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Ketnraiiir Delegate Tell of Chuigts
Jbde by the Order.
OK Xnten Ha-) a Tear -eld
am OH at Jtn Optimal
- flui Tttrr Will thoe
ta le.
"The acttsn taken by the delegates "f
fne convention of th Modern Woodmen
of America In Chicago In ralalng: their
fraternal tnaurxno 47 per cent wW n
jectly effect U,M member of the
order." Mid Nelson Pratt, one of the
Omaha delegate at the convention. " J I
marks the beginning of a sat era in
tin Insurance departments of fraternal
! orders. " ,
j- "Toe n rsies become effective for
I new number May 1. lf.b said. "Old
j members have on til January I. 111 to
I anak thetr cholco of seven optional plana.
If they Mil not declare tbelr prefer
ence, by that date they win arbitrarily
be given the bole new life plan ranging
ml 71 cent a month to every Il ea when
n year old to IS per Il.tW at ."
The table are beeed on the mortuary
I record of the order for the laat twenty
nine yeara, he sa!d, which la the lowest
I ever shown by. any. society, and Is adopted
, by the failed States census bureau aa a
.. Under the exletinc rates of th Modern
'Woodmen Mr. Pratt said there would be
;ln Urn a a-eftctaney of SZM.amso. Ail
'except I per cent or SO. Stuff of this will
.be taken car of through th reerowr-
Honroent upon th order"! table of new
rates, area though, be said, th eldest
members are (tvan ooaoaaaion of a maxi
mum monthly rat of B on tl of pro
tection. Veeeser Men Pay. "
' "The ramainlnc deficiency, which Is ab
solutely confined to th present mem
bership, la t be born by the ywunger
umber la th form f a fraternal tax
or edla. It win not be a aeparat tax.
but will b figured into the rate of the
)uagr members. This Is bM to be
juatlflsbls n brotherly co-operation, be
ins Intended to retler th liaJD mernbera
above the deficiency creatine . by
sbartnc tha temporary burden with the men below this age. ,
.'In order to five tha larieat protao-
twa with th imalleM poaelbl aiana
.ment burdea, a further relief la mad to
I members more than yaars old. Thla b
.av osncasalon of allowing a eaeb payment
lot p a month for protection, with
lb rtrht to chart th remaining n or
Imer a month, acoordlnt to as, against
; their certtflcai. to be deducted with d
(per seat compound Interest at death,
r refer Term Hate.
. "Ten rates for period of life to Is. a)
land K yearn of age, and. ending at then
!ges. ar a specie! feature of th rerl-
." aald Mr. Pratt "Old members with
life certificates, who do not wlh to In-
t-reas tbelr asaesmant may eieet before
Jan aery L WU, to, r hoc a term Insurano
ito en of th three a-. .Old aiambera up
M year f age may be rented at their
(attained ages, oountlng from tba birth'
day nearest th data of transfer.
, Tor Instanc, a member H years aid
Iran abtalD M0 protection for a monthly
'payment of II Hit ti.OK protection for H
,a month and a on up to H, protec
tion for I. On the O 00 certificate be
weJ4 b ebltred ts pay anly H month
lit ka should no wish, th remainder
,ln subtraetea, with 4 per ew
from th certificate at th tune of
death. .
. laeresee with Age.
1 "Th t year tern rate on tl.OU pro
tect lan It taken out at U years of ex a.
(te but ) eenta month. This Inereeaes
,t a monthly payment of cants If taken
out whea SU to as osats at M, te M
. cents at It, to rente at is, ts M ant
(at 41 and P t 4a. Tha M year term
rat en ll.ooa atari at a monthly pay.
(ment of H cents If taken ut at I, sad
, Ineresae to a monthly payment of 11. BV
(The year tana beclna st emits and
, increase i a montn.
t'nder th new revialoa members ar.
given th prtvlHam of oarrying tnsuraao
lrtly what In and partly lerm. . g,
; Cn eartlflcat may be issued. Cut
i whole lit. M termtiuulng at ax 7;
.trine maximum laauranes at low oost
I while mrmber has obligation and de-
i pendent family, yet providing au betas
jtial protection good until death at any
lags; prseeat members et to K jt
M at at level adeauata ralea for either
j whole life , or term tasuranc; all
IM yaars carried at rata tor ax ft, r
Icardleaa of actual axe: autberlalnc small
Iwbcle Ufa eertlflcatea of ties. fa.
1X. at proportwnata rates. In tha nature
let funeral benefits: permttunf payment
of aaaeeementa and due six or twelve
Imoatba In adrance,' ' T
iCarload of Babes-
Coming to Nebraska
A carload of babies will be brought
from tha New York fjrpbana- about
Vaster Urn for distribution In Kebrasks,
These babies rang from I years and an.
d m age. Tber ara tm t them In
I be New Tors Ornoanaaw, tataarleae and
mstberlesa, waifs of the world, being
cared for by staters et charity. .
M, T. McFeely. repreeentlng the or-
pbaaage In Nebraska,, baa placed la
hamea la the atat. K Is making an
appeal to CainoJI pareste to help him
Gad Borneo for th Mtl teta. Parent
aaa net feaweated ta adopt the children.
bat to simply be . rat nor and mother t
teem. Those who ara interested ar re.
aueetad t call am tbelr local . priest or
to write Mr. Mcredy; at th Heashaw
total Omaha. . . . . -
Here are Very Special Offeri
That are Well Worth a Special
Trip to Bran dcia Stores Tuesday
25c and 33c Silk Thread and LisU Thread
Tisanes and Voiles at ISc Yard
On sax in f Ae fcoaemenf
See tliem in the window. The' etripes, checks and
plaids are beautiful. These tissues have a wide 'repu
tation for their excellence. Here are the most desirabfe
of all the new Bheer wash fabrics at a saving that
should be if great interest New perfect
bolts to buy from. ' Hundreds of the
choicest styles, at, .
per yard
eu lug mat
Special Sale of New Silks
On Big Bargain Squares Main Floor
Dress Uilk Bought at Auction from Stock of L. &
E. Stirn, 489 Broome St., New York. xOur Tsew
York buyer scoured some of the choicest lots at
one-third less than regular wholesale price. Silk
poplins, foulards, and fancy tlres and 'waisting
silks, hairline and pencil stripe messa. 00 a QQ.
lines on great bargain squares, yd.'.awV"Jlv
. 18 and 27-inch fins twin, nainsook and batisU tm
Iroidertd flouncinfi, tkirtinga and coriet covering t;
tcoret of n$w IS 'IS deign to select ff mi worth Oft a
vp to 60e yaribig bargain square, per yard v
ll-lnrh mbroldered camhrle and nainsook aklrt
Inga. corset covering, wide edging; alao Inaertlon
and gsnoona many worth up to 85 yard, at.pan
French and ' German Vol Lias and Inierlioni,
dainty, new designs; many tomatch: Actually C
worth up to lOe yard, at, per yard
. lWBWTjaa-mtlk
Court of ApptnU Xefuiet to Order
Trmasfer of Water worki.
Clly Ret Cempelled la Pay latereal
trm lb Dal of Sale I mil
the Tim af It lea
anmmatlaa. Petition of the Omaha Water board for
an prder requiring the Omaha Water
empeny Immediately . to rutv over It
plant and other properties to th city
has been denied by the United Ststea
circuit court of npesl st St. Loula, so
oorduui to word Juit received by John P.
tout ot Stout A Roe, counsel for the
water company. Th moaage also tatea
that 'the petition of the water company
for a rehearing In th matter ot Interest
on th purchaa pric ot the plant waa
denied. .
The water eompaay'a rehearing motion
or petition waa made after tba court bad
ruled that tha city ihould not be required
t pay tha company mterrst at T Per cant
on th purohaaa price from th data of
th sale until th time ot It consumma
tion. .
Th city's petition waa tor an order to
make the company deliver the plant and
other property at ones, th . detalla of
payment to be arranged eubsequently.
Thar I nothing that I caa nay about
th ruling," aald Mr. Stout "It to no
occasion tor' aa Interview. ' Hera la th
notice I received from the clerk of th
court That's all I har. I have not re
ceived copies ot tha rulings."
Omaha Keeps Pace
in Lighting Streets
' "Omaha ta beeping paoa with tha other
rtties In municipal lighting." aald Walde
mar MlcbMleen. city electrician, upon hla
return tram Milwaukee, wher be went
as a special reprrstntatlv of the city
to a meeting of electricians. "On thing
I saw, towaa now lighted by Incandes
cent ara dlaaaltafied. claiming It Is too
exprnelva a system.
"Chicago la now experimenting with
flaming area and win select a elaaa ot
this make and Inatall them a lt streets.
This prove that Omaha la on th right
track ta th move toward th Inatalla-
tloa at flaming arcs."
.'"The pubUciMr bureau ef Us Owinit
.-al club baa never stated there 1 no
good seed com la Nebraska," aald Man
ager Parrleh today, replylrej te a cam-
ptatnt tram D. C. fcthermnd ot Teka
stsa, prmted la aa Omaha paper.
W ao any th -csodlUe ot seed corn
b) the worst ta tha history of tba elate
asd w urge all seed to be tested before
planting. If there I good seed sround
Tekamab. w want to know about it. as
it hi ta tha Interest st th who etata
I that w find out where good Bead corn ta
tocatV ",',
! WhBs wrNveriac a bottle of milk at aa
jrerly new yesterday ' at Kleventb and
1 Parnam et recta. C. H. Bowler, slipped a
tb ley aldewalk and aevered an artery m
; bw wrist, when be fell an a broken milk
bottle winch he had let falL Ha wss
taken ts the police station and attended
lor Folic Surgeon T. T. Harris. Bowley
' the proprtetor f ts Kextdoor dairy
4 at Benson.
Scientific Wrinkle
Kamover Easily Nads
TrV'ar nvr offered la hlrta
Ta4 shoe nrwhr.
8HOKV ; , .. ,
$7.01) lianan heavy weight
Iratlier lined ten bluchers,
t .. $5.65
$d.5o ManaB beat relour calf
leather lined bluchers 134.75
$6.00 Hanan doubl sole velour .
bluchers $4.35
pair of Man's 1 4. pat
ent . leather button and
blurher out broken lots-
that must
closed out.
.IT.. SI.95
$6.00 Hanan patent colt and lm-
oorted Russia ,clf . . . . $4.35 '
$6.00 Hanan patent leather.
cloth tops, button. .. .$4.25
$5.50 Hanan patent colt, kid
ported Russia calf ... .$4.45
: pctra on th table, broken
aljea, blucher, gun mett,
cslf. kid and patent cvlt.
IJ.4, t.0 and d 11(1
t.Ot value. llUM
20 pairs fancy party and
ureas slippers. It. us.
and vslues. bnn
potent leather. I Q C
needed and plain I"W
1 palra broken alica, fancy
Ireas slippers, patent kid
. end suede. KM (I IE
and M.v vsJim. lav
1 pairs af satin slippers,
pink and blus kid allppere.
its snd it vsi- i nn
uea. broken lln WW
Th Spring Style Book of tha Ladiu,'
Horn Journal Patterns is now on sale.'
With a JSe pattern . . V r."2tfe '
Final Figures ori Some
Tailored Suits
A clothing sale like this ought to
be a. real event to you for no matter
how many suits you already have,
$10.00 invested in one of those offered
in this sale will prove real economy,
They are the kind best suited to
travel, street and shopping wear
-suits that will give eminent
satisfaction and save those you
already have for more important
purposes. Here's the offer.
For Suits That Were i
air rn x tfoc nn r
, You will especially note the fine
ness of the linings, trimmings and
'tailoring of these suits-equal in everj
way to any we ever sold at and in be
tween $19.50 to $35.00. . ., t
Made from high grade plain brown
and gray materials and fancy mixtures
oMiandsome pattern-a good variety
for your choosing.
Sizes for both women and misses.
Dress Goods and SilksSpecials for Tuesday
On lot of M-tnah guar.'
anteed blaek taffeta of a
fine, soft finish suitable for
TialM. underskirts dreaaea '
and llnlnaa. th kind w
tiaually sell at - II. th
yard, Tuesday. He. J
Ons lot et BO-lacb blaek
isrges splendidly adapted
o akins. dresses snd suits;
one of th very best II. oa
value we ever offered, epe
rlally priced for Tuesday
only at (9c,
No Let Up to the Bargain Giving in
Our January Round Up Sale
Price Reductions .
on All Winter
See Those
Bargains in
85c Foulards 68c
50 pieces of all silk water
spot proof Foulards in two
and three color combina
tions, also whites, made to
sell at 85c a yd.; sale price
Tuesday at, yard . . . .68c
75c Dress Goods 38c
40 pieces of 36 and 40-inch
wool dress goods in plain
serges, Jamestown suit
ings, etc., beautiful weaves
and colorings, regular 75c
values; on sale, yard, 38(
Golden State Limited
No Excess Fare
exclusively fop tint elaaa travel await each day to whirl yon
away out of th chill raw winds and raia into th cherry glim
mer Matti. And the Jo begins with the journey. The luperb
Pullmans are rosy, well lighted and perfectly ventilated. There
re fall (Iced berth, roomy and whit. A chef who caa cook,
nd a barber and valet ready to serve you.- Each mile ot the
well kept road teem with brilliant panoramas. There la a
library to Improve the mind. Victrola Recitals to entertain
nd a apodal pewa wire keep you In touch, with event, as yon
peed atonf. Leu than three day of pleasure upon perfect
Deity to El Paso, Los Abates. Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Del
Monte the Golfer' Paradise-and San Francisco via the direct
roifte of the lowest altitude. , The "Cnllfornlsn" and other fait
train every day well. . i . . ,
Write for Information apd I'll send yon interesting book which
you will be flad to have, deecflptlve of California.
J. S. McNALLY, D. P. A.,
1322 rarnam Street,
Omaha, Nebraska.
(Frees Ladiea' reroute Magazine j
, x few earnatolecists have long held
th secret that a certain product, known I
to th drug trad aa saxollte. tietf th
property; when use In solution, of In
stantly redi tng wrinkles. Any one ran
readily make this earn solution by dis
solving an jviee of powdered ssxellt
in a bait pint witch base), Bath th
tan la this and note th Immediate
transferwtatl ! Th skin tightens, be
ctxnss firmer deepest wrinkle at nc
bexta te smooth out. 'This action will
of coors also reduce hanging , cheeks
er Souble chin. ,
; Woe th bands show signs of aging, j
th akin becoming cos re, creased', or
flabby, bath them In the solution. Bine .
th recent publication et thla formula.
n.ea snd women all over the country
have taken advantage of tba Informa
tion, according to reports, with most
satisfactory result. Adv. i
On All
Misses' and
On all our young women', m Uses'
snd children's high grade school
ahoee, in patent colt, vk-l kid. gun
metsl, extra high top In button.
BH ee. Woarano Prtca. . ssu
a. Basra, Claras free. . 1.T
aa . naranaa rrles. tlj
, St4 sea. Clear Prte . . IU1
i sff on mtsae' snd children's
sxtrs higl top in button.
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Farnam St.
Rousing Tuesday Specials Our
Cloak Department
Women's and Misses' Coats Plain
blacks and fancies; regular values
up to $15.00; on sale QQ
Fur Sets, worth np to $20.00 Blue
wolf, brown or black Coneys, etc.:
yery best qualities, jg Qjj
Women's Opera Wraps that sold to
.$25.00; greatest snaps g QQ
Children's Wash Dresses Sizes C to
. 14 years; $1.00 values; at, . J (1
Iarge Shawls, worth to $5.00; on
sale at $1.95
Women's Breakfast Shawls; $1.00,
$1.50 and $2.00 values, at. . . .500
Domestic Room Specials for Tuesday
One case of 32-lnrb Scotch percale, fast colors; plaids, checks,
tripes, etc.; regular 18c grade .' 121
Red Seal, Toil du Nord, A. F. C. and other new spring styles of
(Ingham 10
New spring printed Batiste, worth 13 He 10f?
Oenulne Serpentine crepe, 10 to 20-yard lengths, regular price ISc,
t .. '. ..12Ht
)urrrtxed Silk Fct lard. fsat colors, fin styles, looks Ilk genuine silk
s long'ss they last I2l0
One caee ot lac Poi gee. all colore s long ss they last 10
On ess of :ic Both Toweis, large snd hesvy 18
ime rase of 11x30 Mieete. round thread, vary heavy, worth c, at . ...0o
("losing out Hlunketa and Cotr.Tortble at lea thn coat.
- Kxtra speclale on Bed Hpresds 91.00, IU1, tl.SO, fl.. Bte.
. , You Save 25 to 50 by Trading: at Hayden's.
We are est Hi selling th best lilglt
grsde Dtsmond H Ksmtly Flour for,
per sack SIM
I'nlrsa the flour market drop w
will be compelled to rale the pric
thi week.
IT lb, beet Orsnulsted Sugar. . 14
) bars Best-Em-All or Diamond O
8nsp for
I lbs beat whit or yellow Cornroeel
for ls
lbs good .Ispan rice, tttc quality, tba
4 lbs. fancy Japan rice, lllio qualltv,
Osllon csna Golden Tsbls Syrup, o
lrg bottle pur Tointo Cataiiu,
Worcester Sauc or Pickles, assorted
kind, for S
Jsllycon ir Jllo. package Tto
Corn Flakes, package gt
4 1-lb. ran Csndenaed Milk aft
4 ran l.u Lu Scouring Soap see
ran Lavalln Polish.... ..MM
cake Hlliro Pollah as
I lbs. beat Rolled oatmeal s
Driet rrxlta for Saass, IMs s .
California Iluaeatel Cooking Ttslalna.
per lb. 10
California Muscatel Seedlea Rslalna,
per lb. 10
Callfornls Cooking Figs, lb i
Cleaned Currants, lb 1H
The best Lcroon, Orange or Citron
Peel, lb. os
pkga, bt Condensed Mine Meet
for , as
Cheaper and better tlian lota of
1 lbs. flood Jlntterlna flfte
t lbs. flood Table fiutterlne 35
2 lbs. Fancy Table Butterto. . .40
Th vary beat, 1 lbs for 46o
Th best t'resmery Butler, ll....40
Th beat freah Kgga, nothing finer.
per dosen 3s
The Tegetsbl Market of Omaha.
bunches frettli Beeu, tsrrots. Tur-
nips. Hhsllot or Radishes for 10s
Fancy Cauliflower, lb...... T'o
t head rresh leaf lettuce so
I bunches freah Psrsley .o
f ancy t'shliagr, lb 3e
ttrg Curuinoera. each. 14 snd 10
RulshsKsa, Parsnips, Carrots, Bret
or Turnip, !b...- SSa
flothouae Muahrooms, lb. box 40o
Brusaels Sprouts, lb too
Yellow or Red Onlona. lb IS
aUgnlaad Bsval Orsngws Best 'Bas
SU for Quality a4 TUvor.
Per doa lftc, So and 30
Ora n re Snoona, each 10a
rsscy Orobard Packed Apple, ir
barrel t3.M
Oh Sale Wednesday
Doys' $1 Dlouse Waists 35c
Most modern equipment
and the best of service
V - fx fcrfd,. ,
The man with an office
now demands the most
exacting care and con
: veniences. : .
e Bee
' Reliable:
I Dentistry
HV M W Boca,
is citiKited in the Leart of the commercial, district of
Omaha and gives tenants the best office service to be had.
The elevator? are new and their service is faultless. Keeu
janitor attention keeps the rooms scrupulously clean, while
a modern steam plant evenly heats the building: in the
coldest weather,offices whichare excellently ventilated.
The man who wants the greatest conveniences and the
best of attention will find a few choice offices vacant in
this building now. ' '',
Mmrnm III r in in I mi Room. Privet Office, tw Urge dosta. larg work
room wkh two north window. Ideal office for Engineer, Architect,
Doctor or etb "professional men. Hcotai. par raonia,
Over 300 dozen garments ' for selection. Manufacturers'
surplus and samples; very best brands; all new spring pat
terns and colors; fine silk stripe madras, percales, mnde with
collars attached and without collars; all sizes
4 to 15 years; all garments guaranteed perfect;
choice, at . . . !. ;
This Is a ten narrow noes. ixiw- having a aorta ngnt.
, Rental, per tnontb ......j..
Iumss Iff ITai a north and east xpour. lHxJlVj In alss, with a flra-
nroof vault In corner f room. Thla apex will subdivide Into thro
good sised offices and soak excellent quarters- for aay needing
. thi amount f apace, ReoiaJ price, per mootU.,..,........ Hsn
-loan al UibL light pieety of It l this room, tare barn windows
h" wS bT lil- wUh... try way 4x1.. Aa.coonly Jew
' rental at. ptr.month. j-.-v.-i:
iuH.rliii Ml eaaar test rneke a very pleasant erne: having
.raure and being sear ramam atreat aid : ta butid ng.
Unt very reaxvaaei. pr asonth -.
- The Bee Budding to.. . x
Bet B9iae flic. - I7lh i Farnam Sti
Have just received fresh supply of
Specialty Lump and Nut-Price $4.25
.per ton delivered (hsod screened )
We ran tlelivcr promptly; place your order now
Rosenblatt's Cut Price Coal Co.
. - (The Home ot Quality Coal)
Phonr, Ioag. 412; Ind. B-1412. 1223 .Nicholas St.
Free Land Information
The Twentlett Century Farmer, to meet the demand of its readers
for laid informatioi., bag gathered and compiled data on soilr, cliiiate anil
tarmin eoniatlons In iV parts of th conntrv. It ts willing- . site cm
this information free it postage is sent with Inquiry.
Do You Want to Know
About government laid laws, location of land offices, etc. ,
How to get Irrigation lands, location of projects, law gowni-is
tame, etc
soclions for frnlt growing, general tannins, itock raising or
State plainly and spefi-
Yout auestions will get prompt attention.
i rally what you want to know. Write.
Land Information Bureau
The Twentieth Century Farmer
' Omaha. Nfcbraska.