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'Sunday .Bee
VOL. XLI XO. 31.
Advance Bulletin of United States
1 Census Bureau Gires Besnlt of
1909 Investigation.
dumber of Estaklisnmenti Found in
, State Wu 2,500.
Increase of Better Than 26 Per Cent
Since 1904. "
I V" l Since 19(
V foTEB J19.000.000
OVER $19,000,000 Iff WAGES
Total Product for 1909 Valued at
' $199,019,000.
-j Milling Industry, Utui Calr l
j raektagt Plants, Shaw pleadld
, Development ia All Parta
I ml tha State.
! A steady and a vary healthy growth in
j manufacture! ot Mebraaka la Indicated
j by an advance cemua bulletin. In MM
. the eataMlshmeitu engaged tn manufae
' tura numbered l,69i. In 1304, five yean
being 9.T In the 1SS9-W4 period and
iti la the UCM period.
During the period of 'fifty years from
1S5S to BOB the groat value ot product
per capita ot total population Increased
from tn to Slat. During the same time
the increase of wage earners waa from
SK in or 11 per cent of total popula
tion, to S per cent of the greatly Increased
popiftation in 1SU. with an army ot nearly
0W on the payrolls, excluding pro
prietors and firm members and salaried
In COO . SS.7 per cent ot the impu
tation resided in incorporated cities
and towns ot 1 .600 or over; in 1 36.1 per
cent of the total population resided In
such places. The density of population
had risen from IS. per square milo In
1 to li In ISO. From which It will be
seen that the growth tn manufacturing
strength baa been much greater than the
growth in population In fifty years.
Ita Showlag at Profits.
Profits on the business dona cannot be
shown, for the reason, aa set out In the
bulletin, that "census data do not show
the entire cost of manufacture, and con
sequently cannot be used to show profits."
Neither Is any account taken ot Interest
or depreciation by the census returns.
What are designated aa 'very defective
returns regarding capital" ara also a
stumbling block, which makes It impose!
bla to determine the rata ot profit on
investment, even If known expenses be
deducted from the value ot finished
In addition to twenty-five Industries
aet out aeparately the enumerators found
nine other kinds of factories-making bags
other than paper, brooms, soap, steam
railroad cars, coffee and apica grinding,
food preparations, distilled liquors, copper
smelting and refining, lead smelting and
refining. In the table below these una
of Industry ara grouped under the last
designation to tha list, "all other Indus
tries." v
Data aa separate Iadaatrir.
Tha relative Importance ot tha leading
manufacturing Industries of Nebraska Is
shown In tha following table:
Slaughtering and meat packing............
Flour mill and grist mill products
Hwtter. cheese and condensed milk ,
Printing and publishing
Cars and general ehop construction and
repairs by steam railroad companies..
Uatior. malt I..........-........
Mread and other bakery products ,
Foundry and machine-shop products
.umber and timber proaucta .........
1eather goods
nothing, men's. Including shirts..
lias. Illuminating and heating
Paint and varnish .
Artificial atone
Confectionary ......m.....
Brick and tile - -
Tobacco manufactures...
Dairymen's, poulterer's, . and
Xfsrhl am stAna
Patent medicines and oompounda and
druggists' preparations
Carriages and wagona and materials....
. Copper, tin, and sheet iron products
Csopetara and wooden goodanot- els,
where specified. ....Y........ ........
Canning and preserving......
MMtraases and spring bads
All, other Industries..... ...... .......
All Industries ............
ber A. No.
estab- Wage Valua ot
llsh- Earners. Products
ia KM . K,95.e
; Ms li.5S6.0W
S7 SB 7.W1.0P9
17 IW , 6.W7.00
13 5.6)5 4,4Z,OM
14 4?4 J.UV000
27 4S J.014.000
71 1,020 S..010
40 &43 S,
30 S l,iS3,
1 W7 1.54!.rt
t tm 1.410 ono
4 1 112 l.i4.n
' 3M (y 1,256,01)0 .
IS- .tXJ 1.174A
lit Ml .01.
u at mow
ss 1ST ra.oas
im SI , MS.OM
a 9M K7,oj
37 i ui.m
-, J, - as' '''Smim
13 Vi ' 481.0
SM J.177 48J64.0W
Too :4.3K $1I,01.OW
added by
' 1.24S.IMI
4,366, VOO
' U3,0t
' 154.0i
138 OK)
later, tha n amber had risen to l,Si. while
in IMS tha census bureau Investigators
found :,S40 establishments, an Increase of
37.4 per cant In tha five-year period. To
day, according to the bast Information,
low or mora manufacturing plants are
operating la the state.
No figures are available as to tha num
ber ot persona engaged In factories In
1X90, but In 1904 the number so employed
was ascertained to be S.3M. In IMS the
.workers In Nebraska factories had in
creased to ., a percentage of gain
In the five-year period, of XX Dividing
all those engaged in manufactures Into
the three classes, proprietors and firm
members, salaried employes, and wsge
earners, tha percentages of gain from
1904 to were S.S, W.4 and 391. re
spectively. The salaries and wages paid
amounted to tha handsome total of l.
439,000. ,i
Valae of Prwdact Ftgarea.
The tMO establishments turned out
prod nets to the amount ot thtt.01t.00t In
making this product materials were con
sumed valued at tia.otl.aoo. Thus, the
value added to tha raw material by man
ufacture waa 347,938,000. and In holding
that this figure best represents the "net"
wealth created by the factory operations
during the year the census report says:
"Tha value of products is not a satis
factory measure of either the absolute
or the relative Importance of a given
Industry, because, only a part of this
valua is actually created by t,h manu
facturing process carried on in the in
dustry itself. Another part of it. and
often by far the larger part, represents
the value of the materials used, which
have been produced by agriculture or
raining, or by other Induetrial establish
ments. For many purposes, therefore,
tha best measure of the importance of
different classes of Industry is the value
created aa the result ot the manufactur
ing operations carried on within the In
dustry. This valua Is obtained by de
ducting the cost of the materials cos
tumed from the value of the product."
in Mmnuiiu "value of products" the
amounts given represent the selling value
at the factory of all products manuiac
tured. during the year, which may differ
from tiro value of the products sola.
Amounts received for work on materials
furnished by others are included,
ladlvidaal Operatloaia Kept Secret.
In this connection It is Interesting to
note thst In the Item "value added
ly manufacture" ihat Is. value of prod
ucts less cost of material-there waa a de-
- r iti nr cent reported for the
period 1-1!M. while for the period M-
them was an Increase ot . per cent in
this Item. The statistician explains that
the decrease for the first period waa "due
largely to the figures reported for tlie
had ameltlng and refining industry. This
Industry Is incladed under the head 'all
other industries.' because Its statistics
cannot be given without disclosing Indi
vidual operation."
Figures on capital Involved In manu
factures are frankly admitted, by the
. eomptltr of the report, to bo "an defec-
H)- as la be -without value, eacept as
tndiratinK -Very general conditions." In
IM the capital was given aa tfS.5ns.0OT. in
TM and in lta ,!.. Ihas
hom ing a gala of 61 per cent in the
live-vear period lnr.
Kxpenses of operating rose from f.lV
, fc. hi 1SJJ to tita.'StJ.O ia HM and to
tUCSI'0 i" WW. the percentage of In-
Waata Ear a era. Hears aad Wages.
Omaha and Bouth Omaha, with but 13-1
par cent ot tha total population of Ne
braska, giv employment to 68-1 per cent
of the waga earnera of tha state. They
also produce 77 per cent of the total
valuation of manufactured aasOucta.
Of the HO waga earners f oirtid at work
by the census enumerator; J1"!, worked
forty-eJght hours or less pit v.eea, an
worked between forty-eight a- f fifty-four
hours, 107 Worked fifty -fowV hours. U7
worked between flfty-foUr- 'atid sisty
hours, 1,901 worked sIxtA'httrs. UH
worked between sixty anA tvrnty-two
hours, 184 worked seventy-tV; hours and
only 4i over seventy-two a, "in.
The wage earners were 2H I Men and
3.M women of 10 years or ore . tjnder II
years were ITS boys snd thirty ln girls.
According to tha terms of theCJKld labor
lar ot Nebraska, none of theaa children
could have been legally at work without
The statistics In this bulletin rover a
year's operations and are probably the
nearest correct ot any ever made. Per
centage distribution by sex and age of
the wage earners In each Industry fur
December 15, or the nearest representa
tive day, was calculated from the actual
numbers reported for that dale. This
percentage has been applied to tha aver
age number ot wage earners fur the year
In that Industry to determine the average
number of men. women and children em
ployed. These' calculated averages for
tha several Industries have been added up
to give the distribution for tba state as a
Mllllaa Indastrr ta straws.
Borne emphasis is laid on the high rank
taken by the flouring Industry, both as to
number of establishments snd value of
product. This takes In both flour and
grist mills. While the principal cereals
have always been the staple and most
largely grown crops of Nebraska, It is
only within qulle recent years that the
milling industry has experienced this
significant growth. While a number of
tha mills are of more than average' shte.
the majority of them are small and are
widely scattered In rural communities,
which may be considered a very healthy
indication. During the last decade the
value of mill products Increased tO,04:.4W,
or 13.1 per cent. There la nothing spas
modic about (his growth of Nebraska's
milling Industry, for tha percentage at
increase In the five-year period, l4-'0t.
was Just a trifle less than during the
earlier period. 1S9V04. Fifty years ago
Nebraska bad lesa than twenty small
mills, with a total output valued at
slightly over SllO.OSO.
The following table gives the quantity
and value ot products for IM, 1904 and
Product. 1 1504. IS30,
Wheat flour:
llarrela l.i.Kt 1.7M.46S i.ftX.SO
Value ..,....IU I.t 7.S.iali.l0o.S,l
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f..r ., Sto
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.1 i.o ot; i,Ki.z:i
Tons .8 .TS a,0T7
' Value 1.T5S.SW S 1.300u t TUMEl
All other prod
ucts, value.. ! SH.OSJ 31X100 CLKX
Karrels 14.73 .SSO
value n,; t 2m -
Corn meal and
corn flour:
Barrels C&.41 J MT."e as Fiz
Value $ l,2Z-,470 $ 1,133,4X7 $ 4S.Ut I
Rye r.our: i
Karrela K.47S . 31.C.0 4S.T2j
vaiue 9 Ljv u. 4, u..wt
Bucka't flour:
loimds 2M.S40 S4.SS0 Ss.:)
Value S 1MI3 $ .TA S 7.413
Pounds I.!T.7 S.M0.S4O ,t4aa(,
Value t M,; f 9SJM I 4V.A1
Pounds St.'SpO.iW
Value .ts
total value.. .IIT.JJS.iK tl2.lM.ai6 S7.7V4.13t
Mark More rloar, Mlaber frle.
There waa an Increase of eZCS, or
X I per cent. In the number ot barrets
of white wheat flour from M4 to 190.
and an Increase ot gt.tfi.S4. or 44.1 per
cent. In its value. The value of corn
meal and corn flour Increased 7.0 per
cent, but tbe quantity decreased 21.S per
cent. Rye floor waa the only product
abowlng decreases In both quantity and
Of the total value of products reported
in IMS, the value of the white wheat
flour, amounting te Sll.SD.eS. formed
4XS per cent, aad tae value of offal, the
principal part of which Is the by-product
of tbe manufacture, of wheat flour,
waa 10.1 per cent. The value of feed
amounted to CXljsS, or 111 per cent
and of corn meal aad cam flour
ft er SS i-er cent, ot the total
value of products for the Industry in
the state.
In these general figures oa flour and
anst mills are not in- loded the statist!.
of what are kn."n as "euetom grist
mllls."-Of these i e 8 In Nebraska,
engaging the wort over HO people. To
be exact. 'proprietor" "n fr members
actively operatic). custom mills
number 17, operators were
only ten. Th - i bad.' la tMO, a
capital of "tl4.rr j:'I around grain to
the value of $174 ..-t Kspenaea are given
aa S1MJZ7. The mainly run for the
convenience of incular aeetlon
surrounding them lher " a very
useful purpose In ,':':lng communities.
Dairy rrid'- a Bla; Iteas.
A decrease la sh n m the census fig
urrs for the last .if "e In the aumber
of establishment .r...sfd in the manu
facture of butter 1 ooodensed
milk, but tbere Ij- 1 Ided Increase in
the value of tbe changed
manner of condu. ' develop
ing industries I-. ' ''" respon..:ble
for the lesser r. - - factories and
more Intensified. " -"bods of oper
ating are reapon t ' ' " ,he lMer
put. The rise In r will account for
much of the ad'"' '-lrf' eeniral
plants, closely 1 tematically oper
ated, hava takec r " of Isolated, and
l neat creameries.
often poorly nv
Omaha has especially benefited bv the
newer methods of production in thia tn
rtnjrtry, snd yet the dairymen far out on
the farms of the state, aelllg their cream
and avoiding the drudgery of working It
and shipping the often low class product.
have also profited very appreciably.
In 139 Omaha, for Histsu-e. had but two
modest butter factories, whereas todsv
the city has four great planta that are
sending Us nsme and fame, as a butler
producing center all over the country and
Into other countries. Omaha's output for
IKS Is given as SX.7.ST3; which Is 4S per
cent of the total output of the state. Of
the factories In the stste in la only four-
tvn were operating cream separators,
aoainst vUty-rive in tfet and X2 In IkSt,
which means that the bulk of tbe cream
ia now separated on the farms and not
muck milk la sent to tbe central planta.
The product Is being more carefully- put
up. too. sin s tn 10 only 14 per cent of
the butter made waa put into prints and
mlla. la tlb) the percentage ot butter so
put up had rlwa to 43 per cent. Produc
tion of cheese has fallen eft very ma
teria Ry and only three factories are repre
sented In the following table:
I90 104. 100.
foundt 13.4U.J3I W.i;3.14 10,77.3:
. Vslue.. ... .t3.54.J7S K.074 SM Jl.WI.Jfl lidual.": 11) were under firm names and
pf'","';r,J,l ' ,. organised aa corporations: a rvpatte
Valu...:.:.':ii.Stl.asj.i V.KJ(1 1 in exceed of .0M and Irsa,
Cream sold
Cheese : ,
Full crea.n
All other prod
ucts, value ll.or3.U3
jh,ii lerrost
r;7,i , g.wi
110 401
sm.m; lis.
' Total vslue.. t;.u.rr: s,3j6.ii tixcwe
It Is eiplatned in the bulletin that the
large Increase In the value af "all other
products" from Bwt to IMS) ia due to the
not that la the latter year a aumber of
the establishments . carried on -a com
bined manufacturing and mercantile
bustneaa. the two being so closely con
nected that It was not practical to sep
arate the menulacturing from the mer
cantile expenses. A large amount of re
worked butter Is alao Included In thia
l-aaadrlee Make iioaiel Skowlaa.
Tbe clothes washing Industry of Ne
braska Is not Included la the general
figures for manufactures. This bustneaa
f blundering the linen ot the people
keeps o establishments continually at
work, under steam power. Of these. 43
concerns were owned and run by tadi-
i than SI0C.4M): 4 retorted business of
J",jtJ ; . but lees than SSMM. and St had
" bwlneee of leas; than- IMI. following
' are ths census bulletin' figures:
!; '..;: I Number of rstabthmments
t Person miuum In tta inAniw
, t-roprietor nod firm members
Salaried employee
Vatre earnera ia-erage number!
Capital 1 susw
bxpemea .. taa, 1 40
Servtres '. : . 6s4.34
Materials ..-
Mlscellaneoua 1MJ:
Amount received for work done. UXif
Mwaraas of a (rata.
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