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    Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha .
flirty Twenty Ta Year Ac
-In Sartorial rage at wok km
The Omaha Daily Bee
Fair; Warmer
vol. xu no. i
President Tells Eepnblicaa News
paper Hen He Belief. Party
Will Win ia Hovember.
'Critic of Administration Tell Only
( Part of Truth.
'log Will Clear and Seal Issue. Will
I Come to View.
The National Capital STEEL COMPANY
Talra District Cesrreatlea Helsl at
Jeff.noaTllle Eadoreea ftt
eat aa Hla Awsslalstra I
COLUMBUS. O.. Jan. a.-President
'Taft In an address to mora than fifty re
publican editor of Obio today declared
'that ha believed Ida party will win In
November, but aaid much of the brunt
of the flfbt will rest on the editor.
The president confessed that he bad for
gotten much about Ohio politics, but said
I he depended on the editors to bring a
victory In the fall. II said In part
, 'The party has had during the last two
'or three year a hard time, but It la not
the first time In its history it baa bad to
so over rough places. It Is not the first
time In history when It has been unjustly
attacked; when It has been nlsunCer
' stood by the voters and its own members.
i and H Is not the first time in its history
I when I verily believe this coming cem-
Ipalgn is to show that It had the power
' in Itself to overcome obstacles and to
I win victory again and show that It
' the real agency In the United States upon
' which real progress can b based.
1 Whole Starr Mot Tald.
. "Th truth is that wa have not had
I the whole story told and we hav not
been out in such a way that the Issue
can be distinctly made and the tacts
bearing on that issue brought out. There
):s been a great deal of fog. But I
'think when we get stripped for th fight
and get down to the arena with only
two antagonists and the parties drawn
up on each side we shall be able to show
a warrant for our continuance in power
that a common sens and discriminating
peopl cannot Ignore,
"Upon your energy and faith In repub
lican principles and In your belief that
I the party haa a large future of useful
ness before it rests tha question whether
we are to be successful In the coming
ladlaae District tor Talt.
Kndorsement ot President Taft was th
principal featur of the Third district
congressional republican convention her
Tl'rsanesr, Jssssrr 31, 113.
The Senatf.
Convened at nm.
nal consideration of children's bureau
bill begun.
Fight on disposition of. steel tariff re
vision hill ouened.
Detective Burns tratifkd in Lorlmer
election investigation.
Thu Inilsd Machinery company de
nounced as III 'sal conspiracy before sen
ate interstate commerce committee.
t'ofia Rican naturalisation treaty fa
vorably reported.
'a.sed tho Borah bill to create a chil
dren's bureau In the Department ot Coin-
IneHH. and I .ahor-
Steri tariff revision hill referred to the
finance committee without olscussion.
Senator -Reed withdrawing hi demand
that the committee report within twenty
! The efort to fix a date for closing de
bate on the arbitration treaties was
crowded over until tomorrow.
The House.
Met at noon.
Representative Berger introduced a bill
for government acquisition of railroads,
telegraphs, telephone and express prop
erties. Keviaion of chemical and sugar tariff
schedules will be taken up next. Demo
cratic Leader Underwood announced.
IVomaji Christian Temperance union
leaders before judiciary committee.
l"!f.IBIT10.' CALI
i anveatloa Will Mart at Atlantic
City Jaly 10.
CHICAGO, Jan. M.-Prospectl tor vic
tory ot th cause of national prohibition
of th liquor traffic ar bright, savs
Charles R. Jones, chairman of the prohi
bition national committee. In th official
rail for hla prty' national convention,
which he Issued today.
Tha convention will meet In th Bteel
IMer at Atlantic City, N. J.. July M next
jV candlde'L for president and vie presi
dent will be nominated,
Th basis ot representation aa fixed by
the committee follows:
Kach state and territory Is entitled to
four delegate-al-large.
Karh.state la entitled to an additional
delegate tor each 300 votes or major frac
tion thereof, cast for Eugen W. Chafln
for president In liKsJ.
UEADtTOOD, 8. D.. Jan. 31.-Speelal
Telegram.) His deafness prevented Mike
t'asstdy, an old-time prospector, from
hearing the approach of the Spearfish
train on the Burlington, just south of
here, and befor the trsin could b
stopped he was ground to pieces. Cas
idy, who ha lived In the Hills tor many
years. Is supposed to hav relatives in
Nebraska, who are being sought. He was
about a and sing'.
The Weather
Vor Nebraska Generally fair: colder.
Kor Iowa-Unsettled; colder In west
Tempcralare at Omaha Yesterday.
a a. m a
a. m
7 a. m
It. m
I a. m
J a. m
11 a. ro
11 m
1 p. m
: p. m
t p. m
4 p. m
t p. m
p. ra
7 p. m
I p. m
t-essparatlve lcal Record.
Mli 191 L 1310. l.8
Highest yesterday u M 3i
Unat yesterday 2 r. K 2
Mean temperature zt -It . It
i'reclpitation T . .0
TemK.rature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature
Deficient for the dsy
Ttul excess since March 1
Normal precipitation
1 leflrtewy for the day
Total rainfall since March 14 Inches
Total rainfall since March 1... 13. ;6 Inches
iH-ficlency for cor. period, 1M0..U.18 inches
Kscess for cor. period, ISO., S. 13 inches
Itepart trass Statins at T P. M.
Station and Stat
Margin Test Cost
Sheets Go to Stock
Buyers Every Day
CHICAGO, Jan. St. Further light was
thrown on th use of the margin system
In the dressed beef business in th pack
ers' trial today.
Government Counsel James M. Rheean
continued th direct examination or Her
man Potthof, a margin clerk for the
National Packing company, and brought
out that the dally margin summaries
played an Important part In th pui
ciiaslng of cattle by th packers.
Copies ot thes summaries, the witness
said, were sent to each cattle buyer daily
and were an Important factor In deter
mining the price paid, for th animals.
By means of these luargini summaries
th government declares th packers
ar enabled to keep a close check on the
work of the cattle buyers.
Potthof was followed by George D.
Roberts, manager of the Hammond com
pany at Bridgeport, Conn., a selling
agency of th National Packing com
pany In New York.
"vV'hll you were In New York did you
ever obtain th daily margins and sell
ing prices from Armour, Swift and Mor
ris and telegraph them to your office In
Chicago?" he was asked.
' Yes. when Everett B. Dill, the man
ager, wsa away I did It." replied Roberts.
"In your telegrams did You not desig
nate Armour and company by 'A', Morris
and company by 'E', and Swift and com
pany by 'H'?"
Roberts testimony corroborated that ot
Bverett B. Dill to the. effect that the
New York repreaeiitatfrea of Armour
-Morris ' 4V Co.. Swift A
Co., and the National Packing com
pany dally exchanged Information In
regard to th tonnage, margins and sell
ing prices on dressed beet and tele
graphed it to th main office in Chicago.
Dill was manager ot the National
Packing company in New York.
Answer to Petition for Dissolution
Makes General Denial to Got
eminent' Allegations.
Organization of Subsidiary Com
panies Not Against Law.
While He Waits
Purchase of Tennessee Corporation!
to Avert Panic.
Alleae (Ml of Steel ta t'aamer
Cheapened, l-'orclsia Trade la
creased and Sasaber of t en
elller (.rowing.
Woman Classifies
Attitude of Men on
Liquor Question
WASHINGTON, Jan. Sl.-' Men are di
vided Into three classes: Those who love
their liquor, those who sell liquor and
politicians who are on both sides of the
Mrs. R. t Irwin of Washington, Ga.,
mad that statement to the house com
mittee on judiciary today at the conclu
sion of her speech urging a law for
bidding Interstate traffic in alcoholic
liquors. Feathers on the hats of a hun
dred women nodded approval.
Representative Carlln of Virginia rallied
to the defense of the men. The commit
tee looked pleased until Representative
Rucker of Missouri spoke up:
I believe all ot us are on one side of
the question," he said, "but some of us
don't Ilk to talk about it."
. . Tfu
.OS inch
of Weather. p. n. est. fell.
t'heyenne, clear IX Zi .00
J avenpon, raining ...... 32 ; ,n
Iwiwr, clear 3 & .
3 Muin., no wins 9 U .61
jMxJge Cay. clear 31 .m
Iamler. clear 3n .m
North Platte, clear 34 4J W
tmaha, cloudy 31 ,T7 .y
pueblo, clear 33 42 .00
Kapid City, cioiHv st w .m
Slt Lk City, clear ii 44 .(&
.Santa Fa. clear 34 2h ' .(rt
brfcian, cloudy 34 s .(
friouK City, cloudy 2H M .!
Valentine, part ctoody.. 34 3S .
T ind tea tea trace of precipitation.
U A. WKLSH, Local Forecaster.
Darrow Will Move
Today to Dismiss
LOS AXGULEg. Jan. Jl. -Technical
motions attacking the two bribery in
dictments on various grounds v. ill be
made tomorrow on behalf of Clarence
8. Harrow, when the former chlet coun
sel for the McNamara brothers 1 ar
raigned before Presiding Judge Ueorg
H. Hutton ot the superior eouir..
Darrow said today that hts attorneys
were preparing a demurrer. They will also
move to dismiss the two Indictments.
Thes two preliminary movements will
be made of record merely to preserve
barrow's rights as a defendant, his at
torney asserting that they want a verdk t
of "not guilty." not one of "mt proven."
which would be the result in effect ot a
dismissal of the cases before they could
fto to a trial Jury.
Dakota Democrats
Favoring Wilson
PIERRE, 8. D., Jan. 21. -Indications at
the democratic conference here today are
declared to point to the adoption of a
progressive platform as the principal ac
tion to be taken. The admirers of Gov
ernor Wilwn of New Jersey, lnist that
he la the choice of a majority of the dele
gates for presidential candidate.
PIERRK, ?. D., Jan. H. Homesteaders
of ilea tie county hav issued an appeal
for aid. declaring that many are in danger
of starving as tbe result of crop fsilure poration
TRENTON'. X. J.. Jan. S.-The United
States Steel corporation today filed its
answer to the petition of the federal
government In which the court i
prayed to adjudge the steel comiwny
illegal and In restraint of trade.
llroadly pcaklng the answer la a gen
eral denial to the allegations of the gov
ernment. It defends the organization of
the subsidiary companies, denies that
they wer formed In violation of the
anti-trust act. claims that they were a
normal and necessaty "development of
the times, and insists that Instead of
restraining trad or commerce, they have
developed and increased the same.
The answer is made In the nam of
the United States Steel corporation and
its various subsidiary companies, and It
Is Joined In by the following Individuals:
J. Plerpont Morgan. Elbert 11. Uary.
Charles II. .Schwab. Charles Steele.
Henry C. Frick, James Oavlet, William
II. Moore, James II. Moore, lrclval
Roberts, Jr., Daniel G. Rrtd. Norman
B. Ream. George W. Perkins and I"eter
A. B. Widener. The array of counsel
Includes Llndabury. Ierue A Faulks as
solicitors and Joseph H. t'hoate. John
C. Johnson. Francis l.vnde Stetson. Iavld
A. Reed. Itaynal C. Boiling and Richard
V. Llndabury as counsel.
Kormatloa of Trasl.
Th. answer begins with reviewing the
events that led up to the organisation
of th present steel corporation and de
scribe how th Federal Steel company
acquired th Carnegl Steel company,
the American Hteel and Wire company,
and other through negotiations con
ducted by J. P. Morgan & Co. letter,
when the need for additional ore sup
piles as felt, the steel corporation ac
quired th properties of the Lake fu
psrlor Consolidated Iron mines. The
steel corporation was formed and lis
properties aculred, th answer declares,
tor the purpose of effecting economies
by Integrating th plants and tha pro
cesses employed In th manufacture of
steel, and to reach th principal market!
of th United State and of foreign
countries-inn Increase the tiwswiai in tl
products therein.
"If any ot the companies acquired by
th steel corporation," the answer de
clares, ."had been organised for the pur
pose or with the effect ot restraining
trade or commerce, or If they consti
tuted an attempt at monopoly or a
monopolisation of trade or commerce,
neither the organisers of th steel cor
poration nor the said corporation hud
any knowledge or Information thereof
when the said companies wer acquired."
Continuing, the answer rev.ltes that the
Steel corporation mad Its purposes and
the details of its organisation public In
variety of ways, and says that the
attention ot the officers of the United
Ststei government was particularly di
rected to said organisation at ths time
It was effected. Only within a few months
haa any department or responsible offi
cer of the government criticised the Steel
corporation as being a combination In
restrain of trade, , or a monopoly.
To Late far Dtasolatloa.
The' answer then sets forth that th
Steel corporation has cheapened th pro
duction of steel to th consumer; that it
has increased Its foreign trade from
l, In U01 to ttfi.ooii.uoo in 1811; that
It has not suppressed competition,; that
the number of competitors In th United
States has largely increased since 111,
and that It stock has been sold several
times over and Is now held by a multi
tude of small Investors In this and for
eign countries. The defendant then sub
mits: "That after acquiescing In th organi
sation of the Steel corporation for so
long a time, and after rights of so sacred
a cliaracter have grown up hereunder,
it Is now too 1st for the government to
lnist In a court of equity that such or
ganisation was In Itself and without re
gard to Its after practices an illegal
The answer further declare that the
proposition to purchss a majority of th
stock ot the Tennease Cosl and Iron
company cam from Grant B. Schley and
was taken np on account and only on
account of the representstlons made on
behalf of said Schley that nothing but
such purchase would save Moor A
Schley from failure. Messrs. Gary and
Flick of th Steel corporation went to
see the president of the United State on
November 4. 1907, and laid (he situation
before him. The answer denies thst
Messrs. Gary and Frick failed to disclose
to th president all the facts bearing
upon the proposed purchase, or th oc
casion for making the same which were
pertinent thereto, or that thev made anv
mis-statement or misleading statement of
any sort or character to the president re
garding the financial situation in New
York or regarding th wishes or attitude
of themselves or the Steel corporation
with respect to th proposed purchase.
It admits "thst the president stated that
he did not feel It to be his duty to pre
vent tbe proposed transaction," and says
"that in reliance upon said statement
Messrs. Gary and Frick returned to New
i York, whereupon th purchase was com
pleted." The answer denies "that the
Tennensee company waa a strong present
or probable future competitor of the Steel
corporation at the time of Its acquisition
by th. latter."
Freed.. f Trad Ewewwrasred.
Tbe answer say that "continuously
since the organisation of th steel cor-
It has been th declared and
fyji 'Mp i fP '"k
Bryan Had Hit Trousers Presied While Waiting for a Train.
From the Washington St nr. '
Thome Charges Bai
Faith on the Part of
Falls City Democrat Petition to
Have Him Bun for President.
Praaawct I far On f th l.eagrsl
ad Most Complicated Primary
Ballots Kvrr Voted aa
la Nebraska.
I From a Staff Correspondent.
LINCOLN, Jan. 31 -(Special. )-Champ
Clark of Missouri was th only entry
mad today in the presidential race, and
his sponsors ray he desires the demo
cratic nomination. As practically the
same persons signed his petition at
vouched for Harmon th dsy before there
is some question whether they Intend to
withdraw one of the entries later or In
the parlance ot th rac track run them
coupled. Tbe filing was sent in by mall
by John H. Mulchings of Fall City and
la signed by the following, all residents
of Richardson county:
John II. Hutching. W. T. -Fenian, S.
W. Morris, Charles Loree, John Usgnor,
L. C. Kdward". R. A. Weltsel. Oeorg U.
Urernwald, W. K. tlreenwald. J
Coupe. Jacob Hloom. (1. Hurgner,
Morgan, J. v. rreaencK
Boose. W. II. Crook
B. P.
J. 8. Ixird, W.
I. R Whltlaker, A
ot th last three years. Oothing. fuel
and food are asked for.
The appeal la endorsed by George F.
Budweiaer, United States commissioner,
who ba charge of the relief work.
consistently followed policy of said cor
poration to encourage rather than re
strain the utmost freedom of trade and
commerce; to refrain from acts of op-
(Continued on Second Page.)
K. Jaqurt, U 1.. Aldrlch. J. K. Jaquet, (i.
Bullor. W. J. McCrarv. M. L. Wilson, F.
W. Parchln. T. 1. Hlemmellech, A. F.
Harlow. George Ptator. H. M. Jnney. R.
It Simpson. J. J. Oliver. J. K. MrFar-
land, Henry Gerdes. J. F. digging, Henry
Stiaw, H. C. Davis. C. C. Llavls, Clyde
Uav:s. Frank Smith.
Martla Perfect Fills.
Attorney General Grant Martin this aft
ernoon mad his personal filing as a can
didate for re-election. With tho single
exception of Dr. Wlnnett, railroad com
missioner, all the present state officer
wbo have not declared themselves out of
the running have filed their primary petitions.
Auditor barton Is a csndidat for the
republican coiigressio .al nomination In
th Fifth district and Land Commissioner
Cowles Is not a candidate for re-eiectlcn.
Bom time ago a statement was pub
lished that Or. Wlnnett would not seek
the offlc again, but when asked con
cerning It he replied that the statement
was made without authority and thtt In
due time he would make his intentions
I. D. Evans of Kenesaw obtained tiling
blanks today and probably will formally
enter the race tor the republican nomina
tion for state auditor within a few days.
Hartllaa- Makes Filing.
II. II. Bartling, republican, sent in hlf
filing today as candidate for senator
from tiie Cass-Otoe dlntrict, but failed
to accompany It with a receipt from the
county treasurer. The secretary of state
notified him of the omission snd Is hold
ing the papers.
'Mlth Wilson, Harmon, Clark, Folk and
possibly some others asking for the
preferential vote of Nebraska democrats
In the primary and two, and posKihly
three, sets of candidate for delegates'
on the republican ballot, the Judges at
the primary election can contemplate one
of the liveliest times of their lives count
ing up the vote, and when they have fin-
Is bed up this task they can start in on ,
the state and county tickets, which RMTTflN I FAHFR tK
Western Railroads
CHICAGO, Jan. Jl. -Charges of bad
faith and attempts tajjii ejie, .war mad
against railroads by cUflvirJ tThrns,
stst railroad commissioner of towa, dor-
Ing th hcsrlag on the new rat ached
tiles proposed t be put In effect In cer.
tsln western H.atea February It, before
George N. Brawn, chief examiner fur the
Interstate Commerce commtmlon, here
toils y.
'The railroads are all attempting to
inaugurate a system of higher rate
which wer prohibited by the Interstate
Commerce commission In a decision In
February, mil," said Mr. Thorne. "They
are now trying a suttLerfuge In attempt.
Ing to fores this classification Into ef
Replying to Mr. Thome's statement.
Chief Kxaminer Brown said.
"Th railroads have expended 1:20.000
and three yiurs' time apparently to unify
their western rates, but I assure you If
Uie commission finds tha). they are at'
templing to create a general material In.
crease m rates and evade the previous
ruling of the commission, that the sched
ule will be suspended 191 days."
Mr. Thorne urged repeatedly that none
of the commissioners hsd been given
ample time to Investigate th new rate
New York to Begin
Inquiry Into High
Prices of Food
MW TURK. Jan. U. -District Attorney
Whitman announced this afternoon that
he has decided to Institute "John Ioe"
proceeding before a city magistrate In
order thus to investigate tlie hlxh cost
of food product?. Ha has decided to lake
this courve because of the many com
plaints he has received since the grand
jury took up the Investigation of the ad
vanced price of butter. The "John Doe"
prorw dings will begin as soon as the
grand Jury Investigation Is finished, prob
ably within a week.
KANSAS CITY. Jan. 31 -Hearing of
the divorce suit brought by ilay Choat
against Lafayette t.ltoat. who was sent
to JaJI on a charge of felonious aaaault
because lie drove his wife about the
fields hitched to a harrow, began In the
Jackson county court at- Independence
toia ay. Choat hi con t eating the eult in
which his wife aJlegrd extreme cruelty.
The case of Choat, a middle-aged
fanner, first came to the attention of
tlie county when Mrs. Choat with her two
si.istl children appeared In the Juvenile
court bere. Bhe told of being tied to the
harrow because her husband was Jealous
of her, and of being beaten because she
rouid not keep pare with the horses.
Choat was sentenced to thirty days In
promise to be as long: and disturbed aa a
mince-pie dream.
f erric k Reject Plan.
Secretary Corrtck of the La Follette
league has rrjected tbe ptah proposed by
John O. Teieer to divide the delegation
to the national convention hnd says the
supporters of the Wlconn man will
go It alone. He says that the name of
La Follette will be placed on the primary
ballot and the delegates who represent
him will be pledged. If electeo. to vote
(Continued on Second i'age.)
MC3CAT1NK. Ia.. Jan. -Attorneys
for Emmet Flood, the Chicago labor
leader, and O. C. Wilson, local button
workers business agent, recently- Indicted
for conspiracy In connection with the
button workers' tttrikn here, today filed
motions for change of venue from the
Muscatine district court. They charge
that It would be Impossible to obtain a
fair trial beause vt widespread preju
dice In this sectloa
Eight Men Injured in Accident at
DanTille, III.
trwsa haatb at, th le
' Oa ( Ik Island Will
Pswbablr Ule.
liAWILMi. III.. Jan. II. -Eight man
acre Injured, tour seriously, by th tail
ing of a mine rage crowdcd wllh men go
ing to work In th Klsctrlc l oal mine,
six miles wee! ot Danville, today. The
cage dropped about W tret.
It waa stated uy the mine owners that
the engineer In charge ot the cage lost
control ot the machinery, causing on
cage with Us human (might to drop to
Hie bottom ot tlie shaft, and th other,
going up empty, to be thrown from the'
mouth ot the mine.
The most seriously Injured ar.
l. pvhonlsns, who I, hurt Internally
and has both legs broken; will probably
Jo Dnlnnvlsii of Htreator. III., legs
crushed and injured Internslly; condition
Frank leiitreT, both legs broken and
Infernally injured; mnv die.
t'smlli. Knrrier nf llillery, Injured Inter
nally; condition serious. .
Th other men suffered broken legs
and were otherwise bruised.
Edict of Abdication i Signed, but
Emperor Will Hot Leave
Capital at Once.
Watches Bought by
Cheyenne Defaulter
Sold by Bondsmen
CHBYENim Wyo., Jan. !l.-Spec1l.)
Ham Bergman, a local pawn broker,
today purchased from George W. Hoyt.
postmaster, a mUoellsneous collection of
welches, numbering 224, for 11.000 cash.
These watchea are a part of th collect loo
of bicycles, motorcycles. Jewelry, vacuum
cleaners, typewriters, lawn mowers, baby
carriages, etc., found at the bom of Jo
seph Klnghsm. ssslstanl postmaster, who.
wbll In chsrge of the money order de
partment of th i'heyenn postofflce. em
benled tXoO. and who waa last fall sent
to the Fort Leavenworth military prison
for a term of flv year Postmaster Hoyt
and Klngham's bondsmen took possession
of th abov mentioned collection, whk-h
Klnghsm had been years gathering.
A singular featur of today's puichase
of St watches t Bergman's statement
that, with few exceptions, thes watches
were purchased from him by Klngham
from time to time. Klngham paying In the
aggregate therefor the sure of 9M0U.
rostmaster Hoyt recently shipped to
Denver eighteen motorcycles, the majority
of them brand new. The motorcycles
were purr I ia sed by Klngham from time to
time and will. It Is understood, be mar
keted by a Denver concern.
Emperor and Princes to Be Given
Liberal Pecjions.
Yam Shi Eai ii Endeavoring to
Prevent Outbreaks. ,
Ussy Officials Seek Shelter la Olfl
elal Caaelea-Arailtlrw He.
seers Meilsr ta Belas
IONPO.. Jan, JI.-The edict of abdica
tion ot th Chines throne ha bui
signed, according to a meseag from Tien
Tsln. Th court will not quit Peking
for a month, as th Manchu troops of th
garrison threaten to shoot th royal
family and th princes It they attempt
to leave th. capital.
A terrible panic among th official
In Tien Tsln haa caused many of them .
to seek shelter today In th foreign con-
cession. Martial law has been pro
claimed In th native city. Th mayor
has resigned and. fearing that th lives
ef th member ot hla family ar en- .
dangered. ha sent hi family to th :
rrenca concession.
Th armistice between th Imperialists
snd republican force which wa officially
renewed yesterday Is being disregarded I
by th republican troops according to
a news agency dispatch received her !
today from Tien Tsln.
PEKING, Jan. il.-Th Imperial foreign !
board announce that th empress j
dowager informed th members of th :
cabinet at moling In the palac j
today that th throne has decided on a I
solution of the situation which would In- i
sure peace. She Instructed the minister
to arrange accordingly.
It la believed thst Premier Yuan Shi
Kal and 111 republicans ar now In cum- i
plet agreement. While h I endeavor
ing to pursued th recalcitrant Manchu
elements to accept abdication peaceably
Yuan Phi Kal is taking measures to
prevent any outbreak on their part from
becoming serious.
An Imperial edict Issued tonight fore
tokens abdication and Indicates that Yuan
rihl Kal haa discovered a way to escap
acceptance of the niarqulsate offered to
him by the throne. The edict consents
to a request front Yuan Nhl Kal, In
which he stsles that he doe not dare
ts persist In his refusal of th title, but
begs th throne to delay honoring blm
until peace baa been restored.
II Is understood the Imperial family
has accented tlie conditions laid down by
th republican and that abdication will
b announced immediate!)'. At a confer
nee yesterday between the empress dow
ager. Prince Chun, I he ex-regeni, and
Prince Chlng. the former premier. It Is 1
believed to have bran derided that the
Imperial family and princes would abdi
cate If they wer allowed to retain their
empty titles, resld In Peking or else
where at their pleasure, and receive an
nual pensions aggregating 100.00 taels
(approximately 2,MMMi. and that th
transference of power would be carried
out with as little loss of dignity lo th
thron aa possible.
NHW YORK. Jan. 3l.-An earthquake
shock nf some severity was registered on
ths seismograph at Brooklyn college this
afternoon. Th record began at 3 3
o'clock and continued until 4:0 with a'
shock occurring at 1:41.
Professor Olover. In charge ot the seis
mograph, estimated th distance ot th
disturbance at about 1,M miles He said '
the thick waa not of pronounced severity.
WASHINGTON, Jan. SL All flv In
struments at Georgetown university, to
day recorded a heavy seismic disturbance, 1
estimated at not less than i,0M mile dts-'
lant from Washington.
Th disturbance lasted from 1:31 to 4:!
and appeared to be following an east and 1
went direction. Observers say th record
was ot a very pronounced character.
MASON CITY, la., Jan..3L-SpciaJ.-Heavy
enow has been falling here. Nearly
six Inches Is en th ground.
Satlaaal Cwarsl Officer She.
WEBSTER CITY la. Jan. 3l.-(r-peclal
Telegram.) Corporal Carl Horn last
night accidentally shot lieutenant Isaaa
Beckner through I he thigh sad hand
while at Indoor rifle practice at the
armory. Beckner was standing nsr the
target when Horn' gun went off accidentally.
ST. lafOL'IS. Jul Former Governor i
Joseph Kblk refused today to partJclpt
In the democratic prvrtdtntlBl primary m
HI. IjouU because ha held that every
member of the democratic city commute
under mho awptee th contest is to
be hid either filed or was a member of
the Champ Clark deleratlon from bU
In a letter to Herman W. Fay. chair
man or tho committee. Ueoa Sander,
campaign manax'-r for Folk, declared a
primary hHd under such conditions would
be a political farce.
The primary will be held February U
to select 21$ delegates to the democratic
taU convention to be he!d in JopUn
February 3fc
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