
able consideration, -
This resolution provided for the setting-,
aside of 51.503 from -the miscellaneous:
fund to defray holt the coat of grading
Twenty-seventh street from Ed Creigh- ( -ton
avenue to Hickory and Shirley street
from Twenty-seventh to Twenty-eighth.'
The amount requested would have ex
hausted tbe fund, which at the beginning'
of the year waa Councilman!
Johnson protested that the money would ,
be more needed elsewhere and Councilman. I
Sheldon supported him. -
MeSsvers Laade aa Sekrweder.
"A ter we have been serving the publlo ,
faithfully." said Councilman McUovem. I
"I think it an act ot unfairnesa for Mr.
Schroeder to say that he will ge out ;
and cut our heads off tr we don't pas '
this resolution," 1
M. F. Funkhonser poured oil OB the
troubled waters when he moved to amend .
the resolution to read 11 .000 instead ot
11,300. Johnson and Sheldon still ob
jected and Judge Berka proved his title
to "peacemaker" by suggesting that the'
matter be laid over until Monday when
the property-holders along Ihe streets'
affected could appear and be given a
hearing. This suggestion was approved.
A resolution setting- aside U.500 of the
general expense fund for paying half
the cost of grading Lake street fronij
Thirty-third to Forty-first was recom
mended for passage. ,
W eaaeit Heeoaasaestd Pessar.
A letter was read from the damesiiai
science department of the Omaha
Woman's club endorsing the official
record of John I! rant Pcgg, city hi.
a pec tor of weights and measures, and.
requesting that he be sent as a delegate
to the seventh national convention oil
weights and measures men In Wseh
Ington. D. C Kehruury 15 and 14. The'
council referred the appointment ot Mr.
Pegg aa delegate, expenses to Be paid
from his own department funds, to the
finance committee with -favorable recom-j
mendatlon, ,
Clash Over yPalm Readers. !
When an ordinance providing- an In-,
crease In license and a bond for for
tune tellers was Introduced the council
men clashed again. Councilman Hummel
moved the ordinance be placed on file
and that another be drafted prohibiting
palm readers from the city. "They
prey upon the weak-minded and saltish,
people," he said. Kucel objected to this
arraignment. Baying ha knew of an in
stance where a man's motorcycle wss
stolen and he went to clairvoyant who
told him that tha man would ride Into
Orand Island that night- Burs enough
ha did. and was arrested. Schroeder
was likewise opposed to such stcJligetK
action, declaring that Iota of people liked
to have "sweet things told them that
only a fortune-teller had tha nerws ta
tell." The ordinance was placed oa
The city council held a abort session
last night. Ordinances directing tha Issu
ance ot 1100,000 Intersection bonds, tlOO.M
sewer bonds and ISl.OUO park bonds ware
Placed oa their first, second and third
readings and passed. A resolution re
questing that money be set aslds to pay
one-half tha cost ot grading Ames avenua
from Forty-second to Forty-eighth street
wag referred to the legal department
Looking toward tha compromising and
settling of a suit now pending In district
court to enjoin collection ot special assess
ment taxes on several tracts ot land, an
ordinance authorising tha cancellation of
one -third of the taxes oa each separate
parcel of land was submitted and referred I
to the committee of ths whole. The case.
Is that of Mlka Cfuinlan s gal nit the cilyl
of Omaha.
City Comptroller Cosgrave and City
Treasurer Urs were directed by resolution,
to prepare and submit to tha council tv
list of all warrants issued from or regis
tered la their offices, with detailed data!
concerning each, at the earliest poeslblsi
oata. This information Is for tha us I
of tha finance committee.
Report of rejection of bids for pUMsr.
Ing the emergency hospital was mada by I
the public buildings and property com
mittee and tha clerk was Instructed toi
rsadvertlse for bids. j
Councilman Funkhouser reported un-.
favorably on tha request ot tha Plainer
Lumber company to be given permission
to erect B sign across Farnara street al
Forty-sixth and the report was adopted.
Donahue ft Petersen were awarded tha)
contract for the construction of seweg
districts Nos. 43 and KO. 1
Emll Wahlstrom, superintendent of th,
city hall, requested tbe council to hire an
other Janitor. The request was -referred
to tha public buildings and property com
mittee. Permission wss granted the Paxtoa.
hotel to construct an artesian wstl la ths1
alley between camera and Harney.
( I
Free Land Information
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of its readers for land information, has gathered and
compiled data on soil?, climate and farming conditions
in all parts of the country. It is willing to give out this
information, free, if postage is sent with inquiry.
Do You Woant to Know
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