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    tiib bee: omaiia. Saturday, January 27, 1912.
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r 1
The Final and Deepest Price Cn'
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes
There's no neeHor lengthy descriptions you know that Benson
and Thome shoes are always the neatest and very latest styles, wear
longer and keep their shape better than any shoes sold at the price.
These final reductions are made to clean up the stock -quickly
this is YOUR opportunity for genuine bargains in footwear
better come early tomorrow.
r- At $2.85;
Oil lot of
Ladle' iihoee. In
tan and dull lea
ther and Tel ret:
all regular (4.00
At$2.95 rr At$3.93
On lot of
Ladiea' ahoca
patent, b a 1 1 e a
with cloth and
kid nppera, all $3
and it values.
On big lot of
Iauliee' patent
and dull calf lea
ther ahoea, cloth
and kid appera
S and $ value.
rAtSLfii rAt$2.3$-r rAt$2.35-r
N 114 tV I.
patent lip isre
or button, li.i
Im 1IH to i.
dull, un and
patent tip, all
a and .
Orewtng eMrla
hoes, patent
and patent tip,
laee or button,
size m Wl
(1 it and .v
AtS1.55n - r-At$I.63-T
Oailorea'a hoe
liea to ,
paUnt tip, lace
or button, :.
valuea -
Cellar' aoa
iu H to
Ilk. Detent
tip, lac or
button, 3 ana
.S vataee.
i ' .
Work of Checking Hew Freight
Schedules Under Way.
Dee Malaes Offered Big Baaa tor
. til Freeerty, bat Waata
Mere ta !! Market .
Original Coit Memorandums of the
Packer Are Introduced.
Okfeettea , H vwrale . kg Jada
tarpemtee Owref Kftirat
! Tkra a lasgwtaet Llak
i la It Ckata.
CHICAGO. Jan. J.- ruling la favor
i of tk government In tba proeeeutsm (
;th ua Chlcag packer, waa mad tol
.warn Unite State District Judo Car
! neater allowed tba tatroduettoa of vt
jdeace at thirty-fir ortCoal margin
'saeat f Ik National Peeking company
for the tint elfht month of VA
The defeas had denied all knowladg
lot thai ortflnal martin abeeu until
thev wer audarnly produced fn court br
' IMatrtct Attorney Wllkanoat, -
The government ellevea tha margin
harti to be an Important link hi -th
chain at etmimetaatlal evidence br which
' eiperta ta pre-re tha. packer geiWy '
.etoUMn. th criminal eeetlon of th
aeermaa la. ! -.
, . Deleeee Ohiertlee.
, Vt'ae Special . Couniel Plant Buller.
noreuutlBg th government. tartd to
,raa the sheet to the Jury Ut dateae
mad vigor objeetiao an th (round
that tha vteane waa Immaterial.
The pper at lrrtvant and
ahould b eaUuded," aaul Attorney Job
H. Miller. repreeeiiting th Armour croup
of defendant. "If w ar aot cartful
, will b varwheinea with Immaterial
thine ta thle ."
. 'Theee paperi ar red-handed thing.
In th opinion of th covanuaant,' la
Herniated Attorney Blair.
Judge Carpenter then vemXed th eb
Jrettan and A Horner Butler w per
mitted ta read th disputed doeumsnts
'to ta Jury.
KEW TORK, Jan. H Th theatrical
eeteaey 1 arouaed today over a cable
tram Juet received1 from IindoB alaaed
Oabr." containing th atatement that
luaby Deelvs. the French actress, had
married Harry nicer, an American
dancer. Pllcer and Oaby Deelye recently
left here for a theatrical eeeatemeat In
Portal aavtaaa Bank a.
WASHINGTON. l. C Jaa. StrBpaelaJ
Telegram.! Poaul aavtng bank eetab-
'lihed Februarr M will b a follow
: Nebraska Herman, North Uoup.
Iowa-Clerk evilly l.eV1ew, Mitchell,
villa. Rockwell. Whiting.
South bekota-Melntoah. Walt
Former Indian Agent
Jrlichaelet Denies
Favoritism Charge
MIX.VUAPOLIS, Minn., Jan. M.-Mmoa
Mlchaelet. former aent at th White
Earth Indian taaarvatioa. aiainat whom
chair of Irregularity war mad ytr
day In th eooareaaranal hearing of land
fraud charge, ask that ha be heard In
hi own defena. Mr. Mlchaelet denla that
he a ho wed favorttlam In land, allotment.
Rar. Duan R. porter, a mixed blood, waa
a wltns, testifying that th Indiana did
not receive full valuation.
"Th way condition are now, he
aid, "".r people are nerving to death."
Mr. Porter also described th allotting
of th land oa April M. I, declaring that
th fulk blood did not get fair pier.
(Continued from Pint Page.)
declared that the placing of typewriter,
linotype maehinea, aaah reglatar aad
other patented article ea th free list a
prepneed In th MM would result In The
raawvat of sjnerloan plant ta romgn
anil, elm tha ' cooda could be made
cheaper, whll th patent would prevent
any reduction la th sailing price In th
American market Representative Palmer
said euch would aot a tn outcome, .
rk. d.h.ia was limited (0 speeches for
th bill by Representative Palmar, Bart
lett of Georgia aad Underwood and
PMchaa against It by' lUprearatatlva
DaUwtl, Crum packer (Indiana) and Austin
r-mr-ann Jan. at Elaht Deraonl were
Injured. n perhaps faulty, early today.
whea a North Avenue street car mruca
. .-u-h nina at the Chicago, Mil
waukee ft St, Paul crossing. Traction
official claim tha towrmaa failed to
lower th ft
Twa Item linvl at arprlae.
tiAVTn ('ITT. Neb.. Jan. K.-Hpeclal.)
tA fir destrared building In aurprte
i'eeterdar to the eltrnt of fi'.Ota. The
ullding wer the one occupied by rul-
I ft a grocery More, Utrouf rurnttur
tor aad ht dwelling. Several ether
building la th vicinity were In danger,
but the local fir department kept the
fin from enreadln- from th three kujIM-
ing. Th origin of the fire le unknown.
The loaa waa covered by about M M in
surance. This makes th third nre lor
Burprtae ta th last tight' week.
Tha last Saturday of tha awnth at Beaton'a la tha day when
ld sure full quarter' worth of thoroughly, ttlga-claaa mareJian
dl. Thl Saturday wa offer a number of atandard lie article (or ,
10c, and raapaetrully iuil that you till your Immadlta want from
tha following list
tic Dr. Grove' Tooth, Powder in.
for 1UC
SSc Da Mar ' Tooth Powder 10C
lio Da Mara Tooth Paate 1ft.
for ; lUC
lie Btntol Japan Tooth Powder t ft
for ( 1UC
lee Chamois 1A.
for 1UC
l-ot. bottla Glycerlna. and Roaewater in.
for 1UC
1 pint Household Ammonia
for 1UC-
I pint bottla Denatured Alcohol 10C
' Hplnt bottla Witch Haiel 1 A
for,....!.". '.. 1UC
4-oz. package Bochall 8lts 1 ft
for 1UC
the Imported Dido Nail naial SUck,
In celluloid box.... iUC ,
Jic Beaton 'a Talcum Powder 10c
. :5c Hard Rubber Comb " 10c
FoUw the Beaton Path
-'- . . . ... i
Bsatoa Drug Col, 15th and Farnam
Sealer Attempts to Show Equal Eiie
- ta Other Thing-.
tVltaeea kaya tempeeitlea ( lade
peadeala I T itroag ta
Make ' .' Arbitrary A -"
vaacee Peeelble.
KANSAS CITT, Jn. Sl-rurther testi
mony tending to show that the price of
yellow pine lumber has not Increaaed
mora rapidly In the laat ten year than
dotens of other commodate, wit give
today by Charle 8. Keith of thla city,
who begin hi third day on th wjtneaa
nana at th hearing of tne rtata stater
ult against twnty-alx lumber oompanlei.
aarged with vlaiatieo C th aatUtruw
law. Mr. Keith testified that corn. ols.
rye, potatoe and ; cattle, .had IncreaaeJ
In prlc at a far n0r'rnld rat than
lumber, , V , "1
In the lest tan yeara, Mr. Keith aald,
"th yellow gin lumber trad ha auf
f end eevere eompetluon from cement con
struction, .To eomhat tale the aim. pf
th Tallow Pin Manuracturar aaeocla
Un ha been to find new asea tor Tal
low pine, Xha aaseclatloa haa ancouragad
tha usa ( It- for awklag ereoeoted pav
ing block, .for Interior flnJehlng and
for othw purpo, which In h end tend
to benefit th consumer."
Crass Esasmlaatlea Bealaa,
"You base your opinion that Diet U
no oombinatloa among th lumbar dealer!
upon your belief that all farm products
have fluctuated la price In about the
same proportion a haa yellow pin, do
you not?" asked Asaletant Attornty Gn
ral Atkinson, In ere txamlnlag Mr.
".No not entirely, that I on reaaoa for
my opinion. Th principal cause why
ther I no lumber combine among the
member of the Yellow pin Manufac
turers' aaaoolatton la that competition
from lumbermen not member of th as
sociation and from other building ma
tor tele la to lively to make It possible.
For Instance, our yellow pin Ms been
driven out at th Colorado market by
th flrwood at California."
apply and Demand Pleaded.
"Do you think that th fact that all
farm product nav ahowa about th aame
fluctuatlona is a proof that there la no
beef trust r? i
"In mentioning farm product I do aot
refer to packing house product The
packer do not Mil lire hog or cattle.
but flnlahed products, concerning which I
have no special knowledge."
Tbea th evidence you have given her
about th fluctuation la th prices of
different product of th farm doe cot.
In fact, prove anything?"
"Only that they. Ilka yellow pine, are
governed by the law of supply and de
mand." .
Ic redirect examination the witness said
that of a large number f e et the
aame kind of lumber a th same day by
th different eampaalea. M per cent of the
alee allowed a variation In price.
Mason crrr, la.. Jan. .-speciai.-
. . t v -wrii-M. Mmjt at nia noma u
VHrna - - - -
thla city tnt anernoow iim
mania. He had bam atck but a raw oars,
ki k. ka4 heart romDUcAiiooa which
v,utFaA bla cudlttoa "almost hopelcee
from the fir. Ha had don aw tor
Masoa City la Its magnificent buiurogs
., nr man. Tha entire Mock
weit of th dty park. Including Hotel
r- - nnrsa. ang Wllaeti and tha Cecil
theater were built ay khm. He waa W
year et age. B leavwa a widow and
on oa-
Mr. Aaaa Wegrea.
LTOS", Nek, Jan. a-i8peclal)-Mra.
A ana Wegrea. widow of the lata Oaorg
n- ma kr kom in the country
mat night. Th funeral took place at I
o' cloak today. Ska an aer aueoana mi
grated from pwedea t lillnol la aa
K tav and later came Into Burt
ernnty, thla state, about twenty-eevea
year ago. a we a little Over year
t ag. Her huabaad died eight year
so. . - ',
Oir:a Panama drieaes to hui
uaUtlea V-li color red. Mue, arowa.
stark aad wklta, sue to M year, aa
aak Saturday.
Benson A Thorn Co., UIS-3 rarnam 8L
(Prom a Staff CrTpoodnt )
DES MOINES. Ia.. Jan. X.-8peclal
Telegram.) Seven autea have Joined with
Iowa In th work t cheeking the new
freight achedule of the western classifi
cation committee and vparirg with the
complaint before the Interstate Commerce
oomralaaton at Chicago, January 8. Rat
eiperta from tha state board of rail
road commissioner of Mtneaota, Texas,
Missouri, Oklahoma, North Dakota. South
Dakota, Kansas and Iowa ar now at
work making th check In Kansas City.
Clifford Tberne at tba loan board, who
Initiated the movement, returned from
Kansas City today. -
Xtei I. aw Teat.
Kels J. Lee, special counsel In the of
fice of ths attorney general, went ta Da
venport today to aid In the Moon law
teat case, which le being tried In th
district court before Judge T neophilia.
Tha suit I brought to termi whether
th Moon- law affect apodal charter
dt'.ea. If th taw ia held valid In charter
title. Davenport w!l low lot aaloona.
Csad Prtcw fee City Property.
The dty ' of Dee Moines undertook to
sell two pieces of property and to us the
proceeds In constructing a nurket house
and today received aa offer of for
th property, but In th belief that this
wa not enough th offer was rejected.
A eoon as th city can sell th property
tne coneiruvuon win be comaMoced.
Police Departsaeat Cleared.
The city council today made mveatlgar
tioa of tha chergea made against mem
ber of that body, and decided they were
not well founded. Th accusations were
mad by Judge Vaa Uew, who Is a Can
dida ts for member of th council. The
investigation resulted In ooaiprat exon
ratloa pf the police department from
having given protection to vie.
T ladtot Clalmyaat.
Mr. Anna Webster, clairvoyant, charged
with having ewlndled Mr. Johanna
Aachn, aa agsd woman, out of II. A. will
bo indicted by tha grand Jury. It la
alleged tha Webstar woman beguiled her
aged client Into tha belief that by plant-
ng :ier savings ah could make them grow
Into fl.a.0. lira. Webster, it la stated,
secured 11. CO from Mrs, Aschea by this
fl representation.
, - w .. H aaler Peek.
Whltcomb Klllv wa ewartej U.e'NId
medal foe dtattnctloa in poetry at the -nual
meeting of tee American raderoy
sr arte arm ,"T rI
mute et arts iiw
B.I.' Om CIJI5Ea
Tbet ki Laratle brome Qu'.nlBe. Lee tof
m.. .!.ii.tur if L W. Ore re. Lead tne
Ut tea (a t 0 eaW " aar.
Itwa Kevra Nate.
DENISON-Bandolkh Denker, eon f a
prominent farmer living iuet weat of
thla city, was riding a horae through the
snow when the animal tumbid and fell,
throwing In boy under him. In strug
gling to get out of the drift, the horee
struck the boy In th too lacerating
aa eye In a manner to make It doubtful
Whether the eight la not loet.
OIJSSWOOD In the caae of Charle
Pteher against the Burlington railway,
Judge Wheeler granted the plaintiff's pe
tition for a new trial and the case will go
tried tn thle term of court. Thtawas
th laat of th case against th railway
resulting from th eoverflow nt pony
rek. weet of Olenwood. In 13. The
eighteen ceaee preceding It were against
Iks roaf. or Mttieej out ar court. . -
Telephone Companies
Sued byUncle Sam
(Ppeclal.) Testerday suit wer filed In
the North Plait drrlMoa of tha United
State district court by United States
Attorney Howell oa behalf of the United
atatee against th Blrdwood Telephone
company of rtuthertand. Klnlutlder' Mu
tual Telephone company of Sutherland,
C. B. at. Pol and Neckyok compaay of
Bamby, Paxton A Clsla Telephone com
pany of Paxton and Lodge Pol Tele
phone company of Lodge Polo to recover
HO.OOt from each of the companies for
failure to make tha return for th cor
poration tax fur the laat year. The
companies. It la reported, have Ignored
all demand to . prepare and tile the
et-bedulea required by th reveaue lawf.
Nun of th companies would be required
I pay any taxe because th Incoms do
not (mount to anything near tMO. Oa
th other hand th earnings of each of
tbeee corporations amount to nearly
nothing, a they ara email aoactran.
Pwtaaaa-Ptthtaa. -
TBCVM8E1I. Neb.. Jan, V-4Spcelal.-
Mia Eva Lea Ftthtan. daughter of Mr.
aad Mrs. H. O. Pithlan. three and one
halt miles Doetheast of Tcumh. was
married to -Mr. Lull - a. Putmcn
Weweeadey evening. Bom forty r more
relative and frmnda wer present at
th oersmeny, whfth waa performed by
Rev. W. W. Talt of th Teeumaeh Pra-
bytorlaa church. The groom ta fh eon
of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Put mas and he
baa bee aoeltd with hi father In
fanning aad stock raising, tie is a
apleadld young man and a good farmer.
Tne brM la a gradual of th Tecumeeh
High ' choel. Mr. and Mrs. Put ma
have gone to minora aa a wedding trip.
and upon their return will establlab their
horn en the groom'a farm smith of the
Belfast Corporation
.Closes Ulster Hall
, to Eival Factions
BELFAST, Irelod. Jan. -X-Th. City
corporation today refused the request of
th Liberal assodatkm for th us of
Ulster hall on the morning of February
a, the day of th horn rule denwnetrattoa
at shich Wlnstoa Spencer Churchill, first
lord of the admiralty, and Juha E. Red
mond, the leader of the Nationalists, are
to speak. The corporation also forestalled
any further poeeJbie maneuvers by pass
ing a resolution aot to let Ulster hall fur
any further meetings of any kind in
LONDON. Jan. ' St-Wlnston " Spencer
Churchill' action tn giving up hi Inten
tion to apeak In Ulster hall. .BeUaat. on
February I I commented aa favorably In
today newspapers. Only the bitterest
opponents of th first lord fit . tlx ad
miralty chid him with retreating from a
position whiya he ihovld never hare
taken up. ,
The horn rul meeting lo Belfast will
now probably .be "held In St, Mary'a hall,
which ft In the nationalist quarter.
Dlepatche from Ireland today express
th fear that It will be difficult to pre
vent trotibl In Belfast on the day of
the meeting. Th unionists . may find
they have created a force which they will
be unable to control. Sc me of 'the Irish
unionist newspaper now advise Winston
Churchill to cancel his Visit entirely.
Clark and Folk pi
Not Consider Bryan's
. Division Proposal
ST. LOUIS. Jan, X. Th effort of
William J. Bryaa to aettle the conflict
between Speaker Champ Clark and for
mer Governor J. W. Folk for the endorse
ment of the Missouri democrats had pro
duced no material reeult today. Bryan
yesterday suggested a division of th
delegatkn. the candidal who received th
mailer number ef votea an th flrat bal
lot to be dropped In th national conven
tion. Folk and Clark refused to eon-
rider any com prom la today. Judg Virgil
Rul leeued from th Clark headquarter
a ptatement that tha managers of the
Clark bureau da aot hep to oompromls.
COLUMBUS. Neb.. Jan. M.-A. C. Felt
of Superior waa elected president of ths
Nebraska State league at the meeting
held her which ended at I a'olock this
morning. P. V. Nichols of Kearney was
elected vice president. Th salary llat
raised from J to H. Th Fre
mont club waa angered at ths last men
tioned action aad three ten ta withdraw
from th laagu.
Tha board of directors ia composed of
Thomas Wake of Seward aad Dr. Babeock
of Hasting.
Coal Miners and
Operators Begin -'
j'. -age.Confcence
iKmiKiPOMs. Jan. at Bituminous
coal miners and operators et Indiana,
IUInela, Ohio and western Penylvnla
met in Joint conference today behind
closed door to dlecuaa a wage ecet to
go Into effect April L Hit, when the prea
nt contract expire. Th convention of
tb United Mine Worker of America
adjourned to tomorrow to permit th of
ficial of th organisation to auena mi
wag conference.
Th miner' demand call for a two-
rar contract With InCT In Wk
of 1 cents a to oa a mine rua bast,
a II per cent lacreeea for day labor
about th mine and a seven-Hour day.
Girl Panama dr eo make excellent
garment for preaent and spring wear.
We offer a big lot or to am or.aee
tn red, blu. brawn, black ana wntte,
alee to It years. Baturday at UTS.
Bensoa A Tarn Co., lUS-a Farnam St
Beatrte T. M. C. A. Cleete Officers.
BBATRICkl, Neb. Jan. M.-(8pe-
elal ) At th annual meeting of tk
board of director of th Young Men'
Christian asaodatloa yesterday tbeee of
ficers war elected: W. T. Stock tun.
prealdent; J. A. Barnard. Tie preetoent;
r. A. Miller, recording secretary; J. H.
voa 8 teen, treasurer. Socretary Guy
Batnbun a report allowed that during the
last year th receipt were gJ,A.S. aad
th expenditure .. Th member
ship la S3.
Table Mark Pwatasaate Meapswtateg
TABLE ROCK. Neb. Jan. K-3peeml.)
Prank JL Taylor, poet master of Table
Rack, ha recently received afflcxsl aoti-
Ocatioa f . hi rcappotatmeat aa past
master tor fbar year, beginning with
January It, 11.
DENVER. Colo, Ja- M.-Sult for th
R-overy of gs.w galAat tee Denver A
Rt Graad Railway company, arooght
ay Joha E. Whittle of Chicago for the
death of hia o9. Arrhibald Whittle. In a
wreck March IS. UH. when young Whit
tle, bane -cuffed aad hackled to a car
seat, was being taken te Caavoa City to
begin a artsea term tor tergart serpe
tratea 'Ik Denver, was settled by the
railway campany tedae. ' Thht waa the
last VialTg ggamst h railway 'rompeny
grawtng mat of What le ' know, a th
Adobe wreck nearly aut years ago.
Men's Staple Overcoats1
At an Exceptionally
Interesting Price
Browning, King & Co.f
We call your attention to the Decided Redactions on Men's -Staple
Overcoats, consisting of Black and Oxford
Cheviots, Vicunas and Kerseys. Those formerly sell
ing at $28.00 and $30.00 are now
The way these Overcoats are made and the Quality of the
Fabrics are the essential points that should interest you, :
because a price consideration is only of importance pro-
vided the Value is there in every respect.- You take no
, risk with any of our clothes, since "Money Back" has
been our slogan for over half a century. These garments
have been under our constant supervision while being
tailored in our own Superior New York Work Booms.
"A national msTrrunoN" '
rewning.1ing if Cq
R. S, WILCOX, Mgr. - Fifteenth and Douglas Sts.
All Fall and Winter Goods at
' Greatly Reduced Prices
$21.00 and 135.00 Suits to order reduced to. .. .. .. .$17.50
130.00 Suit to order reduced to -$20.00
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$60.00 Suit to orderreduced to $30!0O
Wa muat make room for spring good. . Wo must keep our
tailor busy. All work made ia our own work abopa. All garmnt
well lined and trimmed. Every garment guaranteed perfect ia fit
and style. -..
MacCarthy-Wilson Tailoring Co.
S (4 -Slid South lath Street. Fire Step South of Farnam.
The Diamond for a Present
Because of the
great beauty
and the poetic
value possess
ed by a dia
mond, this
etone is becom
ing a most ap
propriate rift
for birthday, anniversary or
other important occasion.
Mother, siBter or brother ap
preciates every gift, but a dia
mond of character and true
beauty will be prized as the
best of all gifts. The Edholm
store contains a wonderful
collection of beautiful dia
monds in both platinum and
gold mountings. ' '
Albert Edholm, Jeweler,
gutaiath and ataraer
Mrs. Hattie M. Fox
1110 North tSth Street
Vka had her Ban huraed. wiahea to
announce that aha Is prepared to at
tend to aasueaa aa aeror aa onir a
nnrrlna of her nroDertT waa burned.
tel. Webster 187; lad. B-ltll.
unaam, s&e. too. Tse aa tio
TOanoarr cttai7 a . h.
mmnr w. avawAra
excuse: Mt:
Kiev m Briurars Magenta ,
is wboixb so aroavn oow
bot rarDiaaa
Uorth Hurrying For ,
Hundreds of people 'are taking-advantatge of ' "
,,' our semi-annual Clean-up Sale, knowing it to-,'
be rich in opportunities for economical buying.
All broken lines are disposed of withotn regard
" to cost or former selling prices. :: ::
These Are Not "Sale" Shoos.
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cut Skating and tfA Or
' Outing boots, now V09
Ziegler Bros.' $4 Patent and
Gun Metal, button ff A DP
and lace, now.'. '. . Vaae0
All broken lines of $3 and
$2.50 Patent, Dull AC
and Kid shoes. . . .vie? tf
279 pairs small sizes $4 and
$3.50 quality, JfflfV
your choice. . . . . .via" II
Boys' High Cuts
PA E. Corner 16th
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