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    Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
nurtj Twantyv-en Ttui Ag
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he Omaha Daily Bee
Generally Fair
VOL. XLI-NO. 194.
Democratic Measure for Berision of
Metal Schedule Passes After
Underwood Stops Debate. .
Twenty Insurgents Vote with Ma
jority in Favor of Act
Payne Loses in Effort to Becosunit
Bill to Committee.
Democrats Han Pre Repaa-'
Una Will Ma These raan
Bill and I-emv It t"
the President..
WASHINGTON. Jan. 2.-The demo
cratic maul ttrlff revision bill, to make
inductions averaging 35 per cent from the
exist nc steel ana iron nun v .
Fnyne-Aldrich law. passed the hous to
dny by a vote of !l to 1W.
Republican effort to amend o'r debate
the bill were brought to a sudden end
when Democrats Leader Underwood re
fused to permit Ihe offering of further
amendments and forced the house to a
vote upon the final passage e tbe meas
ure. Twenty Insurgent republicans voted
or the measure, while the democratic del
egatien front Colorado, Representatives
Martin. Bucker and Taylor, dissatisfied
with the great redaction proposed In the
lead tariff, voted against the democratic
majority. The republicans who supported
the bill, all Insurgents, were:
representatives Pavls and Lindbergh
(illnn). llsughen, Hubbard and wooos
Ua.; Helgcsen IN. D.). Jackson. Murdock
and Young (Kan.i: Kent and Stephenson
(Cel.), Ktnkald. Norrls and Sloan Neb.);
Laferty tore.), 1 Folletto and Warbur
ton (Wash.), lenroot, Morse and Nelson
(Wis). .
The Insurgent republicans who voted
nsainst Its passage were: 1
Representatives Anderson. Miller, Hoi.
stcd and SteencrsDn (Minn.): Cooper,
Ksch and Kopp iWls.)- ITench (Idaho).
Good, Green, Kendall. Kennedy and Pick
ett (la.); rieys (Cel.).
" Payee's Molloi Defeated.
Pefcated repeatedly In their attempts
to force amendments Into the measure,
the republicans rallied for the last attack
iipon the motion of Representative Payne
of New York, former republican chair
man of the ways and means committee,
to recommit Ihe bill to that committee,
with Instructions to hold i until the arlff
commission made is report upon its pend
ing Investigation of the metal tariff. This
motion was defeated, ln to KM.
Tbe regular republicans protested to
the last against the application of the
rules closing the debate. Mr. Underwood
we charged tr -Keswbucan leader Mann
with the ruthless application ct the force
of the democratic majority. Many at -4
tempts to strike out sections of the f re
list wsr made, but amendments by Mr.
Mann to restrict the democratic free list,
which Includes typewriters, printing ma
chinery, machine tools, sewing machines
and other articles, to countries that da
not discriminate against American cot
tonseed oil, live cattle, meats and meat
products were defeated.
Keaate'e Attltad Danbtlal.
The bill will face a stormy reception In
lh senate. If will reach the senate to
morrow and be referred to the financial
committee. Both republican and demo-
ratio senators have been deferring other
legislation with a view to concentrating
attention on the tariff measures as they
emerge from the house, but ne course of
action has been mapped out.
The democrats expressed hop today
that the progressiva republicans would
join with them In the asm coalition that
enabled the senate to put through the
tariff bills at ths extra session and to
leave die Issue squarely up to the presi
dent Tbe progressive republicans have
not held any conference as to their atti
tude. There are differing Individual
views among them as to' the steel tariff
that may Interfere with a new align
ment on this measure when It comes up
for a vote.
DUIX'Tir, Minn.. Jan. 3. Th North
woods are ringing with the clatter of
rush operations' In getting out timber
and an appeal has been sent down for
1.SM to 1W additional men to help oaten
up with the work. The last month of
extreme cold has had much to do with
the conditions of operations having bean
restricted. A local lumberman today
stated that the lumber cut for- this dis
trict will run a little less than kos, 000,000
feet, a few million lea than last season.
The supply of low grade la said to be
nearly ail sold.
1XDIANAPOU8. Jan. Jf.-Meny check
looks showing to whom J. J. McNamara
paid money to carry on dynamiting. It was
learned today, have been destroyed, or,
st lestt put beyond reach of the federal
grand jury which Is Investigating tbe
dynamite conspiracy. Leo M. Rappaport,
counsel for the International Association
of Brldr and Iron Workers, was able to
tell tbe jury of tbe whereabouts of only
a part of the accounts.
The Weather
Fur Nebraska Fair; moderate temper.
For Iowa Fair, with wanner hi west-
The National Capital
Monday, tansry St), It) IS.
The Senate.
In session at p. m.
'Resuming Senator Ixrlmer's eross-ex-smlnation.
the Investiiratina; committee
hoped to conclude testimony this week.
The House.
Steel tariff revision Mil passed SM to
109 Twenty insurgent republicans voted
with the democrats
Steel trust hearing resumed with an
Inquiry into labor conditions at steel
House democrats win caucus tonight on
economy program. .
Former Chief Counsel for MeSamara
Brothers Charged in Two Counts .
with Attempted Corruption.
President Begins .
His Ohio Trip with
Talks in Cleveland
CLEVELAND. O., Jan. S.-Coming into
his native state for his first visit since
he voted In Cincinnati last fall President
Tart spoke this afternoon to the Cleve
land Chamber of Commaro of "Peace
and Arbitration.
It was the president's first speech of
a three-day tour of Ohio. His vole waa
a bit husky, but apparently he was able
to reach every man In the crowd that
filled the auditorium of the Chamber of
Commerce, and the applause his remarks
received were hearty and frequent.
One of the surprises of his Cleveland
visit came just as the president entered
ths . Chamber ' of Commerce building.
Former Secretary of the interior James
R. Garfield, close friend of Colonel Theo
dore Roosevelt and generally conceded to
be "antl-Taft," waa there to greet him.
"Hello, Jimmy, I'm glad to see you.'
said, ths president with a smile as their
hands met- Mr. Garfield and former
Governor Myron T. Htrrtck sat on the
platform while the president spoke.
. Ths president in his speech naked sup
port for ths proposed arbitration treaties
with Great Britain and Franc. . He said
he mold see no force in the main objec
tion to the proposed pacts which, ha said,
seemed to lie In the fact that ail ques
tions, even those Including "national
honor," are ta be arbitrated.
Following bis speech the president was
the guest or ' President Adams of th
Chamber of Commerce at luncheon. To
night he speaks at the banquet of the
Tippecanoe club and leave early tomor
row for Columbus. '
In addition ' to Clcvelsnd. Columbus,
and Akron are promised visits, Mr. Taft
spending tomorrow and part of Wednes
day in th former and Wednesday after
noon and evening in Ihe latter city.
Those matching national politic antlcl
pate a striking speech from the president
st the Tippecanoe banquet. In Its ear
lier stsges much of th progressive re
publican propaganda emanated ' from
Cleveland and th deslr to observ th
president's treatment of "insurgency" In
his estiva state has been general.
f t
President Taft
--Begins Ohio Trip --
. at Cleveland
CLEVELAND, O.. Jan. .-lnvadlnr
hotbed of national politics. President
Taft crossed the tins Into Ohio early, to
day. - V " -
The party arrived at 11:19 a. m. and,
packed into automobiles, waa taken
through slush-covered streets to a down
town hotel, A committee of citizens waa on
band to greet the president and an es
cort consisting of troop A., Ohio Na
cort consisting of troop A, Ohio Na
tional Guard, and a detail of mounted
After being met at th Euolld avenue
station by a commutes it waa planned
to escort th president to his hotel,
whence he later would go to th Cham
ber of Commerce for an address to-Us
members and to be ths ruest nt a pri
vate luncheon given by President Charles
E. Adams. -
' Th program thereafter Included con
ference of nearly - two hours between the
president and former Governor Myron T.
Herrlck; a reception to old soldiers and
to Tippecanoe club members, this being
the only function open to th general pub
lic; sn address to students of th Cleve
land law school; the Tippecanoe club
banquet with an attendance of mors than
M sxpected and th president as the last
speaker; thence an 11 o'clock trip to a
dinner given by Hungarians and another
speech, the day to be concluded with
drive to the presidential car and depart
ure at !: o'clock in th morning for
Bills Allege Paid Money to Juror
Bain and Lockwood,
Attorney Comes to Los Angeles Pre-
fared for Action.
Repeats statrsseal that Kaeve Xoth
las at Attempts ta Bribe or la.
tlaenc Jarar and Experts
' Be Aesjaltted.
LCIS ANGKI.BeJ. Cel., Jan. S. -Two in
dtctment. each containing counts of brib
ery and attempted corruption were re
turned today by the county grand Jury
against Clarence H. Darrow of Chicago,
formerly chief counsel for the McXa
mara brothers.
Thebills al lege that he furnished the
money fo the McNamara defenss fund
and bribed Robert Rain, a juror awom
to try James B. McNamara. th confessed
dynamiter snd murderer, and George N.
Lockwood, a venireman.
Attorney Lecompta Davis, one af Clar
ence narrow's assistsnts In th defense
of th McNamara brothers, was called
today as a witness, Davis said he had
noj. been subpoenaed, but merely re
quested to tell what he knew of th op
eration of Bert II. Franklin, th detec
tive, who Is now awaiting trial on the
charge of having bribed Juror Robert
Bain and attempting to bribe Venireman
Georg N. Lockwood.
Indicted Man la Aaajrlea.
Darrow arrived her today and went
directly to th offic of Karl Rodger,
whom be had retained to represent him,
"If need be." All rumors of indictments
have centered about Darrow, who had
supervision over th disbursement of th
Cii.000 said to have been raised for th
defense of th confessed dynamltera.
"I am expecting to be Indicted." said
Darrow today, "and I mlgbt as well be
prepared for It. All Til say In regard
to the indictment Is this: I've repeatedly
said that I knew nothing about any at
tempt to bribe or Influence a juror. I
repeat that steadily. I confidently bops
and expect to be acquitted." -
Darrow told of having arranged for
bail and his decision to remain In Los
Angelss until th ran waa finished.
Of all those whose name hav beea
connected' In any way with th allega
tion that th McNamara defena ays.
tematloally sought to corrupt jurors and
witnesses, only Darrow was omitted
from th ilst of witnesses called by the
counis'arjuryr ''
Spectators Searched
for Weapons as They
Enter Court Room
FQRT WORTH, Tex.. Jan. J.-A spec
tators entered th- court room to hear
proceedings In the trial of John Beat
Sneed. accused of the murder of Captain
A. G. Boyct, today they were searched
for weapons. There was no disorder and
no weapons were found. It was an
nounced several day ago that, specta
tors would be searched.
Bneed'a trial did not proceed today.
On a technicality counsel for th pris
oner argued that th court lacked Juris
diction. Th trial will be delayed at
least two days on this. account.
Ohio Progressives
Against Harmon
COLUMBUS. O., Jsn. -The Progres
siva Democrat! league of Ohio today is
sued a statement. In which It declared
Governor Harmon out of harmony with
the progressive movement and calls on
th democrats to nominate a "progres
sive" for the presidency.
-We know nougb about the tariff
questions." aaya tbe statement, "to re
member that It was Champ Clark's lead
ership which aroused tit entire country
against th Payne-Aldrtcb tariff bill and
carried Ohio and nearly all the eastern
states for us in the tall of 1910.
"If any man Is to be nominated for
president on the tariff question that man
should be Champ Clark, or some other
democrat who was In congress at ths
time of the successful fight on tbe Payne-
Aid rich tariff bill was made."
: '. r tvT
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f" a. m it
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H m. m ... 3
1-1 12 m
A 1 P. m
Ci S P. m a
INJ J p. m.. ............ as
,A ;" a
(j p. m a
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Pi ? p. m IS
I p. ra I
Coal Operators
. Make Concession
INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. Sr-Riturainoua
coal operators of Indiana, ' Illinois. Ohio
and western Pennsylvania yielded slightly
lo the demands of tbe miner today when
they submitted a statement to the Joint
conference agreeing to "return to the
wage scale of IWt-nts. with the right of
operators In Indiana to ship mine run or
screen lamp regardless of which basis Is
used In paying the miners."
The scale of not-l" was M c-nts a ton
lower than the present scale in Ohio and
westers Pennsylvania and ( cents a ton
lower than in Illinois and Indiana, white
the wages of day labor were 6 per cent
Tbe plaa will be rejected by the min
er. It was announced.
Strike Riots Break
Out at Lawrence
LAWRENCE, Masa, Jan. .-6ertons
rioting accurred today when a crowd of
strikers attempted to prevent operatives
from entering th vsrlous textile mills
to resum work. In many case tlie
strikers were successful and the mills
that reopened were able to operate only
on a greatly reduced scale. Several per
sons were seriously Injured during the
Tbe rioters held up some twenty .st
more electric cars beaded In the direction
of the mills, forced tbe passengers to
leave the ears snd then assaulted them
In the belief that they were strike
breakers. Bottles and lumps of lc were
thrown Into the car windows.
The rioting began an hour before the
time for the opening of the mill gates.
The mob wss composed mostly of for
eigners and many were woman, who
cheered the men on to violence. The
police were power lea to end the disorder
Entrance to the mill district by ths
marchers was prevented by the militia
stationed in streets bordering th mills.
From Under the "Cocked Hat!"
' -rr: A : '
t.vV'v :
From Ilia Brooklyn Kasle.
Veteran Legislator and Pioneer of
State Dies Near Tecumseh.
taaaoa Dapparter mt l.ste W. L.
lay ward la Kebraaka He no
tarial Caasnalna Faarral
Be Held The rods y.
STKCLMMBH. Neb.. Jsn. . -(Special
Tepgram.)-Jfalmer Blake, one of the
very esrly settlers of Johnson county,
died thlta ftrmoun at' the bom of his
daughter. Mia. Cook Lsmb, one mile east
of Tecumseh. lie had been In talllns
health for a number of years and was
aged 7 years.
Palmer Blake wss bom at Brnokfield,
VI.. June I, Mffi, lis lived In the .yrtssri i"' " ",?Prnmfn,'"'l
Mountain' Mat iinfil 1iewas aged It. I,."V t'' sue! i oiVora'tioi
Ing acquired a goad common school edu
cation. In 1K4 he located at Rock Island,
III., and In MM he went te Decatur county,
Iowa. There on October IB. ISM. he wss
married to Mlas Frances A. Smith, who
survive him.
In th aprlng of MM Mr. Blake and bis
wife made their way overland to Ne
braska, coming In an o( team, and lo
cated In Helena precliwt. This was In i
the day of many hardships, of few set-1 Status Steel corporation.
Iron Ore Companies
File Answers to the
' Dissolution Suit
TKKNTON. N. J.. Jsn. .-hlog ft
Kniery, counsel fur the Mtum-sota group
of land and Iron mining reinpanle named
ta party defendants In the suit of th
government for. the dissolution of the
l.'nited 'Htatcs Heel corporation, filed tlietr
answsrs today lo the government's alle
gations. There, are three distinct an
swers, cne by the West Miaeabe Land
company, limited, and seventeen other
lend and Iron mining cutnpaiiita; the
second by J. II. O ruber, Individually, and
Ihe third by Louis VY. Hill. James N.
Hill, Waller J. Hill and Udwaid T. NIcIk
olas, trustees.
Til anaweis are a general denial, so
far 'hoi defendant r concerned.
gallons of a plsn
ration and the other
defendants to certsplis to restraint of
Gmber ami the other four Individuals
are charged with, bring trustee In
Irax from th West Mlssah l.and com
pany, limited, and other defendants of
or land to th Orrst Wentrrn Mining
company, the royalty on Ihe or lo be
paid by the Ureal Western company, the
latter being guaranteed by the I nlled
Kurds and Russians
'Fighting in Persia
FT. PETERSBURG, Jan. a.-Sklr-mishes
between tbe Kurds and the Rus
sians, occupying th northern provinces
of Persia, are reported ta a dispatch re
ceived her from Knot, sixty-five miles
northwest of Tsbriz. Tlw Russian
patrols on th fifty-mil stretch between
Krurmah and Dtlman have been fired at
repeatedly during the last few days. Fev
er! Kurds nave been killed by the Rus
sians. Armed parties of Kurds and Armenians
have been observed In the neighborhood
of I'rumlsh, which I occupied by the
WASHINGTON, Jan. U. -(.Special Tele
gram.) Chif Justice White today an
nounced that the case of the Omaha
Council " Bluffs 8treet Railway comiiany
agslnst the Interstate Commerce commis
sion is assigned for bearing February II.
Thla is tbe ear Involving the fare across
th Douglas street bridge and th matter
of tra safe-s to and ' from- the Council
Bluffs line. ...
tiers and numerous Indians here.
Til deceased was an Important factor
in th upbuilding of this section of the
slate," He wan a representative In "the
twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth sessions of
th Nebraska legislature, being from Ihe
fourth district. Mr. Blake was a life
long republican, having cast his first vole
for Lincoln.
During th Hayward senatorial cam
paign Mr. Blake wss a stsnch Hay
wsrd supporter, and when voting for his
choice seemed bopeless he was on hand
as well as when the victory was cele
Twelve children were born to Mr. and
Mrs. Blake, six living and being Mrs.
E. J. Thompson of White line, Wash.;
Mrs. Alva Whitney of Denver; Mi.
Henry IJvingstone of Cook, Neb.: Mrs.
Charles '.. 1 ismanter of Long Pine, Neb.;
Joseph S. Bkvka and Mrs. Cook Lamb of
The funeral will be held at the I-anib
home Thursday afternoon, conducted by
Rev. Richard Pearson of Auburn, and
Interment will be In ihe Tecumseh ceme
tery. , '
McFarland on Trial
for Murder of Wife
NEWARK. X. J.. Jan. B.-.MIieon Mc
Farland was placed on trial for bis life
here today charged with the murder-of
his wife, Evelyn, who drank cyanide of
potassium In the darkness at her home
on October 17 but. . The stale will at
tempt to prove that MacFarland placed
the poison In a bottl similar to on con
taining medicine used by Mrs. MacKar
land for Insomnia. Th motive, the state
sllcges, was his love for Florence Brom
ley of Philadelphia, his former sten
ographer, whom he wanted to marry.
A sheaf of letters exchanged between
the defendant and Miss Bromley will be
Introduced In the evidence. MacFarland
fpleaded not guilty.
Again Last Week
Bee 5.166 Inches Display.
Next paper 4,956 inches Dis
play. Third paper 4,143 Inches Dis
play. The Last Three
Weeks Last Month
Bc 24,941 inches Local Dis
play. X.-'t paper 23,074 inches
Local Display.
About 1,600 inches "indecent
medical" advertising refused
by The Bee were run by the
"Next paper."
The "third paper," aTeo, has
surfed taking this class
4 again.
In 1 his answer O ruber admits having
been named as a trustee, but denies hav
ing Joined In th lease. -
The other four Individuals admit belnf
trustees and having Joined in th leae
as such, but they deny that they were a
party to the creation of any monopoly In
Iron or steel products or In th restric
tion of the output of or.
The West Mlssab Land company and
Ihe other company defendants admit the
leases, but ray they were made in good
faith for the benefit of th stockholders
without any purpose of restricting trade
or creating a monopoly. They also deny
having at any time combined or conspired
In restraint of trade.
Iowa Democrats Fix
.Convention Dates
UK JIOINKd. IsTVai). a.-Th demo
cratic state convention to. select dele
satis to ttie national convention t Bal
timore will be held May 9, the city to be
chosen this afternoon. The democratic
late committee made tills aunounseinrnt
following a morning seiuloh In which an
effort lo endorse presidential candidates
was defeated. The suggestion of the na
tional committee for the primary elec
tion of delegate to the convention was
turned down, the matter being left to
the county organisations.
'The second convention to nominate
state officers will be held July S. M. I.
Hcaley of Fort Dodge waa chosen tem
porary chairman for. the first and V. R
MOInols of Leon temporary chairman
of the second convention.
feT. PAl'L. Jan. . -George D. lleaih
erlngton, aeslstsnt city assessor, died
this afternoon fromr Injuries: received in
Ihe collision of a runaway trolley car
1th another car today here. tUchard
a. Markgraf was' probably fatally turt
and a score of others were less serious y
A Kelby avenue car ran away on a grade
snd crashed Into another car filled with
nasHensers. The vestibule of the runaway
ar took fire from tlie stove and Motor
mafr gwansoii. whose leg wss eat off a?
e'.eanly In the accident as ir It bad beta
done by a surgeon's knife, for a time
as pinioned In the burning wreckage,
but wss rdaed befur the flame
touched iini.
Commissioners of Six States Meet
Federal Examiner,
Request af Stales far Tim to la
veatlaale Increase) A (lectins
Thaasands af Stallone .
Is Denied.
CHICAtK), Jsn. .- Wraugls marked
th meeting 'of railroad commissioner of
even slatss and Chief Kaamlnsr George
X. Brown of th suspension commutes of
the Interstst Commerce com mission tier,
todsy when a new tariff schsdvrt created
by railroads 'In western stares reme at
for dt sou set on. The railroad commission
er llnally left the meeting bctiM, sc.
eordlnc to a statement they Issued later,
the- rain enswiinee he "nisjudltsd the
owt" of b shippers. ' w ; i' . , 1 1.
Troubles started whn . Coovmlssionsr
Clifford Thorn t (J Jvnwa board asked
Brown I recommend a lit daf usnm
alon of th new freight schedule of th
road, which Is to g bit efreel februsry
II, pending th preparation of the com
misslonsrs' attack on th new rates. In
sufficient time had been given th cam
mlrsiunera to protest th nsr ratev It
was said.
Brown firmly refused Id IrSut th re
quest. ,
Th following commissioners tte film
ing the freight meeJre: Clifford Thome,
Iowa; fleurge A. llenrhsw. Oklahoma l p.
c. Robinson, ttiulh Dakota; J. A. Little,
North Dsko.a; J. Hedlund, Texss: K. K.
Smith. Kansas, and T. N. Bradbury. Mis
souri, .
Statement af Casasslsslsnera,
The statement says:
The chief examiner has prejudiced ur
ease. We regret lo And this situation and
wish, ha could have waited until he had
heard our reason for asking th suspen
sion of tlie entire classification.
"Thla classification th railroads hav
proposed lalsea the freight charges on
subjects between all polo's In. Amer
ica west of Ihe Missouri river. It has
been estimated that there are , (owns
In this territory. One-half of them
probab'y are at minor Importance. That
mean more than s.oW.W raises affecting
Chicago alone, Tbe same is true of Kau
nas City, Dea Moines, St. Ixnils and
every other point west of Chicago. Think
of th vast territory affected and the
millions of rates Involved.
"We received notice of this change De
cember 3S. They go Into effect February
16. It would be a physical Impossibility
for any man or board of men to check
this thing over to ascertsia the actual
effect on traffic.
The reeult is a fsw men will present
a few grievances. The great shipping
public and tl e cjnsumers of th country
will not be heard. .Ml we ask Is a sus
pensirn or the whole schedule for IS)
dsys as contemplated by the act to reg
ulate commerce."
Much objection has been made to th
now schedule because of the raise oa
agrli-ultursl Implements, farm machinery
and accessories. . .
The commissioners planned to hold an
other meeting late today to decide on
their future course. .
Norris Eevises His
; Postal Service Bill
WASHINGTON, Jan. S.-.t ten-year
terra for .the postmaster genera', th
elimination of the entire Postofflce de
partment from polltka and th appoint
rment of all postmasters by the head ot
I the department Instead of by the presi
I dent was proposed In a bill Introduced to
I day by Representative Norrls - of Sir
I brs-ka. Tlie measure Is s revision - of a
previous bill by Mr. .Morris.
Salph Sonderland Declines to Ex.
plain to Council Certain Exprea-
, oni Ee TJted. J
Published Words Called in Question I
by Council Members. i
Accuses Unnamed City Officials of j
Misconduct in Office.
laqalry lata ravine and Other Taw. !
.lie Work Bring On! a Let i
r Statements frwsa
. .
. Caatrnetar. j
A placid Investigation Into the letting of i
public Improvement contract In Umalia
bream charged with ominous political
Intent who RMph E. Sunderland of thi
Cttlsses' union was brought before the '
city council., convened as a special court
of Inquiry yesterday afternoon. Runner-1
land was accompanied by a legal adviser. ,
no objerted te all Important ustlonq'
propounded by counrilmen or city at-1
tornej, Mitch objection were sustained'
and nasslv . observers . becam active
Mr. undsrland's (published statement
that It Is a significant observation that
no public attack has been mad upn
th Citlsens' union nor upon Individual
connection wtlh It, except by persons
In close proximity to th city hall, or by
those who fear that corrupt machln coft-l
Irol of Omaha la doomed" started the.
trouble. Through his attorney be politely!
refused lo expltln what li meant, thai
lawyer saying It was Irrevelant. Imms
terlsl siid didn't matter much, anyway. J
A few of th rouncllmen saw it from'
th lawyer's standpoint, other took a
diametrically opposite view and there
after considerable unquiet prevailed. Many j
questions w-jre propounded snd all were
met by the calm, determined objection of!
eeuneel for th witness.
' Canrs af lb Inquiry.
"Confine the eaamlnatlon to th paving
proposition." said the attorney. His sd
vice wa. foilowed, but th witness pro-
fetstd ignorance of the business of lb
firm, as far as such details a pacing I
was concerned. '.'
'"If there' any corrupt ofltcal around, ,
I'd Ilk to find It out," complained City
Clerk Butler. "iHv us what- Information I
you have." " , " ' '
' Counsel objetced. . "
"Do yon know." queried Joe Butler, a-
slstant In In office of th gaa commls
rluner, "thai James Jensen has assigned,
rights iulr contract to yuT'
.Ha ywi twees." waked the witness, ade,
drsiilng ill oity attorney, "that warrantgi
hav been assigned Is uT '
Mr. Rln said "right under th con
tract hsd be i assigned by Jama Jen
sen to th Sunderland Bros, firm."
,"Isn't It k tact," continued Mr. Butler,,
"that Mi-. Jenssn has aligned omsthtn
Ilk l,0 to your
Objection wss md by th aliornsy.
, "I Just wsniad to show," said Butler,!
"that no. man hav beea closer to the ad.
ministration nor , bav been larger bene
erlrlaries than Bundwlsnd rBoa."
Judge jJUirka ruled th roonedlng ul
of order snd yanked th Investigation
bark Into th paring probe channels,
but nothing wss discovered, th wltnaa
protesting thst his brother, J. A. Bun-'
derland, who Is now ut ( th city, was,
th man to xamln. ;
Arier Makes a Cbars.
Direct charge of misconduct on 111,
part of an unnamed city official were1
mad by A. A. Arter. sn employ of C.
R. - Fannlnf and s paving district pro-1
"l d'not car te go any further,'"'
said-Mr. . Arter, "until I have seen a.'
lawyer, I'm not afraid of Incrunlnatlna?
myself, but I want to know bow fan,
I aught to go."
. Although Insistent th council wS
unabl to learn who th official wha
had Improperly conducted himself wss.
Questioned as to whether he waa a
member of the city council or a mlnosl
employ of th administration Arter)
atesdfaally declined to answer until b
had consulted ee, attorney. Ha will
appear bofcr th committee at X Cclo. Si
this afternoon and tell his story, assisted
by legal talent
Prasaatera Aeeawe One Another.
Promoter placed on th stand accused
each other very generously with wrong I
doing hi securing signature to petitions.
T. . Crocker, a "promoter ot public Im.'
provements." , cited sn instanc wham
a certain promoter whose name he gav
had forged a date on a petition subse
quent to the date of stgnliuf. lie Is no'
certain if tbe contract for th work had.
been let on the atrengtb of thla pe-'
Enul Peterson accused an employ of
C. K. "Panning with violating the city,
ordinance j In promlilng to pay a prop
erty-nolder the difference In cost of two)
paving materials It he would attach bi
signal ur ta his petition.' Placed oa th)
stand th employe denied th charge.
C. L. I alining gave a ilst ot th pro!
WASJItNGTOeX, Jan. 2?.Th army a,,
r-ropnatiun MH airryln $VV, .. a?:
Itw acrirultura! uof OMiiitlon Ml. ;-J
a total of !.33fi.jf7S, werr t"Jay ivtortt-i
M thr hou?. T!.f prnsl-jii apivroi'-iatlot,
bill also nil! bts wnortl It tarrtea about
M,m.W0. The army Mil howa a reduc
tion t P .0W frum thp Hfrraprlaitort o'
last yrar. Tin agricultural bill in HZ-Unr
jbfk)? lat rf" aiM'ropriatiOa
v, Jan. . Five stu
dent ware arrested this afternoon on k
.,.n in connectlcsi wuh
'ii.t tntnitlon by fire today of Holy
jrtii college near Karnham. It is
; charged that because some of the boys
were refused permission to go home for
'a holiday they revenged themselves by
I firing the school.' The damage was
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