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Women Are
Doing in the World
pastor of the Flrat Methodisr
church, will address the
Omaha Woman's dub U on day
aftrnooa In th Metropolitan
building on "The Family." a
subject on which l haa already given
on lecture before the club. The meeting
U la charge of the social science depart
ment or me club, and It leader, Mrs.
r. 1. Firs, will preside. Mrs. J. E.
Pulver haa prepared a musical program.
fib paintings of Rembrandt will be the
inject ot a stereoptlcon lecture of the
art department of the Woman's dub
Thursday at 10 a. in. In the lecture room
of the public library, when Miss Mary E.
Sumner will be leader, assisted by Mrs.
r. T. Rouse. There will be a review) of
the paintings of YenDyke by Mrs. C. C.
Swingtey. The meeting will be open to
i he public and a small admission will be
charged to defray expenses of the pic
tures. .
The literature department ' of the
Woman's club will meet Wednesday
morning with Mrs. a. C. Swlngley. leader,
assisted by Mrs. A. U Fernnld. The
subjects of the lesson will be: "the
Renaissance,'' "The Theater of Ua
beth" and "The Ellsabethan Dramatists."
Miss Msbla Carl J 1 of the "Twentieth
Century Fanner" will apeak on the meet
Ins of the Nebraska Home Economics
association beld la connection with the
week of organised acrtcultura In Lincoln
January 17 to M, before the household
economics department of the Woman's
club Thursday moraine. Mrs. Albert
Kdholm will tell the story of the West
Farnam Luncheon elnb, which entertains
In conformance with ths princlplea of
domestic science.
Mastsrltack's "Bluebird" will be studied
by the oratory department of the Wo
man's club Tuesday morning:
Mrs. Anna. Lasear-Allaa will interpret
"Hon" by Bssler, one of the morasses
which has been played at the New theater
In New York, Wednesday at 4 n. m. at
ths Mtropolltan building.
Mrs. C. W. Hayes, chairman of the com
mittee delegated by the social science de
partment of the Woman's club to lead
the study ot the commission form of gov
ernment In half-hour sessions at the de
partment meetings. Is busy outlining a
method of procedure and selecting books
(or the sessions assisted by Mrs. George
Tlldrn and Mrs. Draper Smith.
The annual meeting of the women's
clubs ot Via second district ot the Ne
braska Federation of Women's clubs will
begin next 8undsy and will last through
Monday and Tuesday. The meeting will
be held at the time ot the state confer
ence ot charities and corrections In order
that the club women may hare the ad
vantages of the conference sessions. There
will be no meetings of the district sep
arata from those of the conference ex
cept the business session Monday morn
ing at o'clock In the Public library, and
the luncheon Monday noon.
Tbe stats federation president, Mrs. T.
J, Gist and tbe state board ot directors
as well as ona delegate from each of the
eleven clubs In tbe district will be enter
tained In the homes ot the members of.
ths Woman's club of ths Railway Mall
service, which Is ths hostess club. Fol
lowing the .meeting ot ths charltlee and
corrections conference st ths Boyd Sun
day afternoon, ths delegateae are to meet
ths local women at the Rome hotel
wher arrangements will be made for
ths entertainment ot ths visiting women.
Edgar Allen Poe's "Gold Bur will he
the story discussed by ths Dundee Wo
man' club Wednesday afternoon at the
residence ot Mrs.- J. V. Marshall. Mrs.
R. a. Harris will lesd the lesson and
' Mrs. W. W. Johnston will report current
topics. . '. J
' Mrs. E. B. Brown was chosen president
ot ths South Omaha Century Lltsrary
club at ths annual meeting. Mrs. Bruce
Mcculloch, vice president: Mrs. EL A.
Bayer, recording secretary: Miss Louise
Scblndel. corresponding secretary; Mrs. 8.
B. Shrlgley. treasurer. Ths members of
the membership committee ar Mesdamea
C. C. Hows and R. E. Scblndel; ths pro
gram committee, Meedames N. M. Gra
ham. P. M. Scblndel. F. A. Cressy, 'Claude
Orchard, Ella f. Sloan.
Breads, cereals and soups will be the
subjects ot demonstration at the meet
ing at the club Tuesday at ths home of
Mrs. W. 6V Derbyshire, who will be as
sisted by Mrs. N. M.' Graham and "Mrs.
O. T. Carley. The members will answer
to the roll cell with receipts for sand
wishes. 1 VMM. . - - '
Prof. Psul A. Gramme nn Will tell ot
"Day and Season Myths" of Oermaa
mythology Monday- afternoon at the
Ysnag Women's Christian association and
wilt Interpret Wagner's "Siegfried."
Ths Mother's Culture dub will meet
, Wednesday afternoon at the home of
' Mrs. A. 8. Pinto. Mrs. A. W. Taggart
wlH be tbe assisting hostess. . . s
F, I Hallsr-wlll give a atereopticoo
lecture on "Mexico" st the monthly
meeting of the Woman's auxllllary of the
Episcopal churches of Omaha and vicinity
In the lecture room of ths public library
at JJS. Tliis will be the third lesson on
Mexico which tbe auxllllary has had this
winter. ,'..-
i " - "
The American 'Woman's lesgue will
meet at tlte Woman's exchsngs Tuesday
afternoon at 2:1s.
Thursday evening.' has been "postponed en
account of ths absence, , from the city
of many members to Thursday evening.
Februsry r, at the Psitoa hotel.
Miss Ruth Pixloe. who Is studying la
Tiea Tsia to be a Young Woman's Chris
tian association secretary in China, has
written her sister, Mrs. C. W. Hues.
! the just successfully passed her first
examination in the Chinese language,
iiiss rax son says that the Chinese lan
guage Is very difficult to learn and even
more difficult to pronounce, the reason
ft r this being the same symbol hss many
different meaning when spoken with dif
ferent accent-!. For Instance-Pronounced
In one way a certain symbol means
chicken. In another way It means wife.
She tells this story in Illustration: Au
American In a Chinese eating house or
dered In Chinese, chicken. The waiter
was gone a long time and came bark,
saying that he could not find one for the
American. The American angrily de
clared that it was on the list of eatables.
After much mlsunderstsndlng and ex
plaining. It was discovered thst the
American had asked for a wife.
The Visiting Nurse association win meet
Tuesday st 1:3 a.' m. in' Sha Paxton
hotel. t
The Benson Woman'a Christian Tem
perance union will have a domestic sci
ence meeting Friday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. E. M. Rymsn under the di
rection of Mrs. J. M. Bsiley. Paper bag
cookery will be tried and menus will be
The union women have challenged their
hatbands to au evening s entertainment
The husbands ban accepted the chal
lenge and the result will be held In the
Methodist church the evening ot January
a. Half the program will be given by
the white rlbbonera. .the other half by
their bus bends.
The France WUIard "Woman's Chris
tian Temperance union will hold an all
day meeting Wednesday at tbe horn of
Mrs. Ella M. Bond. S3CS 8outh Twenty
fourth street. The-meeting will be called
at 11 a. m... luncheon will bo served at 1
o'clock and tbe study session will be
held In the afternoon, when "Scientific
Tempers nee Instruction" win be the
. The Sermo club will meet with ui..
Olvtn Tuesday at 1 p. m. The subject
for the afternoon will be "New Tork.
Mrs. G. T. Undley will give paper on
"Colonial New Tork;" a paper on "Places
of Note and Historical Interest," by Mrs.
Rarnhart. Mrs. Guy Dam will describe
the "Modern Clly." .
Norse lea-ends will h title I.- .
ing of the Wyche Story Tellers' league
Thursday at 4:15 p. m. In the public lib
rary by Mr. Rosa Coleman, Miss Anna
Boutelle and Mrs. Fred Elliot. Tbe an
nual election ot officers will be held. '
The University Extension clk m
meet Tuesdsy evening In the Omaha Com
mercial college building. ,
Ths members of the Kappa Kappa
Gamma soroity will have their regular
luncheon Saturday st the Hamilton cafe.
Following the luncheon a musical pro
crast will be riven. In which Miss Eleanor
Bausielster will sing. Mrs. Rodney Bliss
wlH play the piano and Ml-s TTUma
Howard will play the violin, accompanied
by Miss Nan CunntnjUam. -
Ths Nebraska Chapter of the Daughters
ot the American Revolution has now fif
teen branches throughout tlie state. A
chapter was recently organized, making
the fifteenth. Mrs. Charles Oliver Nor
ton, the state regent, was present at the
Installation of the new chapter of wftich
Ylre. C E. Adams is regent and Mrs. W.
F. Buck, vie regent. Twenty-four patri
stic descendents of soldiers whs fought
In the revolution were enrolled as mem
bers at the Installation f the new Su
. perter chspter, January 11
The annual banquet ot the P. E. O.
sisterhood, which was to hav been held
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give a dinner followed by a theater party
Thursday evening. January . for Miss
Cora Prlndevllle of Chicago, who Is vis
iting at the home of Mrs. George Palmer.
Mis. H. .V. Burkley entertained at
luncheon followed by' a matinee party at
ths Orpheum Saturday In celebration of
the eleventri birthday of her son, Rob
ert Those present wart: -
Mln Eleanor Burktev.
Masters Masters
James Wyman. Millard Rogers,
James Love, Wlltm Risers.
Arthur Rlngwalt, Floyd Smith.'.
ueorg voss. liarry Hurkiey,
Tmugiaa Peters. Robert Burkley.
Charles Allison.
For the Future
Miss Mildred Butler' will give a supper
this evening tor Miss Hewitt of Des
Mr. and' Mrs. F. R. Cowgill will enter
tsln at supper this evening for Miss
Prindevlli of Chicago.
Miss Adelaide Sprstleo left Friday even
ing tor a week's visit In Chicago.
Mr. Clark Colt leaves today to join his
wife and children at La Jolla, Cal.
Mr. James Fair ha left for Boston and
ths asst. to be gon several months.
Mr. and Mrs. Lss Spratlen hav re
turned from a two weeks' stay la Chi
cago. Colonel and Mrs. 8. S. Curtis and Miss
Curtis are at the Hotel Monteleone In
New Orleans. '
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Duval hav re
turned from a two weeks', stay In I'tah
and Colorado.
Mrs. F. H. Rotchford snd daughters,
Ullisn snd Anna, left Wednesday for
an extended eastern trip.-
Mrs. 8warts lander and . Miss Hamilton
will leave this week for St. Louis, Nsw
Orlesns and other southern points.
Miss Clara Hayden has arrived from
Washington and la the guest of Mrs. Ed
ward Hayden and M1M Ophelia Hayden.
' Miss Lillian Karlrn of Bremer, Neb.,
who has been the guest ot Miss Claire
Healr. left Friday for Lincoln to visit
friends. -
Mrs. E. M. Fairfield will leave Monday
for a stay of several weeks in New York.
and part of the time will be a guest of
Mr. and Mrs. K. Dintou Bird.
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Throop Vaughsn
of Chicago, who spent the holidays in
Paris, are In Vienna for the rest of the
winter. Mrs. Vsuglisn was Miss I-oulac
Lord of Omaha,
air. and Mrs. Charles Mets and daugh
tor, Gertrude, will leave Tuesday for New
York and sail January 3 on the "Clncin
natl" for Naples, to be gon three months.
Tliey will be accorananted by Mrs. Gray
of Chicago.
Mr. Hugh Murphy of Omaha, la a guest
of the Arlington hotel In Hot Springs.
Ark. He was summonVd south by ths Ill
ness of his son. Richard. Young Mr.
Murphy was dangerously III for a few
days, but Is now recovering satisfactorily.
Mrs. D. P. De Young of Amsterdsm.
wife of the United States vice counsel to
Holland, was In Omaha Thursday and
Friday, tbe guest of Mi's Elisabeth Fry.
Mrs. DeYoung left for her former home
in Kails City, where sh wss Miss Kits
Miss Kstberine Krtig will leave Satur
day for California and will be joined
later by Miss Eleanor Rents and the
Misses Olga and Louis (Mors and to
gether they alt sail February on the
"Cleveland" for a trip around the world,
returning to Omaha next September.
Miss Hci:and, who la changing location,
wishes her patrons to know appointments
can be mide by phone. D. 9M or H. MM.
Starving Fajnily
is Found by Officers
of Juvenile Court
A Swedlth laborer, Ms wife and the 15
y ear-old son of dead relatives came be
fore Juvenile court to answer to the
charge of the boy being delinquent In his
attendance at school. They left the court
room a few minutes later in compno'
with a probation officer, who led them
aa faat as the four could walk to the
county commlastonera to ask for aid. The
family had been actually starving.
"1 bought six loaves of bread last
night," said ths msn In broken English.
"I liad bread and glass of water for
breakfast, and that la all." The man had
been slek snd the boy, a brown-eyed. In
telligent little fellow, who had been In
the eighth grade at school, had remained
at homo to car for th other kids and
earn what money he could. The man had
tramped the streets In search of work,
but was unabls to find It. "I was ashamed
to ask for help." he said.
After explaining that It was no sham
to ask the county for assiatsnc If It was
needed the judge told th boy to So back
and finish his grade. Until the man finds
work he will be supported by the county.
He objected at first to such support, but
was convinced at last that th county
deemed It Junt to pay something to a
msn who was going hungry and was un
able to find work.
Omaha Men Agree that Employe Can
Bise Only When Equipped.
Th Bee'a Srcat ttaratieaat Offer
with l.a Halle Valverslty CI re
Oppartaalfy . 1 A wife I
! Men.
Managers and presidents of firms tn.sll
parts of the country. are now promoting
only those envploj'es Who are sbte to show
that they thoroughly understand ths busi
ness Into which they are to' go. For ex
ample: A railroad heed will gtvadvanre
ment only to those . who merit - sifcti
promotion who can show that they will
be able to handle effectively the work of
th position Into which they are to go.
Men who ar pushed ahead must be thor
oughly equipped in order .to lake over the
work. ... '
Business leedcrs of Omaha have keen
deeply Impressed with, the educational
plan of Th Bee. In connrvtlon with the
famoua La 8alle university Of Chh-ego.
Th Be la getting young and ambitious
men to lake the course of business admin
istration given by this school. This course
haa equipped hundreds of men for better.
positions and Is daily sending men to the
field ot larger salaries.
VMd fee ll Vales ears.
"Efficiency in business Is th means
by which all men Succeed." ' It the com
ment mado by J. W. Stewart of Miller.
Stewart, Beaton fc.Co., the forniture firm
of this city. "We get the best results
th larger sales from our employes who
ar always trying to get their work down
to a scientific basis. Th course offered
bv the La Sail university Is' the best .that
1 can think of for making better sales
men. Any man who accepts thl course
and learns what It to b learned In It
surely can become a high, salaried sales
man" " ! '
Observation ot men- with whoa one
cornea In contact ; prove that . th best
salesmen sie thoss who havt a thorough
knowledge of their work.
'I have observed closely iht traveling
men who com td my hotel." explained
Herman Peter, owner of th Merchsntt
hotel, "and I have always found .thst the
most successful ones are those who hav
mastered the) details of their business.
They hav learned, along scientific prin
ciples,, jutt how to sell goods. -Bom of
th bast salesmen hav Informed ,m that
they took courses at , resident unlvcrtl-,
ties and there became equipped to tell
goods." A , - " . "V
Advantasrea f l're. "
The 1a Sail business administration
courses, which .Th Be Is getting for .all
young , msn of Orhaha or any men '.who
wlsn to mount higher, gives thlt stmt
Instruction ot which Mr. Peters spesit
It haa all the ad antagss -o"f th resi
dent universities end the ons' acceptlnl
th course does not' need to J leave hi
horn. - - , f .
AU mra In business, realhts.tht ad van-
Baraca President
Coming to Omaha
An Interesting program haa been out
lined tor Marshall A. Hudson, founder
of Baraca,' while the guest for three
days of the Trl-CHy Baraca union.-
Mr. Hudson will arrive In Omaha next
Saturday, after completing a speaking
tour ot Minnesota, and In th evening
at the Young Men'a Christian ' associa
tion, a reception from to 7 will be
tendered to him. followed by a banquet
I. W. Carpenter has been secured as
toastmastar for ths conference btnquet
On the following day. President Hudson
dellvares flfteen-mlnut address at 1m
manuel Baptist church at 1:45; First
Methodist church at Hit; Han score Park
M. E. church at-IMS; First Congrega
tional at 1J . occupying pulpit In the
morning of the Diets Memorial Methodist
Episcopal at 10 B and in the evening at
S at Calvary Baptist. Mr. Hudson will
address a men's meeting at I SO Sunday,
at the First Bsptist church. South
Omaha, and a mass meeting at the Coun
cil Bluffs Auditorium at
Mr. Hudson, for twsnty-on year a
successful business man, has applied
many plan which appeal to men In th
business world, In reaching them on be
half of th church of all denominations.
Ths Isst service at which Mr. Hudson
will deliver an address will be th quar
terly Rally of th Trl-Clty Baraca union,
Monday evening at th First Prabytrlaa
Th Unveraity clnb Is considering tak
ing for Its future home the top floor ot
th Keeltn building, on th corner of
Seventeenth ,and Harney street, which
will be ready for occupancy next fait The
club Is outgrowing its present quarters
In th Barker block.
The club proposes to hold tournaments
m th near futur In chess, cards and
pool. Charles O. McDonald is getting up
th pool tourney.
tage of The , Bee educational . offer.
land during the last week several young
men have com to the educational depart -'
meot with th statement that their em
! ployera had aent them. Some young men.
so they explained, had been toM the:.
; must learn more about business admlnis
, t rat Ion or els they would be forced to
vacate their positions. There are other
young . men in Omaha who are not
( equipped aa well aa they should be. and
I they now, may be. on the verge- of los
ing their positions. If they should Inform
i their employer that they wer taking a
i course . to mak them - more ' efficient
i workers there Is no doubt they Would b
' looked I upon- with much more favor.
Engineer 'Finds Two ,
..Armed' 'Guards; in;
.Charge of Piace
Pel Peterson, an "engineer employed by
the Western Newspaper' fnlon at Fif
teenth and Howard Streets, almost started
Something Saturday morning- about
o'clock when he came to work and found
the entire building lighted from top to
I bottom and tao men w ith revolvers In
: their hard calmly-sitting or' a counter.
iTh'.Npapr- Union otfWs are dl
! rertlj- in .the rear of the Wetsem. Paper
I company,' in th tarn bulldfng and doors
connect the two. Last n.ght the front
door of th paper company office wat
left open. Two A. D. .T. watchmen were
put on the Job. They lighter all the
lights, aimexl tnemeeives snd watched.
When Petorsoit entered'th store he Wat
told td throw up his hands. 1! answered
by purling hit own gun ted daring fht
other two men to fire. t:V appearance
ot a policeman ', corrected' the hilrlske.
Omalia"'was selected aa the. placed for
this year' convention of 'the Nebrska
Stat 'Sunday. School gssodatlon by 'In
executive committee, meeting at .Lincoln
Friday.' O. J. Wllc' of Omaha l
president' ot th association.. He and Cliff
C. Wewtcott ot Plausmouth- wer aetlv
In bringing the convention -to Omaha.
President: Welt o taya 'h eftpects I.M
to 1.W delegates, from practically every
ooanty'fh'the ttale. The convention will
ba aboutMhe rfllddl of June. Mr. Wal
lace, T. F. Sturgwss. J. Frank, Smith and
8. P. BoKtwIek. have been selected at- a
local -commute to assist the publicity
bureau of- th -Commerchtl' club lh mak:
Ing arrangements for the -mealing.,'.
,' Monotony I f ', llht receipt! - on the
Omaha grain market la expected -to be
broken .Monday. The , Illinois , Central
railroad hat informed the Grain exchange
last corn haa bh collecting, along Itt
Iowa Una . during th cold .weather and
it will-bring In. four solid -train of .that
train today. ' This will be counted In th
receipt! announced .Monday morning.
The Quest for Beauty
101'HRS do not lie, runt the old
mtxlra, but every dMghtr of Evt
know how , untrue mat may he
when referring to her own ptrtwulaf
ftaitre. v '-.-' '
His why all Hi .ruffled silk frill
ah sacbeted sstln heart that dsco
rat the corset department and beckon
untiringly lo Milady tu purchase. These
are the dainty feminine parhernll
that round out to contours the bloua
thst sunests. Wlss! too plainly . th
flabby tissue beneath the garments.;, -Thete
be temporary expedients, however.-
and the wis - woman who lackt
curve goes about , acquiring inem
In . a aclentinc way iep breathing
first and alwtva It th- best then
drinking - large . draughts of pure- cold
water at least six times a day between
th meals la the next atep. - Then.- It
th curve seeker Is - really In net,
she adopts the system of the- grett
Frrnoh doctor, Vaueelre., It Ja probably
seventeen years since th Parisian
beauty specialist gave out to th world
the secret formula of hit aucressful
method of developing the bust ot th
society grand dames of France.
There It nothing -.really better- known
to science as a developer of lit mam
miliary glanda and" many women- In
this country testify to Itt sfflcacy.
The formula 1 was originally filled In
liquid , form, but It hss the tendency
to decompose rspldlv. and hy many the
tablets ar preferred. The effect- I
equally good and . lh do more - pal
atable. .-'., : '
Wlllard White -Co.'a Vsuctlr OMega
Tablets. Rust Developer Flesh - Builder,
Tonic, Is the preparation to highly rec
ommended by all htglu authorities on
health and beauty culture. '
'Whites Vsucalre Gaieg Tablets con
tain th genuine : Important,' Oalega:
They- round out shrunken, .-shallow
parts, develop snd make the bust firm.
If you sre - undeveloped. THIN, care
worn, poroua or run down, ittke a bog
of these tablets and note their won
derful effects. 11 box. (three weeks'
treatment) only Sse at Myers-Dillon Drug'
CO., Sherman-McCntinell.'. Owl Drug Co..
and Brandelt. One-box of the tablet!
equal! two bottle of the 11 site liquid,
end is very superior. CAL'TIOtf: Ask
for WMIsrd VYhlte CoVs and. not the
name on box. . v-. . '
MUG. Life; LA VIE. tbe noted beauty
writer and lecturer, highly, recommends
th MKliOROHE Preparation and Wll
lard vTnlie Company Vatlealre tialegg
Tablet. Sent by mell if doalrrd. . ,
fite BEAU I IF01L
a very Wen as Oaa B Beaattfal
'Mas. D L Tt. .,,.
Diamonds-Good Advertising
You advertise yourself and jour business every day. Ton never
thought about this fact, did yon. Yon probably do not advertise lo
the press. But when you go out upon the street yon are advert la
infe. Your appearance your rlothesy your ahoea, -your- hat, your
ring, your Jewelry is your medium. . Yon. know, what, appearance
doe toward making an impression. Every hour you see some man
who leaves a bad impression. His clothe -do-not -hang right: his
hat ia not the proper shape for hit head: his shoes are not shlned
there ia something radically wrong wlth.him. If he is a business
man he does not create a desire in;you to trade with him. Yon.
feel Inclined to go to the eatabliBhment of his competitor, the man
who is neatly attired in every respect. ''
, - .You fiud that in. a great majority of the cases in which a man
makes a favorable Impression upon you .hy his abearance that he
I wearing a diamond, either a pin or a ring. This stone is every
where reedgniied as an emblem ot affluence and prosperity. It
does more to lend, substantiality to the impression a man makes
than any other thing even more than hl .clothes. Most people
who wear diamonds are neat in their appearance-e!r clothes
... ... " ------ - 7hA - -
fit well ana are Ol gooa material.
' To create a good impression to gain in,
prestige one should wear a diamond of
quality. (0f course a cheap stone or an Imi
tation gem detraota from the first impres-.
slon. If you .recognite a diamond aa'an ImM
Utton. you 'la respect for its wearer at ;
once, no matter how well he may be dressed..' t
Very few people discount the potltlon of 1
the diamond, yet some seek Inferior atones.
The Edholtn store offers a wide assortmsnt
of the purest diamonds at prices that will
make you blame your luck U you nave pur
chased a cheap stone. If you contemplate
buying a stone, you owe it to yourself to in-,
spect the Edholm stock. .
Don't Merely
. Buy; Invent!
Sixteenth tvnd Harney
Llisri SoLoHoVt of old wat ralltd the
K wisest -man and credited with l
wtvea aiihoueh the latter fact
" hardly demonstrates Ms wisdom to
modern eyas. - . - i . .
a anv rate, he must hav had a vast
knowledge of the ways ot women and the
various weya in which they attempted
to mak themselves besutirui in ntt tight.
' lit I en record with lh statement
that there la no new thing under th tun
and thlt lesson's big beauty tad seems
to prov It.- v . e
All Oriental women from i Cleopatra
dottn-or iip-userl oil baths or rubs
as an effioieni ld t beauty.. tOlive
ll or almond v or any- sweet-scented
emollient is th medium, and every part
of the- body it gon over-with a gentle
biassed movement. ' The joint are
treated to a little extra attention to make
the body more, supple. .
Til fair beiity-chr of to-day use
t good, pur cold craaai iMtlnrott pre
ferred) and get tne. same. errtrL . inia
It a sensible fad ai
eold eetain rub I
not fall to produce good" results. It fills
out hollo! And really sets aa a ftgurs
refiner, j I t'naree-grained tKInt grow
clearer, and better and excess tat melts
away. The eirl who takea a cream' bath
each -night for a: month wl,l actually won
der at the change for the better In her
general health, which, of course, 4naks
for beauty. ...
Ther It a soothing, sedative effect on
the mind Which smooth out'wrlnkle and
tired line In. th fee, and the general
relaxation of th body makes every, move
ment a1 thing of trace and beauty.
iJleree to, the new fad, 'the Melorose
cold cream baths. It It a relic ot ths
dark sges, If you will, and nothing new,
but It is a great factor for Increasing your
beauty. ; J
MORK leading' at-tres use 'the fa
mous "Meloroa , preparations than - any
other kind. Indorsed by thousands. . .
Meldroe Beauty Crem, Powdee and
Rouge, the most perfect tm let dainties
In the world, SaV site only Vc. , '
- CAUTIONImltatlons srld' ,woriWSe
nostrums ari bel-iS offered, - .-(let.onlv
Ihe origins genuine, dlstrihhted by
Wlllard White-('.. i.'hlcsgo. Hewtrs-.of
suheillute. lo-k for L . S. rrg. .trade
mark on ch box. , . -. -.
FREK Snfl So stamp for sample of
Melorose Cream. Mriprot Fact Pow
der; also booklet about the .-tablets.
Write to - , - - t ' - ' i . .
WII.LAnu' WHITE CO..' Chlosgo. 111.
Sold si Myera-r-iHon tinig CO., rtherman
V MeConnell,-Owl Drug Co., ( BrtDdclr.k
The FatlTOyS
16th and Farnam Sts.
Second Floor, McCrorry's New 5c and 10c Store.
Extra Special
100 Gingham House Dresses, real $2.00 f"A
values. ... 3UC
10 dozen Fine Tailored Waists, some slightly Cft-v
soiled from handling, real $1.50 values .3UC
10 dozen Aviation Caps, in all shades, fine Cfli
hoods for skating, real $2.00 values. . . . wUC
20 down new spring lingerie Waists beauties, CrtM
real $2.00 valties. . . .' : VUC
Special for Monday and as long as they last- A aa
75 Black Coats, real $7.50 and $10.00 values. VaCsWO
Choice of any coat or suit in the store; values up
to $40.00 in three great lots-
$7.5p, $10 and $15
Going Oiitl of Business!
riir-c for Ladies' Spring Suits
TOetatY ' C1' tAiloted, fitted sad luatnisled is true "U
ItUCW ; Book" styles a wealth of "rlaxi" the 'rarest of
wrosrait saunrs is your i axw -ii jue u in ace
your orafr bo. 1 ,' .
Phone' DouglM ,7479 .
Webiter Sunderland Bldf.
N. E. Cor. 16th and Howtrd
Many Omahs btislness men at Haines
City, Florida, looking over Sample -Bros,
grape fruit and orange land; many mors
Coins Feb. (th. .Join yonY friends snd Co
. to see this grand opportunity for jou. ' Let me know at once and I
will arrange for transportation for you. Lsnd values the Ttlue
of land here sad one-fifth the price of California land, but will
yield much more per acre than either place. Elevation Hi feet;
climate ideal. Call and see me.
Tel. Red 04; V. 2500. ' 40 First t l Bank Bid..
High Class Ladies1 Tailor
Has returned from the' East with the latest Models for
- the Spring season, and for one week beginning January
22d,' will take orders at reduced prices In Tailor -Made .
' , ' Gowns and Dresses for alt occasions. ,
Please take notice tiat wa gtiarantee everything e
make to be of the finest grade. and our ttock of woolens
is one of the largest In Omaha.' " '
J. JAlVlTZ, The Wellington
' lS15FrMi 8trert,OnuUiii. '
- - . - ' -. . . , .
TheiBaker-Electric. Is
t r. Safest ' . :
forewomen and children to
drivehas the most de
pendable motor safest con-.
troller, unfiling brakes, and
unusually responsive steer-
ing gear. The entire mech
anism is as trouble-proof as
it is possible to build a
power driven vehicle.
i'The Pioneer Shaft .Driven
Runs on less voltage than :
any other goes farthest
on a charge- Ntteriet
have longest life.
Suertnl etertric paeumatlc or Motz
, high effirlenty ruehlon tires. Kxlrl
battrrte standard erjulpment.
See flaker Elertrlr eahibiu at prinlrpal
Butomobllo tlKJUI.
Electric Gan.e Compicy
Omaha Plstributora
''JS1H-22 Farnam (street.
The Baker Motor-Vehicle Co.
Mvmvfmc tun rs
(3vdand. Ohio
Dainty Lunches and
Hoi or Cold Drinks
Berre u a Tesastlag Way.
Facing the chilly breexe froin
th north require utatning fuod
and drink. Just what you need at
Th -Owl", ltth and llarney; Th
-Original", ltth and Ixxtge; Tin
-liarearar. Mth aad farnam.
Sherman &' McCennell
Dr-I Co.
Increase your
earning power
Read aaaoancement
on Pafc 7. Kcws
Sfchon, today.