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4 . -j ' THE OMAHA SCXDAY BEE: JANUARY 21. 1912. , ' '-- B
The. Omaha Sl-nday Bee.
Rnwred at Onttt postotftce m second
ruse matter.
K indir Br, on year . e-jj
eturdy Bee, one year f1-0
lallv Be inlthout riuixUvr. on vear.H
Lhjr Be and HumUy. on year .
The Politick! Chessboard.
Th i political chessboard upon
which the presldeatial game ii being
nlavnd shows several interesting
moves during the last few days,
changing the position of the piece
on both tide of the board.
On the republican aide the advent
of 8enator Cummina Into the list of
presidential aspirants, after having
been counted as one of the main sup-
Rvtninf He (with Sundavi. pr mo.. J&e ! porta of Senator La rollette. pro-
ally Be tlnrludmg Sunday), l-r mo. . ti.,i.. .nd inrllrataa
lwiv Be nhout 8uniay. per duce a complication, ana indicate
Aiirfum an compiainta or irregularities change of campaign plana on the
In uw.Iery to City Circulation lwiit. cnange or CM,l'" '
TUmit by draft. express or postal or ier.
payable to The IW l-ihHahln company.
Onlv f-cent a! amps received in pajinanl
t small accounui Personal ehecise. ex
irt on Omaha and eastern eM-oanje, not
accepted. '
Imslia-Th He Building.
Soulh Omaha-nit V. Si.
omik-II Ht'ift:i Scott ft.
Lincoln-! Utile BulWIng
thlcsgo- IMS Marriuette Halloing
l' ..... . iiaiiiiiiv Hulinlns-
New Vork34 Hl Thirty-third.
vVafhinaion TS Fourteenth t.
communications relating to ns snd
editorial matter ehojln I artdresssa
omaha Rao. Editorial wnr:nwnt.
N. TV.
50,119 ;
Simi of Nebraska. County of Doug, as sa:
Im'aht William". ctToulalioii msnaser
i.r tha Bh Puniiihlng company, bain
,.il rxrn, aal that the sversg dais
circulation, fas. spoiled. " "dr
turned copies, for the month or Ueceta-
i,. wve- fc w,uAV.
' circulation Manager.
Subscribed In rny presence end "worn to
before ma trita th dv of January 11.
tSeal) ROBERT !'.
Kotaor Public;
.akarHbera leaiyla' tha 4tf
(eamporaellr T
Bee Mile theaa. Adajraaa
n lll b ekaaaed aa r
nmrlr4. - : u;
It 1a always Sua up In Coin now
Be rure to teat
corn, w mean.
your corn
Llfe'i poetrjr cannot be written In
a eordid meter. ' - '
Senator Lorimer moat be 4 martyr.
for he tart o. nltrieelf.
Theoretically, The Hague peace,
tribunal la universal, practically It it
not " ' '
Little Cnba la Juat trying her god
lather's patience to the .breaking
point. ' " " " """ r: . -
j.j .-'
Pretty soon they will begin to call
these Ananias cluba by Greek letter-names.
Another Richmond In the presiden
tial field from pur neighboring state
of lows-
part of the opponents of president
Taft. The opposition to the presi
dent started out to focus on th Wis
consin senator for a mass play, but
have evidently -been forced to the
conclusion that this is not the win
ning move, and, therefore, are fall
ing back on the favorite son gambit
to make It a Ight of the field against
It Is interesting to not that this
retreat was foreshadowed several
days ago by Collier's Weekly, whose
lie-up of tha republican situation
was that. If primary election
throughout the nation were held to
day Taft would get about 800 dele
gates and La Follett about 200 del
egates, snd that Roosevelt's refusal
to countenance solicitations for him
to com out In the open "If likely to
result soon in the turning to soms
new candidate, probably someone like
Borah, or Cummins, or Clipp."
- On' the democratic slds, th play
has been even faster, snd more furl-
ous, th assault being mad chiefly
on Woodrow Wilson, who 'earned to
have been pushed further to tb
front than bis competitors. Whether
Governor WUson has been hurt or
strengthened "by tbs developments
remslns to "be 'seen; but' there Is ao
edisuestioa that 4hs-Maes have become
muck mora sharply drawn. Th
promise is made, too, that either
Clark or Folk will soon be eliminated
fey the Verdict of a Missouri conven
tion, with th probability that tb
survivor will be self-eliminated
shortly " (hereafter, Th mlx-up
famonf th demnvnts with th bitter
feeling that is being , engendered is
loading to frequent suggestions for
rejecting all the avowed candidate
in favor bt darknprs aot yet In
tb running, with tb possibility al
wsjs la th. background of final re
course one mor to Mr; Bryan.
The presidential year, of 1112 Is
starting out finely in th way of po
litical pyrotechnic. . It Is ylt mor
than fly months to tk oonventlons,
but they will be busy months, polit
ally speaking, replet with fasci
nating features.
Mayor Jim broke Into tb big men
tion with his Wllson-Hsrvey eom.
ment, any way '. '
Wilt crow be on of th dishes' at
that Nw York World
onel Wattorson?
Tb weather certainly would be
d dinner td Col-
hot if th mercury ever went up t
join the cost of living. .
A careful eiamlnatlon of th back
bone of winter by surgical eipert
ought soon to be In order. ,
Ilea vea forbid! in speaking kindly
of Colonel Harvey, th New York
Timet has compared him with lago
' The secret of longevity and happy
matrimony la mealed la a Connec
ticut man, II years old, who does the
family washing.
" Z, ' . IV a J W. n?nranla, by leaving off w
thrown own ,hU bMt, friend. WfP. w r
ought to be unconditionally accepta
ble to Mr. Bryan.
Hearst Is for Champ Clark, but
next week Cham Is likely to b out
of the race, which may be . why
Hearst la for bint.
If Colonel Roosevelt takes a sea
voyage for rt and quiet k will
hat to malt surs that hi boat has
no wlreiee equipment.
No complaint from tb railroad
of a ear ahortag right now. To tell
tb truth, a car shortage Is fsr pre
ferable to a surplus of empties.
Last Sickness is. Bertrt Weather
Many of th doctors say that there
was comparatively flttl stoknessjlurr
big tse eitremely cold period, but
Ue look for mori sine the weather
haa urokea; Iindoubtedjy.. ttto Inr
tensity f f aUrh , a continuous stretch
of severely e&li weather aa wo have
felt imposes a strain on th vitality,
but with ear and prudence will or
dinarily do ao harm. Sickness Is sup
posed to be sot aa 'common In th
universally cold climates as In those
of (refluent changes. ' If this) Is cor
rect it must be because pople art
constantly prepared for tb. rigors
and dress sad llv tha tarn omt dsy
as another. V ,", ' ",1 ;
All of. which should suggest; th
wisdom of extra precaution ow; that
th mercury has begun I migrate as
and ddva Ita slender Held of habita
tion. ' It will be much easier to expose
one's self to th peril of a bad cold
cms -era In arlty wears id winter
months, because th weather might
happen to b mild than it was whet
ths thermometer wss registering II
and 20 below sero. And danger lurks
not only In the putting oa and taking
off of csrtala apparel, but in a dosea
other detslls of one's dally conduct.
The doctors are mighty nice folk
tad they are entitled to good livings
snd all that, and It would be wholly
unbecoming to suggest a league
against thera. but why not all Join
hands to see it they can be kept no
mor busy now during the In-and-out
days of winter than they were during
to persistent stretch of bitter cold.
With llok Smith securely hitched
to a senate seat, what's to prevent
Joe Brown serving as governor of
Georgia for th rest of his life?
Why should it be
LUthlmso's meeting, when Ik lavlta
tioa Is wide open for the other fel
low to pack it and captur It?
Theater Ticket Scalping.
A Chicago theater manager hat
lea found with the temerity 'to de
lend ticket scalping as clandestinely
called Mayor I practiced for years by theaters there
and In New York, and probably else
where. He admits that bis theater
turn over tickets to brokers to be
scalped at advance prices and ran see
It goes without saying, of coarse. I no harm in the system. Why, then
that Senator Cummins' praise of 8cn-j did he and other theater managers
ator La Follett aa the Ideal casdl-. do their best all tbeee years to cover
dste bad just one reservation to It. j up what they were doing and prevent
i. - -. I the publl from tnaiag it out? If
t should b understood thst th , there was no harm la th system
qualifications of a deputy sheriff un
der tb sew democratic regime are
slightly different from what they
used to be. . ,
, ,- , ... satioa wken charged
Oscar Hammersteia has failed to ' scalping?
while the railroad scalper lowered It.
It 4 the meanest kind of discrimina
tion and is prompted by no higher
motive or consideration tbaa the
theater man's greed for mor money
thsn his legitimate ticket sale at the
box office window bring him, and this
greed lesds him to get this extra
price by surreptitious methods, since
he cannot do it openly.
This Chicago manager' says the
Illinois supreme court Is on record
ss upholding this form of discrimina
tion. That statement at least lenda
a comical aspect to aa otherwise irri
tating situation. It would be inter
esting to hear from the court noon
the subject
Valuable Publicity.
6maha might scarcely estimate the
value of such publicity ss has come
to It as a result of th recent state
teachers' convention which, was held
st the Auditorium. Of especial worth
1s th editorial expression by A. E.
Winshlp. a delegate to th conven
tion,, aud editor of the Journal of
Education of Boston. It will do no
harm to republish again this com.
ment: '
Omaha conies very near leading Amer
ica In th matter., of patriotic decora-
tlona. 8o far as our education and ex
perience so, R Is absolutely the leader.
la our reference to the Nebraska stats
meatlna. we spoke of the matchless In
pl ration of the decorations as arranfed
under the direction of a committee of
which alias Alios K. HHte, supervisor of
drawing, was chairman.
Those decorations deserve mere than
a passing notice. There were more than
m flass used In decorating the Audi'
torluni. They were fresh, bright bril
liant flass. and they were artltklly ar
ranted. It Is Impossible to give any ade
quate Idea of those 40 flags. Surely we
have never sees the Btars and Stripes,
the red. white and blue, a effectively
Think ef the. effort required to secure
MS such flscs. JCvary echoed la the city
made contributions. The signal corps.
Lieutenant llseaell tn charge J made the
chief contribution; Indeed, without hie
sld. the highest effect could not have
seen secured Msny days, the widest
rants of thoucht and antlvlty, the height
of artistic skill and tireless effort, ware
required for this matchless demowstre
lion. Aad It was wholly for the Ne
braska teachers. In all ways Omaha
broke records in appreciation ef the
teachers of the state.
Such deserved prals for Omaha la
th east, where it needs appreciation
of Its western enterprise is most valu
able. But th benefit of the publicity
Is quite general la Its acop. ' We
think Omaha and Nebraska people
will thoroughly agree with this and
aot overlook alt It mesne tp have
their metropolis thus spoken of
abroad, particularly In so representa
tive aa orgaa aa tha Journal of Edu
eatloa. It was not ao much what
Omsha did, as that It did something
so wsll to msk this klad of an lm
prsstlon. ' ' . .' '
' Aad Omaha has acquitted itself as
favorably ia tb es of visitors or
strangsr upon ether occasions. Doe
It aot all emphasis ths valu of be
ing a convention city and being a
democratic and kospltsbl city and
also of th aecesalty of kavlng aa
Auditorium for tb entertainment of
such gatherings? This it a kind ef
publicity w could not buy or acqutr
any other way tbaa th way w ac
quired this. Aad Incidentally, while
Omaha thoroughly appreciate th
desirability of nterUlnlng suck eo
veutlon aa the teachers of tha stat
make Bp, It It t6 b tipped tie teach.
era will aa keenly Neogala tb ad-
vantage to themselves when they go
to select their next meeting place.
Effctt'ot Collep Athletics.'
Th recent arraignment at tht
strenuous training for athletic at
tb Annapolis Naval academy by
Surgeon-General Stoke of tb navy
might well serve to direct inquiry
Into tb training at other Institu
tions. He says tb coaches at th
Naval academy put . their me
through entirely too sever course
of preparation and that this uo
natural development, lnetad of giv
ing strength snd endurance la later
years, often leads to organic weak.
net sea, unfltttlnf th mea for effec
tive service In th navy or other
spheres of life.
His observations are entitled to
th most serious respect. If this is
true of the Annapolis coaches, ia it
also tros of coaches at other colleges
and universities? College athletic
are aot to be done away with. Dr.
Stokes doe aot favor that. But so
excellent aa agency for the develop
ment and disciplining of young msa
hood should not be debased Into a
means of positive Injury. Better let
up on tb system of training a little
and even lose contest or two. If
thst be necessary, tbaa to overtrain
aad overexert the - physical powers
while they ar yet la the formative
The cfasmploa of wrestlers once
why was it not carried on openly and j aid that ao man was ss great after
above board, aad why, if it was not ibis crucial contest; thst Is, If he
vicious, has this sad every theater! trained up to th limit tor it II
manager heretofore denied the accu-j might be a great wrestler after that.
hammer as much money out ef Lon
don society for bis grand opera as he
expected ssd threatens to quit that
town. After an, old w York n course, like anyone else who has
pretty soft. I bee cornered, they ar going to fight
,. . jaow. But regardless of whst this
la th meantim. President Taft j one msa or others may say about
loosu op setae big. strong man who .theater ticket scalping, tb thester-
tlcket'but not aa great aa he waa before.
However that ma; be, it ha aa ele-
d 1 victory tour years ago, aad Is
entitled to ask th adoraemU s
re-election as much a any president
who hss occupied tb Whit House
slaea Liacola. -
Until it was proved oa them aone : ment of mighty sound sense in it
of the theater managers admitted the! which serves to point the dsnger of
charge, much let defended it Of young men overtraining. What col.
lege athletics ar really for is to help
make young mea efficient in after
life, aot so much to pound them Into
machines for the winning of tierce
physical contests during their college
days. Victory of that sort is well
bat aa evenly train, body, helped
goes will continue to believe it is
wrong. K diters from railroad
ticket scalping, which has beea put instead of impaired by the course of
out of business, ia that the theater training, is fsr mor important
scalper raises ths price of th ticket ! Whst difference will It make tea or
twenty years bene whether th navy
beat the army, or vice versa?
It will be Interesting to see whst
effect Surgeon-General Stokes' criti
cism baa, both at Annapolis , snd
other colleges and universities, with
professional coaches, some of whom
seem to forget that a college student
hss mor thsn four years' of strug
gle, to forget that his career on the
campus is only to at htm for larger
contest afterward. ' :
The High Car Step.
Dear, slot Boston raise com-
plsint against the high steps on
street cars. Evidently Boston peo
ple are afraid that climbing up Into
the cart win lead to a certain coarse.
pernicious habit Think of a real,
bean-fed Bostoniaa becoming a high.
stepper. That 'would be very well
for Houston.' Tsx. or Peer Lodge,
Mont... or any .other center of, lofty
life oa th order, but It would .never
do for Boston. - - '
The suggestion has been made that
perbapatbls complaint comes only
from the womea, nine ttoy.are com
pelled by the tyuj t,0 wear the ttght-
flttlng aklrl,-with, which It dim-
cult to rpak a oag step. , But the
Christian Science Monitor assures na
such ia not the ease; that, whit the
women who wear hobbles are of
fended at the high car step, to are
those wUo wear other kind of skirts.
sad oven msa, who wear ao skirts at
sit. Of course, the complaint would
b easier to deal with it It 'cam only
from the tehobbled women Surely"
ao street ear -coeapany or car manu
facturer could be' expected tOM
model the styles of cart with each
revision f dress pattaras, or make
ovsr a pair of step to suit th ever-
Increasing cumber of changes ; ia
women's tklrtt.'
Boston ,1s . only demanding its
rights, rights which other cities out
her fa th wast hav demanded and
secured long ago. There wss a time
when tb street ear step was a llv
Issue In some of these western towns.
snd in most of them It kss been met
sattsfaetorlry, and w hope that Bos
ton will win out so It may ktttl back
sedately to It books aad not be p ea
ts ed by such small matter agaia.
iTliHTW fnOmaiia
V ar aWasT- w
r COMPIXRB rtKHM ttt flUS 1
' i1 ilsTTT. 'r j
Thirty Year Ago -
The Madam Fry Ceneert company Said
torth at Boyd's to appreciative Budasncaa.
The difficulty between Barney Shannon
aad Street CoauntsstoaaT Sard culmin
ated Is a challenge Issued by the former:
Tight ma for tic or (or tlOS side.
la any way you easy chaos, and at any
plee and time, tor raring Insulted any
wife. 'I hereby brar.d your ss a nar." Tha
Dec sugaswta that the fight take place
at the corner. Fifteenth and yarns ra.
weapons two and ene-half-lnch Stems
couplers, snd free use of the hydrant
tendered ths duelists.
Christian-Anderson felt Into a gu'lev
at Eleventh and Jonee, dropping about
fifteen feet, bruising his face and wreak
ing his arm, and was carried to the Hotel
Denmark, where ha was attended by Dr.
The Omaha Natlenaf bank wilt next
week basin to tsar away the eld null direr
ea Thirteenth at ret, preparatory to the
ssectloa ef a new block. The new build
ing will have a t-foet front by a feat
deep, aad rise 7 feet front th eMewalk.
A. .U Stranc advertises for return of
on sack of oeffee aaarkad- "A. CI., Scrlb-
OWV. Nebraska." woejpsaed. to be lost be
tween t'nloa Facttle dueamy aad North
western depot, for which be offers li re
ward. -. .- ..
Mr." M. R. Risden hss moved his Insur
ance.. office to Boy d's opera bouse, ear
ner room, over th drug store, theater
entrance. , . j t , ,
.'Dressed turkeys sre quoted at whole
sale St 11 to li rents a sound. '
' Mr. James Shannon, a Union Pacific
machinist, is the "happy father of a
tWetve-pnand boy. whose amval today
hr causing htm to set 'em up to th boy
In good styte. ' , -
People and Events
. Sivorca Cauei and Cures.
It begin to nppesr a If we mast
fook beyond our university profes
sors tor a correct definition of the
diverse problem sad il solution. .,A'
member of Yale's acuity and pa of
th Pennsylvania anivarslty hav ap
plied their wisdom without, It seems,
reaching the core of the qoettloa.
Also th expert "divorce proctor", at
Kansas City, seems to bsv failed
along with them, taut' leaving .the
country stilt with tht nerpleitoi is
sue t its hsadi. -. v-'
Tb Kansas City proctor says he
finds upon careful lnvtlgatloa that
not many wealthy or "wll-to-do peo
ple la Kama City ' get divorce,
therefore be conclude thst poverty
Is tb eaas of dlvorc. at least In
that vicinity. Sorely h does not
hold that th tarn cause applies to
New York, Kewport and similar ees-
tsrs of th gay lit. If hit theory be
correct, then logically th remedy
would II In wealth; let every mar
ried couple acquire wealth and their
domettut felicity Js assured.
pnTProf. Bailey of Yale takes pre
clsely tb iae sld ot th argument,
conUndiag that prosperity is the root
of tk dlverc evil nad that poverty
lends to halt family ties stronger and
closer toga heft , On hie theory let
ovary yich coupl become poor snd
they will become hsppy in their mat'
rlmonlal life; that is, every couple
outside of Kansas City.
Prof. Patten of Psnnsylvsnla Is
equslly convincing la his argument
"Mak woman financially. Industri
ally aad personally Independent and
the divorc problem will solv itself,'
h Is quoted as sayrng. Th Amplest
thing tn th world. Assuming that
financial aad personal Independence
means for the married woman t get
herself a lob and spend her wages
aa sa see at th tore ef th pro
fessor logic my be felt at one.
Mrrtd women who now hav com
fortabl homes maintained by hard.
working husbands hav only1 to leave
them and their children aad become
"financially aad personally Indepea.
dent" to becom divorce-proof.
Or nolltkaUy Independent! Ah,
thos fv states that hav woman
SBfrag hav it on th rest of na
They hav emancipated their womea
aad Invested them with political free
dom and vat, aad therefore pre
served th sacred tins sf matrimoay
and put the divorce court out of bus
iness. Why do our professors per
sist in withholding their ( wisdom
from us so long?
Twenty Years Ago
Pr" ' Leslie E. Keeley ef Dwlght. ill.,
the tamoua founder ef the "Keeley aura,"
waa at th Fasten betel . with Mrs.
Keeley, and waa reported a being bare
for the purpose of extending hia effort to
"create s panic In the liquor market."
The first exhibition of the Omaha
AuiU-tlo club waa held. In vaulting. Gus
Urexel made a leap of eight feet eignt
Incpes. A fenolug bout between Mist
Denmaa and Prof. Heugel waa ths fea
ture of the evening, while Oist Radlck.
Messrs. Zimmerman, Martin and Albert
did work on the cross bare that attracted
much attention. , "
Eugene O' Neil and Tom Cochran.' who
lived away out at Fortieth and rarnam
treats, were thrown out ot .their busty
at sixteenth and William streets aid
badly bruised. They , wsre basiled te
?lc beaduuarters and attended by Or.
awn. . .
Edward Button. 1711 North Sixteenth
street. Ml at Sixteenth and Webster
streets, on the. slippery pavement and
b.-ok his right leg luar above the ankle.
A l-rear-old child of Mr. sad Mrs.
James C. CalHbsn. rwrty-seooejd snd!
Burdens streets, fM Hi a bucket ef set j
waur and wss scalded so badly 'It died. I
It was wash day and the soother had
stepped out to bang up some clothes, i
kesvlng the UtUe one and the bucket et i
The January thaw end the ewrh robin
are aba ate fully backward sa becJinhis
their eBmx resent.
Just to pro-re that "1 ttle old New York
is the hottest town oa the snap In mid
winter. Pa) fires were reported tn the first
halt ef the month.
A sympathetic admirer of Governor
Wood row WOsea. noting the Increasing
frost oa his presUentlal tie, seat htm by
special delivery the government pamphlet
oa Th Or of 6k Bees."
Up la Sioux City, where the thermom
eter jumps Into the cellar tor safety, the
Journal labels a "a true Cnrtstian" the
"man who doesn't grin as he hurries by
aa Bntortunate fellow mortal .vigorously
rubbing enow ea bis aose."
-ViTit does Wary look e dreadful!;
sarcastic every time she pauraea a mirror .
"Shea been readme sonsawheew that
tooktng alaases atwava eraasuaie eur
tartal delect. '-Cleveland Plain Iater.
-Tea, sir." said ) wiiia with th
soiled cofisr; "1 put wt te and I snmi
rartur lee cream, and in that way 1
make one hand wam the ether."
-Yetir handa." eneened th xuassssurer
wttb. the akuU cap, -!on look aa if you
aver did u"-Cuk-a-o Tribune.
I Mrs Jaew-xsr Oar. Send
i never mm plained of any cooking.
i Mr. Janes her second ventuiel Fev-
rtiapa that a arhy he's your dear, nua-
. tart. Boston Transcript.
I "I hear your sear minister is very effi-
Oh " . '
"How about hi wife?- Is ah doing
anvthine to hrina mom to church.
"Indeed she la! Wears a different sown
every Bunday." Wwatrlngton Herald.
Fir handred electric fans w!U be put ,,. ,.i Ith h,r aisFussion In
to work to keep the currents or not air ; tn clnb about the meet ampertant worm
movlnc tn tha Balttmora hail when thai natrnankng ef tk day, and what do you
democratic national convention meets.
Where rival booms are gUre to mass each
other, adequate means ot ventilation turns j
the asotlight en forehanded genius.
A modest, unassuming tittle man fill
ing a big position Is Jrvln Hupp. Mr.
Uupp la tha financial agent of the Hupp
Automatio Mail Exchange 8ywtai, an
Invention of hla brother Albert, de
signed to revolutionise the mail system
of the United Stales by automatically
collecting and despatching mall while
the train Is running at the maximum
speed., - . . t
think she said:
li ad tt nad tarn place In her own
home thst day ths baby had Just cut a
toot. " Baltimore American.
Bret Harte.
OVer th chimney the ztlrht wind sang
And chanted a metndv jh one anew :
And the Woman stopped, as ner baby shs
And thought ef the one she bad long since,
And ad, as her - rear-drops bark she
"I hate the wind In the chimney."
Over the chimney th ittrht wind rang
And chanted a melody no one knew:
And the chUdrea said, aa they rJeaeri
- Tie some erttcti that Is cleaving the
Mack a lT at ttrrsurh!
Tip a fairy trumpet the lust then blew
And we fear tb wind tn the chimney."
Over" th eMail ner the niirht wind sang
And ehantad a melody no-en knew:
And the Man, aa he sat so his hearth
Said te lihwuelf. "It will surety saow.
And fuel Is dear, and was low.
And I'll stop (he leak Jn the chimney."
Over the chlmnev the nUrht wind ang
And chanted a melody no one knew:
Hut the Peat hated and ami led. Inr be
Was msn, and Wotnaa. and child, all
And said' "It Is Ood own harmony.
This wind we hear la the chimney."
Terrible Suffering
Bosema an Over Babys Body.
"When my baby waa four months ol!
his face broxa out with ecxena and at
si i teen months ef as tits race, hand
and arms were In a dread fel state. The
eesema aeread all ever kla body. W
i.a - MAak Me vlnth ftn, ti t
face and tie u Ms bsnitk Finally w
saw ban Hood a g are war ilia, and in a
few months he was entirely cured. Te-.
day be Is a healthy, boy.7 Mrs. Inss
Lewis. Baring, Maine,
Hood'a Saraapartll relieves blood dis
eases and builds up the system.
Get tt today. In usual liquid form or
chocolated tableta, called I
boiling water in the house juet ror a
prw mlnutea " ' ' J 1
, Ths Hoagland dancjhg party, at in
spaalouf Ho gland home. Hlxteentb and
Howard street, la honor ef Miss Wad
lelgh or ainton, la., waa one ef the real
social events of the seaaoa, brlnslng to
gether the most eonsplcueut figures In
Omahs's social Ufa.
Tea Years Ago
Mr. Gottlieb Mors celebrated hat flftlet
birthday anniversary with a le)r to
some seven ty-riv friends at hie boiwe.
Mr. and Mrs. Ouy Palnwr. assisted by
Mrs. French, entertained a dinner party
la the evening.
Haws was received of the marrias In
Chicago er W. M. Ulaaa ef the le-
Olsss-AndrMsen company snd Mrs.
Katharine Brown, who formerly 'Hvwd m
Council Bluffs. The wedding wss a sur
prlss to most Omaha friends.
Charl 8. HunUngtea and W. It Wail
ef Flore net petitioned th court, as ex
outors, for th probating of the will ot
WUIlam Frederick Parker. 11 of Flor
ence, who aetata waa bequeathed ta
rranrta T. Parker and Pa u Ian Frail
tnt. neither ef whose rclatloa ts tha tea
ts tor was given In tb will, which In
volved soma tit. ST.
U Count Kurt von KaUtrenth of Germany,
etberwls Or. ScbulU. died myaterloualy
la hla room at the City ketet, making a
corener Inquest necessary to determine
ths character and clretimslsno of death.
Aa employe of the hostelry beard groans
from th man's room snd feeed him nn
eeaaeeoua oa the bed. Dr. Peabody and
Police Surgeon Broglum attended Mm snd
revtvad renscjeusness. It wss thought he
bad taken laudanum, but no trace of It
waa apparent.
Miss Mollis Simon won tb Demand
medal at the contest at the South Tenth
street mission, where the ether contes
tants were Florence Payne, Margaret
Durer, Lyna Kllsore. Leon Reora. Amelia
Flack, Agaes Mitt.'
It is aaaouaced: that th Dickeaa
centenary this "year la to be cele
brate) "la a practical way- by rais
ing a fund to support fits Bsmsrried
granddaughters ot the great Knglmh
novelist. As tb chief other as of
th centenary is to .boom th sal of
various editions f the immortal
Dickens' works, the two objects
might be combined If the book pub
lishers would give th granddaugh
ters the royalty that ought to have
gone to th author.
Of course. If th duke of Coa
naaght will not rtsft Washington
while la th Caited States, then
Washington will hav to get along
th best it can without him.
Chlcasw Record-Herald: Rival ministers
ot Ores! Falls, Moat., era ottering th
people of thst town free funerals. It Is
reported that comparatively few f the
eltlsens are taking advantage ef the offer.
'New Tork World: A Tenaeese pastor
arrested for running aa UUrH etiU ear I
be knew It waa wrong to sell whisky, but
did not know It waa wrong te snake It
This puts him ht ths ciaea with Carnegie,
whe never knew, the Shs lass a law ap
plied to anything except railroads.
Chicago Poet: "Te." said the preacher.
"money I th root ot all evil. It
When money w Invented a
laid upon mankind. It ts s stench la th
noat rlli. Tb Lord salta: 'Te bare sold
veureefvea tor naught, aad re ahalt be
redeemed without money. The collection
will new be take a."
Springfield Republican: A Kansas City
church ht finding a substitute for the
prayer meeting la a weekly talk en seas
serial issue Ilk courts for lUTenSe effes-s-ers.
A St. Laota church Is aaewt te open
! a fine new building eeuisped with a gyss-
! and billiard parlors. Sack things
are htghry syraptetwaUe.
Dee Mai Caettai : Tha suctwful
church of the tutor will be sialiaa ka
the matter of eoul aaving. but it wul air
learn the importance at leading th son
gry and nothing the naked a a preUs
Inary to raarrtnelag the mind and reach
ing the heart. And Instead ed stassttag Ut
grand an skeamv Isolates eta aare m
the week. Ue enareh ot the faaare wui
aje have He doors ooostaatly open aad
with tb word "Weires- as ssala that
eery Disiirtr saay si Sn ta earn am
as well as w later all the year arouacjj ,
Good Opportunity for
Investment In Substantial '
Homt Industry
TLt condensed milk and Ckruiiiig
Factory that I am erectisg at Papil
lion, fcebraka, is rapidly Bearing oonv
pletion, and I am now offering a lim
ited amount of Waterloo ttwrnery
Co. preferred stock at $100 per share,
drawing interest at tha rata of
7 Per Cent Per Annum
i "VTe will guarantee to convert all
outstanding stock into cash at the end
of three years.
This investment ii bound to be prof,
itable for the investor and will result
in great benefit to the milk industry
ia Douglas, Sarpy aad Washington
counties, Thia is the first "Evapo
rated Milk" factory ia the state of
Nebraska. Our brand will be the "Elk
liorn Evaporated Milk." .
If you are interested send for list of
men who have already subscribed and
such other information ae you may
desire. -
Reference, First National Bank.
Waterloo Creamery Co,,
Omaha, Neb.
' Ton are cordially invited to inspect
this plant at any time.
Fapillion Internrban line terminal.
The Importance of a Prescription
To. asnah aeawnde n tb i
lag af it faa yea te select year erngglaas la s hasaaaard meaner,
Our prescript ten department In a perfectly eragntsed Institution vre
ani ploy only dependant clear-headed Pharmacists, We buy prescription
treredlawts. ef th heat quality and maintain a eeenplete stock. We
eJtauaass the aassssllj ef rabstltasiea. This d part want ef our business
as kept apart front the ham and bust! st th maia salesroom, that tn
wee Sara there n,ay ! their undivided mention to year nissuilstlon.
tmi Insuring yoa the results that eheuid be obtained rron. that precioaa
1 tils niece ef ll Tbaj Pmcrlntiant
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co,
rxrm rOO STPavaa a stA-ata.