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Jeff Came Back Exa&ly on Schedule Time
By "Bud" Fisher
te;:. !5Hrffl . fczzT rz. tJS! i - v rErj4-
Miwn V ,Uw,T"f . i, el-, V l fiwMtnwo To BE m P ll I 'i 'f I,
Batei ob Balls, Strikeouts and First
v Sua on Errors Statistics.
UKkul Slvwa latt r by
0eelas Fiteaecs Brweklya
Hnim ItM la Xmtor '
of Strikeouts.
KBIT YORK. Jan. B. -Official records
af taM aa tall. atrtk eon and Bret
tew on error kr twin la tha National
league during tka nun ef lSIt, wttk In
dividual figures la aaina cases, wsre suae
(while today kr Secretary John Haydler.
Maltoaat laacua pitchers, these ttla
Jles akaw, gave Hit kaaaa am balls. Tka
t. Leak) elub M wtlk MO. Chicago waa
second with Wt and Cincinnati third with
TO Brooklyn wss latt with 4& Bheckaro),
pf Chicago led tha league, having received
ltt Patau in lit games. Bates aad
faeecher of Cincinnati follow with ICS and
M respectively. Sweeney ld Boston with
T7, Devore had It; Knaba M, Wagner and
Brrae 17 each and Hugglns at.
There ware CM strifes outs, divided
amont the eight clubs a follows
Brooklyn. 0; St. Lou la. BO; Chicago.
S1I; Cincinnati, MX; Philadelphia. M;
Pittsburgh. M3; beaten, 177, and New
York, Ml
, Couteoa of Brooklyn and Beach or at
Cincinnati led la thta reepeet with J
kirlk outa each. Luderus struck out n
times, Carey Ti, Devors , Schull
SniertoD a) and Hsueer tl. Thaaa who
flared la IM gemes or over and had a
low average af atrlka outs ware; Sweeney,
Tinker, B; Mitchell, M; Larry Doyle,
at; Hurray, It; Meyere, n; Kaebe, S:
Wagner, M, and Oaks. . - ' '
A nsw departure waa the keeping af
tacoraa ho wing the number of me
reaching Brat baae oa errora. Theaa fig'
aires ahowed IW runners to profit In this
way. Beaton waa farored 171 tlmea, Phil
adelphia Mi. Pittsburg ti Cincinnati lit,
at. Loola 147, Brooklyn HI, New fork to
nd Chicago is. weenejr of Boatoa led
nb leetvtouel player, reaching tint S
times en errora. The ether etuh leaden
were: MltetwU, ; Lobert. 11; Uaubert.
JI: VII)B of Plttaburgh( tl; Xvana, II,
iMerkJt, IS, aad Hofmaa. 11
NEW ORLEANS, La.. Jan. ELPraak
Xuraa of Jereer City Waa awarded the de
lloa aver Johnny Daly af Brooklyn alter
twenty rounde of hard fighting before the
yrti Wda Athletic cluk at Aiglera thla
afteraeoa. winning the light to meet
Johnny Coutoe la the aame ring Febraar
II for tha baatamwelght rhamplonahlB.
II waa . a good fight (ram the flrat
; round on. Both were witling mlxera and
fought at a feet pace. In tha fourteenth
round It aaeait aa It the bout would
lead whea Buna jabbed DaJy la
tlba etomaob a doaaa ar Bore tinea wttk
Mowa that would hare kaooked out a
line aerdr fighter. Daly waa oaaldar
abrjr weakened aad appaarad groggy as
tka aad at the round.
They fought furlcuetr la the Brat
!reuad. Buna krtaglng tka blood from
iDaiyg aeaa aad aoutk wttk etralgttt
lefta, tka Breoklya key raining a large
lump oa Burna right eye with a bard left
Burn waa beat at infighting, working
rights aad lefta to the stemack aad
jkldneya la the frequent eUnchee. which
Saly eeugkt Daly MCt the rtag wttk a
(badly batiared and awoliea faea aad with
arka on bia body. Both were
' UT poueda.
Harry BuuS waa tka referee and tka
Ideetaiea waa a popular one.
Johnny Ceulon waa aigaed up' laat week
ita aaeet the winner here February It to
Idatand tka bantam eJuuBnioaaklB.
TERXa UAVTE, led.. Jan. tt-Eart
. Ptenertaa. the I'alveratty at Mtaaeaota
. atkleta, kaa atgaed to pitch for the Terr
1 Maute Central league club, according ta
, aanuuaooBicat ajana her today, pick
rring waa a foot ban etar ku fall, out
waa barred from tka Mlaaeaota-Wlaceaala
gaaaa by VTiaconala flung chargea that
.ha had iayed arofaattoaal baae ball la
: Will They Be Doves or Dubs Next Season?
r j . ? to i)
i, )xh ' j t- Wv ;:A
, , . s - ' , V. -
f(a '
. ' -acTT-5aaaaaaaaaaaaaif3-.naaa , , , ...
Curley Going West ..
to Pick Site for Fight
LOUISVILLE. Ky., Jan. &-Jaek Cur.
lay, nanagar of Jim Plynn, tba "Pueblo
fn-emaa." who la appearing thla week at
local theater, Mated tonight that he win
go ta Chicago Thunder and from there
proceed ten In a week or two for the
parpoae of aalectlag a place for nmn'e
tight with Jack Johnaoa neat July and
making arraageraenta for Plyna'a train
ing quartern.
"The place win not be announced until
the llcenee and penult are iaeued.v aald
Curley. "Tha fight may take place ta
Nevada or Vtah. but If aeoewary
will go to Meilce."
NEW TORK. Jaa. C At a meeting of
tka new Ualiad Statee baaa ball league
which began her Sunday and which waa
ooacludod today, bylaw war adopted and
a aew hoard of dlrertora waa elected. A
eonunUtaa waa appoiated to addreea a
oonuBaoJoetloa to tha national corn ml e
elen autlng the new league poaltloa. da-
alaring that It will reepeet national agree
ment contract if Ita own are recognised.
The eighth city in the dreult waa not
elected, the matter being left opea until
the neat meeting IB about tan day. Prop,
eeltlooa by A. Bobrick of Cleveland and
Alfred II. Wolf of Chicago were moat
favored It waa aald. Tha aew directorate
eonalet of Prealdent William A. wiman.
Beading, chairman: W. htcCullogh, Pitta
bur, and Hugh McKlnnon, Washington.
. ...I
T . ' 4 I
?!'-''!. i 4: "j
-is '
Xoto snr CAJta. HOBUikaw
i v r
Four aew facea oa the roaler cf the
Boaton Natlonala, who are counted upon
by Johnny Kilns, manager of the team,
to make It 7 per cent atronger than In
ll. i
i. .
CHICAGO, Jan. a. -Pitcher Cheney of
the. Chicago National league club today
aigned a contract for tha 113 eeaaen. ac
cording to aa announcement made hy
Prealdent Murphy.
Wolgaat Arreated for Speed leg.
SANTA MONICA. Cel.. Jan. &-Ad
Woigaet. Ughtwelght chemptoo. who hes
yuet recovered from aa operattoe for apen
dtcttia and an' attack of pneumonia, wee
am-eied today tor reekiese automobile
driving at Vealce. lie wa releaaed on
Cardaer Vale Cwptala.
NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Jax e.-Rohrt
. Oardner, Hit of Chicago, waa today
elected captain of the Yale track team.
The Squaba, a boy department basket
hail team of tha Toung Men'a Christian
araoolatlon, won frera the Omaha Unl-
"-tvo. paturday night by tha
gear of a to 1 Tha Squab kad their
oui played at tka tart '; by
team wotk.
Sandberg alerted by nuking a diffi
cult basket from the middle of the floor.
He wa the star player through the
whole gaaie. making M of the a point.
Art ltouner, tha Squaba center out
Jumped his man. every time and Moore
did great work at guard although ha re
ceived a apralncd ankle in the flrat half
but played the game out. Perclval and
Btrehlow were tha star' tor tho Re
eervea. gelby else played a good game.
' rapt Tl. . P. 8trhiow
R. Prltman I. F. f.percival
A. Raouaer .....C Laraen
R. O R. Strehlow
X. Hareo U O Selby
ooais: Rendberg. 7: rut man, i;
Kav J: P. . mcnlow. 1: PerdvaL L
Free throw: sandbarg. t; P. Strata
low, f. '
Time of halvra. 7 mlnutee and IS min
utee. flrere. a ta &
Referee. Haler. Timer. Don Raugh.
ecorer. it .-
Lincoln Ball Team
v. Still Minus Buyer
LINCOLN, n., Jan. a.-Th option of
"Ducky Holmes, former manager of the
Lincoln Antelope, a pen the Lincoln base
ball club expired last night Holme waa
unaha to secure flnanolal backing and
mice the. option la renewed, tha pro
paeed aala for tia.M will sot take place.
Joha Ounthorpc of Denver had keen de
pended upoa aa a financial aid for
Holmes, but be has not responded. With
bankruptcy proceed! nge pending la court
and the time limit for signing playera up
February 1, the situation of tha Lincoln
Western league club la serious.
Abe Attell Denies
Chargeof Stalling
NEW TORK, Jan. SL-Ab Attell. tha
featherweight champion, testified bare
today before (he Mate boxing commission,
which la investigating crargee that he
"stalled" In kls recent bout with "Knock
out" Brown. CompUlnta of Attell s poor
allowing have beat pouring In on the
commission. Attell denied under oatb to
day that ha bad any private arrangement
with Brown.
Staraia Bank Will Reeea Im.
STL'RaiS. S. D, Jaa. B. (Special)
The Meade County bank at Sturgla. hick
la unoer temporary suspension of payment
oa account of the reserve being below
the legal rwquirementa, expect to resume
business scon. The public examiner finds
nothing to ertticuM aa to tha active offi
cers ot tha bank. While a national bank
la required to keep 1 per oent of Ita da
poetta oa band la cash a atate 'beak la
required to have St per cent of tta depos
its oa band in cash, and when tha raaerv
falls below tha required amount it la the
duty ot tho public examiner t require tha
Aenk ta suspend until tha required raaerv
I restored. Tba proeaea of restoring tale
raaerv Is going oa aa rapidly as local
conditions will admit, aad the bank will
resume business ta the near future. Tha
cauaa tor suspension waa Inability to col
lect from borrowers oa account of failure
of crops for two year.
Dr. H, 0. Webster is
Given Life Term
OREGON. TIL. Jan. ft -Dr. Harry X.
Webster of Chicago was toiay sentenced
to Ufa Imprlaonment by Judge Richard S.
Farrand, for tha murder ot Bessie Kant
Webster laat October. In pronouncing
sentence tha court re-tewed tha crime
aad declared that "no greater, coatlnulcf
punishment could be Inflicted oa a young.
IntalUccnt sua than to Imprison him tar
Ufa" .
During tha half kour which he (pent
in tho court room and In the return to
hie cell. Dr. Webstar maintained a calm
outward bearing. .
Ha waa pale but aelf possessed. Tha
Webster family war kytr1cal when the
sentence was pronounced. By Webster's
requeat ha probably will b taxta ta
J oil at tonight. .
RAPID CTTT. S. D., Jan -Special.)
Cirrhosis of tho liver ended tha career
of Stephea B rarer, pioneer, sad known aa
the boat proepeetor in tha Black Hula,
at tha Rapid City hospital after a abort
Illness. Breytr was TJ years old. Ha
a native af Canada and humans S
metallurgist and prospector, locating the
greatest nickel mine la Canada at Bum
bury aa Lake Superior. This k sold
and earee ta tka Hllla la the early days.
spending the rest af his life here la pros
pecting and mineral naval opaneat 'Ha
leave sonslderabls property aad a di
vorced wife aad five children In Canada,
ftTITifl T1X7 riTWI fl TTTT'
(Continued from First Page.) . -
greaslve concern ahould reap tba benefit
ot tie enterprise. It Is unquestionably dif
ferent In ,taa ces of a pubSo afflrty,
suck, tor instance, as a railroad. Cofape-'
tltlon In tha oonatrucf.on ot railroads la
often Impractical. Moreover, tha tmpor-'
tant or railroads of tha atscl eorporadon
war cbtalhed,' not through superior abil
ity, efficiency or foresight, but simply
through nperlor command of capital a
a result of combination.
Death Warrant for '
" Eicheson is Issued.
BOSTON.' Jan.' B.-Death warrants for
the execution during tha waec begtnalng
May t) of Roe. Clarene V. T. RJcasaon
for Die murder of Miee Avis Unaail were
lamed today and served oa Oowarnor,
Foes, Warden Bruges of the atate prteon .
and Sheriff Qulna af Butfalk county. .
The warrants were mads out la aooard-
aoce with taa-aratenre at eeaxn iniiieesii
by Judge Sanderson two weeks ago. They .
provide that Rlehesca shall be held Mi'
(he Charleston street JaO here until May
and than taken ta tba death chamber
In rat prison and there electrocuted ta
the week beginning May . '
Betretkal Rapart Is Denied.
BERLIN. Jan. Jdv-The resort of tha
bethrothai of Princess Victoria Laulss.
only daughter of Emperor William, to
tne wan imxe aaoipn rreaencK or
Mecklenkurrr-StreHts Is ssmt-otftciaUy de
B ttUl WITH A f NAP TO IT r1
- ST V. - H
Tha Mutt and Jff basket ball five met
In a genuine clash and tha Mutta ware
vanquished by a score sf II to 1 The
Bender .- R.F.1R.F..
Beok L.F.'IF..
Oreen C. C
CatUer R.O. RO.... T6.
Weetrrlag L.O. L.O TovlE
- Field goaah: Jeffs, Bussing. 10, and
Sandberg, 1 Mutta: Westering, S. ,
Tho teama are composed of Omaha Na
tional bank clerks and was played Sat
urday afternoon ot the Young Men'a
Chrtstlaa association. I
Teaaaaaaa Repablleaaa Bwdeeee Tsft
NAaTHVILLE. Jan. 22. -President Tsft
was endorsed for renomlnatlon for presl
deat at tha aexl national republican eon.
venuu by tba atate republican commit
tee meeting here today. The committee
called n convention for March U.
iWtUCJHiaiClsll 8if mil:
Oli Styim Vagw to the bear thai k brewed joa rlft
soeaetMaf armraly dtftawat la tha bottle beer Una Jam
a iood a rvcr oa!d aot b made betssr.
LERCH da VAN SANDT, tltrrbntra
BIS Sausti 17thSaOrOtA.rSEB. .
Meaaae fleasss lfAMT
Aa the aeaeon progresses the race for
I flrat phvn In the Trt-Clty Basket Ball
jkagus to beoomtng much closer and In
tense Interest la ebing takea la the race.
.Tonight there will be two games oa the
& mA t:,M A - . .' j floor of tt local Touog Men'. Christian
nood PoiaoeL - TlUimTuZZ V'3 CTlre.IJr tapotlj i asaooiattor,. which aheald tumiah ex-
tAiTLjZ J?l treatmtnt Oi a few Cases ot ; c'teme.u aplonty for the follower, ot the
lmtJ!2 KFCS trjada over a period of mors drlbbUng game, The first contest will be
vTTTT'.T' Whlcl bro UxKKUHl upon thousands hav found a ( bet.ern tho Pirates and the CbowcU
7JiZlrZjyraraa S-S-S.UfintcJaa.aa ,80. Bluff. Toung KB, ChrtsHaa i
hiWr perfect blood tnmfier. able to 0Tikn k- m i i ZT! tku.
Trtcl of tie Tim ol Cootarrion, Blrwi PT .ri'-T" ! to.
sTaastc4 by a rich, fcealtiT blood tarmbr. onirklw ewor. a . . J
fr? P5j. h-ir. sores ! c&L I "a
. j ..v --.-u. nuoujMajori prnton. Hope S. o. o.
a feorooghly clc.maH acd tranfirf tha ewilatioa there fs ad danger cf
waowf aWmeat Book ctntajnis; xnasw wahiabse aad bcWl
Wf-ffreafag tioac wiwaTectrriiig tWaciv-ca with a & 8, aadaayiaxdical
2vuxiabtAaemtzta to afl who write ss.;Baiiti
xss swm spEanc ca, iausii. ex.
The second game will be played by the
l'niverattr c Omaha and Tiger C)b
In a practice gams early In the
be Cuba worsted the varsity bora.
that time they were not playing
aa consistent bell aa at tba present
time, while tha Tlxcrs vjre much
atronger than now. it. I- Carnal, super
visor of athlete, la the grade scnoola, ta
to referee kotit guinea. -
lees Cltr Highs Sewew..
IOWA CITY. la.. Jan. -(SertaJ
Teiraram-t-loe-a City High arhvoi rtf
team eeored x to Ita match against
Port lard, ale., today.
Alllsaos Beats Scott's Blatf. -
ALIA NCR. Neb.. Jan. H ISneclai.t
The AManc High echool basket bail team
defeated the Scottabluff team laat night
on the local floor. Thla waa the second
game of the aertea for the championship
ot western Nebraeka, the flrat gamt hav
ing been played a week ago wna tne
Alliance team defeated the Sidney teao,
17 ta la.
The game with Scot tsh luff was vary fast
throug nout. and It waa only In the eeeond
half that the Alliance boya cues ceded la
totting away ror eeverai baskets.
The scars waa. Alliance H, Scot ts bluff
Iskell Bays Faaer.
DBS MOINES. Jan. it-It waa 'an
nounced u Car that Frank Is bell, one of
the new owners ot the Dea Moinea
Western league bass ball club, baa pur
chased Pitcher I'rban C Faber from tho
Pittsburgh club of the National league.
Faber played with the Pueblo team last
'Daaay Shay Will Cam Back.
KANSAS . CTTT. Jen. Si. -Danny-Shay,
who managed tha Kansas City
teem In thO'Anertesa association and
quit tha dub laat fall to enter the hotel
bueineaa la thla dry, today eeed hla in
terest In a local hotel and la aaid to be
nraoUeUlBg for the management of a
team In tha northwestern league.
AURORA. Nek. Jan. St. (Special.)
Mine Minnas Fleming eras married to
John Lyon of Central City at tha heme j
ot the bride bars Satardsy evening. Tha
cermoay was pertoraied bp Bar. F. O.
Oaatafaoa of Swedleh Mission chareh.
Mlss Fleming waa formerly a- toachsr ta
the Lincoln city rubeola. For tha last !
two yeara aha ha held tha BoeUton of ,
depoty county treasurer ot Hamilton
county. Mr. Lyon was employed la the
ofCc. of the stale land' commlstonet
ander th lurmlrjatrarioa cf Cumailieliiai i i
skuoa.- FU Is at present cordisstlag ai
real eetate kuslnaa at Central Qtr.
M)aa uneOa PWta. at present teaching
the Llncota schools, kaa kesa as-j
watr eanaty tissmist ta sue-1
ceed Mrs. Lron. I
Have Your Ticket Read "Burlington'
Through Sleeper Service
to California
Corrmienciiif Jajinary 29th,' the Bnrlington resumes through sleeping car service
to California VIA DENVEE, SCENIC COLORADO, SALT LAZE, in connection
with all lines leading west thereof. This service is addititmal to the present through
tourist sleepers to Los Angeles via Denver and the Santa 7e Route. ,
The following is a sununary of the Barlingion's attractive through sleeper routes
to and from the Coast ,
G0150 rU DeoTer aad SATA TE ROTtK; peraonaUy randm-tad through
toarlst alccTera to Loa Anfjele from Omaha every Tneadaf sight.
GOECQ via Denver. Rio Grande, Brwnk Colorado and SALT lAKC ROLTEi
erery day throng b touriu deeper to hot Anfclcs; aeraonally ron.
ducted from OmaJut Wedaesdais aad Sktwday. .
001X0 la Dearer. Bio Gfeaada, Beeale Oalorada and BOCTHERN PACIPlOi
arery day tiiroagh ataadard aleepers to 8aa Fraacisco.
Erery day throngh fworiat gleepep arrvtce to Saa Franciaco with persnnaJIy
condnrted throarh toariat alorpera from Omaha erery Tneaday, Trrrrra- '
4ay aad Sunday to law Anjelen, ria Saa Franrlsoo aad tha Oaaat line.
GOINC ria lsrrrer. Bio Graade, Scenic Ootorndo and WESTEB PAClTlCl
v very Wedteeaday. Friday aad 8atorday through tourist ste-oera to
Saa FYnarraro vrkli a half day atop la Salt lake City; personally eon
ducted Wrjanesdays aad Frklaya. t , . .
RETXBXTXO, Santa Fo Boate, Salt Lake Ronta. Westera Psrific or gonth
era Paclfle direr, or ria Phasue Ronta and Puget 6oand; opposita
""""i uireasa weosni wans lunrwr, sireTpiaur car llaea.
GODiO ta Seattle or Portland ria dls-ect rmrthw-rat line, or ria Drwrre' aad
Binisurs, theara Shasta Route to Csvliforaia. Throngs etandnrd aad
rwr1sa alerners to tba cos St. -
RETt.-R.MX0 through gait Lake aad Sceate Colorado,
routr aad Deavar or Kansas City.
or ria eoathera.
Electric lighted trains with all classes af equipmaat,
lnc!uiing thraujh sletptrs for the West and Northwest
from Omaha at 4:10 P. H and 11:38 P. PL
i. B. BKYXOLD8. C. T. A,
190S Faraam Street, Omaha, Xeteaska