Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 23, 1912, Page 9, Image 9

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g SAFES. DEfUOHT, 1S rinum St
N NEW undisturbed phonograph ree
rd. M cent each: also lew twk ea fe
lt t. tl . SMt AT". A. -Wtncil Blutft I.
4 CORDS dry nood. H mil west of
rort Omaha. Web. 1PM.
BOW blue grass now on the enow and
have laiee velvet -awn- next apnag and
Tel Douglas UL Ml Howard St.
HIGH grade asahoeany piano; halt
price. Addreae Q. Hal. Bee.
MEN'S fur lined ev ro jet, coat
for BO. Feldm-n Misfit Parior. !M N. 17th.
TWO pool tablet. good, sale, box -.
Alva. Neb.
A New Truss
Does not spread the ruirtor open In
ternally aa cosvrx pad da. Write (or
Vm Broadway. New yortt City.
rem. and repair ail K.rM of evvum
machines, lnd. AIMS-, Douglas lOB.
Hth and Harney St a.
MA-lAlti Swedish movement: not bint
better for rheuma-lsm: ladles. 11: ten lie
men. 0 SO. Apt. 2. lw Farnam. D. a-.
YOUNG women coming to Omaha an
trancera are invited to visit tue louns
Women a Christian association building at
d..ntMnfh - ml At iiirr'i A M Where
they will be directed to suitable boarding
place, or otherwlss assisted. Look tar
our travelers aid at ine union su-uo-
lluun, rtiuennouss. x Old Boston Bid.
Oladiah Pharmacy. Lith and Podce.
f a -N- A fl V t reatment Mrs. Steele
aia.OO.HJEj Dodge. Ground floor,
MAfiXTli'T. !''""' Brott. VW
um..ti--v B ltB 4 n,jr. u. S-SS.
THE &ALVAl'lO- AHMl solicits cast
eft clothing; In fact, anything you do not
need. We collect, repair and ael). at 1M
N. 11th St., for cost of eolleotaw. to the
worthy poor. Call phone Douglas 41S and
wagons will call.
XT A5i AfiF fcth. salt glow aromatic
.Ua.0O-.-.Ur-i tr,-,.,.,. Allen.
of Chicago, KB a. i;tl St.. 1st floor. D.VM-.
-,l.b... nu.s, suns to hire. k.14 How d.
Ladles Uuai-n.eo. Remedies, tut Ware Uk.
SWEDISH au-aage. for rbeumatlas-.
muscles. Joints. diseases. Karaleo Toa
seth, only Omaha masseur graduate In
Sweden. Om. Nat l Bank. Doug. 1798.
I hereby give notice that I will not be
responsible for any debts contracted by
my wife, Klteee Kg Kers.
(.stgmjd) W. H. ROGERS.
MASS A. (J F, iBJ"d"' has changed
atrea Swedish massage, also vibrator and
radiator treatment-. -4 Bee Bldg. Ked
MCs, Evenings U. i-eO, for. appoluunente.
LARGE, thrifty, Light Brahmas for
bale, old or young; winners of first prise
pea at low State Poultry show; eggs la
seasoir; prices reasonable, frank John
son. Monroe, la.
Pedigree male Persians kittens, liar, JfWJ
TOR SALE White poodle pups. Earl
Parker, till N. JSth Are. Phone Webster
Electric gaa fixture. Omaha Silver Co.
Ideal Cement Co.. and Cuming.
Puchs. Son 4 hilpu. deco.ating.
en? N. JTlh St., t-roorn cottage, par
lor, dining room, kitchen and two nice
bedrooms, big pantry ; all on one floor,
nloely papered and decorated, latest iii-tu-dats
electric light futures, gaa, dlv
water, twa lull lota, bearing fruit trees;
cherries, dam-on plums; good coal
louse. 10x1s, hen house; Is on grade:
west front: two blocks from, car, a good
place to raise ohlckens. Close to a
good school. Can Wetejter 68-4 for particular--.
THia piece for sale, S7s Harney L;
muM leave town at one. 'rkoo Doug-
ibs sua
L II I 1 U h-ai-a. k-kth . , . -..1 L i i.v Aim.
tance. tl.-0. Webster
OUR U-TTtr. duplicating work Is un.
excelled. A trie! will convince you Both
'phones. Western iHiptlcatlng Ce sflg Bee.
HOIISR, 1 lots, near car, tm WIlsonT
eSlt Corby.
Thousands of people have
found the home they were
. looking for among Ilia real
. estate sds on The Bee want
T ad page. The nome you
want to sell can be disposed
, of quickly at cost of only a
few cents ttirouglt Be want
A NEW' HOME for rent or sale; th
owner has moved to Denver and th
property can be bought right. It you
want something good, get busy,
Toland & Wiley
441 Be Bldg.
Two double brick epartmentc of II
apan-oeAU. each renting for 11400 per
annum. Worth flOo.OJO. Redueed to ViknHU
for quick aula; fl&,000 caah, t-t OOO in g&wJ
land, balance mortgage. This will pay
16 per cent on Lnveaunent. Must be
sold te dose op partnership at once. Write
West. R. E. Co., 411 Ksrbach Blk., Omaha
I SELL real estate In any location;
price right; term to cult Mr. Myrtle
Duel, t&l N. Mlh St.. or 'phone Webster
W have lilted with u for a QTHCX
Ill best bargain roar ever saw In a 5-acre
tract of land. It Is located Just serosa
th line In Sarpy county, where tsxes
are aomlnaL Has a FIRST-CLASS SIX
ROOM HOUSE, well and cistern, good
barns and; splendid vine
yard and censldersbls other fruit.
Tins BARGAIN Will not test long.
Whoever sees tt first wlii buy It sura.
O'Neil's Real Estate
& Insurance Agency
ttOS farnam St-, OaoahA.
413 N. Mlh St., Sonth Omaha.
. Both phones.
ebout one mile from city limit. 1. miles
of ear line; new timber soil, the finest
kind of garaen land, suitable for any pur
pose: nearly new 4-rooc. house and barn;
I acre grapes: excellent road to city.
K.OSX mrr term.
' ICt Pesrl St, Council Bluffs.
The ke; t aucceea la bueiness la the
fjdtctou and peral stent us f news pa pel
-arlttak talaiatis.
Choice vajlev fmi la tracts of H acre
or more oat easy tern-s, within 1 te - nulee
rrera tne towns aioag the urane iruna
Pactfle Railway aetweea Fort Ueorae and
Prince Rupert. Write tor booklet de
sonbing this wonderful counrry. B.
sieve!. District Saks Agent, (a Paxtoa
Bldg, Omaha, Neb.
CHOICE fruit farms In tracts of
acres or snore oa easy term; along the
Skeena river near Prince Rupert. Central
BrlUeh Colilmbie. Call or write B. Aleves
d -strict sale ageat, 431 Paxton Hide
Omaha, Nsb.
fMto rash and . per aiooth bny
five acres with full bearing fruit trees
in th famous ' Bidwell orchards at
CMC. CaL Payments Include tntere-H
and taxes. Tour monev back if not satis
fied upon -nveetigatlsn. The BtdaeU
Orcharda are th most noted and pro
ductive In th wonderful Saeraineni
valley of California, lt'a our conftdei-ce
In this land that prompts tola generous
offer. We've peached, prune, alsnoada,
aprleot and Bartlett pears. Buyers
railroad fares, sot exceeding fXce will
be credited on nurehaae nrice. lAnd ad
Join th thriving town of Chlco (14,
popuiationi. iKererences: Any nana os
Chlco, American National bank of San
Francisco and First National bank of
San Leandro k Send for valuable tn'or
matlon and facts to
Bidwell Orchards. Inc.. Chlco. Cal.
We are offering Kk 3t and eVacre tract
and upwards located In Colu.t-U county
cear Lake City, f lortda, M miles west of
Jacksonville and only W mile from St.
Augustine. This property Is Intersected
bv three railroad of national reputatlon.
whlcli furnish the best service at
reasonable rates to all markets ot th
I n'ted states.
The climate Is Ideal. Fin farm are
now bring worked In our tract with
exceptionally good results. Own on of
our farms. Investigate our offer. Small
cosh payments and surr term.
Low rate dally. Tickets good until
June 1.
'Sale Agents)
M Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Omaha. Neb.
Traversed by th
Lands adapted to the widest rang of
cropa. All the money crops f th south
plentifully produced. For literature treat
ing with this coming country. Its soil,
climate, church, and school advantages,
General Passenger Agent,
ITS EQUITY t-acre Payette Vall.y Land
and orchard company contract, Payette,
Idaho, can be had for t-OJ cash If taken
by February. 1 want the money. Ad
dress K. Ill Bee. Omaha.
THE easiest way to find a buyer for
J'our farm la to insert a small want ad
n th De Moines Capital. Lsrgst cir
culation In th slate of Iowa, daily.
Tbe Capital Is read by and believed In
by the stsndpattere of Iowa, who simply
refuse to permit aay other paper In their
homes. Rates, 1 cent a word a day: tl M
per line per month; count sis ordinary
words to th Una Addres Dos Moines
Cspitsl. Dee Moines, la.
MUeearl. ,
FOtt AI.F seres lmnraved land.
To divide estate. I per acre. Address
B. A. L. Murpny, Ktrtavtlle. Pio.
10 ACRES, gully, rolling!" miles from
market: acres of winter wheat goes
with place, fair Improvement, good soil
and pric I right; can give term.
Toland & Wiley
44 Be Bldg.
l-. well Improved, rood land. U
mile from station. Dodge county, 11-6 an
acre; 6 mile to Fremont; 4S acre fslr
Improvement. M In cultivation, t mils
rrom riorenc. from Omaha boundary.
rn per acre. Win. Nelson, s-S-e Paxton
FOR BALE Texas Panhendl. (4 acrss,
I miles Bovtna; goou house, well, etc.,
HO acre. Shumway, 4144 Parry 81, Chicago.
Farmer and land buyers
all oer th country ars
reading Bee went ads every
day and snapping up every
bar its. In offered.
Rates 1 rents per word
If run only one time. 1 per
word If run two or raor
time consecutively.
Write aad mall your d
today to Real Estate depart
tnent of The Omaha Be. Re
sults are sure.
acres, nsw g-room house, new barn.
electric light, and well; I blocka to car
Una; rent tm. See us for price ana torm.
eiKKiii r a i .Bsijio.
d Bee Bldg, Pboms D. t.H. A 1734.
OMAHA Property and Nebraska Lands.
W14 New Omaha Nat'l Bank Building.
WANTED Oily loan and warrant.
W. Farnam Smith V Co, ltM Farnam St
FARM LOANS near Omaha; no com
mission; optional payments; cheap money.
una s. siernti, izii city net i nana mug.
MONEY to loan on business or resi
dence properties, H.000 to t-uu.'iu. W. U.
THOMAS, SOU First Nat'l Bank Bldg
flu to HHOO made promptly. F. IX
Wead. weed Bldg, ith and Farnam.
""WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Co.
fl A P.VTV TIT? AS Loans, aW and up.
Omaha Nat'l Bank
LARGE loans, municipal bond a, mort
gages bought and uld. HTl-LL BROS.
srrite us, w might be bl to heip you.
5. E. Walt Co, Mortgags Brokers, (17
8m mag, cimana.
Hav a very choice les-ecre farm alsty
miiee southwest Ksnsa City, two and
one-hall ml as ef a ok small town; alas
a new res A-cee property In Omaha. 4im
acres la Wiwaiai and a gilt-edges
per cent n.orlgaga Want a good small
stork ranch and stock and machinery.
Must be pr ced right. Give full descrip
tion, locatloa and price la first letter.
Box 4's, OmahsJ
For sale or exchange, to-acre, extra
fine- apple and potato farm in best fruit
section of Colorado. Beet climate In
U. S. Net crop Income, 30 to IS) per cent
on inveelment. Owner an old man, liv
ing m Iow&; will sell at a bargain or
wi.l exchange for property or laaa closer
to him. Wnte today to Oimger A Knapp,
1711 Champa PI, tJenver, i:oio.
eeeuon - good land near th Indian
river. Hrevard county, t'lorMa. Might
consider Canada land as part payment.
For particulars writ H. Miller, liex 774,
Cedar Hapida. la.
HAVE LAND to trade for good, cleaa
stock ot ary goods. Give description,
location a in! amount to first letter. Tur
ner 4k Hon. Moravls, la.
WANTED s scree about one mlie from
Papiiiion; 7-toom house In South Omaha
t.i enrtange in part payn-ent. Address
Box A South Omaha.
WILL EXCHANGE--.. stock dry
goods and anoes la best 4,ja-pop. town
in Coio. Want farm in lower altitude,
clear or nearly eo. Oiinger & Knapp.
ITU Chamna St, Denver, Colo.
I hsive a good small farm to exchange
for good residence la Omaha: prefer one
or two & to 7-room cottages: must be
clear or nearly eo; will ran y or pay cash
difference. Address P. O. Box 4M. Omaha
1 handle trades every wirr- If you want
results writ or call Dean. IT Be. D IK,
For SALE or exchange, a! stock of
groceries and queensware f -r t or t-raea
cottage. Address N. 'h !t.
CCOV-Laj-gs. extra well built hoOse
and three lota: best residenc d-strhn ot
Omaha: exchange for clear land or
smaller new house; give toe-atlen and full
particular In first letter. J iij. nee.
FOR RALK or exehaiixe. S3 a. In Sas
katchewan. Canada, situated It mlWe east
of Torlrtosm. ml. nenthwest of- taits
coou: for smaller tract In V- 8 , redi-s.
or alock. Fur nartleular address ewasr.
Geo. W. B. Scott. Memphis, Neb. What
nave your .
WANTKI-To trade. t-OI d-amoad (ar
twe-chslr barber shop. .N 11., eee.
TO exebsnge (-room house Walnut
Hill for St. Louis Fist; will pay dif
ference In rash. Address C WsX Be.
In xchng for a very choice fa-acre
farm, nicely Imoroved. located close to
nice town. In a highly Improved locality
in eastora Kansas. Want clear city prop
erty. Give location, price and full par
ticular In first letter. Box 47. city.
M-hand goods Kieser. MV Onter. D. -S4-.
WANT TO BITY-Stock of merchandise
In country for cash. Box Ssi. Omaha.
WANTED-To buy id-hind bicycle. Call
! Farnam St.
WANTED To buy for cash, good sec
ond band auto. See me at my room. No.
14. Murray Hotel, between hour li and
, Wednesday. Jsnuary 24th.
WANTED For cash, (-room modem
house west of flat, convenient to car.
Address B 1U9. Bee,
YOUNG married coupl want room
and board with nice private family, must
have access to bath; not too far from
town. F 1150. Bee
WANTED-Furnished airtment r flat
by couple without children. References
exchanged. K I1M Omaha Be.
r v, -. utik k.. ..
family of three In well 'heated house In
Windsor school district. Address C I'.-f.
PIANO lessons taught for board or
room, or both; young lady piano teacher.
D. 1163, Bee.
WHITE Isdv dem res needy places of
day work; neat, conscientious: doe not
disappoint engagements. Phone II. (sal.
WANTED-Posltion as boesekeeper by
respectable middle-aged la ly. 'refer
home with children. Also xir1nced a
nurse. Address Mrs. Marts Turner, gen
eral delivery. Council Bluffs. Ia
WASHING and ironing dnn. T, H HI
SlTl'ATION wanted as nsnsger of
general store, country town; epe-rlenca
0 (IJJ. Bee.
HOOKKEKl'INU sn -clril work
evening and Saturdays; use typewriter.
Address I, ,43, Fee.
THREE vounii Indies, piano player and
singer, want pomiions in piviure wiwt
experiencvo. -niusisj wa. rv ti-y
EHmTiriM sint-4 kw e-,lnuleiit lady
tenographerj relet ence as to ability-
tisrney set. -i, i .. .
man, small family, want work ea leach:
references. Telephone or writ. C W,
Earl. Ewlng. Neb. ' ;
WHITli wntiwan wants day work. Z1S 8.
1st a Bt. A-se-s.
wsni-U-A pwaiiivn mm i w,
secret servicing, good references. U 10M,
YOUNG Udy desires poeiuon in otflce
where there I a chance tor advancement.
Small wsges to start. Can operate type
writer. Webster wr.
SM ..iiarUiw.'-- K ir SMlral nosl-
naiiir.i-i; -win .. , ,... -
lege, opportunity to earn board or boars
and room. Address C 111-, Bee. or pboa
Douglas TtU
KXPEKIKNCED stenographer wishes a
post lion with a Ilmi; g-od speller and t
last on ths Underwood typwrllar. Ad
dress, H UJ7, care Bee.
YOUNG man wants position as bar
tender; experienced. S (la, Be
YOUNG ladv atenoaranher with a year'
xperlenre, faat and accurate at bort
haud. with business ability, wishes a po
sition: best of eferncea. J HM. Bee.
WANTED stenographic poslUoo; can
operate any machine. Webster IA
A YOUNG man, 17 years eld. with all
year' xprlenve, would like a position
In a men'e furn-ahlnar denartment: calla
ble ot managing a department; good ref
erences, t; iM7, tie.
A YOl'NG man with four years experi
ence would like a position In a furnish
ing, trunk or clothing department. Best
of references: 13 year old. B net. Bee.
EXPERIENCED colored cook Wants
work. Phone Herney. KWA
WOMAN wants day work. Harney (If.
COLORED man. experienced cook,
wants a position In a quick order lunch
room. Address 3404 Patrick Ave, or
'phon Webster (747.
WANTED Position as bank book-
deoc School man and can furnish excel
lent reference. Am now employed in
general store. Ben -83. Blslr, N.
YOUNG ladv wants a Doslrlon In otflce:
would take small salary to start. W. JOT.
YOUNG lady wants position as efflo
slrl: can run tVDe writer: beet of refer
ences: will start with small wages. Thon
venster siw.
YOl'NG lsdr of good anoearanc want
a position to do light housekeeping for a
bachelor; prater in city, liu laveo
worth St.
MIDDLeVAGIOO widow ot good appear
ance wants a position to do light house
keeping. 'Phone Red T.M.
AN EXPERIENCED girl to assist Is
bookkeeping and phone. Web. (48.
EXf'ERl ENCED laundress wants day
work In private family. Call Harney iv.
Ship your stock lc South Otnaba. Sav
mlleag and hrinkag. Your consign
ments receive prompt aad careful etua-
By era Bros, it Co. Strong and reepne-lbl
"WOOD BROS, 84-ag ExchangeBldg.
Great West. Com. Co.. Omaha A Denver.
"W. R. SMITH sTsON JiasThandte sheep.
TAGO BROS, handle cattle, h. gs, sheep.
Clsy. Robinson Co.. -CO Exchange Bli
Interstate Co. Better results. Ship to t.
CLIFTON Com. Co.. ta Exchange Bidg
L. E. ROBERTS 4k CO, V Exrh. Bldg.
Cox A Jones Com. Co, bunch of hustlers.
Farmers I.. 8. Com. Co, 0 Exrh. Bldg.
Deposit proceeds ot shipments to Stock
Yards Nat'l bank. Only bank at yards
Mart la Bros. Co, -01-4 Each. Bldg.
WEEKS GRAIN CO, grain merchants.
Consignmcats solicited. 73t Brandcl.
West Indies
I he American KiTtera
Tj! Rs Mi!! S!i3i Packet Ci.
F pec tally attractive tour of
For Particular Writ to
gsAdarsoe A Sob. OeaL Agents.
1A a, --a Sails ax, Ckkajs.
Or Aay bteamaoip Agancy.
C K. Fcten' Alfalfa still Tlueateaei
for Tine by Flaaea.
.. i
(saber tl Yssap Mew Who a
tereel rheaatests Atswwt Assembly
neee lavolwsd Bsskist BaU
- Team gsftws y Bsl.
Fir, breaking out at 1 7 ' clack ysster
dsy mornlr.g tor a while -threatened to do
stray the C M. Peters altai-a sal It, Twes-ty-al-rtk
aad B streets. Two blase was
causal by Bills hat tinders sgalast a
trams outhouse ntMt ths holler room.
IVople In tk aetghkorhood. retsraU-g
homo from th how, noticed th fir sad
notified th fir gepa-rtmeat. By th tlsss
ths wagons had arrrved the fir had
mads oorisklerahls headway.
Th only thing that prevented the large
mill from catching on fir eras th brVk
boiler room which stood between th out
hous and the mill. The ammeg will
mount to about poo.
Tklrteva Fail to Pass.
Thirteen members ot th seal or class of
th high school failed to pass th mid
winter examination hut week. Th ma
jority of these were lb seniors who were
suspended from school taisuse they broke
Into to school at night and sprinkled
the asseanbly room floor with axnmoalunk
Unless they do aom sxtra studying dur
ing ths semester they will not be permit
ted to graduate nut spring. They were
early all passed oa condition by In
teachers and If mak up ths work they
ill graduat with th other mem sera ot
th class.
None, however, will be permitted I
lak part In athletics during th re
mainder of th term. This will mean
that Philip and Foley, two ot the best
players on th basket ball tease, wUl not
be allowed to play. With these two ansa
out of lb gam there Is little hop ot th
team Bulling down th stats champion
ship. At th begtnrilng ot th season th
team promised to be a winner aad all
were confident that It would best any
other squad la the state. The chase ef
their doing this now g very small,
J. J. O'Koarko Dead.
Jams J. O Rourk. who formerly Uvd
In South Omaha, died at Dearer yester
day morning. II ws 41 year at ag
and leaves a wire and three children; he
also leaves two slaters sad two brothers.
Mr. Dsnlel Enrlght. Mrs. J, J. Fltagsr
ald aad Joseph F. O'Reork ot this city
and John O'Rourks ot Rapid CUT, S. D
Hs was a member of th local lodge of
th Maccabees. Fttrwral will be from th
horn ef J. J. -tUgereJd, 1MB North
Twenty-fifth street.
As tea rate Arrested.
Antoa Cuter was arrested last night oa
suspicion ot stsallBc m from Jo arko
wtckL Serkowlrlrl say that Cutar a
tered his noma In tn Klrby building,
Twenty-seventh and Is St rests, Friday
night and took Ht from his trunk. Cutar
worked about th bulldlsg.
M agree City doeslp.
Dr. Kontakr has returned from a busi
ness trip lo Denver.
F. O. Unn of Lelsh. Keb.. vlalta-1 aril
friend In th olty Saturday.
Th Lor let club win give a dancing
party at Bushing's hall this ovsnlng.
Th Nsw Century rlub was entertained
t cards at Iks homo o( Mrs. R. Belts
Thursday afternoon. Mrs, Storm wua
first prise,
Th Itii pissasro club will artve a danes
at Rushing hall Weetnesday evening.
Anton Smith of th nolle denertm-mt
has returned from his annual vacation.
Th King's Dauxhlers will sir a dinner
at the Presbyteries church Thursday
evening, February 1.
Phone Bell South PaV-Ind. F-1M tor a
Ise of Jet tar Gold Ton. Prsmat delivery
tu any part ot th city. William Jelter.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Houlihan ot
Denver are visiting at ths horns of Mrs.
Thomas ravage, fu North Twenty-first
A oompllmentarv dancs will bs slven si
the Danish Brotherhood hall the local
No. a, cisnsmsn of America, tomorrow
night. The dance will bs tor th mem
bers of th lodge and their frlaod. No
admission will be charged.
Mrs. D. L. Holmes entertained the
lAdles' Afternoon dub at whist Friday.
Ths atuest of ths club were Mrs. L.
C'onnell snd Mrs. Hteveos. Th nienibsrs
pjrssent were Mesosmea Anton ixitt, u
far ley. A. Durkees. C. M. SchlndeL L
m, i-ora, i. (i. startin. s-ua toane, t. it.
Ensor. H. Gilchrist. It E. Sehindel. W.
T, .1 -1H..1 t 1 , 1 - t .
. o-is-, iwn MH-u. jt .en i .u
A. A. Jaeroer, Wsdeil, J. M. Tanner,
Bruce McCulloch. C. A. MeUher, John
Grlhble, 1- Powell. O Ames, Strang.
Jessie Cauxhey. W. B. Cheek, A. A.
Mcoraw ana v. u. uoimes.
Citizen of the West
Uses the Most Wheat
WASHINGTON, Jan. -(.-Cltisens ef th
United State consumo sa average of a!.
most on and one-fifth barrels of flour
A year, experts ef th government an
nounce la connection wtth a resort oa th
wheat supply and distribution ot th
country just anaoe public. They flgur this
on a basis ot tour and one-half bushels
ot wheat to a barrel of flour. The average
of all returns Indicated a per capita oo as
sumption of about AM bushels ef wheat.
The people of the far west wsrs th
greatest consumers of wheat, thetr aver
age being Ms bushels a person. Next
com th psoplo ot Iks northers central
state west of th M -setae! pp. where
five and nine-tenths bushels are con
sumed. Then the northers central stales
east of ths MIsMsatppt follow with tlv
and slx-lsotlis bushels aad th south cen
tral states with four and sevea-tenths
bushels snd th south Atlantic state
with four and two-tenth.
Tn smsller consumption In the south
Is secounted tor by th fact that corn
meal Is an Important substitst for
wheat flour. In so toe of th heavy sur
plus potato producing sections ot th
northern aisles, such as Maine. Michigan
nd Wisconsin, sou toe ars another sub.
TEHERAN. Jso. K-A plot to kill on
of the American official has been dis
covered snd this explains the attempt
against the American. Colonel Brace, at
tach to th treasury smdArmsrie, who
wss shot at while leering the barracka
January M. A former officer of th
gendarmerie ha mad a confession ef th
plot In which be Implicates himself. Th
object appears to have bees to create a
political Incident la which th United
State would be Implied.
of Khan Yunu. on the Syrian coast, has
been bombsrded by an Italia a warship,
according to advices reaching here.
There Is considerable talk of collective
Intervention by tbe powers to end th
war. but It meets with nothing but deri
sion In ConstAnltBopl.
New York Police
Trail Suspected
Men to the Crime
NEW YORK. Jan. e.-Wlth the arrest
bt Brooklyn -early this morning ot three
alleged safe breakers as they were shoot
to fob a pawnssmp, it bocare known that
th New York Bohee twesoily Inaugurated
a plan to keep all well known crooks under
eoostaat surveillsAc with ths Idea of
preventing Intended robberies. Th n
arrested, all of whom tt Is said bars
prison record, had bees trailed for five
dais by detectives who pounced upoa
them as they were breaking into th
' "Thee arrest,' said Deputy Folic
Commissioner Dougherty, "mark th first
results ot th inauguration ot a new
method of crime preveottosu Instead of
waiting for th men to commit the burg
lary, we arrested thsm after they had
shown such sa Intsntion."
Chief Poitoffiea Lupector -takes
Beport of Tear'i Work. -EGH-TOKED
Mea Whs ssladled Investors Oat ot
aevssty-Sevsa Mtllloms Breach! '
to Jls sites by Efforts of
This Oas Des-srtaseat.
WASHINGTON. Jan. . -Promoters ot
fraudulent scheme who had obtained from th public, wer put out
of business during ths fiscal year ending
June -a. last, according to the annual re
pert of Robert 8. Sharp, chief Inspector
of th Poarofflc department. Issued to
day. This showing I th most remarkable
In th history of th department. During
the fiscal year UP Individuals were la
dieted oa the charge of using the malls
la furtherance of schemes ts ee fraud.
Of this number 1M persons wer tried
and 14 eonvleti 4.
Th schemes Investigated wer ot end
less vsrlety, varying, as the report Indl
cateis, "from the simplest business trsns.
slclons to glgantlo prelect Involving
the ss I of worthless nock la fake mining
companies and Imaginary and fictitious
Institutions existing only sa paper la
th minds of the promoters."
la discussing th multiplicity of schemes
to defraud th people. Chief Inspector
Sharp says "the del ermine tlos to bring
these promoters into court and obtain
prison sentences against thorn has proved
exceedingly oscrsssful. Is no Instance, a
far as known to this office, has a Hereon
convicted oa a criminal chart of this
character attempted to reorgaalas hi
scheme seder a sew asms, a was often
ths case where fraud order alone wer
resorted to.
ttlsk-Clsas Crlmlaala.
"Th result of the year's work has de
veloped the tact that the fraud manipu
lator are a distinct class of criminals,
sm of them moving la th highest social
and business circles, but nearly all hav.
tng mere or less affiliations and con
a actions with or ars devisers of scheme
or enterprises of Illegitimate character tn
which they are not known as promoter.
In view ot lb heavy loss t the post
ffle department la prossrutlag (hs
eases. Mr. Sharp recommends thst this
work be taken ever for Inquiry by the
Depart men! ot Jaatlcs. Ho adds that
"the work of tho last year uncovered a
condition amonc ' tho swindling clam
which shows tho astounding extent of
their operation and In enormous amount
f their ill-gotten gain."
Th policy ot th department, Mr. Sharp
points out. "has bees to crush out the
strong jxd powerful orlrainala who hav
grown rich at tho gam.' This plan has
erred to ellmlnst ths smaller operator
Inspector Sharp suggest "tt la essential
for tho protect loa of tho pubUc that ad
ditional IssislsUon be onset ed which will
prevent swindlers from carrying on their
operations In tho border land between
logltlmat undertakings and criminal
During th year 1,41 arrest war mads,
ot which 4a wer postofflr burglars. Of
th number arrested lit were postmasters,
twsnty-two assistant post master, ninety
sight clerks la poetofflce. thh-ty-oo rail,
way postal clerk, forty-two city letter
carriers, thirty -eight rural letter carrier,
six teen mall carriers and fourtssa stlwr
employes, snd 1,11 persons not connected
with th pests I ssrvlcs.
Gompers Directs
. Warm Rejoinder to
Senator Critic
WAaUnNGTON. Jan. It-Senator Hay
burn of Idaho Is challenged by Samuel
Compere, president of tho Amsrtcaa Fed
eration of Laoot. tn an editorial la th
February Issue of th American Fodera
tlonlst to produce In a court ot law any
evidence which he may hav of any U
kwsl opera dons performed by Oompers.
Ths editorial M based on the occurrence
tn th serials last Thursday, when Sen-
stor Hey burn declared that "no com
munication should bo received from Mr.
Oompers, because of th facts disclosed
In th McNamara trial and subset) uent
Tho Idaho senator also said th presi
dent of the American Federation of Labor
wa not qualified to address a sommunl
catkm to congress or to ths government
Referring to his challenge lo Detective
Burn and his sponsors to prov la a
court of law aay charge which either or
all of them may bring against him. Pres
ident Oompers, addrestng Mr. Hsyburs.
continues: -
"I now and her Include you and I defy
yu and challenge yon to produce tn a
court of taw any auch evidence. You will
obsrrv that I specifically state Id
court of law,' rather than under th
constitutional protection which surrounds
your privilege to wag your snbrMled
tongue In Indirection and Insinuation."
After declaring that ho has bean a ettl
xn ot the United States sines 117!, Pre-
dent Oompers says In conoluxlon:
"There Is nothing thst you can say.
Senator Hey burn, which will at all re
flect upon my work, my life, and my
character, and I am willing that th
American people shall judge between yoa
and me as to which of vs stands for the
dollar and which for the manhood, to
womanhood and the coiUbood of our
DETROIT. Mich.. Jan. -X-The question
of eight street railway fares for a quarter
and municipal ownership of th traction
lines will be voted oa Tuesday at a
municipal election bars
iBLBaiM Crowd Filli T. X. C. A.
Auditorium to Hear Addrtu.
gaya Mo (Jmdaatsd freae Col less
aad Expeetsd World ( Bov to
Hiss Heallses Now staob
Kasnwledg) Is Not All.
Before aa tudleace Sunday afternoon
that filled th hug auditorium of tho
Teung Men's Christian saeocsatlon bulle
kig ta ovwtftowtnc. Governor A Id rich dks
cussed "Philosophy ot Education."' saying
that tho purpose ot aa education Is to
teach mea and women how t think and
' David Cose, vie president of .tbe esso
elailoo. Introduced th gorea-nor. who
noon his sppsaranos on tho platform wa
loudly applauded.
Governor Aldrteh said that education I
th basic prinrlplo that goes to mak a
representative government, where each
one la a builder tor the future and where
men arc striving to brtsg forth ths best
thst Is tn them
Digressing slightly from his subject, tho
governor related some ot the things tn
connect loa with his own education, tell
ing that after graduating tram aa Ohio
college he supposed that hla a'eJtty In
various dlrerlloaa would bo rogntasd
and that calls from every direction would
be received Inviting him to accept chairs
la great Institutions of learning. Ha
watted, but th call wer not beard, and
then borrowing (Ms, h (aid, ha sacked
his grip and staned for Nebraska,
t llllly ot s-daratl-N.
The governor took tho xsyMUoa, that
there ar fear ot II olea snsn who fa
after rear and la every -day business
life will be called upon to refer to tholr
Latin and Greek, thetr geometry and tholr
soology, but th studying of the sciences,
th languages, ths mat hems tic and th
arts la teaching them how to think and
hew to act when they ft out and nib up
gainst th world. Tk Miles sduestlos.
hs contended, teaches a man how to con
trol hla mental -sou-ties and hold on to
tho problems until somsthlns ssnok: It
tsachss th young man how to snake ths
most ot tho nrtportunlus and does much
toward pointing out th way to recognlss
and grasp the asm oppertimittss a
they sss in review.
However, th governor doss not look
with favor upon a mea "who Is all head "
H wants to see a corrssportdln; gerslop
msnl of tho heart and the body. eontsadV
big that they must work ta unlsoa and
In harmony with th mind If tho bast re
sults ar to bo altalosd.
Osorgo WsssJngton waa petntsd ts as
an Illustration ef what might b expect-d
ot aa educated man. As such, when th
opportunity pi sainted Itself, ho hoard th
call and responded. Though Wis rlchsst
man' of hi Urns, b lift hla -omforlabt
homo and shared the bard ships of th
most common soldier, becaua ho fslt
that hi country needed him.
Lincoln, by th governor, waa referred
to aa th Incarnation ot atvM virtue snd
a perlmen of a Bias whom vry cittsso
should mulate.
Milwaukee Men Flan
to Oust the Socialists
MILWAUKEE. Jaa. B.-The last legis
lature having failed to snact a nonparti
san clcUon law. tho republ Icons snd
democrats of Milwaukee are planning an
attempt to overthrow thee aock-Jtsts now
In power at the mantel pal elect ten la
Several confers nee hav boon bald In
which Imdlng republicans and democrats
bare participated and the plan outlined
w to hav a rscubitcea head tho demo-
era tlo city ticket leaving tha afflees of
city treasurer aad comptroller for demo
cratic nominees.
Ths republican city commit. repre
sentatives hav practically agresd to this
plan and th democrat! commltto work
ing along the asm tine la x peeled t
follow suit shortly.
Practically th asms lines ar planned
for tha election of a board of eldennsn.
Mayor Kmll geld el has already sees
nominated to heed the soetaUst ticket
Th allied republican and dsenocrallc
commit tee sre expected to eudorse th
somlnaltoo of Dr. Gerhard A. Badlng
(rep. I, former health cmmla-oxer ot
Milwaukee, tor mayor.
Congressman William J. Osry (rep.) has
announced himself a candidate for th
office of mayor, but th situation la sx
pected to be cleared before tho lectio
whereby tho contest for chief ae-scottv
of th city will b a arrowed to two essdu
New Bahies Stamped
to Avoid Mistakes
CHICAGO. Jan. S.-AII babies bora In
Chicago hospitals ar stamped, it was an
nounced today after attention had been
called to the problem now vwxlng two
Pari mothers.
As soon as a baby arrives an antiseptic
label bearing the name ot tho mother,
the data and hour of birth and tha nam
of th attending phr-ic-aa la attached to
tho child.
Attendants at ths Chicago ty lag-In hos
pitals (tact-seed ths dilemma in which tws
Psrls mothers find themsalv. Th Mark
v tat led hor mother and her daughter at
tha asms hospital aad at tho same hour
In Paris. An attendant then mixed th
Infanta Each mother now fondlaa a baby
and wonders-whether tt I a son or a
brother, ar n son or a grandson.
"It we didn't have the stamping sys
tem. " said a Chicago nurse, "we would b
la troubl all the time. Identification la
absolutely necessary wher w bavt
babies arriving at th rata of a dosen or
two aa hour."
0. D. Griswold Cornea Ost at &
doner of Sew Tonic.
ThswsB-ads SlrsS-A Almlreslp Alesg
Tattl They Beeesas Tstslly Hf
hirttated. says Vlsltlag
Among the handr-d of statements
being mad In connection with the re
markable new tonic. 'Ton Vita." none
ar more Interesting than that given out
recently by Mr. Q. Dayton Griswold ot
tua South Eigkiesnth street this city.
Mr. Griswold said: "For n long time t
hav pot enjoyed good health. I was a'l
run. down. Intensely nervous snd suffered
from stomach trouble. I felt tired and
dull an day; my body seemed be numbed
t time, and could not steep at night.
My bowels would nut perform their
proper functions: my digestion was im
perfect, and I waa continuously constipa
ted. As soon aa I ate anything my
stomach would fill wtth gaa and I would
be (1st re seed for a halt hour or more
afterward. I contracted cold easily. I
tested various medicines without relief,
and finally lost hopo.
" A bout ten days ago I talked with one
of tho Toon Vita' specialists st Brand elk
drug department and he explained my
trouble and advised m to try bis i
preparation. I did It and am glad I dtd.
for Tons "Vita" proved a wonder la my
cass. , i
"I now feel like I hav a new leas of
life. My ambition ha returned, as wall
aa my strength and energy. I now sleep
at night and get up In ths morning feel
ing cheerful and ready for work."
People who ar nervous and Irrltablew
hav imperfect digestion snd stomsch
dKordor, lock energy nsd ambition, fi"
melancholy and dtscouraged, suffer wlfa
headaches, backaches, poor memory, un-.
sound sleep, irregular circulation, pallid,
complexion and who are susceptlbis to
coughs and colas, ars unqueatlenably
suffering with thst modern plague, nor
vous debility, say th "Ton Vita" spe
cialists "There ar theussnds of suck half del
men sad woman In Omaha who really
not know just wkst Is wrong with tham."
aald one of these specialist yesterday
"Thsy struggls aimlessly along until
they become totally nebUltated and'
oftentimes they com to n suffering with,
this dreaded condition In it most ag-'
gravsted form," continued hs.
"w navs a preparation tnat win poel
tlv!y remove this trouble and restore
th organs of tho body to their healthy, ,
aormal condition."
Th "Tons. Vila" specialists are at the
Brand sia drug department, Sixteenth and
vougiss streets, seiitn snae, main rioor, '
between the hours of a. m. and ( P. m, "
during their stay In Omaha. Adv. -
Whooping' Cough
c;oi's TkiTHMA coocTis
aun-niiB VA I Axstrl
rersaiiaues vara
A dasisa. saw ass sSe-ws wtsioaM (at ess
ratal weaalas, aniens snfa Vaeertset Ciaee.
ssas awes ass pans i im ef WUesiai Cssse ssd
-WAetas-s, Tbe aw -alert- sweaeiT -eeUea.
Me. -asset- ska seer? snstk, stakes Wee-ei-f
assy i ess-see Ike sera tbreel se4 seat uw aserk,
s-sariag teetl-l aire. II S -ass-Mew a oralis
as yesag ceiMree.
ass as s-stal 1st esa-nVt-s eesslel.
Try eel"tee Ssehesto
Tii it fmUmH far las
or yeas
set SsakuaSii
M as-assa,
TeooCllllbJgg Co. T,
You CoVB Prvrent IrJottioB
of AllKincU
at mmt Tvx-ri isns-mc sevrnrx. um-
a-elt -!-- -a-saa-aeslel-laiaiw tmm
aaw-t aat ksntiil tae seas ISitsii asss-s m
seies-la-t EsiSlllt S-Sssals k i ee ttSS St
at-v-telaSS-Hl-. UtnatUS ss s fcsikt Iw
S asen il I Pt-alss k-Saadr b
Set-Mas H sv St ptaas M SSsa SstSest B-SSas t
.Antiseptic Powder
I Asa roua aocrua m smS at lisin Ay
tt J,tLni-C--0-lWa--ati-s.l.C If
i Bxaasaas-SsBx
A tough, heavy
tread that works
like a squeegee
window cleaner.
It cleans away the
mud, grease or water
under the tire, creat'
big a clean, dry spot
on which you can
secure traction.
f his Shampoo Stops
Hair from Falling
"Alkali shampoos will eauao hair lo ,
grow dull snd lifeless, spilt at sads and 1
tall out," ears Mrs. Ma Martya la th
Boot en New, "and until hurtful soaps
or mixtures sre discontinued there can
bo no relief. A very fine harapoo mix
ture can bo made by dissolving a t,v
spoonful rantarox la a cup of hX
water. This should be poured on Uur.
head slowly snd rubbed up well and
will create an abu-HUnco ot whit,
creamy lather. I
"After a canthrox shampoo th ,'Airi
dries evenly and quickly, whii ths scalp!
ts left clean, pliant snd healthy. It Is
; not necsssary ts shampoo every week
I when canthrox I employed, because Ms
I effects are quick and lasting. Continued
using canthrox Insures a clean, healthy
scalp aad aa bua-aacs of rich, glossy,
attractive ttfr easy to do up and of an
evenness In color." Adv.
Safety Tread
Th e is the only
non-skid tire
built on a scien
tific basis.
It means safety
Aft - " -
Of New Ytrh i
215 South 20th St Oaaha.