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Jew County Treasurer Telli ConTen
tion Method He Will Uk.
Least., Bark. 9 gtatesee'at
i-e Akaat Callcvttaaa e-
lac Oalr Blaff Baa a art
Last MsV
CriUcisin Ray C Lang-ford ot Lincoln
county frr harlnc referred to the eoiiec
tloa of personal taxes aa bluff." County
Treasurer w. a. Ire of Douglas countjj
announced to the convention ot county
treasurers yesterday mornlni that he In
tended to collect delinquent personal
taxes and there would be no bluff about
"I was grieved to have such a state-
ment ft out in my oalllwick." said Mr.
rr- "I tot pretty hot under the collar.
' If you fellows are fotnf to Indulge In
such loose talk. I want you to meet in
Lincoln next year; I don't want you to
coma back here. .
-Now, m tell you what Tin gains to
do about personal taxes. We v five
col lectors, and I'm going to send those
collectors out to talk to the delinquent!
In a gentlemanly way. The collector
must bring me either the money or some
sort of a statement from the individual.
I'll have these collectors work. a couple
of weeks, and then I'll take hold of the
matter myself. l'U serve notice on the
delinquent that unless he pays his taxes
by a certain dsy, I will Issue a distress
warrant on that day. And I positively
will Issue the warrant on that day and
send the sheriff to grab whatever he can
get his hands on."
'The reporters misconstrued what I
said . yesterday." said Mr. Langford.
"When I said "bluff I referred only to
cases where the delinquent has got out
af the state."
"Oh. well. If that's the ease." rejoined
Mr. Urn, Til take back part of what I
eald and will Invite you to meet In
Oman again. " '
Taaea Arc Certain.
President Hevelooe here assured the
newspaper men that "there Is nothing
surer tn earth than the collection ot
taxes." R. B. Hlrschman of Cedar county
wanted a press committee appointed to
seek to remedy the mischief caused by
the publication of yesterday's delibera
tions, but the convention decided this
was unnecessary. Mr. Hlrschman was
satisfied, however, when the reporters
present promised him to publish Mr.
Langford's explanation. . -
"The Commlssloner'a Viewpoint," was
Mr. Urn's set subject. The county mort
gages the future by tardy assessment,
levy and collection of taxes, he said,
with the result that the county la al
ways hard up, the business of one ad
ministration runs over into the next and
the county commissioner is the object
of 'kicks" from one end ot the county
to the other. Mr. Lre said tha assess
ment should be made In September pre
ceding tha January In which the per
sonnel of the county board changes; the
county equalisation board should meet
In November; the estate equalisation
board In Iiecember: the levy should be
made In January and taxes should be
paid In April and May. It Is up to the
treasurers, he said, to go before the leg
islature sad get a law paired making
such prevision.
Phillip A. Bommerland Ulked ot "The
New Treasurer." 1 i
Officers were elected late la the after
noon and the convention closed tonight
witk banquet at the Roma
Fredrickson Has a
Close Call When His
Auto Goes Into River
H. XI. Fredrlekson of the Fredrickson
Auto company had a narrow escape from
death; by drowning In the Missouri river
yesterday afternoon when he attempted
to cross to the Iowa side la his auto on
the Ice near Florence, where the river Is
completely frosen over.
Mr. Frrdrlckson had advanced from
the Nebraska shore about twenty teet
when the front wheels of his csr struck
an sir hole. Before he could reverse his
engine and back away from the danger
ous spot the Ice about him began to
crumple and In an Instant the car was
filled with water. Mr. Fredrickson barely
saved himself by making a desperate leap
from the sinking car at the last Instant.
Fortunately the water was shallow at
the place where the csr sunk and with
the aid of a pair of horses borrowed from
a nearby farm Mr. Fredrickson was able
to haul his car back to land.
Banquet for Hudson
to Be a Big Affair
fic many reservations' are requested for
tha banquet lev be given for Marshall
A. Hudson, founder of Haraca, It has
been necessary to engage a banquet hill
at the Pax ton hotel. The, Original Inten
tion was. tq have tha banquet, which Is
planned for T o'clock Saturday evening,
at the Toung Men's Christian associa
tion. The banquet will be preceded by
a reception for Mr. Hudson In tke lobby
of the hotel.
I. W. Carpenter a III be toaatma-iter.
Tke theme of the toasts will be "What
Baraca Does." Three-minute' toasts will
be delivered by the following:
James W. Nlcnoieen. "What Baraca
Does for the Teacher"; Roy N. Towl.
"What Baraca Does for the Individual
Member"; A. S. Kelly, "Wnei Baraca
Doea for the Physical Development:" C.
(. Throckmorton. "What Baraca Does for
tha Sprltuai Side"; H. H. Caret. "What
Baraca Doea for the other Men"; James
M. Murderant, "What Baraca Does for
the Community"; R. C. Crossley, "Vhat
H ram Dors for the Church";' Gtii.
Harnura. "What Haraca Does for the
Sunday School..
Mr. Hudson will follow with an ad
dress to the men on "Personal Work."
Mr. Hudson arrives In Omaha Saturday
morning and will be the rwt of the
Trl-Cttjr Baraca union at a errlee of
nan leas Sunday and Monday.
Pasteur Institute .
Doctor is Coming
Dr. George Gibier Rambaud. director
of the Pasteur Institute of New York
City, will arrive next Wednesday witk
bis wife. Madam Oervllie Reach of the
Chicago Opera company, who will give
a recital here next Wednesday evenlne.
Vf. and Mrs. Rambaud will spend
Wednesday and Thursday In Omaha. Dr.
Rambaud. who was a daxsaiate of Dr.
C. W. Pollard of this cttr when they
were students at the Columbia unvereitv.
will give a lecture for the students of
the Omaha Medical college.
Life tenants that multiply man's happiness
Furniture of irreproachable character, possessing beauty and durability the. kind in this greatest
of January sales fills full the .measure of man s comftrt, making of -his home his castle
THE ROAD to a man's heart is said to be through good cooking; but -the road:
rn his drpfltpst rnmfnrt nnH hanrnnpec .q thrniidh hnnpsfV nirn.fni'W
V A X 7 4 VMItVVK" VV114A it Vlll 7 VV414VI VU 1114111 VUU 1WV V V4lA A A V 11 Wsjb 1U1 111IVI& V)'
manent member of the h6mea':life-Jong tenant.
During the lingering days of January it i priced here
at figures far below those usually asked, j In many in
stances pieces are marked at cost marks. It: all (pos
sesses rich qualities and high values, and ii all: de
serves a place in the most pretentious home as well ".as in
with ease-giving and rest-radiating qualities. It is the
kind in this greatest of January Sales. Reflected from
its very surfaces v are " home-influencing qualities
qualities that bring peace of mind; arid repose of
limbs. It possesses sturdy, rugged honesty; graceful,
modest beauty, and straight, simple lines or curved,
decorated features. Such furniture ; becomes a per-
$24.50 Chiffonier Golden
oak; 19x40 inches; French
plate mirror, 18x23 inches;
four commodious drawers;
very beautiful article...... $22.00
$26X0 Princess Dresser ,
Solid oak; three large draw
ers; size 21x46 inches;
French plate mirror, 23x44
inches $23.50
$12.00 Dressing Table
Golden oak; thoroughly
built; size 18x28 inches;
BYench plate mirror, 14x24
inches $10.00
$70.00 Buffet English oak;
sliding silver drawer; two
spacious drawers; two com
partments $30.00
$20.00 Morris Chair Fumed
oak frame; imitation leather
or tapestry seat and back. . $15.00
' $70.00 Bookcase English
oak; mullioned doors; five
wide shelves; size 48x60
inches $38.00
$30.00 Dining Boom Table
English oak; claw feet; 54- - :
inch top; very strong and
beautiful $23.50
$32.00 Serving Table-English
oak; one large drawer: ( , .
very durable $20.00
$34 00 Hall Clock Fumed
oak; high quality; accurate
timepiece; decorative.....: $17.00
$80.00 Mahogany Parlor Suite Three
pieces, rocker, chair and settee; leather . -
Boats and backs $65.00
$29.50 RockerOne of the most substan
tially erected rockers in the store; filled
with the comfort idea $23.50
$48.00 Auto Valet Quarter sawed oak;
six large drawers; size, 38 inches wide,
21 inches deep, and 60 inches high. : $43.00
$105.00 Buffet Mahogany; massive and
durable; plush lined silver drawer; large
linen drawer; 54-inch top; mirror back;
10x48 inches ........ $60.00
$28.00 Brass Bed Two-inch post; nine
one-inch fillers; made to endure for
years . $23.50
$39.00 Brass Bed Best quality; two-inch
post; seven one-inch fillers , $24.50
$32.00 Brass Bed One of the prettiest pat
terns; two-inch continuous post; five one- "
inch fillers ". " $25.00
$24.00 Oak Dresser Swell front; four
spacious drawers; French plate mirror,
23x29 inches $20.00
$10.00 Storage Chiffonier Beautiful oak;
five large drawers, size of chiffonier, 19x32
inches . V;
$50.00 Turkish Chair Harrington springs;
full of comfort; very fine looking chair,
with thorough workmanship showing in
every line
$83.00 Buffet Solid mahogany;, three
large drawers;" one roomy compartment;
21x54 inches; French plate mirror, 14x36
inches; very excellent material $60.00
$26.00 Princess Dresser Quarter sawed
oak; size 21x46 inches; three large draw
ers; French plate mirror with beveled..
the humblest ecltage.
1 ' . .
$10.75 Chair Famed oak;
till over; Spanish leather
seat ........ :
$ 9.00
edges, 24x40 inches $23.00
$22.50 Dressing Table Mahogany; beauti
ful article; one largo drawer; French pluto
mirror, 15x20 inches $12.50
$3100 Cheval Mirror .Solid mahogany;
BYench beveled plate, 19x48 inches; very
excellent article '. $30.00
$80.00 Storage Chiffonier Solid mahog
any; four spacious drawers; . two small
drawers; size, 22x36 inches $45.00
$100.00 Davenport Panne plush covering
upholstery; mahogany frame; rest-giving..
$90.00 Chiffonier Mahogany; six-drawer;
size of chiffonier, 23x34 inches; French
plate mirror, 19x25 inches..... $50.00
'$25.00 Serving Table Solid mahogany; j
two large drawers; 18x36 inches; durable $16.00
$65.00 Mahogany Table Very . strong
made; 48-inch top; 8-foot extension .... $53.00
$60.00 Dressing Table Solid, mahogany;
48-inch top; 8-foot extension '..V.'.V.' $54.00
$110.00 China Cabinet Beautiful mirror
back; solid mahogany; mullioned doors;
superior quality; most excellent bargain. ; $65.00
$70.00 Mahogany Desk One large and two '
small drawers;, vefy well built.; detailed
construction ; beautiful design; size,' 31x34
inches ; heavy, writing bed . . .- -. . . .... ... $55.00
t $68.00 Library. Table Solid mahogany;
massive model; size, 30x48 inches; highest .
type of table '..j.. $61.00
$30.00 Over-Stuffed Chair Very acme of
comfort-giving; strong and durable $23.00
$80.00 Davenport Crotch mahogany;
very prettydt'sign; brown upholstery;
78 inches long; .comfortable and strong. . $65.00
$115.00 Davenports-Upholstered in panne
plush; mahogany frame; 66 inches long;
strong .....f ... $56.00
$8.50 Chair Fumed .oak; .
v Spanish leather slip "seat; , i
strong model '. . . .'. . IT. .' $ 5.00
$11.75 Arm Chair-Fumed ' '
oak; leather slip seat; very
strong; excellent quality..., .$ 9.00
$8.00 Arm Chair Beau iiful
fumed oak; Spanish leather'
seat; highest quality. ...... $ 6.00
. $22.00 Princess Dresser ,
..Solid mahogany; 21x34 .
inches three large drawers; -
French ' plate mirror, 17x36
' inches;, three, commodious
. drawers .'. . . .'. . .' $16.50
.. $30.00 Dresser Mahogany; ' ' '
. 23x44'inches;' French plate, ', '.
. 21x28 inches; very excellent '
v. quality ....... .....'.T. $23.00
- $17.00 Bungalow Brass Bed :;
' -r Dull finish; five thrjW- '
quarter-in6h fillers $15.00
J32.00 Post Brass BedBiijlt
for beauty rand service;
very substantial . . $20.00
$22.50 Brass Bed Dull fm- . i
lsh; two-inch posts;: twelve v
' three - quarter . inch filler;
strong and durable $25.50
'$34.00 Brasa, Bed Dull fin-.
, ish;. two-inch i continuous
posts; five on e-h a I flinch '
fillers; beauty design; strong....'..!.'.!., $17.50
' . : - . :
$100.00 Settee Solid mahogany; green V
denim upholstery; very high-quality..... $57.00
$12.50 Storage Chiffonier-White enamel; '
five largo drawers; very beautifttlly made $11.25
' ' 'T i j i . , i i j -
$20.00 Dressing Table White enamel;
two spacious drawers; French plate rnir- :
ror, 16x25 inches ....... V... ;........... $18.00
$54.00 Cheval Mirror Mahogany frame; -
beveled plate, 19x55 inches ..... .V.V. .V. $40.00
$28.00 , Chiffonier Circassian ., walnut; : ;
four large and two small drawers; beautt- '
ful; French plate, 13x19: inches V...V.'.V $25.00
$32.50 Dresser Circassian '.walnut; thor- '
oughly made; decorative and durable 1 ' , .
BYench plate, 21x29 inches; two large and ; t
fso small drawers .........i $27.00
$25.00 Poster Bed Solid mahogany; full Vv ,'.
size; built for long service; artistic in every
lino ..Y..;:.v;.v
$90.00 Dressing Table Sheraton style; '- .j
solid mahogany ; three, large ! and three m ;
small drawers; BYench plate mirror, 30x36 . , .
inches -.. $75.00
$66.00 Storage Chiffonier Mahogany; '. . .' ,
Sheraton model; very high class; strong
and durable ............ . . . .7;. .". . . . $55.00 '
$110.00 China Cabinet Solid mahogany;
mullioned front; six feet high ......... $65.00
$42.00 Buffet Early English oak; three
large drawers; two compartments i .... $25.00
$25.00 Brass Bed Very attractive model;
2-in. post; seven one-inch fillers; full size- ;
and durable. . $20.00
$60.00 Gentleman's - Valet Mahogany; ' ' t '
double doors; size, 44x22 inches; seven
spacious drawers; sliding mirror; large 1
suit section, with hangers; necktie: and .
whiskbroom attachment $54.00
Miller, Stewart & Beaton Go.
Established 1884
The Tag-Policy House
413-15-11 South Sixteenth Street