Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 28, 1912, WANT AD SECTION, Image 27

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After February 1. ml. I will he located
at 4K-4 Brandeis Bldg. and will con
tinue a general ml mate, insurance
and rental btiAnexa.
l'our continued patronage and butines
11 be appreciated.
Piion Doug. SOK. 4M! s Bid..'
SoX rath, talaoc tike rent at KIT Arena
C. Council muds. Thte rt a neat, com
fortable 4-room house, with city water,
gat and electric light, on good high
tot. two blocks ot Omaha car and city
school. It la worth the money, at tUM.
lift Pearl St., Council Bluffs.
(For Sal on Easy Terms.)
We an now attaring oar country reat
dencj. conulsttag or M acres, located on
Military road, halfway between Benaoa
and Irvtngton. b-ruorn bouse with all
modern Improvement, tnotodmg bath
room, furnace, laundry, hot and cold
water, open fireplace, hardwood floors,
summer dining room. etc. Also large
barn. Ice house, chicken house, hog
house, etc. Large amount of fruit, eeo
eisttng ot nearly all varieties raised In
tills ellanat. Paved streets Into Omaha.
A little over a mile to street car. Good
grade schools la this district. Only twenty
minutes' ride In automobile to business
center of city. WUI dtrld and tell s acres
wilh all the improvements and fruit, If
inquire if owner.
B. 9. ROOD.
I will tell .0. choicest building lot In
the ilanecom Park district upon the
most favarabi terms that could be de
sired. It you oontemplat building this
spring, better see in sons. Lot located
northwest corner Bd tnd Arbor. Tele
phone Harney Set or South 737. Wllllaa
II. Qoald, Jr.
4617 K. f?lh St., I-room cotUca. per
lor. dining room, kltclwa and two Die
tearoom, biff pantrr; il on on flor;
nlely ptvpwed nd oecorMtvd, 11 oat up-lb-0at
.euio llht ttxturaa, ca tty
water, two full lot bj-totC fruit tr:
rhrric, tUaion plnma; food onl
tuu Khiia, hen houte; It on rrtri
Wert front: two brock from ear, a food
l-laco to raiM chicken. Cloao to a
good school. Call Wabatar 8623 for particular.
F, S. Trullinger
Six room, besides bath and den,
at rial y modem oak finish. Full two
stories, near Kountae Place. Exception
ally well built and warm. Furnaos heat.
Full cement basement, otment walks,
sodded yard, screens and storm wtd
dow. In fin neighborhood. Price re
duced to SI. 67, S3o sash, balance monthly
Ilk rent. Phono Owner, Harney fcOO, for
more Information.
At exec-tor of ti estate f Mrs. Cath-
-,i. t lj-v I win receive offers until
February t, lull, at the United State Na
tional bank. lor tne weat ono-naii ok sot
three (). In block on til. In 8. E.
Rogers' addition to the city of Omaha,
This property ia situated on the south
east corner of Eleventh and Martha Bu..
Hunting about 131 feet on Eleventh St.
and 144 en Martha St. It wa occupied
kv Mr lcv as het Bom and I lm-
moved with tres, shrubbery, ham, a
,-room dwelling house la good condition,
with apnea lor forth batldings. The
property can bo purchased, if desired,
subject to a mortgage of H.OOt, and pay
ment for the equity may be made one
third cash and balance in W or days.
United States' National Bank,
16th and Far nam SW.'
Live stock market ofwest
Whip your stock tee South Omaha. 8av
mileage and shrlnkaga loor naign
meots receive prompt and careful atiea- Stock Cans at lesion Merchant.
' Pyers Bros. CO. Strong and responsible
VVOOP BROS., 2M-M Eichasgs Bjdg.
"great Wott. Com. Co- Omaha A Denver.
W. R. SMITH At SON just handle sheep.
TAOO BROa handls cattle, hogs, theeP
hay, Robinson A Co.. too E.chsng Bid.
Interstate Co. Better remits. Ship to u.
CLIFTON Com. Co.. ta Eiohange Bldg.
L. E. ROBERTS CO.. 22S Exch. Bldg.
Cox Jones Com. Co.. bunch of hustlera
"Farmers L. S. Com. Co.. SB) Each. BMg.
t-.rlt ni-nnej-la of ahlDnMMS lB fltOCk
bank. Only bank at yarda
Martin Broa. Co., SSS-4 Each. Bid.
WEEKS GRAIN CO., grain merchant
Conalgtunenu solicited. 71 BrtadeU.
Sen-rate bids will be received until I
o'clock on Tuesday, February 12. IHl at
the office of the 8ecrary of the Board of
Regents. University of Nebraska, ' Lin
coln, for the construction of a Law Col
lege building, also for heating and venti
lating apparatus, plumbing and electric
wiring for the same; the total cost to bs
approximately PA.tM, to be built oo the
University Campos at Lincoln, according
to plans and specifications now on file In
tne Ol flu Ol tne up riiuenu ul w
st ruction. Room 207, Administration build
ing. University of Nebraska Bids must
he sealed and marked with the bidder's
name and the words:
Bid for construcUoa of Law CUag
Bid for healing and ventilating appa
ratus. Law College building.
Bid for plumbing, Law College building.
Bid for electric wiring. Law College
building. . . ,
written plainly on the eutstd of each Ud.
respectively. J. B. DALES, Secretary.
jji-a-a Ft.
Firm Fiap Ttn.M in tn WTiwt I
- - -- a-v .
Fntare Market.
Despite Liberal Movement ot Corn
That Grata Refaaee to Decline
U Price) ta Any Appre
ciable Ezteat.
si.le limits for May were !0Sc and 61 Sc.
alth last alcs W up at 6nTec.
There was a noticeable sbeotxe of sell
ing pressure on hog oroducts. The bulge
in wheat appeared to serve as a restraint
for traders, who wens inclined to take
the short side of the market. At the
close pork was dearer 'r to Wtlite and
the rest ot the list i'-rffac to Se.
Leauuig options cloeed as for.ows:
Article- Open, i High.j Low. ! dose-'yostdy
OMAHA, Jan. IT, lli
There tu a firm leeimx in the wheat
market today. May closed 1 cent higher
man yesterday, onlv a spot under the
nigh point for the day. May closed Sc
aoov yesterday and September He above
in sol to of the heavier movement, both
cash and option price hi corn hold up.
A narrow range characterised the option
market and the closing prices were V?
anoer yesterday a close
Tho range wa narrow also In the oats
market. Jdav cldaed Wc above veaterdav.
July at exactly yesterday, figure and
oepiemoer c lower.
Chicago wired: " I'bere has been a aood
deal of long earn soal out this morntag.
Snippers are reducing their bids for cah
corn, trying to buy It at a bigger dis
count unaer May. The demand is very
Minn-spoils wired: "Fair demand for
cash wheat, with No. I northern May to
c unaer. Flour demand is enlarging a
little each day."
Liverpool closed 1t$V3 higher on wheat
and Hd higher on corn.
Clearance were u.ow bushels of wheat
and m.J0 bushels of corn.
miliary wheat receipts wer tw.s'i
bushels and sbipments bushels,
comrared with receipt a year ago ot
eei.i bus belt and shipments o!
busheta Primary corn receipts were
I.m.00 bushels and shipments (-.
bushels, compared with receipts of
bushels a vear ago and shipment of
Sas.vuv bushels.
The following cash sales were reported:
Wheat No. : hard winter, 1 cars at H OC;
No. 4 hard whiter. 1 car at tl.W; No.
prlng, 1 car at W . Oats No. t wnite,
I car at c; No. whit. cars at Vc
Corn No. I white, I car at Hc; No.
wait. 1 car at tUbc; 1 cars at toe; 1
car at eTc; No. I color. 1 car at kJV;
no. eoiur. i tar at sic; i car at eir;
No. I yeflow. i oar at t3 .c: No. 4 yellow.
1 oar at lc; cars at He: 13 car at
SOV: No. 1 mixed, 1 car at V; cars
t cc; l car at cc; ro. mixeo, i cars,
at Or; can at fee; 4 ears at Mc; 1 car
at .4cjl car at Kc; 1 cars at Wiic; no
grade, 1 tar at vc: I car at t rare
at Wo; 1 car at 7c; t cars at 64ljc; cars
at Mc; I car at iMbe.
Omaha Cnah Prices.
WHEAT No. t bard. il.OWrtl.04t4c: No.
1 hard, JLltfl.V No. 4 hard. SiMitl.O.
tviut-Ntt. a wiute, aanttitec: -o. ,
white. auelc: No. 1 color. tVn!kc: No.
a yellow, 2tWc: No. 4 yellow, toft
1r; No. I. 41!Vifi3c: No. 4, iMl!c: no
grado, KAWte.
OATS No. I white. erUfNWc: standard,
Mt0c: No. I white. tS'tHS,c: No. 4
whit. P4we: No. 3 yellow, W',Hc;
r,o. e vetiow, wmitct
BARI.RT MsJtlnc 11 flftffl.Sn: No- 1
feed, T5fl6c; heavier feed, aortigl Aa.
Bi & No. X MH9c; No. J, IWuWc.
Car lot Rre;pts.
VVheaL Com. Oats.
Omaha 177 S
Chicago 17 tl ID
Mlnneapolia JJ
Dululh 11
Kansa City 41 101 l
Feat area of tho Trading nnd Cloalag
Price Beard at Trade.
CHFCAOO. Jan. r. Belief that the
wheat crop of France had been over
estimated resulted today In a material
aavaao in price. Th clrss ws firm t
91 gain over last nig in. Corn fin
ished c to HOSc down, oats a shade
oft to He up and hog product more ex
pensive ay to lue.
Rumors that Finnish miller were mak
ing Inquiries for No. I red winter wheat
from the United Btatas caused something
approaching enthusiasm In the pit here.
There wa much aMt that Import duties
would be reduced. In this connection It
wa a subject f comment that flour at
Part had risen an amount equal to t
cent a buahel for wheat. Statements
wsre current that Franc would require
,000,000 bushel before th new crop In
that country waa available and that only
grain of good quality would fill th need.
According to th bulla, Australia and th
United State were to be looked upon In
that can aa practically the sol sources
of supply. Other factcra against the boars
wer th itgatnesa of world shipments
and the alleged poor condition of Mis
souri, Indiana and Ohio winter wheat.
Increased primary receipts, especially
northwest, were responsible for much
early selling, hut deale.-s who let go were
competing afterward for offerings at a
mack higher level,
it was eald that aeed wheat would have
to ho shipped Into North Dakota. During
th seaman May ranged from II 01 1i 91.02
to S1.e01.l. to wind up ll.WV a rise
of Wo net.
Extensive realising by longs caused
heaviness In corn. Anxiety to secure prof-
Its was Increased by report of a big
movement of country shipment. Weak
ness wa cheeked, however, by wheat
strength. May fluctuated between tB0
and IcV, closing sy i0Sc net lower
at ffStC casn grades were quiet, zso. z
yellow waa not quote 1.
Oat took color alternately from wheat
and corn. Th oiKoocne wa virtually to
bring tli market ta a atandstlll. Out.
V heat I j
Sept! riSi
Corn I i
Jan..' 4V
July. CTV,
Oats i
May. 4T,
sept. .-,:
Pork j
Jan.. i
May.; Mat
July, it 60
Lard j
May.i rss.
July. I a
Ribs )
Jan..) IN
May.' so-I'
July. : i
M I W,!
I es-j.i iv! l oat, i tvt
; no
S4l !MSi
-1 . o.V.1 644
7S, ;,: 7'4CiS
7,i :,:S"-tl C
Slsj K-el is ,
est eAS'a! "- U
l.i" M 5,
41 eu,'W ov'a
li SB 15 75
i4 Ma ht wat
nreo l 6 I a 14 ti
3 IP B4 1
4741 7H 111 j I
6i ItiTMbt
JV 4Tw
I i!J rs I l?S
S Is) I I -ml 77
I ltlt,l CS-H as
Cash quotation were aa follows.
FLOUR Firm; winter patent, 4.9
4.S; winter stralghta 1Joh14.7; spring
patents, li.Hr.(.. spring slralgtu, Ki
'lt : baker. Uo4...
RYB-Nol t Sc.
BARLEY Feed or mixing. SfcetLts;
fair to choice malting. II !l t.
fKKIS-Tlmotby, l.ntfUv. CloveT,
P Ho VIRION S Pork, rneee. old. M5 Ofc
new, U.s7 Lard m Uerceel, t.-l.
Short ribs Hansel, 18.57V
Total clearance of wheat and fhwir
wer quel to 1M bu. Primary receipt
wer bu.. cum pared with MU bu.
the corresponding day a year ago.
Estimated revelpt for Monday: Wheat,
11 ears: corn. M can; oats, m car,
hog'. 52.009 head.
Chicago ash Prices Wheat. No. 1 red,
W-rcfcll.o-i; No. red. W: No. I hard.
H. OiOl.W: No. hard, x-i41.01; No. I
northern, S111V1.U; No. 3 northern, l.Mj
I. 10: Nj. 1 norUiern, H.2ftl.; No. i
spring, tl.oifil..': Nu. J spring. PScrMI M
No. 4 spring, cngl at; velvet chaff, 90c 0
al.06; durum, woAW sa. torn, no. a, (U4t
V; No 1 white, m'1rec; f(. 1 yellow,
3'ra'3"c; No. 4. (lVirV-: No. 4 white,
6&i3i4c: No. 4 yellow. Oats, No.
!, uOHc; o. l wnite. iwr; rso. wnito.
Slftt.1V ; No. 4 white, sogarV; standard.
HtTTKit urm; ercjnne, zswwc;
dairies. s.w:nc.
K:im btrni: receip,, case; at
maik, - Included. HH(SWc; ordinary
firsts, SltRar; first, J6Hc.
UtTAToi--eteady: receipt. H car;
POULTRY urm; turkey, uoisn;
chickens. HHtfHHr: spring. UHt
VEAL-ftea.iy; 7rc.
chkickk eneady: daisies. l6$rLe;
ltWec; youiig Americas. lfflic; long
twins, ItVhlic: young Americas, lOHtflic;
long horns, ieQi.c
t .MIM IT Alio Voath and Ma
a I gpn
a l:UI
a pm
a 7:27 am
al2:S am
a 4 Jtipoj
a 120 pm
a t M pm
b 1 JO pin
laln Pacltle
Ban Fran. Orerl d L..aam
i China A Japan F. M. .atpm
Atlantlo Kxpres
Oregon Kxpres all:Jpm
Lo Angeles Limited, .an :4S pm
Denver Special a I.wtn
Centennial State Bps 1. all 30 pm
Colorado Expros 1:30 pn
Ole.un-WaJb. L'fd....aJJ:W pm
North Piatt Local. .. t Uiara
Grand Island Local. ...a u:36 pm
ruromsburj Local bl2:ll pm
Otr.slia-St. Ixiui Ez..a:Mpm at 15sm
Mall and Expros. aiscam aUrltpm
Bianb'y L. tfrom C.B-l b I vOpm bis :14 am
Chlraao, Mllwraakew 4k St. Pant
Overland Limited ai:pm as.Ram
Pen-v Local all (x pm
Colorado Express a 40 pm a 1-2 pm
Colorado Bneclal a 7 :4t am a ( te am
Perry Local bs:lpm b-i.-espa
t lease eroat Wewserw
i-hlce mn Limited a:Spm
Twin City Limited illpm
Twin City Expresa..
Chicago Express
Local rasse-ger...
Iklcnao. Mark
at:m al sOpm
a : pm
.a : pm
Pad lie ,
p.c-kr Mountain era aW Jepm
Chicago Local Pasa....bhJ am b!0:10pm
Chicago Day Express. a 4:46 am a4:Xpm
Chicago Expre 4:Mpni al:Wpm
Dn Moines Ltx-al Pas a 4:77 pra alt 12 pm
Chicago-Nebraska Ltd M nm 11 am
O.Neb. I., to Lincoln. a ll am a 1:63 pm
icago-Colorado Ei..t 1:S rn nl4pm
Chicago-Colorado F.x. al llpm 4 pm
Okl. Texas Express. I.etpm aU:am
Rack Msuat-ia Ltd.U:47 pm alZje am
llllaol Ceatral
Chicago Express a 7:19 am
Chicago Limited a :) pm
laawari Paeifte
K. C. St. I. Kx....5sm
K. C, St. U Kx....all:15pm
CBIoaara c nrtbv?eatera-NORTHBOUND.
Mlnn.-St, Paul Ex al ouam Paul L t d.. a !:i om
Twin City Expre.. ..a 7 47 am
Hioog city Local .a l b pm
Minn, ft Dakota Ex. ..a 7:wpm
Twin City Limited s.,pm
Minnesota Expres
Carroll Loral a 7:00 am
Darl xht Chicago a 7:40am
Chicago Local aU:upm
Coiorado-Chlrato si:llpm
Chicago Special a :2 pn,
Pac. Coast-Chicago ...a 4:.i nu
Iib Anxelet Limited. .a l:ViDm
Overland. Limited a 7 :56 pm
Carroll Local a4:J9pm
Fast Mall a pm
Cedar Kapida. Stous
City and Omaha
Centennial State L t d i: eiam
Long Pine a warn
Norfolk-DaJlas il:im
Long Pine-Lincoln a 2:15 pin
Hastings-Superior ....b :15 pm
Deadwood-Hot 8p'gs..a 3:i pm
Casper-Lander a 3 fw pm
Fremont-Aiblon bt:3Dpui
at :44pm
a :u0am
a 7:4 am
a i:Svpm
a or. am
al0:3 um
a l a pm
a S:li am
a 7 :i am
all :00 am
a :1 pm
all) Wpm
a J .'S pm
a pm
a s 49 am
a Ham
a J:pm
a J:JS pm
.11 -Ml
al:l& pm
a It 01 pm
a :M pm
a s:jv pm
all 00 pm
b l-M pm
lirilT VnDV O TAPS' If 1 DFrT compared with HVOse.WJ U during the cor-
SLl IUIV tll.UA BHIiALI responding period of last year
Feeling of Peuimitm on Lxchtrife
Produce Sellittg- Morement.
Large Block at necarltlea Thrown
an Market nnd Price erasable
Valoa Paetfl Drops Three
NEW YORK. Tho growing feeling ot
pessimism which has beea evident In
Wall street during the hist few davs
culminated today in an outburst of sell
ing on the Mtock exchange, in the two
hour ot trading 40X.UO shares were dealt
Pressure we directed mainly against
th railroad stock and was unremitting
In the last hours. Large blocks of securl-
tnrown on the market and
prices cmmbld rapidly. Union Pacific
Heading and Lehigh Valley dropped I
points; United State rK eel's loss wa
nearly 1 point. The other active Issue
held up better, but lease were general.
Th pessimistic statement of Hoaswell
Miller, chairman of tho Ht. Paul board,
m explanation ot th reduction of St.
Paul a dividend rat from 7 to t per cant
was largely responsible for th flood ot
ailing order. Th statement that "there
I no prospect of an Improvement In cen-
eraj conditions.'- put the. situation In It
most unlavejrabt light
Th ater cheerful feeling of a few
week go, when expectations of a trad
revival were widely held, had been gradu
ally disappearing la the fact of dimin
ished St eel bvylng and poor railroad earn
ings. In th test few days there has been
avMvnc of a gradual weakening ot th
aderton. Added ignlflcane wa at
tached to Mr. MtHera statement on ac
count of th general belief that M. Paul
la etoaetT aaoeiatd with snen of th
tersest buatneea interests ot the country,
being commonly called a "Rockefeller
Koine of the tobacco stock fell back
today attar thetr remarkabla advance f
th earlier days ot th week. American
Tobacco rebounded IS petals. American
Snulf, after gaining t points, tell back
6 Trading in Lackawanna wa light.
Th prloe rose I points.
The statistic of Idle freight car
showed a considerable decrease during
tne last fortnight. Th chain, wa at-
trlbuted lo tho cold weather, Reading
report for December dlsckMed a mall
gain in net earning.
The bond market was Irregular. Some
of the speculative Issue abowed heavt.
nea In sympathy with stock. Total sales,
par value t, 744,0m.
United tiiate , coupon, lost K on
call on the week.
Number of sale and leallng quotations
on siocas wer aa follows:
sarei Hltk. Lm. Oe,
Aaotatloaa of th Day an Vnrlon
te mm eg I tics.
NEW YORK. Jan. J7. FLOUR Firm:
Spring patent 16 .: winter atrahmts,
H.; winter patents, HM"": spring
clears; w.-4H.; Nantes straignt, h.iw
, , D-. tfi..... . r.i. . . . UM1 u :u.
4. HO; choice to fsncy. 4 MUtft . Buckwheat
flour, firm: S2.Mabx.ts per Hw pounds.
COHNMBA1 -oteady; tin wnit ana
yellow, )i.seul.i; coarse, L4s4Uu; kiln
dried. t3.tR.
KYR Firm: No. t, sac e. i. r. Burraio.
WHICAT Spot market, firm: No. I red.
tl.M1, elevator, export beeie, nnd 91-044,
f. o. b. afloat: No. 1 northern Duluth.
II. LIS f. o. b. afloat. Futures, firm, naih
a good commission house demand and in
fluenced ny cables, rirm shipments and
less favorable reports regarding th con
dition of the winter wheat crop, closing
HiSu higher. Msy closed, l.i; Juiy,
COrtN Spot market steady; export, TzHo
f. o. b. afloat. Futures market, nominal.
OATS Spot market, firm; standard
whit. Mu In slevitor; No. 1, Re; No.
nd 4, Wsc: natural whits and whit
clipped, ttu&e on track. Futures, nomi
nal. HAT Firm: prim. 1.K: No. L tLB;
N. 2. BI.IbtkLSO: No. I. Kctjftl..
HIDES b.teady; Central A merle, Sc;
Bogota, rmrsj'rc.
LEATHbH Firm: hemlock first. K
27c; seconds, Iv&iic; thirds, tin; re
jects, 15c.
I KOVIKliiNS forx. nteaoy: roe, gn.os; family. nUOtrl.0; short clear.
S17.0utrIs.SX Beef, firm; mess, tll.0Otyia.6O;
family. Ilt.604ils.00; beef hams tf7.6Ou.A60.
Cut meats, qult; pickled bellies, W to 14
pound, nitnv: pickled hams. Utilise
1-ird, steady; middle west prim, Hi
.W; refined, steady; continent, ;
South America. IS 30: compound, H'iWl'me.
TALLOW-4Julet: prime city hhds. sc;
special. to; country, 4lHo.
BUTTKK Firm; creamery specials,
XUc: extra S7tsc; firsts, tStiKHc
KOOS-Exclted and higher; freeh gath
ered extras, toifllc; extra firsts, MiiHc,
firsts, T.UXc; western gathered white,
POULTRY AIH-c. steady: western
chickens, l!BI!4c: fowls, msUHc; tur
keys, LVdlfic; dressed, dull; western chick
ens, ltVkSc; fowls, llSlrc; turkeys,
lilis-iiawrs .... us s
-aieu4 Casper ... tM II C4
Aweifii Asnesltarml ie tt si
AeMCIaaa KM ess.... w H H
Awerlrss Can left 13 11
aaurlrae C A P I- i 1114
ineflen Cera Oil..... a M Me
iawlMl M L. He II II
An. Ire e rltles. set sr. ltl,
AsMrlraa Uhm j .....
aweeleaa LaewaeUve
AaerKea g 4 H t,V U t
ta ana pre
An. Ousar fupelag-.
Aawlisa T A T
Berllagt gtatiew , Tenia Mnaan
Barliaartea !
ititi. Arrive
Denver California, .a 4:1 pm a : 15 pm
Puget Bound Exprea 410 pm a s 45 pm
Nebraska sol n is a t:3 am a :i pm
Blaca D 'ia a .m pm a I pm
" fi mii.n pm
Northwest Expresa ...all s pm a 7 o pm
Nrbrarka points a S.3) am a :l pre
r,er" . ... - - bui A ..-W p
Lincoln Local a m am
Sohuyler-Plattsmouth b S: pm bio 30 pm
Lincoln Local b S-i ra
pittrooth-lowa ... a :IS am a : am pm a 2:4 pm
Chicago Special a 7:15 am all:15 pm
Eienver Special all 35 pm a 7:oo pm
l.nHw.v 1 . ' apiB
Chi. Fast Exprst.... pm a Mo am
lows -c4 "n am: am
Creatoa Ia.) I-wJ...b Z pm bio: am
St. Louis Express a 4:16 pm all jo am
K. C. St. pm a 44 am
K. C. A St Joseph... :U am a :lt) pm
K. C. St. Joseph... a 4 .15 pm
(h) dally except Sunday, (c) Sunday
cnly. t dily.
Webster Statlow IStk and Weawter
aflasaarl Parttle
Depart. Arrive.
Auburn Local b J 66 pm bli:55 am
Ckleago, St. Paal, MlaaeanoU A
Sioux City Kxpreea.-.b 36 pm bU4C pm
Omaha Local c 1 .26 am e 6.35 pm
Sioux Ty rsi bSJS pm
: Twin City Pass b :4S am
I Emcraon Local b iM pm b t.l am
Kt. 1.abI Geaeral Market.
ST. LOUIS. Jan. 27 WHEAT-Caah.
steady ; track No. t red.; No.
2 hard. Sl:',til.l3V-; May, Sl vuVi; July,
CtiRN-Wenk: track No. J, 4t4eo; No.
1 while. Vvtrf7e; May, Ue; July, 4740.
OATS Firm; trck No. S, He; No. S
white, tic; Msy. iir; July, Gc
RYE Unchanged. ,e.
FIOUR Firm; red winter patent. S4S0
4J4.W; extra fancy and straight, S3. WO
4.46; hard winter clear. S3. 40. CO.
BRAN Strong; sscked, east track,
SJ S6tl-i S.
i'HOVISIONS Pork. JobWnr. SIM.
Lard, higher: prime steara, Ss -.'t..'
Dry salt meats, ti '01: boxed, extra aborts,
SK.60; dear ribs, ssbt; short clear, SS 7.1.
Bacon, unchanged; boxed, extra liorts.
If it): clear ribs. SK.50; short clear, SV75.
POULTRY Steady; chickens. 10c,
springs. 11c; turkeys, ljc; ducks, 13'tC;
geese, kc.
BiTTlCR-Dull; creamery, 2St3Jc,
ECOS Higher, at 3c.
Keceipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls J. 7.3TO
Wheat, lm 44.0CI0 Mt
Corn, bu Ji,) !.
Oats, bu 64 x a7.00
Kaasaa Illy Orala and Provision.
KA-NfJAS CITY. Jan. 27.-WI1KAT-Cakh,
unchatiiied to He higher; No. t
hard. S1.04i rrj',: No. 2. n.icgl.; No. S
red. Ht,c4.l.M; Xo, S, ?(,.
COP.N Uncliangrd; No. 1 mixed, ffl&t
iHc; No. i; SiVic; No. 1 white, k, No. i,
ft "ac
OATS tnrnangeo: io. z wnite, nut
7ty: no. z mixed, mrgoic.
KTin -ric.
HAY Steady; rhoii-e timothy. Cl.OOts
ti m: choice prairie, Sl4.Oot.14-M.
Close or future:
WH EAT May. $1 (Cfcl CS- sellers;
tyiRN May. 4'c bid; July, Wc bid.
BUTTER Creamery, S?c; first, Kc;
eeonds. IV: packing stock. M)c.
EOOS Extra. Khc; firsts. aVtac; sec
onds. Sc
Receipts. Shipment
4.oo Jiot)
Wl.o w.oonj
l,ww 1S.IW
Wow York Meaey Market.
rail, nominal; time loan, firmer; sixty
days, tvtpl per cent: ninety days. 2Vf
per rent: six months. seIH per rent.
PH1MB Ji r-HC A NT I La, rAfl-K-.l(4
per cent.'ij KXCHAVOB-Ftrmer. with
rtul business In backers' bill at MS
for alxty-day bills and at KRJ lor de
mand: commercial bills, St.OW.
SILVER Bar. 67c. Mexican douara,
BONIri Government, steady: rauroaa.
Closing quotation on bond today were
aa follows:
U. s. M. ta. re.. .10 tsue M. M. 4S.. t
4o ojetse ie Jimi e 1
0 1. Sa. n 1S 4S.
1 ....m,K. 1 a, im IS 14
C. t reg ll L A ett. ei US1.. S
cease i I. X eel. 4s m
AUI01.VU. 1st te... U SI K. A T iat 4S . Mi
er. A is lo see 4s ft
T. a r."iM rin tss
. Tisiron 4s ... MSN. I. Hall H I1
as mws T. o. a. it... ri
A-xwr A Oa 4e.. 4o 4ek U
a. 4s.... M4X. Y. X. H. A a.
IV. 4S ! CT. W It
et. Is ltN A W. 1st a 4s.. ent
1 aa 4. Ml s n. 4s U
sal. A Okie ss. rscHto ta Kei,
4. IMS te . S41
e. a ... o a u rM ...
-nk. Tr v. ... yeea n. se 111!., art.
Tee. u. a -w 4a eae. 4s !s
rH leslker U ... 4FUHas sen el .... M
4 1. I a wil Lttr. k
A Okie 4Ss. le 4s aae W
1 s. u w e 4... II
Chlca. A A. IHs.. 4e 1st rM 4s It
4i a a 4. ! "s A. u u asa,
4s tea. 4s " !,. Pee. eL 4s ...
e a a t r 4 4s s a ta. mh
C. A I. f a a Ttte s as rsf. 4s. ,
rfs 4e SslkSe. iuiim. a. isr
Pus. In4. niai'stsa rvtfta 4s....ias
CeW. HI4. 4s 14 s. av. to let
a A a r. A a ties "t 1st A tel. 4a. rit
v- m n c. nnuo M....W.14
U IK a ta.-srst'. um i. . i-w
ret. Vae. (teat, tesw
DiMlllars' la nS'Wsfcu isi I. in
Erie L 4s e 1st A as. as.... Ul
. 4s 1 Waaler MA 4s til,
Oe re. ta. Mr. A. BWeM. glee. v. is.. SI
ee swim B Tt WW. Caoliel as K4.
Sea -toe. la.. .ias aK PM. re. la... n
III. Cae tat ref. 4s. Hw'reaasui ts mi
later. Mat. t!s..... Ol
Most Kinds of Cattle Steady for the
Fat Sheep aad Lasabe Have Flarta
ated 1 p aad Dowa, bat at tbe
t'leee of Week Are Tea la
Fifteen Higher.
Reelpts were: Cattle. Hora Sheep.
t'lticiai aionday
Official Twesdsy
Official Wedn-sdaj..
Official Thursday
Official Friday
jailmate Saturday ...
Six day this week
Bam day last week
Saw day t w k 711
Sam days I s ki ago r,-i
Bam day a 4 s ki ago li.esl
Hani dava last year ..34 460
Th following tab1 shosrs the receipts
ot cattle, hog and sheep at South Omen
for the year to dtte as compared with
last year: in nil. Inc. Dec
Cattle SO.iiaS M.iKl V.
Hoar aa ieg wi is, lts.aM
Sheep 1XU44 tsaSIL S.I11
To foltowlng tab. ahows the rang of
pric paid tor hog at South Omaha for
the last fw dy, with comparisons:
4,464 S3.4N S.l
4,lK H 6.SS
tSS) 1S.S4 4,M
m T 69 4.7U
AO 6.IOJ ....
l,I7 7.44S 2S.IM
tied ,7 SSii
M 3.Slt
gl.ial 6,211 I
S3, 448 .S".4'De
4.1.44 MM
wether and yearlings were poorly tested
throughout. Total receipts were moder
ate, as weii. so that anylnmg good ia th
way 01 matured muttons usually soiaj
readllv. Prime ewe are now selling up
to Rsf ahiie wetners wouid hardly pat
tne aa.oe niera ai oca.. usd vaini
to 16. Weather has ceased 10 exert1
any appreciable innovnc upon th 1st
stock trade as the refrigerator car semes
is almost back to normal and product la
niolng rreely.
Feeder busine-sa lately has been lacking I
both In volume and activity. Th country
outlet ban been very restricted and offer
ing bv not been very attractive, sev
eral loads of thtn stock showing up front
the Wyoming range early In the week.
The four days buy on country account
doe aot exceed 4.0.4 bead, according la
packers tab.
Quotation on Sheep and Lamb-.
Lamb: Good to choice, S&4S: fair to
good, te Shu S5. Yearlings: Good to
choice. tti.lvMi0: fair to good. S4 ana -.
Wethers: tiood to choice, S4J694-6; fair
to good. S404 Si- Kwea: Good toctMNO,.
'S.j4.'B. fair to good. P 1641. .
Jan. II. 1 4 llei I sai Ui tan
Jan. N.I S 96V 7 s, S Sll i3j 4 R U
Jan. IV. 17 1 S r S . 4 SC
Jan. St. I-H S33i4i;:il
Jan. SS.) 6 tMsi 7 I tu 4 t S t
Jan. K 6 w,, 7 ! S S I 4 161 4 4ti i W
Jan. 25.) I so I 7 t S 06! S 0i 4 21 t 41, S IS
Jaa. Ml t S6l 7 AA; I !!: ( 00, J, 6 13
Jaa. 17. j J i s na S !! 4 S7 ilk
riearlac Howe Bab Utateaaeat.
NEW YORK. Jan. r. Tb ttatemeat
of clearing hou bank tor th week
show that the bank hold l46.tu,0O ra
aerr in xra of legal requirement.
This I an Innrean of t.7M,AI la th
proportionate cash reserve a oeanperwd
with hurt week. Th statement follows:
Amount. Increase
Loan , H,S77.M7,s) Sal.tiaiiOo
itpea-i im,;m.i), noo
Legal tender 1JW. -771 10
Net depooll .. IXIi) SS W tni
CirculsUon 0.77t. -.oi
Exces lawf I reserve 46,M.ab) S,7ti,M
0 PlWtfAasne.
Banks' caah reawrv I vaurta.4tlt7r.0M
Trust ooaipanlra' cask reserve Ia
vault -. C14S.4M
Receipts tnd disposition of live stock
at the Union Stock Yarda South Omaha
tor twenty-tour hour ending at S p. at.
i-.. t. at bl r
Wahaah m
Mlswur! Pactflc
Union Padfle
CAN. W east.-.-...,
C. N W.. west
C, St. P . li A O
C. B. A Q . eaet ....
C. R A U.. west .
C, a I. A P.. east.......
llllnol ContreJ
Chicago Ureal Weslsra
Total receipt ,
Cattl. Hog.
11 til's in.
SW 144 1M IH
s HI m tt
M m w wits
. II
hi n 11
, Aas Met, lei. mH
, lus4
44 llil, Ul4 l
l.tea Ml 1044 iaS
te lisj 11 ,114
I.ata TH 74
aa souk ni m
Its !t li
, it titt tik n
e '
, l.aa 111 1414 W"t
, 14. w 141 lea-, least
. 1,4a ai us
Aswrtass T.M ft..
Asberleas a Mia
Aaseoeea Bising Ce....
AlrkiMS St4
Allenus Coast Uae,...
aillaase A Oaw
PetsMMas B4M4
Broeklm Rapid Tt
t'saeeles raaine
Ceatral LMlbar
Central LesllMT pf
1 eMiei aa saw Meaey
Cs isasisae A Oblo.....
Cklraca A Altaa.
Csleass O. w
Okies. O W. Hi....
ajiirste A N.
na-.. is. A m. r.
Cklso tsipper
r,, c, u, a sr. u. ,
Ostoraes P. A I
Worses A outturn..
CoaMlKsts Osa I
Ceea PreSuet
D.ieer A Uudeoe
Dsbtw A RIs Orasat...
D A o, pM
Dlanuare tscantUe ...
n la sft
Brie H sH
OMieral Rlaclrta
OrMt Neclhera I4.....
IM Naetbera Or att.. 4M
IHlaa leBtral
iHlrMesagh Mat, 1.14
lalar. MM. fit I.M
Istsrsatleaal Bareistar. a
latsr- Marina pM 4M
laieraallanal Paper Lit
lata wltensl ramp
lows tentral
Kaasaa Cltr souther.... 144
a it n. ofa
urim os we mn Wat
L-sisvllle A Ksskeille. . , 41 1.14a Ule Ul
Miss. A St Lmis ..
u , si. r a i. M.. ta lit m
Mtaaoari, K. A T 4' f I".
st . K. A T. pf4 1H W1
Missouri Psalllo Its) ' '.
Nslloasl Blarwlt
Nalloasl Lea4
M. R. (t. ef M. M pf4
S'a Yar central
Airgregat rash reserve StTTvlakON
Trust oojnpaalea raeri with laring
housa member carrying SS per cent ceea
reserve. SW.4J4.oM,
Actual condition:
AnSbiint. Increase.
IMum Sl.SM.6st.oos sn,uoos
Rperl Sfil.ia.oa ltMOno
lyegal tender lin.7U ilt 1.iH r-a
Net depuatla IS,Mi out
Circulation hi,A0 .
Exi-eea lawn reaerv M.7O.0M
I 'ecreaee.
Banks cash reeerv In rauks. .S4I. 114, M
Trust eampanlea' caah reserve la
Omaha Packing Co.,,
(twin and company
Cudahy Packing Oo ,
Armour A to
W. Murphy
Other buyer ,
A r negate caah reawrv tm.tU.m
Trust oompan rwserr with clearing
house member carrying M per nsat cash
rsserve. S7A.oni.
Summary of state bank and trust com
panies in Greater Nw York not report
ing to th New York clearing hou:
amount. urrea.
Loan Bt.uM.JO0
Specie . tt.ipi -sw iia
Lgai tenner .. u.wb. .vs m.sbv
Total deposit aW,n4,lM l.lst.tW
m a
11 n
I res
... aa
i4, im um
lit, iei let,
n im
114 II
.... 4tt
tno ltll, III W
tea itet us iist,
4 44K, 4 4
tea 11 its ith
lit H, Mi
m ua4 lati,
PS My, tal,
let 14 I
144 IKa 4
hit M4
. M.SM 114. tl
ass it r,
tea 1114 it
4 I.JM 74 Tt
. l.SM III, 114
. .la sr.. sai sa
. I.MS li 1U 1"
ian lass I4JS 1S
14S It 14V SMI
1I Mi
N. T. a A tr...
Norfolk A WMter.
North Asesriesa ...
Nortkera racltia ....
PsrttVi Mail
PMnprlranta -.
Pwple s ties
r . t. CAM.-..
Pittsherfh real
rnawl steel lsr
rullnus Pklses Ckr
Kar Usaeelldala S.B
Rait ar ttaal erlst
RMuklW ItMl 71
DaaaiMIs MM pt4 It
Rork bias ( 0 1.41
Rerk Isles n. Pf l.M
It. I A I. P M art... It
tt. Levis w
s. L w. rf4
tliea stlantall 8. I.
test-ar rartfle
seethars Rsileay ....
So. Rallarar sft
TaaMsiss Caoaer ....
TaisqA PsrltK.v
T , St. L W
T . e. U A W. pM.
I'slM rrltte
t'nlm rarifte pfi ....
rnllM StaM keallf .
I'Mom ttstae kehtjer.
laitoa CtatM at Ml Tt.ans kit 444
r kimi f m )ii 111
ttiah Cbeear Mae H u
Vs -farallsa Cheauesl
Wataeh f4
naaara Karrl""4
WMttnelMMM Eiaetr! ...
WMtere Usisa
WserttB ALB
Lebtt Vsllsr XI
Tsl ssIm far tse ay,
ian l, 444. ta4
I". 41
i"5 nt itt
1.44 II K'i
' jte 'rfit 'it '
1 ltt 1:
let u MH
77. iirt ian,
It R
H 44V 444,
14146 14U, 144.
Iteslea ttoek Market.
BOSTON, Jan. fl. Closing quotation
n iiock wr at ioiiowi:
Alleuw 4u,nsohok tt
A-al. 4ar 4aNets4a Che 14V,
A A. L A 1 Wlpaelng MUM a
B. m v. v. a a aa. a avert awe ya
ulie (eallnea .... a Nwth late l
ral A ArtaoH Mtl)l4 rwaitBMa ...... At,
Mrad. A Heels... uweeu .u.....Uaia
ttseueslal imualaar .. fit
ce. Kansau ti..., aiHenasses w
Ksa nut te c. is.... iai.sus.ner ............. rr
rraaklls Iltsssarler A k St .. 44.
Olroui Co. 4 iTesireok TT
eMilrast- na .... II 11. A a M. A R.. . 144
Oesaaa Caaaaea .... W to 4 .... 47t
Isle Karat, cjasaaar.. m vis t
Keer La. skl-ta Ospser Ce.-., 414
... I
MW.Ierle ,
Wheat, bu..
Corn, bu....,
Oats, bu
Minneapolis brain Market.
May. Sl7'v: July. SI 04. Cash: No. 1
hard. tl.l: No. 1 northern, P 7fl.7H;
No. S northern, StMl aV. No. ), n.ut
FLAX SlI5aS 17.
4XIRN No. S yellow, IV.
OATS-No. S white, 4Mro.
RVK-N'o. t (He.
BRAN In KO-lb. aacka. fJ4 SOtrJl 75.
FUlUR-FIrm; first patent. S 2Stn5 J:
second patents. St&'gVtO: first clear, S3.CS
tsS.K: second clears, iZMiii.l.
Philadelphia Pi-dnes Market.
Firm: good demand: western creamery,
special. 40c; extia, Mc; nearby print, ex
tra. 41c
EfKIS Firm: good demand; Pennsyl
vania and other nearby firsts, free cases,
til 14 per case: current receipt, free ce.
Slew) per case: western first, free oasos.
SL1.20 per ease: current receipt, free
case, sin) per case.
CHEE8B-Firm: New Tork Ml
fancy, irc; fair to ood.( Wwllc
l.eadoa Stack Market.
lXXDON. Jan. 27. American securities
opened around parity on th stork ex
change here today, and then declined on
light liquidating Reading Issue wer
firm exception. The market etoeed y,
with price ranging from unchanged to
V lower than yesterday's New Tork
London closing stock:
Obesoia. sussy... 17 MaLee-Tllle A !4 lit
ee aieseet . ntsL. a A T t'
Asasl. Oepper.... .. tru,.!. T Ceatral Ill's
Anareees 71a Norfolk A W 11!
AUkSMe S. pM.... SI
ee pel let Oetari. A W t
Bah Inter. A Olde.-.tfajpessaf Iraale tr.
t-asHliM raellK....-Raa4 MUM 446
eaa a o.... ,4tRMahis ai
Diteaco 11. W IIMKm Rr 5a t
Chi. MIL A St- P leat . a Tt
Da kTaere Itr-ia-Kkaae raeine...llZ,
Dearer A Rte 6.... tltaVsies - Pacina 1794
4e pM 4st 4e pM sat,
grte tll,D. g ttaal trej
s. 1st pf4 K1 ee sit 1x144
s. M sit 4.Wsbs-h 714
One Traak 4s St - UH
lUlaeta Untral latt
SILVER Bar. steady at 3tS-ltd per ox.
MONEY-StS4 per cent.
The rata of discount In th open market
for short Mils I SV per cent; for three
months' bill. tsM0S per cant,
w Vark Mlalac Stack.
NEW TORK. Jn. 17 -Closing quota
tions on mining stocks were:
Alhe -ootsttle Cblat I
aa Teessl stack... llMake V
ee hoeda rjyjurie la.
Co. Oil. A Vs aAaeir jH
I e nar l"ae-4 a
neAelll. O. tTstieo Jsrtet It
ufre 4.
lask Ctrarlag.
OMAHA. Jan. ST. Bank clearings today
were R4M,7Jil against li BS.'k.. on
th corresponding day In 111. Clearings
tor th wk ending today are ftt,7l.4tt1e
La Sail. '
Hiesd Cbpeer
1 1 'I tr o V a l.l .-in- aan, affa
1, In W-lb. tub. SWc; Ma t, SSoi paoklng,
CHEFS E Imported Bwtsa. tic: Atnerl.
can Swiss, S4o; blook Swiss, Wc, twins,
ItSc; dalslea, 9c; triplets, Mc; young
America, SOo; bins label brick, u
berger, l ib., Ire; 1-1., SOc.
POI'LTKlf-Brotler, MM per dot 1
tprlnn. lie: hns. lac; cocks, Mc: duska
lac; geese, lio; turkeys, 26c; pigson per
40., U.1H. Alive, Broiler, uo; aena,
11c; old rooster end stags, 6c; old ducks,
lull feathered. Me; gsese, full feathered,
iOc: lurkeya 14a: itiiast fowls m aohi
p geons, per do Tec; homers, par duA,
61 60; squab. Na L SI M; No. :. toe,
FISH- (free frosen) Picker!, To;
whit, lc; plk. Sc: trout, 11a; larg erap
pies, 12t16; Spanish mcrl, 7a; eel,
lac; haddock. Uo; fitwutora, IS; greet
catfish. Uo, re nad. Si trach; ahad tee,
per pair, too; salmon, Mc; ball but, 6m;
yUow (Utrcn, tci buffal, tcj baUhtaa,
17c; No. 1 uvc: No, A Wc. Loins: No.
1, Uo; No. S, 14V; No. S, Uc CKk:
No. 1, He: No. 1, 7e; No. S, lo. Sxownua;
No. I. M: No. 2. Sat: N. S, lfo. ila(e
No. I. v,c: No. S. 4c. Mo. I Sc
APPi-b--C7ooklng vorleoee, par bat.
SS76, Jonathan and Crime Onlden, per
bbl , M B); Hen Davla, per bhl.. SAoO, fsncy
WinesaaW. par bbl.. S4JW; fancy Missouri
pippins, per bhl., XM; fancy llanos, par
bbl., 14 00: California Pell flower, per bos.
II. ii; Colorado Jonathan, extra fancy
per box. 12 Uu: Washington Snitsenbsrg
per box, S72.60; Whington K Beauty, per
bog, SS.60: Waalilngion tUman Ineeap.
per box. Sf,6. Bananas, fancy select, per
bunch. n3fMfr2-60; Jumbo, per bunch, B76
e176. Cranberriea, Wisoonsl fancy, per
bbL, SKLev; per not, M aw. uataa, Ancnor
biand. now, SO 1-lb.. pkg. in box i, per
box, P.2S; Dromedary brand, new. St 1-lb.
pkg. in box. per box, turn, rigt, t--ati
fornin. per caee ot IS U-oa. pkg. Vs
per ras of 3 12-os. pkgs., : per caw
of 6 4-os pkgs.. S2.VV; bulk. In S and
uO-lb. boxes, per lb., Mc; New Turkish,
6-crown in 16-lb. boxes. Per lb.. 16c;
crown In Sv-lb. boxes, per lb., He; 7-crown
In JO-lb. boxe. per lb., lie Drape fruit.
Florid. 4S-M else, per crats. S6-00: S0-
M-tt sixes, per crate. 71 Urapea, Malaga
grape In bbia, SbaetpatB, umu, urson
elra, selected brand, extra fancy, Sae si.
ner box. S4u: Loma tjmoueir. tancy.
BW-IOS six, par box. M S; 24S and 4B
trie, too per box less. Oranges. California
Naval, extra fanrr. SaVUs-17-l-ASlo-2M
Isea, per box. t 00; extra chotc.
alae. tier box. t7o.
VKlliTABLJX Cabh)te. Wleconrln.
per lb. 2V- Celery. California Jumbo,
per dot., 90rtyL. Cucumber, hot house,
per dot., 12'w. Kag plant fancy Florida
per dot., K1W. uaruc, sxtra lancy, wnite.
per lb.. 16c Lettuce, extra fancy leaf,
per do, tie. Onion. California, while,
per lb., Sc: Wisconsin, yellow and red. in
sacks, per lb., Se; Spanish, per erst,
li s. prxlev. fancy southern, per do,
butvhes. SotfTic. Potuies, Minnesota
Early Ohio, per bu.. SLS6, Wiaeonsln whit
stock, per bu-. li ft: in 10-sack lou. ic
lees. Sweet potatoes. Kansas, per bu. bsk.,
S2 00. Rutahagaa. In ck. per lb..luc
Tomtoe, Florid, per 4-bsk. crate. M OS.
MISCIU.LAN KV L'rl AltwincU. Tarra
gona, per lb., 1V; In tack lota, to las.
Cocoanuts. per sack, B. Filberts, per
lb., 14c; In sack tot. o lee. Peanut,
roaated. per lb- Sc; raw. per lb.. V
Pecans, large, per lb.. 17c; In tack lot,
lc leas. Walnut, new crop, Dlt Califor
nia, per lb. 17c; in sack lot, lc Jess. Cider,
Mew Nehwk. per U-KSl. ' bbl.. S307
per 30-gal, bbl.. b: New York Mott's,
per 16-gal. bbl.. Xt 'M. per SP-gal. bbl..
thSD Honey, new. !4 frames, tJ.Ti Kraut,
per 16-sal. keg. KM: per 4-gal. keg. S1H);
Wisconsin, per H bbL. SS..
Data 1 181. iKU.llino.,Lu.iiMi.iiii;.iU.
S 4, t
i Si
1 4 ..
a i
" i '..
i i i
CATTLR For a Saturday ther war
mora ottl in than usual, but still re
clots wer too llcht In mk a market.
For the week the total foots up M.Sfl head.
a falling oft of ever S.0M head aa com
pared with last week aad of ever AouO
head aa compared with the eorrespomitng
week of last year. At has been th oat
for a good many weeks back, the quality
ef th revel ot ha keen very ordinary.
thu Is. thr ha been a:i witlr bee nee
of txictly Dtime beef stesrt.
Th market on tat cattl. wtrll ahowtng
to sue lltue f uetuauton trota day to day,
ha really xnaod no marked tbanga
At the begiBning ot th weak price bad
downward leniency, But tnit toes was
ntltwly nravered Inter on. so that th
weak closed with Alt market back jutt
about whet It wa at th clot of il
Cow and nelfer hv fnllewed along
th same tin a beef ttr. During the
early part of lb eves th market
oiinea. nut niter 00 recovered to mat
th deetrabla kind at the cloe of th
week ar eelllng steady with last week
On tb other ), th common grade
did not recover during th latter part ot
tne wees an may ar roun lespwni
lower than last week. Mer than that,
can ner aav kese ratrr slow (ale all th
Uulte a Httl demand few Developed for
stock cattle and feeder during th week.
A receipts wer extremely light, price
naturally strengthened up and at th
cloao ar ttftly ISifSuo bihr than last
auotallon on rail': flood t choir
beef tteera, M bta)r7.74); fair to good beet
steers, Montr at), common to fair beat
steers, tk.euaM.n): good lo choice heifers.
M ton. Of; good I objlo oows, Hkiaya.SS,
fair to good oow and heifers, S.;644 ia);
o mmon to fair ooa and heifer, S2-6HV
S.Ti; goon to cnoloo tockra and reot'.
BaCuU-kA. fair 10 good Blockers and feed
ers, KMf6.sU; common to tair, stockert
and feeders, Mioi4 ; stock heifers, SS St
04 tt; veal ealvts, KWtJ.0ii; bulls, Maga
te., SASuIpsA.
HOUO-ia point ot activity the market
for hogs was little different from most
Saturday satona, non of th lrger buy
er seaming very aaxioue fur killing ma
terial. This annuo wa partly justi
fied br very heavy runt on the first four
days at the week, Tuesday making a
aew record wttn H.IH head. But plenty
of order exulted despTt th apparratly
dull demand. Prices ruled steamy lo a
nickel lower, the bulk aentng late, with
heavlea In genarai favor at Iigur that
were well sustained.
Reeeims. matched with recent runt.
had A very modest appearance, th ettl
male calling lor only 6.IIM haad, but th
upp.y fiurs wer Ignored In packing
olrolea, and it wa well (long toward
midday before a creditable eieaianc was
matpe. Strippers and sr)eculatur bought
a larger percentage of the run than usual,
taking fully a doxen load in all.
'lb bast heavy butcher hog on sal
msved at M logIt, th Utter pric being
identical Willi yetiuay tup. ruittie
butcher (tuff, bacon sverages and high
mixed grade so id I ait ay under th Se
mark, attraotlv light finding an outlet
around St.. Strong weight, scaling at
m t St pounds, landed at la
moat iMtatvcea
Compare with a week ago price av
eraged steady or very neariy , but tn
range la value has widened mora or lea
and 16 to Sun-pound olfertngs are selling
a httl lower than they did at last week's
close. Total receipts, Willie failing short
t jurt week's record by about . head,
hav been remarkably heavy, but the de
mand on most day na bean bioad and
iiionbly actlr.
iad for Cattl. aad Sheen WeaU
Hogs Lower.
CHICAGO. Jn. -rt.-"ATTI.E-Rclpta,
l.Ofst heatl; market, dull and weak; beeves,
H 7041. Texas steers. t 4fti 76; western,
steers. Si.4i.4i7.ui; etockera and feeders.
Uat-taH.; cowa and heifers, ellotje.tii
calves. S6.o0fili.-1.
HOtiS Reorlpts. tsnro head; market-
slow. 6c oft. light. Sliojji; ; mixed. 65
VH.S&; heavy. ei.Mi.S74; rough. t66ts
0: pigs, ti.U.S.. bulk ot sale, S6.6
((4k M.
ailL,Kl' AMI t,AMjsri neostpis, x..
head: market, aeak: native. SAlstHTSi
wester- ts idCt 70: yearlings. M tkiu6 ait
lambs, native. HrMMit); wester. M
nam. 1
Kaasaa trty Mock Market.
eelpts head, IncliidHng 60 sou t herns
mrkt ateady; native steers. S6.60tla.0o;
southern steers. Snu)j ; southern cow
and heifers. U.iiut. native cow nnd,
heifers. S3.6fuhav.36: stocker and feetlere.
KntHSS: bulla SSTeSj to: clvs. SS.769
7.M; western steers, Sa.a9i.ts; wtatertk
HOGS-Recelpt. 4.000 head: market
steady: bulk of Mle. S5 (.: ksavy,
a: i,-- : an. u.l.. . k.. . .. -as is a
490; light. Stva1.4e.IO; pig, hllrli.
hmkkp and iAMJ4ri Keoetpts, nonri
market steady; mutton, SS.iAti4.7t; lambe.
l0itt.7a; lad wether and yearling, S.ta
tgAMI; fed twee. t7o4.1.
Bl. t.oale Black Market.
ST. LOUIS. Jan. .-CATTLr-Rsclpt.
Sou head, moulding luu Txan; market
ateady; native beef steers, StSoo!"
cows and heifer. S3.tVuK60, stockars and
feeder. gi.Muna.sD; 1 axes and Indian
steers, tt Outyi tit; cow and helfera. Si uO, calve In carload lots. S6.tXa-4.6o.
HOClS-Recelpta 4.0W head; market
steady; plga and light. S4 ewuKM; mixed
and butch aa-t, laliVASSi god heavy, SASStJI
St. Joeeph Stack Market.
ST. JDSrll'H, Jan. r.-rCATTLB-ne.
ceipts, I no head; market steady; steer.
St totiS tS; cow and heifers, Sl.totjt.tlJ
salves, M.004) .40.
HOtlB-Kerlpt, 4.00 head; market
lower; top, M ft: bulk of sales, K.Sft&S.lO.
head; market unchanged, lambs, K.7m
Stack la lgbt.
Receipt of live stock at th fly prtru 1
clpal was tern marksts ytrday:
cattl. Hugs, BhMpa
... 400 klUU
... 1i tons Sod ,
... ' 4M0 ...I -
,.. tt 4 OKI ...
...l.tut) Jt OUt IBM I
South Omaha..
Bt. Joseph
Kansas City...
St. Loui
...... ISU alias ITS.
Evaporated Apple aad Dried Fralt
APPLKS-teulet and barely steady; on th
spot, fancy, KHetrHeV; choice, t4(rHei
prime, rS0Vr.
DRIED FH11TB Prune, dull; and,
rather easy with nm'hdtng of prlcesi
quotation rang to to lSiaj for Califor
nia up 10 SV-4U and KeVkc to liki for Ore
gon Apricot, quiet and about stedv
eholc, ftup-lMac: extra choice, Hnntiyi
fancy, 17tlsc. Pach, firm. In sympsthy
with th ooaat; chotc, IliJUSsjc; extra
choice, UHtrl2c; fancy. 120 Utc Raltliisk
quit nut ateady, witn mn onoringsi
lues muscatels 6a?o: choir to faiwv
seeded, 7 Vc; aeodl, Atflci lABdofj '
mviw .--r-M-
rattan Market.
NSW TORK, Jan. t7. CtrTTON Fue
turns closed barely stsady; January, S Mc
reoruwrr, e.M., mm run, r.c; apni, S-4sr
Mav, I Ifr; June, I Co; July, S.r; Au
gust, S 71c Beptarmber, S.Tte; October, ,
t , November. s.9c; Decembar, t rie.
Spot eloeed quiet, I points lower; mid
dling upland. S.nV; middling gulf, S Jc-
no salea.
In fslr demand; price thre point)
higher; American middling fair, 1.17c;
good middling, l.7tc; middling. StSc; toes
middling. A-ai; good ordinary, 4lc; ordle
nsry. 4.4V. Th (alts ef tht day werw
10.00 kale.
Kaprsottlve salea:
... r
Ssgu Market.
steady: Muacovado. 4 ttat, S Se; osn
trtfuaal, st teat. 4 SSe: moltsnt augar,
at teat-; refined, qolet: cube, 6. tec;
fin granulated, S.aec; powdered, I 60c
41 ...
11 ....
M ....
As. ss. Pa. Na
-.itt ... I tt 71...
...114 ... I It tt ...
...lit tat 4 it ....
...lit ... til TI....
...144 ... 4 7S
...111 ... 6tl
...144 144 I IS
...lot 4t I 71
...i4i ... 1 n ... 1 4 Mis,
...141 ... I
...I) ... I 44
...141 ... t as
...111 ... IM
...m ... I
...itt IM I st
...It AIM
...14 ... I A
-..IM 44 6 IS
...IH h I a m 4 m
..-14 IM I A
US ... I A
...IM ... 4
...Ul ... I M
...S94 at S H
...IM ... IM a..
...It ... IM 4:..
...M1 .. I M it..
tia I 114 M .
M Hi ... i .
-4 ID ... IM
Tt ... 4 IS 7
SHEKP Sheep and lamb trade had It
usual barren Saturday appearance. Ab
sence ot either stl or fresh offerings
producing a market that could only be
uuoted nominally steady.
During th week condition locally have
shown quite a little improvement, but
th trend to values, etpecislly an lambe.
has been more or leas erratic and current
price averag no better that 0f16c
higher than ouotattona a week ago. This
advance applies to both sheep and lamb,
vesterdar' decline in the latter branch
of the trade wiping out a good part of
tbe full mid-week gain.
Lamb, high-grade In every reamect. are
closing around to.60. but the discrimination
agalnat medium to poor varieties 1 very
pronounced and the range in value
amounts to ovr Si. No Colorado of
cofoquenre bav been coming and very
few ar expected during the next tew
weeka Week's top 00 lamb is S4.7S, a
price that was paid Thursday for a string
of choice native
In the sheen market, fat ewe made tip
the big bulk tt offerings and price for
6 t
J Mt I M
IM ... IM
.134 ... I
SM ... It
.ru s is
:n i
111 w tas
ui ... t
tu ... 4M
W4 44 I M
.US ... I M
41 ... 4 40
.: SM 4M
.IU ... IM
111 ... 4M
.Mt 41 I A
.144 SM 4 M
.144 IM I M
.mi at t a
Ul 44 4 a
m ... im
su ... it
Ml ... t it
Tit ... 4 11
ill ... 4 li
.171 BIS
Osaeha Bay Market.
OMAHA. Jan. 27. HA Y No. L SliOSl
No t. SH OS; coarse. 112.00. packing ttoek.
SS.tl0: alfalfa. S17. Straw: Wheat.
S7.M; ry and oala. Ssoatu 6L
Wool Market.
T. I1OUI8. Jan. I7.-WOOL-8tedyt
territory nnd western medium. Ie.l6ca
fin medium, I617c; fin, lOtsitc.
Coffee Mnrket. t
turt opened ateady at an advance of S to'.
1 point in response to steady European
cables, covering of short and a llttl
Kuropean buying. Testeroay a lata re
ports of a better spot demand appeared.
to hav attracted sotns buying and price
Improved a Utile during the early trading,
but the market later turned aaler under
realising, with the close steady at a nee-.
advance of 2 to point. Hale. 4S.0M bag.
January. lmc; February, UL'Sc; March.:
April, May and June. 1S.7X: July andv
August. liSOc: Beptembrr. U.SIc; Octo
ber, 11 Tar : November, 1! TV-: December,'
12.710. Havre waa to . htghar. Ham
burg waa 14 to H pfg. hlghsr. Rio, ITS
rela higher, t w:7t. Bantoa 4s, so Ms
higher, at Ttwo: 7s. unchanged, at Ttouu.
Receipts at the two Brasllaa port wr
IK.aj igs. against 1&on last year. Jun
dlahy receipt wer 7 bairs, agalnstl
X.a) last year. New Tork warehouse de
liveries yesterday wer 10.OM baga. against '
10.23 last year. Rain wa reported la four .
out of five district In 80 Paulo. Son
coffee, steady; Rio No. T. lCc; Santo No,'
4. 164c. Mild, quiet; Cordova. iutI7c,.
Dry Ooada Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. !7.-DRr OOODS-e
Th cotton good markets eloeed the weelt
ateady with buying showing n normal In
crease, staple prima percale, heavy
brown aheetings. napped good and
bleached cotton ar In fair call and or
der ar being placed at agents' prices.
Cotton yarn market la firmer.
Terpentine nnd Raala.
TINE-Firm; 4tc Salea, IKS bbls.,; re
ceipts, 42 bbla; hlpmanU, M bbU.l
slocks. M.S27 bbla.
ROBIN Finn; stocks, 126 412 bbla quota,
tlons: B. SAW; D Si; to. S."y4iv: K.
S6 ,4!x4Je.'A; Q, ti.itK.iVt; H. St. 4Hr4.i; L
t : K. S4.9t; M, fT; N. 7-Si WO, S7 l
ww. r .
Pewrta Mnrket.
PEORIA. Jan. 27.-CORN Lower: No, '
3 white. 41Sc; No. S yellow CfMrtatc;
No. 4 yellow. lajiSc: No. t mixed,'
CV: No. 4 mixed, lM'rc; Wuiple,
6oKiiC. OAT Unchanged: No. 2 whit. Slot
atsiKiani, ul,
white, 60c
No. 1 Whit, SSc; No,
Mllwaakee Grain Market.
MILWAUKEE. Jan. 777. A'H KA T No
northern, SLUSl.-fl; Na S northern,
11 en-an.w-: No. t hard wintsr. SLStsi
My. II OS; Jly. !.
CORN No. S yellow. dUBC; Ko. I white, .
44 V; No. S. -c; Mar. 47c; July. 17.
OATS-Stanlard. 61tllKc.
ItAU-EY-Malting. 1AUU. j
l.lverwoel Grain Market.
steady: No. 1 Manitoba. S Srd: No. I
Manitoba. S Sd; No. S Manitoba, ta UM:
future, firm; March, 7 VA. May, A
SM; July. 7 Ssjd.
CORN-Spot. steady: American mixed.
new. aa 7?o. evaw 1" w. am a, nTW XI. fl
dried. id; American mixed, p'd.
ivusa; rut-re, xirm; January,
gaoniary, mo.