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    THE BEE: 0MA17A. FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 1912.
IMdonof .Oiir Streets Are in Terrible Condition-
By "Bud" Fisher:
. f Sintwx HfluoHT . fc . . Srf5? " - I M. Kr. T 1
i!f V TrouitHcfto.up . , - . ifi--v? -ZL 1 . i . . . Sir L
'f V "u ' '' l',rjTritif- " il jf & ' vxn5' T VNV-- -..
'1' v ' Bi j
i - . s i . ttt r" ' ' 1 " -
Bamrner Bate Ball Queitio Pro-
Differtnce of Opinion.
tharae that Organisation
hated by Ft t hcsge Made "
. kr student ' Pabitaia (
( i ' , llllaela Stat kkMl, ,r' '
CHICAGO. Jan. B.-Threatx of a pug.
IM split In the. Conference
Oil tie association, 'hiSi meet mn
ttw run. wero repeated lonlgrit, with the
arrival ef asm of tlw "Big Kshi" rep
peaentattvee. ,V ,
Beadle eettlemtnl of tba aumimr bait
M 9Uatlon, nimral of tha baa upon
tha 1'ntver.ur of Mtcblnn, which .wnb
rw from tha conferenea in would
ba dmandn, it waa aaM. , " .
Tha CntrcralUfa of Illinola and Mlnn
oia arcra rport4 to ba anxldua tpr
llchlan'a tvturs. Ibpraunatlv-M of
thaaa ualwaltlaa aay tha Waitafinaa pn-
nt tha kaanea) comaHlttaa la athlatlci
t aor waatara rival. , .
Charaaa that tha "Bl Ci(ht" eoqfannra
la aoiatnaiea By tba I nlwrrtty af Chi,
cat hava baaa awda br tha I'nlwalty
f mtirala, thfwuch Ita atudmt ubDcat1oa
tha nattr ritnt It eharwaa that Coach A.
A. Run of Chicago, dletatea tha policy
of tn wnfiiTOi and that IraiMatton for
th Uat faw jraar aa baaa la favor of
Caksao. ; . :
Appointaaft of Dean A. w. Boiall aa
Cklraco'a daaajataio tha martlnf la'aald
t jnaao that taa Maraoha' Vota oa "aunv
tnar baaa bair will a nnehaitcad. Coaab
tllMf. wh haa lad a flcht aamlnat lh
eatliHi aport, la la tha aautk racbtartag
from a roeant llloaaa..'
)(on of the ' rapanantatlvaa of tha
eenforance aeboob) would aay tonlf ht what
anion ha would take the aommar baaa
ball oaeMlon or MIcMg an't retura la tba
if. a if
Checker' Champion
: Surprises McCqofc
k;cuUK. Nab... Jul. tt-gplaf.)
Cherkn- and chtr plavra of aoulhwat
ra-Ntraak were treated to a (enaln
aitrprl ker kMt nltht by the inamlou
KMa7 af Newell W. Banka tba AmerU
taa eheoker ckanjplcjni; lajln a half
d'n ft hacker (amaa and two eheaa
anaa at Ike aaae Una. he won.wtttr
two; eaceptlona darlnc ataay lioura of
piatfn lUa Cnab-atani vaa the wlanlnc
of four (aoae af ehaekera, playlnf blind-
fohtad. and aa lma of
Ma time. Nothing Ilka hi wonderful
nark haa ever jbfore bora aeea la thla
pariT of Nebraalai. BanVa la but M year
of at. Ha left today for Drover, oa hi
way to the Pacific eoaat. Ha promlaa to
atop over In Mefloek0M return aat
In a few aioatha from bow. ,
The. meeting e( the aeuthweaum Ka
btaka Cberkar riayerar aaaoekttlon win
rtato JDlht.
rrldar night tha t'nlveralty of ihnah
meet, far the aetond Inw.'thh Mam,
tlie -basket ball leanr from Dana college
at jibe univeratty gymnaiilum. Laat rrt
1r t liome bore Journeyed up to
Weir, and ware treated t a decisive
drubbing- , . . .;i
Aboot fifty rooterawut accompany th
ln. flee and -try to cheer them to Th
torr s , , Meaager Pallabury la werklng
bard to make thla tha banner gam of
the' eeaaoa la attendance aad.Jna Bold
Bwly M tlckeu already. .
Tkarrnrrrralty Jteaareea 'will play-
pmindaary game-wlih Ua quintet froa
the (kbraaka School for tb Deat
I'llCAOO. Jan. K.-Pitcher Edward
ralbaca. oa whom Preetdent Murphy-ef
the, Chicago NatMtalaaked wairera and
whom Murphy threatened to aali te a
Wlaor league dub, aigaed k )r i aort
tct with (he pttchefa
own term.
rtuber 8erU Capnlcka, a recruit, waa
aoat te tb I.utertte Amerlcau aiaowari
tloo club by Prraldent Murphy, who.alaa
anoeunced that bp had (ecetrad a etgned
reatract frotn'utOcldec Ward Miller,
formerly of the Montreal and rindnruul
Working for Olympic Team
Jack aMMis a, ie Irlah-Amertcaa A.
C. Mew Tert. who hi training hard for
th Olympic- leaja. I Eller la a certainty
to. maka. tklg greateet of all athletic
banda, a hie- time m the E yard low
burdle.N 4-i aeoand. ataropa htm aa
th Pocemoat thriber-topper In the ceun-
try:, xneria -tkr-flmt man elnce Ihe
great Kraeuleta to gat ever tba furlong
ateeplechae In that Urn, and It la raay
aanakla to expect htm to go even faatar
after a while, aa It la only lately that he.
h. given jnuoh attention f th 1
hunaiea, htulna; tbeea brought up oa a
die of high hurdlaaj
PUAbtVIEW. JCea, J4!.'S Special.)
-th. Roller Seattle Waeh. undoubt
edly had the evrprtae of hut life' In thla
ettr To coder evening wtieti be endeae
orod. te throw Ben Pgoetka of Terdlgrla
to falla la one boor. At the and of, the
bear PaveUa waa the aggmam. and bad
the auuca teeted tea atautee Kmcer
Paratka probaahr wool hava ptnaed tha
faioeu anat artlat A flalah metofe be-
tweea Pavel ka and Roller will I
oK la line eftr tooaorrow nurkt.
, -
terkataa) to Vaaag Kraad tekaad.
US' :ol.?f Jen. ii-Jemoa Cockmaa.
forme thh-d baeemaa of the Uncoia
Weaaeni iieuruo u and a Mvee n v...
'ww; wvw v w oaa, Ci eetera
w, eiuao p tne old d'eeterw acd
m, -uli taa ta auraed aa fa
Ibe Ocaod laiaad elub ia tha KtbTaSi'
Auial SenioB ef Bus Ball Organ-
iiatioa at Colambni. . .
Cy Black (alary Caatrweeroy Owao
Over la Detail and Maard af
Dt root ore of l.eagae I p-
beld InDeoletoa. " "
COI.UilBl'8. Nob.,'- Jan. StBpecUl
Telegram.r Th anaual meeting of the
Nebraaka mate pare Ball league naa
held In the Kike ctyk roomg In thla cltj
todayv wllh ITeiUdent Behcra prealdlng
and A. C. rell of luperlor acting aecre
ry. . . . , .. . . , . .
. Delegate preeentlwere C. W. AuoK.
H. IB. Stain. Haatlngl; C. E. Poilodc.
Charlea Segalke, Cblumbui; A. C. lt.
C. H. Jeaeen. fuperlar; A. U Nlchote, j.
H. Moray. Kearney! J. N. Klldow. W. a
Liggett. Terk,; Henry Newmenn. Beward;
H. X- Voce. A. J. Denmaa. Grand Jaland:
M- a Peikl no. R. B. Burger, rreaoot
' After' th roporta for the year bad bora
dkrpoaed of th delegate took UP the Cy
Black ealary oootroveny and Preetdent
eivere and tba board of director were
upheld and Kearney waa directed to with
draw th autt agamat Preatdent Mel vera.
Thla matter occupied th beet portion
of th afternoon and the actum of th
deJegatea Indicates that unleea Kearney
back dowa aad abide by the doclahm
of the lee that they will ba dropped
and one of th half degen town who an
willing to take ker place be eubatltuted.
The evening aoaatoa which waa net
flnlabed until after midnight waa taken
up with th election of pfrteera and, mak
ing aeveral changaa la the conetltutton.
o far there haa ben but on candi
dal for preeident mentioned, A. C. Felt
of Superior, although (here haa been con-
eMerahle talk, of pome man outalda af
the lea awe but the aeattmenl of the del-
gatea aaaam to bo aaalne. thuu
The league hi tn good condition.
1 1, .- ' Tr-Vi. , A . V ,
Detroit Americans
-fEelease Seven Men
DETROIT. Jan, gereo membera of
tha . Detroit Amerlcaa beae ball team
era releued. today, according' to the an
nouncement of Preeident Navtn. Ht go
to the Providence club of the Interna
tional ' league recently purchased by Mr.
Navtn.' '
OutflePJer Drake. Infldder La there and
Pitcher UMt go to Providence) m a
trade for OotfleMer Perry.
The eame club aecured by outright ro-
leaoo catcher Schmidt. Pitcher Renter
and Catcher Keynolda. Ralph Stroud
haa been reheuwd to Buffalo.
Schmidt'a reloaae-Mrka'the paaatng of
aa ' American league veteran. A lame
arm made blm practically raloeleae to
the-.Detreyt dub a a catcher heat sea
eon. nt bo performed Welt na a timely
phMh nHter.
I KKW TORK. Jan. tk-Xaiuurer TTol.
varwa of the New Tort American league
am announced today that be had ra.
cetvwd tb Mgned contract ef pitcher O.
r. ameers ana outnelder WUfrwd Oe--
oorae. .aheeca was procured frora the
Parte okeb of th Blue Orasaleaguew. Ha
a candidate for left field and I a former
big leaguer, having played with th Chi
cago and Philadelphia National. Its
waa wllh ilocbeater hut eeaaoa.
delphia National league baaa ball club
announced today that "Bea" Hunt, a
pttoher of th Baoramento. Cal., club bad
lined a contract to play bar tha com
ing aeaaea. Prod Beck, last year aub
lltute outfielder, slao ha algnad for the
year. , . - .
Mrrarlaad aad Bra Matched.
PHILADELPHIA. Jan. Ik-Announcement
wea made here today that "Pckey"
McFarland of t'htcugo. and "Young"
Kine of Philadelphia, have been matched
to fight elx round at the National Ath
letic club hero oa februery I, Tlie
flahtara will welch In at 13 nounda at
t 0 clock on the night of the corneal.
. 1 ,
Enfliih Liflitweiflit Completely
Ontelamd by Facky.
-'... .. .'
Sli-Heoad , Bent Before Hat to sal
Atblevlo (lab la Pkdladelsbla
1 , 'Rrsalls la BkM
PWLADKLPHIA. Jan. Ilk-Jack Ttlkfo
toe fcngllfh lightweight, wa -eompieteiy
outciaaaed by Packy-'McParland ln their
all-round bout before the National Ath
letic elab ionlght. The Kngllarunan waa
aptaranlly' bewildered by. the Chicago
boy apead and in the second and third
reuade be eearceiy la Mi a giov aa Me-
Isrland. la-the (bird round la, particular
Mc Far land araotkered Ward wlU left )ab
an right awlnga. i j m . -..j u t
In the fourth .round Mclarlgadi at ruck
Ward aeveral- times with; hit open guns
an early. la tha. Utth round when he
agala Irled tha eame tactlca tha crowd
hiaaad and called (or jaora action.
Toward tb cloee of th jlth round Mo
rarkud cut looee and drovs th Knguab-
man acrom tb ling with right swlnaa.
ens of which caused Ward to go to the
mat He wee up In aa Inaunt aad fought
sack hard wntuY the bell rang, It waa the
coaatqau af opinion tha McFartand was
aa eey winner. -..;-.,
"la, who la only M yean old and who
mads lump of m and 127 feet, bat fen
on ooth ecEastons. Darkl Lisd. the one
armed skier of labpeming, Mich.. Jumped
M and MM (est.
Scores and Jumps on this, the opening
day of tb tournament, were the best of
the season.
Jack Britton Gets . ,
Decision Over. Burns
OAKLAND. Cal.. Jan. aWec Britton.
the Chicago lightweight, won a aeehooa
her tonight In- h tan-round boot with
rTannie Bum. Bums wss a 1 to I
favorite k today- betting. .. 1
Id Ihe aeepnd round Brtttoa clossd
Rurna eyes and from then aa tb latter
had no chance). la eight of Ihe ten rounds
rluoa forced bta opponent groudd th
Ha, basimerlng blm At., will." but the
moat sail sumliav saved-him; from a
la two rounds, th rlith and the alnth.
Burn ahewed oms eigne of his former
rhig ability aad la these two he only
broke area.
Th key to eucceee la business la the
Judicious and persistent ue of newspaper
STOUaHTO.V. Wl., Jan. aV-IIaneon of
rargos Falla. Mlnn, broke the bill akl
record at th annual 8toughtoa bill
tournament when he mad a Jump of 141
feet aa compared with the previous tirara
of 131 feet. This wla blm the professional
class contest with gen point and alo
give blm th prise for form. Jacob
Wealed of Steughtoa was second.
Carl Holherg of St. Paul won the
amateur event with a acore of IT&H
point. He aleo made the Magaet ataadins
Jump wttb ITT feet. Sigurd Bergeron of
Virginia, Minn., was second with St,
points. i
Pasture of the day ware the Jumping
of Melrin Headrtcksoa of Eaa Clair,
Big Backstop of the Reds
''" J-)' " V'-'
" : ' .s"v.J ! .
New York Players
Send in Contracts
NEW TORK. Jan. B.-Managcr Mc
Graw of the .New Tork National league
team, announced today that he bad re
ceived contract from fir of hi player,
two of them being member of but year 'a
champions. The old players who came
mto'Iln were Devlin, the veteran thlrd
haseman and utility Inftelder of laat sea.
aon'i team, and G rover Hartley, a rnerq
ber of laat year catching staff. Tha
signing of Devlin puts, gt, rest the rumor
that he will be traded to Cincinnati or
The youngstirs who aent In their con
tract were OutrieWa.'i Johnston and
Jacobson and Pitcher MunstlL Johnaton
had a trial with tb teem last spring.
.Manager Wohrerton of the American
league team announce! tha receipt at
atgocd xntM2ts of Pitcher George Mc
Conocll and Oeorgo Simmon, an In.
flekjcr, th two atari of tb Hocheater
International league team. MoConnell
was givjo trial with th Highlander
la not, but was sent beck t tb Eastern
league for more seasoning, lie waa the
meat! on of th Eastern league laat ea
eon. winning thirty out of thirty-eight
games. Sltnmona Is th yeungster dated
to pfty aecond bass for the team nest
easoa., lie hit MI with Rochester last
staaofu . .
Wolvertoh also announced that ha had
lined Edwin Bergln. local eml-profes-aiuJ
catoh-ir. Ue haa aleo appouited
a new trglner. Dxnll T. Mulcahy of
Oleaa Falla, N. T. Mulcahy I well known
a a coIIog tralnei'.
Done Colltge Baiket Ball flayeri
Ioe, 56 to 17.
Stars far CaasTeegatlaaaUata,
Maklaa; Kleven On of geveatere
Polata -Balls Pat Oat tor
CRETE. Ngb.. Jan. S.-(Specil Tele-gTam.)-Wlean
defeated Doaae at
baaket ball at CreU Wednesday night
by the acore of M to 17. Th game era
marked by much roughness oh both aide.
Doang being- the worat offender. We
leyan waa strong on team work and goal
hooting, at thnea almost playing with
th Doene mew.- Thla was Doana a first
game and Inexperience wai very marked
tn all atagea of the play. Emaa wag the
atar for Dean, making eleven of the
seventeen point made. Balls at 'Doene
waa put out of th gam la th second
half for personal foul. The lineup:
Ke rater R.F.
C.ary L.r.
MetSandleea C
Swan R.OJ
Jilll L.U.
Sporting Implements
Arrive from Sweden
NEW TORK, Jan. It.-Swedlah aport'
Ing implemeot which WUI be used I the
hammer, ahot. JeveJIn and dlecua throw
ing eonMat In tbe Otympto gamaa at
gtockhoim next summer, have arrived
hare. Tber will . be . in pec ted by Ihe
American Olympic Committee next week
and unless mm fault la found the earn-
le will be reproduced and distributed
U over the country for triala.
The Javelin la of wood with a aharp
iroa point. It la 1.1 pound la weight and
M feet In length. No throwa are counted
unleea the point of the Javelin strikes the
ground before any part of th aha ft The
dUcua weighs 4.4 pound. In sm aa the
American, but to (aid to fit th band bet'
ter. Th hammer con Mate of a massive
leaden head with a four foot ahaft of
at eel wire and weighs It. pounds. The
Swedish ahot I ef Iroa Instead of load,
and I an ounce short af alxteea pound,
the regulation weight bar. ' '
R.F Eman
LP..... lilghby
O , tlatea
RO Kletainger
uu. Mil a. iluckcr
neio gosie: weeleyan. Kereter ,
.... ,,,, wiAimiirf, pt ajwan t:
iwene emen (Jsl lilghby (1), Galea til.
ninwiinr. uj. T res IQrOWS: r.tntn talr
McCandleaa ). Referee: Glibort o
Crete, rmpire: Clerk of Weeieyan.
,.h,v w nmv. weuiy nunutoe,
Douglas County
Progressive Club . : '.
: ' -is Against Taft
The Dougla Cdunty" Progreeaivo . Ra .
ptibllcaa club baa organised with the fol
lowing, officers: .
Prraldent. Nelsbn C: Pratt.--vice tmi.'.
dent. Nathan Merriam. aecretarv, E. .C
lloftder, treasurer, N. P. Dodge, k-.
The executive board comista of: , ' -
E. A. Renum . flntw n Pnmll
Cferlea A Goeot W. T. Graham
Michael Lee
D. C. Patterson '
John Lewis' v .
Frank H. Wood bud
C. B. Dennv
H I. Cochran
la far Roosevelt, h
Follette or any progressive for president, .
will aoon select progressive candldatea
tor dtleKatea to tbe nation! oonventlae .
from this' cotigressional diatrlot. Head-
guarters will be opened at an early dt .
and the work of orgaruaaiioa for the ,'
April primaries will he pushed, w ith Vigor. . ,
George H. Pavno
Carl B. H wring
n. J. Broalch
R. R. Howell
H. D. Xeelev
Geo. B. Turkingon
The- club, which
NEW TORK. Jan. ' 7.-Ab Attett.
featbarweight champion, waa suspended
from boxing tn New Tork list for a
period of six month by the But Athletic
commleetou this afternoon, which found
him guilty, of "faking" and "atalUneT In
hi recent kout with "Knockout" Brown.
The eommlaetea , also suspended
-Jimmy" Ooodnaas,. AUells gecead, aad
announced that It would Investigate th
Natlsaal BpeKing Club of America, whore
the bout waa held.
Attell had testified before tbe commis
sion that ha fought to the belt of hi abiW
ltr and believed ha had been "doped" by
tlw too much cocaine Into
bl band by the club' phyalclaa.
Y, M. C. A. Pirates
"Lose to Columbus
COLUMBUS. Neb., Jan.' JStSpeeiai
Teiegram.)-In a fast and exciting gam
laat evening the Omaha Toung Men'
Christian aafodstlon Pirates lost to lb
Colirmbu Toung Men's Cnrtetten asso
ciation. I la it There wer? no ladl,
vidua! etara and at time th team v. or
was btjlllant Oofumbua led at the' end
of the first half, 15 to It The lineup:
Eetterton .C. C Ritchie iC.)
Becker (C.) R.P.R.P Parian
,.L.r-.I.F Berrtman
.H.U.1R.LI Uliloida
.L.F.I UP Wel(
ratcnie (5). Pariah id,
Welevil (I), Betterton .
Broa Free throws:
Weatbrook ..
L'det m-Hro'n
Field go la:
Rerrtnian (HI,
Todenhoft (,
Becker 1.
Barry Defeata Laeg.
R?X.'N,,;r K-f """"t . Jh. B.-Jamea
Barry, the heavyweight pujrlllat or fht.
cmo. defeated Bill ' lug if SotorSi!
iV f'me, . bv weig!it champion of
Tn 7 1 a. !fa m"',lun, here today.,
- ... wuun i rounds.
Barry, eventually winning on points. .
Bswllas Record Brekea.
WASHLVOTON. Jan 5n.-i... .. .
lleved to ba a world's record for one
game Py a two-man teem waa estabtlii,4
today by Kelaky and Kowr tli'2
against two other teama for a aula hJ.
iotai 'of MJ. .owooii jm lor a
This la tha season of the rear -fcl.
mother feel very oioch concerned over
th frequent colds contracted by their
children, and bar abundant roaaon ro
ll, aa every cold weaken the lungs, Ww
er the vitality and pavea the way tor
"e- erases that ao often
foUow. Chamberlain Cough Remedy la
famu for It euros, aad la pleasant sod
sate ta take. Fer aale by an druggists.
Atler several weeks of negotiations th.
debating leagues of th Inlveralty of..
Oroali and Nebraaka Wealcyan have -come
to terma, which will result In tha
two teams holding a debate, soma; time' ,
during the latle, part of April, at Unit -vanity
Place. Th question will . .
Reaoh ed: "Tliat the Tariff of the United
Ststee thould be determined by a Non
partisan Board of Tariff Experts; Cos
etitutlonallty Granted." Omaha will op- -hold
the affirmative. Thla la the same
goeatlon that will be dlaeuaoed when
Wcsleysn meets th forsnat seam tram
Waahbum college In March.- - la thla de -
Date the Methndleta will support tb af- '
flrmatlve. . 1 , , .
1 iu tf. v a. 1 - - V,.,,1 i.-t
OAKLAND, - Cal,, Jan, 3Bliyi Dv
lanay, the famous trainer, died Uat night. ;'
Delancy trained many of the stoat prom-.-inent
flghtera of- the last twnty-flve
yeara, including Johrjto'n. Jeffrie, . Cor-' '
belt Choyaakl and KaufmanrL He trained
Johnson for hi thamplonthlp fight with '
Jeffrie .at Ben, and pal also Instru
mental In aramglng the roatrh and back
mg th colored tighter. ' - ' ,
DeJaney had been 111 for several montha
and hi death was not onexpectcd.
While on a visit to tb aaat last year.
Delaney contracted- a' severe- cold, of '
which complication caused 1ls death.
lie waa U years Did. .
The funeral will be held Saturday and
th body will 1e cremated. Delaney '
leave a widow and tiro stater. Tha
latter living la New York state. The ,
Immediate cause of death was a disorder
of tbe Bver. ..- . i
Amrrleaa rigbters Wla.. '
PARIH. . Jan SS. American- rfttteea
cored heavily In a serlea. of bouts here
tonight Frank Loughrey of Jdanimk.
ra.. knocked out the Ktiglljlimau. Dick .
Roberts. In th second round: Wank ..
Moran. the Pittaburch heavweitit.
knocked out the fcnglinhnuui. "Btoker"
Smith. In lite first round; the American.
Mwomont foucht a draw with the
lisbmaa Dramont ,
Skinned frsaa Head ta fieri
was Ben Pool. Threat, Ala., when dragged
ever a rough road, but Buckles a Ar.
aica Skive healed all hla injuriesi c
For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
' 4
"41 faet.H laches 1a height. ueoorn la
wry mcueaa. tae tallest and bea vVeet 1 when h. a..i .u.. at. . .( 1
"'''""L h k: league who 1 to Manager, Hank O Day. accompanied
"' t a 1M1 cow-j a ky a note earing that be was retting
"7 " nmm tor wnom ured of mactlvHy and-that tb
mmm vm mis iu aack oeulda t start Hee seea f
etoppmg for the last Ova years. Larry. ........
CLEVELAND. Ok, .Jap, 2. Harness
races oa the Grand circuit win open at
Orand Kspida oa July L Circuit Secre
tary tieorge J. . .Dietrich announced to
night Meeting In auecesilr week
thereafter will he held at Kalsmaeno.
Detroit, Cleveland. Pittsburgh. Buffalo,
Boot en. Salero. N. II.. Hartford, gvra
cuae. Mieblgaa State fair t Detroit), Co
lumbas. CK. and Iexlngtoa, Ky. ' Tbe sea
eon will close ba the last, named city oa
October a There' will be tclsl of thir
teen meetings with fifteen consecutive
weeks of racing. .
The stewards of t&c circuit, in allow
ing dates allowed the members fifteen
days for acceptances or rejections. The
time limit expired today.
MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. R-Cntvereltr at
Minnesota- foot ball team Will jneet that j
af the University of Wlcoonatn, 'on No- !
eeanber '3, according to announcement ',
made her today. A a result ef the
protest mad hut fall which took Captain
Earl Pickering from the Wlaronsla game
there waa eeenaderabl talk at the Uni
versity eg Minnesota that tbe team would
net sseet Wisconsin next fall, but tb
athletic authorities ppoed th poycott.
Thw bey te auccess la h salami la thhe
Judicious sad perskrteat nee of ajiwajiani
advanieins. -.. ."
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Model G :
IS your automobile, troubled with frost bite?
There is only one solution to' the difficulty.
Use an, air-cooled Franklin.. There is noth
ing about it to freeze. ;
Franklin Air-CooliniJ is the logical scien-;
tific system for the autumobile motor. ' Separ
ate currents of air drawn down over each
cylinder wipe the heat away. Simplicity and
reliability are combined to get the highest de-".
gree of motor efficiency. -- .
2205-7 Farnam Sty
Phone D 1970