Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 11, 1912, Page 12, Image 12

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IBOe 75e Infant's L' ""'" "N f" " "hr" n Woaaea's Bom ue
.oft hora.oddS m nlfiMli c n 1 sw t,ta
and eads, a 1 J Uff.l I I ) LW np te M
per pir .:..2CI Milk I I a. I " "
; n mAiKcJJ- ii e
Women's Badoir (J JV' " . K rtt fceggtags foe
Slippers $1 and r l""- flw J MMiu- la eolors
iJB.: 75c kjIFIm3! rr.7ic
aea, pair Iv t J I V -al r v, - I dm pair '
I 'I -Tim ii ar u
Thursday. Friday and Saturday, Brandeis Old Store
Special Purchase oi Surplus Stock of Men's Shoes
From T.D. Barry of Brockton, Mass.
Special Purchase of Surplus Stock of Women's Shoes
From Krohn-Fechheimer Co. of Cincinnati, 0.
Xe Annual Clearance oiEvery Pair oi
Winter Shoes in Our Entire Stock
at About i Their Actual Value
3,000 PAIRS OF MEN'S SH0ES--A11 new $50
up-to-date styles, made to sell at $3.50, $4, $5; at, pair... w
Tins lot includes all the regular lots of shoes from T. D. Barry of Brockton, made to sell
under the name of Regent $3.50 shoes. We also include most of ourtf( J" A
regular lines of men's winter shoes that have been selling lZ
at $4.00 and $5.00. All sues, at, per pair v
5C0 Pairs of Men's Shoes Samples, Odds and Ends All new styles in strictly up-to-
date high quality shoes that 1
and $4-00 a pair, at, per pair ,
date high quality shoes that we have been Belling regularly for $3.50 tl CC
ur... ...VJ.Otf
Men's fint quality
Rubber Regu
lar fl. trade: all
Ilea, will" io on
Mia at.
fWI , .a.
Any Itori' Shoe la
took, Including
our regular "Bhod
Klt" shoes, (high
cut ihoea da JJO
excepted) V
800 patra Mule
Hoys' Hhoee
Goodyear w o I ted
oak aolei; woriu
' " $1.25
All tlie Athletic
Shoe for Ormna
ilum, bowling, ate
worth up to 3,
All the Bora' High
Cat Shoes with 2
traps and Buckles
blsrks and tana;
$3.60 and $4.00
r.". $2.25
3,000 Pairs of Women's Shoes
Made to sIl at 93.50 $4 and $3 bi lot at ...... .
Kewest, most practical styles In patent kid. dull calf-kin, tan calfaklu, Telvet or
craveuetle from the big Cincinnati purrhaae. Also all our women's high gride i
winter ahoes from our regular stock that have been selling for 13.60, $4 and
$5. will go at . v
All Our Women's Extra High Top $5 00 sd 58.00 Shoes at $3.85 These are tan calf,
dull calf and velvets, ten inch boots many with new adjiiRtablo tops, a
at, per pair , VtfeOt)
All the Woaiea's
Hoiue Hlippm, . strap
style, thai have been
selling up to $2.
at pair ...
All as gegglags fat
Chllerea Corduroy a,
velvets t.rae a or lea
ther, worth up to 11. ill,
as? 50c
pair , vw
au the
Suppers bueue, Milk,
velvet. aiia or patent
Irailmr llnl tin l-een
MllllIK UP
u MOil a.
pair. at...
All til Oirlr and Chlt
drwi'a ttllpnrre left
In link that sold at It
d 11. :i a alr will
so oa aai. a. JQ
pair www
sad OUUtn'i
aaoea broken linea.
odda and and In all
!, worth t- up
..; on
a la at.
pair. . . . ; ,
H, L
Women's Over (laitwa
lingular 76c and $1
grade, will be sold
t rn
... ouc
InfaaU' Shoes Odds
and ends snd broken
lines; worth up to
It"..?... 98c
Odds aad Kads of
WoBtea's Rubbers .
First quality, will be
sold at,
pair ...
Ocr Annsal Sale ol Linens Continaes Eitrj D17 This Month t
Yeu'li-fiBi neons ifMitl kirftiai Ur Thuriltf In t Bsismsat .
Advance Notices Big Special Sales for Saturday
Ocr Annual Clearing Sale oi Jewelry, Siherware, , Leather Goods
Begin jaturdat E rytMig- ia Stock at Ob-T ilr4 tu Onr-HaJ Oft '
Everything must go- regardleas of cost. Wonderful bargains In all lines. See the 1U St
t.lndow of special bargaies. . : , .
Saturday is Our Great Hal! Price Sale of Boys', Men's Clothinj
Everr Belt or Overcoat for Boys snd Men in our entire stock will be sold at exactly one
talf its former price.
Great ssle muslins, camhrics, wide sheetings, sheets begins Monday
t will b thsfreataat sal eir held by say stor.
tvery Time Ton Spend a Dune Yon
Get an S. & H. Green Trading Stamp.
Interesting Events Coming Soon
Children' Shoes, Sat., 13th
Knit Underwear, Sat., J 3th
Hotiery, Sat., the 13th
Wauts, Friday, the 19th v
Book, Saturday, the 20th
Hand Bag, Sat., the 20th
Umbrella, Sat., the 27th
Picture Frame, Sat., 27th
The completeness of the sale ofundermus
tins is fully appreciated only by those who
have already attended.
' And there is hardly a woman leaves tins department
without making large purchases-due to the extensiveness
of the assortments, great variety to be had
at each price' and the very'supeHor quality
and finish of the goods. ' '
We were eareful in'our purchasing for
this event to see that there -was an ample
range for choosing for each-woman who
comes no matter what her figure require
ments might be. The styles domand perfect-fitting
garments; correctly proportioned. Ton will find
only that kind In this sale. -
And so far aa the quality goes-we have repu
tation ior "always the best. .
The price ranges ara:-
Gown at. ,. ;. . . ': ...39c to $6.50
Underskirt of . 69c to $8.95
Drawer at. ,wji5c to $2.50
Combination Suit at 69c to $5.95
Cortet Covert at.. 15c to $2.50
Looms never wove finer embroideries' than
those in our Annual January Sale.
And designers never produced more beautiful patterns than those
represented In the various large assortments. There are designs and
q .all.les for evening dresses, waists, underwear, children's dresses,
women's summer costumes, etc. Prices are such as should cause you
to anticipate all embroidery wants for some time to comet
IS-lnrh Mwlas. nalneook and cam'
brtc flounclnga and ooriwt covarlnsa
In floral and pretty eyelet daalgna;
tic. 4e and inn values at ISa.
one lot of embroidery edclnse and
Inerrtlnae worth 14c. lihe and lie
the yard, at se.
4-inch t-wina nounrinsa in a ereat
variety of floral and conventional
pattern t lit value, at SSe the yard.
27-Inch tfwlae and nalnaook flouno
Insa In beautiful allover effects, re
duced te SSe tiie yard.
Swlaa. nalnaook and cambrto an-
hroldarlea In dainty patterna specially
priced at 10a.
iT-inch Hwlas aHover tlounclnca
that rerularty aell at 7 So and $!.
the yard, during tbla eale, sea.
27-Inch flounclnra with bandings
te match are vartoualy ' reduced in
price aa the quality call for. .- ..
Double edged bandlnca In a splen
did aaaortmant of very pretty pat
terna, during thia sale, lie the yard.
Saleof Men' Clothing
at Half Price
Which price Is for yeitr unre
stricted choice of every man'a and
youns man's ault and ovarooat In
our entire atock. And plaaaa don't
forget that Ihoee who come ear
Ural always sat the beat picking.
tT-. : :
Sale or men zntrtt
All of the ahirta in this sale are
strictly dowa-io-date in pattern,
and come In a great variety of
handaome eeloringa aad styles.
Three lota to go at these' prices:
SS-OS sklrs at i.l.
1J sains at sea. ?
MM shirts at SSe.. '
Great Bargains From the Linen Sale
Damask by the Yard
Pattern Cloth
t-IS hemstitched table eleths ef
the (meat wearing qualities, guar
anteed all linen, J.2i value., at tlM
""one lot of extra fine dansk table
cloth., ranging- In sise from tHxiti
to Jx3 ya.-da--one ef the vary
brat valti.a of the pale, while thay
la.t, at So. 00 for your choice. Hardly
any of thaee have ever before beea
priced at laae thaa f 1V.0S each. ,
Kxtra good weight table elotha, of
nice round thread linen, in a good
variety of pretty patterne-Tix'l-lnch
alte, 13.71 values,,
7'.'xl9-lnch alio, values, SSSe.
Ilxil-inrh eiie, 14 .24 values, gsja,
:tx!l-lnrh napkins te match,
value., at the doaen.
' IJ.Il 11-Inch all linen damask, In
spot, roae, fleur de He, 'thistle. Illy
and ether patterna. Sao the yard.
II. 1 "S-lnch double aatln damaak.
In a fine range of handsome patterns,
tias the yard. ,
7io t-lnch unbleeched all lines
table damaak, of an extra heavy quel
Ity. see the yard.
10c tt-lnch mercerized table linen.
In a fine line of patterns, see yard.
Hand Embroidered Napkin
Oenulne Madeira band-embroidered
napklna are priced as foUowe.
. l7.t values at filM the doxen.
III. ee valuee at the doxen. '
III. 10 values st ta-ee the doxen. ,
10 SO Valuta at S7.S0 the doaen.
IMS valuee at f-e the dosea
Fruits and Vegetables at Less
Thursday we will give FREE OP CIIARGE,'a gnaran
teed orange spoon with our extra fancy Sunkist lemons at
Ota. nnrl 5tfl Hip lri7pn. Thnrsdav nnlv. . . .
fVW U1U W IT suv " J J
Fancy Redland oranges at
15c,' 20c, 25c, 30c and 35c
the dozen.
3 large bunches of radishes
for ..10o
Fancy cauliflower, lb. ...8c
Fancy green onions, bunch
at ...... .5c
Fancy yellow onions,: per
peck 'at .V, . . . i : . :35c
imtms SU SflTtrJ rad isf. 17H.
Platsa ......... .ItH Vp sL( 'gaif "Tra)Ut-twlW
Extractias Us Ul LWrS.A fllJ BfUg.
flUlngs Me Bp xfiyy f TtQ wrk ' remsved
Crowns Hidlp r(JJULr- iUa Mim, Vark fw
Bridge ork I1M C se W gaaae votea, Msiwt ten yean.
Free Land Information
' The Twentieth Century Farmer, to meet the demand
of its readers for land information, has (gathered and
compiled data on soils, climate and fanning conditions
in all parts of the country. It is willing to-give out this
information, free, if postage is sent with inquiry. ."
- ., . . t
Do You Want to Know
. About government land laws,'-'Ioeistion 'of land -offices,
etc, ' ' ; . ' -V :;'V '""'i" ,
IIow to get irrigation lar.ds, location of , projects,
laws governing same, etc.' . -
Best sections for fnuH growing, general farming,
stock raising or dairying. . ... . .. , .,
. Your -questions, will get. prompt, attention.. State
plainly and specifically what yon want to know. Write,
Land Uifomiation Bureau
The Twentieth Century Farmer
Omaha, Nebraska
Comic Section
The Sunday Bee
With Happy Hooligan. . Littl
Nemo, the Katxenjamtner Kid ,
end the whole interesting family ;
Splendid Opportunities for Saving in
the Great January
AH Men's
Suits and
Overcoats .
M Men's
' Suits and
All Over Laces
35c to $1.00 Yd. Values. . . . . .
This Is a lot of Odd Pieces of black and cream allover laces, plain
an J fsnncy Nets, Chiffon and Silk Tokings, goods worth 35c snd $1
ard, Thurs ay at, yard....... .10t
fiOc Embroideries Thnrsdar ZSc yard A beautiful new line of 18
In., i'Mn. and !7-ln. Flouncings. regular 60c yard values, ' on
sale. at "...; 25
New Lines Brought Forward Thursday In Our
Great Sale of Women's Outer Garment
300 New Imported Flush
Celts for Your Selection
500 Handsome New Tailored
Suits added to our already im
mense stock.'
400 New Cloth Coats offered
in Thursday's sale. .
Your choice of 400 Women's or
Misses' Cloth Coats, made to
sell to $35.00,
$10.00 Tailored Suits S4-05 All
beat midwinter styles, fine assort
ment for selection. .-
All Other Tailored Soils
Just Half Price
Matchless Bargains la Pen, Coats,
Sets, Muffs and . Bcarfa, greatly
nnderprlced. ..
Red Fox Fur Sets, $25.00 to $40.09
values, at SIS. 50 815 820
Near Seal and Pony Coats 10 in
the lot, $S5.00, $98.00 and $123
values, your choice Thursdsy,
at 849.00
52-ia. Sable Squirrel Coat Reg
ular. $200.00 values, an tale
Thursday, at 895.00
1 Hudson Bay Mink Set 24 fin
est, quality skins, $35.00 value,
on 'gale Thursday ..8175.00
All 'other Sets, Muffs and
Scarfs at Half.
Ladies 1 piece) Dresses Mescalines, Taffeta, Serges, all newest styles
regular values up to $25.00; choice In Thursday's sale 87.05
Percale sad FUsaaeletta House
Dresses, values to $2.00, 95g
Ladles' Long Kimoaos, In Elder
down or flannelette, values up
to $4.00, choice 81.95
Woman's $15.00 Winter Coats,
black and novelties, on sale
Thursday at 84.95
Children's Loaf; Flannelette Kl
in obos, $1.50 values, at . -89?
Extra Spoolsla In Linen
, OspartmantThursdsy
Hemmed buck towels. Ho values,
eac , ..10a
Hemmed buck towels, lo valuea,
each .' ise
Hammed buck towels. Ho valuea,
eac h c
Hemmed buck towel, to valuee,
each ISO
Hemmed buck towels, Jo value.
each S6e
Bleached bath towala, 16c valuea,
each toe
Bleached bath towala, ltc valuea,
each ,. , ....tSte
Bleached. bart, towels, t4o Value,
each v1
Bleached bath towels, ito valuee,
each ISe
Bleached bath towele. He valuea,
each tse
t'nhemmed pattern clothe, ll.fcO
valuoa, each SSe
Cnhammed pattern cloths, it. 00
valuea, each S1JS
t'nhemmed patters cloths, 12.50
valuta each tl.TS, pattern cloths, 14.00
valuea. each
Bleavhed napkins, worth ll.TS a
doaen .'...fias
Bleached napkins, worth $2.00 a
doaen - ....1144
Bleached napkins, worth 1175 a
doaen gl.TS
Bleached napkins, worth $J So a
doxen SS.SO
Bleaabed nspkins, worth 14 00 a
Extraordinary Wrjittr
Goods Values in our Linen
Dept. Thursday, r "
Imperial Long Cloth, worth
IGo yard, per bolt of . IX
yrds 954
Imperial Long Goth, - worth
ISO yard, per bolt of 1
yards, ...... 8 1.19
imperial Long Cloth, worth
tt yard, per bolt of 12
yrai ...... 81.56
Imperial Long Cloth, worth
25c yard,, per bolt of It
" -81.96
Imperial . Long Cloth, worth
35c yard, per bolt of 12
yrds 82.48
Fine sheer India llnona, , worm
lie a yard I6e
Fine aheer India llnona, wortli
lSo a yard ll'o
line abeer India llnona, worth
toe a yard ise
Fine aheer India llnona, worth
?c a yard ite
Fine aher India llnona. worth
tic a yard ate
amorted lot of white goods, worth
lie a yard 10.
Extra Specials for Thursday
25c bath 'towels.. ISc
too bath towels 12He
18c bath towels.. 10c
ltc bath towels :.c
llttebsth towels 8Hc
Hack Towels
25c huck towels.. lie
20c huck towels 12 He
18c huck towels. .10c
15c huck towelf . -Be
12 He huck towels,
at .... "He
10c huck towel 7 He
In the Domestic Room.
25c, 20o ' and 18c
white goods . .12Hc
15c, 20c and lUc
white goods ....10c
12 He, 20c and 18c
white goods . . .iHc
10c, 20c . and 18c
white goods ...6 He
7 He, 30c and 18c
white goods ....fie
Closing out all outlngi
flannel, - Be, 7V-c
Hc and 10c
Closing out all blank.
ets at less thsn cost
to manufacture.
Closing out aU com-
fdrtables very chesp.
32-ln. Scotch g tug
hams, materials mads
to sell at 18c 12 He
Aberfoyle - Ginghams,
rl2 In. wide. 10c
Opening last of new
goods in 'the, -domes-lie
room,-'" -
Remarkable Clearance Bargains Thursday On
miner unaerwsir ana rumisnings
Ladies' Heavy Inloa Saiu to
$1.50 Talues, heavy ribbed or
fleeced, in two' lots, "choice,
t 75 sod 4e
Ladlea' Jersey Ribbed or Fleece
Vests or Paats, 3c quality, all
perfect, on sals at 19g
Ladlea' $1.00 Vadervests or
Pants, Silk finished, white,
- grey or cream 494
Ladies' Jersey Ribbed : Corset
Covers, to 76c values, on sale
Thursday, at --25
Ladies'' Outiag Flannel tSowas,
thai sold to. 42.50,. Thursdsy,
at choice ..V-98 and 49e
Ladies'. All Wool Sweater Coals,
that sohl to $6.00, on sate,
"83.18 82.93 81.98
id ....,.' 81.45
Big Special Lot Corsets, all oi
them standard, makes, to $2.50
! - OS
$2.00 Auto Hoods 81.45
Angora Wool Scarfs, in all col
ors, choice 494
s - . ' SOT A FEW.
Our Aim is In Cm Dowa the Iligh Coat of XJring We Fight Trust
17 lbs. best granulated sugar . tleo
41-lb. sacks beat btsb grade Diamond
H family floor, nothing like it, per
each gl M
t lha. bvA white er yellow corn meal
for ISO
( lhe. good Japan lice SSe
Iba beat rolled oreakfaat eatairal
for. ......see
IS bars Beat-'Ea-AU or Diamond C
aoap SSe
Gallon cans OoMen table ayrep...ase
J-lk. pks- aeir-rtalac pancake or
buakwheat flour ..e
Quart bottle Canadian maple eurar
rnip ...iSe
Pint bottle Canadian maple sugar
syrup - SOs
Bulk Cocoa, more nutritious than
coffee, lb. SSa
3oldea teato. Coffie. llx .S6
1-lb. cans aaeortad aonpa ....... TH
The beat criap pretxela. IK. .......... ta
Beet soda or oyatar crackers, lb-.THo
S cans Lu La eoap pollch . .'. SSe
bars Sllexo scouring soap ...... 90e
Scans Lavallne pollab ..aoa
Bulk peanut butter, lb. ......... .IS.
Batter, Cheese aad Batteriae gate
The brat crean ery b itter, lb. ....see
The. beat country buuer, ib. .... soe
The beat dairy butter, bulk or roll.
Per lb. no
Full cream eheere, ib jsa
2 lbs. good table butterlne gee
The beat So. 1 etorase ecsa see
Tne best rrvsh eggs, notnirux better
tor SOc a doaen. our price. . . . See
eeh Tee-etablee aat Fralt Wrtoas
. .- Haaaa.
I boncbea fresa sieeta. carrou or
Turnip. ilo
Fancy Shallots, bunch ,M
1 heads fresh Leaf Lettuce . 6.
t buachee fresh Paraley v Sm
Fancy Ripe Tomatoea, Ib u
Fancy Caullflowar, Ib
Brusaela Sprouta, lb " jl.
Freah Cabbaaa. lb "'iiTI
Fancy 8weet f-etatoes. J lbs. for loo
On Vaaasws BUghlaaS Vavel Onagae,
- eases. ISe, SOa. seiTaOa
H? iT; Julcy tmen.
.Ii"",.,, ' recdo..joe
IS.) and ate aiu. per dux ijo
.v. mm. mil, miK ......... j
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