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long Serer Cold Spell Hot at Fatal
M Wu Expected.
Stawk trermere ta Xeteuka ana Sewta
, Daketa WIU Um t Utile
Tim Mkf saves
- Last week at the ftunl offices of the
Northwestern road steps were taken te
ascertain Mm exact ooaxlmon oC affaire
la the lire nock area tributary ta ta
company Hnes la watara Nebraska, South
Dakota ana Wyoming- Letters were
ta the aetata requesting them aad tbt
various live (tack acaata threuaiwat the
states named to Investigate and send la
tht!r reports. Tba raporta ara now I
ginning to antra aad they Indicate
much tetter condition than was antlc-
..Through the Nebraska Hve Mock aec
t.oa cattle ban atood the recent kmc
pell of cold weather much better than
elsewhere, probably due to the fact that
a 1 of t ranchmen were well euppUed
alth ray and mart of them had a fair
aavMint of com. Aa a remit the loaaea
have beta very light, aa bearler than m
former yean. Throughout the sections
ef Neonate covered by the reporta cattle
ta almoat every locality wore provided
.Vtth warm ahelter aad feed, sot being
turned loose upon the rant. . Throw ti
Nebraska, or at leaat tba portions which
the reporta carer, the aheap induetry baa
never beta pushed, and oonaequently
these nlm'- ara not raised hi large
numbers. Howcrer. thoee upon the
ranches of tba atata ara reported to be
la rood condition, the toaaaj being about
the mini mum. '
Warn ta laok HUls.
la the aoathera portion of South Dakota
the raporta are almoat Identical with thoee
ceasing from Mebraaaa. la the country
betweea the. Blank H1U aad Hem and
north ef Belle Fourcne aheep as, cattle
loeoee ara going to be heavier than but
winter. The trouble waa the lack of feed.
Ranchmen experienced a Terr dry canon
laat eummer and were unable ta aooure
the ueual euaatlty of nay. la many le
eaUtlea the (raaa waa pracUcaUy buraed
up by the dry weatber and beat, aad
canoequently there wae no winter range.
Daring the tout month cattle, cheep aad
horme la large numbers hare been ex
letlng by broiulng oe the dry cage brush.
Ranchmen la many port torn of South
Dakota- north of the Black HI 111 hare
driven, their berda ta email towne along
the railroad, and there hare beta feed
ing them hay and grain ihlpped In.
others hare bought hay at aa high ae
til to m per toa delivered, hauled It te
their raaohea long dlatancec from towa
and there hara fed their stock,. :
Warm Weather Holse.
la Wyoming from the Nebraska line
wot to Lander where aheap are rained
In large numbera, the tosses promised to
be very heavy,' but the warm weather
that cat Id there a few day age aad
continued, melting the enow, prored a
aanng grace te the flock masters, few
uf whom were able to put up hay lact
season owing to the shortage at the grace.
During tba laat month large quanlitleo
ef grain hare been chipped te tbla ace
tloa, and altkough losses will be conoid
arable they will not be very much greater
than during former wtntsra.
Farther north la Wyoming and hi the
vk-mlty of Sheridan there a good deal
of Irrigated mad. touch of It la alfalfa.
Laat year the farmers and ranchers
rawed aa abundance of tbla forage and
the atock la coming through la good
Reporta from Montana Indicate a marc
critical coadltloa upoa the range. There
tbe graea waa almoat a complete failure.
Many at the raaehea are remote from
railroad, aa that It haa beta Impossible
to get the atock te feeding yardc along
the Hnec or to get grata eut ta the ani
mate. Aa a reauH both cattle aad aheep
I arc going ta be Mutually heavy.
3 -ti'e n eai
Is- D DVaT' I 5 IV '-f
jk Oreat , M 1 II f Befit-
Is., n kVuMuI- HI l
, A Great Special Sale of
Traveling Bags? Suit Cases
A special purchase of many odd lots and sample lines
of suit cases and traveling bags for men and women.
Made of Kerotal and fine leather. They are actually;
worth from $2 up to $10 in 5 big lots Tuesday, at
98231 J M!8
50c Wide Embroideries at 29c Yd.
Crisp, new 18 and 27-inch Swiss, batiste and cambric
embroidered flouncings, skirtings, corset coverings;
also wide insertions and galloons. The cleverest de
signs of 1912 in beautiful eyelet, floral and f
combination effects. Many actually worth - Wl
50o yard big bargain square, at, yard . . .
12c GINGHAMS at 5c Yard
The best assortment of finest American ginghams ever
received from the mill. , Dress lengths . in fancy
checks and stripes and all desirable plain shades.
Every yard should sell at 12M:0 yard, but when we
buy so cheaply, we make a saving poswible
to those who attend our special sales.
8,200 yards, in basement, at yard . ..
.The aM WUtaBft beam, three mile
went at Dundee, waa buraed ta the ground
but alght. U waa owned by Oaarga a
Ov. and waa not Insure. Tbe boose was
occupied ay Pat Bleachers, wba Uved
alooa, and the Ore at art ad while he waa
away r letting a aatghaar. The crigta at
the Ore la act kaewa. but the belief to
that the blaaa waa ctarUd from en erer
baated at ova.
Broken Sizesn Our High Grade
at Greatly Rednced Prices All Are Perfect Corsets.
The $3.00 and $3.50 Corsets.. ......$1.98
The $4.00 and $5.00 Corsets. $2.98
The $6.00 and $8.00 Corsets $3.95
Telle of Katarc'a Great Rrancdr
lor All Wlacacca .Mao Give.
Mnipici Hone rmerrlptioa to
- IMtr-TC Rtoaiarh Trouble, kid
iry an4 Bladder AffUctloaa aad
Rheamatleiii Mix Thla Yoejraetf
at Home aad Try It
"The people here do not drink enough
water ta keep healthy.' exclaimed a well
known authority. "The Banterue caeoc
of ctomach. kidney and bladder dlaawee
end rbeumatlam are mainly due to tbe
fact that the drinking water, natara'c
greateet medicine, baa. been arc I .led.
"Stop loading your ejeteai with core
aUai g.t on the water wagoa. If yo are
really atck, why. of coume, take tbe
proper medlclne-plaln. commoa precciip
tien treatment, which wUl not abatter
thc acme or ruin tba etomach. -
- Ta euro rheumatism yoa muat make
the kMneya do their work; they ara the
flit are of the blood; tbey muat be anadc
to atraJa out of the blood the waste mat
ter and add that rauee rheumatlem; the
urine moat be neutralised ao It will so
longer be a eource of irritation tq the
Madder, and moat of all you muat keep
uww suraunc in im eioniacn.
Thla la the causa of etomach trouble aad
poor aigaetlon. For theee Condi Bona you
can do no better than take the following
preeeiiption: Fluid Extract Juniper Ber
ries, one ounca; Compound Fluid Balm-
wort, one ounce: Compound Srrup of Hy
pophoacphltca, four auBcea. httx by abak-
tng well In a bottle and take teaepoonful
dosee before each meal and at bed than.
But eon t forget the water. Drink pieaty
1 and often.
Thla valuable Information and eimpte
nreacrtptJoa aboold be posted bp la every
houeebotd and need at the Bret atga ef aa
attack of rheuasatlem, backaena er urt-
Bry trouble. Be matter bow alight. Adv.
Big Meeting- it to Be Held Her es
- Friday Sight
Will Disease Hew the Crepe ef He-
kraaka Might Be Ik proved
- feed Cera Alaa ta e
An citended campaign for crop better,
merit la Mebraaaa along the Unci advo
cated by the Council of North America
Orala raebangec, hae been decided upoa
by the Omaha Orala exchange and a
meeting of grain men and other buelneea
men of Omaha haa been called for Fri
day night to arouse Interest In crop Im
provement and device waya end meane of
effecting Improvement ta Nebraska.
The meeting probably will be held la
the Orala exchange trading rooms or nt
the Commercial club. It will be ad
dressed by Bert Ball, secretary qt the
crop Improvement committee of the Coun
cil of North America Orala exchanges,
who will outline crop Improvement work
In Illinois. Ohio. Iowa, Wisconsin. Mis
souri and North Dakota, whet he says
the Influence of the grain men toward In
creased yMd of the farms la already ap
parent. He will detail the acheme of the
council ef exchanges tor Informing and
enceuragtnc the farmer along tbe llnee
of Inteaatvw farming. Improved aeed,
proper culUvaaUoa and conservation of
fertility through rotation of crops, the
use of legumes and ether methods.
' It la the realisation of the rapid In
crease la population in the United 8tatec
attended by a decreasing yield per acre of
the farm, that led the gram exchangee
Into the
Grain of All Kind
. Arrives in Omaha
' Several Omaha grain companies bare
been cared from serious embarrassment
by the prseeat warm ware and tba re-
sumptloa of normal trafflo by the rail
roads. Receipts hare bean light all
mwnth aa the Omaha Grain exchange
and it looked aa though the grain men
would not get eaougb, grala to flu Janu
ary contracts.
.'But the raflrokds began collecting the
loaded gram ears from tbe sidetracks
Friday aad Saturday and yesterday
M ean of tt were on the local tracks.
Of this Id ears were corn. The Illinois
Central alone brought la four soHd trains
-mventy-arrea care Saturday afternoon.
Grain man now leok for heavy receipts
tor tbe aext few dare, euflrlent for fill
ing January contracts made by them In
Chicago, New Orleans aad ether ctttea.
A. C. Veltaal, city plumbing Inspector,
baa been appointed special delegate by
Governor C. H. AMrleb, te tba mate con
ference ef charities and eorrwetroos.
which meeta In Omaha tba latter part
ef tbe month. - Mr. WeltxcJ has also been
named by the governor aa a delegate te
tbe BMeUng ef the National Orlc led
tlon at Washington, March I te T. He
wW leave about the first of the month
for the capital dry. As a member at
tbe eemmlswloa te draft aa emptoyere'
liability and werkmea'c compensation
law for Neeraaka. he wW go te Liacola
about Janaary xc ta take part la tbe de-
llberatiomi of tbe cemmtsalen.
Water Board Claimi Exclaim Eight
to Operate in South Omaha,
Wade Bemre) Weald Itep the Cea.
erraeilea of an leae pendent gye' ,
teat fa tba Several Faek.
lag Cess pen lee. '
Application for Injunction against the
city of South Omaha, the Union Stock
yards. Armour Co., Swift aV Co.. the
Omaha Facklng company and the Cudahr
Packing oorapany, -reetreining them from
constructing an independent water plant.
nee Been nice in red oral court. It la set
forth m the aonllcaMoa t.t th uu
and exclusive right to fumlah water in
aoutn umana haa been granted te the
umana Water board, and that th m.
nance granting the companies right' is
a piani is Illegal, Because of
the prior grant to the Omaha Water com-
The water hoard., in Its einina
forth that by the avot of the Nebraska
legislature passed In IM It ta given
tne right ta control all matters relating te
the purchase and BoculattioB of water
works system In Omaha and with.
IB tea mllaa of Omh.'i Mw...
limits. Tbe water board furthee
that should the South rjmah
be allowed to complete a water plant, the
ouin umana end of the Omaha Water
company's plant, which the city la to
purchase, would depreciate' la value, and
that the lf.xa.3e.49 it must pay for the
plant would be many thousand dollars
more than it would be worth.
Ice Harvest is Now -
About Completed
There will be no reason fo t
wmpanlea to err "ahorta.
mer, unles fire abould destroy some of
ewrage nouses.
The Cudahr Paeklna- ' mmu,. ...
filled Its souses and to new building a
"s aiaca 01 ice oatdeora for nee through
the winter. Swift aad Panom k. .1
most completed tbetr harvest oa Carter
laae. ine umana Ice and CeM Storage
oompanv haa filled r i. ..
Carter lake and will have the other full
oy next aunaay or Monday, unless the
weather abould continue warm, both day
ana nignt. -per several daya. Moat of
the smaller, concerns have, their houses
Doctor is Sued for V
Alleged Negligence
Allesed carelessness and aegUgeaoa and
Improper performance of aa era puts tlon
of the hand, la tba baaae nt a neons
damage suit, started against Dr. A.
snerman mnto by Mrs. Clara Beady, Of
South Twentieth street. Ia district court.
It to alleged that last August Mrs.
Keedy's right band was severely burned
end Dr. Plata attended her. Is amputa
ting, she cays, the cvrgeoa left la her
wrist or arm pllntera ef bone, which have
caused her great Buffering, and will con
tinue to make her trouble,
A Serieae xrreekdevra '
results from chronic constipation. Or
King's New Life puis relieve headache,
stomach, ttver aad bowel trouble, r-3.
For sale by Beaton Drug Co. 1 .
AA for S. & H. Stajnps-Eedeemable
. With Beantiful Premiums.
Some of the Important Sales Almost Here
Umbrellas, Sat, Jan. 27th.
Picture Frames, Sat, Jan. 27.
Men's Shoes, Sat, Jan. 27th.
Flat Silver Ware, . Feb. 3d.
Clocks, Saturday, Feb. 10th.
Other sales eumonnced later.
Last Week of the Annual
January White Sales
With the knowledge that price, quality and variety are
the strongest arguments a store has to offer, we have listed
here a few of .the great array of bargains you will find dis
played for the last week of our Great January White Sales.
They are values that will appeal to the most economical
person, the least enthusiastic shopper and the woman who
revels in genuine bargains.
Extra largt i'z hemmed
bath towel that are ac
tually worth 35c each,
tale price . . . 16 l-2c
Huck towel, with red
border, worth 8 j-3c
each, tale price. . . 5c
$1.10 hemmed bed
Spread . . . . 85c
50c yard damaik, 39c
15c, 42x36-inch pillow
cat 10c
72x90-inch teamed bed
theett, worth 55c, at 39c
$6.00 Wool Blanket
$1.39 Cotton Blanket
Infanta aad childrra'a madermuatina,'coDflttljlf of drawers,
(owns, sklrU, etc., at 10c, 20c, 89a, 49c and 59c tbe garmente-or 'tt
to H leas.
Six very pretty styles la combination sults trimmed with finest
laces, mbroideriea aad medallions; f 3.60 values at SS.29. ' "
100 doien. cambric corset covers with roket of heavy lacs trim
mlng. all aites, while they last, 25c each.
A big lot of combination suits with lacs and embroidery trimming,
somewhat mussed' and soiled from display during tbli sale, excellent
$1.50 and $1.95 values, at Hc. t
Gowns In four pretty new stjles; yoke and short sleeves daintily
trimmed with lace, embroidery Insertion and ribbon, while they last,
$1.23 each. . )
The Waist Stock is - I
Dwindling Down
There arc walsta for evening, drees, street ' and
office wear; in styles and naterials to ault the fancy
and become the purpose. Plenty of alias left for thoee
wbe come Tuesday.
One lot of good lawn walsta at 23c
50c, 76c and tl.O walsta at S8e
7 Be
Lingerie and lawn waists at . . .
dllk and net waists, worth from SA.OO to $7.50
each, at '
Oitfton, silk and novelty walsta, formerly sold at
ge.BO to 8.SO, now priced at $3.5
rUark taffeta silk waists at $1.88
(Hher waists of rarious kinds at 25e to $7.90, a
cording to Ute previous selling prices.
$10 forWomen's Suits
That Wen $17.50 to $27.50
Practically every suit in the etore that has been selling
at dud in between $17.50 and $27.59 is included in this big
$10;00 sale.
' 1 Thoroughly well made, lined and trimmed and of 'a
style that will find favor with the most fastidious woman.
dioice of finest serges, worsteds, cheviots and mixtures
in novelty and etaple colorings.
Sizes for misses and women. '
to HlVi South Sixteenth Street. Paxtoa Block, three
doors, north of Farnam. Look (or the name
S. W. UNDSAY.Jeweler1
txl H South Sixteenth Street.
The funeral of Ernest Btuht will be
held Tuesday afternoon at t o'clock from
the residence, 132s Bouta Tiurtieu ave
..v. Praaneet HIU cemetery. The Odd
Fellows will have charts of the services
at the grave.
All the members of tbe Douglas County
Phmecr society are arged by rreeiaeni
a. N. Toot to rveet at the house and ac
company the body to" the grare.
n.. niihrera wUl be Joe Wcepb. N.
Phirfom. Edward Oroth. WUUam Urlau.
Charles Wss-ner and Fred Krug, Jr. The
honorary pallbearera will be David Cole.
C. H. Miller, Cleveland, O : Jt. aen.
Joseph Redman. John Power, I. 4.
rnma. rrank Burkley aad Looli Helm-
n-vji. n w Martin waa sleeping" m
his home at KM California street Bonday
.irtt a hnrxlar entered Ma room and
stele U from hia trousers pocket.
How English Beauties
Peel Their Faces
(From Society World.)
"While abroad recently I could act
help obeervtng that the average Bngllab-
weroaa'a complexion te far mere beauU
ful than that ef the average woman of
our country." says Mrs. Scott, secretary
of the National Health-Culture -Society.
"Making aseusrlea, several Ultimate
meularlv uaad on their faces what
they regultrry used oa their .faces what
m con mer dally known aa aneronuaea
I -da not knew whether the habit
la general there, but I do know that this
wax baa wonderful reravenacag proper
ties. Trs tried H myself.
if too -will set an eonee ef tbla mer-
cellsed wax at your drug store aad ap
ply t IBt "-cold cream, yon- win soon
behold la your glowing cheeks their first
reeemblanee to the remarks hie traaepari
ent beauty' of the Ensltehwoman'e com
plexion. This wax gradually peels or:
the lifeless scarf akia In tmy, almost lat
perosptlble'flaaea. revealing the fresh,
sew skla uderaeath. plnsy watte, .with
the bloom ef youth, aad health. ""-Adv.
The average young man is
very particular about the ap
pearance of his L feet h e
wants a stylish shoe but usu
ally finds such a shoe too
high in price to suit him.
"We cater to young men.
We have a shoe that will
meet the requirements of the
most fastidious dressers and
all we as you for it is - :y
Wt have the finest corps
of shoe fitters obtainable
and can guarantee a perfect
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Farnam St.
S ti Cffl Bdoj
Marvelous Values in our, January Sales
Greatest Bar
gains in Men's
prer Offered.
MM" f?
xeaassaer m J'J-
. Men's Shirts
Made to Sell
at $1.&0 to $4.00
on sale at
I 49i and 69
Greatest Clearing Sale of Women's
Outer Garments Ever Known
Tuesday We Offer.
m Tailored Suits
House Dresses
and Kimonos
100 Stylish Tailored Suits In plain col
ors and fancies, regular vaU. r AA
ues up to $20.0!)-at, choice. sWU
150 Handsome Tailored Suits All new
est styles, best nreterials and colors- ,
- to $25.00 values M Qr
choice. I. . f ivv
225 Beautiful Tailored Suits-Tliat sold
at $30.00, $35.00, $40.00 and $45.00-.
both plain colors and
fancies at. .
Rare Bargains In House
Ladles' ' Long Flannelette and
ChaUle Kltnonoa, sold at $1.60
snd $1.00, eholcs 95e
Ladies' Long Tenaledown Kimonos
Regular $3.60, and $3.00 val
ues, la Tuesday's sale st S1.45
Long Wool Blanket and Eider
down ;Iteth - Robes Regular $
values, st choice 82.98
Dresses and Kimonos
Ladles' Percale Wrappers In all
colors, regular $1.25 values, on
ls ....".As
Ladies'. Percale .and Flannel eUc
. House ureesea All colors and
sixes, values . up to $3.60, ' st
choice , 95d)
Ladles' Flannelette . Dressing
. Bacqnes T5C. $1.00, $1.25 ral.
ues, on sals 494
75c Silks 38c
100 pieces of plain and
novelty Silksj in a splen
did assortment of colors,
including white and
monotone effects, sjh
Jd, 5c values ....wOC
59c Dress Goods 28c
25 -pieces of .Wool Dress
, Fabrics,-no two, alike
broken lines from our
own regular stock, 59c
y a r d values ; Tuesday
while they last, )0(,
at yard.,,....;..;:-0v
Tuesday's Specials in Wish Goods Depirteient
Egyptian Tissues , ...W.W..2-44
8cotch Zephyrs, 21 inches wide, in checks snd plslds ......... 24g
32-ln. Scotch Ginghams, In plaids snd stripes, regular 15c quality 154
15o quality Cotton Coalites, 8 Inches wide lOst
Shirting Madras, regular 3o quality . 25
Specials in Onr Big Domestic Room for Toes.
Skirting Olnihami, 14 inches wide, 16c value ,,
3-ln, Percales, 12 He values
Vmoikeaf Outing Flannel. 12He vslus M.
Batlafactloa $-ln. Bleaohsd Muslin ........
Gingham AproB Checks, T Vic' vslus
Imported . Ginghams, values to' 36c ...
Flotilla Bergs for fancy waists, lie vslus .
Black Sateen, 16c value
Flannelettes, good pattern!, II Vie value ,.
The Bottom Pell Out of the Apple Barrel
' Owing to the continuous cold weather It was Impossible to ship
apples, snd therefor th market Is overloaded.
Ws will .unload 1,000 buiheli this week. These arc fancy orchard
ptoked apples U you want, par barrel $3,50
Hajden's Make Ae Qroctry Prices for the People-Not a Few
rreabest BVeeee-aa s
avtag at SS te
1 lbs. Beat taaaletei
agar toe
4Mb. sack bast Hlsh
Grade D I a m e n 11
Flear; netblng like U;
pee aack ...Hit
It bars Beat-'Em-AU or
t Iba beet Rolleo streaa-
faat oatmeal e
t Iba. best wnlte cr Yel-
l f-nrnmMl 1 6
I ins. good Japan Bice
jfco Quality jsc
I lbs. faacr Japan Rlre.
Ilk. nuAlltv l&C
Oellon cane Golden Table
Syrup e
Quart bottlea Canadian
lisole 8usar Srrup Sac
Pint bottles Canadian
Maple Sugar Brrup zee
1-lh. can Assorted Soups
H. . 7 u.-
Jellycon or jallo. per
pk. Ute
VMet Pnam. nka. . . . . 3c
Cora Flakes, pkr..tHc
Tbe beet Soda .Crackers
per lb. i. 7H
The beet Oyster Crack
ers per lb. 1o
1 benches freer, Beets,
Carrota, Turnips, shal
lots or Radishes for to
Fsncy Cauliflower, per
lb. .7t,c
2 heads fresh Lesf Let
tuce tc
I bunches fresh Parsler
for I Se
Larse Cucumbers,
each lkc and lc
Fancy Cabbaxe, lb., tic
Rutabagas, Parsnips.
Turnips. Carrots or
fleets, lb lUe
Brussels Sprouts, lb. Itc
i-in. nox rsncy Hothouse
Mushrooms 40c
Tellow or Red Onions,'
lb. tHe
Anything you ' 'wsnt
we ve sot It- and aavs
yon from to isce.
peotai Butts rise Sale
Cheeper and better than
. lota or butter.
1 Iba good butterlnc tec
t lus. good table butter
lnc lor t6o.
3 Iba. fancy table but
terlnc for 400
SaoonS Week Big X lra
lane travel Orange ale
High land Navels ara
the pride of California,
and the range of quality
sale price as follows:
113 and lit sis, regular
price 4 sc. sale price,
per dosen ......... 30o
1&0 alse, regular price
3aev sals price, dos. Its
174 else, regular price
30c, sale price, dox. 20c
20 and 214 else, regular
price 16c. aala price.
per dosen u ISo
And with ' every dosen
we will sell you one of
the finest SU er Plated
Teaspoona -for only lOe
You don't have to save
any wrappers or pay any
poatage. l ney are right
with the goods High
land Navels hsvs not
been hissed by the sun
ly but the moon and
stars. ;
Try .HAYDEN'S First
Free Land Information
. . ; - - -.
Tne Twentieth Century Farmer, to meet the demand of its reader!
for land informatiou, has gathered end compiled data on soils, climate and
fsnnlner conditions in air parts of the country.' It is willing .o gtv out
this Information free if postage is sent with Inquiry. . .
Do You Want to Know
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How to get Irrigation -land, location of projects, Isws governing
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