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An Exceptional Showing New Spring
Dress Fabrics
In Wash Goods Department Mondaj :
The new arrivals -which are now on display in our
Wash Goods department offer to the purchaser a choice
selection in the Spring Season's Dainty Wash. Fabrics.
Prices also, quality considered, will he found the lowest.
French Tissue in a splendid , Silk No-eltfes. pretty design, in
line of itrlpef and checks; at. a
ysrd J54
Scotch Ginghams, 32 inchea wide,
in pretty plaids, absolutely fast
colors, per yard 244
stripes snd figures, very popu
lar for waists, 60c ysrd values,
Monday 35
Mercerized Poplins in all the
leading shades snd colors; at.
yard 254 384 504
Monday -we will clots a large line of Blankets and Comforters
at sweeping price reduction. Don't miss this opportunity for prof
itable buying. - : - , ' 1
Interest in' Oar January Sales Seen to firow Ctastially as the Month Advises Etch Day Finds Mew Bargiia Sar
prises. Monday Many New Spring Liaes Shown for the First Tine Will bt Most Pleasingly Priced
').-- - . ar" j.' : ... .. '
Mail Orders Filled from Daily
Mail - Orders rilled from , Daily
' Ads. . -' .
Hon cm laces
We have the exclusive
agency for this famous line
of wash laces in Omaha, and
ore showing for Monday 3
very special bargain lots
at.,.....71jC, 5c and 3JiC
We are clearing up. onr en
tire stock of fancy Wash
Braids that sold regularly
at 5c, 10c and 15c in three
lots Monday, 70, 5c, SViC
Monday we offer a splendid
line of fancy all-over laces,
regular 50c and 75c values,
at, choice, per yard.:; ,25c
' 11.50 AUTO SCARFS 75c
This line Includes a: splendid as
sortment of plain and fancy oo4-
; ored Scarfs, also hemstitched
and fringed Scarfs . that were
made to sell regular at 11.60,
the entire lot will go at one
price, Monday,, each...'.. t75J
A Big Clearance Monday of 14
and 80-inch Center Pieces,, also
(4-inch scarfs, embroidered la
whits and colors snd trimmed
with Torchon. snd Cliiny - Iacs.
Actual raises up to 76c each.
Choice, Monday, . at . . .. . . . 39
Pearl Buttons, dozen .'.212C
20c Tooth Brushes.. i.lOc,
50c Hair Brushes. :...25c
Unnsual White Goods' and
Bed Spread Values In linen
Bepartment Mondaj
Imperial tang Cloth, worth tl.He a
yard; per bolt of IX rani Sea
In.vetial Long Cloth,, worth lie yd.;
py bolt of 11 yards glJS
Imperial Long Cloth, worth lie yd.;
per bolt of 11 yards tl-M
Imperial Long Cloth, worth zSc yd.:
pr bolt of 11 yards Sue
Full site Fringed-and Hemmed Bed
' Spreads.- worth LM each... .11.1
Full alw Fringed Bed Spreads, worth
IMS each SI JO
Full alio Fringed and Hemmed Bed
flpfwada, worth 14 to each
Foil alM Fringed Croc hat Bed
tipreada, worth MM . . .
Mil alaa Frinced and Hammed Bed
Spreads, worth !.(. each. ...fas
Dependable Table Unen at
Exceptional Bargain Prices
tea Bleached Table Damask, full
width see
Bleached Table Damask, full
width .' SO
11.T Bleached Table Damask, full
2. Bleached Table Damaak, full
width 91M
ti ts Ulaached Table Damaak, pure
Unan ...... gl.SS
Bleached Dinner Napkins; ssaorteri
pattern., II. doam value, g!4S
Bleached Dlnnar Napklna, aeeurted
patterns, worth U 00 doseft.. I1.S
Bleached Pinner Napklee, pure linen,
t3.7 a doton -valuea, don . . . .Sl.TS
Bleached runner Napklna, pure linen,
16 a dosen valuaa, dos.....SS.M
Bleached Iilnnar Napklna. pur linen, a doaaa values, do....t-MO
A Showing Surpassingly Beautiful for So Earlf la the Scastn
Scores of the Beautiful New Weaves and Coloring are already In Stock and every express adds to the
assortment of our showing of New Spring Goods. ,
Foulards, Silk, Serges, all the beautiful color
ings in Chiffon Taffetas, are shown in aU
. ntost endless assortment of plain and bor
dered styles,. st.up from, per yard.. $1.25
An exceptional showing of the new Bordure Foulards,
including all the wanted new spring shades. -These
silks will be without doubt among the most popular
weaves for. spring; splendid assortment, yard, S1.50
Aa a special for Monday we are snowing a splendid line of all silk Foulards, 56 inches wide. Neat de
signs In white and monotone effects Regular $1.25 yard value, at.... 88
Your choice-of over two thousand yards of plain and novelty silks In Messallne, Taffeta,
Foulards and Pongees.' Four weaves that -will be leaders this spring, including hair line stripes,
pretty figures and a splendid assortment ' of desirable new colors. All new, good goods snd worth up
to $1.00 a yard. Choice of the lot Monday, at 38 and 68
Three Great Specials in Wool Dress
, at J m
t . , UVUU), . -
Imported Wool Taffetas, $1.00 and $155 Values, at 78c
100 pieces, il) different, colors, beautiful silky quality;
proper weight for spring wear; snap Mondav, HQ
at, yard . . . . .. . . . 1 . .... . . ... .". . . .1 OC
$1.50 Wool Suitings, 54 inches wide, at yard, 98c-Plain
and fancy weaves in Scotch Mixtures, Homespuns. Diag'
onals, Serges, etc., regular $1.50 values, AO '
at, yard ...................... . . 0 G
Plain and Novelty Dress Goods 36 to 52 inches wide; 50 the lot; fine assortment of , . '10, tfQa.
wanted weaves and colorings. . . ,. . .... . . ;.WC"U0v
Two Remarkable Embroidery Bargains
Monday we will offer, two exceptional bargain lots of em
broideries, including insertings, edges and skirt flonncings.
Sale of Odd Dining Chairs
We have in stock ,50 Odd Dining Chairs, 1-to-3-of a
Kino, wnicn we we will close out Lf IC O '
Monday, at.. ............... ..11311 ftlCt
Our Furniture Stock offers assortments-amply broad to
please the most fastidious, and quality for quality, price
for price, we'll guarantee to save you money.
Here Are Some. Exceptional Money
Savers in This Week's Sale
$J.3S Steel Couch ..
$U.60 Brass Bed ..
$S.SS Iron Bed ....
$12. CO Oak Dresser ,
$4.SS quartered oak
$5.86. Oak Rocksr .
$11.60 Coach
... 88.50
$1.60 Bed, I-ln. continuous post,
(0 ins. high, Vernls Hartea fin
. o'r S5.7S
$14.M Oak Chiffonier $10.50
$!.$ Parlor Suite, t pieces, up
holstered In leather. $16.50
45-lb. Felt liutress....f.50
Never before in the almost 25 years of Our
Omaha business career have we been in a position to offer
our customers values in Women's outer garments the equal
of the bargains which we will offer you during this week
Monday We Will Offer
$35.00 Dresses at $8.95,
300 beautiful one-piece
dresses' in fine Serges,
, Messalines, Chiffons,
. , Crepe . de Chines, etc, fA
. street nnri evMiino-olifllos .
. 0 v,
values'to $35 at, choice
Children's Winter Coats A
splendid assortment, of the
season's best ' styles; bear-,
Bkins, friezea . and fancies,
sizes 2 to 10 years, ftf TA
to $5.00 values ..vl3V
Ladies' Evening Wraps
Beautiful Imported Gar-
nnnts,-values from $35.00
to $65.00, Mon
day, choice
1 ii .
Monday We Win Offer
All Our Cloth Coats
That sold up to S.OO,'
one big lot, a grand as
sortment of the season's
best styles, . fabrics and
v colorings for selection,
your unrestricted .choice,. '
225 Tailored Suits Both
Ladies' and .Misses', that
were made to sell up to
$25.00, both plain . tfl AC
colors and fancies
Evening Coats and Capes
Values to $25.00, light and
medium shades, on
Tailored Waists A big
showing of White Waists,
regu!n $2.50 values $1.00
I'acft Ihe papers for the Following Sales This Week
' Tailored Suits,
Ilouse Dresses
and Kimonos. :
" Silk Waists,
Silk Underskirts
Silk Kimonos.
: A great sale of
Winter Coats
and Dress Skirts
General clean
up of Odd lots in
Domestic Room.
A general sale
that will be of
great interest.
Hapten's Make the Grocery Prices fdf the Peoplt-Hot a Few
a 1UB. Kooq leoie vuiter-
QoaUty aa iiae Is Ow
Motte. , 7
rreahest oSS - aa a
avUg f S"l to ssvi.
IT Ike. Beat saaataM4
angar r 11.00
41-lb. aack beat tlign
Urad Plimond H
Flour; nolhlns Ilka It;
per aack ' II.U
IS ban Hat-'lim-AU or
Dlainond O 8oap...lio
t Iba beat Rolled Break
fast oatmeal ......He
t Iba. beat White or Yel
low Cornmeal lac
I Iba. (ood Japan Rice
7 So quality , 2te
4 Iba. fancy Japan Rice,
K'tao quality Siu
Oailoo cana Oold.n Table
Byrup Sec
Quart bottles Canadian
Maple Musar Syrup tbo
Pint bottlea Canadian
Maple Busar fiyrup 0e
1-lb. can Aaaortad Soupa
for 70
Jellyeon or J alio, per
pk. IHe
Taaat I'oam. pk ...... 3c
Cera Ftakaa, pkf.,.(Me
The Stoat Soda Cracker.
par ip. a. . -tc
Tire boat Oyster Crack
era per lb. i... 1.7 fee
I bunrhe freah Beata.
Carrota, Turnlpa, Hhal-
lota or Radlahea for o
Fancy CauUflowtr, . per
lb. te
I head fresh Leaf jut-
tui a i . . 6c
i bunchea frcab I'araley
for tr.ja
Larse Cucumber. 4 '
each.. .. .120 and Tec
-ancy Cabbasa, lb., IHo
Rutabasaa, Paranlpe. .
, Turnlpa. Carrot or
'Haata. lb. :ltie
Brnaaala Pprnuta, lb. )y
1-lb. bos fancy Hetbouae
Muahrooma 40c
Tellow or Red Onlona,
lb. .... JHc
Anythlnc you want
wave cot It. and aav
you from 5 to leflV
Special aattertae Bale
Cheaper end better than
lota or butter.
1 Iba (ood. butterine tie
tn fur ........ ...Sao
J.lba.. fancy )Uble but
teruia for ... ..... .tno
aeoad Weak- Bis Blfk
lae STaeet Oraat Bale
H 1 h land-' Narl. are
I lie , pride of .(fcllrbmla.
and the ranse of Quality
aale price aa follows:
11 and lit alaei regular
price 4& m; price,
par doaen 30o
1M alee, .resular price
lie, aale price. -dos. !(o
17s alie, resular price
JOc, aale price, dos. ;ao
; and 2 If also, resular
-ertce lie. aale price.
; per dozen'.-. lee
And with 'erery doaan
wa will aeU you one of
the flneat SIlTar Plated
Teaapoona for only lee
Tou don't have to save
any wrappera or pay any
poatas. Tney era riant
with the sooda High
land Kavela hare not
been klaaed by the wun
only but the moon and
Clearance Sale of
We're going to divide our
stock of Jardinieres into 4
big lots Monday, marked at
a. fraction of worth for
quick clearance.
Lut 1 Jardinieres worth from
12.25 up to 3.00, all at on
price, choice. $1.50
Lot 3 Jardinieres that sold regu
larly at $1.69, $1.75 and $2.00,
at, choice $1.00
Lot S Jardinieres ' and Fern
-Dishes, that sold to $1.25, at,
choice 50
Lot 4 Includes a big; lot of 7-inch
Jardinieres, In green and brown,
choice -. 15
Fir ill :
your mats
-Specials in "
Domestic Room 'i
Product !-inch heavy bleached mua-
lln, resular 114c value, at.
Norton Unbleached Mualln, IS lnctaee
wide, resular c value, at..,....Se
Batlefactlon. 21-Inch . Bleached Miie-
lln, to value, at...... TH
MaaonvlU high srada fine Bleached
Mualln.. J6 Inchea wide, lc value,
at ..ll)e
Amaraanaett 72x0 - aeamleas eheeta.
sood values at 76c, at ...Sea
72x20 linen flnlahad sheets, ate value,
at .......
Belvider llxM fine, well made aaam-
leaa, very heavy-aheeta, , ISc value,
at ...SSe
42x3 fine linen flnlabed pillow caaea.
12140 value, at .....10o
Glenwood 4:x3 soft flnlabed Muslin
Caslns, . ! 8c value, at ... v ..... .15
J-ln-h fin bleached. table -Damaak,
resular tOe quality... ...'..sea
Imp. Batln Damaak, tt' Inchea wide.
assorted patterr.a,.f 1 vaiuea....T8e
Fine lam unbleached Bath Towels,
l(o value ...ISlie
Very larse German Huck . Towels,
fancy, border, lac value, at 10a
It-Inch Challie, f ood patterns.. '..10
It-Inch Percales .t4
Imported Gingham, worth ttc. .ISHa
Nuraes Striped Glnfhaaia,' lc .value,
Faat blaok Sateen, 15c-value, at.. 10a
Amoekeairitncla, ;llcVtlua at
Canton. I Shaker Flannel lc vsl
eJalJ. , Itri waaklt.w, , a - . 'l A
K1""' uCa. av ,eJ.
20c Embroideries 7 ic
This;lot includes .a big as
sortment 'of 5:yard loom' end
, 6trips of . embroideries and
inBertings which would sell
regularly , at 15c and 20c a
yard ; ; sale price Monday,
per yard;...... ....... 71 f,c
75e Embroideries 39c :
This lot. includes a beautiful'
''line of i7-inch skirt flounc
ings in the very newest pat
terns.; Goods that Twould
sell regularly at 65c and 75c
per yard. Your choice of the
lot Monday . ; . .. .-. . i .39c
Closing oat all broken aeti
of fine Swiss and Nainsook,
Embroidery- and .Insertings
at about' half price. ' -
Lot 1 Edges and Inaertirifia
yard v.;l.,l()c
IiOt 2 Edges and Insertings
yard .... . 1 1 S
Lot 3 Edges and InsertirigB
yard ...............,19c
Lot' 4r Edges and Insertinga
yau . ...... . , , . ,Jayc
New Spring 1912 Rug Patterns
The most complete and at
tractive showing of new
rugs offered .in Omaha.
ArbediK-Wilton: Eugsart
'. a delightful reproduction
of . Antique Feraghan,
Kirma and other- fine
Persian designs, and are
a rug of exceedingly fine
quality; 9x12 size, $55
Made-in all sizes. .
Extra Heavy Axminster Bugs, quality a ad. style unsur
passed,.9xl2 size... . ... vv .., , . ! . .-.$19.98
; We have all sizes of the abovs ruta In -stock'. -
Seamless Wilton Rugs A splen
did seamless fsbric, one of the
most popular . rugs now on the
markets xl slse. . $28.00
We srs also showing a 9x1$
Seamless Velvet . Rag ' worth
$22.00 at .: S16.98
They have the" weight and
quality. , . i . .. '
e-fraie Body Brussels Rugs
choice design's snd colors, 8x1 3
site .. ... .... S25.00
8-Jiio-V.... S22.50
-wire Seamless Tapestry Bras-'
sels Rugs 9x12 slse, 812.98
8-3xl- site S10.98
7-x site S8.98
i9 site M98
Wash Daf Specials in 'Busj Hardware bepartment
$1.M Willow Clotbee BaakeU, med
Idra alia imm ra a K. Wash Machines.... So-Tt
t$ t Round Pan American Waaher
for ats
iH Eaty Yankee Waaber S3.SS
No. I Old Reliable WeaUrn Waaher'
for aaj
No. t Old Kallable WaaMrn Waeher
for tul
$:. Folding Wrtnser Benches, holda.
wiinser and two tub .' . . SI -
t; Bicycle Wrlnser, sruaranteed for
three yeara and ball bearlnss. taM
l.7t Folding Ironlnc Board and
Stand tl-as
Sic double faced sine Waah. Board JS
a-plece Denalbla Sad lroaa. a l.
aet .....see
o Clotne Pine, or I box. a, fer...s
No. 7. extra heavy tin coooer bottom
Waah Holler
If a s extra heavy tin copper bottom
Waah Boiler ....7T...raJ
No. t extra heavy tin copper bottom
Waah Bailer ....... ....... 9lJt
No. heavy ll all copper ".Wafi
Bollar ey ft
heavy Jt-oi. all copper Waah
Boiler V
II. it Folding Clothea Racks, only ae
IS-ft. Oottoa Clothaa Llw. ... tia
-bole Laundry , Stove.) worth 14.
on sale ..asja
4-aole Lanndry Store, worth s
aa1 4.l
Va Appreciatioa of Eii Actirititt
by aa Associate. -
Uealallly, AtfaJkllKy aad Charity,
' Ceaablaew with Seaarw Dlaalty,
reeawiewoea Tralta et Hew',
i . rrtac ef Ike tharrk.
Tbere was rataeS t the cardinal.!, on
.Kovamber 27, Mil. a nan whom I bad
learned t lava and admire during nir
roll days, when he and-1 were, etady.
Ing for the priesthood, and wbe has atace
grown cane to the hearts of all wbe
know kins.
Cardinal John U. Farley, the I
j ratje. eeSt-artactng. kindly evangel of the
Cataoll faith tor fifty yeara, during nine
e whtra be carried ea hi work a aa
archbishop, baa been elevated to bia present-
high eosltioa after a life devoted t
I recall tas erelBenc dletioctry a;a
yeung pnest. waaa tfcere sraa la kia artaal.
er the sstnea ef M akewt klav" ae
tbousbt tliat fifty' Jean later be weald
reoelve the neogriltloa of tneiose for a
piaos In the canimaJate. Ha'wae
. In stioee early da;a to move aatoos; much
tddtr Dies tnaa klnatii, botk lay ' sad
e'ergy.'and wa always ltiteaed to with
reepaet whan voicing kia opinion oa aeae
" eauon;oi ua day. , HI associate
resUeed that this yonag man wa think
ing in a broad war: nianatn fee
great work that he hoped to accomnllah
- ' '"tore, i may cite aa an Instance
f thla that the cardinal sees today almost
eomphwed the Catbotto encyclopedia, a
work which he bad la mind during his
early college dava. Ha often
the oidar'prlests and larmea the great
-.ucn a moaumental work.
Pwrelata Mlaaleaa.,
Cardinal Parlor hu fc
heart. As a young priest b waa murk
affected oa one eccaaton Vy tba etory of
an a nuaarsnary wee bad Juat raturned
from hla work In Africa. He listened to
the awfufatrucslee to ennii the
of Christ bt that far country ; to the daily
dansers faced by the mmm was
v prepare in way; and hi young heart
became find with seal to assist la the
great work that waa being carried ea ta
onng into the fold those children ef Ood
nsa aerer learned ta know Him.
Last year, under hla own supervteloa.
there was collected la hla dloceae alone
for foreign missionary work trw.eal Next
September another anbttion ef his will
be reeilard whea the Foreign SWour
eMIere is opeaed.
Cardinal Parley ts a snaa of auperb dig
nity, and yet be ever ready wttk a feat.
I nia aeoaa 01 anmer M seen, and bla af
I fabtlrty and geniaUty are welt known to
1 every-ssaa wbe come ta contact with
him. ' The cardinal .talla a etory very
well, and has a way ef epptytng even a
alang phraea ae that thart will be a veil
turned wlttlctam ln lt.
For eighteen years hi eminence Bved
among 'people ' In- very modest drown
stances. The experience has given him
a democracy of spirit -that makes him
beloved , wherever, he la known. He Is
as assy to approach as any man I knew,
and alweya baa naadabake and a kind
word for the meat humble member of bt
flock. He made It a point always te
nK tba poor la thetf homea.
Interns la;Beya
.Cardinal Farley . Interest t In 7 boys . Is
probably .due to -the, fact came
to thla country himself when vary yeans,
and bed to atait the besin
aing to make a way for himeeif. -
It- wa aboar tbemldlie of the dvfl
ar whan hla eminence .ftrst set foot
In tW. country. He had been pursuing
bis classical .studies in Ireland, but some
of hi remtiTs were In America, an he
came bare ta devote ntmerlt to studying
lor tne priaetbooa. r
la ISM be entered 8t. John's coileg st
Fordnam. N. T, and K waa there that I
first became, acquainted with bha. Ua
bad entered the class of Eagtlah poetry,
which la equivalent to the sophomore
ctaaa. The young prleat'a taste, at that
Uaw were diaUartly literary. He exblbitsd
a marked Inclination for both English and
claaelcal Utaratnre and kts profKiency In
these was sorpaase4 only by hla ability
to write Latbt verses. His private read
ing wa devoted to American history, and
especially to the history 'of the United
States. His grasp upon American con
stitutional feutory was remarkable. At
collage be 'easily led . ail hi claaematas
la KngUeh writing and In the class.
But Cardinal Farley time In those days
wa not wholly spent la study! or. H al
ways evinced great Interest la the college
sports, sad took part In them. His p
dalty seemed ta a bead ball, snd be bad
attained a degree of proficiency at this
game that was quite surprising to the
rest of us.
The cardinal's studies at college stood
hla In good stead tar bla Ufa' work! Ha
la thoroughly acquainted sriUkFraneb and
Italian UteraMrs, sad speaks beta lan
guages fluently.
On one ocraaioa b bad a private audi
ence with. Pone Lo XIIL. That day the
pone had arranged to meet a prominent
Aagi lean-minister, and desired aa Inter
preter for. tbe mtervtaw.. Ha raqucsted
Cardinal Farley ta remaia and act la thla
capacity. Tbe cardinal remarked after
ward that, this waa the highest recom
mendation be had ever . received of bis
proficiency m Italian. -
"That should be eneegh to convince my
frlende that I eamapeak Italian.". be said.
"If Pope Lee Xlil was ratified with me
as a interpreter, my frteada should be."
. A Leader ta Caarltaee.
' The charity ef Cardinal Farley la
abundant. He a dli tctei of ell the
charities In the .New York diocese
through tbe 8t Vincent sad Paul society,
and la always prenaieei to help tbe needy
eith hi ewa atoney.
One day ahortly after tbe Bpaalab
American war, the Very Rev. Father
Henry ef Mill Hill. England, wa speak
ing to the cardinal about tea mission
aries he bad prepared to eend to the
Philippine Islands, aad who were de
layed on account of the lack of funda
needed, and be was told that StW would
defray aU tbe expense.
An right.", said the cardinal. --Ton
go home. Father Henry, and send thoea
men down ts tbe Philippine. Tea can
have the nil addressed to me."
That waa the beginning of the eutaide
mlaatoaary movement In tne Philippine
lalande. Tbe major part- of the young
men seat there went through. the private
assistance of .Cardinal Farley.
.- -When Cardinal Farley .waa secretary
to Cardinal , bfcOeekey. who was Is
charge ef the largest and wealthiest die.
ease la this country, and perhaps la the
wosid, ' be was 'tbe Ideal man for the
place. His relations wtth the clergy la
a confidential 'and friendly capacity In
sured frtctfonless dealing between them
aad the cardinal.. The latter being a
very retiring man . waa reached wasleet
through his secretary. All the troubles
of tbe clergy were poured Into the ear
of tba young priest, aad he eparated
tn wheat from tbe chaff before present
lag any matter ts tbe cardinal. Ilia
eminence relied Implicitly open the young
secretary and. never had cause . to re
gret It. .
It I . not known generally that the
burden of bulkttng St. Patrick' cathe
dral fell apoa the shoulders of cardinal
Farley whea he wa secretary to Car
dinal hlcCloakey. He. conducted, all
business transactions with the eoptrao
tor. and builders. .. t
So today John M. Farley la elevated
to s position that Is his by right of en
deavor. He baa labored long la the
work of Ood. and now In hla present po
sition will be able to do oa - a larger
scale the great and good things that be
ha been accomplishing during his fifty
year tn the priesthood. . '
Cent easts
ta ahadewe - - Threw
m Live ef Two
The loyalty of tbe American : wife of
Deea Farrar. who la miasing from Lon
don and ander a cloud, baa created a
good deal of comment en this- aide 'of
the Atlantic Deaa Farrar held a Post
of honor by spointment of the eveen at
HaiMh-ingliam. A scandal developed -and
he fled from England to tbe continent to
escape arrest. yMrs. Farrar, . aiater. of
a prominent American, disposed ef bar
household goods and went in sweat ef
her .husband, determined to share tba
diagraca . aid, if possible, meke a sew
tan or mm. - - - -
Upon .the .day that Dean Farrar dis
appeared, comments 'the Louisville Coo- I
rier-Jeoraal.rcioggy-. - Williams. .wae
wa sent' to prison fourteen .years ago
for having klUed a policeman, was re
leased, snd the .sweetheart who had
been true to him ' throughout his long
wnn of penal, servitude was waiting out
alde ef the as tea nf . n.rin -..
ready te marry him despite his 'record.
.'-lossy- wu llama was present at a
fracas la which "n.Khv" -
with a 'stone and killed. . He malutained
at .tne trial, and maintains now, that ha
was not the man who thw ik. ..
Of tbe two women tbe sweetheart of
tne-convict Das the greater encourage
ment. In her levaltv tu.
believed la tbe Innocence of her fiance.
ira.naa spent fourteen years awaiting a
martyr-a deliverance from prison. The
America wife, a woman of eocM position-capable
of. tbe keenest' suffering
from crashed Bride, haa. nr,.n.nvv
belief In bar husband's Innocence to In
spire her loyalty,' but follewa tbe path
of duty as she aeea it.
It Is easier te wait fourteen vur. .
side tbe gates of a prison for a martyr
Uian in follow .a. vmih.. - .
eerier Intojthe darkness In, the hope of
wscmung a .oroaen. life, and without a
hope. of mending a' shattered WoL ...
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or - ecOF&hed -W . . am' 1i -
Arnica- ?aive. vturca pUes,-to, aad the
warsi sore, uaaramerd. SV-ft. For
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