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Commercial Clnb and Grain 1x
change Back of Big Kotc
Kert May Thi la Stat t
Slake el Car Tta aaa ta -GIt
Uftim Laaklaa; ta
laipravad Craps.
Crop Improvement apodal train on all
the Nebraska railroad ar planned by
the Omaha Grain exchange and a commit
tee visited railroad official Tuesday af
ternoon to aee what arrangement could
be made.
It I believed by officer of the exchange
that the railroad will run the train free
of rharfe It the Grain exchange and the
tat tmtvenitr will look after the rest
which la now at New Tork harbor. Mr.
Coach receive the title of captain of
yeomen by (he chance.
Diamond Stud boat Ralph W. Copea
rarve. receiving teller at ta Omaha Na
tional bank, lost a diamond atud yes
terday morning between Sixteenth and
Howard streets, where he alighted from
the street car. snl the bank. Mr. Copen
harve thinks he may have Ion the stud
on the South Omaha oar.
aId lor Lid utlag Charles 81og
and James Hunter, who were arrested by
Sheriff McKtan and his deputies last
week for selling liquor after I o'clock at
the Royal chop suey house, were bound
over to the district court by Judge Foster
and their bonds fixed at t eacl(. Robert
wunnson or tne lalewiid club waived pre
Umlnary hearing and was bound over
also. HI bonds were fixed at 200 .
ea la Called Off Tha tea which waa
to hare been given Sunday evening by
the Omaha Woman's olub tor the dele
gate to the convention of the seoond dis
trict of tha Nebraska Federation of Wo
men's Club will not be given, owing to
the fact that the women delegates will
be too busy with the session of tha
tale conference of Chanties and Cor
rections to - attend. ' '
- voaxraotuc nr Dissolve Booth
Laufenberg, who have been in the con
tracting business In Omaha for the last
e'.ght years, have dissolved partnership.
Mr. Booth will continue In tho business.
while Mr. Laufenberg expect to go to
Kansas City la the. near future to engage
w business. During ths eight years they
were associated with one another Booth
Laufenbcrg ban built a large number
of flats and residence In this elty.
oo IMat It.
Ostaha Oaaaral Xoapltal. Deaf. MS.
a, rlec rtxtarea. Bi,ss isias
M waaals to get Booth' Guaranteed
Canned Oyster of your dealer, call
Douglas : for nearest dealer's name.
w Coauurelal Ola Msmser R J.
Unnlng. Jr.; W. a Dunoho. C. C. TroxeU.
Lea A. Hoffman. Robert T. Bum and I.
Sibbersea have been elected members of
the Omaha Commercial dub.
Chad Oradaataa Meet Saturday Miss
Kate McHugh, principal of the high
school, has requester all eighth B grade
graduates to meet at the high school
gaturda morning at o'clock and tj
have at that time not less than. S cent.
Ooaca Assljued to the Mearaska C.
w- Coach, for the last two years con
nected with the local naval recruiting
. , V I ' DM,am of the work, and the exchange has the
transferred to the battleship Nebraska," ,urmJ1M f th. ,
do Its part by sending with the trains a
number of crop experts to lecture to
farmers and aiake seed corn testa
The Grain exchange and the Commercial
club, which Inaugurated a state wide
seed corn campaign two week ago. will
work together In the crop Improvement
campaign. Preliminary plans were dis
cussed at a conference between active
members of the exchange. Chairman C.
C. Roeewater and Manager Partial) of
the publicity bureau of the Commercial
club' and editors of local farm papers.
Meeting Friday Msjht.
A meeting of grain men and business
men has been called tor Friday night at
t o'clock In the Commercial club rooms
and more definite plans will be laid.
Bankers, creamery men. Implement men
and all business men interested In better
crops In Nebraska are Invited. Special
Invitations have been sent to members
of the faculty of the atat university and
to seed grower at Waterloo. Fremont.
Valley and other point. .
. Governor Aldrlch. Dean Burnett of the
agricultural school of the University of
Nebraska. Prof. Pugsley of tha agricul
tural extension department of the tun
veralty and President Oeorge E. Condra
of the Nebraska Conservation associa
tion have been Invited to speak. Bert
Ball, secretary of the crop Improvement
committee of the Council of North
American Grain Exchanges, will tell of
the Improvement of crops In several
states, due to the campaign Instituted by
his eommltte through grain men and
other business men In the varloue states.
Ths stat university, tha seed men of
tha state, the farm papers and all others
who are willing to have an equal part In
tha. campaign," said President E. P. Peck
of the Grain' exchange. "It la not an
Omaha proposition, but a Nebraska
New Railroad Deal
May Help Omaha to"
Move Coast Traffic
Local railroad men an not In the least
surprised over the report that the Hill
Interests in the Burlington and the Moore
Bros.' Interests In the Rock Island ar
about to secure the Oculd holdings In
the Denver Rio Grande and the West
ern Pacific Some of them sea In the
new ownership of the . majority of the
stock of the two roads a Wall street spec
ulation proposition,' while ' others look
upon the desl as tLe SilUirale result that
I the near future there .will be two more
llnea running from Omaha to tha Pacific
All railroad men auree rhat for a long
time the Goulds have been anxtous to
unload their Rio. Grande and Western
Pacific stock and that the time has now
rrrlved. Hill and 'the Moore being In
the field, anxious to place themselves In
a position where tha Utah gateway will
not again be closed against them.
Ksilroad .men generally contend that
Die1 Hill and Moor roads have practically
been forced tb buy Into the Denver
Klo Grande and the Western Pacific to
prevent being forced Into (he same hole
nheia they have been before and where
they hav been at the mercy of the nest
era roads. : '
Alexander Corked . author of "The
Testing Fire,'' and a .number of other
well known book, ha written to Rev.
Jtillua Bch'wark of this City, offering hi
services In the -campaign to raise fTS
for the purchase of sTplPa organ for the
First German Prtsbyferian. church. Mr.
C'orkey has offered to deliver his lecture
on "The Truth about the Irish." free of
expense to the church, and Rev. Schwara
has accepted. the invitation. The lecture
' Wll be given In the Auditorium of the
Youn Men's Christian association, Feb
ruary 2.
- The organ which Rev. Schwan pro
poses to buy will cost ,tl.5. but Andrew
Carnegie has offered to donate half of
this sum If a like amount can be raised.
and this Rev. Schwars hope to do by
selling tickets to the Corkey lecture.
County Refuses to
Pay for Extra Meal
for City Prisoners
No more city prisoners will be fed by
the county free of charge lo the city
This Is tha stand lb Board of County
Commissioners will take if Deputy County
Attorney George A. Maguey finds that
the law will justify the board. Since last
October the board ha refused to pay
L. F. Wright, bolder of tha contract for
feeding prisoners, for the extra meal
given tlw prisoners who work on the
city rorkplle. The city also has refined
to. pay for the extra meal.
Sheriff MsShane, representing E. S.
King, who now holds the feeding con
tract, appeared before the board ta learn
If the board will refuse to pay King for
the extra meal.
Mr. Magney was called In and said he
doubts It the county Is bound to pay
for any cnral furnished city prisoner
He was Instructed to find out.
Prisoners in the county jail are given
two meals a day. The county paya for
them. The county for years haa cared
for prisoners convicted In police court of
violating city ordinances. Kock pile pris
oners are given three meals a day. The
county objected to paying foe the extra
The cost of feeding city prisoners in
the county jail has been upwards of
tMW a year. When the city and the
county were negotiating tor a settlement
of their debts to each other the county
Insisted upon payment for all meals fur-
r'ahed city prisoners, and it appeared
that the city's total debt to the county
was about fTS.OOO more than tne county's
to the city. The city then dropped the
negotiations and probably a law suit will
be required to secure an accounting.
Luge Penalties for Failure to Re
port Brings Big Mail.
Sew High Mark Set for Single)ay j
Estimate at South Omaha. 1
While Farmers Have Beew la
by the falsi Their Has Have
Developed Rapidly lata
Marketable Park.
A new record for ai ogle-day receipt of
hogs was established at the SouthrOinaha
yards yesterday. The days receipts were
2110. The highest previous figure for
receipts on a single day was recorded on
June JS. IS, on which date a. let head
were officially counted.
The record is credited largely to the
moderating weather. For weeks farmers
have been shut in by the cold, and In
tha meantime their hogs have been devel
oping and as soon a the weather mod
erated the shipper rushed to market.
South Omaha experts also explain that
tha heavy market Is dne to a large ex
tent to better railroad esrlvce. There still
remain In the country plenty of market
able porkers, and shipments ar liable to
be brisk tor some time.
A jury wax selected In police court
yesterday to try William Crutchfled and
Jack Bloom field on a charge of violating
the Slocurab law by selling liquor after
the prescribed hour. The man were tried
last Thursday and tb jury after being
: out almost three hour tailed to com to
an agreement and Judge Foster dls-
! charged them. The new trial will be
heard Thursday morning before Judge
Foster. The Jury which baa been selected
Is John Robertson, i. B. Reynolds. F. C.
Simpson, W. E. Chambers, T. P. Redman
and John McDona'd.
Why turn yourself into a .
medicine-chest, filling
it with every new concoc
tion that comes along)
jVqrer does the car
ing, not medicine.
. Ak yoar Doctor If '
Scott's Emulsion
n? mot Tho troolmomt for
GsagA asaaf Colo"; Cripoo,
and mtany other gs. .
Dance Halls Must
Be Reformed, Says
Chief of Police
Chief of Police Donahue say the dance
hall situation In Omaha I the worst It
ever ha been owing lo the adoption of
the turkey trot." "the grlssly bear" and
the Texas grind." "Tha Texaa grind,'
aid tha chief, "I more Immoral than the
shin and the buffalo, which we had to
aupprea a few years ago.
I hop wa can eliminate the dances
without arresting anyone," continued
Chief Donahuv "but If we cannot then
arrests will follow. I think In order to
help solve the situation cards will be
posted In the dance hall prohibiting the
dances, Wa hav the support of the ma
jority of the dancing population, and 1
think we will succeed In regulating dance
without experiencing serious difficulty.
Polio officer visited German, Bohe
mian -and Polish dance hall In search of
the disturbing dance, but in rone ef
them were the dancer Indulging In the
turkey trot" "th grlsaly bear," "the
bear hug" or "the Texas grind." These
dance ar executed only In tha American
hall, said the chief of police, and by the
"younger et"
Redick is Proposed
for Federal Bench
Judge of Ihc Dougla county district
court and many other friend of former
Judge William A. Redick are organising
a campaign to secure hi appointment lo
succeed Circuit Court Judge Wll Mam C.
Hook of the Eighth judicial circuit It
Judge Hook I advanced to a place on
the United States supreme bench by
President Taft. Many lawyers and buel
nes men of Omaha have said they will
urge Redick appointment It a vacancy
occurs In the Klghth district and every
present judge of thl district court has
expressed his willingness to help.
Mr. Redick was one of tha judge of
the district court for year prior to
January 4. thl year. He waa defeated
for renomlnation by Judge Charles Leslie
at the general primary last tall.
Kindergarten departments will be In
stalled In the Sherman and Fairfax
school building Monday, at tbe begin
ning of the second semester's work. This
decision has been reached by the Board
of Education upon the showing that forty
tour children will immediately enter for
Instruction. New teachers will be secured
and a readjustment will result. When
kindergsrten departments are Installed In
the two buildings every school In
Omaha will be equipped with such a de
partment. Superintendent Graff Is devoting the
week to adjusting the work for the open
ing of the new semester. Five teachers
retire, a few leave on leaves of absence
and a few others return, their leaves of
absence having expired. This necessi
tate a complete readjustment. New
teacher must b secured and tbe arrange
ments for the opening of the new se-
aeetor. Immediately following the grad
uation ordeal, must be handled, so for
the next two weeks activities by tbe
Board of Education and Its committees
111 bo varied and strenuous.
Butter Drops Three
Cents Here Tuesday
Butter dropped S ceuts a pound In
Omaha yesterday, both wholesale and re
tall, and la only 1 cent higher than It
waa week before last. The wholesale
price of the local creamery product Is
now S7 cents and the prevailing retail
price e oents.
Consumption of butterln In Omaha for
the last week was probably greater than
ever before. Hayden Bros, report their
sales of buttrrine last Saturday were
twice as great a any previous Saturday,
while a new record wa mad for the
entire week. i
Applea are also down. Ben Da via and
Ganos, selling not long ago at St a bar
rel, are offered at S60 today.
Lot of froxen orange mostly froxen
on the tree are arriving on tha Omaha
market and they can be bought at low
figures. Good fruit, however, 1 bring'
Ing a high price.
Two new postal substation to be
operated under the direction of
Omaha postofflce official have been
created and will be opened at one.
These station are to' be located
at 4S29 Dodge street and 1301 Park
avenue. The first will be In charge of
Louis So mm era, who operate a grocer)'
tore In tha building recently erected by
Dr. Porter, and the second will be under
the supervision of Oscar Ruslka, who
conduct a drug store near the anlranct
of Hanscom park.
These new substations will be supplied
with stamp ot all denominations, money
orders, etc, and will operate under the
same collection schedule aa the down-town
Receipts of grain on the Omaha market
were not aa heavy aa Monday, but about
three times as big as during tha cold
weather. On hundred and seventy-three
cars of grain were received, of which WI
were corn.
A letter dated "Imperial Army Medi
cal College, Canton, China," and signed
"Holt A. Cheng. M. D.," Is In hand, that
oontains an order for a shipment of a
specific that the Doctor bluntly admits
Is a necessity In tne treatment or Sid
ney disease.
lr. Cheng was educated in America
and knows the futility ot Digital!, Nltro
Uivcertne. Basham Mixture, etc., ana
ends 7,000 mile for the only known
specific for Bright' Dlaeae and inflam
mation of the kidneys.
Another important order was "ror
Hospital supplies In Parts." The world
Is beginning lo sit up and take notice
of the tact that Bright' Disease 1 being
The constant reiteration by medical
works of the Incurability of Bright s
Disease 1 costing thousands of Uvea
Even under Fulton's Renal Compound
referred to above all do not recover, but
It Is bad judgment to withhold It until
the heart and recuperative power are
nearly exhausted. Physician can stm-
ly add It to tne heart, elimlnatlve and
onlc treatment they are giving. There
is no conflict. By relaxing the kidney
It changes the progno) from despair to
hope and thousands of these case ar
now recovering.
It can be had at Sherman aV McConnell
Drug Co, Cor. Kilt and Do1 re; Owl
Drug Co., cor. lath and Harney: Har
vard Pharmacy, Cor. nth and Fsrnam:
ixyai Pharmacy. - No. ltth Htreet
Ask for pamphlet
Alike: Retaraa Are Meager ladl
eatlasts Ar taa ttke Tax la
1SI1 Will Far Sarpaaa
that at 1S11.
That Xebraska corporation hare been
taught an expensive and not-aoon-to-be-forgotten
lesson by being severely penal
ised for failure to make a report on busi
ness transactions for 151 within the time
prescribed by internal revenue regulations
Is evinced by the fact thst Ross Ham
mond, collector of internal revenues for
the Nebraska district. Is deluged with
returns made by corporations for mi.
The law allows them until March L but
many have been so badly frightened by
the wholesale filing of suits for negli
gence by the I'nlted States attorney that
they are getting their reports In a month
earl'. Mr. Hammond believes that It the
i present rate ot returned report I kept
up until March 1 there will be ao neces
sity lo demand the penalty provided for
from delinquent corporations, for the rea
son thst all of the 3. WW corporations la
the slate will have gotten under the wire
within the prescribed time limit. ,
MmmT OelUejaewt tor 1SIO.
Chief Deputy Edward North, who has
chargs of the collection of corporation
taxes, says thst there wer over l.Us) cor
porationa who were delinquent In making
a report for 1910. and from thl number
tllOUO already has been collected In com
promise fines. There ar Mill fifty-eight
who either refuse to square up for m
or else have dissolved, and these are now
being sued for the full penalty ot 110 0W)
each In the federal district court. Should
sll he compromised before the case are
settled It Is estimated that the compro
mise fin fund will reach IU.000. .
In 1I0 the tax on tha S.NS corpora-,
lions In Nebraska amounted to lli.J.R I
and from the reports already In It Is be-1 This mips make 4 pint of better
lleved that thl amount will be greatly cough ayrun than you could buy ready
Increased for Mil. for prosperity In In- Btad lor f20. A few sxwe usually
dlcated In nearly every report. The total conquer tha most obstinate oouah
capitalisation of all the corporations stop even whooping- cough ouiokly. r-im-oombined
amount to CM,? 717 tor nil, V as it ta, no better remedy can bo h4
sad the bonded Indebtedness for the same fJLi t i.i.j
v. ,,. m .., .. ! . Mix one pint or granulated sugar with
year la ; The net Income la s. -,nt , wm waU)r aBd ,Ur for g
placed at lis.0H0.S36. minute. Put i ounces of Pinex (nflj
The Nebraska collection district take rent worth) in a pint bottl then add
la lha entire ninety-two countle In the ths Sugar Syrup, It has a pleasant
tale, and soma of the most prosperous tasts and last a family long time.
corporation ar located In Omaha. Taks s teaspoonful every one, two or
Because of tbe fact that aU of th re- Wre hours.
' C. J. Anderson ha taken out eommls
elonershlp blanks. Thl Increase th to
tal number of candidates to eighty. No
other filings hav been made.
This Will Stop Your
Cough in a Hurry
toy M by Maktas This Gawsk
yrsus at Heeae.
ports for 1911 are not In yet and will
not be until after March 1, aa exact
comparison I Impossible, but judging
from the reports already In. Nebraska
la a pretty healthy place for business.
You can feel this take hold nf A eourh
in S way that mean business, lis
good ton 10 effect, braces np tb spprtitev
and Is slight Ir laxative, too. which is
helpful. A handy remedy for boars
Bess, croup, bronchitis, asthma nod aU
i throat and lung troubles,
..,.., 1 1 well known. Pinex is tha most valu
ANNA WILSON BEQUEST ahl concentrated compound of Xorws-
gian whit pin extract, and Is rich in
At a meeting of the executive com-; gusisopl and nil the natural healing
mltte of th Associated Charities yester-1 f "rmTnV": , v.larT preparsons wm
a.. . i.. m .. A.iA k . i not work in this formula.
.J"!"' Aa" .TV'?"" . S..g.r Syrup U,
. .... stunned great popularity throughout 1h
legacy ot 110,000. - ...... irBitj Kut ,nJ Canada. It has often
' been Imitated, thouirh newer
A Viper jsj th Staeaaea
is dyspepsia, complicated with liver and
kidney troubles. Klectrlo Bitters help
all such esse or no pay. Try them. Me,
For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
been imitated, though never sneeessfutlr,
A guaranty ot absolute satisfaction, or
money promptly refunded, gnea with this
recipe. Your dirugyrst ha Fines, or will
get it for vou. If not, send to Th
Pinex Co, ft, Warns, lad.
F.len, Buy Your Shirts
When a carefully selected
supply of custom-tailored shirts is
ruthlessly dumped onto the market
at such prices as you ssa beow,
do somsthing about It. Load up.
Get enough to last you a yaar. The
sams money you spend now won't
buy shirts half so good at other
stores. That's the plain truth of
the matter.
Men's 75c and $1.00 Shirts reduced to 55c
Men's $1.50 Shirts reduced to 95c
Men's $2.00 and $2.50 Shirts reduced
to $1.15
Sea These Reductions on the Best
i Underwear Made
$2.00 I'niou Suits reduced to $1.33
$2.50 and $3 Union Suits reduced to 1.85
$4 and $5 Union Suits reduced to . .$2.45
imm " III I'll" i in i T
" I
Interest allowed in
sayings department at
fo per annum . . .
The United States
National Dank of
Omaha gives prompt
and courteous service,
affords absolute secur
ity and has a most con
venient location.
Saft Holstlitf. i Specialty
1818 Farnam Street
Tel. Dowf. 383
err srrst
sns Firaia
Manufacturer's Big Clearance
Oi Ellin Stock for TbltWeek Ool)
These) Pillows msnufacturad
snd fully guaranteed by ths
Omshs I'll low Company.
. Omaha Pillow Co.
1781 CVsfIKO ST3ZBT.
Vkoas Boas-tea S4ST.
Marriaare Urease a.
Permit lo wed bare been granted to
the following couples.
Name and Address.
BMwerd kwssnlewskl. Omaha..,..
Srivla Wyoblewska, Omaha
Edward J. Ebelaulst, Omaha. ,
Elsie Moore. Omaha ,
Edward E. Smith. Casey, la.
Nellie A. Shaw, Callaway. Neb
... 24
... u;
... i
... HI
I .Mrs..A. Ft Tabor of Older, llo, htd
beea troubled with sick headache far
about flew years, when she began taking
Chamberlain' Tablets. She haa taker,
twe bottle of them and tbey have cure,
her. Sick headache I caused by a dlsor
I dered stomach for which thee tablets
mim eiv-iiy ukcduvu. i J wem. g(
I well and stay well. Sold by all drogdj
There 1b little pleasure In rMJ
Ing for the man who neede
VlaMee and bu none, or the mui
who has classes that have twen
improperly fitted. Fitted with
glasses as we fit them you ran
pet real enioyn.ent out of your
favorite book or macaxlne. So
squinting. No smartlnir eyea. tio
blurred vision just comfort and
Betlsf aettom naraatee4.
213 South 16th Street.
A He Knows i
I J Is Good Beer
because it's the good old German kind rich and
mellow refreshing. Order a cold bottle just taste
the rare, delicious tang of this genuine old German
lager beer youll be sirprised how good it is.
Pint bottles only of clear glass, so you can see
It's clean and pure. The red, or yellow wrapper
keeps out the light, prerving the snap and the life.
Splendid for home use no other beer can be purer
none more delicious. Order a case sent home.
Save the Caps
from bottles of Old Fash
ioned Lager Beer and ex
change them
for valuable
our premium
book illus
trates and de
scrilres 2,400 premiums. Ask
for ifc it's free.
Douglas 1148-Oackley Bros Distributors Ind. A-2148.
M- U s.. STL ft SW.I ?fl Vm QllsStark '
IU XB. lltrisrwisjiisj, uwras 0um " - .em n vBsaa Ditcs,,
lej FVr r"'"'
MAIt ORDERS, far ''Old Fashioned Lager Beer" fjlled the day receiTed, Shipped eveiTwhere.