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    THi: BEE;. OifAHA, WEDNESDAY. JAMJABY 21, 1912.
$2 to $5 Sweaters
Ladies, Girls ia. Kisses
Just now one really needs
a Sweater for skating,
coasting and every outdoor
moment it's the most practi
cal all-service garment one
ca to have.
These sweater! are made of
pare? worsted yarns In . V-neck
styles; colors red, blue, gray,
brown, maroon and white: they're
comfortable" fit perfectly and
. sever sag or toes shape
Biys' $1.50 Sweaters 98c
V-neck styles in gray, blue snd red, sizes 7 to IS years;
and .comfortable and a splendid t 1.50 value
Boys' $2.(0
Hoys' IJ Oft
Boys' 11.50
collar . .
with Byron
cm s
Goyeraor of MiMoori Sayi He Is
von Coloiel'i Hoainataoa.
Statement Bare Kersaee frs eldest to
(hate ef Ro-pablteaas ef Ml,
snarl srad that He Is Pb
hr la Other States. ..
JEfTrSRHON CITT. Mo.. Jen. la
Go vernor Herbert B. llsdley, la s state
SMnt today, said ke favored the nominee
tloa of Theodore Iloosevelt se the repub
Ucaa presidential candidate. Hie state
meet follows:
From Informailon that has recently
come to aw from ail part of the elate, I
am convinced that a large majority of
the repuMlcane are In favor of the
nomination of Theodore ltooeevelt sa our
candidate for president and a large ma
jority of people are In favor of his elec
tion. "While they hold Mr. Tuft la high
eeteem end are not unmindful of many
food things that have been accomplished
during his administration, they feel that
the candidacy of Colonel Itooeerttt will
laeure success m the state and nation In
. the . coming campaign and, further, I
' think they feel that Colonel Itooeerelt
repreaents as no other man rrpreeenu
thoee prlnclplee sad poilcias of govern
mtnt with which hie name te aaeortated
and which appeal so etrengly to the
American people, without cetera nee te
Peosjn Wanted Mtea lata.
"In IMg I kelteve a majority at People
wanted te give him a aommeUea, and It
was enly hla posture declination that
prevented It, '
"While It waa under Me leadership that
Tfcxt Tijits- - i
cf Stsctsl)
tanned by forsnatros) of Kasrasoas
Users, from I adigewtrd Food . .
' Htopoed with a fttaart't
llyencmsia Tablet.
Trial raekagw free, t
When yes feel as It year atomaeh waa
being tightly choked when the pain la
tnteaee and ou hresk eat la a oald and
elammy perrptretioa and there Is a lump
la year threat and yoa are weak sad
aaeeeated all yea aaed la a Stuart's
Dyepeeela Tablet to clear away . the
wreckage of andlaaated food left In the
stomach and tateatlaes aad restore yeu
te year eeit again, -And thin
can all be accomplished within ft few
warm l
roll II
,.S1.25 I
Ides hoines life is sold
that be waa unduly Influenced. W. &
Bales of Dea Moines baa filed suit to
- .. . .; . break the will of hie brother, 1. H. Bales.
A,V T r T;....J -t i formerly president of the First National
014 low Company luposed ef to tanl( of lhu pUot lUt. u n)ati
national of Chicago. 'at jie.soo. i nder the wtu the widow
- . - i - " land an adopted sob received all ef the
BIO SUj4 PAH) FCK Tir.AT.;csute but a bequest of ta.W whkh waa
. given to v . j. Murray, present preti
Dee Melaee City Ceeecll Orders Sale " " " r, euonmi
ed Tw el.ets la Order te Start
Ereetlea ef Market Heoee
Train SerTlee Waated.
Nationals Stopped Hide Credits Same
Time a Others.
(From a Surf Correspondent) !
DES MOINES. Ia. Jan. rt-(8psriai
Teb-gram.) The old Dee Moines Life in
surance company of this city has been
sold to the National Life Insurance com-
i paay of Chicago and today an arrange
ment was effected with the advice of
Governor Carroll and other state offi
cers for rewriting the Insurance of the
Iowa company. President Johnson of the
National Ufe came here and personally
attended to the businei. Tte price said
to have been paid for the Des Moines
company Is nOt.CW. The company had
been managed almost from the atart br
Mr. and Mrs. q, B. Kawson, but owing
to the Illness of Mr. Rawsoa others have
been connected with the company la re
cent years. It has over fSMOttst of In
surance In force,
- Starts Market Heaee r reject.
The city council today ordered sold two
plots of ground that the city has long
owned for the purposes of erection of
market houses, and directed that as soon
as M'ls ground la sold the proceeds , be
used for construction of a market house
on the site of the old city hall, now
part ) used far a market bouse. Repre
sentatives of labor anions appeared be
fore the council and demanded that ac
! Mason City House
, Owners to Be Held
for Mulct Taxes
Missouri was taken from tlia solid south
and piaoed In the republican column, 1
am confident that the seallment In favor
of his nomination la not confined Is this
state. It appears that there is the same
demand for bla candidacy In other parts
of the country as there la here; and to
that demand I am confident h
yield by indicating hla willingness to no
sept the assalaaUon If tendered.
"While I win oppose, as I know he
would oppose, any efforta to secure dele
gates In favor of hla i.omtnatlon by poltt
leal manipulation, I will also oppose any
oolltlca! manipulations In thla stats to
prevent It.
"The methods provided for the selection
of delegates to the various congressional
and atate convent lone ehtuld give a full
snd fair opportunity for the expression
of the wishes of the members of the re
pttbtloaa party In thia aula aad It such
methods are adopted 1 am confident that
expreitlba will result la the selection of
a dalegatloa to Aha Chios so convention In
favor ot tba nomination of Theodore
Raeae-velt eaters Bsey la Okie.
COUTMBl'S, O., Jan. Jt-That an ef
fort will be made te bring about the
nomination of delegates front Ohio to the
republican national convention , wao
favor the norat nation of Theodora Roose
velt was made certain today. ' Political
headauartera were formally opened here,
from which the campaign for Roosevelt
delegates la to bo prosecuted.
Repubtteaa Bute Chairman Walter
Brown of Toledo, who returned yesterday
from Oyster Bay, today declared that he
tBrown) had opened the beadquartera sa
Ma own account and without otnmn.tlng
Colonel Roosevelt In any wy! '
Associated with Mr. Browtt. m. 4he
! MA.SON- CITT. Ia. Jen. .-8pecisL)-There
Is weeping and walling and gnash
ing of teeth In some parte of Mason City
today, but as a reault there tTil come Into
the possession of tbe city treasury some
thing like tu,0a. At a recent session of
the Board ot Supervisors they secured
the ferrets, now here checking over the
recorda or the county, to give them an
accurate description of all the properties
In the cky where the occupant had either
been found gully of selling Intoxicating
liquors or had pleaded guilty to this
charge. They hare turned this list over
to the assessor and It Is- now In his
hands, and he. following the directions
of County Attorney Rohlnson. levying a
mum iax or na on every one of these
properties. As nearly as can be learned
mere are twenty ef these. Some of the
nign-ups In the county are awakening
to the fact that on property ther own
and have rented there la an assessment of
. These men have rented their houses
careleesly and did not seem 40 know
what eort of business was being carried
on. The police are confident that the
assessment and collection of thia Ux
will be one of the beet thlnea to nr.v..
tlon be taken looking to starting wort ; indiscriminate bootlegging that has ever
for a market houne. j been done here. People who own rei-
. for Street Mah is. dences to rent will In the future be more
' The Welsbarh Street Lighting company r'ul "W the r tenants u. the build-
. 1. i . l. - r.itui emirt I
men sun in iv - wi,-w
nwaacemeat of tbe Roosevelt nvritj
la Ohio la Malcolm Itarenaer, repasuasa
leader la Columbus.
MASON CITT. la., Jan. .-8peclal Tel-
egTam.)-Twenty-rive million dollars worth
ef creamery butter, aa much dairy nutter
and R.SM.0N worth of lot cream, la about
the . wealth brought Into the atate from
the dairy cow during the but year.
mate Dairy Commissioner Barney said
today that thla amount could be Increased
folly H.N. per year by weeding out
poor milk sows and wing pure bred elres.
fuly SM butter makers are in ailenoance
at the atate convention now in session
Ia tbe Batter soaring contest conducted
b. P. H. Kelffer of New xors, J.
Brunner of BtrawWry Point-Woo -by a
st m. T. JS.. Sadler of Oelwin.
(second, with a acors ot n. This wss the
yrhote milk clesa
' In the hand separator class w. 11. insp
mM of Woodbine, won by a seora ot Pi
aad Hermaa Hansen of Cylinder, waa
second with a score of MH.
(Continued from First rage.)
( 1. V
That Zaetty reollaf st the Wish eh Is
Battawad by a Stuart's Bya
pepeta VaMst.
Tkeusasda of people bars learned so
well how sure aad dapendakle Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tableta are far all stomach
Ilia that thef are never without a pack,
axe at boms aad at the' of flea, and epon
any indication that the atomaeh Is a
little weary, they Use a BtuarTa Tablet
after each meal for a few daya until the
dlgeetlve org an a get rested ap again.
Thla Is a splendid plaa to follow and
always results In msch good. The ap
petite la Improved, the food is relished
mora, your sleep la more refreshing, and
your disposition will make yea friends
instead of enemies
Per Indigestion. Soar Stomach, Belch
ing. Oas. Coated Tongue. Intestinal la-
digestion aad all Bton.ack Disorders and
Pains er for Loss ot appetlto Stuarts
Dyseopeia Tablets are lavaluaMa.
. Use them freely tbey are as harm less
aa sugar would be and are by nS
means to bo clueis aa "medicine." They
bava bo effect whatever on the system
except tba benefits they bring
tnrsugn tao proper otgestioa of your
All Drug stores sell Stuart's Drape pea
TaMeta. The price Is M cents per boa
Pkywkrlana wee snd recommend them. If
yeu wisu te try them before pure basing,
address P. A. Htuart Ca. lit Btnart
Uc Marshall. bOcb, and a trial sack
age will bo sent yea free. .
the export ssaraeu . Tuat la far from
the truth. The British steel Industry
must sxport s) per osat of the product
a year la order to Sve. Germany most
sxport M per sent and Belgium St pet
cent. The product ot the United States
la greater than alngland, Germany and
Belgium combined, and the domestic eoa
sumption la so much greater that sxport
trade la not so vital.
It Is true that Before the steel cor
poration was formed tba steel experts of
the United States amounted to about Sot.-
tat tons a year. Last year too exports of
the United States Steel corporation were
about t,eDt tons, valued at pS.SM.Oes,
as against Oermeny'i S,M,00t Ions,
"It Is not the aim of the steel cor
poration to grab the export trade of the
world. Wa are conducting our a port
business on a safa snd sane basis with
out any Jealousy toward other nations.
U whom export trade Is st such vital Im
port an ot." ,
'Tba bonus goes to every Boor wns ae
rves It." said Mr. Ferrell. "For In
stance, a hrakamaii recently Invented a
dumping machine for whsoh hs wss gives
a bonus."
' Stew Sou la Kaaployea.
Attorney Reed, for tbe corpora aoa. ex-
staining the method under which em
ployes subscribe for stock, said that l.3
mea receiving leas than Wt a yeas la
I swhecrtbed far one share each, aad
taea earning betweea INS sad . took
a total at KUt shares, while the high
salaried employes took tUa shares.
A bonus dividend ot a share la cred
ited te tba emptors purchaser until the
stock Is all paid tor. Then it la turned
over to htm.
President Farrelt said the steel cor
poration's bonus fund to employes Isat
year amounted to tl.toktak
"Who beaefiu by ft, the laborer or
salaried manT" asked Chatrnsaa Stanley.
"Both; foramen and skilled men
largely," was the reply.
"We have at the entrance of tba mill
a question bet wherela men may give
suggestions. Beneficial auggeatlona are
rewarded. It la reward for merit."
President Parrell surprised lbs steel
investigating committee by declartag hie
eorporstloa bad bad as relations with
the , International Harvester . company
during the lest five er six years because
the Harvester company bad boycotted it
after a controversy with a swsstdsary
steel company. He said M waa due te
a mere quibble betweea salesmen.
DALLAS, Tesu Jan. M.-OI the
or snore Texas towns that
rigid auaraattno against tbe
eptdaralo that centered la tbe
and sartrel part ot tbe state, sever
day aasouaced tbe esnrarge baa
Itrted. The largest ot these ta
Brland abandoned the maranthta
against th Hty of Des Moines to collect
in.l.3t on a street lighting contract,
The suit alleges that In April. 1M, the
company made a contract with the, city
to furnish "Improved Welsbaeh lamps.
for lighting purporee. for ten years afteg
March L 19M. The original bill on which
the suit ta based was Kl.sll.St. The etty
naid only KI.1MM ot that. It la com
trees well Wests Train,
Cltlsetis ot Cromwell, on the main line
of the Burlington railroad, filed a com
plaint algned by IM residents of the town
with the State Board ot Railroad Com
missioners today, asking that the Bur
Mngton restore a local ssrvlcs on one of
Itn through trains. No. t, which does
not heeltste In Cromwell under the pres
ent schedule, '
Malvern Ctrl Barned to Death.
MALVKRN, la. Jan. a.-HpecisJ.-
Mlas Hannah Angus and her mother were
terribly burned Saturday evening, about
4 o'clock, by soma gasoline being used to
remove stains from soms garments, be
soming Ignited, Miss Angus died sbout
t o'clock the same evening, after a great
suffering. Her mother Ilea at, her home
In a very critical condition, and her re
covery Is doubtful. The room In which
they were working caught fire, snd ss
alarm waa turnad In, but the flames were
amothered before the arrival of the firs
laddies. '
Salt to Break Bales1 Will;
ELDORA, la. Jan. SS.-48pactal.)-Set-
tjng up the claim that hla brother waa
mentally Incapable of making a will and
RED OAK. la.. Jan. B.8pecial Tele
gram.) When Peter Ackerburg went oat
yesterday evening to see why bis son
nmn an not get home sftsr starting
away wun a load of corn be found that
the load had upset and that the hoy bad
been crushed to death. From tracks In
the snow it appeared that the y had
gone to the side on which the wagon was
tipping In hope of preventing Its over
turning. Mr. Ackerburg la a prosperous
farmer living tlx miles east of lieu Oak.
. i'
(Continued from Flrtt Page.)
too fast, that you knew the train was
there, but were running too fast when
you tried to alow downf' asked Super
intendent -Batthr ford. ' -Tom saw the
order board and other lights, yet you
did not see the tail- lights of train Mo
The wind would have blown the
steam away."
Kngrneer Stuart denied thia His voice
quivered aa he asked permission to make
this statement:
"I have 'never Injured anyone tn
twenty-five years ot railroad work. One
Of the beet friends I ever bad died In
that wreck-Ji t.lUrahao. II have tld
the truth."
Casspaay Fre.aeatly Sold Hides t
Asaoant of Teva He ad red Thou
sand Dollars a Month
' Killing Charge Raise.
CHICAGO. Jan. faDistrict Attorney
James K. Wllkereon today continued the
task of untangling the complicated book
keeping methods of the packers on trial
for alleged criminal violation of the Sher
man law with a view of abowtng a
aimilarity of ayatera ia figuring the test
cost ot beet ...
William E. Weber, general auditor of
the. National Packing: company, testify
ing, reed Into the record of the companies'
nthly statement of cattle killed, the
test coot ot beef and the allowances made
for by-products. District Attorney Wllker
son asked for the original data from
which specif lo entriea were made, but
Weber said the memorandums bad been
destroyed In the regular course ot bust
Examination of entries In ths books
showed thst the National Packing com
pany did not allow sny credit for hides in
1907 and part of iM Is figuring tbe test
cost of beef.
The discontinuance of the practice waa
found to correspond In dates with the
period when these credits were stopped
by Armour t Co.. and Morris sV Co.
Sale of Hideo Larger.
NotbwtthaUndlng the fact that the
hide credit waa omitted In figuring the
teat coat of beef for nearly a year and a
half, the packers often sold as many as
St.0N worth ot hides a month, according
to the books.
Ths government contends that the fail
ure to give error l to mis oj-proauci
raised tbe arbitrary coat of dressed beef
and enabled the packers to raise the price
to the consumer without showing sn ex,
cesslvs margin of profit'
Attorney Wllkereon showed by the
books that In 14. when the killing
charge of the National Packing company
waa tie) a head, a charge ot 15 cents
an animal ror tne tongue was aooro.
which brought the killing charge to $2.71
head, the same figure allowed by
Armour, Swift and Morris.
When the killing charge waa raised to
B.71 by the National Packing company.
the charge for the tongues were dropped,
according to the government.
TKRRB HAt.'TK, Ind.. Jan. tV-Wllllsm
H. McVey. bis wife ana nis nsny were
found dead today at Tayiorviue. in a
hovel where they lived In squalor early
today. The screams of s stepdaughter,
Gertrude Phelpa. years old. attracted
the attention of neighbors, atcvey was
found on the floor and hla wife and baby
In bed. their bodies coin, ine si"
hysterical and so far has been unable to
throw sny light on ths deaths.
No marks of violence art views oa any
of ths bodies, except unexpiatneu nis
celoratlona aout the mouths. ,
The McVey family had been dependent
on chsrlty Blnoe Thanksgiving.
LA WRENCH, Mass.; Jan. t,-Whlle
there Is no Immediate prospect of settle
ment ot the Issor toabee la the eotton
and woolen goods mills hers there are
evidences ot conciliatory spirit In some
quarters. It Is estimated that tl.t mill
operatives are Mia ' A oitlsea who at-
temped to cross a bridge which had beea
closed by the militia waa Sightly
wounded by a bayonet thrust today.
BOMTON, Jan, St-Crtarge by union
officials snd others that tba American
Woolen 00m pany has scoured southern
Europe for cheap labor and reduced Im-
mlgranta lo enter Its stnploymest were
dented today by President William W.
Wood. j '
Tour druggist will refund money If
PAZO OINTMKNT falls to euro any rase
ot Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles In t to II daya Wo.
'Cut This Out
Beelpe that Breaks s Oeld la a Bay
aad Cares Aay Curable Ooagh.
druggist get half ounce
Concentrated Pine compound and
"From your
at Coneantrmt
two ounces of Glycerine Take these
two Ingredients heme snd put them
Into a half pint of good whiskey; shake
well and use In doses of one to two tea
npoonfula after each meal and at bed
time" Hmaller doses to children accord
ing to aga tint be aero to get only the
genuine (Globe) Concentrated Pine,
bach half ounce - bottle comes In s
sealed tin screw-top rase. If your drug
gist does not bare It ht will quickly
get it Many mixtures ere of large
quantity and cheaper, but It la risky to
experiment. This formula cornea from
a reliable doctor and Is certsln. This
was first published hers six years sse
and local druggtate say It has been in
constant don.aud ever elnfc. Adv.
Persistent Advertising is the Road Is
I i Beturaa. 1
Sol. in
By An
Mammy Snow says: "Use for
Baking Cake in Place of Butter"
J Because, Snowdrift it 100 per cent shortening, equally
ts delicate in flavor as batter and absolutely pure. Use
about one-fifth .less than of butter. Add a little salt as
Snowdrift contains neither salt nor water.
f Snowdrift is a wholesome shortening, adapted to
every branch of cooking. Most grocers sell it. If
yours does not, write our
nearest office and we will
arrange to have you
T 'v 1'
' .try cVUr;
Creaaery Bnttcr
40 Cents s Pound
18? Salt and Wet
WffillTnTlfifi ew3-fXL
15 Cents a Toood 100? Cookiog Fit
Marie Only By
Tbe Southern Cotton Oil Co.
hhs. M Brt StreMts New Yeric
Half -Yearly Reductions
Unusual Values
In Fancy Suits '
Browning, King & Co.
Economy is only an Art when it is practiced without sac
rificing Quality. . We are offering our entire stock of
Men's Fancy Suits and some plain Black and Blue Suits,
the kind that has met the approval of the most critical
all season, at a price that will tempt any man who feels
that he needs an additional Suit to complete the season
with. Those that were formerly $20.00 and $22.00 now
We know the whole History of these Suits, because every
- garment was tailored in our own Superior New York
Work Rooms. "
R. S. WILCOX, Mgr.
Fifteenth and Douglas Sts.
There Is Only One
"Br onto Quinine"
Laxative Bromo Quinine
even rue womjo era to otnc a oeio in cr oat.
Always remember tbe fall Bam. Look
lot tbil signature, pa every box. !5o.
Qmi m (5 (SvWi
Wednesday Specials
VTssh Fruit aad TegstabU Dopt
Fins kiln dried swset potatoes, per
id., so
Tcaiirorrtis lernona, per dosen 10e
,$ Tear eld pop corn, per lb. ,
Kreah Cocoanuts, each se
Black walnuts, per peck ......son
Htrawberrlea, celery, bead let
)1 tuce, spinach, endive, cauliflower,
-S etc.
t rakea "Oerman Mottle" soap Me
tic Imported Castile soap ....Us
4 cakes "Magic Waeher" soap 1 5c
t; pkga-Argo gloss starch -..eac
40c rana medium green asparagus.
at -. - tee
lac Jar "'erndell' preserved pears.
-JV currents, ginger and pineapple.
$ at SOe
19 ISo cane trr.rHirted sardines . .Se
A 4 ltc cans "Nabob" soups ....gSe
large "Columbine" milk ....Sdo
Bggs, snd Obsess Bap.
Strictly fresh table eggs, per dos- (
per Jar.
Pearse,'a. spiced cheese,
at , ...... lie, SI
Domestic Hwlss dieeas, per lb. aa
Cottage cheese. Mr uks. ..3.10a
llnniA Miuil. mine . , tmm 1
at ,15c, gsa sad Oa
Melon Wangoes, per down ..80s
Quart Jnrn queen olives .,..,.soe
our own make peanut butter, per
ir - lOo, 15s and ado
. . Ue,ao Bepartiasat.
"gpecUl" Bala California Win
Port wine. ter gallon sooC
Kherry wine, per gallon
Heme made aweet wine, per
ion &.
Old While Port wine, per gal-
Vi.oo ?)
Whit Tokay, per fall on
(Jv,V,YWy (re QjZy (JjWI
Voalght. Mats., Tkars. and Bat,
ansa BTA XVAsTO and tba
atat. Today, ttSO.
HUT", sum.
Best Seats, Oc
tll TItll ktLIBB
.Beautiful Souvenirs to Indies at
Ladlssf Daily Dims klatlaee.
Quality Fo.
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' Moderate Prlcaa
In addition to the above es
sentisls to restaurant success,
our illnlng room is warm, com
fortable, well lighted and per
fectly ventilated.
" WIT Ua. , ' ,
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Eminent Spanish Ptaalst, Direct rrta
aVaatoareena Orekestra, Parts,
nUBSBAT. JAVVAXT St, 8:30 1. IC.
Blast ved Beats sa Bala Owl Brag Store.
-OatsJgA'S rOB C8BTBB"
Wlta oe hk. r..s. ff.or,.n-v suns sou
Ueorge Bv B- anlun tall wllti ' tuo College
(tlrl" Ist reoii. Heiilv Cerna
badiea Baste Itatlaee Srery Weak Bay.
frill rtnt that racaat tioas. fill
thoM Vsscanc rooms, of etavtaro
loarder on skMrt notte. at a vtr
tntait coat r- H convLnoci
f ell varieties enrad m
i a few dare vtthos
amorlassof than. Mo
aj wttlbeaoeepteden
lthe paUeat hi eared.
Write or eaa.
idelUjr asessTe Csea
. aa-ti.e.r.usVB
gras R. Brsft 0.
Burns' Ce.lebratiom
Auspices Clan Gordon '
(loyal Welsh
Ladies' Choir
Auditorium, January 25
Reserved, $1.00.
General Admission, - 50c
Mat.1 Bretobes sad Baaoos.
aTlgbtt A oass Party. Pipes tyPaa
S Bays Com. Tsars - Bat. aSa.
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s aavSBfT-T.Bsv-sl ts ns a ea. e m.
ie. e. er satwaasmaa, vamdBseslA WdK-eH
Phaaee: SoagUs 4S4; tad. A-lepi.
Mat, Bvery iay g:ig; Brery ST la at 8:13,
Mclntyro and Hsatn, alabeite Adams
and fompanjr. De Faye Sisters. Krjottt .
end "Ulllputlane, Augustine and Hartley
Mason and Murray. John McCauley, Cool
rad and Whidden, Kinetosvopo, Orpheont'
Concert Orchestra. Prices- Mat lac,
best seats tic except Saturdar aad gua, '
day. Night ltc, Zic, 60c and Sac.