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Delightfully New House Dresse-
: r-11 toady fo Slip On
The dainty rastle of fresh, clean wash dresses
gree ts one from every side here such a splendid
combination of exquisite style and clever designing
we have never seen nt such surprisingly reasonable
prices. . . , ; :
: Just the garments for house wear very
". appropriate and serviceable for the business
( woman'nnd one lady remarked that she finds .
" ohe of .these pretty percale dresses a pleasing
little afternoon frock.
.' wuhbrof new colon and patterns la Chaubrays,
' Gingham and Percales.
-- V call special attention to the complete range of
fiK-i and toe remarkably low prices.
Junior site 15, IT and 10. fimal Woinea's alzee 33 to 40.
' l'lUCES
S2.50 $2.05 $3.50 83.95
In our east window we are demonstrating the
clean, sanitary methods used in making our garments
don't miss this interesting display.
1518-20 Farnam Street.
Governor of Iwvlsra( Feeler im
Cluert fpr .Offlee, ... f
t Derlaratlea Greater Im llatfrss
mt tan Mr.m Has Beea A ear
striated frees KaeeatiTe's Box
f Caaisalsa Isaaee.
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conylnclns psopls of the rest Independence
f the Weekly's position. Ton will rt
! member that that was what we dlarusaed
! an4 now that I have unintentionally put
. ah In a fiii ana emharraaalna' Bflaatlea
.yea htap coals of flre on my seed py
1 rontreurag to gh out Interviews favor -
ant to my candidacy. All that I csa say
Is that you have proved very bis
awl that I wish I might have aa early
opportunity to tell you far to far now
I really feel about It all.
Wiitt warm resard. cordially and faith
fully yours, WOODROW WILSON."
It la noted In the foregoing thst men.
tlAM nt t lis k'niiMkM.hM it tk.
Manhattan eki Is obviously a slip of the
Harvey's Pinal letter.
Colonel Itsrvey's reply wss ss follows;
Jan. n. iiuai) iear uovernor V. 11
aon: Thank you sine rely for your must
handsome letltr. I can only repeat what
1 said befora that there la no panicle of
personal rancor or resentment left In
That Tightaest
, of the Stomach
leased b FortnaUoa of Nauaeoas
tiasc, from I'adlgeeted fiiod
mopped with a Hloart's
IryspepsiS Tablet,' ' ,
Trial Psakags .
Whsn yea feel ss If your stomack wail
Seine tightly choked when the pain" la
Inunes sad eu break strt In a cold snd
lammy perspiration and there la A lump
in your throat and you are weak and
nauseated all you need Is a Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablet to clear awsy the
wreckage of undigested food left In the
stoweck and Inleettnee snd restore you
to your self again.'' : And this
csa all be accempltshed within a few
me. And I bef you to believe that I
have not ssld one nord en an'-hiut nt
criticism of you.
I hsre to Drlnt a anni .r .,....,
to the Weekly's readers, but It will be
ine nnrreet possible. Very truly yours,
Will mt jtaavrer Walter.
TltKNTO.V. Jan. SA-'Tha
nient of Colonel Watterson admits of no
comment from me," ssld Governor Wil
son today when newspaper men asked
him If he had any reply to make to the
Kentucky editor a etstement Issued laai
Wfea aaked far hie reasens for mauinr
ne comment, the governor ssM:
I had hoped thst thsv wsra self.
The governor then added:
"I Sm only sorrv la hav in pur.i .
friendship, which, while It lasted. I found
interesting and enjoyable."
Asked If he did nnt mean tn uv lha
loss of friendship, the governor resiled
that he preferred te have the etstement
stsnd ss ha had dictated It. . ,
Tkal Xaetty l-aeUag ef ts twessssk Is
t aasUered by a assart's ys
aepesa Tables.
Thouaaade ef peopt have learned se
ell hew ear and depeadsbl Stuart's
Ityspepata Tablets are for all stomscb
tile that they .are never- without a pack,
age at seme and at fbe efflos, and upea
ssy eadtratlea that the stomach la a
little weary, they take a Stuart's Tahlet
aft sr sack meal for a few days uatll the
digest! ergaaa set rested ap again.
Tbie ta a sslendld plan te tellew and
always results la asuchs good. The ap
petite Is Improved, the feed la relished
more, your sleep Is mere refrssatng, and
your disposition will make yea fr tends
Instead ef eaentlea
For Indigestion. Pour mouses. Belch
ing. Css, Coated Tonys. Intestinal In
digestion and all fliow.'Sjck Disorders snd
Pains or for l-oas ef appetite ptnarrs
liytpepsas Tablets are larslaable.
l"e tMsm freelythey are ss harm teas
as ansae would ks and are by so
means te be classed as "medicine." They
save ne effect wherever ea the system
except the benefit they, bring ye
through the proper id wrest lea of your
food. ...
All Drug stores sell Stuart's Dyspeest
Tablet.' Toe price Is St cents per box.
Pkysktaas use and reumsiead thees. If
you wist) to try them before porchsaiag,
address Y A. Stuart C. IS Ptoart
Blag.. Marshall. Mich, snd a trial pack,
age wUl be seat yea free. at
1818 Farnam Street
'From a Staff Correspondent.)
TKS MOINES. Jan. .-8pec1al Tele
grsro.) Governor Carroll issued a public
statement today In which he claimed the
right of discovery of the "Greater Iowa"
Idea and points out thst Prof. Holden.
who has come out oa a Greater Iowa plat
form, la merely following him.
Psnvill hIm thee ha arnn roue contests
I In Tnara nn the nlatform BOW advocate
by Holden aad lat?r appropriated by
Clark, and Intimate that some persons
whom he does not name were responsible
for the prevention of soy legislation along
the tinea be haa suggested.
it Is supposed th announcement Is a
fesler put out to see whether Carroll
can git Into the race for governor again.
Hoard ml Esasslaera.
The atata executlv council today SP-
nolnted a new ststa board of eismtners
for mine Inspeclo-s. kiln Foreman and
Hnl.ilna Enainrer David Anderson and
W. r. Jones of Colfsx srs the miner mem
bers of the boeiil;' Ed M. Gray of Dee
Moines and T. L. Evana of Aieia, tne
operator members, and Howard W. Ladd
of Madrid the engineer member of the
Tn Offices by On Meat
The let-. I department of the stats today
joined with ths oticlals of Winnebago
county In an appeal of a decision to toe
supreme court to determine whether one
oerson my hold the office of luetics or
the pear SA the same time aa that of
mayor. , The attorney general held that
tha two ot flees were Incompatible, but
Judge Clydo decided otherwise. A de
cision will nffect mayors of fifty towns.
Iowa Mleelsaary safe at Pf.
ensT itfinOE. Is.. Jsn. JO. tSpectal.)
famine" was the one word in a cable
gram from Mianchal, China, received by
Ur aid Mrs. K. K. Homers of this city
from their dsughter, Mrs. Itlrtck Wil
liams, a young missionary who has been
trvin to brave It through the Chinese
crisis and remain at her post In Chengtu.
Heth Mr. snd Mrs. Williams will corns to
tbs Vnlted States en a furlough during
hia tieaa whsn a effective missionary
work Is possible because of the unset
tled and terrible conditions In tne orient
Rate on Binder
Twine Will Not
Be Increased
CHICAGO, Jan. .-Rsllroad commis
sioners of nlns western ststee and ship
pers fighting the proposed schedule of In
creased freight rates due to take offset
February It, succeeded today In getting
binder twine removed from the new Met,
Ths rata will remain unchanged. 71
Itoberf ' File. Vkalrman of ths 'western
classification oommlttea, made th an
nouncement t'hlnt Examiner Browa had
recommended the withdrawal of the pro
posed new rate. .
The effect of the concession will be a
saving of H par cent In the rates. Ship
pers also will be allowed to ahtp binder
twine In ears-, with agricultural Impla
menta, The rsUroadd' submission to ths protest
of ths railroad commissioners and ship
pers In regsrd te this particular tm
will not keep the state commlsslonere
from filing their protest wltk the commis
sion in Washliurten., A statement will be
sent te the nwmbers of the eosMnlastsn by
ths ststo commissioners, asking thst they
be permitted to argus ths advisability or
the sue pension of th entire schedule. . .
Cilef kUsmlner Brown will mak his
recommendations ta tha sommtratoa not
later than Ftbruary. .
Catlr Stork t a New Trk Nana
faetarwr Rettrtasj rraas aaataess
e Sals satarday.
The most ramarkab's sale ef women's
blsh-eJese waists e ar held ia advance
of the regular seasoa take pier aext
Haturday. A well known manufacturer
of waists st 17 to West Mth street.
New Tork, retired from business aad sold
us all bis fins silk, lingerie and tailored
waists. In new spring itil atylea and ma
terials. Also niai'y partly made waists.
Ths bargains will be the most wonderful
that have been offered In years, lee the
great display in th windows. Sal b
glas Saturday, February J.
Treaaary ys Sliver.
WAPHIXOTON." Jan. 3S -Contract Tor
delivery of Sfe.oe f)na eunoe f silver at
teisri an ounce at the 8aa FTsnciaos
ntlnt vesa made bv ths Treasury depart
ment today. It will le used for coining
dime and sourtars. Th prtc I silfhtly
hishar than lbs government'a last purchase.
Surgical Operations
Plls4 In Css of Palnfdl Ulesr.
H. E. Boardman, Tonkers, X. T
' "I suffered Tom severe pains la my
eyes, caused ky ulcer, and doctored a
graat Seel and uaderwent thro opera
tion, but fai'ied to get permanent re
lief till I tried Hood's rarw. parti la. I
can net too highly praise thta remedy.
I recommend It heartily ta all a bo are
troubled .with Impure blood."
Take Hood's garsapsrilla for htissors
snd te build up the system. .
Get It today la usual bnuld form or
chocolated tablets railed
laws Sew Hates.
JEm-neiaaiie- " ..r'
death by sutclds of George It Brooks, a
former lowen. at h.s home at Seattle.
Wash. Brooks was year of ass. Ha
wss formerly deputy snerllf of Koesutn
NEWARK. K. J., Jan. s.-CBurt offlcsrs
inriav turned awav a curious crowd that
sought admlsstoa ta the court room where
Allison Merarland Is oa mai tor uie
murder of bis wife.
Detective Oodfrey testified thst McFsr
.land, whew he was questioned about the
!'ilunny- letters, sdmltted that "Bunny"
eras tlorence Bromley. '
I Alfred Holle. the undertaker who burled
Mrs. McFsriasd, testified to hosting a
.nsaii between McFarUuid and
: Godfrey in' which McFarland told of hav
ing substituted cysnlds for bromide in s
Sot lie. kUFsrlsnd had added that he did
aot remember having told his wlfs of tbs
substitution, ilolls said.
nt.rt ri'ttsiD is to it oats.
Vour drnsgist will refund money .f
PA.U OIN1 MkiN'T tails to ours any case
of Itching, Bund. Bleeding or Protruding
file. In to It days He.
(Continued from First Page.)
th wish ef the rank aad file of th re
publican party respected the piagisaalvos
would he successful. It Is sseesdlngty
Important, however, that then should be
no division In the ranks of ths prvgres
slve wing of the republican party. Aa I
look st It, there Is ne occasion for us Is
Nebraska to be split into two factions.
There should be no Quarrel between a
Fellette republics, snd Roosevelt re
publicans !r will be found In the last
analysis that these two wings of the re
public party, especially In Nebraska,
have the same end m view. Under the
condition as I bars narrated them abovs
I do not see bow I can ink any ether
course-In this fight thaa te coatlawe l
th support of th candidacy of Senator
. Follstte. He went Into th fight at
a time when It seemed defeat was sure.
Had a effort been made by the progree
slvs te ' bring out a candidate tlis re
nomination at President Tart would have
been a mailer of form only. After Colo
nel Roosevelt had declined to become at
candidate and we united upea Senator I .a
Fellette, 1 as aot se bow w can take
any otber courss than to stay with Ben-1
a tor L Follette to the end. j
.earasfce Mast C His Way.
If wo la .Nebraska divide be'a-eea Ibue
tw great man we will enable the enemy )
t succeed a far ss the delegates from '
yebrask are routes ncd. If a rrir.a ..
united I feel confident that w :! k .
th soml delegation from our stats. Tii
La Follette detegstes will without ue
tloa b Rooanelt men. and tf U devel-
opee when the ceaveotloa assembles thst
Senator La Follette cannot be nominated
and Colonel Roosevelt can. then these
delegate wilt without sjusstton go te him.
I think It would ke welt to have the dele
gates pubtldy pledge themselves In Shis
wsy. I know It la said, and I think said
sincerely and honestly ky the Roosevelt
support srs. that Senator La Follette can
not be sjoattnated and that Celsaal Roose-
WbUe 1 do not sgre with this
yet I aa perfectly will to-.
for th ease of are unbent, to admit It.
and tf It be true, the th Roosevelt fol
lowers la Kebraska will run no risk
whatever la supporting the Let Fetletta
delegates, because if this Condi tloa be
true, then thee delegatee will n th end
rote for Colonel Roosevelt aad support
ktra Just a eathusuetleaUy aa t house,
they bad beea selected directly aa Rsees
volt detagatee. It seems to me we owe
this mock coast deration to Senator La
Fellette tor the wonderful fight be has
made, tf It had not beea mad ws would
aot b In th favorable conditio that j
w now are. but regardless eg the cansld- j
eraUoa that may b givaa by ether I j .
frl that perascally I am la honor bound
ta stay with him as lens ss he remains I
In te flsst. This ta la no seaee a fbrht
against CeleMt Kaoss.elt. aad under a'
dreumataooes am I crittounns; any f
Ma friends who desire to see him nomi
nated. There Is not one of them who
would support him mora nthuaiaatlcaUy
thaa L and had he consented at the be
ginning that the fight should bs made ta
his nam Senator La Follette would not
have been in the race.
etearrete the Dlvlalaau
I deeply regret that there should be
any dtvwioa tn our ranks in Nebrasks. I
believe It ia a serloas mistake. As I un
derstand your position it Is not that yon
hav anything against Penator La Fol
lette, or that yon are opposed to him in
any way, but that yen think he csnnot
be nominated snd that Colonel I loose- j
velt can. I hare no doubt ef your ain-
cerity, and I do not want to be under
stood aa quueationlng your motives In
the least, but assuming this to be the
true condition, does it not seem to yotr
as though tt would be better, even from
youh stsnd point, that Roosevelt's friends
la Nebraska shenld support tbs La Fol
ia tts delegates in our coming contest? I
think the position of Senator La Fol-
lette's friends would appeal ts you. Tou
must surely see from the condition ss
narrated thst Senator La Follette's
friends ought not be asked to withdraw
his nsme now, after the wonderful prog
ress tbst has been made under his lead
ership in this contest, and It your posi
tion be true we are conceding to you all
that you ask, which is thst If lb condi
tion exists which you say will be shown
to exist later, then the Ia Follette dele
gates shall support Colonel Roosevelt.
I am confident that Senator La Follete
embodies the e'eroents of constructive
ststcsmsnshlp te a degree not surpsesed
by say ether public man. The history of
his Uf will show. that he has slwsys
consistently, conscientiously and with
great ability stood and fought tor the
principles that are nearest snd dearest to
the great body of cltlsenihip, snd that
during his entire public life he haa been
bitterly assailed and opposed by political
bosses, machine manipulators and repre
sentatives of special Interests. He em
bodies In his life snd In his work sli
thst we stand for as progressive repub
licans. He would make a leader who in
my Judgment would be Invincible. It is
true he would be opposed by political
bosses In both parties, but the rank and
file of the rltltenshlp would come to his
aid by the million. He would make a
president who would be perfectly safe
under whoee administration no honest
business, no honest dtlsen, would have
causa for alarm or fear.
While you ststs In your letter thst my
snswer would be considered as confiden
tial If I ss desired it. yet I have no objec
tion whatever to the publication of all
that I hare ssld. Very truly yours.
C'olaael Yelerr'a Reply.
Te this letter Colonel Telaer mskos
Ills fallowing reply:
"OMAHA, Neb, Jsn. 30. UlL-Hon.
George W. Morris. WsshlngtoX. D. C
Desr esir: Tour letter of January Zl re
ceived. I regret the position you have
ta.ea. Tour friends In this state, who
are ardent admirers of Colonel Roosevelt,
desired you as a delegate-at-large regard
less of the fact that you had supported
La Follette, because they felt that under
the preferential rote you would be satis,
factory to tits friends of both. I was
greatly pleased to learn of this feeling
and wrote you hoping to receive a fav
orable answer which would enable you to
become the recipient of the combined
aVaseeveR And . U Follette- ftrengl. I
fhouaht "H would- bs a-ssetunat por
tion for you In contradistinction to your
opponent who wse In Indiana trying to
mnomlnata ths 'thin w believe should
sot be re nomine ted. But ws sll do not
tee sllke. i i . 1
reeapllmeato aad Calsaele.
"I am eorry thaT'you feel hurt because
Colonel Roosevelt would aot consent to
be a candidate when the few gentlemen
you refer to extended tha Invitation to
hint. We have all received that same
courteous declination which show a
genuln reluctant- te become a candi
date. But we were consrtoua that we
are only a small part ef the people and
have little more ts offer than that notori
ous character of the Bible who made s
famous offer to our Saviour. We are
honest and persistent, however, tn our
desire to capture this nomination, so thst
when we ere ready to taks up this trans
action with th colonel again it will be
a bona fids offer snd not a spectral
affair. Ths colonel ahould not be criti
cised because he had the tact and good
manners to susgeet that some .of you
gentleman run for the office. Good man
na re would suggest that he compliment
you In the asms degree thst you compli
mented him. He certainly did not assume
to hand over the nomination to La Fel
lette any more than to receive If from
yoa gentlemen
Peenale Maet Caatrwi.
"But overshadow! na all thm talk In
either of our lettera, the people. run
thta business regardless of the personal
wishes of sny man. snd tf they went
Roosevelt, the peroneal plan and pleas
of small groups of men must need be
surrendered to the rnevttsbls popuisr de
mand. - Indeed th people are already
nominating him because Colonel Roose
velt is not personally doing it and has
set his foot down square upon any of his
personal frtenda In any way urging his
candidacy. Ha not only would not an
nounce himself, but he forbade his per
sonal friends from pushing his name
But. what could he do with the great
mass of common people, the unbridled
snd unbroken west, ths surging msesee
of the east and th courtly south. This
clamor and public demand came from
everywhere excepting th colonel and his
friends. Too should not criticise Colonel
Roosevelt for spoiling the La Follette
Plans it they hsrs been effected. If they
are spoiled your own people to whom you
ere looking for support spoiled them. I
think you are entirely wrong In assum
ing tkst Senator La Follette developed
the wonderful sentiment throughout the
country (or progressive action. Hundreds
of thousands of ua ahould share the
honor which w were Inspired to strive
harder t develop under the example of
"When the policy of reaction was
adopted by President Tun. millions pr us
kept right on just as we would liave
done had 1 Follette never been born.
Now I will concede Ia Follette is a great
man he la away beyond our average
but I deny that the rest of ths people
srs of such tittle consequence as may be
essumed from the way you hare credited
so much of our united efforts to the work
of Senator La Follette.
Will Mat Aaaadea Bsoaevelt.
"In conclusion. I will reply to your re
quest, namely, that we give up the fight
for Roosevelt end join In a fight to the
finish for 1 Fblletle. This will never
be done and should you throw your per
sonality, your own hopes and ambitions
In with tha destinies of La Follette ss
Senator Brown has thrown his with Taft
tha Roossvelt men should find another
candidate for the United ftatee senator
with whom to co-operate. While I would
be reluctant to do this, eipoclslly sines
I had hopes In your diplomacy and lead
ership, your letter makes some suck
action as thst foreshadowed Imperative
unless you show a spirit of compromise
with your constituents. Tour proposition
would be a direct slap at our honored
and only living ex-presldent. It la ab
surd to ssy ws will accept hire If We
cannot nominate La Follette.
Jf the La Follette men do not give up
their selfishness snd carry out their
agreement to divide the delegate and
cast them all aa a unit for either Roose
velt or La Follette. according to which
receives the most votee. we cannot have
a union of force and your talk of being
progressiva would seem not to be gen nine.
An Appeal to Wives
Tou know the te.-rible affliction thst
conies to msny hemes from the result of
a drinking husband or son. Tou - knew
of the money wasted on "Drink" thst
Is needed In' the home o purchase fond
and clothing. . ORillNB bss saved thous-
anda "of drinking men. - H Is home
treatment and can be given secretly.
Tour money will be refunded If, after a
trial. It has failed to benefit Costs only a bos. Come In and get a free
booklet and let ua tell you of the good
ORRINB Is doing.
Sherman A McConnell Drug Co., Cor.
lfth and Dodg. Cor. Mth and Harney,
Cor. :1th and Farnam, !- North ISth
Street, Loyal Hotel. ,
If we cannot do this with your forces we
are justified In believing you are selfish
instead of progressive and we will be com-'
pelied to have a full Roosevelt delegation
on the ticket with which to' sweep the
state. Such action upon the part of La
Follette men would subject you to the
criticism of being Indirect supporters ef
Taft. Ws will keep our agreement
whether La Follette leaders, do or not
ss we will take bslf of La Follette dele
gates aa our delegates, provided they
sign a declaration te carry out this
agreement and the other half will be of
the rugged Roosevelt type.
"While I recognise it would not be :
proper for your name to appear on the
ticket aa a delegate for Roosevelt, under i
the circumstances, I trust your friends
will sdvlse you not to discourage a union !
of the Roosevelt end La Follette forces
In thta stste for the success of what you
term progressive principles, ss well ss
for your own laudable ambitions. Very
truly. JOHN O. TBISER."
r'3vVv J-y
.SRinSP- f.-ZT
Who else would dare make this offer?
We uuole from a letter from H. M.
Johnson. Vice-President of the Dally Re
public. Rockford, Illinois.
In the twenty-seven years thst tt hss
been my business to deal with copy of sll
kinds 1 have never seen more convincing,
logioal and forceful ads thsn those yoa
are sending out. They have a ring of sin
cerity ana the ststements have the tons
of being a recital of fscts tliat ahould in
spire confidence. They have so impressed
rise-hardened ad man that he la ex-
ccedlneiy curious-to know If it really
does the wonderful thinss recited."
In reply wa sent Editor Johnson soms
convincing literature, following It up with
the that ir he knew or a oen
nlte case of Bright'a Disease, a worthy
person to whom -our aid would mean
something, that we would send a courss
of Fulton s itensl confound in sn at
tempt to establish the genuineness of
the claims m ide In the very shadows of
the Rspubltc's Kdltorlsl Rooms. We
sdded that we do not claim recoveries In
all caxeo and mtgr.t make a failure, but
that we wo tld take the chance, ana
trusted within three months to show suck
results that the patient would be in coin-
fort and would have new near ana
courage in tha reasonable probability that
re -overy could ultimately oa haa.
Ask yourself this question nould any
body else' In the world dere make this
Fulton s HSnsl t:ompouno can o
at Sherman McConnell Uru Co., cor.
Mth snd Douge. Cor. lotn ana nerney,
Cor. Stth and Farnam, i-i :orttt Ktn
street. Omjlis. ;
Ask for pampniet.
Patek, Philippe Co., of Geneva,
Swlueiland are recognised tne
world's greatest watch makers. The
famous Patek, Phli-t vMJ"v
Inn watch Is th . jf ' 5'
moat accurate, most
reliable, and most
latisfectory time
piece It Is possible
to buy.
Patek, Phillips
watrtaea afe gold tn
Omaha Jbr ' Albert'
Don't Merely Bny
Albert- Edholm
Sixteenth and Harney.
is made up of geod eelUac
style, ia a quality tba can't be
equaled at oar prices of
$3.50, $4, f 4.50, $5
$6 and $7 .
And we know that (so do you
srbea yoa wear them) THERE
FORE, (that's a good word),
we are selling shoe at a small
profit (but a profit just the
raine), otherwise we couldn't
give yoa an extra pair of shoe
ktriiigs and feed the
and keep from being called
- Now liatea, ue cut glre yoa
amy style you wish (for yosi are
the one to wear ties siloes) from
flat flanged beel to an arched
arch to suit, our Individual
ideas aad feet,
Only store ia Omaha selling
and that's Baying volumes.
' . esVaGtUAUUCt
SI4 H. l(Kh fit. I
Wear "Uos's" rainless Shoes.
"AH dtfTererit." Some'ars 'eT.iboesed and 1
In gold, lithographed In many colore on
a fine evade or card hentrd. rJettefaethm '
guaranteed. 8rnd today tc
a. .. FOBaVI. S44 Division treet,
... Cragla tattea, Chicago. , , Only One
- "Bromo Qufnirio "
Thmt 19
Laxativo Bromo Qulnlho
Mr? rmr womo mot to vims oouo m mt bat. '
eUwa! remember the full nam. Look
for Uus signature ob every bos. 55c.
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Do you care for it?
We bare it the uncommon
kind that is worth going a long
wave for.
We are . not overlooking a
single Hem of quality that will
help ue to acquire new patrons.
Join oar happy throng.:
Belmont Resburint
SSI ftodge St. C. N. Ball, Prop.
Boa. 4.
tad. A-14C4.
Mat. Every Day gas. every STtrht gill
ls Hooney end Marlon Bent. Pager
M'.dirley a to: Moaner, Hayes Moehei ;
'he Nichols alsters; The Arlington Four:.
Jsne boynton and alari Myers; Patty -uitd
Desperado; Klnetoacope; Orpheum
onturt orchestra. Price, aright, 10c,
see, eve, too. auiiaa, loe. Bast I
.So, as sept aataroay aad aaaaay.
25 Cents Worth of Snowdrift
Is Equal to
98 Cents Worth of Butter
For Making Cake
. , ' ': . Sold tn Hermetically Sealed Cans Only
---' . . .
J Snowdrift is a wholesome shortening, useful and eco
- nomical. It is 100 per-cent cooking value, as it is pure
fat. Results entirely satisfactory, if you add a little salt;,.
(J Fry onions in Snowdrift; strain, and then fry chicken
in the same Snowdrift; the chicken will not taste of the
, onions,', because Snowdrift is odorless and tasteless,
Z and cannot absorb odors.
Q Butter will burn at a temperature of 300 degrees; Lard
. 340 degrees; Snowdrift pot until 400 degrees
Burning fat is useless.
The Southern Cotton Oil Company
No. 21 Broad St, New York
l.M. Mat. Wdaday as gl.00
PredacUea .
134 People. 30 Horses.
Tnarseay Bays Mat. Sat.
la Miss Badslssck. Seats sow.
sTlTato, S5e se Mat.. SS te si.
iniift TiiriTrn .. oey,si.
snim mriirn sim
nuvv a.ii Bsat Seat,
freak fresa raaderay aag ta groat
ApcS Dane,
rrtm Coates k Omady aad tacit
raatovs WATZatataxoaT Tmrsr.
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fjcuj&u? "IritS35
"That Corjltd Dutch Comic. ,
(-.II,. i, AV . Tan aie
Jt-J a-- AISTT CO.,
sxTavsTaoagsa x Taosryiua'
Majestic Musical Four: Al llarmaa, it,
Black Laufh; West a Beaton, "Fun la!
je.i. ueiety uiria inemK
Friday Evrning, Febraary Sd
.tntrrfra's Greatest 8tnger.
Seats On Sale at Ovtl Irf Co.
ToaigM, Mats. Tass, Tfeara, aad Baa,
"The Right of Waj"
SZT WBXK -Ths Maes Caay-