Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 24, 1912, Page 11, Image 11

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    THil B.L: OAiAliA. hDXhSiA. JANLAK1 -4, lyiJ.
of CORDS dry wood. mil Ht of
Fttrt Omaha VTeh. lef
TWO pool tattles, good.
A!vo. Xe4
sal Eox
K husband and son are looking
forward to desert tun they know that
yon have ordered noma o Ptlt ) ire
cream. If. 4Y. l.. Stewart, e Farnam
St.. win coma to Tha Bee of be, within
three daya are will give him as order
for a quart brtrk of thta fine tea eresro.
The Irrigators' But, Scottsbluff. Neo-
AVE rent e-fl raair 1 sutuia wl eeUe
machine Ind. A -.'SO. Douglas Ml
15th and Harney St.
YCl.'NG women coming to Omaha a
rirangera are Inrtted to vialt tha Toung
Women's t'hriatian association bunding at
seventeenth and St. Mary's Ave,, where
they will be directed to suitable boarding
iet-e or otherwise BAtlsted. Look fur
eur traveler?' aid at tha Union station.
Uum, tauenhouse. Jul Old Boston Bid.
Cladl.h Pharmacy. 12th and Dodge.
M a . m: F -'-,,,'-',it Mr s.i.
itlAOOi.Ji not Doit Ground floor.
' 8. ltb. td floor. D. ISW
THE SALVATION ARM T solicits cut
off clothing; In face anything you do not
need. We collect, repair and aell. at Ut
N. Illh St.. for ooet of collection, to the
worthy poor. Call phone Douglas 1U3 and
.&gnne will call.
$3.750 terms new
:;; pixkney st.
ven-room, bam. new, oak finished
house, 2 stories, attic, full taMMM.
laundry, etc. complete and flrst-cUes la
every respeet. 'Phor-a for particulars
Exceptional value and unusually well
Doug la aitl. 4S Bcs Bldg.
to $.v.eA- made prompt!?. F. D.
Weed. Weed HWfi.. JMil and Karnam.
G IlA"lT5.i7)-n u
fX IOS STATION Tratk and. Mess
write a, we tntgut be able to heip you.
S. K Wait & t o.. Morula liniun, ill
BeaBldt . u is aha.
-Eight room aU modern, hot water
heat, fjll basement, Tesvtable room, coal
bin. cistern, with parap la basement:
nice east front toe paved afreet. A bis
bargain foe only KK
P. a .VlrXSE.N.
TO Omaha Nat l Hank. D. Obi.
t-ROv bouse, bath, gas: walking dis
tance, H.M. Webster . ,
Bis room beside bath and den.
strictly modern, oak finish. Full two
storie pear Kosmtse Place. Krcept lon
ally well buMt and warm. Ptsrnace beat.
Fnll cement base-neat, eeevrit walk
sodded yard, aoreene and atorra wls
dowa. In fine neighborhood. Price re
duced to fMbe. tad eaah, baJafle monthly
like reat. Phoie Owner. Harney eS.
for more Information.
I Have a very choice Me-aere fam alvty
j milea outhweet Kaaaaa City, two and
tone-half mi Lee of a nice email town: aJo
la new reaideaee preperty In Omaha, e)
I acree In Wyomin and a (ttt-edsed $1
par cent mortafe. Want a good email
atoK rwneli and atnek ana maenmery.
Muat be priced rlaht Give f ill dearrip
tlon. location and price la first letter.
rox cwrapa. .
TJaViTLa ND to trade for 1. clean
lock of dry toeda. re deecrlptlon.
location and amount in firm letter. Tur
ner aV Son. Moravia, la
lf A 'O-l A (i V Batha. aut glow aromatic
ef Chif af a. m . 17th St. 1st floor. D.TMa.
I ll bfc.,s. n., suiia m hire. Isll Howd.
l-aait-a liuaianteeU Rmttw. )1 Ware Bk.
SWEDISH masaafe, fur rheumatism,
muscle Joints, dleeasee. Karatn Ton
aeth, only Omaha masseur graduate In
. neden. to On. Nat l Rank. Doug. I'M.
I hereby give notice tiiet I will not be
responsible for any di-bu conuacted by
iny wife, KJleee Kgger
Mlirtwdl W. H. EOOKRS.
f 4SXAfiP - Snyder baa ch&ngvd
jUAMAuti her location, where aha
gives Swedlah mnaaag-e. alao Ttbrator and
radiator treatment. HO lies Bliig. Red
Htt. Evenings D. 410. for appnlnlmenta.
MASS.AfiF. Swedlfh movement. Apt.
LARUE, thrifty. Light Brahmaa for
1 sale, old or youag; winners of first prise
pen at Iowa State Poultry ahow: eggs la
- season; pncea reasonable. Frank Jooo
' son. Monro I
I Pedigree mala Persians kitten liar, axot
Electrlo gas futures. Omaha gltrer C.
Ideal Cement Co.. litn ud Cuming.
yuohs. gop A Blind, painting. Jccoatlng.
at,M-4uya exceptionally well construoted
l-rootti 'modern house, located
' near J5d and Pacific ' atreeta,
wllh In story built of pressed
brick; Sd story, frame. Haa aiuu
tareawd while oak finish, plate
glass window mantel and grate,
brick partitions In basement. A
. house that was built to last and
, could not be duplicated for any-
where near the price asked for the
wnoie property, owner naa cut
Erlce away down for qulcjt results,
vlng left the city, caused by
change In business. An excellent
buy for one who appreciates con
struction. About S1.200 or ll.HO acah
and tM per month will handle
this proposition. Kev at our offlc
Phone D. 7M or A-175S.
9H2-H City Nat l Bank Rldg.
Thcusanas of people bare
founi the home ttey were
looking for atnnt( the real
state ada on The Bee want
ad page. The no me you
want to aell can be dlspoeed
of quickly at east of only a
few cents through Bee want
rstf rach nin row iAi.i
rttlak Cwlnaskla.
Choice valley farms In tracts of ISO acres
or more oa easy term within 1 te i milea
from 'he loans along tha Grand Trunk
Padfio Railway between Fort Urorge and
Prince Rupert. Write for booklet de
scribing this wonderful country. B.
Meyel. Ptsnict Sales Agent, CS Paxtoa
Pldg.. Omaha. Neb.
CHOICE frutt farms In tracts of M
acres or more on eaey terras; along the
Skeena river near Prince Rupert. Central
British Columbia. ail or write . .
aiatiict aalea ageau til raxten tliag
Omaha. Neb.
lalea PaelNe
San Fran. Overld I...a.eam ai etpm
China Japan K. M. a t.ui poi a 5 am
AflanUa Kinross Ilein
Oregon Kspreaa ali o pro aa.Wpfa
Loa Angeles Limited .au i pes a a pm
Denver Special a tlim a I Tim
Centennial State Spe'l all pm al! am
Colorado Kxpress a : pea a :5 pre
Oregon-Wash. L t d... ail U pm atpm
Sort a Platte Local. ...a SUam ttapai
Grand Island Local.. . a pro al em
Stronuburg Local bU:ti put b 1J pau
Omaha-wt. Louis Kt..apm ll lilm
Mall and Express aleiffl all .15 pa1
Stanb'v L. (from C.B.).b I'M pat B1:U am
Ch lease. Mllwaekee St. Paml
WANTKIwTn trade. 13a) diamond for
two-chair barber shop. X Hi!. Bee.
I handle trades evervwherc. If you want
results write or call Pean. !T Bea. I I.W1
I have a good small farm to exchange
for good residence In Omaha : prefer one
or two e to i-room toltirei; must be
dear or nearly eo; will ran v or pey meb
dt'ferenc Address P. O. Bog S. Omaha
WANTBH M acres about one mile from
Paplllloa; T-nom bouse in Soultt Omaha
to exchange In part payment. Address
Box a. outh Omaha.
tllffaV-Larg extra well bulit house
and three lots: beat residence district of
Omsha: axchamre fie rtear land or
smaller new house: give location and fall
partlculara In first letter. J Ilia. Bee.
POR KALE or exchsng UP a In Saa
katchewen. Canad aituatd U miles east
of lorktown. TH ml. northwest of Haits
ooats; for smaller tract In 1'. ., mde
or atock. For partlculara address owner.
Geo. W. B. Scott. Memrhis, Neb. What
have you?
7-Room House
Bemis Park District
Not a now houea,. but a ?ry substan
tial 7-roora hout, modm except fur
naoa, lorati on Cuming St., near
Kx-eBllent car aervlca.
The Byron Reed Co.
SIX . 171 h.
Both "Phonea
Bhade aad fruH trees, well, new gaa
and electric fixtures, to be painted. One
block from Utti street car. 13 or 26
par month. Terms.
" Bee Bldg. Douglas M1.
$100 .CASH
and about IS per month will buy a new
a-room oottag modern except heat, full
tO-foot east front lot, near car and
Jchool. Prloa, RilW. Located at 47M
! nth St.
48 Braadela Bldg. D. 1651; A -JAM
417 K. 37th Ht., (-room cottar, par
lor dminf room. kttcn?n and two nice
bwraotna, bla pantry; all on one floor,
nlrelr papered and decorated, latest up--dat
aleotrie 11 silt fixtures. m, city
water, two full lota, bearlnc fruit trees;
cherries, diaiwn pi urns; good coal
loue, ltxlS, hen house; is on ftTad:
west front: two blocks from car, a good
place to raise chickens- Close to a
good school. Call Webster BUS for particulars.
Own Your Home
Buy Today
Five room, strictly modern bungalow:
oak finish in reception ball, parlor and
dining room; balance In yellow pin
Thta bungalow waa built for a home
and has the best kind of material and
workmanship In It: has cemented base
ment, with laundry facilities; nice neigh
borhood; eaat front. Would coneider
good vacant lot as part payment, or aell
oneaay term For further Information
tST- McCague Bldg. Dong, fis. Ind. A17B.
914 So. 38th St.
Eiecant eight-room entirely modern
new lions with large attic, reception
hall, parlor and dining room finished In
oak. with window seat and beamed cell
ing in dining room, colonnade opening
In reception hall. These rooms have bem
iastlly decorated: drop chain lightmg fix
tures. Four large bedrooma and batn
on second floor: alao linen closet. Full
cemented cellar. A No. 1 furnace; yard Is
nicely sodded; close to achool. Field club
and one block to car. Now ready for oc
cupanoy. Price, $5,800. Will give terms.
See this beautiful home before you buy
Keys at 1S a wth Are.
Bemis-Carlberg Co.
J14-31J Brandels Theater.
MR. HUSBAND, u you are looking for
something to take home for an extra
fine dessert, step Into IiaJxeli if k. R.
Ramadkle. ieU Capitol Ave., will come to
The Bee office within three days we will
give him an order tor a quart brick of
this fine Ice cream.
$. eash and l&tt per month buys
five acres with full bearing fruit trees
In the famous BidweU Orchards at
Cblco, CaL Payments Include Interest
and taxee. Tour money back If net salts.
Oed upon Investigation. The Bldwell
Orchards are the most noted and pro
ductive In the wonderful Bacramenlo
valley of CaMlornla. li s our confidenos
In this land that prompts mis generous
orrer. yve're peaches, prune aimona
apricots and Bartlett Peore. Buyers
railroad fare not exceeding - will
be credited on nurchaaa orte lAnd ad
Jotna the thriving town of t'hloo l.-
pcpuiationt. Kererencee: any Dana 01
Chloo, Araeiioan National hank of San
Francisco and First National bank of
San Leandro.) Bend for valuable Intor
nation and facta te
B-dwell Orchard Inc.. Chtco. Cal.
MFST SACRIFICE good half section
virgin prairie, Lipton. sask. Famous
wheat district. Other Interest compels me
to sell. Write for terms. Large list Luee-
land fsrms alas. F. W. Crawford. Luaa
land. Bask.
Wa are offering 10, 3D and 40-acra tracts
and upwards located In Columbia county
near Lake City. Florida. miles west of
Jacksonville and only DO miles from St.
Auguatln This property is Intersected
by three railroads of national reputation,
which furnish the best service at
reasonable rates to all markets of taa
Un'tud State
Yhe climate Is Ideal. Fine farms are
now beina worked in our traot with
exceptionally good result Own one of
our rarm investigate our otter, omati
cash payments and easy term
I,ow rates dally. Tickets good until
Juno 1-
(Sales Agents)
M Omaha Nstlunal Bank Bldg.
Omaha. Neb.
Traversed bv tha
Lands adapted to the wideat rang, of
cropa. All the money crops of the south
plentifully produced. For literature treat
ing with tins coming ceuntry. Its soil,
climate, church, and achool advantages,
Uencral Passenger Agent,
THE easiest wsy to find a buyer for
ysur farm la to Insert a small want ad
In the Dee JJouies Capital. Larreat cir
culation in the state of Iowa, a.M daily.
Tba Capital la read by and believed In
by the atandpattera of low who simply
refuse to permit any other paper In their
homes. Rates, 1 cent a word a day: tl.U
per Una per month; count alx ordinary
worda to the line. Address Das Mulnaa
Capital. Dee Moines. Ia.
EXCHANGE for equity. So. Minn. Im
proved farm. North V, see.. It-lev 44, Polk
county. Minnesota, one-quarter mile from
town; can all be plowed; no improve
ment: Incumbrance, l2,Mt; due 94. years
at 4 per cent ; tft per acre. Geo. Atchison,
Mankato. Minn.
1J ACRES, gently rolling. 4 miles from
market; 1M acres of winter wheat goes
with place; fair improvement, good aoll
and price Is right; can give term
Toland & Wiley
44 Bee Bldg.
44 acres level land; rich soil; 1 acres
cleared' balance hard maple: new bouse;
loOi); Iks caab, balance five gear Tom
O. Mason, President Bank, Cumberland,
FOR BALE Texas Panhandle, acres,
t miles Bovlna; good house, well, etc.,
CO aer Shumway, 4U4 Parry be Chicago.
Farmers and land buyers
all over ti t country are
reading Bee want ads every
day and snapping up every
bargsln offered.
Rates cents per word
If run only one time, lo per
word 'If run two or mors
times consecutively.
Write and mail your sd
todsy to Resl Estate depart
ment of The Omaha Bee. lie
s'! I m ana aur
TO exehange s-room bouse on Walnut
Rill for Ml. Louis Flat; will par dlf
ference In rash. Address Be
la exchange for a very choice MO-acre
farm, nicely Improved, located dost to
nice town. In a highly Improved lorsllty
In eastern Kansas. Want clear city prop
erty. Give location, price and full par
ticulars in first letter. Box 47 city.
M-hand good Kieser. t(W O'n ter. !).;.
WANT TO Bl'Y-Sleck of Vsrchandiae
In country for cash. Box SI. Omaha.
WANTED To buy for cash, good sec
ond hand auto. See me at me room. Ne.
HI, Murray Hotel, between hoars 11 and
t Wednesday, January 24th.
ANY connoisseur of confectionery will
readily tell jou that there are no randies
which can outshine O'Uhen's in purity
or daintiness if Grace Fowler, lun
Ames Av. will oome to The Bee office
within three daya we will give her an
order for a su-cenl boa of O'Biieos
WANTED For cash, l-room modern
house west of flat, convenient lo car.
Address B 1g. Bee. '
WANTKle To buy second-hand Edison
moving picture machine. ( S. lid.
WANTKD Furnished apartment or flat
by couple without children. References
exchanged. K 1U4 Omaha Bes.
TWO rooms, furnished, with board for
family of three In well heated house In
W indsor school district. Address C UU.
aTsopm Uam
, a 4 am all.-Vpnt
. a 4S) pea a J at pen
a 7 ileiw a taai
..kilspsa bU.4ssn
Overtsad Umlted..
Perrv Lscsl
1 Cntorado Kxsrass..
, retnredn Beeolal
ferry Local
(hlraae Creat Wester"
Chicago Limited a J pm
Twin City Limned a s:3S pm a .:4i am
Twin City Kipreas. .. .a I stm at-Mpm
Chicago Eipress a I.4 pm
Loyal Paaeeoger a s:K pra
tkleags, Keek Island st mclfte -
. - FAST.
Rocky Mountain 3am alA:S pm
Chicago Local Pass.... bis. ant bw ivpm
Ckieage Lay Rxprsas.s : am ai.Nsni
Chicago Kxpress a IS pm al:lSnrn
Dee Moines Local Pas a 4 T pm all II pm
Chicago-Nebraska Ltd a IH pm a I. asa
C -Neb L. to Lincoln a I sj am a s pm
Chlcago-Volorado a 4 es em
Chicago-Colorado Ki a 1 l psi a 4 pm
Okl. at Texas Exprese.a lp ail:4tam
Kscky Muunlala Ltd. .aid 47 pm all. am
Illlaeta reatral
Chicago Express a 71 am a i ts pm
Chicago Umlted a t. pu a l is) am
Mtaeasri Part tie
K. C. St. L. Ex....aFam a 7 sam
K. C. St. L. Ex....all Is pm ai.iopm
tkleags at .Wsrthsreeles-a
M!nn.-St. Paul Ex al-etam
Mtnn.-st. Paid I, l d . a 7 pm
Twin lty axpreaa..
Sioux City Local
Minn. Dakota Ex.
Twin City Umlted....
Minuesota Express..
Carroll Local aluuam
Davlixht Chicago .'Sun
Chicago Local
Chicago Special...
Pac. Coast-Chlrago..
Premier"! Ifforti to Bring About
Abdication Are Futile.
SIS am
..a 7:41 am as) ID pm
,.a 4tpin alKpm
..a t:s pm a I Is am
.alsipm al.atam
a I Km
ah pm
a I It pm
a I u pm
a t ttam
a I'js pm
.ali nm
.all pm
.a I :E pm
a I J6 pm
Los Angeles I Jmiied..a I SO pm ail at nea
Overland Limited. .....a i pm al Usm
Carton Local a 4 w pm slSOSsm
Fsst Msil al.apm alspm
Ce.lar Rapid Slsux
City end omsha a I pm
CMiietin-al ttate L't'd 1 J team pm
long Pine a I on am au nt am
Norfolk-Dallss a I on am al It pm
Ixing Plne-Uncoln a I U am a 4 pm
Hsstlngs-suner4or ....kl llpm s I pm
Deedwond-Hot gp'ga. a i fit pm a pm
Casper-lander a I as pm all Co pm
.klpm b 144 pm
WHITE Isdy desires steady planes f
aay wora; negt, oonacianuous; soes nni
siaappoint engagement mono rt. shi,
WANTED-Poslllen aa housekeeper by
respectable middle-aged lsly. Prefer
home with children. Also sxiisrienced a
nurse. Address Mrs Metis turner, gen
eral delivery. Council Bluffs, I
WASHING and Ironing dose. T., H.44J0.
HITI'ATION wanted aa nanager of
general etore, country town; experienced.
u sis. ne
oiiuin.rii,u .iiu , -.w,-.
evenings ana ca.urasjsj use tyftiewriwr.
LiArmm I. 71.1
THlCtK young ladle piano player and
expcriencea. I'ougiBJ seao. n. us. pee.
PuM'llON wanted by conipettnl lady
stenographer; rafeisncs as is ability.
Harney 144.
WHITE woman wants day work, tit 8.
Mth Bt. A-kUs.
WANTLD A position as watchman or
secret servicing; gooa. retersnce u ivjs,
TOL'NG Isdy desires poeiuoo in office
wnere tnere is a cnancs tor asvaiieeraeat.
Hmall wages to start. Can operate type
writer. Webatar Wis.
AN experienced cashier desires post
lion, lyougiae etis.
WANTRii Kv atuilent I'ralehlun eol.
lege, opportunity to earn board or board
and room. Addess C 113. Be or phone
Uouglas 7741
KXPUHH-NCIO) stenogrspber wleiies
position wits a firm; giis speiier ana is
fast on the Underwood typwrlter. Adore-
H 1117. eare rite.
TOUNG roan wants position as. bar
tender; experienced. 0 111, Bee.
EXPERIENCED colored cook
rork. Phone Harney Us.
WOMAN wants day work. Harney IIP.
WANTED Position as bank booE
keeper; am an International Correapon-
dence Hchool man and can furnish excel
lent reference Am now employed la
general store. Box SO, Blair, Neb.
Yol'NG lady wants position aa office
girl; can run typewriter; best of refer
ences: win start with small wages. 'Phone
Webster US.
TOI'NG lady of xood appearance wants
a posltioo to do light housekeeping for a
bachelor; prefer la city. 1411 Leaven
worth 8t.
MIDDLK-AGF.D widow of good appear
ance wants a noeltlon to do light house
keeping. 'Phone Red KM.
AN EXPERIENCED girt Is assist la
bookkeeping and 'phone. Web. (-Ms.
EXPERIENCED laundress wants day
work in prlvste family. Call Harney a.
NO need of worrying about dessert
when Dalsell Is In town. If B. Gross.
40 Grand Av. will corns to Tba Be
office within three dsys ws will give him
aa order for a quart brick of thla fins
ice cream.
IVCE curtains and bundle washing.
Hatney MM.
Yot'NG man 12bl destrea work as driver
In town or out; conscientious: don't use
liquor or tobacco. F lift, Be.
I am authorised to sell the I room
modern house on Geore-ta Are., near
Woolworth, at a big bargain. IJvIng
room with fir place, library, dining
room and kitchen. Five bed rooms ana
bath. A beautiful east front lot sOxlsu
feet, with paving paid. Close to good
school and church, .and the park. Price
reduced from tS.5fo H . Terms can
be srranged.
E. W, Stoltenberg,
43: B. of T. Bldg. Douglas 1S10.
In the mild, sunny southeast: prices are
wonderfully low; $10 an acre up buys
fine terming or graxing land; big profits
from truck or poultry, requiting very
small cspttal; fortunes In apples and all
other fruits, pecan nut alfalfa, etc.;
live stock, hogs snd dairying pay Im
mense returns;, no droutha. blizzards,
long winter or expensive irrigation to
be contended with la the tout beast : send
for Isnd prices and free subscription to
the Southern Field. Write st once to
Chss. 8 Chase, Western Agent, Room
17 Chemical Building. St- Lou! Mo.
OMAHA Property and Nebraska Land
w!4 New Omaha Nat I Bank Building.
WANTED City loans snd warrant
W. Far nam Smith e Co.. U2D Farnam Ml
HOl'SE. 3 lots, near car, i.jijn. Wilson.
FARM LOANS near Omaha; no com
mission; optional pai ments: cheap money.
Orln ft Mernli. 1111 City Nat l Hank Bldg.
MONEY to loan on h'jslnese or resl properties. n.W to ttfo.onn. W. H.
THOMAS. .WS First Nati Bank Bldg.
WA-MfcD-CUy loans. Peters Trust Co.
BOOKK KEJPBK, well experienced In
lumber, general merchandise, banking, de
sires position. Reasonable salary. Lo
cate anywhere. P. O. Box 111. Omaha.
LADY wants to do light housework.
R 1724.
-TOUNG man of high education wants
position In general olfics or store; first
clssa reference; win start with small
wages. K 114. Be
Ship your stock tee South Oman Bars
mileage and shrinkage. Tour consign
menta receive prompt and careful atten
CHANT: Byers Bros. sV Co. strong and responsible
WOOD BROS.. IM-ll 'Exchange Bldg"
Greet West. Com. C. Omaha gt Denver
w7r. SMITH A BON Just hsndle sheep.
TAGG BROS, handle cattle, hogs, sheep.
Clay. Robinson A Co.. M Exchange Bid.
Interstate Co. Better results. Ship te us,
CLIFTON Com. Co.. 2a E -.Changs Bldg.
L. E. ROBERTS at CO.. WExfirBIdt5
Cox A Jones Com. Co.. bunch of hustler
Farmers L. 8. Com. Co.. M Exeh. Bldg.
Deposit proceec's of shipments In Btock
Tarda Nat'l bank. Only bank st yard
Martin Bros, "k Co. SAV-4 Exch. Bldg.
WEEKS GRAIN CO.. grain merchant
Consignments solicited. .t Brandtl
arllsstea tatla
Depart. Arrlvs.
Denver California. 4:N pm 4 1.44 pm
Puget Hound Express .a 4 It pm a I 44 pm
Nebraska points a am a M pm
Black Hills a 4 la pm a I 4i pro
t.tnenln Mall b I rJ em .19 II .
Nitrthwest Express ...sll:S pm a7;0Spta
Nebraska points a so am a 1:1 pm
V-threske Kinross ...a 1:14 am . l u
I.lncoln Loral a l ot am
chuylsr-Plattsraouth b 1.0 pm bit M pm
, -1 s, a
uiriuiui uwv., v s am
Plattamouth-lowa ....a I II am a I ts em
Bellevue-Plsttsmoutk.slJ lS pm a 1:4 nm
Chicago Kpeelal a 7:11 am all li pni
Denver Bperlal all M pm a 7 0 pm
Chicago Express e 4 pro alsipm
Chi. Fast Express s :M pm a lt am
Iowa Local a U am alt a) am
Crsatoa (la ) Local... b I J pm bio ti am
8t. Iuls Kxpresa., -.a 4 4 pm ali i am
K. C. A 8t. 44 pm a at am
K. C. m. Joseph. ..a 1 11 am a t.M Pm
K. C. BL Joseph... 4: pm
ikl daily except Sunday, to Sunday
only, laj dsllyj
IBIk ill Webster
Webster gtatlea
Mlsssari Pselfle .
Depart. Arrlvs.
Auburn Lora! blsopm bll u am
Ihleaaw. St. Psal, Mlsseapells at
. mt m m h
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Burlington and Eock
Island Buy Portion of
Gould Lines in West
NEW YORK. Jan. 8.-A fiumbsr of
Important changes In a western rallwsy
field are under way, according to plan
outlined In the Tribune this morning.
The changes Involve the aequlslston by
the Burlington road and ths Rock Island
of part of ths holdings of ths Missouri
Pacific la ths Denver sV Rio Grande
which controls the Western Pacific. The
negotiation are also believed to Include
ths purchass by ths Great Northern of
th Northern Pacific's equity la the
Th advantage to be gained by the
Burlington and ths Rock Island In tha
former deal would be that of shorter
rout to th Pacific coast, via ths Den
ver A Rio Oranda and Western Paci
fic, both of ths former roads connecting
with ths Denver A RIs Grande at
Th purchass by ths two mads of a
part of the bonds of th Western Paclflc
guaranleed by the Denver A Kie Oranda
and which aav bean. It I said, a heavy
drain upon ths latter road's fineness,
may be Included In ths deal, the con
summation of which will depend. It Is
asserted, upon th attitude of Oeorgs J.
Gould, ths dominant Interest In Missouri
Ths railroad decMoa of th Northers
Pacific to dispose of Its Interest In ths
Burlington Is predicated upon a recently
announced agreement bet w sen the
Northern , Pacific and Chicago A
Northwestern by which ths former Is
given a direct connection Into Chicago,
thus enabling It to give up Its connec
tion with that city over th Burlington.
Vkjert Waa ael l a Otvn Cairrs
saest la Peking, Ssste af the
Mlatleaarlee Are To
PEKING. Jan. a-Premler Yuan Shi
Kal's efforts t bring about the sbdica-not-
ef the throne hare failed and the sit
uation la China has entered a new asd
nerslexlaaT nhas. .
i Prince Chang and the e."rmier Prince
Pn-Lnn. former president of th national
assembly, and Prince Tsal Suits, brother
sf th cg-rgnl. assented themselves
from ths conference of princes ef the Im
perial clan today. bl. h left ths derision
a to abdication to th who
have been strengthening their bands stead
ily since the premier permitted ths prob
ability of abdlcstinu to become known.
Curiously enough, the princes of Inner
Mongol, whom the Msnrbus consider In
ferior to themselves, rallied lo ths aid
of Ills Msnchu At a previous nesting
one of the Mongols strongly controverted
Prince Chlng'a argument that ths Imper
ial armies wers uusbls lo oppose th reb
els Apparently pent rations were complete
for a provisional government: an abdlca
tion edict baa oven been drafted, but the
announcement that such a sourss waa
contemplated, which bad been allowed te
boon me public with the evident object
of preparing the Manchu troops sgatnet
ths shock. Inspired ctanamso of all de
grees to rest. The dowager bring reluct
ant abdicate, has accepted ths advice
of the reactionary prince Ths matter of
appointing Tin Trhang ths ex-war min
ister of Tteh-Liang, Tartar general at
Nanking, to replace Yuan 8 hi Kal was
discussed but ths argument prevailed that
ths nineteen articles of the constitution
promulgated by ths aatlonal assembly
last November should be observed. j
sea Aswlast Mawehas.
Yuan Shi Kal bluffing la becoming
obvious. He has held special trains
ready for several daya for his departure,
but now that the Manchus have accepted
hla challenge he remains In Peking. He
has asked for a further "stok leave."
Indicating that he has nn intention of re
linquishing ths premiership, lis I now
recogniied aa antt-Msnchu. therefor this
distrustful country s ecu sea him of per
sonal designs. It may b however, that
bs to only following a patrlotio determina
tion for ths purpose of preventing a divi
sion of Iho country, with th prospect
of subdivision
Ths foreign legations, including th
Amerlcsn legation, do not destre ts see
Yuan "hi Kal retlr because a capable
tubstltuts for hla offlc I not available
Danger ts Mleelsaarle
Many missionaries In ths north strongly
resent ths attitude of ths missionaries In
Shanghai, who are publicly eupporting
ths revolution. Bishop Bash ford of the
Methodist Episcopal mission and other
prominent Amen can missionaries , have
expressed to tho Washington administra
tion a view that a republla Is Inevitable,
while another group, almost entirely
Americans, have lelegraplsad to ths snv
preea dowager and tho loading princes
ssklng them to abdicate.
Tha American legation approves of ths
opinions expressed In the following letter
addressed t th legation from a mission
In Chl-LI:
"W strongly disapprove of mission
aries becoming political advisers and
placing themselves on tho ante of the
revolutionaries. It ia a menace to us
who remain la ths northern Interior.
Ths art of tho mlsslonsrles In Shanghai
signing such telegrams and widely pub
llshlng them brand tha missionary body
aa revolutionary and might mean our
being wiped out at any tlm"
The Imperialists already suspect thai
I he missions, especially ths Amsrlcaa
missions, are Inciting revolutionary
Ideas. Th American minister, Mr. Cal
houn, has endeavored repeatedly to per
suade ths mlsslonsrles lo leave ths In
terior, but many of them, particularly
tits medical missionaries feel that thdr
duly requires them to remsln.
Pressler Deceives Hrpabllraae.
NANKING, China, Jan. M "I am
absolutsly convinced now aa I bar al
ways been of the success and ths right
eousness of this movement. Every moral,
physical and financial sinew of ths pro
vinces of Chin proper supports It."
This statement by President Sun Tat
Ben was made today to tha Associated
Press. The president explained In hla
Interview recent negotiations between
ths republicans and tha Imperialists and
discussed earnestly the situation in
Chin 11 spoke with ths utmost con
fidence snd appeared genuinely solici
tous lest Ignorance of the true situation
In ths south of China had misled ths
foreign legations In Peking Into encour
aging tha Imperialist government to re
sist wnst he firmly believes lo bs ths
Inevitable outcome of the present slats
of affairs.
If w tall to secure peso and a stab!
government now. he coniliued. "the re
sponsibility must rest on leking. The
Manchus recently' accepted our term
So Premier Yuan Shi Kal assured u
Consequently t!ie srtnlstice wss renevted.
With ths view of securing peace I per
suaded the governora of tho republican
provinces to agree te elect Yuan .-'hi Kal
president of the republic when the abdi
cation of tho throne ehould be announced.
Aflrr much hesitation they consented.
Yuan Shi Kal fully understood the pro
gram. "I agreed to go lo Peking to discuss
final arrangements with Yuan 8h! Kai
Later we received a telegram from
Peking demanding that ths renabllran
government should be dissolved within
two days after ths abdication of ths
"Evidently Yuen fhl Kal was deter
miner", to establlah his own gnrenunent
at Peking and being assured of ths
attpport ot outside Influences he Intended
to Ignore ths republican government snd
break th agreement to which be bad
"Ths provtncisl governors, ths na
tional assembly at Nanking and the mili
tary leaders ebeolmetv refused. Hence
our changed demand that Yuan 8hl Kal
muat surrender the sovereign power of
the throne and that tha foreign powers
must recognize the republican govern
ment before Yuan "hi Kal could be
elected president."
del.) Whether to tear down tho old
chapel and rebuild on ths aits or place
ths new building on another part of th
campus Is a question now confronting
Simpson college authorttte Tho old
chapel was built In the early ' snd for
a time waa ths only building on tho
eampue. Many students of th Institu
tion hare received their entire college
education within Its wall and naturally
fond memories linger about the place to
old alumni aad to tear It down now I
means ts temper with ths sentiments of
the older graduates of tho school. I
On the other band, to leave it and build '
ths new main buildtng In another place 1
will crowd the campus and pat tha new 1
structure In a 'lass cotissiiuoos place,
which ts against ths sentiment ef the j
present student body. a. ,t ss. tatesttaga-sasssS sate.
av-M smm4i ett rkMs ta ssU.4 fct-sh by
kr-esMtiaMlus lassn.4 la.
ti.SMiwsi ssmbw hi.issiii riMSia hi shaat
LAkcasT rartuci or oiimssicg
oh MAairr.
Vst S ra Sses It.
JltA . i-v
If your children are subject to attacks
of croup, watcb fo. Us first symptom, !
hoarseness. Olva Chamberlain's Cough 1
Remedy aa soon as the child becomes '
hearse snd th attack may bo warded ,
off. For sal by all druggists, I
Hotel Flanders
J SIM 37 West 47th Street,
S00 Fret Kant of I -roadway.
A modern fireproof hotel In tho
heart of the theater, eluh and hotel
district: convenient to all car line
An exceptional orchestra Rooms
with private hath C IW per day.
From Grand Central Htation. Broad
way care without transfer. Front
Pennsylvania Station. 7th Avenue
tare without transfer. Booklet oa
H. R, SHARES, Prop.
Liquor Interests
Secure Victory in
High Court Ruling
WASHINGTON. Jaa. A-Llquor Inter
ests today won a far-reaching victory lo
the supreme court by a decision that rall
rt ads must carry beer when offered for
transportation Into "dry" counties of an
other stste. The decision affected par
ticularly shipments from lndlsna Into
KentiK ky.
Justice I.urton. who announced the
court's decision, also laid dowa soma lim
itations on the jurisdiction of the Inter
slate Commerce commission. le upheld
the action of shippers In going before Ju
dicial tribunals ts test th validity of
laws rather than I th commission. Hs
said that ths commission had Jurisdiction
over administrative questions and mat
ters ef feet, but th court over ques
tions of general laws.
Jitstlc Lurton declared decisions of the
supreme court had Indisputably deter
mined: That beer and other Intoxicating liquors
are the reeognlxed and hrsitlmat sub
tents ef Inters tats osmmsrc.
That no slat ean forbid any common
carrier Is Irene port inch article from a
consignor la ens stat to a consignee m
That until such transportation Is con
cluded by delivery to th eonetgnee such
commothilea do not become subjent ts
such regulations restraining their sals or
disposition. v
Justice Lurton explained that th 'Wil
ton act. which subjected (uch liquors to
stat regulation although ths liquor still
waa In ths original packages, did not
apply befor actual delivery te th con
signee where th shipment was Interstat
Strong Statement Made in Connes
v tion wita Hew Tonie.
specialist Says ths People Are Jsurt
nealaaisg to Realise th
Ureal Jerta - of This
Mr. U F. Buddenberg! No. lil Da-rea-port
St., made the following atateinsnt
recently In connection with Tona Vita,"
ths medtrtne that la now bring Introduced
In Omsha at Brandels Drug Dept. Mr.
Buddenberg ssld: "I her been stck
for two year I have been nervous aad
run down snd have hsd trouble with my
eye due to the excessive nerroasnes
"'I have never known Just what waa
the matter with me. I slept poorly and
my slsep d cl me little good. I eeldont
had a good appetite. I have tried various
I remedies, without any permanent result
"I got some Tona Vita ten days ago
and have takra It regularly sine There
Is no other medicine equsl to It Tho
first dote helped me and every day I
have become stronger and better. I am
now a well man and think It wonderful to
have got back my health In so short a
The si'perlallsls who ere Introducing
"Tona Vita" In Omaha are giving deeooo
stratlons of what the medicine will da
la five minute All day long they meet
csllers at the store where they ar Io
cs ted snd try to produce a noticeable Im
provement in all rases of nervous aeMllty
within five minute: th people who take
the medicine to be the judges. Thsrs la
ns charge for this demon steal Ion and
several hundred people tried ths expeet
ment yesterday. ,1
One of the specialists said: " Toon
Vita' will break all records In Omaltb.
People are Just beginning fo rsaMia
what a great preparation It Is, Ws are
Instructed by sur company to take eta
money for the tonie unless ths laedieMa
provaa satisfactory. Thousands upon
thousands lo this and other large cities
are sffUrted with general debility, rauerd
by metropelltsn llf The entire systatn
become affected In aura case and ner
vousness, stomach troubl keadacb
backache, despond isrx-y and Trees of icl
tallty result. Tons Vita' will work won
ders In such eases In a remarkably snort
time. If It doesn't we want aothlac
from those who wish to try It other thau
the time It take to come snd get the
medicine." J
Ths specialists win meet all callers' at
Brandels Drug Dept., Mth snd Donglas
St. South Sid Main Floor, beTwosn
th hour of I m. and ( p. m Adv.
Key to th Situation-Bee Advertising.
The Favorite Rye
of Six Generations''
is absolutely pure.
It ought to be because
it is distilled 4 times
. in copper.
(OnUllrysjv-t-JeJcey not -zstwatoaa Isarlca)
in Bond
Each bottle is sealed ; with
ths U. S. Government Stamp.
Its age Is guaranteed by the
U. S. Government.
Its purity by the Schenley
Distilling Company.
Its quality speaks for itself.
When you buy Rys, buy Schsnley. At ail dseUers.
Bchsnlsy PtstflHnf Co, Locsooa, P
' as
H "Any Symptom!!"
1 disease, th issstit of Constipation so tessar asa sell
Any symptom ar disease, th issstit of Constipation so tessar asa erUI
yield readily to ths valuabl nedlclnss soalalood la Slat k bail a a f ss i
r"- iiiw.
ressntis-stioa first, then Kansas,
Biliousness, with weakness. Head-
snss. Ywvaj.WFiarr iu
All Druggists 10c. He.
Ths Blackburn products Cs
Dsyton. Ohio.
overcoxs. coarriPATioK.
. Grand River Avenue and Gritwold Streete
FRED POSTAL, Pruidtnt. FRED A. GOODMAN. Stcntmry
1121,000 Expiadtd In Remodel.
in, Furnlthinj and Decorating
Headquarten for the Wolverine Automobile Club
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The Flne-st Cafe West of Xewr York. Kcnico
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