Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 21, 1912, WANT AD SECTION, Image 31

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Sentiment in Wheat Trade Shift to
the Baring Side.
c'ar aa Btff Rea in Coaceraedi a
lively Jimant Is Nat Ex.
est far Sane Tlase
laak Drasausd Better.
OliXTui. Jn. a. lsil
I to sentiment in the wheat trade waa
iMli.iit.teolv on the buying aids today,
n tie Argentine news la positively butiieh.
as b-th the iiuahty and quantity of wheat
Hum that country haa been reduced con
eidrrably. At the same time alt foreign
inaiketa ara showing good strength.
I Me one tiling lacking to ntaka a good
I uit market li the lack of any adequate
ash demand to reduce th big visible
rivre Ik utile hope tor the been la
i n ax far a a big run of receipts la
.-oncernrd In the near future. The casB
tfirtand Is steadily improving and ail nat
ural .-ondition point to htguer level, and
w-ntiinent among the best tradera favors
itn Mdvance.
tVleat ruled firm and Wither, helped
l the strength In com and strong t'ir--.a,rt
cables, rash wheat was unchanged.
('m continues to more than hold its
.an; and news is bullish nnd values will
likely be higher. Casta com sold le higher
i'iav. .
Primary wheat receipt were bu.
aiI hlpm.-ms Km Ul. bu.. against
teceipt last rear of iK.OOO bu. and ehlp
1.1. nix of . bu.
'I'rtmary com receipts were 715,00 bu.
:m. shipments were 4SS.O0O bu.. agamst
receipts la.vt year of KS.4N bu. and Ship
ment of 4M.ta) bu.
Clearance were llt.SOO bushel of corn,
!.""' bushels of oats and wheat and flour
-Miial to S7;,4U) bushels.
Liverpool cloned 'id hither on wheat
iid ',d lower on corn.
I iie following cash sales were reported:
Wheat: No. 2 hard, 2 cars, No. J
nam, s car, tl.oi. orn: M). 4 yenow, i
ar. tic; i car. .i4jC; No. 3 mined, t
ars. 3V: No. 4 mUeJ, 1 car. 61ic; no
grade. 1 car, tOc. .
Umaha Cask Price.
MHKAT-No. 3 hard. H.WUtriM: Na
1 hard. tl.00tjl.03; No. 4 hanl. H.Vtrtl OHk.
1'oi:N-No. 3 whir, cosmic: No. 4
v l.lle. lBtf3Uc; No. 3 colot CV'iiiV : No.
eiiow. 33Hc; No. 4 veilnw. tiMfCc;
No. .;. Of:; No. 4, tltiOJijC; no grade,
oT!-No. J white, tJW'ic; standard,
4n4v: No. t white. 4(irtr4sr; No. 4
w'mc. 4M,tr48V: Na 3 yellow, 4k4!V-;
:.o 4 yellow. 4jr4ji4c. "
II.X KLKY-Ns. J halting. H COffl M:
.. 1 feed. lofttXx; rejected, heavier
fcil. S6etilj.0.
UYE-No. :. !; No. 1 S(l)c.
1'erlot Bex-elate.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
hlfag It 319 1
-Vlnneapolis K6
ma!:a ; is M S
l'U.iith 12
exlia shorts. !.; clear ribs. . 50; short I
clears. .7k I
FUl I.TKY mill: chickens. 10c: springy
lc: turkeys, lit-: docks, lie; geese, Jc
BITTER-Steady; crearnerr, 31fc.
ECUS-Fine, Jtc
Receipts Shipment
Flour, bbls, ta ,
Wheat, bu 44 37a
Corn, bu Ik :.
Oais, bu 14.00 ll.r)
1-Vii lures of the Tradlag aad i lewlag
I'rlee a Board al Trade.
fllir.vao, Jsn. .-Wliest trader to.
'v showed themaelven responsive to
onfirmed reports of famine piicrs pre
vmiiiig ttirotiKliout large distrh-t In Rus
a. Ao-ordinKly, the lo left the mar
ket al an advance of l4iSe over last
r:Kt't. t'orn finished 40 up, oats un
c a:iged to , higher and lug products
at a decline of :4idc.
Scantlnees of wheat .offerinKa from
I:ii-la Influenced buyers, who also were
nUietrd because of. reduced estimates on
t'-e Australian crop and owing to receipts
i.oilhwesl of Chicago being small com
I a red with the corresponding day a year
uko. I'ropHMs cf a substantial falling
if In the I'nllcd State vlnble supply
tulal counted likewise ugalnst the bears.
Autwithsiandin tlut selling grea- lib
eial, the market suffered no Important
ceibtck. closing steady at practically tne
top figures f the day. May ranged from
I.oo4. with lam si.lrs at 1 00V, a
net gain of kc
Corn was strong from the start. Buy.
lug appeared to l lth for luveirtnient
and -yprcuiatlre account despite the fact
104 the acatlier had taken a more fa
vorable turn, May fluctuated between
vifcHc, closing steady, ,o net higher,
nt rs'sc. t'ash houees were large buyer
In tha-aaintNe market, i o. 3 yellow wa
nut tjiiulcd.
oats, although extremely dull, took
ttie'r cue from other grain. 1,'pper and
i wer lewis touched by May were 4V
a mI itiV with lai-t sale at 4V, a
gain of So over last night. . .
in the provision crowd it began to look
aw If the friends of the hog had been
v ercanfldent. - Prices gradually slid eff
and tonight pork ws down SftlOc and
ln.iwl or twiw lwr. - ,
Madng options Cioaed as rnllow:
Qaolattoaa af lha Dar a arleas
NEW YORK. Jsn. K-KI.OUIt-yulet;
Prlng patents. K.Mja.t-, winter straights.
44.154I4J:.; winter patents. HMm.7: spring
dears, t4.Sajf4.40: Kansas straights, K'V
tr4.. icye riour, stcadv; fair to good.
M.7tHe-W: choice te ianey. s.
Buckwheat flour; quiet; fine white and
yellow,; coarse. i4igL; kiln
dried, txas.
BYE-4Julet: No. , Wc. c. I. f. Buffalo.
BARL.KY Easy; malting. tl.SUl 36 c. L
f.. Buffalo.
WHKVAT Spot market, steady: No. ;
rea. ssc elevator, export basis, ana P.Otvs
f. o. b.. afloat: No. 1 northern liuluth.
ILSOUj f. o. b. afloat. Put urea market was
steady with small offering due to steady
cables, less favorable Australian crop ad
vices and sympathy with the outside mar
kets, -closing He net higher; May cloaed
tl.utH: July. il.m.
COllN Spot market, firm; export new.
T, f. o. b. afloat; future market was
OATS-Spot - market steadr; standard
white. I&tsc In elevator: No . LSc: No. 3
and No. 4. Sattc; natural white and white
cuppea. wc on track. Futures market
HAY-steadr: prime. $1 tS: No. 1, gl.:
No. t tl.liarl.30: No. i. 5c 00.
IWJKS-guiet: Central America, I.'.-;
Bogota. e;3V
I.KATHKK Firm: hemkek first. '
re: seconds, !243tc; thirds, aUCc: r
Jected. 15c.
PHOVISIONS-Pork. stead?-: mess. tl'TM
tanilly. a.Oaa-J0u, snort clean-.
tl7.tUtrM.Mt Beef, quiet: mesa, HS.flOttU lft,
family. K.iwISr; beef ham. t s-Ki .
Cut meats, steady: pickled bellies. u to
14 pounds. t.S: plcklrd hams. ll wb 11
Lard, easier: middle weal, prime,
t!.2a: refined, steady; txmtlnent. -75:
outn Ainenca, t0.40; compound, p.OTWti
TA14J1W Steady; prime city hogs
heads. lu.W; special, as.b2; country, fetuvi
BUTTER Irregitlgr: creamery specie 1.
40c: extra. 39c, firsts, JC43tc; process
specials. SSflSHfc.
.KCHiS Hteady; fresh gathered, extras.
V(i;:;c; extra firsts, Waic; flisti, rU
POULTRY Alive, nominal: dressed,
easier; western chickens, 13itjl9e; fowls,
lHlc: turkeys, liac.
Brief Sestioi Semarkable for Activ
ity and Strength.
Baylaa Sievesaewt Rea a sard la Mod
erate Degree, 4eaerat Aelvaaeew
aarfctas Pint Heel Sew '
f Decided fhararter.
r .li. lei Open. llign.) U. Close. Yes'y.
. heat I
' Jn.. 9 I
' May. 1 w'i5,,
.. July., Ha I
Jsn .
j May. WhOi'si
T .luly. 4ii,i
. Sept. WSW'a!
May. 4MrHl
Julv. 4si
' Sept.! 4CJti
.ln.,i 15 M 15 SO
.May. 1 174: 1 211
July. I us ,m a-:
Ijir.i I
Jan..r 9 W I a 10
1 NI
1 WO".!
easi :lsliii,ia'virai
ial ttwl
4-,l 40"jl
I . I
4'1 49Mj
13 W
1 i I la 10 1 16 11U
16 2i ,16 21 H at
' B OT'.J It 07u!a ton It
'.Mnl.i3Mi.tri 40 I 1 fcU t 32a 4, :ciX
t..i. f, r ..yL..-rt. . . .. . . .
juba f f i .
....I,:i. ..... . I...... gtji 4TI.4,
...;,(.; i-UI i iaj t 7i,;o
, .miykis i iooiii lit is j
' (?h OuotaJfiuis were aa folfowd
H.OI R Us rely steady: winter patents,
t4 ' fr4 ; aimer straights, gl m 70
spring salmis, tl,.&i r: spring straight.
Ii.ti-sitmi: bakers, (ui)iilt
RYK-.Vo. 2. 85c.
.HARLGY-Keed or mining. Sicll09
fair to choice malting.
Sfncn-Tlmothy, Clover,
ril'jVlstONS-M.M pork, old, tis.30;
new. tll.Clt. Lrd. In llerces. $.
rnort rllis. loose, ta.t-'S.
Total clearsnrca of wheat and flour
v.-er enual to 74.l Itu. primary receipts
v.ere :,IM bu.. compared wllh i51.uu the
corresiamding day a year ago,
Katimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
.". cars: com, I cars; oata, & cars; huga,
:.') hd.
i gicago. ch I"r!ce Wheat: No. 1 red
!-7uc; No. red. Miy; x0. ; hard. 9oc
ntl.iO: No. t liard. ll.(o; No. i nonh
ein. ! Ostjl.llit; No. i northern, fl.0H,w
i.lo: Na 2 nortliern, .0Mil.; No, 2
-prlng. Siciltl.ir7; No. 3 spring, Mitl.07;
No. 4 spring. Iirtl 08; velvet chaff, sue
otl eA: durum, Mctltl.u. roni: No. J.
HJSajflV: No. white. (34, Wc; No. i
vellow. 43Csc: No. 4. lS2c: No. 4
white, t'ydc; No. 4 yellow. lV(t
data: No. 1 white. 50H4fMc: No. t wnlie
AWc; No. t white, 4tjate; standard,'
R Y fc No. f. r.
UARLKY-tOcbtl 3T.
CI,OVEK-tl5 ooyoo.
ai'TTER - liasy, crtamerie. jje;
Calrs. 2tjJ4r.
KiJK!na; receipts. 1.417 case: at
.mark, cases Included. !&&c; ordnary
linns, r.nzx: firm. xm43-'c.
CHEfaiK ttteadr: daisies. ls,fii;e
mine. 10si4c: young Americas. i4,l,o"
tcng hem. :48rc.
piiTATOES-Jiafy; receipt. U cars
J!tl.i ; rXl'LTRT-8teady: turkey. lTWliVkc
liitrken, tfiiuc; springs, lie.
VEAJ Steady, at 76 lie.
StLeal Oeaerat Market.
ST. LOCI8. Jan. .-WHKAT-Cash
dull: track. Na 3 mL Kiectrtl.O: i
;ard. tl.02tjl.ll; Mjy. 3V:.Julr. ?V
t 'ORN strong: No. S track, 4X?ic
No. I whit. T'sfjtSc; Way, Ti,wTw'
j .ilv. 7i:v. '
o.Tteady; tr.-ck. No. 2, SOc; No.
v S te. jlW4iol,c.
I! VK-Hiatier. i;c. '
''l."I R fteadv red winter latent ,
1.i4.e extra fanr' and straight. K.'ffo .
: l-ard winter cieai-a. 4" !
sK:i-Trmothv. Til "15.i.
!:ir A.N-Streag: acked. eajt irark.
ei , , 1
ll.l--v.:. innony, SVVI.TW
l--'i-ne. sl.-il.a.
-i-Hi.iVI'IuN Vwrk. lower: Jr.hhrng.
fl. lrd. tower: prime etffam. tvi2:i
SK7U. Irv salt met iboxedi. unehanced:
etaa snotty Va0; dear rib. tsj: short
cm. rj. rlacon tboxed, unchanged;
BUTTER No. 1. 1-lb carton.' 40c: No.
Ila 10-lb. tub, S'ic; No. i, 30; packing,
CHErJSE Imported Swing, He: Ameri
can Swiss. c; block Swiss, 30c; twin.
lSc: ?c; irinleis. Wc: young
Americas. 30c; blue label brick, ISSc; lira
berger. : lb., li-; 1-lb., 20c.
POULTRY Broiler. 0 per dox:
sprtngs. ISc; hen. 14c; eo, ks, lie; ducks.
ISo; geese. Vie: turkey. 26e; plgsoaa, loir
do., Alive, broiler. 12V; hen.
11c; e'd roosters and stags, ac: old ducks,
fall feathered, 10c 1 gee, full feathered,
10c: turkeys. lc; guinea fowls, jjr each;
pigeon, per doc, 71c: homer, per dox.,
II: squabs. No. 1, 11.50; No. 2, Mr.
FT8H- tfresb frozen) Pickerel, 7c;
white, 10c: pike. c; trout. 11c; large crap
plea, 12ffl6c; tjpanlsh mackerel. 7c; eel.
ltc; haddock. 13c; flounders. 13c; green
catfish. 14c: roe ehad, fl eachi hd roe,
per pair, too; salmon. 14c; halibut. 14c;
yellow perch, tc; buffalo, tc; bullhead.
Beef Cut Prices Rlb. Ne. 1. ISc: No.
4 13Ho; No. I, tHre. chucka No. i. -c;
No. 2, THc; No. i. Ht Loins, No. 1,
ISc; No. 1. HWc; No. J, 10e. Rounds,
No. 1. loVsc: No. 1 Ksc; No. 3, tu.
Piste. No. 1, (c; No. 3, c; No. 3. Use.
FHCITS. KTt:. Annies, cookinc varie
ties, per. bbl t;,75: Jonathan and Orime'
Golden, per bbl.. t4.; Hen Iavl, er
001.. gi.w: fancy Winesaps. per bbl., 34 00:
fancy Missouri Pippin, per bhl.. 13.50;
fancy tlanoa. per bbl.. IC173: California
,elleflower, per box, fl.X; Colorado
Jonathan, extra fancy, per box, 32. so;
Washington Spltxenherg, per box, te.60;
Washington R. Beauty, per box. 3.' 40;
Washington Htama.i Wlneaapa. per box.
12 Ml Banana, fancy select, per bunch.
t2.2ttV4.4o; Jumbo, per bunch, t3.7Mr3.7a.
Td'ioerrtes, Wisconsin fancy, per bhl.,
110.00; per txx. ts.m Date. Anchor
brand, nevr, 30 1-lb. itkgs.. In boxes, per
box, IS.K; I)romedB.-y brand, new, 30 1-lb.
pkgs. In boxes, per box. 33.00; bulk. In 21
and 10-lb. box, per lb., inc. Fig. Call.
remia. per rase of 18 12-0. pkgs., Kc,
per case of 30 12-oe. pkgw, HM; per ease
of 50 e-nx. pkgs., 32.00; new Turkish,
crown. In 2o-lb, boxes. ir lb.r 15c; 4V
crown. In 30-lb. boxes, per lb., lie; T
crown. In 30-lb. box-s. per lb., 17c Orar
frult. Florida, 48-Sa sixes, per crate, tf 0.
0-5444 !, per crate. 15 60. Qranra.
Malaga In bbls., lemons.
IJmoiirlra brand, extra fancy, Sju else,
per box, 04. so; 300 sixe, ier box, tl.Ii;
UiM Llmonelr. faiiey. une-tet rise, per
brx, 40u: 240 and 420 sixes. 50c per box
less. Oranges, California Navel, extra
fancy. IH,-ltt-IS0-l7-:U-;i- sixes, per
box. n.TTi: 2w-3to-3t4 sixes, per box, K B.
VEOETA BLKK Cabbage. Wisconsin,
per lb., Celery, California Jumbo,
per dox.. jr. Cucumbers, hothouse, per
dox., $2.00. Eggplant, fancy. Florida, per
do,, 12.00. Uarllc, extra fancy, white, per
lb, ltc. lettuce, extra fancy leaf, per
dox, 49c. Onions. California, white, per
lb., Ic; Wisconsin, yellow and red. In
sscks, per lb., JHc: Spanish, per crate,
tl.. Prsley, fancy southern, per do,
hunches t0O75c. Potatoes, Minnesota
Early Ohio, per bu., tl . Wisconsin
whit stock, per bo., 11.3; In 10-aerk lot.
V leas. Bweet potato, Kanaas, per bu.
bsk.e C(al. Hutabagaa.. In ack. per lb.,
IV. Tomatoes, Florida, per t-bsk. crate,
mSCKIXANBOl'B Almonds, Tarra
gone, per lb., lk'tc; In sack lots, lc lea.
Cocoenuts. per sack, 16. JO- Filberts, per
lb., 14c; In sack lots, le less. Peanuts,
rotated, per lb., te; raw, per lb.,
Pecans, large, per lb., 17e; In sack lot, le
lea. Walnut, new crop, 111, California,
per lb., 17c: In sack lots, 1c lees. C r,
new Nehawka. per tt-gal. H :
per ao-gal. bra.. i': now lorx iot a.
1 ( i -
XKW YORK. Jan. 3.'-For tf lioll
day ami taking the recent durhuw Into
axxunt, today' brief last on waa note
worthy for It activity and strength. The
buying movement wa resumed In a
moderate degree, general advancea mark
ing the first hour.
There hae been ne new of a definite
character to account for the stidien range
of market sentiment.
Certain ahase ef the situation, how
over, are obviously of a manipulative
character, particularly the movement in
the coal Issues. Reading was again the
leader today, selling ap t IS. Buying
of that stock wa traceable to a group
of operator prominent 111 former move
ment. Tne-list as a whole held strong- St.
Paul wa steady, aiiuoush Wall street
believe the dividend will be cut to
per cent In the coming wwek. There ws
some activity in Denver and Rio Ucande
preferred, rising from the current rumor
connecting the western inctnc witn lue
HIH line.
Beat price of the day ere registered In
th teat hoar.
The tone at the close wa "live and
The 4ond market waa ' active with
further price-Improyementa--Total sale,
par value, t3.too.oo. Paiatma 3 per cent
advanced per oent oa call, during the
Number of sale and leasing quotation
aa Mock today were a follow:
sale UIKH. cfcre.
ifrom unchanged to higher than es
trrday'a New York closing.
London ciosUig stocks:
iCeasels. mtmn . :! MtLeelsnlle N 1"'.
I n.ltxl. K. av.T r
anal iVik: tN V vaalrsl.
I a.-gesa tNartalh W
: AlrhMes IW set
e sat ii Onun aw.
; satttsMHe g ow...lti,eeMTt'aaMi
laaaaawi rarlnv . .2rrtH4 sliaes
' v laifcs go.. rryHeadia
t,t.-aai, u W If eavkera Rf....
' -t . Hit s. M.e, s4
! r gasrt.. M Soalken. Pa.ih
Daatsi 41 Rui 6. . 4 t akm PritH .
M w e sra
M .. .. ttwt.
as ha sT4 Uj a M
Ss set.......... si Wsfeask . .. .
tiraa Tnwh Mis t4
linseia lainiT IM
8I1.VKK-Rar. ateadv al tid per ounce.
MONKY-atMH per cent
The raie of dua-ount in the open market
for short bills 1 x-s per cent: tor three
month' bills. 3 per ct.
rm1t,ni! a tr lArdiijin ind roiumOn
icnirt?i, the ir.r rangf amount in t
Oout K. Ttiiuv strtii mo'ild prooaoiy
nd around fk aa$ (., eves rliminc an
j . v j as u t - a. !unrmaln marl.t Itoni H II downward,
Aost Kinds of Cattle Lower for tne , t ivM-r t,ui,a has bo u
.. TJi
.. XI,
Fat heea kaw a Ilea, la Prleew rxn. t.j; lamh. fir t
rat saeep a lP rrieea fc VMrlmgli , choice.
change of conseoiierK-e. supply and de
inand both being very email. I ke week s
purchase en country account amount te
a sctun 4.40 bead, according to packers'
Juo:atJun on sheep and lame: lambs.
A beat Tweaiy-Klve leata,
la k lie Fat lsaka r
Tlfty t eats Lswrr.
l. . ii ... . mui a. axa
J : wethers, good to choree, tl UHf4 ;
I wethers, fair to good. 0 4 II: ewe,
lewee. good to choice, Ix.tKrt Is, ewe.
:ooa, p.mvs..
Allli rkalswri I4 ....
AnMlaaataie Ceseer .
Awarwaa Asrifaltaral
Aw. Beet Bufar
AsveHeaa Can
American t'. a K.
Aawrltaa Ceuos Oil. . .
AaMrtcaa N. a U f.
An. 1, aerarillat
KM .
t,M'MH SVS ?,
.iw ws
. 1 ret It's H'.
Is.eaj i:h it it.
i.s u u tl.
Aanrifaa lanaaetlfs
Aiaerteaa g at R
km. A g. SI4
Ami. tMl l-Vundrlf...
Ara. Oussr Refisln...
Aawitosa Tatwrea pf4
Aroenraii Weslea
Afiseaaaa Mlsnig Cs-Ateataaa
AteXtasa si
ailanlle ( Vwxt lass,
sjalttiaere a nhla...
BethkMaNa flteai
Bnnaita Kapl4 Tr....
vaadwa Pamrie
?aatral lae'.ser
Oeatral Lasiher I4 ..
rtotral af Nav JarMV
Oeaaaatii A Ofeia....
iwinasa aV Atlas
Cwirass 0.
Oueace u W. f4 -.
blcas N. W
Calaase. U St F
C, C. C. A Si. L ..
Cotafaa K A I
CoiarkiM A Settlhera..
!.KaNll4air4 uas
Vra Pro4utUi
Dalawara A Hu4nn . .
Iwaver A His Uran4e..
nan o sis
manners' SesrlllM. .
47 '(
l.ta in
lot lei
.... iH
ii V t:v
S r
... lid
1411a o:s
... l.! H 11 W '
... IM H4S 144 IMS
. . IMS IMS m lit
... !. IMS Ww IMS
;nj 3IS 31 nit
... l.seff 7ns 71 tl
let ls lS KS
1,14 tlHi IIS H
1 Its lS
ina 34S aSt MS
t,M lS 1 IMS
:s i:s i: i"S
i its n't
;a m lis ms
i4 ii'l US
40W 44
4S S
i.K 11'. US US
. , al
r.ria 1st set
Kna M d
Ueaanl Kl4rlc 1" ItMl lS
lleaal Misers s4 , t.T OTS lrS 1S
ureal Nankara On tit: 4 IS 4t4 a tls
llllixli taatrsl t "I 1 '
Isurbeesasn Met 4.4N 111, US S
lata. aid It. U MS 44
lalaraallaiuil HarvMier.. 14 144 Ht IMS
toe IIS 344 us
404 ITS r
&1 ".', 41 S S
set IMS l7S !!
I.awt IMS nJS lS
IMA 34 XI s
104 11", lOS 13:1
ten s S :S
ftiaV 40 MS MS
10a in in lit
!an 4t 14 fttS
7 l's rSI IMS
ana 7IS 74S 74S
ret U4S lt"S llS
l.uc ins las lfS
lot IM IM'a IMS
let lots iti li
- US
tfl IMS IMS 1S
Mb m rs
llt.M It IMS IM
laiar-Marin St4
latamalieMl Paaar
lnnatlenal Pum ....
leas (.astral
Kansas :t'r So
K. C " st4
UrMa Use .
loalavllte A Ni.lKrllls
Mum. St. l-oH
H . t r. A M
MtwHiri. K. T
at . K. A T p!4
HKsaarl Piclllr
Nalteaal Bliasu ......
Nsitanal La4
N. R. ft af U. Id 4
Saw Tek iSntral
N T . O.
Kortalk Wealars
Narlh A'Jienras
NortSers raclflc
VMM Mall
Paasts'S Ut
p.. o.. i: A ft. L.,..
Pluearh Cast ...i...
11 1 an il lel tar
Pallstaa PSlsss fsr. ..
-tUllwar glael tsrlsg..,
RaaaMIs Steal
Rasaalle SiMl ld
Rork Island I'a
Rark lllan IS I4 .
st. u m r M I4.
Bt. iaaila II. W
I. L S W pM
SlaM-XHat'1-14 I.
Souther Parlflr .......
Baalliani Itlllaav
Be. Ilillaar M
Tens son (Viepar ..
Taxai m r.llir
T., Bt. 1. '
T.. B. U A W. sM...
I'Mka fi.ltle
llslea rarlhe nf4
l'altet S1A1M RealU...
I ailed Siaies r.ubher..
t'nite Stltet Btaal....
f . Steal Bid '..
rub rasper
Ys arenas CbemUal
W'Bblsa pM
Weetarn MaiTlia
WeetlnslieaeB glanrie
Waflera tolen
W'heeltns I. B...-.-
lhtKB VBller
tlllBO rVipaer
1, . . rwuelidated
Talal Mies ror tna amr. ,
iear York Money Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. 20.-MONKY-On call,
nominal Time loans, very soft and ac
tive; sixty days. 2S4ZH Pr cent; ninety
day. 2So-' Per cent; six months, tH3'
per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills t t4 44
for sixty dy bill ana at- w.s.js lor e-
i.i :s :,' S
?IS !S
.. .. 70S
s.-s as
its lS
US rs
IM ' 1S
MS '
MS s
IIS is
, ... It
71S T"S
ts s
lS 17
14S 1S
l. llS
I to -it,
TOS .14 '
an 1
It. ton 14SS
r us
4S.'4S 7S
4M ins
4. MS IT
Jo I il
!m T
it) It
440 'tft
T4S ns
1.MA 4
14, MO i:s
un ii".
T . i 1 fx kKl 1 CO nee Sfl-Kal Khl I mind rommerclal bill. t4.X3Sv-
iTso. Honey, nea,' 14 frames, 35 7t. Kraut. I PRIME hi EHCAHTILE PAPER-14
Per U-gai. aea. ba.uw. per e-sai. are. ei.If,
Wisconsin, per i-bbl.. .
Kaaaaa t lly Gralw aad PrnvUleBS.
KANSAS CITT. Jan. J.-WHKAT-rn-changed
to He down: No. t hard, tl 031); No. S. tl.oidJLOMi; No. 5 red. O'sW'to.
No. i 97Jc; Way. $1,001,; July.' KXjUHc
CORN l"nohngd to lc lower; No, 2
mixed. vgHc; No. 3. 4Mtr6Sc; No. 3
whit. Wc; No. t, t",Wc; May, 7c.
OATS Steady: 'No. S white. ilr4Kc;
No. 2 mixed, a'fljtl .
HAY Steady; choice timothy, fa.OOfi
BLTTER-Creamery. etc; fir!, tto;
seconds. 34c; packing stock. :t'c.
EOOit Extras. 3tc; firsts, 3j; ssconds,
" Recefpta. Snlpmenr.
Wheat, bu .oi) .ono
Com. bu 44.004 . . ii.ono
Oat. 0U 14.a 4.0(10
Mexican dot-
4leartaaT Hanee llaak Btateaaeat.
NEW YORK, Jsn .-Th statement
nf clearing house bank far the week
shows that the banks hold tAse.0W re
serve in excee of the legal requirements.
This Is an Increase of t7.M3.7ra) in the pro-
K)LTH OMAHA. Jan. I. Uli '
Receipts wrrej Cx;lla. Hogs, fheel' j
Of fl. tal UmJiu 9 1,7 4SA7 4 Btt '
viitieial t'ueeda tll 17.r!
Official Wednesday..,. .234 i:.s7l
orfh-lsl Thunuay 4.KT
OfOriai Krteay 2.0J4 )4t
batimate Saturday 3M B.M
10.044 I
Commerce Conunijsion Defjidei M.u
Ttrtely oa Creta Bates. ,
epreaeatallve Blaaa Rrceatsseada
teappailetaaeBl of reraaer New- -
Ma la Peetel
Prora a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. D. C. Ja. 39. -(Special
Telegram, r The Intent! Commerce"
oom mission today dismissed th eonr-J
six day this week.. 3.47
Ham days last weeh..l.7C2
Hame davs 3 wka ago 1.N
portlonate cah reserve as compared -with 1 "I' davs 3 wka ago I7.l
last week. The atateinent follow
1 M iVrlt W
aa Cti.en ixmmi
. lal. 1.M
l,a.i".ii it.tuov
Jc.t37.ow l.roo
t,rn .......
l-egal tender
Net depualt
Baaka cmali reserve
in vault
Trust companies'
cash reserve In
Aggregate caali re
serve ,
Excess latvful re-
ij aaJ -
53 44
SM ttn ini
..'. : 7.SC.7SO
Trust eonipanlas reserve with clearing
nouae members carr.vlug 3 per cent cash
reserve, t83,.O0O.
fauie davs 4 waa age XX
fame days last
The following table showa lite receipts
f cattle, hogs and sheep at ttoulh Omaha
for the year to gate ea waBparad with
last ear; itu ittl. , Inc.
tittle OU STS " al'43 4iS
Hogs rt4.13 !. H7.7M
Sheep hUstSe 407,77 " Jt
Tue foUowtn4t ubte howa th rang of
pi lies paid for hog t South Omalia for
in test few days, with conipaitaons.
Kate, i IjT?. :ijll. lw..ksa.ileW.:lt. -ttot.
steer. M.irT . stockrs and leeder.
tiTatiAOO; cows aad heifer.;
ralvea. eVtOO 7S. ,
MOOS- Receipt. SAO head; market
te off; light. t7Jtt4Vi: mixed, tssorrt-al;
heav y, t44jav. rough. U -ll 10, plga,
KehtKl; bulk of aeiea, at SO.
811 tCP AND LAMBrV-Recalpta. S,
head: market weak, native. tJMplTh:
wa.iem. CL0OO4 7t: vearllngs. H lanji.;
anibs, native. RkaJ..; western, BVOtaf
Ja. u.i i i l- .4i I, - J ;
Jan. IS. t t 731 I , I ta) 4 4 I . VJ
Jan. 14.) ltittt7liti'l
Jan. I.;
1 t 41 i 7 4 2i 4 361 U
Kaaaaa Clly Btavek Market.
Receipts J head. Including HV head of
southern. Market ledv; native steers,
gvsotn ii. soutliern steers. t 7.j.j;
southern cows and heifers, tttoeavti; ne.
tlve cowa and heifer. glOMJwM. ock-
feedera t4 0v0: bull. H.Mf
MJOBOst: western (Iter. M
weetsrn cow, ttoofxa.4.
IIOt)! Receipts, k head. Msrket
Legal tenders
Net deposits
Hanks cash reserve
In vaults
T r a t compaale'
caan reserve in
Aggregate cash re
serve , ,
Kxoes lawful re
l.b iintnw
41.X ON
4 ,
'Jan. It' a 13 T 44 I Ui 4 3) I 4 42, t 3 ateady to Ac lower: bulk of sale. Bvsasj
Inc. J. j,.. celt t 7tl 44 Ot' 4 31 a 27 ! r.eVett-a; light, najxia; pigs,
,. l.te.aisis) rxi-tt.OW; Jan. H ' , 7 4, t 311 ' I , t t
iw1 dan. I?.' a 44 I t S 3J us taw a m
''"" Ull. 2w.
. 7 OH 311 t 3i 4 271 1 t 31
ltl.tKu Sunday.
i Receipt and dlsposltlm of live ioek
t th t nlon Rtock inrds. South Omaha.
tor twenty-four hour andlng at I p. m.
r noaj .
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep H r a
C. U. gt St. P. Ry.. ..
Wabash K. R
Ry. .
At ari -aa
Tetiat n, . ui. i .. , Mlasotiii Paclfl'
house members earring er cent caah im ,",lI,c K'
reserve. tW.IW.0H0. N. w east...
v., at rv . vv .. vol.
C, t. P.. SI. aV O.
C. B. Q.. east..
Amount. IVecrease t... ii. m w . wear
.)!. AH, tlO.C'l.TOO
eo.1.1 o lti.ti.Siq
ll.HR.tWI 14AJ0
V.lfl. 4
Kummary of slate bank and trust com.
panlea not reporting to th New York
Clearing nouse
Legal tender ...
Total deposits .
lncreae. i
Hasten Block, .tlarket.
BOKTON, Jan. JO Closing quotations
oti stocks were a., follows:
Allsae ! .! 11
Aail. Caspar tsSNevaaa tB ....
A. B. U A XSNIpaans UISM .
R A (.' I A a. II. Is Nans Bulla
Hutte (SBllnan .... ttsNsrlk Lake
(SI. A anieea 4ISOM laaalBlaa ...
fSI A Maria IM eiHeeele
. tlSviulaey
. 44 BaatiMia
. ItSSaservar .
. It uperka- 4V gv at
4 t IITsMarsek
. IIS I. B. B. ft. 4V al
S 4a ST4
t'op Mans ',
KaH Hatia C.
Krasklis .... ,.
(Urea Ons. ...
Uraahy OS. ..
Oraaaa CaaaaM
lata Raral tSssar.. tlttt'lak Tea
Kerr Leas s u-! I tax
Uaks capper iswisaaa .
Miaail (Vesper rlSWelesrles
. lS
. s
. iS
. MS
. 4IS
. "S
. ft
f'affee Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. 3t -TOrVEE-rll-turea
opened ateady at an advane ot t to
13 points In response to hatter European
cables than ex peeled. Iiemand w not
particularly ai-tlve. but there were report
of covering of week-ends, a well as a
little fresh buying Inspired bv the stead),
nesa abroad, and wllh th offerings light
the market closed steady at a net gain
of ; to It points. Bales, Jt.7a0 hag, Jan-
C. R. I. P..
C, H. I. P., s..
Illinois Central Ry..
.... 3.314
.... t.7
"l3t 12.140
Total receipts ... 13 130
Cattle. Hoe Sheep.
Orntlii Packing Co...
Swift 4k Co
Cudaky T'a king Co..
Armour V Co....
brhwartg Co
J II. Hull
II. K Hamilton
Mo. At Kan calf Co..
niher buyer
Tot! IM li.' 4i
CATTLE There acre more rattle here
then usual on a aaturday, but atlll not
enough to cut very much figure In the
trade or really make a market. For th
es receipts foot up 51, W! head. Being
th largeat In a number of weeks back
and larger than a year ago.
Heef steers ot good quality hav been
scarce all the week and aa result caul
of that description' hav oeni mantled full
stead v price throughout the week. On
the other hand the common and medium
grade ot eattle hgva eased off a little
nd at th close of the week are areuad
1&U24C lower.
Cow and heifer hv been In very
liberal supply throughout th week and
very fair aellers. Toward the close of
14. jun- 1 . '"-:w-t: '- ...77
iiXS7-nri'& 'aT on Friday and It t h. ilos of t h
Ne sheep on sale.
Orsaaad for Cattle aad lheep Weak
Metre Lewer.
( Hit Alio, Jan. tB.-CATTIJS-Re.sipt. plaint ef th Fairmont Creamery cra
1 ) head; market weak: beev-ea, ta4psny egainat th Burllngtoa. TreV7
i.v: Tax steers. e4ll: western i ,
of at cent iter ten galieu can of erm
from Concordia. Kas.. le Crete. Neb., tier4
the ground that the rat was anreaean
able In view of th fact that the Bitr-e1
llngton had established a rata ef St cent'
per -ten gallon can at cream In lot axfA.
r can or more shipped from Concord te
la Crst by paaaenger train.
This special rat waa nonllnuad la forw
until March 1. 1MB. On that data the',
rate waa advanced te tt cent erttlto'itV
limitation a to the oumocr at caosv
In September tl IM i special rate
of J cent waa restored with In-..
crease of th number of can In eauk
hlpment to NO ran during th summer ''
month, the minimum retnelnlne: at lap V
eaaa from October to March of each .
year. This rale Is atlll In force. The.'
eomplelnant contended th rate wa tin-.
Juat because of a ; cent rat since IBS
with th exception of tlx months Interxj
val bov referred to. : '
Testimony howed that th romplalnanti
first suggested the present rate and the
oommiestoa thought- It aU right and
kas IM reason now to change It aUnd.
Mill tesBplalat Dlsaalaeed, '
The Interatat Commerce commlselolr'
today dlamlsaed lha complaint of ttnri
Broek-Rauch Mill and Elevator eompaa-r'
against the St. Leui. Iron Mounuia '
Bouthsm Railroad company, Vherel thvt'
awnplalnaat allege tmraijoeabla ratey:
for the transportation 4f graUs nd gtavh
product from point n Nebraska and
IfaMaaa e I J , .1. tl . L. . .
Th oomrrilMlon la It decision at todI
held that k'eharg for necessary at-of-l
direct line aerrrrw en (hlpment af (rain'
and grain product from Omaha, to Cart
way and Mornlion. Ark., with tranlt'
privilege at Uttl Rock. Ark., ar founrtt
not be to nnraonhl or unduly prelu-'
dlolal," and tneg dismisses the cemplainf
Ueneral John C. Cowln .of Omaha la W
Washington en departmental matter. Jle
Bellevea that Ttut will carry NabrajrkaT
In th primaries, b nominated amP
tlerted. "The delegate selected te b
voted fqr at th prlmarie in April bs.
th republican ar extremely strong men
and 1 cannot concetv how a better seleeJ
hob; could hav been made. Wisdom wad
displayed la their eloUoa and Ikay lulv
my unquaUfled approval. In. my Judge,
stent Tft I getting stronger vry day."
Rprenlatlva Klnkaht today recom
mended the appointment of Carl H. Kay
4 postmaster at Heel, vie I. J. Vk '
ry. reMgned, gnd)U C. Barker poatmad-'
te at Oracle, rlc Robert Williams, tff
tlgned. ' "
Upon 'tk motion ot Senator Norrt
Brawn, B. B. Perry ot Cambridge and
Robert C. Orr of MrCook wr adnrlttetf
I practice before Ike uprm court to
il.)'. "
It. Leal Bteck Market.
ST. UU'lil. Jan, 30 CATTLK Re
ceipt. 3.404 head. Including n head of
Texan. Market Meadv; native beef
steer. KM) 7 it; cows and heifer. W .
tat); tockra and feeder, rt 714J ;
Texas nd Indian steers. ttxXjr.tW: cows
end heifer. t3.04j.; calv. In carload
lota, ROVtrT.t.
IIOOA-Kscelpts. Ik) head. - Market
teady at agflOc lower; pig and light,
14 2S4H30; mixed nd kutchtr, 6 ,.
good heavy. tv.4 .
N alieep market,
lit. Jeeh Live tack Market,
ceipts, tut head. Markat ateady; steers,
ttka.s: cows and heifers, H00t7;
calves, RantM B.
ItotiH Receipts. 4 0 head. Markat
low sml lower; top, BvSS, bulk of sales,
m. ii. - - -
SHEEP ANI LA MRS No 'recelpta
Market unchanged; lamh, atonrj,;.
June. Jtilv
ana Aiiguei, liKae; eteptemher, 12.44I-;
Octolier. l2Kte; November. !;"; Ileeem
ber, 12 34c. Havre was ',4if. higher.
Hamburg waa lj- pfg. higher. Rio, un
changed, at TtTJO, Kantoe 4a, tin. hanged,
al 7t700 ; 7a. 31 rels higher, at ftiji. Ra
cetnta at th two Itraxlllan ports, in am
ba. against 15.01X1 Is.-I year. Jundiahy
revclnta ll.out baa, aaaiust ami laai
year. Rain was reported In all dlstrtrisi
oi mo raiuo. New lork wsrehouee de
liveries yeitterday were 0.7X0 bags, against
1H.6H7 last yer. Spot coffee, nulet; Rio
No. 7. I4e; Stnlna No. 4. 1iV Mild, quiet;
Cerdova, leHltHMc, nominal.
Itvaaereted Applra aad Dried t rails
Al'PI.ES-tjiiiet. and price are tly:
on lha spot fn.-y quoted at tostlUrVc;
cluilce. (vdrSc: prim. 4Sr.
likll'K Eni'lTS I'runes, lrregu!r with
a little more pressure to sell some grades.
(Jb.datlnns range from 64 11V for Ctll
forjita up to .V40a and I OVyti 1 2c for Ore.
gons. AprlcHs. firm with an upward
tendency; choice, IT.hli.ltc; .extra choice.
iUlilS.'': fane), lltllsc Pearlies, turn
with a fair demand: choir. llnllV': ex
tra (holes. HMrlJe: ram-y. Uril2Hc.
Raltdna, quiet and steady; loose Musca
tels, &sfi7c: choice to fancy seeded, 7Str
Se; seed lean, OfJ 7e; London lasers, tl.tuti
week the market Is IMSu lower than
on week RBO.
Strictly good feeder hv been In
light upply vry day thl wk ad
hr commanded good, ateadv price,
tin th other hand light stock rati! hav
been very slow sellers at low prices ,
It would he iveii for ahipMrs to uatleri
land that Has' aupply of refrigerator car
(etoa Market.
NEW Y'ORK, Jan. 30-.tJTToN-Ku-ture
Hosed barely steady; closing bids:
January. t.3c; February, .:tc: llareli,
33e; April. Oc: May. t.tXc; June. 062c.
Julv ; August, t.slc: September, .:;
October, .7lr; November, s.74c: 1'wemher,
t.snc. St elosed unlet, t point i lower;
middling uplsnds. (.sOr: middling gulf,
r.75e: no ssles.
MVERPOUta Jn. t-COTTO.V-pol,
quiet; price unchanged; American mid
dllrc fair. 4 04d: good mlddllnz iiai:
middling. 5 40d; low middling, i isd; g.avd ! had no life whatever. Shippers took very
ordinary. 42d: ordinary. 4 cod. The sales little interest In the trade, furnishing an
or tr.e osv were ,uar bajga.
for th ahlpment of the product to points
of consumption Is very limited owing to
poor rllrod service consequent upon th
cold and storms. I'ntll paeksrs are able
to move the product to markat with per
fect freedom It will b an ay mattr
to flood the market with cattle. Hence
It would seem to be the part ef wisdom
for the country U follow a consrvtlv
plsn In shipments until th railroad ser
vice le back to normal.
guotatlnn on cattle: flood to choir
beef steers, t 80447 W: fair to good beef
steer, t.0r4 ra; oomnion to fair beef
ateerM, Sa.tXrna.W; good to choice heifer.
fV4oti0u: good to choice cowa. tt Wir 40.
lr to good (-ows and heifers. tt.7jdj4.M;
common to fair cows and heifers, ttoOBjE
lii; good to cholc SI or Iters nd feed
ar. t4.4ofJV.uO; fair lo good atorker and
feeders, a4.1wt40.4w, common lo lair stock
srs and feeders, 3 tot1. 74. stock heifer.
4d.tdlu4.Mi: veal calve,. ! OajvoO, bill Is,
stsKS. etc., li4i6W.
HiMiit I'nfavorable advice from other
leading hog market wer chiefly lntru
metiti In tauMng a lower trade locally,
price ruling about a dim undr those
of yeateraay. Th decline wa featured
by slow buying In all quarters, as receipts
amounted to fully t.Ouo heed and selling
effort wss heavily taxed ail through the
session, clearance waa further delayed
by th lata arrival of several Iralnloade,
o that the big bulk had not ehsnged
hands until weO along toward mldtiav.
Parking demand waa ronably broad,
ea pee tally In the light of recent big sup
plies, hut buyers were In ne hurry to put
up droves and the movement sealeward
. llaek la Slaat,
Receipts of live stock at th five prlncl
pal wctem markets yesterday:
cam, nogs, oneep.
South Omaha.,
St. Joseph
Kane City...
St. Iiouls
... ,3ut 0,MI
.. Lorn
., I.KB
Mlaaeaawll Urala Market. ,
May. tl.0a; July, !l41.0t'4: caah. No.
1 northern. tl.. No. 2 northern, tl 44; No.
i, ti e:.
CORN-No. I yellow. 143i,c.
OATrt-No. I wolle. 47tj47V.
n V W V 11 a (aW 1
ii r 1 v euaiayu a n A PI. er.
FLOl.'R First patent. K.lOfpi.,: sec- i " " J? V.
41a Her cent.
SILVER Bar, t?V-
lars. steady.
BON Do vlovemmejtt, steady; railroad,
Closing gustattocMr en bond today wars
U. (. ret. ta. ra.. H4 later. M. V. 4S".- 47S
aa ceepea IM Japas M 47
tl. B. la. rat at a 4 4. 1
4a eaapa 11SK. C s. I 114
C. a 4a. ng 114 U A 4s. 4s 1411.. 4S
da ran ll'SU A .N. sri. 4e ... 4s
Allik-Csal. 1st s... 41 at. K. A T ha 4... M
Awer. Ag 4s 1S 4 aa. 4Sa J
It at. w ..nisM. Perm, m fi
An. ToMtt 4a.... SS. R. H. at St 4SS MS
4o 4 xfkN- T. 47. . tk... 4
A-aianr A S. (S S t 4K 4, 41
AlCXiss P- 4a-- - "IX. T. N. H. A II.
ta 4 IM cv. M ..13..
4, e. ..'. '''SX A W. lat . 4s.. MS
g. C le lt S aa ev. 4 1M
Bal A Oti la i BtSNa. Pariric M les
4a IS ' S do la ta
Urn Sa ! O B. L. r.'d. M ... MS
Break. Tr cr ..- "Sraan ev 2s 1414.. rs
W aa. a Oa. as e eaa M 11 I
(e. Mstaer MSfjadta gaa. 4,.... ass'
1: at .n J ..mss. l. . r ig. 4s h 1
Okea A Olao 4S4..141S de ss- ts ,
aa rrt M S L S W, r 4a.. au '
(tie, Be A XS.. de 1st gal ta.... 41
C. B A q I- "SB A. L. I. Mi
(a gaa. 4s M a p.... m. 4, K
C. at- A a. T . t M 41 da c. 4, KV,
C. . I A r. e. ( Its aa !( rat ta KS ,
Aa rts w MSSa. Rallear 4a wis I
-ala. lad M aa era. M n I
Tarpewtlne aaa'atoela.
SAVANNAH. O.. Jan.' 30.-TI RPEN-
TINH-4c bid and refused: sales, none;
receipts, cu oni. ; ampmeni. 3.11 bbl.;
locks. C5t bbl.
HosIN-FIrm: sale, 4.20 bbls.; receipt.
2,0 bbls ; shipments. 7.0t bbls.: stockK.
12. 421 bbls. uuntatlon: B. KtT1; It.
tattled. 4?tt: K, tt.a7S4ld.70; T. Q II and
I, IH4r 72H: K. 17. to; M. r 45; N. 7..').
wo.; ww. r.M.
Dry Ueed Market.
Cotton drill in twin rei ouea nave neea
advanced. Price on outing flannel and
domett will be made by leading houses
on Monday. Trad for the week was of a
conservative character, hut verv steady.
Linens are higlier. with buyers showing a
dlsDoeillon to operate on late deliveries.
Burlap are In fair Inquiry, with a light i
business passing.
ouiiei 1 or oniy a lew sesneren load.
Heon average sold from tsto down
ward and the beat lard animal on aaie
dropped to to. tt. a dim under yesterday'
high price, (rood butcher weights ranged
round tn0frt9.rt. th amount of busineaa
under KOO proving unuaually large.
During th week receipts have been re
nurkably heavy, giving a total that ex
eejada any week's record In severs i veara
Despite the big aupplle, mounlfng to
Eoutt Members Give Chemittry
Bareau Chief Clean Bill. .
Prart tcally Only D base at frats,
Sereeplag Vtrdlrt far Decler'
led ea Irrrgelar EsspUy
saeat at Raaby.
WAilllNOTON. Jan.' o.-Dr.i Harvey
W. Wiley, chief ot the chemistry kuraau
of th ' Department or Agrlcullur. tho
ptorro center of Ik tood administration
canlrovwray last umnir, I f lean eleaa
bill at liallh In the nport of the haus
cemmllt that. lBVtt!gtd th chrgaa
Bhd eeuntarcharga. Th commlttea, In
It rspert, which will b presented te th
l:euM Bt Monday, ustalns Dr. Wllsy
all along the line, xo-. en WchnlosJ, un
important dttall. '
. Th vkieno taken la the ras .wa
voluminous and It Is not repeated I the
report except by brief references, th
document being oonf'nrd le Ihe actual
conclusion of th committee. The repub
lican member of th commit! telmd
with th democrat hi making th report
unanimous. The report cf Ihe subcom
mittee ws gaxendMi In a autnber of per
tlrulara, particularly In Ita refer nee to
the Hems board,' which Inveeturated and
passed expert Judgment apoa th frater
food problem.
"There la aa politic in th report," a 14
Chairman Moaa ot th committee.
The report pays much citentlon te th
Rma board, to the activity of anllcltor
Mocabe. who was the principal opponent
ef Dr. Wiley la the department, and It
rrcommendatlen In general recommend
Ihst Dr. Wiley be given a free hand in
the enforcement of the pure food and drug
law. thus limiting very largely the power
formerly exercised by Solicitor McCab.
Thl limitation already has beep put Into
offset under the action taken by Presi
dent Tatt shortly after th adjournment
of th extra aessloa, which brought the
gctir congressional Investigation to a
The final stamp of approval of th eon.
elusion rea hed after Ihe month of In
vestigation was affixed by all th mem
ber of the committee today. Th com
mittee Immediately ordered the report
printed confidentially and declined lo an-
Trust Provided by -Cudahy
Will Decided
Void in California!
V.LOB A NO ELM. Cel.. Jan. M-t'rlter
th oral opinion ot. Judge (Uvea In tse
probata court, delivered today, th trust
which th late Michael Cudahy. th Cb
cagu pacasr, ao u , i . . an . vw " -
la .void bo far a th praprty In CUi
tornia I concerned. -.
, Cudahy. died la 1I0. lea ling aa astai.
of many millions, most of which waa ta,
tlllnola Th Yalua ef th tat ta Ctu
Ifornla, It waa asserted, was approxi
mataly t,000. In hit will according; t,o
th petition tiled by th contestant, Mr,
Cudhy undertook to revsn th al af ;
this property, known B tls Cavtlahy
ranch, for a perk of five Year, the hv i
oum meaawblla to b uaed for eertala
. Th Cudahy Ranch company, organised
by the, contaatsd th wrlll. '
claiming this property should dl
tributed fre from tint truat. ,
Banks iUlowedto
Take Desired Title
WASHINGTON. Jn. 30-For th tirt .
time lu history th way hs been opened. (
It deve oped today, tor Stat bank and ;
trust companlc to becoms known a .
Tnlled State depoMUiias." According I
to the lew ot the Treasury depart mewl. ,
any financial institution IB America, na- ;
onal or state bank or trust company, I
holding poital saving deposits or other
government fund may assume that title
wltlHiut legal Impediment, eveti tnougn
MBV hMH . i, " j . , , - ; pnnini cuitiiueniiany ins cseunea ta R- - "" '
isnerohr ghoi. .nVprTce. h."e lId I rec-hrndmd.tldn. until th. re, j fh. dCgi-llcm Is hot of cererrod ;
sales i port I mad public next Monday.
up In very good shine, current
showing net decline ot only a dime as
compareo w;tn vaiuee a week ago.
rurpreeentatirc ai.
by th secretary ef th treasury.
Ae. SB
ksgsr xsarket. . iw
NBW YORK . Jan. .-f I'OAR-JUw, m.'
firm: Muscovado, lest. 3 "Wis Sac; cen-iu ..
tnfugal. W test, 4 4Ar4 etc: molasses sugar. 7i ..
SB leit. 3 TOO -7. TV; refined, firm: cuhea,l74...
t.TSc: granulated, l.30o; fine, powdered, ,
J.tCc. J
Peeria Market. ' Jj"
PEORI. Jl. -COItN-HIher: No, 1 H .'!
1 Willie, fir: No. 3 yeUoW. S4t : No. 4
yeilow. !: No. . mixed, 43c; No. 4, tlC:!',-.
(ample, vwrrvsc.
tiAT8-rlrni: No. 2 white. 5k-.
i Vila. Hid 4 klsiakai raclfk M
, c. a B. r A a (S "S e tr. ta. ins
"-a 1st e rer. (,. 41 S
ond paten;. M.7a4JA.O: first clear. tLi0 1 p,",,
3,s; eccno cwaura, l.v. aa. . . . .
ea - - w ' ' e, at as.
PklladetpkUk Prwdaee Market.
Qniet and ateady: western creamery spe
cial. 43c: extra, 42c; nearby print. 44c.
EaKiS Firm and in good demand; Penn
sylvania and other nearby first, free
CSBM. ti0.jS per case; current receipts,
free caves. tl0 3 per car: western firsts,
free cse. tl0-5 per case, current re
Ceota. th A per case.
CHI KSE Firm rd In greid demand:
New Yrrk full creams, 17t,rl7Sc: fair to
skkI. HStrc.
sSt- . Ketteer m mil
4St. A Btaal M ta . lMSI
.. .4 Va-Cer. nuaa. la.. IMS
.- V ewsaaah la la. ....Iptv, I
4 re 4j. ser. A MSr 'ars Hd 4.... 17',
es aeriM B Else v a. 441. ,
Oes. Klec- r M ..WSVita Oe(ral 4, nS
III Cea 1 raf. la- MS Ma Pse. ... 4. srs
later. Met. (S :', 'Panama 3, Jtl
Bid. Jtlara.
I.lrerpeol tareilw Market.
firm: No. 1 Manitoba.
Manitoba, ts 4Sd. No.
futures, steady; March.
i4d. July. 7s tisd.
4 IS
I 14
..IM ... 4 Ii
. . .144 ... 4M
...IS IX
...IM .... 4 C
. .114 44 I rs
W. M I M
.. IK . . I M
...24 ... I
...IM ... IM -
...KM ... IMS
..! ... I St ik
. D 24 44
.411 ... 4 44
..7 44 4M
. .IM- US 4 m
. 214 . ..IB
. TM ... 4 4S ... ta
. !l ... 4 4
.714 . 4 SI
m U I M
at ... 4
.2X4 . 4 SB
Na. Ar Sh r-
B Ml M I sr.
4 M4 (.
114 l 4 at
4 JS! ... Ill
l 211 ... I 41
at .
1 ti; n 444
74 14 ...
74 :il M 4 ai
0 2IT 40 tOa
74- XtT M lc
74...., . m M 4
1U 14 l
7? m ... (4
41 tU 4 (4
74 ...... Ml ... 4 41
4 . 41
.71 3 M I M
7... :: rM 4 14
B 1 . Ml 44 4 14
7! .'! ...4 1
JM 4,. I IS
K B ... 4 14
7 "M ... 4 1
JS1 ... 4 11
V ... 4 li
77 1.-7 .. 4 14
4! ..tS ... 4
eaentallv Hlon of Nebraska I A ! ' From an unofficltl source It waa learned ,
w of the committee. I that the Treasury department -ad da '
Virtually lha only d ssent from th
sweeping verdlrt for Dr. Wiley I baaed
upon the Irregular employment of Dr.
II. H. Busby of New York a a tt a day
LOO AN. Is, Jan. 30.-1 Special. 1- With
i 0 full tickets sold and 50 or mor day
, tlckata In furee. the Usrrtson county
short course ha aasumed proportion
whkh cause much rejoicing among th
manager In the domestic science de
partment presided over by Mrs. Camp
bell, there is a large attendance. Ex
t hihtt in cooking eoutasts ar unuauailv
I fine, 17 entries being made thl morning.
, Prof. 11. A. Kinney of Woodbine
. W.-Wrf KATMOOI - - - ... ,e - 'i. a. 1 1 1 h ' 1 . i.i" iwm ih agrieuiLure 10 liesr
h- 4VI: No. 2 1 .LTJa- OH"!'L ie-";'" ' " " D ,ro'' "o'0" her yestei--
, a uaji.tnha uvtd- the caae on a Haturday; the market aai; . , , : . '.
reh ;vd .v - barren affair, nominally ateadv. I ay afternoon on drainage. p,0f. Ilol-
.a . u. -ua. , .4. iJultrK tB week the trade In general I den sJso lectured 00 Bdvancement In edit-
Mllwavk f.rvla Market.
1 northrr. H No. S ctiliTi,
Julr. Kc.
CORS-N. y-llow. Srr Kb. t Wrtft.
C. No. t 4c: 1U. July. $c.
ja 1 nam ra , wVfrvrc.
XKW YORK. Jn. 3.-"lu3.nff quou
t.affw on mtLinf storkt mr:
AftW (kkH
;'- Timii atari.... ffHMl-va 4)
"4d lyitK oiri i
t lrm M-t-t '.iii'dr4 tft 1
l.dtHlr.lrt, fjssx tKJiW irkt 1
Voudmu 9tgMrk VarkrC. !
UONDON. Jan. 2D. -On th 9tock n
chaiiffts taor to-day Anr.can eectiTitia
opn1 ateady and around parity. Vmttmr
th markt adaii42dMl on liar hi HvrinT
Wnd C4Ha4 atad, with prices ranr.!
hm 44n mor9 or unnatisfaotorv 10
fld-lllnc intfrtgaita owlnt lo th mhortrnt of
rfri coral or rar 4 'otr. pmrM it h last
B.'iBk I1.4r ha bon Mm tlheht imnrnva.
; era to meet I lie requirements of packer.
IjONDON. Jan- 39. The fiet tht tne ' nd product has been piling up in chill
duke and durhes of fonnaught with J foom" despite the (art tht the consump.
. , . . . , I tlv outlet In the east I untisuallv hrna.l.
their daughter, the Prrnces Patricia, are j j the live stork" market these rondl
not to visit Washington while they are j lions have been pla.Mc reflected both In
In the rnlted ."tale Is causing some I 'h "''"J '"". 'rnd "
comment here, altlmugh It Is believed I , ,,,.' ,n npes. mnulrv late in the
la. there must he fome good explanation fori seek proving aimoai iifelese. t 'lea ran' es
'2 1 their derision. j oifjlcult; and P'to-- broke 'r,1"1!;
It Is uul when royal personates ls.:t Mc. while' fsl sheep are ouolsble
a foreign country, evea tf ral-ofncii;v
to py their respect te the head of the
nation. The doke af Oonnaught has the
reputation of always doing the rlglit
thing, and people here refuse to be!ave
be I now making any mistake. t
cation ot the dally affaire of life. Ill
lectui wa largely attended, not only
by tli member of the short course,
but also by the citixens of I.ogan aad It
Judging In lire rtock has a large at
tendance. Oorn judging I largely at
tended, not oiily by farmers, but also
by teachers and a few ministers.
aided there id no law restricting th term
"VnlteU "late depositary" to those na
tional banks named if th secretary as
depositaries of public Lionel'. Thl leave
national or Mate bank or trust com",
panics. In which the trustees ef the postal
laving aj-rtem deposit the pasta! sav
ing fund or national bank holding r
is'.n Indian funds for tit Secretary of
the Interior, frc to dopt the till. '
' Th privilege ot becoming knows a a
depositary of the nation's funds Is mush
ought by every bank Id th country, be
cause it It presumed to convoy aa
vantageous Impression ot character aad
stability. f)t the 7.30I rational banks.
on!rtmt l.4o r officially designated
at -Vnltesl State tiepo-ilarle." X 4
Frreiry of the Treasury SlacVeagh. it
v raUI. Is cnnslBntly heskged by senator
and-repreetir.Bt'iVr In congf ta cnake
nallonul l'its iu tlielr state or districts
"Vnited Mate tiepo'itaries." , In many
esasea on or two banks In a towa are so
designated, while other la the same com
munity ar net. . This, It is declared,
works virtually- aa a lacrtmlnallon by
the government, and the Treasury de
partment tledsloa I axpectcd lo aorta
His problem In large measure. ,
T JOgrPH. Mo.. Jsn. Tt.-When Cora
ahout a quarter tower 1 ha n week ago. furrett. 14 yes old. and Chester Car-
rim XTTKra or ren tnoew msne un the . ,, , , , .
bulk of total offerin.. with lamb and 9m'T- appueo ior a license 10 marry.
ewe In heavy malority. Fully two-thirds kere today they wer refused and thel
of the moderate supplie were merely fair girl waa committed to the Detention
to good, the .trklly pnmev.rtctle. being 10m JlloM Rran f th criminal
rare exceptions High-grade ft lambs 1 ,, . . .
a a result ar still holding at liberal J Her t "Ad given consent, j
Xeaaber et tt. T. 8 seek Bekg
Our builnesa la the Investment
of fun la large or small In aecurt
tle oeat aulted to the require
ment of the individual Investor.
Sand for Booklet .
T4 Broanlwar, ?ier Tartu