Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 31, 1912, Page 10, Image 10

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Conserv&tiTe Feeling Exists Amonf
the Leaden ia Wheat
tut Market' Is VcT First, Cwawld
trlat tke iMrwrl s'ewesaee'Bt
Illaatl.. U gtreag, bat
' Xederete Hew erase Das.
OMAHA. Jan. JO. 1911.
There ! a very eoataerv'atlve feeling
among, what leaders, no dtspoeuion u
overbuy the market and Juai .tnougn
)rofit-taklng to keep tha msrkrl In a
healthy position.
I Abies were easier this morning, which
n ay mean less bullish Argentiiat news.
la a general way tns sdvanon seems
enough tor ths present or until cash ae-lo-cd
improves. '
It was tna opinion of asms of fh bent
torn traders that enrae or liie largest
.Mere wars reducinif their long share.
t-'ash oora Is vary firm considering the
Increased movemeot. The situation Is
nil strong, but soma moderate reaction
Is doe.
Uheat ruled a Mr easier, cables were
lower and soma profit taking sales vers
made. Cash a heat wsi unchanged.
There was little or no rbanre la the
corn market, values holding firm, with
so feature. Cask coin was unchanged
ta !c higher.
Primary wheat receipts were 4S4.4T
kuaheis and shipments wars 544. bush
els, against receipts last year ot
bushels and shipments ot Jls.iuO bush,l.
Primary com receipts were 1.&U.IS
buaaeai and shipments autre sstl.sOS hush
a!, against receipts last year of LSHVn
bushels and shipments of lilm ouahels.
, Clearances were tM.fvjO bushels of corn.
1403 bushels of oats and wheat and flour
equal to .a) bushels.
I Liverpool closed VI to fed lower sn
wheat and td lower en corn.
'J. following cssh ssies were reported:
Wheat, No, II hard. 1 car, tl.w: 11 cars.
II "-; - csrs, l.W,; No. 1 hard. 1 car,
VMS: I car, 11.01. No. 4 hard. 1 car,
.: I car. SI Of: No. 3 sprint. 1 ear,
tlelH. Ne. : mUed. 1 car, IL!. Corn.
.Ne 3 while, 1 car. eta: No. 4 white, 1
car. 43',e; J csrs, Cr; 1 car. No. 3
eolor. 1 car. CSV;; Ne. 4 color. 1 sr. sir:
No. 3 yellow. 1 si. lO'jt: cars. Sle; No.
4 tallow, cars. it-. 1 car. T,c; 14 ran.
nc; I cars, mc; 17 tars. Ac: t era. 40'c:
No. a mlaed, 1 car, efec; No. 4 mlied.
) car, (3V: t cars. Bute; 14 cars. lo: i
are, eoic. 1 rar. 4ic. s grade, t rar.
Isiac: I curs. UK-; 1 ear, UMe; I an. Mc;
3 cars, ITSc: 1 car. ITo. OMs, No.
white. 1 ar, Vf. cars, brio: No. 4
watte. 1 car, Isiac.
Oasaka Cask Friers.
WHBAT-No. 3 hard. aW; No.
t hard, tl.ll'eCl.OJ1. No. 4 hard, NcO
r w
CORX-Ne. 3 white, Va4J4c; No. 4
white, aV: No. 3 color. SUtaUr;
No. 3 yellow. 4njV: No. 4 yello-r. aV
He: No. X 4Mi&aC; No. 4, 4iKriTVo;
no grade. ICVX-V
OATSNe. 2 white. ieHtWOV: stand
ard. aOHaMSr: No. 1 white, WtJAvVr.
No. 4 white, -WW: No- 3 yellow, su9
Ht: No 4 yellow, 4rVtinnt.
BARI.BV-aisJilng. i o41.31: No. 1
feed. 7Wre; heavier feeding.
RYE No. 3, tar; No. 3, WtfWc.
Carle! neeetpte.
Wheat. Corn. Oats
tteadv fa led: futures, quiet; January, 4s
M; February, as lltd. .
i.tmaha ...
JJulutb ....
a tares mt ths Trading aad floslag
Frleea Bemrd af Trade.
CMICAor). '. Jan. . Weakness al
Jiuenos Ayres and an Inrreaae of slocks
at Minneapolis today took soma of ths
right, out of tlw bulla In wheat. As a re
suit, closing prices wars at a decline of
i,r all around compared with laot night.
Kfforta to corarol the price of wheat
wera most attliaa at II. "J for Mar. A
froup t.f traders ' struggled herd at SM
Jeval and sucoeedtd In rallying llt r
ket. but they Iscked general su..t.
though the tone at' the ciuee was Itrnt. A
big deereass In ana-Id's available supply
total affuraed timer? aatatance to the bull
aide. Throughout the session quotations
auffYed In consertuanos of larger ar
rivals at shipping porta In Argentina and
berauaa of the piling up of wheat at alia-
new pulia. Ths Wumpaan or op outlook waa
nwra suapirioua than waa pleasing to
holders ef the cereal tn America. Report a
af lata sown winter wheat In Missouri
tlng la bad shape attracted attention.
Between the opening and the close Msy
fluetusted between IIBt and 31-411, with
last saiea ll.a'ffim a loss or 4o net
Com hall up surprwlngly well In the
xace af almost record breaking primary re-
Iretpta. atsv rsngen rmm tTSo to
ciuaing easy at sTSMeVV. a decline of
,ea from last night. Ussh gradea wars
Btraav. na j yeuow was not ouotea.
An advance to the highest figures on
.the crop was the record for oete. Outbids
limits far Mar wera IIUMlSo and Umf,
with the cloas WVo, just c better than
Hag iwielpta wera small ar than had
Iwen expecied. The outcome was to
ksast pork styioc.
leading opticas closed aa followa:
CjaelaMlsaa eT tke Par aa VaHeas
I spring parents JS.S4&.; winter straiahts.
cleats, K38 5. Kansas straights. jtf Rve flour, farm: fair to good, H4
la. cooice tn fancy, HkVQa-S. Buckwheat
flotn-. firm: IMuoltW Per HK pounds. -
CORNMEAir-Swsdy; fine white, and
retlow. tl.aa&Ltft: coarse, (1.4atfU; kiln
dried. JSJi. .
RVK-Flrra: No. !. Sac e. I. f. Buffalo.
WHttAT-Spot market easy; No. 2 red.
tLKht akeratnr eiport basis and SLoMa
f. o. b. afloat. No. 1 northern Duluth,
31.224 f. o. b. afloat.. Futures opened
lower on the csblea and prospects of
large Argentina shipments, rallied on
commlaaon house buying due to the
decrease in. world's stocks and a better
milling demand, bial again eased off
under realising and closed at Wo net
decline. Has closed Sl.wT t-l: July, fl.el
CORX Spot market barely steady: ex
port. TZttC t. o- b. afloat. Futures,
OAT:V-Rpot market firm. Futures mar
ket nominal.
HAV-lrm; prime, 31-: No. 1, n.Jf-.
No J. IJiwLSI; No. 3, sicfial OB.
HIDES ttteadv: Central America, Sc;
Bogota. HVitaHc.
1XATH KRPIrm: hemlock firsts. S4
Zli-. seconMs. 34(r2c; thirds. zl⪼ ro-
u. a 1
FROVIKMntS-Pork. steady: mass, 317.0J ram,J'. L3 uwuku.iw; snort trw,
J17HW-6". Bfef. firm: mesa, nt.giagt3.M-,
family. fi4Jtv.o): beef hams. tr.tnns)Ja
Cut meats, s-aay; picxiea oeiues, t
pounds. I'Stris'-: pickled hams, UOiio.
lArd, Steaay; - mioaie wvsi mi". .v
3 23- refined, 'steady; continent, sy.w.
South Anwlca. .; compound, T4KVtc.
TAIJXiw StcSMiy: prime city nous, sc;
aperfai. -ftc; cjuntry, sttWec
Bt.'TTSR-l'nsettled; creamery specials.
!c; extras. J7tc; Hrst. JMrkaro: proeeas
ape'-lalr,,Jt03My.'; extras, tjsHtc; firsts.
HKEHT nrm: snims. iw'vt
luuul.lrm: f-esh aatliered. exlras.
V: extra firsts. enc: first. 3c:
refrlseratiir. flrsu, Xic; western fathered.
whiles, .-SVSC.
poi'l.TIH AMva dull: western eblck-
ens. MKIVae, fowla, USHU'Vc: turkeys, 1M
etc. Xr eased quiet ; western chickens. It's
t)lac; fowls, J201(tsu; turkeys, 12V21C
. St. I.eela liesaerml Market.
T. lXlltia, '.Jan. 3. WHBAT-Tash,
firm; track No. I red, 1.0VW 1; N.
bard, XLKtt W. .
CORN-tesdy; track No. 3, tic; No.
white. tMfarfc.
OATB-lllgher; track No. X Uc; No. 3
white, alVsc
Cloaing prices on uturea:
WHEAT Weak; atay, LW; iu'r.
t:oiiN-teady; atay, ss-ac; luij, wav
ATit-nrm; aiay, buc; juiy, aa-ac,
RVK-nnchangad, HAaC.
riil'luliuii: red winter patrnts.
34 JH4J4.: extra fancy and alrslght, l.h
4.46; hard winter clears. a.asJ3.40.
BKKI-Timotny, iuisjs.vw,
t-ORNMRAb-laS. . .
HRAN-Htrong; sacked east track. Ilia)
MAt wma; u mum j , ev.inr.-e, "
rle. IU.BV9n.fle.
PROVliVtrMr- rora, ism-nanaefi. wu,
unrhangeo. Pry salt rrsate. iincnanged;
board shorta, clear nts, laMI; sliort
clears, ;. Raoon, uachanged: boxed
extra shorts. m: olear rtba, 3k.i0; short
clears, 3"-. .
IMil'LTKV nrm: onicnens, tewc;
springs. 11V.; turkrys. lie; ducks, 13c;
''prTTKR Weak: creamery, 3aS3tc,
tOOH-r-lrm. Sec.
Receipts. Shlnm ta.
I M J0
s no .
,. 36X010 M000
, at.wt 43.0W
,k rt iclel Open. I High. I low. C1oee. Tea'y,
,Vkcatl I
j.s.i aim
i I !...
1 4gyt asHH'l 4ii
I urn
Jul! I K'ai
I ept.l4Si
'Cera I
. Jeo..l 44W
ept-iaTWSl :XI
sis l- I
May.alK9Ht UmUUf.! V!
. Jmy.1 riSi eSHt eMafSHMTS'
rwpt.l 'i ai aii mil
-ark I - -1
j.'iii fiJHiun turn
lar.14aV41 14 a) iiias 1 If 4
4411 tt-4
rs sj. trvo'4
Cn,7Vu- a.'Va
4TTi a.-Si C
July. 1 Ms I Was j
1 I
. I Jan.. S 3 33
I 34ay.3 42rV3 4V7ti
' July.j 3a3i Ital
Jaa-.tsYH-! 3 4
i Mer it 3
1 juir iti w-i' iwt!
. avpt-i 1 1
IS rt
II s
14 at i W H. If U
f itlTHN
43H, eV-rt, t w
s iim as
I Rtti 134
rt3 fj 1 -i"4
I... ! iihi
taah auotallona ware aa follows:
r'UUUlt-nran; winter patents, 34-IOy
a si: wiater straurhta, spring
Mtsats, tt aeaaoa. spring straights, 344a
W4 i. bakers, twt-sa.
HVeV-No. X kiaavtc.
, HARLEY-reed or mixing, escfjdiei,
fair tn cnolca malting. 31. IMfl at.
anv !-TUaoihy. liBl.u; eloTar.
Itit diaTt at
r-RoVimONB-Maas aork. aid. llS-ffti;
inta, 311.17. Iju (la Uercas). 33. Bhort
rihs (loosai. 4.
Total clearances of wheat and flour
ware enual to It. est ho. pnaiery reretpts
wera IM.ias) bu., compared with agl.tka) bo.
'toe corresponding day a year ago. The
world 4 vialMe aupc.1. aa shown by Brad
aLreet s, decreased 14jr.iH bu. FJtlmated
receipts for tomorrow: Wheat. 27 cars:
-urn, 4! cars; oats, 19 cars; but a,
t atraxo Osh PrkwsWhesf Na I
red.-H.wn !: 3 red. stctrtl 46: No.
3 hard. Ua$M. No. I hard. acw4Let;
Ne. 1 son her a. tLUwLltH: Na. I north
era, 3tesal.lec: No 3 for there. 3LI?l.w:
,Xo. f spring, tletattl at, Ne 3 spring. w
4jU.t; Na 4 aprtng. ssrasrl : velvet
esaff. awxrtl.ft: daruas. Corn:
Ne. (. 4VjrJV: No. 3 white, etHwdte:
No. a yellew. 4VSc: Na. 4. 4sic:
No. 4 white, Cuapfsc: No. 4 yellow, CS
nTV. Uata No. t white. IMMTUc: No.
i watte. lltnUr: No. 4 white, ioc41o;
atsndard, KlW-
R,e: Ne. mtc. Barley. aVIJtl V
TlnvMhr, lliaalie. CVwer. l4tt!sV
HlTTKR-nieady: craasaartes, Jaajslc;
UMS-Raceipta. le cases. Market
strsdv: at mark, caaea Inrladed. 4Ilc;
ur-tinarr firms, tlveie. firsts, tstrrc
HEEK Steady; dalatea. KfttTr:
twins. lrif,e: "Voong Asaerktaa. 14t)
37c: long herns. WITe.
POTaTOE Reoaipta, Ml cava. Xar
art Brat at Krel.e.
POLLTRT tarker. Uwtc;
catckena. 11lar; springs, 13c.
V EALr-tsed- at Itfiec.
Lliarpael tsrasst Market.
MTERPOOU Jan. 3.-WHBAT-Clca-ing:
spot, steady; Na. 1 Manitoba, aa ad:
Ne. 3 Mssttoba. as 44: Ne. t Manitoba, as
-.4, futsrsa, easr; March, 7a ad: May, 7a
(VI: J" y. d.
, JOR Pot: America a mixed aew.
firm, 4s Vad: American rted new, ka
Ved, quiet, fa 4d; Assaricaa mixed old.
Flour, bbls,
Wheat, bu. .
Corn, bu. ...
Oats, bu. ...
Kaasaa City aad Pravlaleas.
KANHAS taTY. Jan. 30.-WHKAT-t'nrhanged
to r higher; No. 3 bard. B t
91.11: No. I, 31 Hi.wH; No. 3 red, 3yjc
ill 01; No. 3. !nn:. , ,
OORN-elteady; No. 3 mixed, He; No. 3,
ati- No. 3 white ear: No. 3. f7ac.
OA m-l'nclianied to 4o higher: No. t
bite, latKA-: No. 3 mixed, kMxtralHc.
HAY Weak'; choice timothy, ZLfvflS.Mi
eholee Drains.,
H HEAT May, sellan; July, 34ft
4r44tc bid.
ct)RN-slay. SafNe bid; Jury, ie.
Ml TTKK-Cresmery. 34c; firsts, 34c;
seconds. 32c; packing stock, 34o.
EUOs JOltrss, 3a; firsts, 34c; seconds.
33c '
. Recelpta. Mlpmenta.
Wheat, bu... 1 4.044 woo
Corn, bu ;....U4,oin , , aV
dais. bu. lf.wn
Vlalble lapply af Urala.
Nnw YORK. Jan. W-Spaelal cable and
teiegrapbio co nimuni catkins received by
Bradatreet's allow tna following ehangea
In available aoppllea aa compared with
nrevloua aoounta: Available suppllt
Wheat. United tttatea. east Rockies, de
creased J.7T7,!) buahala; cnlted mates.
west Rockies, Increaeed 1.401 bushels; Can
ada. Increased 3.444.0 bushels: total,
1'ntted atataa and Canada, decreased 1,130,
ns huahala: afloat for and In Mirope.
derreaaed 3,3t.', total Amerh-an and
F.uropean aupply, decreaaed 1, 400 a com,
tiniiMl Ni.iM and Canada. Increased l.iaxV-
MO. I'ntted Males and Canada, decreased
I.UI.on bushels. The leading ehangea re
sorted this week follow: lucres a as. Manl-
trha. suae) bushels: Fort Forth. 1.'
bushels, lieoreaeee. Portland, Ma. ta.vU)
buahrla: Chattanooga, a0.vW bushslt; Oode-
rtch, 4.4a4 buahela.
MlaaeapelU Seatla -Market. -.
v ai utu Ac a: a. ( lih elealRff: No. 1
hard. 31 !". No. 1 northern, i:rfl..i,
No. 3 northern. II .l.t. No. X ti.iJ
fl V
BARl-ET-aootitl .
CORN-No. 3 yellow. 44c.
OATeV-No. 3 white, 4e.
RYB-No. i, '.
KIAUR-F1rst patents, 33 344: eecond
aatants, H ast), is; nrst Clears, a
second clears. lttol J. ,
Mllwankee Grala Market. '
1 .rtkiL it uast 11: No. 3 northern.; No. hard winter, n.ftHaf
Ut: May. 3l-4Ta: July, c.
niRM-Ka 1 veUow. aite: Na. 3 white.
tvys; Na. 3, 4V; May. 7c; July.
OAT9-tsxidard. tl,t.IH!. '
BARUiY-MaHlng. Llafyl.3t.
Peerla Market.
PEORIA. Jaa. ja tXiRN'-HJther; No.
3 white. Utc: No. 4 white. 43c; No. I vel
low, taip; No, 4 yellow. 4p3H;
No. 3 anlxed. Ot; No. 4 mixed. S1V1
samples. ITMIalSc.
OATS-Hlgher; NO. I wnlte, tc; staaa-
ard, HV. No- I white. Be.
Pricea Siae Early, Then Fall and
later Kake Bejorery.
1 '
Steel Cei peratlea's et Earalags
Well l ta ISzweetatlaaa, kat Are
Barely Kaeagk te Pay Dlvl
deada aa Stack.
NEW YOKK. Jan at. Under the spur
ot a keen demand for the leading railroad
storks prices moved forward quickly in
the early trading today. Shares of all
the beet known roads and of a number
of Industrial corporations rose from 1 to
3 points, with a few more extensive gains.
But the fickleness again asserted Itself,
end shortly after noon pricea broke.
With the exception of the stocks of the
Vanderbllt roads gains wera cither can
celled or largely reduced.
In the last half hour the market made
another of Its perplexing shifts. Prices
rose quickly and In soma instances the
high level of the day was reached before
the close, -which was firm at a level ap
preciably higher than the last prices of
the preceding day.
The most Important Influences wera the
reports of the Harrtmaa roads for De
cember, the strength of the shares of the
VanderhUt lines and the quarterly state
ment of the 1'nlted Mates Steel corpora
tion. Although the steel figures were not
received until after the cloee of trading
the market was Influenced by the fact
that they wera to He made known today.
United Rtatea Steel rasa a point In the
early trading aad although It sold oft to
below 43 for the first time this year It
bounded back to (4 In the lata trading.
The steel corporation's Bet earnings of
13. M. Old were well up to expectations..
Most estimates wera somewhat below that
figure, and to that extent the statement
was regarded aa favorable. The net earn
ings, however, are nearly S2.0flo.0UO lees
than those of the corresponding period
ot 1314 and are barely sufficient to pay
the dividends on ths common and pre
ferred stock.
The appearance of the Ilarrlman state
ments showing a decrease In net earnings
In December of 36.on for Union Pacific
and of tn.rJ0 for Southern Pacific waa
followed by a break In ths stock market
to the lowest points of the day. Unfa
vorable report had been expected, and
these statementa were aot effective In
keeping down prices for long. Union Pa
cific showing was good by comparison
witn tne November statement Chicago
A Northwestern renonad a reduction ..r
IlkVOW In net for the last month. Cana
dian Pacific' strength was explained by
Its report of gross Inrreaae of nearly
l2.fflat.itfo for last month and a sain tn net
of ...
The pronounced strength ef the storks
In the Vanderbllt roads mads them the
center speculative Interest. Gossip had
it tnat the movement waa the result of
plans for a further combination . of the
Vanderbllt lines.
St. Paul displayed marked weakness.
Attar gaining a point early In the day It
told' off to 1044. the lowest figure since
103. National Biscuit roes nearly 4 polnta
to 149, the highest mice at whi-h thia
ever sold, (treat Northern in
dropped mora than 3 points, following
publication of the company's annual re
port Suggesting the noaBlhllUw ...
" o Payments on the ore certificates.
..omg in nonas tell off. hut the tone
'lrm- Total a. lee, par value, 13, ost
eal. United fltatan am ...... n , .
Blti '"i"" 3a coupon 14 on call.
'"'"7; llna quotations
00 stocks wera aa tollowt:
aalaa. Hits. Us. Ooaa,
IMla-raalaieia'eM ...
Amalcaiaalet rosea, ,
"ww Atmaitaral
AawWa seat laser..,
Aiaerlraa (xa , ,,,
Aiaerlraa C A T ,
Aw. Clue oil
Aaerlraa at. A L. p(4
Aw..lw securiuae....
Aaurkas Ltaetel
Aaerlrte Ucmotlre ,
Aaerteaa a. a R ,
4a I 4 H at,
Aw. BIMt rMMrlea.,
Aa. safar ketialeg...
Aaiarlraa T. aj T
AmerMes Taeaeae. pf4..
Aweritea aeMe
Aaaoaeda jaiaiag Oa..
AtrlHan a'4
Atlanile Ckaat Use...,
aaltlatere m Ohts.M...
aetaieh Steal ......
greaalra HaetS Tr...,.
CeaeAlaa rarine
Cau-al LeatlMr ......
teatra lalliar aH . .
Oatntl ef Km jarerr
,) ati w
. IM ieti
-K :
, l.ina x)
4.ate IM4
111 III
IHS 1"'
Ml, ' St
lH Itlf
144 IHV,
14114 !',
114 m
W. I!l'
t,Mt wtu iia imu
i,aw nk ti
aw til - tut tit
Ma iMt ills it
........ ,.. ..... it
TV ..
7""-' '--w '""1 n. ...... ... gtS
rxeeiseaka naia 1, Ma 1;irw 1i
Uhkaf Altaa.... I., . ij.
rlM o, W . !M 'iftlll 11
Caleasa O. W. af4..... MS H a BM4 14(4
tailraae m N. W HI, l ut
Cairaga. M. A St. p.... 11. let let ll lass
c , c . o A at. u.... tea tiu, ttw 1114
tlara4e t. A I
Cklaraea A leutsars....
Usetallaaua Uaa .......
(Vra rva4iuta
Palaware A Haaaan ....
Biw A tie amass..,
D A K. 0 ft
Diatillan' serarhlee ...
rie, let pfl
is S4 e'4
Qeearal R'e-irlr
Oreit Xenaara f!4.
Oraat KeHXera Ur, etaj.
Illlaeti (lental
lataaaareat Mat
later. Mm an
laiwaaileael Haraaater.
liw-luiiH ra
taieraatlwial Paear .....
lateraaileeal Paaap .....
Uwa Ceairal
kaaaaa tstr e,. ,.m. ...
K " a. st4..
Lsrleaa Oaa
Ueta.llle m ajesavtlla.
Mlnf. A at. teala.
It. .St P. A S A M...
aiaaturi. E. m T.....
S K A T f. ......
slHaeart Parma 1
Mettaaal PlaraU
Metieeal Uw4
H R ft ef M at ant
Kee-Yert Cealta..
N T i o. m w
Netlala A wmuts ,
Nerll Awervaa ........
Kari acts Paclne M.
PatUM Mall
Peesie'a oas .,
P.. C. r. A fx. k.
pmurih rvai
Puiail Steal '..
Pqlftnaa Paie tar
Rallnay ataei fartag-..
Reparrle Steal
Resaaiw l:t sM
Hece lilaal Oa.
Reak Uaa4 r an. .
at. U A - P at sM. .. sat
si. leu la A w
M L a w . sM
siaat aa.m,t4 a a I.... tea
Him ruttta 1 I M
favtaars Mallear - l.SN
s. Raiteer a'4
M4 Ma M
l aw 14114 IMS Deli
isa 144, 114 jot,
la 1714.J Itik I'll
14 M II H 11
111 4tf 4414 44
Ism Hi Mm ,
as II K
11a nit 111, ,1 .
1441, 141 III
sua ik 1, ink im4
SW !,', 1441, 114
I44S 111, II 1(
4. 4IW ITS MS 41
44 OT latl, 34414
Tea 1114 Ms us
... ..... it-
an, 14 HI
us as
IMi, mi, lew,
Ults U4S 14S
lis uis uis 111
..... m
Ma s MS
tiea it, in
aw m u
I aa 3J'4 11
3T.SM HIS in
let Its
i.ea, new lie
MS T, TI-4
tlaa irrw ms 1111,
lis at 11 34
Mas im4 uis ns
MO Ml 14 Ml
ajrea tus 1US IMS
1.40a as us ! "
BONDS tiovcrnmeni, nca j
trioHns- a notations oa oonee touay we
.is follows:
r. a nrt. ta. ras...ll latrr. M. 3t 41a... 4TH
a IM ejasaa 4a 1
t, . laiu a. Wm Ml, I 1 M
eaea loin-a.. I". re. ia ....; .,- . hk a sll i 4 4 .1
- r ;!!! h i J! "r1- S3 Jan. : ."....TI 7 m j t in 1 11 r.i 33t
Ankara,.!. ua"u!il 11 11. K. A T. let 4a.. 44S elllt.v
A. At. IM .a tea- H tv, turela,. and dlanoaltlon of live stock
A. t. a t. c. ai..ii,aiaraine " ..-Tr--T.. --Q.--k-v.i. K,ih Omaha.
US". R. K. at m. m-, ei ii'e ' --"- - , -
ittSN. r. g. IS.... US for the twenty-four hours ending t 4
w " iociock yeeiemey:
A 11. I DLi L-inru A T' 1 ,1 1 IIS
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. H re.
c xr a a, v . a
Am. Tobacco 4a..
o 4a
Armour A Oa. 4He,
Atralaee tea- 4a...,
-so c,. s
Mo c aa ,
A t I. IS
Pal. A Okie 4
ai lHa
aa. h w Ha...
Rm, TV. rv Aa...
Oa. ef Ge. M
.a. LeAlh.r
ft, R. I. ft P., east M
('. R. 1- 4V P., west 4
Illinois Central X
C. O. W... i
-1MHN. A W
!' 3J wiheeh 1
ea a. 1. 1 Union Pacific
M A a I. wtAm Aa M4 Ulwinrl Periflc 4
; MHPVaa. aa. ISa llll.. 1 C. N. W., east.. IS
.1441 He cea 4a IMS c. ft N. W., west.. 43
KknHilH. mm BllA I n . n
?Tl " 4 It ..,. h2 c.. b. q.. west., is
tTUiago A A. IV.. 4tt ea let gelt 4a-... rs
C. B. A O. J. 4a.... ts. A U U
4. san. 4s MStn- Pac. eel. 4a ... a,
it at a r. I a at sa . 4a its
a I. I. 4 r. t a ts 4o i i-r. ft
sa rfg 4a WAS. Hallway aa. i
Hale ln4. le. luj 4 tea. 4a. tl'4
Cole MI4- 4a M Usloa Parltl ....!,
c a r. m e as us o ev. m
O. A H. . 4a. S W A raf. 4.. ITS
Htm M MS II- A Faobar 4, ....IMS
se nW ia MSI1. . Mm M la.... 14
niMlllais' to Wive -ilar. -xew. ea...lS
Krla p I. 4a. Mu,aeaah let ia laf
So sea .... 1, rnn im m
4o tr. U. aer. A.. MsWeUani M4. 4a IIS
a. ...i.. a Ta - wm, eih-. r-w ia. . 4
tlaa. War. rr.-ia....lMwn Onlial M fix
III. cea. IN re. 4a.. aas-a,. rae. or. aa,...
laiw. mm, ,,-nMoi -..
Team, cener
Tataa A ratlin-
T . at. u A W
T.k U I V. SN..
Calm Partn,
VBieS rariri, sN
GsltaS atalaa Realty.,
t'aitel s.,um Raow..
IH11W SiAlm .
I A SM w
tnak ier
Ve-AWraliaa Caexttae!
ttaa era
Wasters Menkes ....
WMJasaeaae gAeetrte
faun I a lea
IMS 14TS lets
us r;s rs
at noon values ranged from 1H sben-e
to a Bens lesterua; a aeie,
Ijondon cloaing stock quotations:
Oaaaela. SMoay ..T7 T-illAmlarllta A Ka.lUS
ea eenn T7 T " . kaa. A T..
Amal. Cesser 4vNew Tort rwatrel .114
inmMA TUNarfaB A WeKara.l1IS
Aitauoa WS ea 14 .... B
Sa are . ee tenana m n
aalMaere A. Oaie-.tW PaaoaylTaiMa ..
iabaAiaii ParltV ..Haa Miaaa ...
iht iiH A oaie. ::k4ins ,
ill. Greal Waatera. ns,aeaiaera r -
V.. Mil. A M. P.:S a e'4
Da Basra lSSootera Frltre
Dearar A Hie 0-. Sllalae Pacltla .
4e pf4 4SS ee SM
xrv, -. lSt-'- A Uteri. ..
ea lat H M 4e e(4
a. za mm 42 Webae. .
Oram Truak MS 4e pt4 ...
flllnola reolrai ....hh
HIL,VER-Bar, ateady at 3S.13-16d per
.MONEY-3H4J3", per cent.
i ne rwie uievuui -"
ket for short bills Is 3 MtttJ, per cent;
No Material Change in Cattle Com
pared with Holiday.
Pat (keep aril la a Beat tat swaxw
..... ns
.. 11
. .Li- ,. -a i.ul
ket for short bills Is 3 S-ltTJa per ceil; '; " "TT iU ilEo
for three months' bills. 3 Mt per cent. .'MfcS 5$
K.w Yk r, Market. SfJ! "h! !? iS? 'SJS
NrTW YORK. Jan. 30.-MON BT-On "Tfv. .... VT ,3 ,a 14.324
II. steady, at IStr.'a, per cent; rtumg fr- ;-'-,-,h.
ni3 UaVT trtwi ..IS. two w,w --- -
"'a' 'J? .TV-mZmmm 'mlJtJZ " tlt-l. d .h.T.t rVlUlmah.
cni.?,,'r:? L"ii2 "tL'ti Zli for the yew to dtte as compared with
tt'iw Wr -iir-rawS5x. mi sj,-
8TEBUNO rlXCANOfSteady. with The following tab! shows the range 01
actual business In bankers' bills at 34.M4 prices paid for hogs at South Omaha lor
for alxty-day bills and at 14 r for de- the last few days, with comparisons: .
m-.Sa"'rCimLb'.'t'-L- A.,, rwie. I 11311. UIW.IlMt.lLWA.llWn.'ia1!-
atexlcaa dollars.
. r. . I J S i al 4 il' I IS
SS" k a SC i K . i SI j mi.
Jan. S.I I 34) t un 3 00 I 1 1 HI l b
So eat.
mss. r. s.
.New York Mlalag Slaeiks.
nAAr vrUL- ' f.M - 4n fTlontne mini
firms on mining sir! ware:
Atke 3nLlttle CAM ......... I
aone. Tuaaal atart... nanlri, eao
a aeaea Itoalarta "4
Can. Cal. A Va noMr
iroa Stltar IMHiandaM , M
OaaATllla One leVlle JarkM 4i
eutfaiea. 'ASK- saie-
, Bank Hearings.
. v A I. M ', " I In., fn.
todav were t2.fo7.M.ii and for the corre
apoudlnc day last rear . . ,
BI.TTBB-No." 1,' l'-lb. cartons, re; No.
in 4S-IB. tubs. MSc; No. 3. eW; packing,
3uC. j '
t-IIRPJ4B-lmDortrd Sala 3Jc; Amerl-
eih Bwlsa. Mc: bloek Hwlaa, xw; taliia.
Aa.-, daiales, aa-;- triplets, . wc; young
Americas, 21c; blue .label nnia. wc, 1101
brrger, l ib.. Isc; 1-lb., Sc.
,.,'t n'li , 1. ... , I . -. t.'. l.l nee HOB
springs, uc: hena. lir; 'corks, 14c; ducks,
lac: geese, Ue: turkeys, c: pigeons, per
uoa., ai.v- aa,iv, -. r - -
aV; old ruoaters and stags, ar;kl du, i.
run leeinereo. t o-n-s ... . . - n . . - .
. .... .,,. ana,i. aw, mA-
1 7IU. ' 1. r , v , P . iMr rl. I .
41.H: aquaOis. No.'t H.'M): Ho. !, tOc.
....... . w , AM..I..K.I
9 I til 1 III IWI IIWKHf , ....-..., -.
white lr: nlke. A", trout, lie: large craw-
plea, lttflar; Mmnlah mavkerel, ic; eel,
lie; hadtlocks, 13c; flounders, 13c; gren
ratfiah. 1st-; roe ihad, 31 each; shad roe.
prr pair, mmiaiwi. . w, '
yellow perch, tc; butltlo. tc; bullheads.
a-L-v r-i ' T pnlCVJt niha' Na 1.
ltVac; No. X 13c; No. X Wc. lins: Na.
I, 13c; No. 3, 14ic: NO. 3, lUtc. Chuckt:
No. L tc; No. 3. i; No. 3. ic. Houndt;
io b 10c; No. x, so; P.O. A esc. a-uauea.
A' Ai.n- Ma , Bn- Nn t 1W,
A PPLk--'ooklng varieties, per bbL
fimehe. Packing Co.
Swift And Company.
Cudahy Packing Co.
Armour ft Co
Srhwartt ft Co
Benton, Vansant ft 1
Hill A Son
P. B. Lewis
Huaton ft Co.;
1. a Root ft Co
J. H. Bulla
U Wolf
McCreary ft Keiiogg
Werthelmer ft Degea.
U V Mamllton
Sullivan Bros
IM Kothschlld
Mo. ft Kan. Calf Co..
rllnA A Christie
Other boyert
' iia.uumw.w. iwn i" - - . - . .
33.111; Jonathan and U rimes Golden, per Mt iooa Cowa and heifers, w-'".
bM.. Hw: Ben Daia, per bbl.. 33.00; tAnoy common to fair owe and helfara. ! jO
Wlnaaaps, per bbl., M": incy stiaaoun yn- good lo choice stocsere ... r721'
Pippins, per bbL, O.W: fancy Oanoa, per tt.eW : fair to good atockera arul I feed-
bbl.. e4.u; IHIIfornla B"?!ower, per sot, .iB4.; commoh to f'r,"K"2
31; Colorado Jonathan.- extra fancy. J faeders, 35.94'j"t0ck t?;f
per box,; Washington fpittsnberf. 4.e); veal calves, M.ftl.; I""". .
- , I , re. IV..kln,i.n 11 UaaiiIV IMr ... t. L.A SA . .
I .!... IA M'
Dlnpnm.ntatlAe aales
Me A. rr. Na
u ia 4M it
...Ill t aa ia
, 11M 4M
!j all 4 14 M
UM 4M .......
I . IS It I-
4 M7 I M 14.
I. .17-... -144 IM
I nl le mw
.. ail a m
.. IM 4 M
..VJU 4 M
.. Ml 4 M ..-..
..IMT 4 M M
..Mi 4 M
.. m I aa 4
.. iet a
..: 4.
.. T4t 4 n ,
m A la 14
ttt 4 M 44......
A,. Sr.
.:.U41 I 41
...lilt 4 M
...Hi 4 4,
...l4 4 M
...IMI 4 il
...lira i m
...lM 4 U
... 444 4 M
... in 4 aa
...1,14 4 aa
...1114 t
...1441 4 II
... MS I 1
,...iti I a
...1141 I
..... 444 4 to
.... HI IU
Ill 4 M
an 4 M
t Ik
tit i to
441 I 4
Metal Market. j
dard copper, firm: spot. January and
Februarv. 3l3.7Vwlt.3t; Marcb and Aom.
tlllateiAtt, Umdow market, etrung; apot.
A4I is; rutures, AAA aw, Amra.s were
reported at 1.03 tone at New York; ex
ports so far tnis toonta, 34.441 ton. I-akt
copper l4S4l4Ae; electrolytic, ltSwlS"';
casting. USw'14'ac. Tin. ateady: apet and
January. MAataMXTt: reoruarv. in axa
tYTi; March. laiaMrC; April. Ml Tie 1 wkeaina A u
42 31; Msy, Ml a4 in lAwidosi market. l-t aiwr
Iadi, dull; M44-3a.'New York; 34 AVfA It Bar Pf?!
Fast Bt. ixmis. lAMiaon, gta iso. Tne
leading producer reported a decline In ita
btIaw from 34 le4H . epeiter, dull: M-a-f
aii. New York. to. weave. Ka st. Luia
Inindon. spot. CJt xs to. Anumaay, dull;
Cookaon'a. IT &. Iron, Cleveland war
rants. 4vs 1V1 In iAondoa. lAorally. Iton
, aa anchanged; Ne. I aartnern, tl4 7etIA.:
No. t foundrr wort here, lit avaiATi: Na.
I. foundry aouthem and No. 1 foundry
soutbera soft. 314.344314, Is.
. na at MS Ms
Ma tt M U
Meat IMS 14W IMS
4.aae M tts
R.I4S 44 RS
1 to lies llS M
A M, US 41 US
a r 4-,' 7
ea n trs trs
tea k 4as MS
we US '1 ls
1 aaq MS MA M
laa as 4S S
tie Mis IMS 14J s
1.M M SS M
ia ira I4S iS
a M nt irt
Txal ashw he tke ear. 4;4.aa asana.
oox. aa-w. "..","'- ' ' .
per OOX. a-.ea- nw"" ' '-' -'
bunch, fLtt&XIO; Jumbo, per bunch, 3a.;,
AlTa. Cranberries. Wlaronaln fsncy, par
bbl., $14-40; per box, 31 SO. Dates. Anchor
brand, new. 34 1-lb.. pkga. in boxes, psi
. . ma- llmmMlArv brand new X4 1 -1 h
pkga. in 'box. wr box. 13.0. Figs. CaU-
lornia. per cwee w . re- -
ptr raaa ef 3t ll-ol pkgs., tl.W; per cats
of- H t-os pkgs., 33.10: bulk. In at and
a-lb. boxes, per lb.. Wc; New Turkish,
e-exown in Js-IN boxes, par lb., lao; t
crown In 3t-lb. aaxes, per lb., Mc; 7 -crown
In 34-lb. boxes per lb., ITc. Urspa fruit,
Florida. 4-3a sixes, per crat 3S40; MV
M-44 Mies, per crate. 3 Te. O rapes. Malaga
grmpee in . .
ira. selected brsnd. extra fancy. 384 else,
. , ,. ia. Iamb l.lmniutlrA fAiki.
nmr ooa. .-- ww., ... - . .
aa.-uti sixes, per box, US; 240 and 4A!
alses ate psr box lens. Oranges. California
Navels, extra fancy. M-la-i;4-Ju-ait-a)
sisrs, per box. tfl.; extra chalca. all
altea. per box, 35.73.
V BO BTABUKS Cabbage, Wisconsin,
par lb. 2Hc Ceieri', California Jumbo,
per dox., lr41.4t. Cucumber,, hot bouse,
per doe., C. Kg Plant, fancy Florida,
per dor.. CO. Garlic, extra fancy, white,
per lb.. 1.4c Lettuce, extra fancy leaf,
per doc. 4K. Onions, California, while,
per lb,, 3c; Wisconsin, yellow and red. In
aarka. per lb., !So; Spanian, per crate.
31 to. Parsley, fancy soutliern, per dot.,
bunches, atS; Minnesota
Early Ohio, per bu.. 31.33; licont In white
stock, per bu.. 31 .23; In It-sack lota, ic
lea, atweet poaeiowA. . w vh,
COS. Rutabagaa. la aacks. per la-.lSe.
Tomatoes. Florida, per f-bak. crate. M.9.
kl I CBU.lAN BOUS Almonds, Tarra
gona, per Ik. ISHe; ta sack lota. Ic lass.
Cecoanuls, per aack. 33.40. Pllberta. per
lb 14c; In salt lo". ' - Peanuts,
roasted. Per lb.. 4V. raw. per lb. fSe.
Parana large, per ib.. 17c; In aack lets,
. : . . m . ,,,, ,-.ifu
.Ja. per lb, ITc; In sack tota.'le less. Oder,
Nehawka. per IS-gsL bbl.. 33W:
" v.l bbl.. Stat: Nsw York liana -I T ."--. r...
P-r 5-g.i: bbl., . pM-l.b4.. "taV'gely of litti, : biTtcber
i.AHJn,. xi4i?- 'ZtfZIl Uni l. .verageT .-hut. h;u figure.
?I7. i. k.i mu pia
vtiscwneia, e- 7a
Meeday, Wklle
Lank, Are Weak ta Tea
teats Lower.
' SOUTH OMAHA. Jan. . 1312.
F.c-lnta wr- - Cattle. Hose. Sheep
Official Monday i.T. 3.M1 1I.M7
Estimate Tuesday S.or li
..... ra, HIM
it a ... I m
C 171 ... I M
M IM ... I M
M 144 ... I M
H.......1M ... I M
M IM ... I
to ..... 111 ... IM
a t 14 4 54
44 J14 ... IM
14 Jit IM I M
47 JM ... I to
41 ... 44
71 IM ... I to
M 141 134 4 to
M M ... 4 to
t ... 4M
11.. 14 ... 4 3
M MI ... I M
U St M f to -
ti. ......til ... 4 ta
M...:...XM 12 4 Ml '
et ... it
71 CI '...-4 14
II ?4i ... 4 14
w:-....,4. M 4 US
at: rti , to 4 u
41 Ma ... in "
AC 94 ... I 14
4 n I M
U M,.
14 It! ... IM
M t to C 1
M SM .- 4
(A !44 ... 4 M -'
13. '-16
llate. IWi.lltll.llr.le.ll4B.!lW-llW-
Jan. a.. I all 4 J2J t til 4 Hi f aa
Jan. S. I 3,
Jan. 33. 4
. 4
: a
Total receipts . 13 133 . 37 ' 3
Cattle, liora. one
.. 324
1 i
ins 1.144
31 I.M
-t ,..v.
SHEEP Like all recent ; markets, the
sheep trade waa occupledi ch'efly -by .fed
laanba and fed ewea coming under- corn
belt billing, but quality on an average wk
nothing to brag about.- and tiie lemxnd
appeared rather quiet than
Good ewes ruled about stsdv..wlth lambs
slow,- weak to around a dime-lower. The
estimate, called - for. XV head of stock,
nothing ot consequence showing up from
Colorado. . - . i - . i
With conditions. In .the eastern tmrttoa
trade, both live and dressed, mora or lest
uncertain, a. backward local demand did
not cause very' much surprlae in selling
clFrTea And the"fh that -rrurk-hsrr-nnt
cleared until well along 'toward midday
merely served lo empTiaalae the big Influ
ence that the wrath, r,haa -upon Ibe de
mand - for-the product. Milder tempera
tures -lately have lessened, the. consum
ing demand considerably so that the. Im
provement i In refrigerator car- service la
only partly appreciated by killers and distributers..-
. - i . .
The host fat lambs on ssle-todsy moved
at 3133 and strictly, good qlatses had to
sell at or under ta flu. - Prices covered a
wide range, of .couESe,,aDd the medium
to cull van, ties are, n ill quotable as much
se-ti. below Well-ilnithed corn-fade.
Pat ewea sold tfrom 34 OH downward, at
tractive kinds finding aa nut It around
33.73.'. There were no wethers or straight
yearlings of conaequenrw on sale and the
market foe these -classes, of Itock re
mained nominal, a ,-'-BuMnessin
feeders iscked. both -volume
and activity, only A few hundred head of
animais 'being taken back into the coun
try for a final finish. Country outlet st
p4dntfs-e"ry rss1rlcted."bnlya" small
percentage of the caoetpta moving on orders-other,
than 'local packing. ,i s
Quotations on sheep and Itmht: Lamb,,
good to choice, Itmht. fair-to
j twu, eatyi w. earimga. gupa to venire.
e..--ee, ,i,ariinsa,t-iair re gvn, r.wni
3.4: wethers, good te choice. M.UV4J4.40.
wetaers, -Atit to- gtwad.- 33M4. nr. - -ewes,
good to choice, &7MH.M; ewes, fair to
good, fertfl-i, ...
Reoreeentat've ss1e:" .' . -
l) fed ewes .:......!
m a-eatern Is
Kl fed Itirtbs
.fed Ikmbs
ed lam ha
CoiiimittioBert Decide to Conaider
Claim of Caldwell & Drake.
t la lai ta Made kjr tke Ceatrwedere
tkat Ike Ceeaty Pare Risk
rrlce far mm laferlew
trade af Came.'
pm.,i onn,t ailesed extravagsnt.
wasteful and generally inefficient meth
ods of heating the court house ana tne
new county building and demand that
tne rountv Lest both bouses with one
plant lnu-e.1 of with two, was made by
Caldn'cll ei Drake, county building general
contracture jcEterday aftrrnooa Attar tne
Kua:d of Cc-niy CominlrMonera had ale
voted all r.,ornlne lo a hearing on the
Erneral contractors charges of ineffi
ciency and excessive cot.
The board unxulmously agreed to give
the matter further consideration, make a
curr-pltU invcrtisatlon. and enter Into ne
gotlalloni with Caldwell ft Drake with a
view in determining how much they have
suffered through inefficient heating a.wl
alleged unsatisfactory coal supply and
granting them a refund Id the amount ot
their loss. .
. Totals .3.S77 ll.eSD 10-
CATTI-.K Iteceipis ot railie wri-
lit same as yesterday, ESV cars. being re
ported In. This makes the total for, the
two days 10.374 head, a loss of about I t)
hesd a compared with last week t large
run, but larger than for some recent
weeks. At compared wun e jer
th.r. M a falllna off of altnoat 3.400 head
lor the two days. Aa was the case yes
terday tne. quality i . .--
was not very good. Tliera were a few
... . i. . . n... .. e-mAttrr.of
preiiy 0111 .nw - - -
fact the big bulk of tba arrival was on
the common order. - "
Buyers Or Oei sieer- nv.- ...
- J ,J . .1. .nnnlv of cattle add
war out in the yards early In the morit
ihg. While the market was not spe
cially active there waa sufficient demand
. - - ab a MA-..amanl 43V hllaB flfl t '4 Jl
to creaie a mir o, ."".., .
held about ateady on the desirable kinds
What has been said regarding bref
tear, would anoly equally well to cows
and heifers. Ths market was Kh
any noteworthy cnns. y,"7w,t-- ".
moat part continuing la about, ths same
notches aa yesterday.
The supply ot good feeders was sc arcc,
the same aa yesterday, and Ih dejand
very tair. as a rran..
WUOtauone on vnn.w. ,
beef steers. 38 M4J7.74): fair to too? beef
altera. 3 Ofttrl id, common to tlr . beef
ateeri. li.totid .00; good to choice
... Ill 4 4tll
...1744 4 M 1 17M 4M
AAA 4to 1 UM 444
.ilea i aa
la 4 to
....1444 I I,
....! i la 1 14
....17M 4 Ia
Ma a as
laM 4 4, I
Ito 4 44
1444 4 7 1
1471 4 M
17M 4 la I
U7J 4M 1
Ut I to I
It 1 ?
i.e f M t
amv-wtr.Rut AND FEEDERS.
14, A AA 4 771 I W
as 4 II IM 4 to
"....Ml 4 A tWI l
"t ta t t 4
" 7,7 I 14 - I Ut 4 U
HmM-Hogs took An upward course.
. IM I M
.17 ID
. IM 1 M
a r crop, llll, Callfor- ervVwng sailing resdny at
:iVL V. 'bbT SfS: SrioeT Tn, Jvance w generally
la-gsl. H bbl.. 33 , ' ' u,14r, all weiahta snowing im-
; Nsw York Motl s. T. .i,. -a a aood sited run
I alfee Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. M.-COFTBia-Pu-1 -l.1, ,,) m .. active, competitive de
luges opened firm al A decline of 3 points .-a as well aa a let-up In the heavy
iKe near months, which Bare Infill- .a -,et at various other
placed the total at U4s head, than
one-fourtn 01 tu j - -
ish. . .. , .
Kxplanatloa lor tne rcwcAiue in i.v.
. . . ...1.-. MMMII1I1-.
Bra aerated Apples atad Dated Pratta.
NKW YORK. Jan. M -FTVAPrrRATBD . ke-wa C C. teSMuutaae
APPL,ns4 uutet and steady wit nnrealttaai Bwtta c ta ... ww
ancbangad: one the spot fsnrr. iei,4r4ea.J;
choice. tS0-AC; prime. m9.
IKIED PRl'JTH erunea, aaeetttrd
and some whs t raster In tone: quetatlens
range from IJejMlV- for Cahfarnlas up
to 34m at a aad IaVI3c for Oreeene.
Aprb-ets slow in dem-ad but prices are
steady In abaeooa of aaliing praeeura,
choice. l-VCliV: extra eboica. anfilAt.
fancy, ITtfitc. Peacnea, quiet aad steady;
choice, llffimc; extra choice. tiwllc.
fancy. lxV". Balalns., Inactive but
pricea are steadily hetd; tense aiuscateka,
SSOTc; rholoe to fancy seeded, 7HAaW,c;
seedless, 4g7c; Lodoow layers, .tJ-WVlta,
Maatsai Iteek Market.
BtitTTON. Jaa. 3 tloMag qaovatiaos
an Mocks wan as follows:
Alkeaa tasMlasit rkeser t
Asal. Oeaar ..... er4tM,aes Al
A. L L. A 4... M Nentoa Cee . S
Aitaaea Caa. ISNitoaale Mlaas .... Ts
a A ' A A M. 7SNank Mto H i
bwia Oariitloa M Ml taae ........ IS
Cat. A Attaaae...... MSM4 Doauslss 41
i a! A Heda. 411 aoanaato tor
i( vaiarf Its
... S
vusrw owvnvu .,... " ... " - T L tnsnd. aa well aa m .... -'
. .a mmihA which WAU-e Infill- . n n, ., .-.rtAue other
enced bv acatterad llquadatloa and the! ,n, Local ahippera and speculators
concentratloo af a aot ice, but from 4 to JTH fcu .,rir n the reestoa and bought
polnta higher on later months ta line ,ry, taking about Is per cent of lbs
wits nrmer Draxii-aa - i entire afienngs.
tkia with the easier ruling of the Bear: A, u ciock the yards were practically
months. It was reported that a xtowlBtT Bd one or two packing droves
trowtb of coffee ealled Robosto, said tolbadlys,n turned aver to killing ganga
be a wild A fries coffee grown between !Tba beet heavy bogs on sale reached k4
the rubber trees on tbe planutions ef, nictiel above yesterday a kme top, but
Java, had been received here and was pr,,niume on weight did not seem to be
being tewieree pat -w l"oei quite aa eme ' ' ' .
waa ateady. Bet 1 polnta lower, ta MM ages ranged from ft. downward, and
Omea Oa.
Oeaaar fa.
. MS
. MS
ttH-r4ar A A M
IS ea SM . !
la. n.ial, UBHf, 4 1 1.4 Cos.
Kerr Lets St 'tab Osser Ca US
Aweaea as
La toll, t'ulia 4Sn4a4.enee Ms
wa-etv. Aaxee.
laalia tae Market,
TjONDON. Jaa. JA-Amerrraa scrartttes
epeoed toeady with price within
a small tract me of parity. Later the
market advaaeed under the lead of
talcs. Pacific aad Seuthera Pacific and
polnta hither. Sales. 44.77s) beg a. January.
'7.SV , reorwarr, a " . '
AsrtL Itate: May, 13-c: June, 1144c;
Julr. ltetc: August, lt4Ae: September,
IXesc; tA'tooer. twwmwT, j.-w, , n , n,
lAecember. llXc- Havre was S4j franc )... U4
higher. Hamburg waa nnehangwd to H: M u
. I, -A 1. AUAm . OSAKA- I IX.. IM
Santos. 4a.' 3M re higher at ; Is.. kW - JJi
rets higher at moa Receipts at the tw:
tiraxuiaa porm, - a - - - na
bags, against 3JaM bags last year. Rains 74 ll..ito
JL? - - . .,1 ,1.... -A S...AA ISA
Paak. New York wareneuse delivery to- ! 41 wj
dev. i.a bage. agalnat KS hags yes-IIJ
terday. Hpot coffee, steady; Rio, Na..T.; iaa
i.i 2.-,. A IAAw.- oailA niib T " . .
Cordova, HVrwn!c, aominaA, 1 71.1
aood strong weight butchers
largely around ef.tetja.ta.
Be. A.
T4 1M
ge. Pa lie. A. IX. rr.
... IMI M tl M 4 to
- it 14 144 ...
... 4 74 71 t M 4 to
... 4 Ti at.. iis ... ms
aa 4 a a tn 4 u
... I to 44 Si ... 4
... I to ' M Ito ... 4 N
M 4M U B4 ... 4M
. . I M M SI to 4 4
SI 4 174 to M
M 4 to a. S ... II
... I to tl tut ... 4 44
... I to M Tto 14
... i a m a ... 47S
I to to 74 M 4 te
... 4 M tl ta ... 4 to
... 4 aa Mi ., 4 14
is 4 si
1 tteatern lam be. .fredirt. 47 .
(ed Mexican lambs..-'.:.;..'.... 14
ted.Umbs, .......?..:.-.. .-. TO
fed Itmbs a
fed lambe-..-.-
13 fed ewes
fad ewes
t H
I to
-..-.-..:5t.-..'.-.'...:.-..17 '
.."Jlllllilli-.'.'-ii'liii -li?
fed !
' a ltd. elves.
IJ fed ewes ;. IT
73 ted Itmbs, culls ... (I
ttt ted I rmtje "M
13 fed lambs -...v:.. 37
ted lambs U
3 7i
8 50
3 44
4 00
I 4
301 frd ewes
1 fed 'ewea. colls.....;..'..,.
3N fed yearlings ..'..'.;....;.
If fed lambs ..V
.13 fed .lambs,
ton- fed ewea ......
271 fed ewes
409 fed lamb .....Ytnr'.-.i.i
western lamb, feeders..
51 weeinriitibg.'feAdert.-.
tl western fed yearling!...
274 ted yearlings -....
if frd ewea i
3717 fed lambs
..: as
... M
... 17
Rev. F.L.; Foster
Expelled by Church
SIOUX FALLS. . S. D.. Jan. 3.-(8ue-cial.)-At
a meeting Just held in Sioux
Falls by the presbytery of Sioux Falls
the former action cf the presbytery In
suspending from the church for one year
Rev. Prank Lrighton Foster, pastor of
I the Presbyterian church at Kulda. Minn ,
which Is under the jurisdiction of the
i presbytery here, waa Affirmed.
- In the tall of 1919 Ilev. Mr. roster was
tried in this city by the Sioux Falla pres
bytery and found guilty of conduct un
becoming a minister of the gospel And
suspended for one year,- with the privi
lege of producing any new evidence that
might be In hit favor. The presbytery
ot Seux- Falls at the first trial based Ita
daclsloa mainly en the decree of divorce
granted by the supreme court of the
state ot New York to the wife of Foster
on statutory grounds.
, After a full examination of all the pa
pers In tha case and a diligent Inquiry
Inta tha circumstances pertaining to Mr.
Foster's work and record tha Sioux Fal l
presbytery, at stated, now baa fully sus
tained the action taken at the nrst trial
and made tha decision final. Tha verdict
rendered against Mr. Foster expela him
from the ranks of the Presbyterian mln
Istry and requires him to leave Fulila
at once.
Deaaaad far tattle aad Hugs Strang
CHICAGO. Jsn. '34. -CATTLE Receipts
estimated at 4.000 hadd: market strong:
beeves. 34.71131140; Texat steers, s4.40flo.70;
western Iteer.' 343;. to: ttorkeM and
feeders, 33.axilk): cows And heifers, 32.10
(rtD: calvea. 35.a0gl.if.
HOQS-Recelpta estimated at. 2000
head; market strong tn Sc up; lights, 3S 4
4j ,:; mixed. M-SOtM ;' heavy', W.ftdM.40:
rough,; pigs, 34.004J5.X; bulk of
tales. I8.10j 30. i
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt! esti
mated at 14,000 head; -market steady; -native,
33 1'WH.Tt: western, Mao4 75; year
lings. K7Mi.U: iambi,, native, 34.4Mjai.t;
western, 34 tf4 30 .
KAaaaa City Live stack Market.'
eelpta, tOOD head, Including 4u0 southerns:
markst steady to 15c hither; dressed beef
and eiport steers, 3s.l8ars.iw; fair to good.
6.(ub.4.; western ateera, Vi0Mif, V, atock
srs and feeders. 34 ores 6m; soutnern steers,
M.7644.&; southern cows, na
tive cows, K Kktw tO; native helfera, Jin
f.; - bulls. calves, Altub?.).
HOO.-4 Receipts, 14,000 head; market Sc
to No hlghrr; bulk of sales. 3l.OOv-t.30;
heavy, to B : packers and btitchara,
M1!.-JVa, lights, 3a.g-IM.3l: plga. 14.3a
MHEEP AND LA M no Receipts, 4.IM0
head; market. 13c to Mc higher; lambs,
to.tS.-i; . yearling, t4.emm.o0: wethers.
U.7M.41; ewes 3.',25T-I.1. Blockers and
feeders. 3Z.Wf4.00. . - .
at. I.eela l.lve Sleek Market,
ST. . LOCIS. Jan. y.-CATTLH-Re.
celpts, 3.0U! head. Including LOjO Texana;
market, steady to luc higher: native aliip.
ping and export steers. IT.'eAsB.o): dressed
end butcher steers. r)eW.w; steers un
der 1.4W pounds,; atotkcis and
feeders. ts-druV-i": cows and helfcra. '.'.76t
4.00; csnners. R.wn.V: bulls. 31 004J5.1S:
calves. 3&.0tsj ; Texas and Indian steers.
14.007 ); cowa and heifers, 3a.0lHi6.0U.
mtito neceipts, e.-w neaa; market, iw
higher: jigs and lights. 14 .-,; mixed
and butcher ateera, 3041-7,46; good heavy,
KKaer i,u l,ambs Receipts, t.-ue
head: market, steady, tc higher; native
muttons 33.704.40: lambs. 3i.0i-is.4S: culls
and bucks, 31eUl,-10; stackers, ll.TJajdOO.
t. JJe-eewk l.lve Stark Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Jan. Sfc-CATTLE-P.e-ceipta
S.suO head; market steady; steers,
34 outjlfo; cows and heifers, tl.tvnf.-o,
calves. 33.5018 .40.
HOGS-Receipts, 7 K head: market IV8
10c higher; top, 34.30; bulk of sales, M.iu
itHFinr sti i.a xtrns neceipis. x.yw
bead; market steady; lambs, Sj.tKaal.-.'.
Robber Identified
as an Omaha Youth
The- body of the sufpoaed thief was
Menllfled yesterday afternoon at 3:M
aa that of Cart Reynolds, a resident ot
this city and well known to the police
Indent irk xtlon was made by hit sitter,
who refused to give her name or address.
Reynolds has long been known to be A
thief. Five years ago he waa sent up
for tlx years on a highway robbery
charge. He served three years, at 'the
end ot which time he was taken to tot
Insane asylum. He escaped from thert
last Mar.
J. H. -Mi-Donald of tin tailoring firm oi
Guckert ft McDonald, 317 Bouth Fifteenth
street, has withdrawn, and the business
will be continued by N". Ia. Oucksrt.
The firm name will remain unchanged.
Cat law Market,
closed ateady; middling uplands, tape;
middling gulf, ,3.30c. Sales, l.ouS bales.
Futures opened steady; January, 134c;
February. .30o bid; March, .41c; April.
.4c bid; May, oaC; June. 1.44c; July.
3taV: August, I.7A-; Heptember. t.,4c;
October,; November, .S4c bid.
Cotton futuret closed i-leady. Cloainu
bids: Jsnusry, 3 3Bc; February, 3 37c;
March. .4o; Anrll, lite; Msy. MIc;
June. .c; July, .74c; Auxual. .77c;
September. S.7Sc: October, I.Sac; Novem
ber, l-Soc; December, (
Oils aad Resle.
N RT Steady : 4SV. Halra. US bbla; re
ceipts. 620 bbls.: shipments, tt& bbls.t
stocks. a.Jll bbla
RoSIN-Mrm. Sales. 3.J1J bbla,: re
ceipts, 2.301 bh's.; shipments, I.SeT hbls.;
stocks, U'.a'l bbls. Quotations: B, 3.r4
2l!.4: D. 3f.4na.4;i4; E. 3t; F, 3147444,
i.-J: a and H. Hot); I. 66; K. 37.; M,
S7.; N, 37.25; WO. and WW, 37.3S. .
Oaaska Hay Market.
OMAHA. Jan. 30,-HAY-No. 1. 3I5
No. : 1 1 100; coarse. 311.00: packrng stock,
ITCOfta.Oi): alfalfa. tllOO. Straw: Wheat,
t; oft: rve and oats. S.Xb.M.
- - tagar Market.
NEW "YORK. Jsn. Sfc-SL'GAr.-Raw,"
tteadv: n-uscovado. a) test, SHSc; cen
trifugal, 34 test, 4..AV; molasses, 83 test,
3.434c. Refined,, steady.
Stack In Slakl.
Receipts of live stock at the Ovt piin-'
dial western markets yc,..., . '
Cattle. Hoes, tfhe.-n.
south c-mana .i"
t. Joseph .!
Kansas city AMU
St. Louis a.v !
Chicago i
U.ia. I.
..1 3,tl
inro 4,aU
7HA( 3 40 1
Totals 30. SOS (j 3t AtV)
Waal Market.
BOSTON. Jan. Ml WOOL Domes tie
wool remalha firm in prh-e and moving
fairly steady. Tne demand is en fairly
broad lines. Contractions for the 1312 dip
has already begun. Territory wool In
original bage sella at l4e lo IV. while
considerable unwaahed clothing has
changed hands at 3c, with Ohio fine
delaine btlnging 31c. The demand for
California Ik increasing, with middle
county clips selling at lac to 17c. Texas
wools are a trifle firmer, but the inquiry
is not so good. Pulled wool to strong and
sell, freeiv.
ST. IAJUIS. Jan. 33.-WOOL Steady;
territory and western mediums, KJj Isc ,
One medium. lHJWc; fine, Mtjflic.
Dry Gaada Market. .
The readjustment thst took placs ia tne
cost of outings and .which brought fie
quotations of some mill agents down aa-:
below the opening figures caused buyers
to hesitate placng fall orders on lucre
goods. The largest factors Jield to the
opening quotations and doing a larg.
amount ot business. There waa a good
demaad for prints for- export. - The call
for moat goods la the jobbing hawses was
satisfactory. Duplicate orders were re
orlred ea Mlk goods tor spring .deliver)'.
Cotton yerne were In fair demand and
spinners asked slight advances.
Will loan en security requlr. .
lag a peel a I Investigation
ar close supervision, and '
net' available for bank loans.
Large entarprlaee financed,
prompt Investigation e f
security offered, whatever '
1 1 a character e r location,
MBW YwMX M Broad Street
PMIlVABaU-PatXA X-afarette Bidg.
CrZICAaVO rirtt Ban Bask Blag.
jfaarles r BriilitAtw, Cbt -m
l-maMetf SDlJ 4MO Mil fTOt.
K Pilot, hlfidj B4TJ4M OT &)M SpfJaTijjl.
So biisr. ma tMir mem. Hortt ata be
axto(. ft bKJU- .jfrUTW
Cxa1t K frwaak.
jxtriaOM ijtlsMkxl, wora mlnrt givrt
veto, a mmattum -nLf ptnOk frtm
Pklladelphiw. rv4m.t MrLt.
Firm: wtyrB crimy i-picil. Mc; x
trm,:9: mrbr prtntt. eKtra, 41c.
EGG4--Flmi; ln-tT.-ant& mn4 other
mrbr f.rsis. frt , i? .H irr cv
rurrnt rcnf'. fr ftVMM. pr i:
wiMt4rr flrvl. fro cmae $13 pr c;
cutm1 rtc?tpH. frw H1b pr
CHEESK Tirm; New York foil erani,
fWT. -f. i-H?nc.
f TOI.r IJ.F I'M Twi
Wanted Men With Teams $75
and teen fed. for one month, beginning
ia rbruary. showing one of our Sample,
to every farmer, and leave one circular
with them, tan use some men without
team. The work la ia any county or
city In which you live. Send lie when
writing. Ad Irene. The XaUer Mfg. 50,
til West 3d street, tMeu Cite, Iowa.