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IHE OMAHA olWUAl tie: JA.TAttl io, IMlL
Removed ,
'The' Calcium Sulphide TnataeBt
I' IWtr Wooden to Every KUd
V oC Skla Eruptloea,
, . Trial Package kit rm to lreve It
Toa don't want to watt forevw and a
'day to get rid ot Tour pimples or other
skin eruptlaea Toa want to got rid of
itbeat rttlit now. Xnt week you may
.want to go somewhere where yoa would
ot Uko to hero to take tho pimples along.
aVisr 111 r 1 1 1 1 rii nasi!
1 Cot of sty sneiuiee is e . ew Beys
y WiU Stuart's Celsius Welera" .
? Tou caa let rid of than Just la time by
taking Stuart CaMum Wafera.
;Tbey contain ae tbelr mala Ingredient
tha moat thorough, quick and effective
felood cloansar known, ealetum sulphide
5. Remember this, toa, that moat Bunpta
treatments Irak with poison. And they
pre miserably alow besides,
r Stuart's Calcium Wafers have aot a
article of poiaoa ta them. They ara traa
trora aMreury. biting dnica or Ttnomoui
Opiates. Tola la absolutely guaranteed.
J"bey cannot do any ham. but thsy al
ara do rood food that yoa can aaa In
tha mirror before your awn, eye a few
Bays after,
Don't be any longer humiliated by hav
lnc a splotchy face. Doa't have strangers
attars at yoa, or allow your friends to ba
tenanted of row baoauao of your face,
I Tour blood Bailee you what you are.
jVbe aaa as4 women woo forge ahead
kra tboea with aura blood aad auto faces,
i Btuarra Calcium Wafera will aaaka yoa
fcappr because roar faoa will bo a wel
eosie sight not only to youraelf when you
look Into tho rises, tut to even bod else
Irho knowi you and talka to you.
Wo want to provo to you that Stuart's
Calduni Waters ara beyond soubt the beat
and quick eat blood aad akin partner la
itka worid-e wa will esnd you a tree
loaraple aa aooa aa wa (at roar nana and
-Bddraaa. land, tor It- today, "and then
I whoa you hae triad tha sample ywa will
.not roat aontaatad until yoa ka bought
Ma package at your druggist s.
C tend aa your nama aad srlrtrsxs oa the
heupon below and wa win at onca aand
yoa by auui a sample package, free. Ad
'areas T. A. Stuart Ce in Stuart Bldg.
Harebell, Mich.
Commissioners to Look Into Charge
Against Coal Company.
Cee'vaeteve - TPereseaua Peas eats
Wefghlng Ceeks ta gsppoat
f His Cewte-attea. that
lMtm Aaa ibewt. -
Alleged abort weighing of eoal aold to
Douglas county for heating too bow and
old county bulldlno wlU ba probed by
the Board of County Cowimieatoners,
Thla waa decided upon by the board
after J. A. Murphy, foremen tor Caldwell
Drake, general con tract or a oa the
sew county building, had produced evi
dence that a toad of oeal delivered by
the Union Fuel tampan waa abort Bo
pound a
ilurphy produced bla erldence la de-
fenao of Caldwell A ' prake'a protaat
agalnat tha eounty'a fit oeal bid charged
to tha general contractora for beating
of tha new building. Under a contract
with Caldwell Drake tha county baa
beta beating tba new bonding from the
eame plant with which tha preeeat court -bouee
la heated. By tba terne of tha
contract tho price the general contractora
mart pay the county per month ta de
termined by deducting from the eounty'a
monthly eoal Mil tha amount paid by tba
county per month for eoal a year age.
wbea anly tha present building waa
raMereH'a Ob)srtl 0.
Oeorge W. Caldwell, of the contracting
firm, oblected ta tha bill aa excessive and
said auch a price aught not ta be charged
unlea It bad power to aapervlae the heat
ing and protect Itaclf agaaaat OTerchargea.
Mr. Murphy aald when the Union Fuel
company waa about to deltrar a lead of
00a 1, purporttag ta weigh t,aV pounde, be
made the driver weigh It aa the
city egalaa And the, cheek sbowed It BO
pouada abort. lie produced the bllla and
tha city ecalee weighing check to prove
bla eta te merit.
The eonuntaeloaera aaanlmouety decided
to thoroughly Investigate the matter aad
In tha future to bunet that all eoal cold
the county ba weighed on the city acalea
Cliete -that the county la loatng money
by burning Cherokee nut from the Union
Fuel eotnpaay at flat a toa, when
under Ita contract with tba Havene
Wblta Coal, company It could get Cherokee
team tor K M a ton. alee waa naaee by
Murphy, Blare tha general contractora
muat bear part of any loaa tba county
beare. ba declared the eontraetora ateo
uffar frem tale. Farther, he declared
that eoma of the eoal cold tha county la
far from ,-atlefaetory.
Tree Pack&ge Coupon
f. A. BTHAM 00,
1 vtaart Blag, Manaall, KUa.
and me at once by return mall, a
trial pacaaare ef miaaifa Calcium
Wafera, abaolutaly tree ta prove It
eeeie reeuuo.
I Name M mm
treat ..
City ,,..M,H. Ma.
4 .
Thaw goof
ere, rich t
of every t-
good JL
eaih. ba'
f payly
Of you
on no
prairie, good eropi
wa eloaev 6,t
ka rent, but loataad
to 14'
you'll pay for a farm
1 Other good farmi 10
for quirk aale. Eagene
41T Ohio Street, Be
H tha) Kldawva Are) Rcwlijr AfYwtcd;
i Ala Giree TUa Mmpto rreacrlp.
) Mom Which AayccM Caa Prepare
M Baene at Koenimal Oat, Makea
I the lUdBeyg Act Satarally, Forc
i 1( Thera to Filter Oat Crie Add,
! Oarfaiff Wont Farma of DyapepeJa
aad BhetlBVetaBBa,
'There are more caeca .if khutor treubla
faere now tbaa aver bofora, while roe
oeperta enow that'ntora people anoaumb
leach year to aooa fern of kidney dla-
laaeea tbaa any ether eauaa.
When there la alHmeaa, examine the
,'Vriaa. Khajimatlam la only a aymptom
vt etonaaii and kktaey trouble. It t
Aothlag gnora aw loaa than aweaetve uric
add la the Mood, whtett the aluggleh.
laactlve Mdneya have failed ta etrt out.
Searing It ta deounpaoa aad aettle about
tba otou aad muaelea, causing tntenee
eatfertnaV frequently reeulnng ta deforav
tty; ottea reaching tha heart and death
Albert Law Upheld '
; in Oma Hotel Case:
Injunction Granted
I'Pttolding the Albert law. Judge Leslie
y eater day morning granted a permanent
lnjunetloa agalnat the Oma hotel, reatrala-
ing tba proprietor, Loula W. Prentca, aad
Charlee K Fannlag, owner of tho building.
from conducting tba koatclry aa a dia
drderly reeort ,
la dectdmg tba eaaa Judge LeaOe holds
that walla there may be flawe la the
Albert law. there are Bene of eatfV-W
Ineportaoce ta bmkaata It, aad that tba
penalties provided by tba law ara not
azoeaalve, aa waa argued by the defense.
Judge Leslie's rultog huldj iinmaetiie-
tlonal that acetlon of tba Albert taw
which BTovUee that tba attorney repre-
aentlng the elate whoa a suit Is finished
shall motive W per cent of the tW apo
dal tax aaiiind agalnat tha owner ot
tho pfwparty. It esmflMa WlU a aectloa
of the coBStitatioa which providaa for
payment of all tana Into ana daBjaitmont
or another af tba public treasury. TMs,
however, deea aot tavalldate Ue baleens
ef tbe Albert Uw, la Judge LoaUo'i opta-
The ruling, however, doea not go fur.
ther into the tax natter aad doea Bet
consider whether or not tbe provision far
a IX asseatment la constitutional.
Judge Leslie holds that tbe building if
closed only for illegitimate purposes aad
may bo opened and need for legitimate
purposes if tba owner gives bond to
guarantee that H win aot ka Improperly
Ure Has Offer of
Bis Vans to Helo
Collect the Tax
City and County Treasurer W. O. Ure
baa received offers, from van owners af
their trasuporutlea faeuitiaa abould he
need aucfc In collecting personal taiaa The
treasurer, however, is loth la employ gay
etrtageat sneaaarea and while he
spree has tntentloa to eoilest all par.
eoaal taxes, be win "m
warrants." unUt ba la aatlsflot that a
taxpayer w seeking to avoid paying his
taxes If auch taxpayers eh oar, a willing.
ness to pay wbea able to do so or If a
part of tbe Ut la paid and tba net la
promised wttata a reasonable time bo
attempt will be made ta sell household
furnishings or other personal property.
Tbe defendants ara permanently en
tolned from ooaducting disorderly houses
anywhere ks the Judicial district.
The court bolda the evidence was ample
ta prove that Immoral acta war com
mitted In tba betel ewd that la all like
lihood the proprietor had knowledge of
them. '
A. f. JUtchle. attorney for Prenlca, aad
I. J. Duns, attorney tor TannUig, gave
notice ot appeal ta tba supreme court.
and were gtvea the austosnary tarty days
In which ta perfect their appeasa
CHy ball affloiala ara- trembUng over
ae poaslbla osnoosna of a personal feud
started yesterday amrnlng when A. JL
Aster, A paving promoter, walked lata tba
otnoeof GooiseCempon. assistant dty en-
ear, aad csumaUy asked tf be was pre
paring mors "eog-ua figures." Mr.
Cainpea reseated tha charge and went
forthwith ta tbe mayor and the dty at
torney to see U be bad any legal ledresa.
Finding ha had Bona ha requested Arter
to retract ta writing want be had said.
TMa Arter refused aad threats of gun
play followed.
Tba trouble began yesterday wbea the
dty engineer's office submitted figures
oa paving Jobs oa being asked to strike
aa average ot tho coat ot paving In the
city. Objection waa made ta tba manner In
watch tha average cost was secured and
tha documents were withdrawn, to be
submitted again at tba lares Ug at) en Mon
City Engineer Craig says tha figures aa
submitted Monday wlU prove that his
aereurtxnent la right hi tha meaner In
which the average has baea struck. Ow
ing ts the varying cost at pavement in
tbe different districts, owmalaaed la some
places by the ncosasnry uee at much
per base, and by ether as rues, Mr.
Craig says tha average eost Is difficult ta
Meningitis Begins
to Worry McQraw
KBW TOftK, Jan. r. Manager Mo
ri raw ot tha New Tort National league
club, tods received a letter from hie
ground-keeper. Job Murphy, who aaa
m la Marlla, Tax, saying there are
reral cases of wterdnaitts la Mertte,
but that Bona ot tha patients la seriously
affected and el have been Isolated.
MeOraw baa beta aaatfta at the bmbIb-
gills idee, but now has takes a wKTerewt
view af tha matter. Be dislikes changing
hla training plana at thla lata aate, bat
says ha does not propose to expose any
of bis men. He baa written ta Murphy to
keep hint posted oa the toaal dtuetwa
and to (lea Net Immediate aetice of aay
bow outbreaks.
Befor'Marphy'a letter arrived Users
tery CMea had sent tetters ta all I
veteraae at last oeaeeaa chess pi easels
team to report to Marlla aa later tbaa
Mere i. - - , -
Guild Makes Fight ;
to Protect Shippers
Whether to eliminate reduced ratings
on empty beer kegs, steel tanks, araeker
cans, heavy cement bags aad ether re
ceptacles, returned 'empty to Polnt of
shipment, was the proposition moat vital
to Omaha at the recent snooting at tha
western ckuslflieuloa committee at Gal
veston, reports Commissioner J. M. Build
of tbe Csaiiatrnlal club, who hat returned
frem the meetlag-
A strong case tor the retention of pres
ent sating aa these articles waa made,
with expectation of favorable action by
the committee, according to Mr, MM.
If the rating wore eliminated, the Omaha
breweries we sat. be put out of business
and tha craoaer oompanlea. Preet-evLlte
eeatnany aad wholesale druggists would
be seriously effected,. Tbe usual ociecttos
was made -byk western -shippers ta the
peranlally recurrent proposal' for mixed
carload ratines. . ' '
Mr. Ound not only reprissaiil tea
Omaha OessaanwaeJ ohia. but the OBsa
aaeree cbib af Bt. Joseph, tba 1 easels
Commerctel alub and tba Oolorade Maoa
facturera association.
Charles Matter
city planning, who hv retained aa clty
beautiful" advise by
manlctpallOes. Will he
rebruary. M. Free! dent Marten f the
Real Bslete ' earhanga wtB ayraage far
a eoasavanco with him for tba aey aeaa
alog eaweunlUoe of atw eeeheaem Mr.
Rpbtneoa aoee aot apeak In public . bat
the exchange, hopes as get
steas from aim mreugk tba fvineel
Paine cross the barx. freqoeat, pala
tal and suppressed artnetioa and other
aymptoma of weak bladder ara aot the
eely sigas ot kidney trouble; many cases
af stesaecfc tin as as, bsadarbe, pale la
tbe heart. Inactive brer. etc. are but
STmptasna: tbe causa of which caa be
tenced to feoMe, slogged klooeys.
A simple test ot this anna Is ta veld
a small auantity la a bottle or glass and
let kt stand over night: next avaralng.
tf there ss a reOdieh. brtck-dust sediment
ea white fleecy substance preeeat, either
caasult aosre reputable psrsictaa or take
a good prescript tea ereatxeeat. The fot
losing preacrtptSoa is reeuiauetoded high-
ly m these cases aad the sufferer can
sax It at bosae: Field Extract Jumper
Brrrlea, oae ounce; Compound riotd
Kalmwort, one ounce: Com po sad Syrup
at Hyoopsospmtse, four emaeas. Shake
VeO sad osa m tcaspexemful deees before
esveb meal and at bed tuna,
There aay ot tbe s in plume enunser
. atrJ above ara present good results are
aare to follow bmroed lately tho aea ef
aUa simple treaUneM Adr
City Attorney Rlne baa tiled Ms petl-
tiea for oommlasloner. C. J. Aaderaoa
bss also tiled, lacresslag the riambir af
flHngs ta oleewa. Others wba have filed
are Oeorge M. Sco field and Louie Berks.
Fred fcaroeaer aaa applied tee aad has
bora gives a commleeloeiereblp blank. R
J. Tompeett and Joaathaa Uwards have
aiee aacured baanka, making a total of
M Maaks given one .
rrtscipej MeHugh ef tht Oataba High
scboel smussta that ad freahmeo guy
away frees tba high school Monday and
work Taewday ismliei This
deaa to avoid tbe renfmeloa which
enly foliow tbe wusearoua
ebanges wbieh are asiseseiji la eejaet
mg the tli ins at the epeeuag ef the sec-
Old Eesident Dies
v' of Acute Gastritis
Frances Cordelia Jeaklas, widow af
Clarence B. Jenkins, who died about
etevea years ago, succumbed to acute
gastritis last evening at f Jt o'clock. Bbe
suffered from tho attack oaly about fif
teen hours, Ike wag years old and
made her home with her daughter, Mrs.
I. A, Medlar, CZ7 Harney street.
Mas. Jenkius had bean a resident af
Omaha tor many years, having ooras hers
la UM. Bar maiden Basse was Witting
and aba was married to Clarasos K.
Jenkins In 1MT. Of thsf ttrrtoa tha foil ow
ing ehl'drea survive! Mrs. Medlar aad
Miss Xvelya Jenklrai of thla ' dty a
Cbuvnre B. Jankras of lam Angeles. Fu
neral arrangements ara deferred pending
word front tho cam oral a son.
A. A. Arter and AiiiitAat Eniaier
Eare t Xirelj Jfiznp.
Wire Arter mefasde te stetrect His
gtatesseBt Cam pee Calia Cpeat -Mayee
end City Attarawy far
tlgb e
lebsel Boys Osgaalss.
M. . L . . W W , I
1 11V imjjm i nm imnivi acnovi nave
organised a basket bell ssuad aad started
regulsr sftsrnooa practice in tbe gym
nasium at tbe Unlverdty of Omaha
About fifteen youngsters ara working
out for plaeeo oa the regular five, which
promises to be one of the foremost of
the laoal grade schools at the floor gams
this year.
Negro is Killed at
South Omaha Oyer
- Thirty Cents Lost
Trouble ever a, crap game endWvs sxur
der yesterday afternoon at I'll o'clock In
Sovtk Omaha when BUI Uoeley teued
Jack xteTBOlds with tba butt aad af
Winchester rifle. Both are Begroea, Bey
aoid'a skull was crushed aad ha died on
the epet where he ten.
The murder ooauiiod ta Dooieya bar
bar shoe, IS North Twenty-sixth etreot.
In the rear of the place Pooler conducts
a gambling dsn frequented by negroes.
Kayaoids. who has served time in tbe
penitentiary for cutting Cluarisa Rober,
and who is generally known as a bully
engaged la a crap game aad lost W
cents, whereupon ho threw oae ot tbe
dice la the surra Dooley demand ed pay
ment for tho dice and worda followed.
Reynolds was put out of the place when
ba kicked up a rumpus, but ba rushed
back at Dooley wuh a half a, swreedlng
In stabbing aad alaahlsg tba barber
gambler In tho back.
In tha eculfle Dooley grabbed his rlfl
aad shot Reynolds In tha right hand. He
became so Infuriated that be agala
rushed at his opponent, and It was then
that Dooley reversed tha ends ef the
gun and with a heavy blow crushed Rey
nold's skull.
Dooley Is la Jail, and the body of Rey
nolds at held at Larkln a undertaking
establishment pending the Investigation.
Aa aged man who waa found uneoa
soiocs la tba areeway of a store at Twenty-fourth
and M streets. South Omaha, at
30 o'clock last night, died forty minutes
hater at tha South Omaha polios station.
Heart failure hi believed to have baea
tbe sense of death.
From papers ta his pockets the mas la
believed to bava been James McKonna
of Platta Center. A certificate of deposit
for taot waa found.
Ho appeared to ha about ft years old.
Hut clothing Is of expensive material.
Sixth Diitriet jtepnoentatiTe iBtro
- duet Bill to Stop Ojrtrttiotix,
eemanrn, Internee te WrOTont (Sea
bllag ta rreelwete of Fsursa, Bex
f erred to Ceesusettteo on
(Frem a Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON. D..C Jan. r.pecsal
TelegTaxa.) Representative Kiakald to
day Introduced a ball designed to pet a
stop to gambling la options oa ootton,
grain aad other farm products, Treaamls.
aioa of telegraphic m savages to consum
mato trades at farm products which can
not bo aetuejly delivered oa eontraet ttma
ars contraband, and all - persons and
parties to aneh contracts or who send
sock messages ara made criminally liable
and subjected to heavy fine or imprison
ment, or both.
Mr. Kinkald aaid la dieruaelng tha
measure that It was ot wide interest to
tha fanners of tho country, and that as
a matter of fact It waa becked by an or
ganisation of fanners which had many
members In Nebraska and la every other
state In tba union.
The government has dona much," geld
Mr. IClnkaid, "in aiding farmers to In
crease the yield of their farma through
the department of sgricuKuxa, But In the
mattrr ot priors no each protection Is
afforded at present and they ara often
at tha mercy ot apeeulatora who control
Prices wUheot having a dollar Invests
in actual farm products. It as believed
that the preeent bin mere nearly soak as
farm producta subject to tho eeoootnis
laws of supply and demand, rather than
to tha artificial condWioria created by
gamblers In margins. Tha bill la to be
referred to tha committee of agriculture.
A similar measure will bo prevented la
tha senate, it Is understood. In the sear
Bepraseataiivo Kinks id today reeoro-
xoended W. O. Jonas to be postmaster at
Bunrell, Garfield county, to succeed P.
S, Belgoon, resigned.
Eczsma Began Whan Three Weeks
Old. Arms, Sltadrs and Breast
a Solid Scab. Boils Broke Out
During Teething. Used Cuticura
Soap and Ointment, and He Was
the Picture, of Health.
"My eon was esaut three weeks aad wbea I
wjachawaiesubstsflmooasd. Albert Une
sraw, bss ersas. snewswrs
and at a few days becsase
a saad sssh. The Isule
faUew waa under nest
xesat lor absat three
saanlhs By tha sad af
tbe use af Coaisam oesp
aad Oiasaawit, and bt a
fewdars aoOloed sxearked ekaoge. Tbe emp
Bos os ka rtuks was slsxost healed, and bla
shouiasw, anas sad breast were deiwleilly
better. When ha was about ssvea xesath
aid. ad warn af the enema was goaa.
"Derkig bis Issihaig period, ha head and
face wars broken out it boils wtucb I cured
with Caoeura Soap and Owtment. Barely
he Bsssi hove bssn a greet saOsrer. Dsrleg
Ibeueseef Hsthsng lassd tbe Dilkuis swap
sad CQIIasn Oct is est, natbksg aba, sad
baa ars years aid ha was tba picture ef
health. Bis ssmphivlna waa sort sad beauti
ful, sad ba heed e ssssj of snky eurle. I sad
bees afraid that ha weabl never be wen, sod
I leal una I owes great deal la tba Otrueurs
sVsnedMe (rMgaea; Mm. Mary W. Kacaeay,
ept, M. Uia
I orntnsasl ara sold
of each mtSed traa.
wtab IVa. beak. Addrfss, "Oasssura,"
Dept. T, Beaton. Teneee-gued mea shoald
akeea with Cigsssui ceiap skjeriog Stiok.
Omaha ' Great Home Paper
Ml ! fct litetoni
,. A Tho groateat M0NET-8AV1N0 opportualty of the onUro year; tlmo whoa It boconag saossaary (or no to mako an '
I - abaoluud CUBAN-DP of thousands of dollars' worth ot good, sound, trustworthy, saw stylo furniture, bads, enroots.
X I rugs, atovea, eurtajns, dxaportos and other homo f urntkhlng s-tramendotuly laxga quanUtlea-at RXDUCTI0NS OF FROM
aC IS TO to rca CENT-aach Brtoo ticket tolls tho talo of profit. If aver there waa an 0PP0BTUN1TY to bur with ovary
ft I ka"MBDt la tho punshaaer's favor, that opportaaltr to hero; tho COMJlJsTsUCBaB est variety, tho 8TBitU,NQ CHAR- .
- If ACTER of tho goods, tho UNRESTRICTED OFFERING ot absolutely overruling wllhont reserve, combine to giro hotoefur-
U f nlahlng aacftera aa sitraordlnary advantage. Our bay em pro si ready ta tha marVots. eoatractlDg tor tho 00m lng aoaaon't
gooda; thla merohandlaa will soon be oa tho way, henco It boeomoa aaoaaaary to mala room for their reception hy effacuof a prompt
olaaraAoa ox au auraltoro and Iarnlghlo(g jtow oa hand, thercforo tho aala la genarsj throigaani oil LA.HQE BT0RE8.
' - f .1 e
Phi Rho Sigmas
; Will Give Banquet
Members ot the PM Rho Blgma fra
ternity af Crssrhtaa Medical college wla
sarnirrl tha recent candidates at tho
lasyal this evening. Dr. IX C. .Bryant,
dean of tho xtedloal department, wul ba
bsastmaater and during tba course ot tba
basqust several faculty members of tha
fraternity., will respond. Among the
Initiates for tha present year arm
BJ. Maairt r. Ryder
H. Murphy CUos Delta
w, p. Mursojr . loung
A. Barr C O. Moore
p. hi Her! J. B. kUeyla
City and County Treasurer Ure baa de
cided that employes ta Me. depart
ment must sever their eennectloa with
the dry or oooary payroll upon entering
the race tor dty.
offies Clled at the spring eieeoon. Bo has
ae objection ta thewsutalag tba aamer
oas petloeos ketng eireelated.- bat wui
not lalsrata tha office-seeker aa a mem
ber of bis atOee ferce,
Other deaeu-tsaawte la tbe alty hall are
snnsliWrlrt such a policy, but sees beve
yet notified eeaplovea that they must stay
out af pontics and pay attenhoa strtotly
to their business. While heeds at some
deaertiacnu have aot prohibited thaw em
ployee entering tho rase tor psUtlcal ef
Oeo they bars been slsosursglag . tha
habit. - -'.,
Dermatologist Gives
' Complexion Secret
Frisk tie I raise .
la tba stassach. tea-aid Hver. tanaa back
and weak kidneya ars aeon roacvod ay
Easctna Bttters. Gsawanteed. tas. For aale
by Beaton Drug Co.
The key to success ta business la the
htdicloua and persistent aaa af asaspapei
The great secret .of hissing the face
ysejag at to keep eft tha dead cutlese."
said Dr. J, Mortimer Mitchell, tha Beted
Bogueh dersaatnsteBat. now vtstUng this
country. (t Is wet known (hat tba our.
faoa skia la eoastantly dying, failing off
la imperceptible partlclee, except hi some
Olsnsasd condi tkwa, when the same ap
pear ka daadrurt. Bat tha aarucieB da
not drop off tmnwdlataly they die, being
beat tor awhile by the Ive skis.
Ta have tbe aornuuotogkal aaigaua
peel eft tbe entire cuticle at aae tuna ss a
painful and expeastva opera Uocl The
results Is obtained by applying ordi-
wax. aa yoa woead seed
bt eeffWent. -Tas nra-
both pal aires and lii ipeesli s
The wax. procurable at your drug stores,
bssn as tha aataral akertrllng rr n io It
gradually absorbs tho dead and halt-dead
akin, jereaang tbe new, healthy, youtk-
"rany eewa sasnea Sfwte eiliv aweaw euarastMrtw .SBvwwe araa amawaaW eelViiVip Waaf ssWsaAegl ajB ea,ejyaasi Ba4 wM W faasbr amO; awajp s nwa lx As! s A WlbaiVt
Our Convenient-Paying Plan Solves the Problem
r r Now at
J- only
Here Is an exceedingly strongly made solid
whits oak sable, oxtenda to six feet; tba
pedestal la nsusrlvs and tha top la vary
large. II Is highly polished and
every part eareftuly finished.
TharTe worth . Bpeclal
during thai sale tho price ke only
Dining Rooci Furniture
15j00 8.80
29.50 17.50
33.00 19.63
Parlor Goods
Reguuvr Bale
. Price, " rrlea,
la Dainty S-Flooo 8aitoa 2.0 15.78
14 4-Pleoo MAhogany,
- 811k'- Plush, gsnulao
. leather 17.10 I7M
11 Maaalvo Ovarwtaffed
Rocker 14. 175
tl QmrUnt Oak Rock.
ars. Imperial leather 1.1 4M
14 Quartered Oak MorrU
Chair w.75
& swa.' ma n
43 Golden Oak Extension
Tables, 6 feet..... $ 9.00 $ 6.75
29 Massive Pedestal Exten
sion Tables, 6 feet
14 Quartered Oak Pedestal
Tables, 6 feet...
12 Heary Mission Extension
, Tables, 6 feet ..j
19 S-t oot Quartered Oak Ex
tension Tables . . . , 35.00 23.75
10 Quartered Oak Side-,
boards .38.00 2325
U-Solid Oak Sideboards... 22M 13 M
26 Solid Oak Buffetsj..... 280 . 18.75
16 Mission Buffets ........ 18.00 9.85
S-Maiopany Buffets 150JX) 75.00
12 Oak China Cabinets..... 2400 1L95
95 Wood Seat Chairs. 1.75 .87
66-Oak Leather Seat Chain 4,00 210
40-Slip Seat Quartered Oak
Chairs..... 7X0 3.75
Bedroom Furniture
v 43 Coldaa Oak or 11 aho
aay FlaUh Dresser.. 1UI
1 1 Goldea Oak or hUhog-
any Jlnish Dresser. . JM4
II BeaoUful Blrusara
Maclo Dreeaer
t Ooouine) Matioginy
Colonial Driujaer 7S.04
j Magnificent Circas
sian Walnut Pressor ,$!.
It OoldD Oak Chit.
fooler ' l.9
t Quartered Oak Chif
fonier 11.44 1UM
4 Naat Iron Beds .... 4.49 JO
IT ConUnBong Foot Iron
Beds 11.00 iM
14 Iron Bed, t-tach post 14.00 IM
11 Mlsatom Brasa Bads 24.00 14-t9
A7adcrfil Din
tl Chiir Vilie
A lif aUrpfg a-j j
These handsome
chain are con
structed of 'the
best solid .oak
with broad quar
tered oak panel
hack. They are made with box
seats and ara upholstered in gen-
Tho rocuiar
Imperial- leather.
Txlna Is 1.0 each.
Library Goods
II Solid Oak Library
' TMeo ......... ..
14 Mia. Ubrary Tables
lt--)tisjtere4 Oak or
Oenalno Mahofaar
library Tables
1 Mission Fumed Oak
Rocker .... ......
14 4mituoa Laatkar
Da vec porta
11 Unlfold Imperial
Leather Davx&porU
f 4-05
150 18-tVI
1X80 ' VJSO
14.10 tSJtQ
TMa excellent all-etael bed ta saade with
4 deierstsd pauaels at tba head aad feet
beard: bee aoavy poets aad wary beau
tiful dsaigne: oaa be bad la all colors ef
tbe beet enamel; alee Varnia
eaartla. It la truly aa
a msslng value. Regular
price UMi now
9 4UB
Beautiful Rugs
0x11 Wilton Velvet Rags 114.40
txll SanilasaVelret Ragx J0
S-Sxl0- Wlltoa Vecvat
cvusat ....
Ixll Heavy Axnttajtor...
Ozlt Brneeeai
t-xlO- Braaoeht
1x4 ATmlrrator Bags.....
4x0 Keversihle Art Bogs.
;P?e,l0 IgaTTfJ
la this dresser
we offer a rare
barrain- It is
made of aolidC
oak, vith 3
larre drawers,
a plate mirror f
and extra
large base.
They are high
ly polished
and conntruct- -.
ed in a most attractive design.
Yon will be rorprised at the
Mg vsJno offorod ta this . 7S
draaaar. Regular prtca
.TS; for that asJ........'FW