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Two New Agencies in Omaha
m 6
3rj.uii.i rih
- u u l ? '
s?rty-Six Have Ba AisigTied 8ptce
( - at the Auto Show.
Sweat Maaaaera Ge be Cbleeare
rt. bew Arraaaw Has;
f - Inl Bsklbits These to
i Oeaaka.
' Torty-slx exhibitor will have spec at
lb Oman Automobile ahow nit month
at tha Auditorium. The hara all torn
listen apeoe on tha (loo ana t art
All Bttklnf armnswraents wu th fee
aortaa for tha exhibits ta a aieplarea, at
Ihe show. '
; Thar will ba exhibit taatlnt from a
Tair of H'Mla to th blaHest priced and
meet maa-nlflceat car an th market to
dir. With tha beautiful decorations and
4k maenlOcent ear, with tbatr shining
Jxxllee, th Auditorium wilt, Indeed, b a
arm of splendor and beauty.
Nearly every manar of th city will
amend th Chkaca (bow thlt week.
. isny while thara will make arrant
' taenia with th factor! for th exhibits
1o ba shown at th Omaha ahow. Sararal
vt th exhibits at tha Chicago ahow will
fee brouant to Omaha.
The dlaplar thla yar will tar Mcell
nr Hn previous year.
- Th following will b exhibitor at th
tmaha ahow: ,
Mala flee Exhibitors.
Apperson Auto company.
Mredley, Kerrtsm Kmlth.
t'adlllae Aulo company.
Carter Car company.
Jvtia Dorr Plow company,
lxrurht Auto company.
Met trie Uarasw company,
atudebeker corporation.
Kreelsnd Auto company, f
Iord motor oompany.
Fredrick em Auto oompany.
W. I, Huffman Auto oompany.
Interstate Auto oompany.
K. R. Kimball Auto oompany.
I.lntwrer Implement company.
MHehell Motor company.
Andrew Murphy at Jon.
Marloa Auto oompany.
Vollne Auto company.
Nebraake-Bulrk Auto company.
T. C. NonhwalL
Nebraska-Rexal "alt company.
Omaha Auburn Autn company.
Pioneer Implement company.
Rambler Motor company.
.uy i Kmtlh.
Jack Knarp.
Tremor Auto company.
Omaha I'tilted Motor ompaay.
Van Brunt Auto company.
Y.. R. Wllnon Auto oompany.
Wallac Auto company.
ptaa tablbHar.
Baam Iron company.
Omaha Rubtww company.
Powall Supply company.
Waatcrn Auto ftuiply company.
- ciawlal BaktkKara.
Joha Darr Plow company.
1riirht Auto companv.
Klactric Oare company.
1 ntanuttlnnal Harvattar oompany.
Jolinaon-Panforth company.
Andrew Murphy aV Son.
Nebraska-Bulck Auto company.
T. O. NorthwaiL ,.
! Jack Pharp.
,Jrunrmund Motor company.
Along the
Automobile Row
Th W. U Huftman AutomnbM ' oanv
(any raporu that It baa al moat, all tb
fouUt Dakota tarrttory . asntraetad , for.
Oroara for thirty ear war reatrd lat
Motorcycle Notes
Reading. Pa., ha Xt jhotorcyeUau and
kkpactk to doable th number during 111
It cathnatod that thr ar 7J.0OJ an
(huouutla motorrycllata ta th United
OfficaJ at Jaekaonvlll. FT., hava aur
Caaaed a aaotorcyct far th u of ta
pped or of bulldlnc material and (Id
Oalka The Vlcblta. Kan.. Motorcycle club I
tHaneine a race to Topeka. Kaa., and re
turn, a dlataac of about Sat mile. .n
July .
Blue and yellow, th official color of
Dta rdtatloa of American Motorcyclkna,
iiaro been adopted for tb motorcycle
Bumbar plate la Maine. .
Brtry metorcycltat la Germany I ub
faot to th can of tb saeamaent . for
military duty, u new of ta at rained ra
ladorl with other eoaatrtea. .
Tba North ' Shore Motorcycle club of
fhuaeso experts at least a tbeuaand
tweets at aa elaborate moker ta be (iren
pturinc to motorcycle ebow ta rcbruary,
A leaaue to proeaote motorcycle meets
ta erreral Indlaaa dtles it puiuiiatnl by I
the Richmond. ImL.
MtuK-ta, iKdianaaoHa,
i Th Lions' "ar- Motor oompany
taken th agney tot th Marathon oar.
A shipment areata will be rocerred' th
Qret of next month. Manaar R. B. Held
will to to Ch lease next Sunday to'maet
repreeenUUra at tb MaraUMmfaatorle
and It poaalbl make arranxeiaentl to
haoxll tb Marathon trucks.
Mans far K. . Held of th Uana'
oompany has clcaed an asancy -at Lin
coln for th haodllnc of Uon and Mara.
tha car. - -.
Prof. H. O. Crane of th electric entl.
neerlnc department of Ilarrard eolles
wrat R, B. Held, manaaer of tb Lions'
"W" company, telllnt of U load qaalltlaf
of Ih car. la tb bitter ba ay that at no
h bought th car last July h haarlrn
it (.m mil and I atlll uainc tha orl final
tires. He states that th oar 4a aa food
mw M It was when ba bought tit and
that ha tike It better ovary day.
Th Internal Automobile oompany
will exhibit th same oar at tha Omaha
auto ahow aa ar now being displayed
at tha Cnlcago show, ,
L. H. Rose, manager of the Studebaker
branch at Portland. Ore., was la the city
last weak and netted L,.'A. Ketly of th
Omaha breach.. Mr. Roe la oa hi -way
t the factories at Detroit. Re wUI also
attend th eastern, automobile shows.
Manager L..A. Kelly of tha Omaha
branch of th Studebaker - corporation
peat two day last week In Iowa and
Nabraeka. H aold eighteen E-M-f. and
riander ear for Immediate delivery.
H. K. Maaon. general .manager -of tth
Silent Motor Car company of Ltncola.
was In the city last week and made ar
rangements with the W. L. Huffman
Automobile company to taketharge of Its
Lincoln agency, s . v. . ,
! Sales Manager Helen of the Huffman
Automobile oompany returned Thursday
from a elatt at Sioux City. -
H. K. Fradrlckson waa Jn Chicago Jast
week yuutlng the uto akew. Ha report!
that uauaual tatereet la being taken In
the Chalmers, "M" self-starting motor.
Th exhibit was so arranged-aa ta (how
th oompreeted air atari er in acUnv The
exhibit will b shown at th Omaha show.
ThH. K. Fred rick eon Automobile com
pany received three carloads of ChaJmer
cars last week. Among the cars, waa
th new eerea-paseengar Chalmers "at"
II. . E. Fredrlckaoa- while 'la 'the , east
paid a rlslt to the factorial and nude
arrangement for a large ahlpment f
cars. The cara will a stored la th
wareboua. With this atock oa hand he
will be able ta take car of th spring
run wne it
Ui markets of Europe by securing con- !
trolling interest la Victor Sans dt
Maxim. limited, of London. jSngland, who
will be Bulek distributers for the- con-,
Lee Huff f th local branch of th
Nearest a Bulek company reports Ihe
sale of four Bulek oar to private parties
during tb last week.
Following the policy of the majority of
motor car builder, th Cbl Una of auto
mobiles have dropped the figures M and
-. which bar been uaed after tb trad
nam of their car. Cola These figures.
whloh signified th horsepower of tb
car, had a real valu from an advertising
standpoint, but Uworfldsls of the Cole
Motor Car company la Increasing the
horsepower of the car. found that tha
figure were really confusing. Therefore
the board of Col directors of tb CM
family, th Col distributing agents, at a
conference decided that In the fature tb
nam of their car should be Just The
Cole. '
Harry Webber of tha Stuart dt Clark
Co.. visited the Powell Supply company
last week. While In th dty h mad ar
rangements to have a very fine exhibit
at the auto ahow next month.
L. Wilsoa. formerly with th UiAimA
Olass and Paint company, has accepted
the aealtloa of credit and collection man
sgr for tb Powell Supply company.
A eeven-Dsesenger Oakland car was sold
by the Mointyre 'Automobile com Deny
last week In eplte of the bad weather. .
The new model T sut on bv the
Automobile company will be shown at tha
auto ahow next month.
Th International .Atchlnson oompany
III hava a working modal of en aien.
furnaoa In tb Powell flunnl
booth at the auto show.
Great Auto Year Expected
Tb year of 1111. Just closed, proved
by far th greatest twelve month ver
experienced ta the automobile Industry.
More ears were manufactured than In
any previous year. There were fewer
failures recorded than in any previous
year since the number of .factories
reached twenty-five or thirty. The gi
era! trade) conditions were most satisfac
tory to the men who have millions in
vested in automobile manufacturing
plants. Remarkable progress was made
m the designing and production ends of
the vast Industry. The old year Is dead.
Long live the new year.
For 1913 the outlook is most bright De
spite the general Impression that lec
tion year will have an effect on the auto
mobile business, the big men of the trad
do not think so, and more car by
per cent will be built In 1S12 than were
turned out tn ltlL Better ear at lower
prices. Deliveries will be more prompt
and mora attention will be paid by the
manufacturers to the service end than
ever before. In faot; the service depart
ment or many of the big factories today
Is considered 'a Important as even th
designing and manufacturing branches.
Far-ghted manufacturer realise that
the next year or two will witness the
buying ot machines by farmers and others
far leas mechanically Inclined than the
purchasers of cars In th past. These
new customers, and the old ones for that
matter, will naturally demand service
that Is real service and not th kind
which many buyers of automobiles during
the isst few years have had to put up
with. In consequence there Will ba ser
vice stations In the more important cities
throughout the country. There will be
iarge stocks of all parts of the machine
turned out by that -respective factory.
Good machine win be on band - also, to
look after extreme cases. The makers
have finished their new factory build
ings, caught up with their orders and
will now turn their attention, or a great
part of It, to looking after their cus
tomers. In the past, some of them have
not had time to spend on cars after they
rare cold. But it Is different now and
servtoo talk" will come- aa near selling
a car these day aa will an eulogistic
argument on the construction, style and
equality of the car under scrutiny.
Will the Wire Wheel tear Kextf
Recent - experiments ' on the part of
American motor car manufacturers with
the wire wheel aa a substitute for the
wooden wheel, now in use, has centered
the attention of designers and motor ear
owners upon the experience of English
and French makers with the demount
able rim and demountable wheel.
Were is your cap!
Studebaker-Flanders 20
Complete, Nobair Tip, Piite Glass Windshield,
.Speeftmetef.Pfeat-O-Lite Tank, F. B. Omaha
The Studebaker Corporation of America
Doaglaa MB; A -8070
Any curbstone will stop a skid ,
. what you want is something that
prevents Jhe tkt'sstorting to
skid. ""
The Diamond Safety
Dread is not a mere
11 L 1 1 . J
knobs or ridges. . C
It is a safety Ore that is soft because
tt is based on scientific pmapie&. ,
Tires skid because a film ot mud.'
water cr grease ads as a lubricant
between hre and pavement 7o pre
vent sSaddtng CLEAN the pavement
How? The same way the squeegee
dries a window. That's aS then k
to dbut the Dtamona Safety Tread
Toe a the oalu tin that does it
The only tire that is
based on a real under
standing of the skid
The , Diamond , Safety Tread .
Tire is an all-yearxxird tire.
It gives even Greater Mileage
than the regular Diamond
Tire--aid tbe regular Diamond
Tire . is greatest in mileage
among smooth ' tread tires.
At yw Deafer or
215 So. 20th Street, Omaha.
svt; a. xjt a R V "F S
Of Automobile and AcoeascrieaKJ
FIEEIAM ABTO CO. 1122-24 Fanan Stmt.
Th first shlarnent at th Chalmers car
for tb Orar-Beaaett Taxi company will
be received this week br Ihe Frearlckson
Extreme eol weather, with falling tem
perature. dM not.deiar -It R.' Kimball
delivering a Ruuiley steamer Muring 'car
sold bj r .W. Whitney at Long Pisa.
The first ahl:iaat'ot Keo cars-Is ex
pected dally. IT the gossip already, dr
culatsd about rhls ear'prore euywbar
near true. It-Mae fair to be Um sacumtlee
of the mason. R R. Kimball -iwrltes
from FlorMa that ;h- bears Uttle'eU
talked .alone the popular priced dtrietoa
ot tb gasollaa cars. - -
Xebrasfca , Buick conmanr's die-
Motoreycl club oc
lhlblt at too Omaha ahow. accordina t
aaaxvaab SP' i a tyir i ia rvvariaisB. JlUWal w u . -
.. . I-e Huff, who states that the - Biaok
ZnZZT ' mor company baa etarteJ the 'ear of
ltU with an advertising, oampalga. for
j guica; cars, which Includes a factory die.
t t i w of medels ranging In Drtca frees pt
JTnt let sunach. fiver aor kKUe; tovH.. all ot which will be ebow a -at
r waeo iwm na eHKUy
owa them with Eleetrt Bitters. Me.
fat sale y Beataa Drug Ca.
Ta Bulek Motor eecssany aas urraded
L. A. KELLKR, Mgr. tt
n' . : in
Nebraska Buick Auto. Company Welsh Cars.
t.i.1. Branch. lth aad F wmaT. B. aTOUM, Seal Hgr.
waoeia aranoa, seta "" raaca. lla-10-i yaouua It-MI aTtriT. Wra,
Wallace Automobile Co.
2203 Farnam Street
Overland mdPope
Ooaaofl Blaff ts,
Omaha, slab.
Apperson "Jack Rabbit
1102 Farnam SL
Prices 41,150
to $1,700.
Marloa Anto Company.
a w. Mcdonald, sigr.
2101-2103 Fatiu St,
Salesroom -Cor. Tenth and Howard SU.
Omaha, Nebraska. ;
HUDSON 2205-2207 Farnam Street
AAriliJN you buy an automobile, the firsf
y y one you ever bought or the twenty-first, it willjnterest
and pay you to take a good look at the Mitchell car.
Maybe you intend to spend $6,000 or $7,500 for a car; all the more reasons
for looking at the Mitchell. You'll find so many point in the Mitchell six
cylinder cars at $1,750 and $2,250 that are features of the $6,000 cars that you'll
begin to wonder what it costs the manufacturers to put these things in a car.
Of course, there re some things in the $6,000 car that yon won't find in the Mitchell cars
at $2250, bnt they aren't things that make the car run weUVor c4imb hills easily, w last a long
time with little expense. The Mitchell has all of these. ,
, 7-Paaaatifer alltchell-sli. t 5-iaseearr MitcheU-stx. C
cylinders, ta hors-powr, cylindera, 48 horse-power,
, for doors, tire S6x4. fore doors. Urn Hi.
Prtc cqolpped. $2,:s0. Price, equipped. 11.750.
t-paaaancer Mitchell, 4 rjHndr. 3 horse-power.
-Pacncr Mitchell thirty.
4 cylinders J horse-pow-ar.
for door, tire 3IxJ H.
Price, equipped. 11,350.
I-pssenir Mitchell Runabout, 4 cylinder. S hort-
f ore doors, tire tZxZM. Price, equipped, $1.15. power, for doors, tire) Siii S. Price, aa mi Doed 1950
Mitchell-Lewis Motor Compamy
Racine, Wisconsin
Mitchell Motor Company
2050 Farnam Street. Omaha. Neb. 7
Quick relief and speedy cure
' Prie 25c: by mail 10.
Sberasaa McCoaneU Drnj Co.
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