Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 23, 1912, Page 10, Image 10

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Sigiier Wheat Prices Depend oa
Combined Forces.
tt fee an fpklll Jerk te Sulili Val
i aws, B era wee the Market Wee
Onrteutt Darin Laat
J7. Week.
OMAHA. Jan. it 1111
ntre Is a very bremd v:fT to be taken
an tha situation t or we day be
cause higher nrler-a, -if -they are to be
wstaotished. win acpend not oary on me
domestic situation but en the oomotned
anfluencee coming from Argentine, Rus
sia and other European factor. There
ts a poor quality of wheat In all ex
porting countries except o-jn. Any re
vival of activity In the flour and cash
tMt demand would undoubtly advance
rut are.
, It was an uphill Job to sustain torn
Ivaises today, aa the market waa r
bought last week. The big run of corn
ibeiiuj given up by many In t! trad.
'Temporary reactions are likely, but the
.market ahouid work higher.
Wheat aiartod firm and worked a hit
higher early, but weakened later and
, oeoeing vajueg were around the low
fiswre for in day. Cash wheat waa Vtc
Warmer weather and a fair weekly
forecast weakaned longa. w oo eold eorn
freely, easing the market. Cash eorn
was Wft-lo lower.
i Primary wheat receipts were l.lalOU"
fcaeheis and shipments were bush
els. against receipt! laat year of LltJ.ono
bushels aad shipments of :t!.0 buihels.
1 Prlmrry corn receipts were 1.4vtj
u-h.-. end shipments were OB.OU bush
bia, against recrtpta last year of LSn.ou
"bushels aad ahlpmenta of saoono bushels.
U Clearances wete i;j,'W hu.heie of corn,
bushel of oati and wheat and flour
equal to 1M.OJ0 bushels,
t Liverpool closed unchanged to Hd
lower on wheat and d higher oa corn.
I The following caah sales were reported:
1 Wh RAT No, 1 hsrd. cars II 01,; No.
I hard, I car Sl.1w. I cars 11.01. 1 car
a.eeV No. 4 bard. I cars tc; No. I mixed,
a ear fleM,.
I CORN No. t while. I cars Be, 1 ear
'c I car tJc; No. 4 while, I car Wo, I
I oar 4Hc; No. 4 color. 4 cars tSc; No. I
I yellow. 4 car fflc; No. yellow, 1 car
Or, I car CISC 4 cars fIV, 1 car lc,
iJ ears le. 1 car lc; No. 1 mixed. 1 car
(aa, I cars e; No. 4 mixed, I car ZV,e.
il ear Sc. 5 cars le: no grade, 1 car
etc, t cars Re.
OATH No. I while. 7 cars 4tc; No. 4
while, cars 1V. cars HHt; no grade.
I cars &
- Uaaaka Cash Prices.
I WHEAT No. I hard. II Olttl.WH,: No. I
Aard, H WUitl 05H; No. 4 hard. 7Vrtl MV
ICOP.N-Whlte. SfJaV. No. 4 white.
No. I color, t,6"r; No. I yel
low. eiVntv; No. 4 yeilow, tl4Sc. No.
a. t2tSc; No. 4, 4102c; no grade, s7
OATS-N t while, aMieiV; Uw
ro. wnite, vmc; io. a
low, tic; No. S mlxd,.Ce; No.,4 mixed,
lie: seniple 455c.
OATS-riteady; X. J whit tee; .stand
ard, oc, .i i waits. 4c
feellow. eiueMee: No, 4 yellow, 47tH'c
r BARI.KY-Mailmg. ll.OveilU; No. 1
Seed, KHtMc; heavy feed. ftVrtf M W. .
Ki S sie. s PXpoo; no. s, tmrwc
. Carle! Kewelpta,
Wheat Cora. OaU.
jr-hlrago I . at
Minneapolis TtJ
Omaha 44 MS . 4J
ii)ulul U
krealaeee el tke Tradlagj aad riawlasi
Pstaes oa Bowrd ( Trade.
CH1CAOO. Jaa. n.-lt was nip and Iwk
nday la wheat. Ceblea were on the
ide of tlie buyers but the l ulled mate
ivielble aupply statement showed a big
decrease In the total. As a result there
.was a nervous Irregular finish, vsrring
rSffce lower to V. eilvance. Corn cloeed
'Ve lo Sc under Saturday night; oats un-'
k banged to StfV down and hg producu
khe same a aaturdHy to 6c lower,
i la addition tu having foreign news of
'favoring sort, wheat bears were aided
by the fart that the day's receipts both
.mii4Ib mrtil urtliwAH mfmiImI tlinw
ft yr aVra. An ih Mkm pruirmivcd,
howTw, .?v0opmmt rrffti-dinv ih vi
lihlsi tipnljr fvogeui to IWI on (he id of
th bulla. Tb dtrretia ahown tn tti
nd tu upwtr1ft of 3,uw,'H buahi
Imorej than at th corwpontltnf ttm
lwlv months bsck. A atideKl mir
wrukd. but th nilinnl ml th last
appMurfd much unsettled. Mar fluctu
;aird from ,14,1.14 to II tth
flait; Bali 4o net higher at t' w',.
j Bupport tn com fell off and tha roafk!
a micttciH, May rmnred fvom tu to
WHe clooirigf itMy but So nat Umar at
iwrrtc. Caih (radaa wrra wrakaf. No.
Is yellow m car lota waa auotad at
nets market wsa srtlve but ' rmr-
pew. ' May range.) from IfaU-w to V
wnn me cioee tc. a loaa ot ac neL
Hogs swermliig Into the yanla her
nd at point west turned packers to
ihe selling aids in the peovielnn frit.
M hra the gong sounded quotations were
eaey but clinging aitnin to or natur
ae a cloee.
Letad'ng options closed as followsr
Urtk leiOpen. Hlgli. Lew, I Cloae. Sat'y.
May.ll n-ss; I UV I OwHtii 1 W 1
iepui s'4
Corn I i
Jain .ML. t J
va a I
U J. :4M. 4V 4Vi
July. Hl 4uil S4et'4S'.it'4:
Mi ........
., vH, Wt
Qaeutloae ef tke Day ' an ' Tarleas
spring patents. &K2M: winter straights.
m tM.: winter patenia. 14Je4H1; spring
c.ears, Klfc4 Kansas straights, 4.
jtye rtnur. steady; lair to gooo.
HfM: choice to ian.7. t4.le&.M.
Buckwheat flour; quiet: fine white, and
yellow. ll.HtjLw; coarse,' fl.ttlM: kiln
dried, tt te. . . . ...
I KTE-wulet: No. 1 c..oi I. f. Buffalo.
' BARLEY-Easy;, malting, K K&i- c i,
f., rlmfaio.
WHEAT. ' SPOT Market firm: No." S
red. Mrc eleracor export basis and S.fl
t o. k. slloat: Xo. 1 northern Duliith,
11 11 f. - o. b. afloat. Futures opeaed
steady on foreign buying and developed
decMed firmness owrtng to the strengtk
In Buenos Ayrea and toe large decree no
In the 1slble supply, closing .c net
higher. May closed tl OS M(: July. ILftl .
IXtKS Spot market steady; export,
7l4c f. o. 4). afloat. Futures nominal.
CORN Spot market steady; natural
white clipped. a4K7e on traok.
HAT-alarket steavly; prime, ILK; No. 1,
U K: No. 1, 1.I-J0; No. I. wVgLM.
HIDK8 Quiet; Central America, tSa;
Bogota, BnAJISe. .
LfiATHKK Firm: hemlock firsts. Kd)
re; seconds, U4tvasc; thirds, U0a; re
jected, Ifc.
PBOVISIONS-TVr. mesdy: mess. Ill
!f:W: family, tlwgeni; abort clears,
i.ttM.M. Beef, quiet: mess.
amity, 114.501ls.oS; beef haras. tSvSogSOM.
Cut meats, steady, ptrltled bellies. W to I
14 pounds. c2; plokleri hama. IlLVkmi as.
Iard. easier; middle west, prime, S 1W
Lord, eauler;. middle west prime. Diva
refined, steady; continent, l.7i;
south America, compound. 15 s7tt9
r.wt. T . .,
TaU11" Sleady:, prime city , hogs
heedi, I6.W: special. H.O.. country, S& 6JH
Bl"TTR Irregular:' cresgnery apaclals.
Ktc: estraa, ITSc: nwwa speolsls, JMeC.
tjHKicMB nrm; sxiras, -ffKitc.
ROOeV-ltteadT: freeh gwthered. extras.
3&grc; extra flreta, 3isKc; western gath
ers! whites, UtQmr.
poi;i,tky Unesea. aiikit and easy:
western chickens. UV)lt fowls, llWO
17c; turkeys. IttrZlc. Live market badly
demoralised; prices weak: chicken. Ill
vra: tow. a immoei tarxeys, toisn.
Market steady - The cotton goods mar
ket holds steady with a firm undertone
on gray good. Cotton yarns are firmer
and higher. Peroalee have) been revised
about a half cent a. yard. Plannellettes
are being priced for fall, 111, on a basis
of THo for Swiss flannels.
: l. Lewis eeaerml atesrhet
RT. LOL'18. Jan.. M. WKFAT-Csjah:
Firm: track. So. i red. WctUlM; No. J
hard. ll WAVul-i:: May, sywe. July. HSU
COUN-Uwrer: traok. no. a seufie;
No I while, 7o: May, CIHo.
OAT8-Uiwer; track. No. i, tec; No. J
white, UDMHe: May.
Ritr-iinriumgea, kmci
Kt.ol'H-WiuKly; red winter patents.
kio; extra ranoy and stralghta, UN
4 it; nard' winter clears, n.eOUJ.av. ' '
r r r. I I imouiy. ieewsj we, w , ,
BnAN-rirm: sacked, east traok. U K
fl . .
HAr-kieaJy; tlmotkjr, ta4SM.W; prat"
rle. lift.
I-KUVKiiii rora, uncnangea; loa
ning. Iitsn- lrd. unchanged : prim
steam. .Jttv.ita- lry salt meats, un
changed; bused extra snorts, ; clear
rlhe. H M; short clears, la.n. Baooo, un
changed; boxed extra shorts, .; dear
ribs, p.r short dears, s i.
Pin LTHT iwearty, cnicxene. , too;
springs. Me; turkeys, Utta; ducks, 03c;
geene. c.
biiTlrllt-luii; creamery, tru'et. .
KO08-llghr. 10s.
. . Receipt . Bhlpmente.
Tlmir, bbls a. ICT
Wheal, bu -
Porn, bu . . 7V. We
Oats, bu.. ........ u,m 114,
Kaneaa City QrwJai aad Prevlelews.
steady; No. X hard. tr-tti.. No. t.
II .we-voj'; No, I red, !jwc; r. X; aisy. ia.flutri.i Md; July, m
) bid. . - ' .
CtltN Unchanged to He higher; 7f.
rnlxnl. ttii('e; No. I. Misnc; No. ' I
white. HW, No. I, slibflc: May,
keibjs bid. i . ' i
OATd-Kteady:, No. I whits, HVTWec;
No. k mined. elxtVelHic. , .
K'YE-eWn'.c.- ' "'
HAV-Hte.dy to Me lower: choice lim
: Ul nmsio. choice prairie, IH.eoe)
kta, . ,
. .IKtl -Creamery, 4r; firsts, V;
,,.,nile. ; liking stock, tVc. '
tiH-KAtras, We; firsts, He; seconds,
Xjlje, .... i - . -
,,, Receipts, hlpmente
Wheat, ba.. ..1I0W0 M.M
Corn. bu.... si.w" -
Oats, bU..; UcA ...
... , . 11 . i
Mleneaeella Orala Market. ,
Msv, rOSSfl W; July. l. Caeh:
No. I hsrd, li on: No. i nertbera, I1.M3H
4x101; No. S wheal, 11.01 "Wl-O. ., t
CUX-HtSi, ,
BABLKV-sSflll . ' ' .
fT-Nij. whit. ITSrWso. ., , .
iORN-No. I y-Mow. CdUHe.
RVIi-No. i. MJl'Wc -,
llRAN-:l.i'J-.'4 . '
rixH'R Fliet patents, sVl4ia. senond
oatents. M.MYM: Orst clears, tljubaa.;
second clears, OeW-IO. . ,.. . .
. Mllvraakee.tlrala' Market.
northern. l.lcVhl.ll; No. I northern, H.
1.9H; Nt. I hard winter, It.lKtN.e,;
slay. ii.vviMii -""T. .,
,'finvCv l veii.iw atiAc: No: I white.
No. X. 3c: Mar. Wee; July, aVrc.
ClATte Htanearu, susveic. . , .
BAKUtY-MaiUng, ItlofLM.
-'. Tlslkle elr ef Orala.
NKW YORK. Jaa. a.-The visible sup
ply of grain la ths United mates Satur
day, January k aa com pared by ths
New York Produce exchange waa as
follows: Wheat. KM, bushels; de
crease. :.taV busheie. Com. in.n
btishsls; decrease, busheK, . Oaia,
U,Ul,lfj buehdls; decrees. ;fsu bushela
Rv. l.lli,OJ0 bushela; decrease. IT? "09
bushets. Parley. ICt.m busneUi hv
crease, fi.MU besnela ins stsuiuient of
the visible supply of wheat la Canada
ill be Issued tomorrow.
- Caffsw. . ;
NrlW TOHK, Jan. B-COFFs-ra-tn-TS
opened steady at a dentin or
olius i ai advance of 1 point, aaarby
mti!"S being relauvely easy te
IUiu!:at!ca of March ooatracta Frlee
'railiri a p-int or two from the lowest
duilnif tlie i.tldlle pf toe day on covering
ai ,1 tp tie t:mt firm offers from Braxil
. wre :w :: b-lt eaeed off agsin later
on ru!,rt!.- l.i.alriatlon. with the close
seio, rw: tvncriuifd to I ptnt lower.J
ls, i u:lK. jsn'inrr, li.-Tw:; r o
rusr; , '. .'"-; Vi..-ch,prtl snd May, 1?ac:
J'tjA. l''.n. J''t-. A-M:uet end et,tenhr,
irCc; or;tis lt; Noembe', ,l..c;
lwc-r.i :r, . . . .
ilev.a -.r... ll'.cfcsng.d ! 'i ' frant
higher. 71- nhuri wee U P'en!i.g IfckUvr
4a i.fecai eewar.. l-.o. Ponaaj . nanun
:ii.iii,n1 to ,w: 4r, i.T: ,e. :., Re-
rm, ut tue two rnttii'-.ti P'-rts were
U.Cro b.ig. sgstret !." be-- last year, j ces.
Juntiiaa recent. l.w btur. agnlnet
r1 le-' la-t re.r. jl wa. ret or'jd tn all
die-rlets of t-a V" Ne Tom waie-
nee a.1J.ay ere i?,J-e mg
Trade Slow, Bat Loues Confined to
.... iTactioni on Eifiiatttt,
L'alted Itavtee . f teel J gekfewtwd te
Tlgerwwe Drtvea rreaa Bosuns with' ;'
' ' I'alea Pacifte Alaa TJaeieg
NEW YORK. Jan.' Il-After their brief
rise of last week, stocks become heavy
today, but Isssea were not large.- UaWn
t-aoflc, tehlgn Valley, .United - Stales
8 teal, American Smelting and a few oth
ers showed declines of a point or more
at me low quotations or tna asy, out m
tke ssAJorlty of cases the inovefmau was
ear rower. Shortly hater toe close there
sv an improvement wnion pwruy wm
baneated for the earlier recession.' A few
stocks developed exceptional strength. Of
tneae the Hills and reruns- snares were
Met conspicuous.
IVading tn bonds continued oa a heavy
scale. ....
i , ne heaviness of the market today was
attributed largely to profit-taking sales.
United ,8tatea Stee; was subjected to
vigorous drive r-.em the beara. Union
factflo was aiss under, prneeure.
' Among the stocks wnien aova ncea.
Or eat Northera preferred with a gain of
t waa most eonspiouous. ...a Fertfl
Iserg cam into prominence again, Read
ing was stimulated for a. time by a spec
ulative demand, but was uoabi to hold
(te .advantage.
. It Is regarded aa nrohable that ease la
money tn New - Tdrk will continue for
some lime --... ,-.- -
: la the bond. market trading waa broad
and confident. Total sales, par value,
Killso- Panama, ts declined oa call.
Number of salsa and leading quotations
galea, slisa. liw. Oeax
AllH-t-UIBMTS SfS ,M. it SW
AaMifawaus ceseer ... t.ten m
ASMTIcas Aseteeilaral ... 1st 4t
Am. Met sustr .. . LM SI'S
AaurtMB taa l.SW tt
aatenres C. A T sal tl
Aav oxtea oil XK
asMnraa n. u sis.., m,...
asi. ke sererttles. ...... m...
Aateflcea Uanl ....
Ajeerltes Uwawtlve -..
Ajaerkea S. a H MS J3 n
la. lt R est
la Steel rVeednee...... MS 11 IS'
Aav 'twu Relialas IU I
AsittlreB T. A T I.MS title Ml 14 K1I4
Asunraa Teeaeca sM.... ens Mis ulla leiH
Aeitriaas Wentes ,......'..... ..J. ....... rtla
ausaeea sUalag ids.... . sat M !.
AUkien , . Wt Mm
He! m , r lent lertt wsk
AuaeiM tast use. ' WW in, laetk hi
eelraefe a Oas Met 14S l"t i
netSlelin tteel I.iee l nit n
fl.. Rapt Tr...... I.Sr) ts , tit, '"S
OaaadUs PMine .. Ml tn HI Mlk
thaml Laataar 1M lit . It, Ills
Da Been lt9oatbera Parttle ...111
bine A Me a.... XMOaMe Pwttfle - in
So. sM... ee sw .. .... H
mm ''mi :'mtm.'.'-'. BIS. de-eM i'.'.'.ll
' Id pfl .... t:isralaak Ttl
Snag Traak ee M ............ 11
Ullaela cweuel .14
SILVER Bar. .quiet at Xd per
ounce. ... - -
MONET-Mrt3i per cent.
.The rate, of discount tn the open mar
ket for abort bills la 1 U-U3i4 per cent:
for three months'' bills.' .U-16tjd4 per
Sent. :
Beetea Stack Market.
, BOBTOf,, Jan.' It dosing; qootations
on stocks ware as followa: .
AHeeaa 41 "UoH -
Aiaal. Cesper ...... StHNevaila Oae.
A. Z. A S..,.: aeKtataUag Ml
B C C A M, Nona Biitte St
Bett CbelKlea .... aNetk use It
Ckl. AOuae... txotd Panilslas '
Ckl. A Hecla..W een aola ...!
rentemtal . ... n Onlaer )IH
Oa. Raage C. C- 44 nausea. ............ Wm
gut. Ban C M-... UbseOee git.
rrauxus w. is nepertar at a. a....
Otreu (W 4 S-MTsauraek
atubT o. .... st.v. g. g. s. a it... n
Oraeoe Caaaaea IK 4a e4 7j
law Heeaje uepper.; zinrtaa im is
Kerr Lake - mutab Oesssr OS..... iStt
Lake Copper M wteeaa SU
La Salle Cbsser:... lwWeleertse .. IS
at ims! Oepw u .
Aakei. oma-atv , T ,
- We-er Terk Mlataa ttsekm.
NKW-TORK. Jan. U- Closing quota-
Dons on mining anocirs were: -
Allee .tunjttu Cklaf 1
Coat. Teasel -sues..; lovertesa ..tot
ee baaea HOeUrle ....'
Com. rai. as Va.:.... oMr lei
Iraa silver ........... HoguaaiM Us
Levllle Cm.. H.lloe Jacket 44
'. . Buk Clesurlaa-a. .
OMAHA. Jaa. il-Baak clearings for
today were t2.71T.OM. 44 and for the corre
sponding day last year C.4Jn,.s.
.....f ,
n 1l
'ii" . t?l
rv Mu, siw
' me nit, Mita mih
S.I4S I! M4 1Uj
. St'
Central Lealaar Sf4
vaeiral 01 Ikmw
Caeaasaale Okie.
Otelsa A Altes...,
CVfeee.e. 1
Cklmas 4 N.
CkMaga, E'l,, T
o, c , a a st. i......
OsleraSe r. a i ,
tiie At BioiSMa
CseiaalMelei usa 1414 ' 14 MlK
CD'S MMI SM Ilk It . 14
IMaarara a Itueeoe...... IS) 171 1T HSI
Daw a Rle UraaSe... SM tutf a 11.
r a a a mu l sm . ait el .
DUtnlerf SooerUHa ...... MS- II l .
rl ' ales ITS V si
trie let s4 SN n lit IfW
gn. sts .-..u .... . . ...
A i Sh4o ....... sns ittai isu 1I1U
Opmi Mertaera ffg....l.. 31,11 IBS UlH
Oraet Nensars Or st.i ICS .4. 44, 41
UIIMla CVaual '
isiertereesb Mat, ...... M.SM II IS
Ister Met I4.. ns) ta h
tatarsaueaal Harvenat.a K let , 104
rsier-Marlae M
ratersatleeal river ,,.u
Isiwaelleaal Pseas v
Isa Calrai ...
ltanaas Oily -Re.
K O se - sM
Laclede das,
Umlnille A NaebvHIS..
Misa.. A St- Leets......
3 f a a s. M-.
Mieeurt. K. A T;.
M . K. AT. rl....!...
Mlaaeerl raetna, ,.M
Maitaaal Sieralt.
Nanesal Lea . ......
. R M. e( M. 'M SM..
av rark iieawsi.
ns let, let tel
' sw lerV as us
no. ut in lit
- SSI St It
4 ....
ISM 41 41
MS lit Kl It
4SS . 44 41 te
I. ma m) t4 M
VMS at its lor
it. f. o. aw. at
MMM'k w-a...v. i ijjw m
Honk AaMrlttn .......' LM tH H Tt
ZZL. Trwall.1 Kl Ut III W
Paeltu Mill tot II II U
ri.Ti.tu. :...r"..T. . it5 in in
14 14 144 lf
KeoL 4D1 KVVtVl eia,!
ITork I t i I
Jan.. I It ti I 1 M 14 W
liar. ,16 m, 1( ei Ilia i l m 14
July.i M 91 ll 3 M, II M I It M
Jan..) , ei. eii 9 mm eve soi
May.l-lHi B PIS 8o-ive S-1W
July .4 s 4s .lllt4i4e, 4v
Jsn..', i I I 149 1 I43S
lay.I 40 4 f "HI
juiy s s, tV'Of s sii sii s
t'ah quotations were as f-tllows:
KLOI'K Bsreiv slcedy. winter paten tj
mnl-r etralghts, lx.ewtH.7v;
aprtng patents. Lkalitv.MM; spring straighis,
!, 4 an; baiter i, "..
i RV E-No. t .:
I HARLKV-1'ee.i or mixing. ttctrllM.
sjair to shulce waiting, II r.-n M.
' sekus Iimotby, 4itliuun; clover,
4)li 'M?
; KhuVISION Pork, mces, old. ;
new. IU.Ui: lard. In tierces, x.; aHort
rbs. krose. W e.
Total cieorances of wheat and flour
were equal to 1M.W. bu. P: linsrv re-clct.
iwer LMO bu., compared with'uu
tiu. toe eorrespunolng day a year ago. T-
li'laible supply ot wheat in li. ITuiUMl
estates iecemoer zz, z.t ei. tor tue
week. The amount of Lreaost xtl on vTau
ysMsge Inrrearnl itw bu. Ui aieie.1
receipts for .wrie.ww: lVhat. .iu-s.
corn, as cars; v.,, ;t)ii; bj... ".Av
Chieago Caah Pricer Wheat. No. 1 red.
1r;$.'c; No. S ted. yi'?7c . ,'o, t bold,
He-tttLSt; No. I iwa. . il. W. ,o. i
aortuera, -ti.U; .No. ! northern, B.4
(rue; Ko. I r.iiti..n, M.wLtS; ,'a I
spring, ;4jl.v;; -No. I eyru j. K'.-j.ei,
o. 4 sprang. WiSiM; velvet .c-.a::, s.
ties: durum. K-ctitl-A; Vis -at. No. 5. 1 1....... evliv
; No. S v. -tie, IKtMtci )-. . i, er'nt r. 6M Hit r'- T-
eiHw, eearwc; r.o- a, in; .-itl eantvn tan.?, r-pwneu wii-
Ste.,l'o Oee k.l.
., :.. c. a St. U.J...:
pmetnrgb Oai
rVMel Steal Utr
PnHwea' raieae ....,
Hiuvar steal eenna.,.. , .
ItaaSlag m dSMSt W Ir i
iibile'aeel as M ; t , M
BflsaMl svet ses . "a , " '
gJl lelant. II a
Bulk laleal "t r "
VTVT7..T. STrH-,. ! 41 4t 41
gl Uele l . w. a
Rleaa-SleglteK 1. ..!.... -j-- L
ft.."::"- H- "
tssss a rvjin...'...... a "
r l. a w . i "
T a u w. a a Mj
,.'kS rse .J?.....: 1- ljj 1
Bales . rartrle sM v.. Set n N
galtel Stales Kasltf., i'i '-'ii'' 112
eaitat-aaM fc.... as JJS
Salted Sulea Sue! ...... 44, lea 4T a see,
V atstTT,.... ! Ill " -
tub Copser RtSS '
Waaaek .,...
iakwh H
aues MafTMBd ;.
WetitBtsevae gleet ria
Te Tit.
iz. asis a t a
TZj.:. a l- a as 4 4
, .......... awe es o-w
I . Saw leva mmmwm-w ,
.NBW TORK Jan. n.-alONtr-Oa sail,
itsady.' S per- cent; ruling rata, la
l oatw- cToVg bid k per eent; of
.i u B-r neat.' Tim mmubs, steady;
sixty days. 4r!V on: olaaty days,
, per cent: six montbs, per nsat.
MrrsrlLlNO KCCKA?OaV-rtrm. with
aetaal buatnees In bankers' bills at HM
fcr sixty day bill and ft
Oidnd. Commercial bliss, KSV.
I SILVeR Bar. ; Maxlcaa aVsIhwa,
Cc .
, BONDsV-OovernmenU' easy; rallreaa.
'oeelng qaotaHsak aa was today wtr
" J a. ... nitae. M. at 4s..
Tsa eiijes ..V7..14S Hsaa 4v
a t kT eg. Jl'. Se. set ..
'at aeom au a sea. list..
0 a 4aTig- U W. sas. 4s.... a
isa .eeuea Ut'f . T. 1st 4s. M
AlUs-Ckat. let SB... l le sea. 4.
JTas: to. ...... "I Ma lrena ta t
H i t. s. 4e..ui-t. a. a. at m 4 a
la Kill. T. Ct g .... irt,
iTTT. ' 4e 4oa a
Aeer Oa .. a It. T. M..M. A M.
i. .1.1 sea. St.... a ee. ea IS
mZTZ. aTT.. let N. W. 1st a 4a.. W
iTae. to-.v.... .. "4a ee. SB ..lit
Ivc. I a a.... a!a raeioe 4a.
J. a oats 4S. Sl ate la . 44
m-, a. l"0 a U. eN. 4a.. M
I w. sesa.,.. " aua. ee. vt iris. . era
e. ee. 4a... Se as eaa. av.. ...... m
. Oa ta. US Saastag .sea a:... a
mm.mmr BL.... A L. A t K kSSt
a? et 1C J SB.. -U as gee. SB. a
csea aosM 41.. '.- L. A'W a 4a. a
t'eee nt. 4e- es tat aM 4s..... ija
ravase A I.. A u ........ (
a - AOL 4am...
AM- ........ w-y w.
... M'a,
-ut ".Mnii vi-rueii .;: TiirT-.."'
- aiu.
No. 4., . Liid, sj-iki; .oiOJa. .-i-fi, . ..... aP. a gibMr aw;
l-'lJl. K. nomina. , . un a It O. 4a..... ttel SS ta.;.H
l Evepweatea
bats, N. t tljtrj-; 'o. 1 wkita, S-f-ul
lie; ya i wnn. 4.: Jan: .-vo. 4. 4-.-jr;
iva. 4 ertllte, 44- ,c. eainjard. -wtvc.
BCTTi-H KasMr; crtauierica, i-'i.e.
suurles. 4lc.
BtHJeV-Meadv; reipte. J.W eaes;. at
fsartt cajeei lociuueo Ij.v:; ordtBary
flgws. Tv tit: ftms. RftB tSa.
CHKixw fi'ssdv: oaiBBta hvei;c:
twine, 1vM4bC, c-m7 Americas, lv
i;c; long horns. i4i:c.
POTATOi-VVekk. receipts. Ml cars;
ftciC s.
POULTP.T - rirrr ; ti:rVTS, LtffllV;
ctJickena. 'll:se; sprl-rt, H'.e.
VJeAU-eiiAdy. at
Liver eel Crala Market. "
UVErtPOO! Jar.. liSvvt steady;
No. t Msnitoba, Sd: -No. : Manuooa.
as 4id: No. 1 7s :i-,d; fu
turee, steady; alarch, May. Ta
4d: J-Jiy. 7s e,d.
CuR-V Spot llrm; American mixed
grew. s 'l: American mixed, old. Ut:
rutares. tins; January, as ld; February-,
Is Ud.
J. sTjUU'R Wlnlsr pawnla. Its Id.
t f..', i,;:g '
r.n. m.Lvn
bsIm l n' expected ou ThurriAv.
!- ctv. rr-.-let: VJa Ne. -i,.;:; aa-! S?. Ve a's 4s r Se'iet'j
'laiT'ic. n':miiiS- , , ' iep.''a'lt o. sa...-. kt7. g. ttei
- I . . . mm mr. I
' Ayplcs aael Drlrd rrwlfa outmaie' te n,Waeaa let 4...
TtK. Jaa. r.-rVAKiWTTO w JL J;--: "5wtL ??- sT
ifiet snd f'Aiurc--;. with .r-"-,; a . o w-a. BeS ill J
ar;. .s holding abo'Jt siemly: on the spot
far--.-. HW-ivc; choiose, Mtr,c; prime,
t '. e . .
DHL-ID rRUJTSPruaeA, sew.ewlu.
lTmiar with a fairly sotive trade: qoo-tatl-wrs from WOSe for California
up t au-ie nut setvArU'c (or uregona
At-rlcots. quiet ar.d s'rsdy; chotco,
liic; -xtra choVe, lexjiftic; fsney, rj
IV. Peachea are eiearty -with a fair
IU. On.
Tt wia Ckatrat ea.
-nte.. Pa, ev., fie..
" Lewd lwvx atarlret.' -
' liOrrDOK, Jaa. It American sec rl ties
were auil aad feature leas during the af
ternoon, prtees ranged from unchanged
1,-ade; cluake. lluHc: extra, choloe. Uisju, below Sstarday's New Tork closing.
1,13,:: fanerv. Llti-Tc. Italetns.. firm w:tki tMiAea. eleeaae stock nualatioM-
.. ritawisvre, a i
..ninlBv, Kea.
v-earta Marke.
FKOlA. Ja. a. IflVJi Firm: Xo. ll
jwLa, eecj e. I yefcWw, Hcr No. 4 yst-jnfined, alead.
a l.-tter efe-mlatlvs demand: lone ttxta
rJ'.'e. t.4fT-: cknie lo fancv seeded.
-.. -n wecdiess. Vile; Usndon. layer at
Il.4l91.4t. , .v-.'- , ...
wear- Market. r ' f -'
NKW TORK. Jsn St -WO Art-Raw.
firm: muwrovada, teet, IJtc. - eemnf-
c; ssotsases, ex test, t;
.... in ioHra..ll
tKrStt e Vesteram
IH e set aa
se vsl ieeOBsrie A Waaawa.
hltaaa a OkBB...a reaasrlvamla n.
raeaeua rwane Rass mimm ... eC
rtaeAeeB a OMa N sSta si.
CBi. Ai-m -weaem. 1. seeuMni Rj JJ
Cat. MM. M. F IU Se sat O
' .BUTTER No. J. Wb. carton. 40c; NA
!, In m-lb. tubs. c; N'o. X c; psckhig,
m. -
CHKEWE Imported Swiss. S3c; Ameri
can Swlea. Jvc- block Swiss, Sic; twins.
l4c; dalslea, Kc; triplets. 30c: younv
Americas, We; blue label brick, lrc; Urn.
berger, Mb.. lc; 1-lb.. c.
POUL.TRT Broilers. 16.0 -per dog.;
springs.. Kc: hens, 14c; cocks, Wc; ducks,
Uc; geese, lie: turkeys, Kc; pigeons, per
doa., U.. A live, broilers, UWo: heoa
Uc; old roosters and stage, &e; ok) ducks,
full featnered. 10c; geese, full feathered,
10c; turkeys.- Ise; guinea fowls. Kc each;
egeons, per des.. 7io: homers,-per dog.,
.64; squabs,, No. L 11. W; No. 1 60c
FISH (fresb frosen) Pickerel, 7c;
white. We; pike, as; trout. Uc; larg crsp
Piea, -lKflie; Spaalah mackerel, Te; eel.
ltc; haddocks. Utc;. flounder, lie; greea
catfish, Uc: roe shad,. 1. sack; shad toe,
per pair. (Sc; salmon, ltc; halibut, 10c;
i'eilow pereh, (se; buffan,v 9c; bullhead,
BKBF ClT PRICES No. 1 ribs, 17Uc;
No. I ribs, 1314c;' No, I ribs, 10c No. 1
loin Uc; No. I soina. 14e; No. I kxa,
140. No. 1 ehucka Ic: No. t chucka
7Hc; No. t chucks,, 7c. No. 1 rounds, Hc;
nu. e iwm rasQ. no. a nnim, eo.
Ne. I plates. Sc; :No. 1 plates. 4c: No. I
Slatjia Ua i . .
' FIlLHTi. ETtl-etnmea. enoklng varia.
lies. nor. bM.. U.Ta: Jonathan and Orlmee'
OoMsn. per bbl.. - kV; Ben 0a Vis, - per
SM.. gam; raneywitteeape. per bbL, KM;
fancy Mlaaouri Pippins, per bbl.. U 40:
fancy' Oanos, per bbl., ,15 TB: California
Belleriewer,- per box, II .; ' tworade
Jonathan, extra - fancy, per .box, .;
Ji'aahiuirton . Upltsenberg, .per bog, tt.W;
wasnington R. Beauty, per box.- 2.jS;
Washington tttaman Wlneaapa. per box,
C. Ran ansa; faacy .select, par bunch,
tt.tVlftm. Jumbo,, per bunch, ItTbtW.TJ.
Crajiberrlea, Wlsconaln fancy, per bbl.
H.K);' per box, MS. Dates, .Anchor
brand, new, M-1-lb. kgs.,. in boxes, per
eog. eaa: uromeoery arano, new, ai i-in
pkgs. In boxes.' per box. Aw. bulk. In aV
and te-lb. boxes, per lb., 10a. ' Figs, Cali
fornia, per ease of 11 Lt-oa. pkga., aTe,
Ber case or m ls-os. pkgs... z.uv; per ease
if 10 4-os. pkga, COS; new Turkish,. &
irown,, In .su-lb.. boxes, er lb., lio; -
erown. m - IB-m. boxea, per lb.. ln:'7'
grown. In -lb. bexfes, per lb.; He. Orspe
froit, Florida,- eva sixes, per crate, 6.w);
sv-M-M .si see, per crate, at ml arsnea,
aUiaaa . in. .blue..-. - lemons.
Limoaeira brand, extra fancy, . luf ass,
per Vox. H.I4; M0 slas, per- box. KM;
Umta lAmonelra. fancy, Rjo-M asea, per
kox,; M. ana 4x9 bums, tne per hex
Msg. Orange. Call forma Naarata, sxtra,
fancy, M-1JS-150-174--tl4-v slaee. per
box. 12 78; 3M-l-ti4 sixes, per box, gt .
VKUBTABLKS Cabbage Wisconsin,
Bar lb.. .IVec. t'eeery. California Jumbo.
aer '' dog.. k Cucumbers, hothouse, per
dog., (t'.Ba. ' Eggplant, fancy, Florida, per
doa.. KM. OarUc, extra fancy, while, per
Ui, UC. - MItSiC, aottra lency leal, per
dog.,'k. Onions, California, wnits, per
bk.. tr: wisconaa. ysitow ami rsd. in
seem, per lb., Ic; (Spanish, per orate.
ti so. nrstey. 'rancv eoutnera. per aes.
Bunches, KVTto. . Potatoes, Minnesota
Karly Ohio, per ML, ILIS; - w isconsln
white stock, per ba, tl.; In H sack lets.
(0 less, sweet potatoes. Kansas, per bu.
ssk., N.W. riutassgss.' m aaexa, per in.,
rc- Tornatoea,- Florida, per s-bsk. grate.
. . . .. i.... - . .1 ' mm '
1 jgistJsltiitntniui'v uiMmw, "i '
gene, -per lb.. lsc: In sack lots, le Issa
Coco aa uta. per saok, ' MtsX . Filberts, per
la. lc. In' sack lots, le less. Peanut
roasted.- per lb., so; raw, per lb., Hc
Pecans, -large, per lb.. 17c; In sack Iota, le
leea. Walnuts, new crop, 111. California,
per lb, 17e; In sack lots, lo less, c-der,
new Nehawka, per lt-gal. bbl.. JRW:
et BVgal. but., B.W; MW I ore inon a,
r U-ral.- H bbl.. .; per bal. bbl.,
10. Honey, nsw, M frauee, gt-fs. Kraut,
per ls-gat. aeg, a."., per etH. .. ew
Wisconsin, per -hbl., Usa,
' - - Metal Market. ... ' .
. uaw.vnsx.laa xx.-JASTAL8-ttand-
erd egaer, dull; spot and fatuiws, $14.00
41ABV London market easy; epos, sw jo-,
tuturea. 444 US id. - Lake eaemeg. I1-4
14.41H: elactrvirtto. SAJTel4.s; eaauag.
ru.aeyi4.sV Tin. easy; spoU LeH.w; ru-
ffWElSwS; nr. idun;
LIS Nets Tor. Kaw4. Kt Bt- tuis
Londoa. lis lt-s. Spelter, dull; K46t.I
Hew lerk, Kaet . Louis, Lon
r., tss lie Antunoor. awU; Uooksons
1 tot
14 7b.
Cattle Eeceipti LMg-e and Pricei
Sharply lower.
Better Desaaad for (keep aad Laaba
. stl' Msa Shew aa- Advance
- ef Akavat Tea Cesta aa
All Klada.
SOUTH OMAHA. Jan. B, a .-
xtecelme were- eartlit. Hogs. Sheen.
Brtimate Monday ) 1L) 4,100
earn asy last wees:.... Aiti
Same 1 weeks ago 4.46S l.iSl T ig
Same I weeks ago I iv S1 4,168
Same 4 weeks ant Holldav. -.
Same day last year.-, till 1011 11.4S
Ths following table shows the receipts
tf cattle, bogs and sheep at South- Omaha
for tb year ta data as compared with
last var- , 11? 111. - Inc.
Cattle . 4.178
Hogg at.TH) llioig 1U.IS1
Sheea llLsm 107.SW M04
The following tahia above the range Of
D rices paid for hogs at South Omaha for
the last fsw days, with comparisons:
I mi. ;
Jaa. 11.1 4 4v I Til I II,
Jan. II. 4 17 T 711 I a;
Jan. 11. I 06 7 Tt! I 4SI
Jan. 14. f BM I Mi
Jan. 16.1 I lit I 411
Jan. Is. Ill t J
Jan. It 4 eVt,! 7 7l! I 47
Jan. II. I OS T7i t 44t
Jan. II. 47 7 141 S SSI
Jan. "So. et.lrj!
Jan. a. I 7 n I SS
Jan. tt 1 1 331
741 4 Ml
IK '
1 ri 4 ax
I S7I 4
0l e
I 081 4 r
7j 4 a;
1021 4 lt
I 23
g Iti
4 43IB
ill f M
4 501 SI,
t il I K
Sunday. ... ..'-4
Recetnte and dlanositlon of live stock
at the Union Stock Yards, South Omaha.
for twenty-four hours ending at s p. m.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.H ra
c. m. ft st. p. nr.
Union Pae. K. R... 17
C. at N. W. R. E... 11
C. ft N. W. R. W... r
C. ?.. P. M A O. R II
C. B. ft Q. Ry. E... I
C. B. ft Q. Ry. W... 17
C. K I. ft P. B... -T
ill. Central Ry.... I
C. O. W. Ry ..
- a
' l
Total receipts.. .JSS U . 4
Cattle. Hoe-s. Sheep.
trniana r-acRine; vo. . 1- .
Swift ft Co L1'1 i.4S0
Cudahy Packing Co.... t!l , t6n
Armour a to., t.iee evvvi
CM. Iron, CISvslaad warraota, tse jya
m London. ' liooally Iron quiet : No.
I foundry nonnee-n, mnwew, 2
atLMtyiLTt; No.. 1 aartaera soft. H4JaO
a 1 ' J.n 1LMIT ALfl-tad,
susdy; Hn; spelter, rnwer. efl.
. . - i -
Rt.Xeele Ltve fte-k Market.
..lirn.. Jaa. at CATTUB Ra-
cetpts. AM head. Including Texans;
market steady; native shipptng aad ex
port steers. It 7Mtxe; dresead and but
cher steers, ; steers under lol
sounds, tt-BW-eJ; atockera ai fera,
CwienvtS: cows and heifers, 7eeH:
cnVa 0D4J4.O.; bulls. tAOOtM:
Carves, t&tOtja et; Texas and Indian eteers,
oi. ws and helfera. I
7hK-Receipts, uV0 beemarket We
lower; pig and llghta, KWtJJ-1; mixed
fnd butcher. MIAI, good heavy. Mat
ag m . -
SHEEP AND' ITB-Receipts. LflSO
bead; market steady: native muttons.
Kao: itmh. isW-ts: "ills and
bucks, -BJuayo-a; etoca e.
' Cetveia
vmr vniur Jan. Iicry-rTON Saot
cloeed quiet; middling upweds. I He: snld
Mng gulf. .c: ealee. . 1 a bales. Fu
tures epeoed steady; January, alto; Feb
ruary, offered at kite; March. sMc; Msy,
Isle; June. 1 47c Md: July. s.Oc; August
letc:'Septeraber, ISSc; Ootober.t efci No
vember, l ite Des; -a-craeer-. -r-uturee
etcaed ateady ; Jsaimry. t.ite:
w.hniArv S.Sue: Marcb. I.We: April. I M;
Mar. c; June, A sia; -July. .Mc; Au
gust. I Uc; Seplembee-.v 4V: October,
171c; November. s.lBtt; ueejemoer. r am
' . , ,'.
, ' OIUss stasia.
itiriKNM Oa-Jan. a TCFPtkN-
TINB-Nothlag going. Xatst quotation
alA-u-aOo. Sale, nooe; reretpta, HI bbla:
Shipmenta -. bbla: stocks. a74 bkla
RVxH--Flrm: eaten, l. bWs; receipts,
m bbla ; shlpmenla, -. 7 bbta; stocks.
UXeBT bbSL- - - -
iwu: a. tJ8; I. .: . M; T O
h LVn-rn: v.. rn-. m. s; n,
IW.-p.sli'WW. PM. t .
' Bt. JOTek Uta IteeBSl Market. '
err JfWRPH. Jan. - k CATTXaV-Re-
eelpta, LIAS head. Market steady ta YK
tewer; aeeers. KW. cows aad heif
1.. r S7 4a: carrea. 14 -.
HOOS-IWcefpta, . 1VS . need. HHtet
lower: to, M . balk of aaies. C.lotet).
. SHEEP AJNU -uaiarw Kcceipie, i.jav
Market eww; mmnB. aveeva.ia.
. Osaasua Mae- rot.
; OMAHA. Jaa. n-HAT-Ma 1.
Kb f- 111 4: cearm. HI.; pec king stock.
at vtasit : alfalfa. 117 r Straw; vi hfat.
tT.ilT rye and eats. H etM it,
W. B. Vsnsant Co M
Kill ft Son 271
F. B. Lewis 4
Hnston A Co Ill
J. a Root ft Co ' Tt
J. H. Bulla. tt
I f. nuss. .... .....
U Wot I
Mccreary A nenogg.. e ..... .....
Werthelmer ft Degen.. , 111 ;i.
K F. Hamilton ' IK ..-
be Rothschild 12
Me. ft Kana-Calf Co... SS
Cllne ft. Christie II ...... ..i..
Other buyerrf. 691
Totsl .'..'....'..:...... 10.16S 5.441
r'ATTT.-CJ'attla reeelnts wsrs fairly
large st this point and unusually large
-. mtmmm ..111... Mint. hl. MMirtllflf. At
i vui" , ..... .. : .. .
the same time reports from practically
all markets were very dlsconraeTlng. m
dtrstlng as they did not-only lergre-
.loii km a aharn break In nrices. Buy
pre In oonssquenoe were backward about
taxing nora ana wr u-.. -"
later advloss from the east before doing
very much buslnea. For that reason the
trad here was very aow In. opening snd
the forenoon was well advanced before
enough cattle had changed handa to rsaliy
make a market. - -When
buyera and seller finally, got
down to business beef steers wars luiiy
inn invar arwt in mejiv caaea lOtHfie lowet
than last week. The trade even at the
a tin. ... nor ' verv active, buyers ap
parently being In no hurry to fill orders
and teamen perns oaoawam .to
tng the oonceaslons - demanded. Home
pretty toot steers .sold up s high as
7 .00, .
Cows and helers were also slow, though
If anything they were In better demand
than beef stsers. They sold anywhers
from almost steady on om 01 tne oei
tr grade to fully lOe lower on stuff that
packers did not happen to want.
Beet fleshy feeders were fully steady
mmA I uii-stne strong aa compared with
laat week. On the other hand the light
cattle were slow at lsst week's lower
price. Some right good feeders carrying
considerable flesh sold at
AJuotattons on eattls: Good to choies
beef steers, Ktrsyi.Tr,: fair to good best
ateern K.0MCS.M: common to fair beef
Iteert, n.ottoLw); good to choice heifers,
bTlOOSAOv: good to choice eows4.lfl 40;
fmim tn enoA eawe and heifers. 13.75414.'.
common to fair cows and heifers, sS.Ovt,
171. good to chotoe -stookers and feed
ers. aVtueAOO; fair to good, stocksrs and
feeders, m.I6jJ.W. common to tair stoca
rs and feeders, tl50e4.75; stock heifers,
tl.SOtM 30: veal calves, - 14 4081-vt; bulla,
tags, etc., Ki.s0U.A0. - . , ,
ha Av. pr. Ne. A. Tr. ,
11..... ta i-a a us i u
. NT I It 14U I it
I.-..;..... un 1 h w nu 4 a
I ISM I I ...1441 1 a -
is..- lati im a 11a tw .
... vw a m
l fed ewes
12t fed ewes
ITS fed ewes ......
147 fed ewes ,
-17 fed ewes
4Vt fed ewes '..
X7i fed ewes .......
SM fed ewes
144 fed wethers ...
7 fed yearlings .
fed yearlings
268 fed lambs
177 fed lambs
.... M
....... ts
...; -...ill
, -..wo
....t"... ...;....
I tt
4 It
I 7
I 10
. tti 1 a 4 ...
. sn 4 a I ...
ua is t ...
um lb 1..
.....lMi I a
I1T4 4 a
IMS 4 a
.ua 4 n
4 a 11... tit 1 a
L.. not sa a -mi 4 a
tea 4 at 1, m ib
im 4 a 4....-i4 4 a
4 a i.-...iTn m
4 11 at . in lit
I . I'AXrtAU.
' Ms 4 a ... . 1 ia 1
in m ' l-... ia 1 a
is. w 1 a - 1. ...m-. ia 1 a
- as m - v,.. is
...m. i 4 a a at ta
a IM 4 a. . -
- HOOS-A supply of hogs Bt Chicago
that mad last week's heavy estimate
look modest In comparison, gave paoaars
. further ooDortunltv to numor tne iraae.
en lonai nrioes broke Badly la sympatby
with severe aeenne eaewnere. ins siump
area eenerallv ouoted Bt lOtflV. the de
mand proving very dull at early levels
that were Tuny a oime tower.
, iueaiea. for a Monday at this point.
were fslrly large, amounting to ever 11. W
head, but aone of the regular buyers
seemed verv asxlous for stock, and It re
quired the greater part ot the entire
morning te place bulk ot offerings, ths
Inarket draggiug along to a tame finish
after midday. - Shippers and speculators
worked cautiously tsrouanout ins aes.
tloa., only a few scattered loads gelling
to kuysrs not associated with - local
backing eoncerna -.-;.." -.' :. .
Light average made p the htg end
of the run and the tntde la at aad Mil-
Bound stuff coveceo a wKte range, tne
same ea recently, flood lights sold from
tt downward, and It follows, of eamree,
tnat there wss not nvdea business dons
above the K.4 mark. The beat. lard ani
mals an sale dropped tn Is. St. a com
pared with SsAau-day'g top of I-, and
good bwtcaetB landed largely at
Ne. ' At. sa, Pr.
..... tn ... i a
a .... mi is
a- tsi ... im
tt ta ... 1 a
a Mt ... 1 a
ST ti v is
rt r I m
a m ... 1 m
nt a 1 a
rt as 1 a
a as ... 1 a
4.....,. at III
a ... a
a ..... as ... 1 a
t.... ... 1 a
sr.. sn
jm ... 1 a
a Jt st 1 a
:t- m ... sa
u... -aa as ta
It aa a 4 a
sr.. n ia tm
st......: a m ,
a ta ... s a
tt IM .. I
St ST IB I "
ti. ....! ... a4
it. Av. Ik r.
a....,.jT ... 1 a
M..M.iit a 1 a
1 a a
ttt a in
1B......1M IT
in ... I a
itt ... 1 a ,
n ia ... 1 ti
u iu ... i it
M ..... in a in
rr :.. n . . I n
....,.. M WIS
si....;.. 11 . ITT
M.-... as as 4 a
U.?....U ,.. IM
..... Ik
et v I a
tt ia mm I M
r ! ... 1 a
n....-.a IBIS
1 tst ... ta
U ......m Mia
ts....-...ia ...
st.. .a... tn 4 rr
M tw ... w
irj I "
I J It
ta .... t a
sa lit
at ... sa 1
.....ut se 4 '
a.. a 4 Tt..
T4.......n ... 1 a -
t ns a . a-.
MU....BS . ia a.
mm. 1mm B I M
. PIGS..-
. ut ta . . 1. at ... 4a
HHKKP The market for sheeB aed
lambs waa lifted partly out of the rut ia
Demand for Hog tleve theep Aso.1
' SteadyCattle - Ivrer.
CHiCAOO. Jan. 2t-CjtTffiE-elbrsr
S9.O30 head: market generally 10c lower;
beevea, t4.lfte.40; Texas steers. M 4tJu-BV
western -steers. H Bu , .2B: . stockers ana
feeders, 7W.00: cows and heifers, t2-
tjs. 7; calves. Bs.stjB.w. - . -HO055
Receipts, so,0u head' market
slow. lo decline; light. K.IOGs : mirsd,
K.Hrl.; heavy, H.K.t; rough, r-.s
1.00; pigs, 4-K03.bO; hulk of salea 1 eff
-. - ,
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Recelpls, .00
neao; market vteaay; native, a.atM.iv;
western. U 4045-4.74; yearlings, M.lotit.H:
native lambs,. H aoot. 10; western ismos, .
Kaaas City Live teek Market'
Recetpts. R.00O head; Incruding 250 south
rns; market gtvadr to lie -lower;
dressed beef 'aad export- steers a flhas
.;-fair - to" good. K-sMJaH); western
steers. J4.75WT w: Mockers and feeders,
e4.tiutxB.aO; southern - steers, l&OOijAal;
southenv cows, St OOtpS-00; nstlvs - cows,
toxtl. 60; native helfera, M uuti.2t; bulls,
7o-trS; calves. . H k.JS. ' - .- ,
HtKHV-Receipts, 17,wn head;' market
Mm. -..- K.,11. .e I ar a... . 11 k.
lb 10t.20:' packers and butehersi M.009
t.2t: llthts, .70tj.t0: pigs. 4.vtJ.Hl.
SHEEP AND LAM Bel Receipts. 7.
head; market steady to Kc higher: lambs, yearling-. H.0os 34: ..wethers,
tS.7ety4.eO;- ewee. tifOtji.tiO; stocksrs - and
butchers, . -
Stock la tlgkt. - ,
Receipts of live stork 'at the five prin
cipal . western markets yssteraay:
Sautk Omaha -,
St. Joseph
Kansas City ....
Bt. Louis .s.'J..
Chicago .........
sttie. nogs, noeep.
.1.00 U.0--aj
, looo 14.0m, l.wa
.lKt n.OUO' T.6W
. !. ' is 000 - e ono
n,ow ' hw n.ogo
.17 JM v 17,10 , K,n
Council Bluff s
Minor Mention
Tbej Oooncit Blnffs Office) ot
The Omaha , Bet) it at . 15
Bcott StrejeC TtJepbon 43.
There will be no meeting of the city
council IMS evening, owing, to the fact
that there la nothing of importance to
be considered. Mayor Maloney will re
main in the east during the week, but
will be home In time to preside st ths
regular meeting on ths following Monday
night. ,
H. Leslie Smith., who has -been work
ing through the Commerdsl dub for the
purpose of framing a local branch of tba
American - Automobile assoeiatlon. has
called a meeting of all Interested auto
owners at the club rooms for Wednesday
evening. The purpose Is to perfect ths
orgsnlsatloa by approving the national
rules and electing officers. Mr. -Smith
la Iowa state organiser for the national
society and la engaged In - forming
branohea In every county la the state. -
A congregation that filled the audi
torium of the First Congregational ohurck
yesterday at the morning servlcee lis
tened t the sermon of Rev. Newton W.
Wilson, who has come here from Ply-mouth.-
N. H., to consider a call to the
vsrant pastorship of the church. All who
heard him yesterday were very favorably
Impreeeed, and the hearty greeting that
was gtvsn htm left no room for doubt
thst he will be welcomed cordially
If he' concludee to accent the call. He will
spend ths next fortnight at the home of
Mr. snd Mrs. II. W. Hatelton on Oak
land avenue. During the next few days
he will meet personally all ot the mem
bers of the large congregation.- , r
' C. A. Atkins, former manager of the
Nebraska Telephone company here and
now spending the winter in the vicinity
ot Loo Angeles, writes most enthtistactlo
ally of the pleasant phases of his en
vironment there. To make It still mors
pleasant he Is in frequent contact with
members of the Urge Council Bluffs
colony there. On Sunday be was out with
I it. J. H. Cleaver, who went down there
to spend a few weeks and forgot to return-
The thermometers registered 74 de
grees tn the shade and they were going
about tn tbelr shirt sleeves, frequently
using their handkerchiefs to dry their
perspiring bro9.s. Wr. Atkins hss also
found many old friends from Sewsrd and
lAncoln and other Nebraska towns who
have become sddlcted to the habtt of
staying In eonthern California .ail winter
snd many of them all the time. Mr. At
kins contemplated returning early - ht
February, but since being advised of tho
M-degree-below-sero weather that baa
been prevailing here he haa ceased to
think of train schedules and return tlce
ete and haa planned a series of - deep-
sea fishing cruise with a. party at ami
able friends. . .
Council Bluffs cigar dealers' ssv thev
are alowlv recovering from the effects
ot the enforcement of the drastic order
of Attorney tienesml Coaeon for the re
moval of all forms of slot machines from
their ptaeea of business. They say the
nrst weea arter tne macniaea were re
moved the buanesa indicated a loes of
about 3 per cent- It remained station
ary at that figure tor several weeks and
began to graaruaiiy puii-ep until
there- was a general teas of nearly. H
per cent. occAeKMjed by toe seen la tbe
h.b!i of regularly ciavtng the mschiaes
abandoning hope of their reinstallation
and cea-nnf twesne te the eld ntacee
Oddly as It may appear, agar msa say
the bulk ox tne swt macniiM. true came
from men who smoked least., but who
olared the maeilas largely for -tne
amusement lavorved and gave a war re
wherver natipeeieet to se present the bulk
ot tke cigars won. After the low tide
f trade was reached It bean to turn
the Cher way and- has been steadily
rowing bark sort it-the. origins I stage ts
reached. Tne occasional use or the tit
tle leather box which disappeared with
the machines at the start may accettnt
for some of the tncreasa, - ; . --
which tt has been traveling, a snort I
supply and better packing demand being
responsible. Anything ni to- kill - usually t
sold at figures about a dime higher tht-i
those In force at last wecsrs close, out
the well-finiahed com fed, being the ex
ception. 'were favored at the full advances.
Attractive fat lambs brought ass much
ta tn two or three Instances and
pretty good varieties landed at tt-K and
leas, strings moving neiow sal were not
very respectable, but the price range had
nlentv of breadth, the same aa recently.
a rut sales ware -scattered aver. a. wide
market. - '
Fat ewes occupied the center of-the
sheep trade, offerings of wethers or
yearlings proving too limited to afford
anything like a fair teat or values, loppy
ewes. sold at KM, indicating a quotable
limit of tt-K or .tutl, ana other desir
able classes brought HOOtHlO. Common
to cull ewes were uncertain - Bl lera .below
Milder weather, according to . packers.
haa relieved to some extent the shortage
of te4P Isolator cars and after tills week
It Is predicted that transportation
rice will have become a negligible factor
tn tne traae. i-rouuet is beginning to mors
fairly well and very few retailers' orders
are still on file that are more than three
days' old.
In the feeder market -there were more
supplies than on any. day IB ' several
weeks, a part of a tralnload ot thin stuff
showing up from Wyoming --territory.
The country demand did not appear very
responsive, nowever. ana orrertngt cleared
Quotations on Sheep and latinos: launbs.
good to choice, .15&a: lambs, fair 10
good. K.S0fi.u: yearlings, good to choice.
Io.004j6.i0: yearlings, fair to good, . tt.tS4
6.06: wethers, goon to choice, ktU;
wetners, lair to good, atotKyt-K; ewes,
good to choice, Hooetn. . ewe a, , fair .to
guoo. Ba.uotpi.uw.
Representative galea . '
No. - - -, : At.
541 fed lambs n
M fed yearlings ............... tt
185 fed yearlings .. ...'M
Council Bluffs
. . ...
Nebraska . GoTemor Addresses Huge
Crowd' at EeTiTal Meeting.
Pleasant Weather Brtaars Oat Thou
sand te Rellalwws Gathertag
- teriaaem aa - "Basae" Strikes
Cherd ia Maay Hearta.
The pleasant " weather aa well as In
terest m the Hart-Magann religious re
vival meetings drew the largest audience
yesterday afternoon that has yet assem
bled 'to-bear the energetic talker. Almost-
every seat. In the building, fitted
now to accommodate an audience, of
4.000, was occupied.
Mr. . Hart's theme was presented In the
plain and blunt word "Booxe," and it
there were any gentlemen there who wer
inclined to think the word of Jtle value
and to. b treated lightly they went away
convinced -that ft waa Invested with some
mighty ' potettTjsJtttes whan dissected and
made-to reveal -thousazida ot deadly pos
sibilitles.' Mr. Hart did not make the
usual fiery attack on tke saloon men and
attribute the abase of alcoholic stimu
lants to them alone, bat he made them
bear their full share of the blame. There
are many kind ot boose that lure men
Into 'trouble, and,' not all. of U. In the
opinion ot the .epeeJter. Is brewed on
physical planea soma ot It belong a to the
spiritual realm, but It all comes from the
sam satanlc aourc. Both stupefy the
oonscHnos and drag the soul, and a stu
pefied and drugged individual Is prop
erly classed with the lost.
The sermon was for men only, and the
practical character' ot ths talk made II
of much value to those whs heard It
Geveraor Al'drtck Talks.
The general meeting ' last night was
fully as largely attended aa the afternoon
meeting. Much Interest was aroused by
the presence of Governor AJdrlch ot Ne
braska, who appeared an the platform
belsr the beginning of the regular even
ing sermon and gnotra, earnestly tor about
fifteen minutes. His theme was '"The
Christian Life." -how to- live It and tu
Influence on ths Individual.
There wars A number ot m eatings la
connection with ths rtrvtral dining ths
day.: Two meetings ot ths children of
ths- Sunday school ot tb various
ohurehat occwred during the forenoon.
both'gt the Aodltornim. -At -tit Blbla
lessens war green to pupils of tns nso-
bath schools of those ehtirchee where that
hour coincided with ths usual tlm of
meeting, and at 10 10 there wai a mass
msellng-of all ths schools ot ths fourteen
churches engaged In tha rsllglotis move
meat It Is estimated that mors than
toot) children were present
In-tha .afternoon enough women to flit
the room to Its capacity mat at ths First
Christian church, where Mrs. Hart wife
of the svangelhn. led In. ths devotional
exsrdsss. She waa assisted by Mrs. F.
A.- Case, wlf of ths pastor st ths rirst
Baptist church. ' '
An ell-day rvlc will be held at the
Auditorium today, with the usual program
at ntghf t -
Our St-per seat- discount gale on wall '
paper and room moulding; will continue
this week. R. Bonrtck, Jot snd til
South Main street
Percival Says Love
, is Cure for. AH Sins
On of the largest congregations that
has assembled tn Bt Psul's church oa any
occasion for a nsmber ot years listened
yesterday. to the sermon of Rev. H. At
wood Percival, D. D., who haa been called
by th congregation to the vacant rector
ship of the church.. Only on such occa-.
slons la prerloos years as special Baster
services has ths large. church been so
nearly filled. Dr. Perclval s manner was I
since rely earnest and hs wag at all times
dignified and scholarly.. His theme.
'Love, ths Cure ot tha world's Bint," was
Inspired largely by his knowledge of the
protests that wsrs to be mads by ths old
soldiers ot Abe Lincoln post In ths name
Of humanity against ths Dels wars bar-
baiities, aad ha mads many thinly veiled
alius! on ts ths weakness and wickedness
that, pervert men and permit them to
malts ths rain attempt to correct any
form ot wroogdoeng through ths Infliction
of physical pain. .
Dr. Perdvsl will spend a very pleasant
week here, aad whether he concludes to
accept or not the call that ha beta ex
tended to him, will again occupy the
pulpit next Sunday. It ts believed, how
ever, that before tha week ends he will
coavisosd that Council Bluffs Is th
field where h can do a great deal- ot
efficient work. . .
Our M per cent discount sals on wall
paper and room moulding will continue
sll -this week.- H. Borwick. St gBd 111
South Mala street.
Ceaaell lafts Predaee Market.
The following quotattdhs. showing prices
paid ta producers, are corrected daily
by William Higgeson. city wetghmaster,
for pahUcatton la Ths Bee.
Cm. nsr bushel, tltmc. Wheat, per
bushel, Mc Oats, per bushel. SstrCe. Hay,
loos, per ton. I1J OUflLO. Alfalfa, loose,
per tan, U.X?U-S0. .
KANSAS CITT, M., Jsn: !L-l'pon ths
return hers today ot Miss Llllisn HsII.
deputy under Tutted States Marshal A.
J. Martin at Kansas City, It became
known that Miss Hall obtained service
yesterday sa John t M add ox, county
clerk st Lwia county, Missouri, la a
salt bt ths federal court to collect HJOt
te ea old railroad Bonds. , .
Posing ss a book street sh went to
Buffalo, Dallas county, and served the
paper after two men deputy maraha a
had tailed. She readily enpr cached the
county efBcers. whs awually are suaot
etouB ot strangers In the tawa. ;
Ths suit was filed by David Tost aad
ether st Philadelphia. .December I-Hit
It .was ts bt s repetition of the eld St.
Clair county bends fight ths county offi
cials concluded, and they believed the
best way to defeat the suit waa to avoid
service. Tns bonds upon which ths salt
was based wars Issued by Dallas county
In lKt ts aid tn building a railroad. Ths
road was not built but the bonds, hais
been standing sgalnst the county.
raeath Mask mt Kvsms.
" WASHINGTON. Jaa. BV. a J. Lum
bar, a sculptor, has completed s mask of
the bits Rear Admiral Robley D. Evan.. .
taken oa the date ot his desth. Jsnusry 3.
Tke likeness k ssld to be perfect. nt
mask will be tarwed over to the family.
Key t tb Sltuauoa-Bes AdTertlaag.