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    --v'. . PAST Iflt '
The Omaha Sunday Bee i sports
No Fro
is Ever Keen Enough to Chill the Blood of a True Sportsman
Hebraska Gathers 1ft Practically
Ten Thousand Dollars Dur
ing the Season. '
: : . i . . .i I
Games with Doahe and Ames Both
Prove Disappointing. -.All
Y. . M. C.A Leaders Broaden the Scope of Their Work
Some Honey Already Spent Id Mik
ing Permanent. IffiproTefflents...
Felt That it Effort la Mad tls
mmm Mauser Oae tl Btrint
... Fight la Hlsttry f Vl- ...
. , vanity Will Be Waged-
. ,
LINCOLN. Nc.6.-, .'Jen". - lSpecial.1
Apprexlmately HO.tXO v l)id by the
Nebraska aa a result of oh of th great
est, season tnfoet bail which the C0M1
husktr Institution has ve had., Manager
Bar O. Eager of the' athieild board Issued
templet statement showllit the-r-cslpt
and disbursement during the aaa
ada, and which win leava a balance- of
SS,M.M. '
Sine th close of the tetron and frith
the product of a splendid basket .bail
period and track work, the tnantfement
haa Invested conslderiM ot the fund)
In permanent Improvements.
Manager Eager I.U upon a ten strike
when he landed tha: Mtehltan tame for
the closing battle of the yeaf. The visit
of the easterner netted Eager more
actual cash than all ot th. rest ot th
camea put together, brlhgltit In close to
SM.Wt alone. On the otlier hand but two
tame showed a fsllink dtf lb attendance
over th preceedlnt year. . The Doane
cam, which was played In a reflnl
snowstorm and with th ,th'rroi)mtf
hovsrtnt .cloze to the uto mark, netted
only SB. while it ordinarily brihf in
else to 3M. Ths.ttirie with the Araea
Agrles at Ames ai the molt dlssbpomt
tnt feature of the' season from a financial
tandpolnt With .the' hampln'shtp ' 6f
th valley at stske, lt'we at leant ex
pected that the grounds ' would .be
crowded, but the attendance, fell awe?
abort of Hi expectation! of the mahat'e
mentv The Ames' gam only netted the
Cornbuekera approximately SWO.
Statemeat. f trasda. ,
The following la .a detailed slttement
ef Usances for the toot ball ean Of
HU, in wMoh th Cornhuskers were suc
cessful la all tames except with Mlttn
ota, Michigan and Ames, drawing a de
f eatVat Minneapolis, a tie scor wtiloh
meant virtually a victory against Mlohl
tan and. a tie tinder adverse conditions
at Ames: ,, , - r .
Peru (second team) ....I S
Kearney, gross receipts outside sea
son tickets ..,.IM
KkuM Antes, gross receipts, oiit
slde season tloksts .. WS
Minnesota, Nebraska's share.....'... 3,Kt
Missouri, tross receipts outtlde
season tickets i ZM1
Ames, Nebraska' share .- OT
Sosne (bllssard), gross receipts out-
side season tickets t
Kansas, Nsbraaka'a shar I Ml
MlohUran, gross receipts outside
season tickets f.SU
t roro
seal. 1 ..f
"-X I Tf V,
W Vi
L. - I
-j v
1 'ti i . n L-'-v S1-1' ; . I ' ) vV ' I1:
Ton Row. Left to Right L. F. Hemenwav. Harry Counsman. 1. It. rierce. Oeorse 8kovmsnd. James Kohle, r. C. Wendell. H. M. Frost. E. T. Ireland. D. F. Melcher.
Middle Row, Hitting. Ieft to Right George o. Sutherland, Oeorg L. Whltmore, J. T. Maxwell, Phyaical Director; Krsnk 11. Oarvln, Chairman Physical Dcf rtment Commltle; R. Uan Walker,
Assisunt rn-sirai Lnrector; n. u. 'suuer, jonn m. mgter. .
Bottom Row, Left to Rlfht-Joba Parnbert, -'. Carl Welgel. W. C. Roeslg. Robert Randberf. 1,1
Basket Ball Dates Changed to Avojd Ordeman and Weatergaard Eaf erJto
FestiTitiet at Easter. Clash Monday Right
Maaaarer Baser la Reeelvlaa; la
ejwlrte CoaceralaaT Caaslaat
Meet a a Bit Entry
Mat Is Expects.
tickets ,
Grand total
.... l,
.... tl.M
.... U.M
Otlier Rxpeaeew.
It will be noted that th expenditure of
I12,M.K doc not Includ the payment
of Manager Eager' salary nor doe It
Includ Stlthm's salary, bath' of which
are past out of a general university
fund, of the .H psld to Ptlehm, the
thletle board pays but 11.010. th rest
cemlnt from the general university funds
and accounting for the' fact that th kit
year coach now becomes a member of
the faculty.
Of the VtS.K listed as expenditures.
tT.tM.3S represents th shrs of visiting
teams In the irons , receipts Of tsmes
played on Nebraska field. The remain
in tS.NS.M was paid cut for transporta
tion and hotel bills, equipment, medics!
attention and the like. The transportation
and hotel bills . Include three, trips to
Minneapolis, to Ames and '.to Ltwrehra,
whera the Oophers,' Agirle ind JSrhawk
crs were played. ' . . ,
A Flatterlac thavelat. --
AltogetHer, the' showing Is the mbtt
flattering w-hlch the Cornhusger . mtn
atsmSnt haa been able to report In recent
yesra, . Th Wg balance repoMed at the
clos of the season has enabled Kaget to
pay K all ot the entntndln obligations,
to add perma.-nt Impravtments and stttl
have sufficient funds to tld the ether
branehss of athletw safety-through the
season. . , -. i . , J f . ' .
I'nles the board revokes It former
decision Kafer will retire from the man
agement at athletics att h dose ot tfle
present Mason. - Vovbrnor ' Aldrtch . Is
be Id by many to hive been responsible
for the retirement ot Eager, the rav
ernor tsklns; etoeptlons t ,tM activity
which th manager shored while he was
In th last Msgtetatur and especially When
he voted to override the governor' i veto
en several occasions. .
Th same report states that It as th
pisn ot Aldrtch to force the retirement
of . Racer at (fee opening ot the last toot
ball season, but the former CornhUeker
star was Hot to be s easily, ditched and
he wasretained an additional year. .
Whh th report .for tit season of 111
looming -ap It IS now believed that the
governor has uniertsken an altogether
bigger Job In rearing Eater than he
thought he had. , Especially la Omaha
some of rh State university slutmu
WTOt into the sthletlc rard and ob
jected to Eager being made the coat..
Absolutely nothing has here stirring la
the settlement of foot ball daf on th
lornhusker schedule for 1(11 Msnagei
btlehm I still wsltint upon Ue two
members of th But Eight conference to
fix up their dates and will not attempt
t flnaily pas upon the Nebraska sched
ule until that time. ' ' .
I.1NCOUN'. Neb.; Jan. S.-(8peclall-Owlng
to a conflict of dates. Manager
Earl O. Eager of the state university
has found It necessary to change the date
of the annual Interscholasttc basket ball
meet between the high schools In the
state. He has moved the meet ahead Just
one week.
The original dste was ilsrch 14. IS and
IS, but Eager has found It necessary to
hold the high school meet March a
and 10. The Easter holidays at the state
university are responsible for the change
In the time ot the meet, it was found
upon Investigation that the original date
would bring the meet during the Easter
recess when practically all ot the uni
versity students are at horn and as on
object of the meet Is to bring the high
school students In closer teach with the
state school it was foulnd necessary
to put ths meet ahead.
Greek letter societies provide entertain
ment end lodging fos the high school
men so that their absence from th city
during the holidays would hav forced
aunthrr large Item of expense on the
Manager Eager doea not believe that
th change In dates will seriously Inter
fere In the entry of any high school in
the meet. By the first of March It Is be
lieved that the majority of Nebraska high
schools will bave completed their regular
schedules, and the date finally decided
upon will not Interfere with any contests
which have already been scheduled by
blgh schools. j
.Eager has been delayed again jln send
ing out the letter notifying high schools
of the big meet. The choice of officials
will be made as soon as entries are com
pleted. Letters continue to Inquire se to the
date of tlie meet and Eager! expects the
entries will be much larger han In Ull.
Benson RffieCiub !
First Shoot Today
The Benson Rifle club will open Its
first annual shooting tournsment at Its
club house at the Benson Eagle ball park
this afternoon. A shoot will be held each
Sunday aftrnoon. continuing until the
first week In May. Cash prises for the
highest tesm scores snd an Individual
gold medal will be competed for.
E. St. Jacoberger, the newly elected,
club president, will hsve charge of the
tournament and has arranged to have
the snoots held indoors at automatic tar
gets during the cold weather.
Ordraaaa May Be Hea at th
Aaaltarlaas This Maralaar, Wheat
' He Will Take oa a Few
Local Crapplers.
Henry Ordeman. the Minneapolis CHant
grappler who failed to appear at the
Auditorium Friday night to meet Jess
Westergaard In a finish matcti, on ac
count of a delayed train, arrived In
Omaha at 1J.30 o'clock yesterday morn
ing and Is waiting over until Monday
nlghs, when the postponed mstch will
take place. All tickets which wer pur
chased for Friday's event will be hon
ored tomorrow night.
Manager J. M. diilan ot the Auditorium
has arranged for some extra prelimin
aries for tomorrow night and the pro
gram will b a thriller from start to fin
ish. Paul Byers of Burlington and Jack
Myers of Omaha will to on first for a
finish match, in the semi-final Breed love
of Omaha and Kohn, both protege of
Farmer Bums, will go twenty minutes
unless a fall Is secured In less time.
Ordeman and Westergaard, in tha main
event, will grapple for the championship
of the 1'nlted ttatea Henry Ordeman
now holds that coveted position.
The lovers ot the mat game of Omaha
may have a chance to see Henry Orde
man In action this morning at the Audi
torium, where - he will Lake hi dally
workout. At present It Is not known who
will work out with th big Norwegian,
but Manager Olllan has promised Orde
man that he will get a husky Individual
who will give him some good training.
Church Club Has
Games for Thursday
Thunder evening will be a busy one
st the Walnut HIM Methodist church,
when the Crescent quintet men and the
Employed Boys' rlsss of the Council
Bluffs Touna- Men's Christian aS' Ela
tion will clash in their first basket ball
game of the sesstn. The rivalry between
these two teams is Intense and a close
contest I expected.
As a preliminary the Excelsior five of
Fort Omaha and the Remnants, a quin
tet of all stars from the Walnut Hill
Hub, will meet
Creighton Singers
Appear February 14
The Creighton university Glee club an
nounces this year's concert for St. Val
entine's day at the Boyd. . Th splendid
program given by the club on Its holiday
trip give it plentiful aasurane that tha
February concert will be an Interesting
one. The club leader, R. T. Kersey, is
an enthusiastic and hard working di
rector. His .excellent taste la shown In
the tone quality of th voices and In
the Interpretation of the pieces. Wishing
to avoid what to many Is a monotonous
round of college music, and to eontlnu a
policy which proved popular last year,
ths club announces the names of soloiats
of not who jrlll assist them.
Mrs. L. P. Crofoot kt to be one of the
club's special offerings. Likewise, Mies
Mary Minchhoff, who ha not been heard
In Omaha this season, and whose many
admirers will rejoice at th opportunity
of hearing her again. Is to give other spe
cial numbers. At the special request of
many of those who heard Frederic C
rremantet last year at the club's " Feb
ruary concert., this excellent tenor has
been secured for the program. In 'addi
tion, the alumni double quartet haa vol
unteered Its assistance. .
MANHATTAN. Kan,. Jan. sa-Nebraska
university defeated the Kansas Aggies
Thursday night In a fast and close came,
th srore being ItiSi The Aggies se
cured a lead of six points In th second
half, hot Stiehms' men rushed th ball
hard la the last five minutes and Just
nosed sat a victory.
T. M. C. A. Experts Instmot Boys in
Gymnasium Work.
Caarrhrs W here lasiltatlaaal Work
Is Belagt Carried ea Are HerelvUa
Help of the Skilled V. M,
- . t. A. Athletes.
The Young Men's Christian asoctallon
has adopted a plan whereby the boys In
some of the various churches In the city
are being given much ot lb time of the
physical directors of the association.
Tiles men are connected with the phys
ical derailment of ths "T." but they havs
taken such an active Interest In the other
lines that they bave branched out and
arc giving fie lejswns to boys all over
the city.
The large number of men Identified
with the physical department of the
Yount; Men s Christisn association sre
dlvlileu up to take charge of certain
classes. They are not forced to do this,
but have lieen trained for Just sum work
and are volunteering their services. Un
der the present scheme of work all classes
at the ssHoclatlon are organised to take
the rallsthenic exercises, such as dumb
bells. Indian clubs and free-hand work
in advanced groups under the direction
of th physical director. When work
should be done on the apparatus or la
games this Isrge class Is divided into as
many as right or ten groups, every group
being under the leadership iof a volun
teer who has been especlslly trained lor
this work. Thus In apparatus work not
more thsn eight or ten men are working
on one piece at a time, allowing each
man to receive more personal attention,
a larger number of times to work and
also promoting sociability. ,
- Werk with Beys' CI ah.
This same plan la followed out In the
noon and & o'clock business men's classes,
the I o'clock young men's class and In all
the boys clsssea. In addition to the
three regular sessions per week ot each
class many of these volunteers are
preaching the gospel ot practical Chris
tianity by conducting the same kind of
work for boys and young men In many
of the churches, social settlements and
clubs of the city. For Instance. Ii. o.
Miller meets a group of boys with thirty- (
five enrolled Mondays and Friday at
th sucial settlement at Thirteenth and
V ,111am streets.
George Skovmand has a smaller bunch
of boys at the Diets Memorial chapel on
Haitirvfav ntffhf & Clarence Wendell is
acting .physical director at the South I
Omaha Toung Men's Christian associa
tion. E. T. Ireland has about fifteen boys
at a church at Seventeenth and Castellsr
streets and Carl Weigel has a group et
twenty boys at Park Wilde home under
the direction of the Associated Charities.
At the Third Presbyterian church George
Sunderland also hss a regular clasa
plans-are now on foot to get a class at
th Child Sating Institute. It the plan
carries Jsmes Noble will take hold of the
work there.
Beys Cet KegeUr Drill.
There is little doubt but what thai work
la appreciated, as It gives y the boys
snd young men who cannot afford the
fees at a regular gymnasium a regular
callMhenic drill at least once, and in most
caees tso or three time, a week. These
men do not receive any remuneration
whatever for the work tiiey are doing in
these churches and social settlements.
Because of their greater interest and
practice these young men are the most
finished performers that will be found
Important Feature of Basket Ball is
Bot to Be Overlooked.
Officials Agree that Dribbling Haa
' Came ta Itay aad I Destined
te Play Important rart
la Contests.
"Dribbling" promises 10 be uns of the
strongest assets of the Omaha High
school basket ball quintet thla season,
snd Coach Clark haa been paying special
attention to thh) Important feature of Ihe
game during the last two weeks of prat
tles. The knack of acquiring the art of
"dribbling" la Just ss hard for an ex
perlenced hand at the game as a begin
ner, fur, although simple In Its appear
ance, It ta exreidlngly hard to pull off
such play while a hard game la In prog
ress and every move must be made with
out interruption from an opponent.
Islle Burkenroad, left guard. Is be
coming very adept at this feature of Ihe
game, as he practiced It for some time
prior to the opening of the wesson. His
ability 10 evade his opponents Is what
makes his "dribble" playing so full of
action. Beryl Crocker, captain and right
forward, and Mark Hughes, center, are
also putting In extra practice at this part
of the floor game.
It Is the aim of Coach Clark lo Im
press upon his pupils the need of more ac
tion to their playing other than the usual
Jumping and running about the floor In
their efforts to shoot a basket. Like all
other branches a athletics he believes
that If an aspirant for honor In any
special branch ot sport can Improve on
th old methods of play the game will
prove more Interesting and full of fea
ture. Prominent basket ball officials all over
the country have agreed that the dribble
feature of the floor game has come to
stay, and that It will play an important
part of the Indoor sport this season.
Coach is Displeased with the Poor
Showing of the Squad.
Teaa Haa a Bear Tim la alaht t
Fill All the Date Which Have
Beea Srkedaled by the
With an average ot two games a week
In the Trl-Clty letgue and several trips
coming off soon, the Creighton 'varsity
twsket ball squad Is facing a busy time
and Is going through a stiff course of
practice. Th poor showing made In the
opening game against Bellsvue, disgusted
Coach Delfs and he Is determined lo pro
duce a sudden Improvement or create a
general change In Ihe entlr lineup. While
individual play Is satlsfsctory, the team
does not work together and the coach la
at present trying to remedy this defi
ciency. A number of new players have recently
Joined th squad and are giving aom of
th regulars a run for their posltlona
Early In February th team will take a
trip Into Iowa, playing four successive
games. The first Is against Council Muffs
Young Men's Christian association five
here on February 1 The next day Com
pany U will be encountered at Fort
Podge, la., after which the team foes to
Emmettsburg for a game with Company
K. February Peru Normal will be met
at Peru.
On Wednesdsy ot this week Ihe 'varsity
goes lo I.ogan, la., for a tuasle with the
fast Normal college at that place. liana
college of Blair has also agreed to a game
but no dale hss been set fin- ths en
counter. A trip embracing ties Moines college,
Simpson. Highland Park, Drake and per
haps one or two other Iowa schools will
be taken towards ths cads of February or
early In March.
Large Number of Twirlers Who
Will Be Belied on to Bring
Home the Bacon.
Negotiations Are Under Way for the
Securing of These.
Pa Thinks Re Will Be Mainstay of
Team This Season.
Soldiers Have Hot
Battles on Alleys
(Continued on Second Pace.
With three weeka of boa ling now fin
ished. Ihe soldiers at Fort Umah are
showing up well In their efforts to topple
the pins. Some good stores hsve been
made, the men have found something to
keep them at the fort during the winter
evening hours, and a great deal of rivalry
haa been aroused over the outcome of
the newly organised Fort Omaha league,
which haa six five-men tesms enrolled.
Games are bowled on Monday, Wednes
day and Thursday evening.
individual records have aUu linpioved.
Sergeant Andrew Cijrke. the post ath
letic officer, topping the list with sn
average of 11. The Headquarters and
the Signal Corps School arc tied for first
place In the league.
Following Is the league end individual
standings for last week:
P. W. L. Ave
Slsnal Corps School (.
Special Duty Men 4 u .444
Company II 4 .444
Company A 4 i .444
Hospital Corps I "i
Sergeant Andrew Clarke Ml
Priate Longler 1;'
Private Voorh.-es 1M
Private Del. 141
Corporal Haggard is
Private Hopkins LI
Sergeant Able IO
Corporal Foote Ill
Private Ducker 1
Private Uroia 1 1
Iceboating Today
at the Dietz Club
Ice boating will be the principal st trac
tion fur members of the Dtclx club at
Carter lake this afternoon. Percy Gwynne
and James Ward, two of the cluq mem
bers, will give their new boat. "The
Iceberg," Its Intlsl try out and expect to
take several of their friends with them
for a glide over th lake, Th boat wlU
seat twelve person and Is one of -the
fastest, on th lake.
Several of the dub members have
smaller boats which can hum over the
Ice at a lively rate of speed.
Mattick Re-Enters
Major Company
Walter "Chlfk" Mattick has signed
with the ChK-agi White Sox. Mattick has
been up in company twice before, coming
back each time for more seasoning. Man
ager Caltahan of the Sox now thinks the
youngster I experienced enough to stay.
GRAND ISI.A.VII. Neb.. Jn. Sa-tSpe-ial
Telegram. (President Stcvera of the
Nebrai-ka State leasue today called the
annual meeting of the league to take
place at Columbus on Thursday afternoon,
January IS. The point of greatest inter
est before the meeting will be the matter
of the successor to President Slevera.
Waaaar aad Adnata Are Baly One
to Nave Meat la flawed Paper t
Dale, bat Fears et Holdeate
- Are Xat Katrrtslaed.
To dale the numerical strength of the
Rourke pitching staff for next season ta
nine gnat, big, husky twirlers and at
least two more on the way. With this
outlay of right-handers and southpaws
Pa Rourke hopes to put up Ihe best fight
In twelve years for the coveted Western
league rag.
At present ths aouthpsws on the
Rourke squad ar not In evidence, but
when the sesson opens on the afternoon
of April 1 there will be two well recom
mended and promising slUe-wheelera on
the stuff. Last week a new pitcher bv
the name of "Wild" Jack Ryan waa ad
ded In the list ot 113 hurlers and by the .
last of this week another new ona will
probably bring the total up to ten. And
Ihe best of It I there Is not one ot th
present nine who could not go In and,
pitch a game and under ordinary elrcurn
stanres would give a toed account nf
himself. ' '
Chief among this select bunch of twirl
ers whom Pa will rely on next season Is
Robinson, the big six-foot spltball artist.
He Is th most reliable spltball hurler Pa
has on his staff when he la right. At
such times nothing ran beat him. but
when he goea up In Ihe air, which he did
0 few time lat season, he is found
freely, and has to be retired from the
game before too much damage at don.
Rhode ta ttetarxu
Dusty Rhodes Is another on of next
year' regular staff whom Pa will rely
on to do a treat deal of the flinging.
Dusty ha been In the big league twice,
each time with the St. Louis Cardinals.
He went lo St Louis in th spring of me
snd for about a month waa th sensation
ot th league. Ills first gsm with the
Cardinals h shut out th famou Cub.
H la th only pitcher who svsr pitched a
no-hit, no-run gam In the"plllbox" at
Sioux City. Thla hs did hi th fall of uns,
when Omaha was playing th deciding
gamea with th 8lux for th pennant.
The fact that th pillbox was so eon.
structed a to give a hit on almost any
kind of a clout, makes Rhodes' feat still
mors credible. 1-ant year, until ha con
tracted a cold which aettled In his fling
ing arm, hs was going Ilka a cyclone.
Twelve straight games were Won by him.
llert Keeley Is another member of the
staff who thinks that he will hav a
chanc lo finish up th good work hs
started last season and which was sud
denly stopped when he waa Injured
In Ihe Indlenolla wreck early In June.
II Is a gradual of Notre Dam uni
versity and suited hla career aa a ball
player on the town lot of Chicago. His
first professional experience was with
ths Washington club. From ther he
came to Omaha, where h ha been aver
Jarbawker So see Pitcher.
Roy Fentress la a product of Kansas
snd all his experience outside of Omaha
base ball wsa with the Kansas State
league. Fentress last year was aent out
fur a little seasoning and Pa and the
critics do not hesitate te say that he will
probably make on of ths best pitcher
In the league this ceason. He haa every
thing a good pitcher needs. A good
assortment of twisters h on of hi be-t
assets, and at all times he manages .,
keep hla head. When he lets In a hol
be does not hesitate to put his head tu
work and many times he has pulled
himself out of bad boles .by working on
the man at bat.
Joe l.ois will put In his second year
as a professional base ball player this
season. !-at year was Joes first trip
into a real ball gam. He 1 an Omaha
boy. having graduated front Creighton
university. Last year he waa not a fin
ished pitcher by a long shot, but he was
a willing worker and ha tha feronrlm
of becoming on of th most promising
member of ths Hourk ataif. Luta Is
one of th few pitchers who lias perfect ,
control of th mysterious fade-away ball,
which haa been so effectively naed by
Christy Mathewson. lie has a great
abundance of steam and a full assort
ment of curves. He Is a great atrtke-out
pitcher, and it la thought that he will
show up well in spring practice at Jop
lin, which will necessitate Rourke keep
ing him on the regular staff next season.
Expert Maeh ef Hall.
Fa Rourke la ot the belief that Mark
Hall will be a valuable asset to the Oil
Rourke squad. k Hall started his career
as a professional with Joplin. and played
with that tram In th Western associa
tion In 1M and Br. In the fall of BID
lie went to the St. Louis Browns ami
finished th season with them. Last year
be was with the Rourkes and pitched
consistent ball all season. He la expected
to put up a good exhibition of the na
tional pastime this season. The other
pitchers en the staff will be Ryan, re
cently acquired In trade with Mobile.
Slndelar and Cook, who was secured from
Topeka In a trade
No new contracts were received by Pa
Rourke last week, but the majority of
them ar expected to arrive thla week.
Adam and Wanner are the only two
players who hav sent In their contracts
to date. Rourke la not worrying over
players holding out this season, as the
majority of them win be only toe gla-1
to get a berth. The majority of the minor
Hague magnate are retrenching now and
there will be little tolerance with hold
outs. The managers all over the country
are trvinc to sell at present, with no
buyers in sight. The reason for this la
the poor sesson the minors had last year.
If a player does not want to come to
terms this year he Mil be rn
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