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Supreme Court Heart Argument
Over Share Given Girl' Home.
DMrlet Ceart Clerk smith lilm
Polat Whethrr fw l.lsf at
JM aad Clerk la
for Aeril.
Tns atton
If It U c
of abuttlr.
'L which It
tions sho
(From Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. m W.-iSpeclal.i-Ont
la.e of the UtigaUon over th John A.
CreiKhton estate was threshed out In the
supreme court today, that of the bequest
to the working girls' home. The home
was given a verdict in the lower court,
hut was not satisfied with the amount
Some of the heirs were not satisfied that
any allowance was made. The bequest
was for SoA.OM, and the home people held
to the theory that under the will the
home was entiled to Its hare of the
residuary estate after the specific be
quests were paid. This would make
the share of this charity 1110.0m.
Qaestloa ef Primary Boards.
The attorney general has been asked
to decide two questions, one of which
Interests Douglas county, as well as every
other In the state. Robert Smith, clerk
of the district court, wanted to know
whether under the primary law It waa
necessary to appoint new Judges and
clerks for the primary election. Appolnt
menta were made last August, and the
law says they are to serve for one year.
Th attorney general holds that In this
Instance the word "year" means a time
commencing with the first occasion for
auch officers In th calendar year and
therefor new Judges and clerks must be
named for th April primary. and these
will serve In such capacity for the re
mainder of th year.
Areretloa of Leads.
Th county attorney of Thurston county
wants to know what to do In the matter
of several hundred acrea of accreted land
I y along the Missouri river In th eastern
V" next of that county. Th land la claimed
by the owners of abutting realty, which
In many cases means Indiana not taxed.
The attorney general holds that th land.
If It fat accretion, belongs to th owners
abutting property, and If th land to
attaches Is taxable th aocre-
should also be Hated for taxation.
He recommends that a survey b mad
to ascertain the exact amount of such
accretion. In order that an assessment
can b mad.
Kraraey Home t Osti.
Land Commissioner Cowles has gone to
Kearney to superintend the formal open
ing of the hcspital for tubercular pa
tients. It Is expected some patient will
be on hand Monday and possibly some
may arrive today.
The Hebron school district has sent In
120,000 worth of bond to be registered.
Th bonds are voted under the sam law
which has been challenged In th cis
arising In Lincoln, on th ground that
the title Is not as broad a th law Itself.
The district court' uphold th law. but
tb case has been appealed. Th Hebron
peopleV Bowevsr. took th precaution to
.. I .iih ih tirffii nt both the Old'
-j"and the new law and th chances are the
h bonds will b registered without protest
In case the auditor finds th proceedings
N Cage Ceealy Remit.
Uage.cousty today remitted to th stats
treasurer fM.OOO of tax collections, tILOM
ut sahlelr belongs to the. general fund.
Yesterday, the first day for payment of
warrants Tinder .the last call, brought
r.i;. of lh I1W.0M called Into tb offlc
for redemption and today thr was an
other large demand for cash. A few days
will clean all of the call except scat
tered' warrants In th hands of holders
whe are In no hurry for their money, but
Interest stopped yesterday.
Mate Superintendent Deliell has gone
to Dladen. where he wll deliver an ad
dress In a church Sunday and one before
the schools on Monday. Both will be on
educational topics.
Gam Warden, Miller went out to Eagle
Thursday, returning last night While
there he obtained th conviction of Hbw
arl Moreland of College View, charged
with unlawfully killing four quail out of
season. He was fined t30 and costs.
Dates for Governor.
Governor Aldrich goes to Omaha tonight
and tomorrow will deliver an address be
fore the young Men s Christian associa
tion. In th evening he will speak In the
Auditorium In Council Bluffs, tb occa
sion beiiyf a union meeting of the
Governor Aldrich has received an Invi
tation to become a member of Association
of Western and Northwestern Governors.
The association waa formed during the
trip of the train which carried an exhibit
of western products to the eastern cities.
Governor N orris of Montana waa elected
president and Governor JrVest of Oregon,
secretary. Th object of the association
is to aid In all projects which havefor
their object th building up of the west.
Kach of the governors Is requested to send
in suggestions for topics to be discussed
st a meeting to be held at Boise. Idaho,
in August? and from the a program will
be made up and speakers appointed to
lead the discussion. . .
Itobeit Hunter, a ll-ycar-ohl boy, was
broug'it back from David City on a bench
warrant charging contempt, the warrant
being Issued by the polio Judge. Hunter
js the complaining witness against
Harry Crawford, a pool hall owner,
charged with permitting minors in his
l Hunter failed to appear 'on the
date set for trial.
Methodists Meet.
Next Tuesday evening Methodists from
all over the atat will meet In Lincoln
for a. banquet, the real purpose of the
asset ub ling, however, being to devise
in?n of Increasing the endowment fund
of Wcaleyan university near this city. The
various district superintendents and prom
inent laymen are to, be Invited to meet
Bishop N'nelsen and Chancellor Fulmer
os. that occasion.
Ijiaer Files Affidavit.
J. Dan Lauer. In an affidavit filed In
the litigation over th transfer .of the
IJncoln Paint and Color company to the
Acme company of Detroit, alleges that
tlie sale is Prt of a plan to consolidate
Hie paint business of the country Into a
couple of gigantic concerns working In
harmony. He also charges an agrea
nient exists by which prices are fixed and
further that If the deal goes through It
la the sptentloa ot th purchasers to close
the Lincoln pis at. Hs chaise that of
the fiftv or snore firms comprising the
Taint Grinders association, a small Inner
rinrie control the entire association- The
uefondaiits in the aiuwer deny all these
chart .
Boy Ground to Death
by Switch Engine in
North Platte Yards
NORTH PLATTE. Neb, Jan. 4. -(Spe
cial)-Roy Halligan, M years old. son oi
Thomas Halligan. a farmer, who Uvea
west of this city, was ground ta pieces
under a switch engine at Locust street
crossing at o'clock Thursday evening.
Mr. Halligan and his son wer crossing
the track oa a loaded bay rack whea
It was struck by a rapidly running switch
engine which waa backing toward tin
round house to Chang cars. Th boy
was thrown under th tender and in
stantly killed, his body being badly
mangled. Mr. Halligan wa either thrown
or Jumped off of th waa on and one
wheel of It passed over htm giving him
some Internal Injuries. . The rear wheels
of hayrack were smashed, and the team
ran away. .
Complaints has often been made oi
th dangerous conditio ot this crossing.
About twenty tracks frequently used by
switch engines are located on this cross
ing which has most ot traffic to an
from north and south sides of city.
Wilson's Name is
Filed at Lincoln
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. . Ju. (8pedal.)-Th
Woodrow Wilson democratic petition was
filed today by J. W. Wood rough" ot
Omaha, whose name bead th petition.
Among the other prominent' names at
tached to the petition ar Lee Herdraan,
M. D. Welch of South Omaha. Jerry
Howard of South. Omaha. John J. Sulli
van, formerly Justice of tha supreme
court; C. J. Smyth, I. J. Dunn, who
nominated Bryan in th Denver conven
tion, and A. H. Hippie. Thla I th first
serious filing made on behalf of the
democrats and th personnel of th sign
ers Is taken to confirm the general under
standing that th Bryan following would
line up behind the New Jersey governor.
C. O. Lobeck of Omaha sent In his filing
as a democratic candidate for congress In
the Second district.
A prominent politician, who ha been
watching th gam In Nebraska for a
good many years, remarked today that
th recent visit of J, II. Morehead to
Lincoln also brought to tha front a large
number of democratic workers who can
generally be seen wherever there Is an
Indication of a barrel. Whether th Falls
City man tapped anything or not has
not been disclosed, but certain If even
the spigot was opened there wer plenty
on hand with tlncups to catch the out
BROKEN BOW. Neb.. Jan. J.-8pe-
oiaL) Th annual banquet and smoker
of th Broken Bow Commercial club wa
on of th most successful aver held by
that organisation. Th affair took place
in th large assembly room of th city
halloa fact, th' whole top floor of the
building. Including the council chamber
and tlremena' club, waa utilised In order
to jdr sufficient room.- .Nearly X meta
bm and guests, sat at th table and were
regaled with dainty viands, choice brands
of etgari and a good program. Th near
est approach to strong waters was a
large. Inviting looking barrel of sweet
apple cider that stood In on corner and
remained on tap th whol evening. Bene
ficial talk, concerning -th welfare of the
town, wer given by members of th dub,
and valuable suggestions made that will
be acted upon In the near future. Among
other things brought to tha club's notice
waa the need of a good sewerag system,
and this matter will' be taken up and In
vestigated at once. At the conclusion ot
th program, an entirely new executive
committee was appointed as follows: Ra
Anderson. Charles Martin. A. E. Locke.
F. C. Kern. James Leonard, Alrin Burk
and, Andrew Snyder. Th member of
th retiring executive committee, vdio
have served for th three' years past are:
H. Lomax, George U Turner. S. R. Leo.
J. 8. Molyneaux. A. E. Anderson, E. C.
House and Willis Cadwell.
Officers of Union Fire Will Setnra
Bonn that Wu Given Them,
BLAIR, Neb.. Jan. S0.-8peetaJ.)-John
R. Aye. acting as a representative of the
Voung Men's Commercial club of this
city, recently filed a complaint with the
Slate Railway commission for an adjust
ment of the stock yard question, which
has been a matter of contention for some
years between shippers and the railroads.
As a result of the complaint made. Dr.
J. II. Wlnnett, chairman of the state
commission, was here this week and In
conference with the representatives of
the Northwestern . Railway company,
shippers and members of the Commercial
club the matter was (adjusted In a satis
factory manner, the company agreeing
to Increase the facilities of the yards by
building new pens, sheds, runways end
placing hydrants. The yards are In close
proximity to some good residence prop
erties and the owners threaten to get out
an Injunction if the yards are enlarged,
claiming that they ar a nuisance and
unsanitary, th moat of th shipping be
ing done at night and the noise keeps
them awake. Two years ago the North
western built an up-to-date passenger
depot at a cost of about JIO.OOJ. but has
furnishedUao toilet rooms for the gen
eral public This matter was also taken
up with Commissioner Wlnnett and th
railroad company will have to get busy.
Mask of Lewistoa Sold.
TUCUMSEH. Neb., Jan. 3.-SpeclaL)
T. R. Richardson and C. U Rot hell, of
Crab Orchard, have closed a deal with
F. L. Brat ton of Pawnee City, whereby
they gain possession of a controlling In
terest In the Bank of Lewlsion. a state
bank. The bank has a paldup capital of
flO.Mn, and surplus of P. 900. The deposits
are tS.00. The officers are: R. Hun
siker. president; Charles White, vice presi
dent: F. L- Bratton, cashier. Mr. Rich
ardson will take the management of the
bank March 1.
Head Masai's la Cerwskeller.
BROKEN BOW. Neb.. Jan. Js. (Spe
cial, l Way n Knox, a young farmer liv
ing fourteen miles south of town, had
part of his band torn off by catching
It in the gearing ot a gasoline com
s heller. He waa cleaning the oil cup of
the machine, when the accident occurred.
This is tb seooad accident ot a like
nature tnat kaa happened In ta Kan
family wlthla a abort time. Paul, aa
older brother, having suffered the loss
6f four fingers while running the same
Three Tkeaeaad Delia re Already
Paid la ana Balaaee Will Br
Fertkeosalac Mania Back
le Lake City.
From a Staff Correspnodent.l
LINCOLN, Neb. Jan. as. (Special Tele
gram.) State Auditor Barton made a
start today In getting a settlement ot
the affairs growing out of tha attempt
to consolidate tli Woodman and Union
Fire Insurance companies. The otyd of
ficers of th I'nlon resigned In considera
tion of the payment ot money and the
Woodman officers were elected In their
The auditor demanded the repayment
of these sums. SM.O0 n th aggregate,
which were taken from the funds of the
Woodman company: Today, two of the
recipients of the money made payment a
O. P. Watson ot Plalnvtew paying In
CW, the entire amount received by him;
Cyrus Kellogg ot Lincoln paid In V.Mk
half of the amount received by him and
promised to pay the remainder Monday;
J. F. Donovan of Chapman, who re
ceived left Lincoln for home today
and promised to send a draft for &0M.
th amount received by him as he reached
This makes Has) actually received and
a Ilk amount promised with In a few
days ar th most and there does not
appear to be any proabillty It will not
be paid.
The larger sums tl.0M each received by
E. H. Marshall and T. J. Bromfleld, have
not been paid and no postrjv assure nee
has been given that the money will be
forthcoming, but from aoureea which he
considers reliable. Mr. Barton ha rea
son to believe both men will pay In the
money Monday or Tuesday. It Is said
th money would have been all paid be
fore thla, but there was a difference of
opinion as to which of th two companies
It belonged. This point was settled by
agreement to make Auditor Barton trus
tee, to receive the money and hold It
until a court of equity could deckle Its
ownership. I
Asjreeaarat Belweea Ceaapaalee.
Following la the lest ot agreement
signed by th Union Fir officers, those
ot the Woodmen signing one exactly like
it except changing the name ot th company.
Whereas. Members of the former tmaril
of directors ot the I'nlon Fire Insurance
company. Mutual, have determined to re
turn money pain to mem Dy the wood
men Fire insurance company, and.
Whereas. A dispute hss arisen ae to
whether said money belongs to tb I'nlon
nre insurance company. Mutual, or the
Woodmen Fire Insurance company, and
each of said comiianles Is desirous of ap
pointing a trustee to receive said money
snd hold the same In trust until It Is
flnslly determined to whom said money
should be paid and who 1 the owner
thereof. It la therefore
Resolved, by the board of directors of
the Wodmen Fire Insurance company.
That Silas R, Barton, auditor of the state
of Nebraska, be and hereby Is appointed
and constituted trustee ofr th purpos of
receiving said money and holding the
same in trust for eacn of said companies
and paying th asm to whichever of
said companies It shall be ultimately de
termined la entitled thereto, and the said
Silas It. Barton Is hereby authorised to
make settlement with each of said par
ties ei receipt each of them In full
upon the payment as the trustee and
representative of said companies.
Vice President,
Th passage, of tha resolutions waa duly
certified up to th auditor.
Shirley Martin Goes Hesse.
The woman who under the nam of
Shirley Martin was arrested a few day
ago while wearing man' clothes left
Lincoln today In company with her hus
band. John Nelson of Lake City. Is. Since
Iter arrest and release, on promts to don
feminine attire, the woman has been
working In a local restaurant. It appears
that she and Nelson were married last
October, but she left him sfter three
days of wedded life. Though'she went
home with her husband, she did not ap
pear to be overly delighted with tha Idea.
She said he was a good man, all right,
but she did not really love him. Nelson,
on th other hand, appeared to think a
great deal of the woman.
Verdict ta Wife. '
A Jury In the federal court today gave
Ollle McFarland of Nebraska City a ver
dict for damages against Bernard
Carle, a saloonkeeper of that place, tor
telling liquor to her husband. She sued
for IU.OO0.
Major Paal as Colonel.
Returns from the National guard elec
tion show that Major Herbert J. Paul of
St. Paul has been chosen colonel to suc
ceed Colonel Mack, who waa not a candi
date for re-election. Walter F. Sammon
of Kearney Is elected lieutenant colonel.
Lieutenant Colonel Clapp of Steele City
was a candidate for re-election.
Lexington Man Sends
Presidential Filing
I From a Staff Correspondent.!
LINCOLN. Jan. M.-t8pecial.-Robert
Q. Ross of Lexlogton robbed Senator
Cummins of Iowa of the honor of being
the only entrant for the day In the presl-J
dentlal race. Two years sgo Ross was a
candidate for congress In the Sixth dl
trk-t and bis lark of success in that
venture did not deter him from aiming
still higher In tills line. Accompanying
his filing be tent th following letter:'
IJncoln. Neb. Deer Sir: rile thla Demo
crat filing a medltly I will send the Re-
publenan and Probltln and Socialist Iter
on set them others flieed If you can I
am entitle to first filing nock Rosevelts
filing out the lau dont say to file in nil
bu speaks of Wl.
lxlnatoa '
Following are the signers to his peti
tion: Henry Kassabeain, Jacob Sarr. H. D.
Rhea. W. D. Roberts, all of Lexington;
George Rice, p. Simonson. C. F. Dyer.
W. IL Bartels, J. A. Pierce. C. U Kreltx,
J. W. Radcllffe. W. IL Barkvla. H. U
Hinds. W. A. Co. John C. Olllan. J. K.
Anders. R. Reudebaugh. and Jake Pins,
Overton, E. K. Aker- Lixlngton, J. Bu
chanan. Octavla.
Ross is the proprietor of a livery stable
In Lexington.
LEXINGTON. Neb,. Jan. -(Special
Telegram.! Robert O. Roes who has sent
In Ms filing as a candidate for president
of th United States from Lexington, la
a member of tha American Detective as
sociation. He la a student of history and
th ststoles of th state of Nebraska,
He Is a member of th Presbyterian
church of which he Is i regular attend
Mr. Rota lived oa a farm until a few
yens ago he moved to Lexington and
Is pew living In a cottage, keeping
batch" alnce hie wtr left him.
He was a candidal for th office of
th district court of Dawson county four
years aco.
Two years ago he waa a candidal for
th office of United States representative
all th tickets from lh sixth dis
trict and received th nomination on the
prohibition ticket, but was defeated at
th lectlon by M. P. Klnkatd.
Agrtcattaral Seelety Kleete.
BEATR1CH, Neb.. Jn. .'.-(8polal.)-
At the annus! meeting and election of
officer of th Gage County Society of
Agriculture th following offloers wer
elected for Itli: C. M. Cruncleton, presi
dent; Charles Sonderegger, vie 'presi
dent; H. L. Harper, treasurer;' H. V.
Kiesen, secreury. The secretary's report
shows the society to be In a very good
financial condition and the prospects ar
very bright for the best fair for ll! the
county has ever had.
the purpose of erecting a muntcli. wter,
electric light and heating plant. The mat
Ur will be taken up br the city coun
ai Us next regular meeting.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. Jft-ISpeclal.) It aeems
probable an heir has been found for th
state left In Texas by a Nebraska vet
eran of the civil war, through th publi
cation ot the story In The Bee, Mrs.
Carrie Jones of Edxar write that she I
th eldest daughter of Israel Long who
died In Wichita Falls. Texas. Tha facta
of his later lit and death were sent to
th adjutant general' office by an ex-
Confederate, who owned a big ranch
adjoining th small farm of th former
union veteran, whe was living a llf ot
a hermit after a quarrel and separation
from hla family In Nebraska.
A strong friendship sprang up between
the two men and th cx-CDnrederate
wanted hi friends heirs to get his smsll
property instesd of a local claimant
whom he considered had no right to IL
Mr. Jones says ah llvd In Antslop
county for a lime following th depart
ure of her father, from whom th had
not heard In thirty year. '
LINCOLN. Jan. m-,Special.)-Th Ne
braska Pure drain and Seed Growers'
association was organised at the farmers
meeting at the stale experiment station
this week, with the following officers:
W. D. Stelk. Phillips, president: W. H.
Ehlers. Roca. vice president; T. A. Kiee
seibarh ot th department of experi
mental agronomy, secretary and treas
urer. ,
The members pledge themselves to use
seed of a pure variety, te carefully tend
each year a seed plot ot one acre and
to use every effort, not only to Improve
the quality of their grains, but also th
yielding power through breeding meth
ods. Th atat experiment station will
work with the association, turning over
to It th ared of Improved vartetle bred
up en the elate farm. Th experimental
agronomy department ha appointed an
Inspector, who will visit and Inspect th
fields of th members each year, will teat
their seed samples for purity, soundness
and germinating quality and will Issue
certificates of approval on good seed,
which certificates will be used a a guar
antee In th sale ot the seed.
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VerW May Vet oa Water Beads.
YORK. Neb.. Jan. 39. (Special.) A pe
tition with th proper number of signa
tures was filed yeterday with th city
clerk asking th city council to submit
a proposition to th people of this city
to vol bonds In th sum of II. wo for
wife ef Ceevlrled Issk Robber
Asks Kew Trial ef Ante
aaeblle Salt.
BEATRICKJ Nb.. Jan. .-8pecial.
In an effort to secure possession of an
automobile belonging to th Kansas bank
robbers. Mrs. II. H. Hoerr. wit of on
of th bank robber convicted at Marys
vine Kan., filed a motion In the district
veeierdav for a new trial. The
car was attached at Wymur by an In:
uranc company, which paid th loss
sustained by th Beattl. Kan., bank.
and at the hearing In th district court
Mrs. Hoerr, who claimed tha car be
longed to her. lost her cats. She Is now
akin for a new trial.
At the regular meeting of the Board
ot Supervisors yesterday th annual ap;
nronrlatlon for Oag county for th coin-
Ins year, which amounts to lt,, wa
made. Of thla amount win a uses
for road purposes.. Th expense bill Is
iixt more than a ysar ago.
Judge U M. Pemberton yeeteroay maas
a ruling that there should be no grand
lurv empanelled for tha term ot court
which open February 1! nor at other
time this year unless otherwise ordered.
Key to the Situation-Be Advertising.
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fa.... Y -
i. if i r
. w. unuT
who . has thla past week moved from
ISM Douglas 8L te 2l4 South Isth BU
In the Paxton block. Is one ef the most
favorably known business msn In Omaha
today. For t years his name baa stood
for honesty and square dealing and hla
patrons . represent the most desirable
families In tha city. In hla ae loca
tion, Mr. Lindsay will continue to carry
the same well selected, medium priced
stock that has met the approval of hi
trade all these years. He also plana to
materially enlarge hla repairing and
manufacturing departments and at ta
same, time wlU give his personal atten
tion to hla arge line of diamond work.
Curtia M. Lindsay, will be associated
with hla father in the futur at tag new ,
lecatios ,
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a a 1 J
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Regular value $13.00; January sale
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$60.00 Bookcase, fumed oak, three door 848.00
144.00 Rocker or Arm Chair, Spanish leather seat and back S35.50
$11.00 Hall Mirror, fumed oak 88.75
$4$ Couch, fumed oak frame, Spanish leather cushion and pillow $-10.00
S20.00 Breakfast Table, fumed oak, drop leaf ..816.00
$IS.OO Buffet, fumed oak, copper trimming 838.50
$44.00 Buffet, fumed oak, mirror bock 829.03
$10.00 China Cabinet, two door, fumed oak 833.00
$!S.OO Serving Table, fumed oak 812.00
$50.00 Dining Table. 58 inches In diameter, fumed oak 840.00
If. 50 Dining Chair, Spanish leather scat 87.00
$tt.00 Dining Chair, Spanish leather seat 84.75
$40.00 Chiffonier, fumed oak, six drawers 832.50
$20.00 Fumed oak four poster Bed, single slxe 815.75
$4s!oO Dreeser, fumed oak, large mirror, four drawers 838.50
Helow we give a list of some rare bargains in lata curtains and curtajn materials.
These are all drop patterns, and we have marked them for quick sellers.
Sic Cross ttripe curtain material, yard -9
Sac Fancy Net. white, ecru and cream, jard lf) ,
75c Fancy Madras, all colors 19g
85c Fancy Madras, all colors 29 1
3.75 Scrim Curtains, colored border, pair ...-95t
t.7E Madras Curtains, colored border, pair 81.95
REMNANTS All goods left over from our last season's stock on sale at 9c,
29VtC and 50c a piece.
Odd Lace Curtains, one and two pair lots at HALF PRICE.
Orchard Wilhelm Carpet Qo.
Humphrey Sereiit-Seen
' Breaks up Grip and
Boms physicians attribute ' the colds
and eore throata which have been so that they threatened to become,
eploemlo within the last week In larf
measure te foolish dressing on ta part
of. women and especially to the Dutch
neck and lac yoke. Oa tbe oofitrary.
the tendency te wear lighter ole thins
and especially le eipoe the throat baa
hardenad woman and laoreaesd their
vitality that thsy can withstand
poeure far bttr than th could tea
years aso.
"It Is not Isck of protection but Irwon
alstsnry that Is dan serous'' If women
would always wear low necks or always
hl(h ones the system would ' accom
modate Itself to it.
If women will carry a vial ef "Sy-nty-soren
' and take a dose at the first
feeling of a Cold they may dress as they
At Drug olore tie or malleJ.
Co. Corner Willism snd Ann Sta, N. T.
i?Ti few: LsTVl
am. ptasMftaTt t a
mat arm Bet Mr ar
mtn list afcMKrir t wprt
A M mrommUc. MwtklM Met trr.
ft itl i-rtmr wrrur kasaal tMttlf. Irtalt U
Mm law hmtn -utm U twm ml iaviTiv
- Ask Your Druggist
npwTViskM of imrrnf r ii.w.m tat. Atpil4
llrrUT tb r aairfaVOasB II Cl" 1aeMl rmsMaW- TH
riUU!Ma, pUT tVO. aaVneTt MItHftl! TIM I If .
Vtfltas.M M KIM T tar temftll 4l u. Tit totf
tub t-ttfltaVJaWJ tltr ttOM M ft C M UM aVW
(tnOTwtt Mil aeia or wrtt tt far iraa aawpt, ;
M C- Ml ta aaUaaaY.
t will air mv -stock and ten dollar
a year. If the CHty will build an Audi
torium ' Buuoins; large enousn v e
modal the Knlshta of Ak-sar-Bew, oa
Jefferson Bquar. ' . , .
If this meet with your apararat fill
In my name on the Omaha Bee blank and
end It in for City Commlasloner.
junn a. p&nsi.
Read Announcement
on Page 7 of News Section
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rseraaxy ta Ascfl IS, 111
rTMr-M Sara, smum eair sms ut k.
crestas ate eainliaa. srstaai. ruTVXBS:
auaetra, uaaia. senile, wf. awn, ema.
Ceasumii-eM. is ESTTt ass Stir Ro. te attlei. etc
J. & nasa Kaf, Saw Tra