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Boys' Suits and Overcoats
25 Discount
The scores of boys suits and ovr-mwits which have
boon sold during this sale is the highest kind of indorse
ment of the quality and values of Benson A: Thorne
yothsri know that t!io good clothes sell wear longer, look
beUer sal art bettf r than the ordinarr kinds tbe present very
jentrous reductions plare these handsome auita and overcoats
within east rtach o( even the most economical purchasers.
Bejs Mi1 Russian or Sailor Suits, now $3.37
Foys tt.0) Russian or Sailor Suits, now 83.75
Hoys' iC.OO Runian or Sailor Suits, now $4.50
t oys' (7.50 Rast'an or Sailor Suits, now 85.63
Beys' t ( Russian or Sillor Suits, now 86.37
Smai. aoyi OvtrcoaH-3 t3 10 Ytrs
Boys' J3.S5 Overcoats 82.07 Boys' $7.5J Overcoats 85.63
Bon- H.JO Overcosu 83.37 Hoy' 5 Oiercoats 86.37
Boys' $5.00 Overcoats 83.75 Bo'rs' ' Overcoats 87.50
Boys' $6.00 Overcoats 84.50 ,J' ,u Overcoats 89.00
fljyi' OvercMti-10 to 17 Years
$7.50 Junior OCoats, 85.63 112 Junior O'Coats. 80.00
$8.50 Junior OCoats. 86.37 . Junior O'Coats, $11.25
$10 Junior O'Coats, 87.50
Uoya' Norf jik and Double Breasted Suits
Boys' $5.00 Suits ....S3.75 Boys' IS.SO Suits ...-86.37
Boys' $-00 Suits ... 81.50 ' '0 00 Rulu 87.50
Boys' $7.50 Suits ...85.63 r ,'-uu BUll y.UU
rtt tdbm norm
Dubuque is Dead
loo Many on Dei Moines Streets to
Permit Making Schedules.
J arise Braaa latrac-ta Craad
Jarr t laveatlftale c RwhH
aa ta.artl with Thow
Tararri la.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) J
IjKs MOINES. U.. Jan. -.8peci.t. Tel- j
fgram.) Too many coal wagon on crr
tala atrta of Ih-m Moines has Ca.ud the
mret-t car company to atandun temporar
ily the crow-town nrvi-e of earn on two
trading line, the management larin
that o many waKuim on the atnt tnt?.
fere with thv handling of the tare an.,
malt.n time Owing to the snow and
cold weatht-r the vat wrvic has oaurd
all but ojw-n violence from the patron-.
Will iNidliisC Jaatlrea.
IL"Hrw'K. la. Jan. S -Monino; ;
Roifur Kyan. vicar generjl of itie
Catholic arch tllftrwe of Dubuque. d;er" ;
here today. His death was the result of
a fall on an Icy pavement several weekj ;
agj. In which he sustained ftacturvs In
the aide and limbs. MonsiRiior Ryan was
75 years old and a native of Ireland. H
had been prominently mentioned fi. :
an hblsnop m former years, j
Wives Can Preserve
Joys of Couitshi Hut fa" In Women's Kealm
Kvery liiarrieti woman rhouM pay the
Nitue attention to her pe moral ai pear-am-e
that t-he did in her sweetheart uaya.
Men admire well kept hair. Yours will
Frank Holloway Says He Helped
Pull Off Montreal Job.
II. AIm Sara Ha rr T
Mrn at Ot rasala - Aaatarr
rrl aa la
I .tasrlra.
' OI1CAOO. Jao. tV-Trans llolloaay. 8.
no la alao saosra unJfr different nanws,
cvnfKMd ts th pollca today that ha was
lom.rnad la two bank rohh1ra. mw at
l'anama ami om at Ni Waatmlnalsr.
a C. In which ITV,os was atolrti. Ha
also al4 P wsntrd for two mur
. irs ana lur" many rohborlra la osia
Tha roan was artrtl Ut nlsht on
auspfclon of balnc a ptrkparkat. To ln
pwtor Hunt h aill his frlnwa, my
Ins that with companions ht klw the
aaa In tha bank of tha Panama City
Hankin company In Panama City and
.raraprd with .; took part In tha rob.
bary of tha Uank of MontnaU In Nw
Wrtmlnatar. B. C. last "ptmbr, In
'whlcs tm. stolen: shot and killed
a man named Sehaefer In Panama City
'In a quarrel oear tha dtvkilnn af poll";
'shot Edwara U. Weat, a railroad man,
ln In hoota. Colombia, and for
'r.urf a bond mi Texas, whsra bs
tinder arrest.
Ilollowsy said M of his shsre of the
robberies was hidden In a Chicago hotel,
but declined io make Its whereabouts
Tl LrlA. Okl.. Jsn. .-Krank Hollowsy.
held In Chicago, was welt known to tha
pultre of Tessa and Oklahoma cltlee. In
a resort oaeratcd by Holloway he killed
a man. but was not arreeted as the nolle
.coiwldared the kllllnf Justified.
' - Woaiaa la tha faee.
i W A.NOKUkW. CaU. Jsn. .-lt a
Irarned today that a woman, said to bear
Ue name of Minnie Urlffin of Tscoma,
Wut, waa connected with tha arrest
here of Charles Hoffman, alias lnn.
.alias Hswsrd, alleged member of the
.sans which dynamited tha raults of the
;Haok of Montreal at New Westminster,
j C. Xrptrrober la, 1ML It ss listed
jihst this wootan was used to usee the
' iman credited wtln havlns been one of the
;hrea who secured IMMOS In ch and
iaaeurlllea from the bank.
KAN rilANCIHfO. Jan. .-Lo.'l police
'brll-a that amen those whe aided John
blc.Namara, arreeted In New fork chafed
with havtnf robbed a branch of tbe Bank
of Montreal of were three e-
convicts, ona of whom Is known as
'"Mickey" Uleaeon. now believed to be In
dermany. Tha others are "md" Tamy.
recently released from tha state penlten
tlary ta Maryland, and Billy Barrett, re
reued tram San Qoentin In
' Girls' slunh. caracul and eloth coals all
o at a discount of H Per oent thM
week. Ucoson A Thome Co, U1S-J0 Far
nam street.
Two Torpedo Boat
Destroyers Missing
WAmtlNOTOX, Jan. Alt but two.
(h Uyrant and -art's 11. of the fourteen
I nit ad Htatet torpedo boat de trovers
caught In the t err I Mo storm at sea last
week while entaclnx In war fame en
roll ta to Guantanamo, Cuha, are ac
counted (or, according to a dispatch frtim
Hear Admiral Win-tlow, eonvnandtnit the
tevond division of .the Atlantic fleet,
which has been sweeping the seas in
search of the little vessels.
Information has been Riven to thet made light, fluffy and heauti fii,l v
Judnea of the distrk-t court that justices ! lumroua by dry ahampwlng. which l
'of the peace in I'olk county are with-1 far ittiler ttmn ho.(i und watf,r. .ut a
holdini. hundreds of d-illars of fees and cuifuI of t0rnmeal In a fruit Jar. ad.i
as a result of It mrmbera of the granl j )e rontenU of a n aU 0nKinal rackago
jury were asxci to invengaie ine mauer
by Judge llrennan. The request waa
made In the regular Inntructions real by
the court to the Jury when It mas uiwm
bJed for the Jnnusry term of court.
Justices of the peat e are supposed to
turn over all of their f e to tne county
treasury. They receive a regular salary
and ore not entllU-d to one cent extra
money, but the information that came lo
the judgi-a. Is that some of the Justices
have been withholding $.') per year for
of fl c expt niH'!.
Ilell leel Hettldeace.
Piceident II 1H M. Ke of Prke univer-
slty today deeded h' residence near the
university, valued at $.Wt to the endow-
' ment fund of the untvejslty.
Maalrlana Protral.
The Ix-s Moines union of mnlciant to
day made f.irmal complaint to the re
1 former of lrn Alotnea who hae made
lar on the dance hulls and declare that
the ordinance paiteed restraining; dance,
halls is an unnecessary hardship. Hiey
claim that It will close a great many t
places and throw miiNlcians out of em
ployment, while the evil complained of
ffet'tfd only one houst-.
of thfrox, and hake well together. Jut
sprinkle a little on the heu-1 and Itusu
thoroughly through the hair.
l"se face owder aiarlngly. If at all.
To keep tne ekin soft and lovely and rowth of hair, gently masnage
the face. nek and arms with a solution
made by dissolving an original paKage
of mayatone in half a pint of witch
"Mothers often lose tlielr good looks
through worry. If you hare croupy'
(hildren. or if they suffer from voids
:it-lrr. utaa. U..thi.r'at Sale. YiU !
thoultl have it ready for accidents, am -,4r
how, for It is a truly wonderful healer W
of cuts. burn, .-ore.-, jcir.iin. alns and
!.,h.-A..v . aij
rfc ifSt-tn'S- e 'q- tiv 'iv - '--i:
Brandeis Great Shoe Sale
I Two Immense Special Purchases ofT
; Men's and Women's High Class
I At a Big Sacrifice
Also Our Annual
Clearance of
Every Pair of
Men's - Women's
Winter Shoes in
osr Entire Stock
At About y
, e- y-' t
1 ' 1 1 ' 1
hi I. 1 r " ' i 1
Their Actual
Values $
Watch Wednesday
Evening Papers
Warehaaeea lo Boston.
HOHT-JN. Jan. S-FIre indsy which
tsited In tha aiobe-Wernlcke building
and extended lo the warehmtse of Caatr,
Idea Co. and l)ie llenrr K. Barns com
nanr's leather bell Ins and mill supply
roume, dreireyed properly valued at
ua,0. James Hyikey. a Janitor, ass
lart-Parr Mas Klre.
CHAKI.fl CITY, la., Jan. S.-4Hperlal
Telearam. I-The Hart-Fsrr Traction Kn
line company of thin city suffered a
I1O.0M Mrs In the sower room last night.
Mt'BCATlVE, la.. Jan. I.-Kminet
Flood of Chicago and o. ('. Wilhon,
labor leaders recently Indictrd here on
I lie chares of connplrary to deetruy prop
erty during the button workers' strike,
will k for a change of vrnue from the
local courts, according to an announce
ment today. In support of the petition
It will he slimed that a fair trial In this
county In unobtainable because of the I
preludlce arouaed by the labor controversy.
tract Mistake
Is lo neglect a did or cough. Dr. King
New Discovery cures them , and may
prevent consumption. Mc end ft . For
sale, by IVaton Drug Co. . j t.
Jaakaai Gara.
' BEATrtlCE. .Nek.. Jan. s.-8pecial.V-Joskaa
Oara, aa old resident of Beatrice.
K4 yesteroay at Claraaon huspltsl In
Omaha. He went to that plats before
tha holidays to visit with his suiter, Mrs.
Tinkler, and tut week suffered a stroke
af apoplexy, from tha effects of which he
never recovered. He waa years of axe
and leaves aa fsoaly except his widow.
The body wsi brought here today for lu
ll ment.
He. Peter Weealase.
AXTKLU Jan. . 8perlaJ.-Mr. Peter
V.eedlure died this morning after aa 111-
Less of eleven months from cancer. She
kaves a husband and four children, all
af whom are residents of this community.
The body will be buried st tha Bethany
Lutheran church Thursday.
Jasesib, i. leeak.
" IOWA C1TT. la.. Jsn. .-!pectsl Tete-nsm-l
Joseph J. .a". reputed the
wealthiest Bohetnlaa In Iowa City, cne
vf tha city's teramoet Business men, capi
talist and exteaaiva realty holder, died
bera today.
ratswel Eaaaaauaael Wiley.
PSORIA, UL, Jsa. S I'oionH tin ma n
tiel Wiley, at years oM. veteran of tne
civil war. and lor tha Wet eight yean
aa assistant doorkeeper af Um bailee of
ntnaeataUvaa at toe national capltol
died today mt paralata.
IOWA CITV. la.. Jsn. .-The lows
City High school, shooting ssslnat the
Morris High school of New Vork City,
! has broken the Interacholaatlc rifle record
of tha t'nlted States, according to an an
nouncement here today. The local team
made W out of a powlble l.'", or fodr
points above the record which It ealab
llahed In the contest for the Aator cup
la at spring.
PONCA, Neb.. Jan. fc-lHnerlal.r-O. II.
rUlelsh, proprietor of tha Northern Ne
braska Journal, and Mlaa Alma Josephine
Bergum were married last week at the
home of the bride's parents at Uraet-1
linger, la. They are now at home to their
friends In Pones.
After the Age of Fifty
You will find that druggists everywhere
apeak well of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. They know from long experience
In tha sals of II thst In esses of coughs
and colds It can always be depended
upon, and that It Is pleasant and sals
lo take. For asls by all dealers.
r-lsht far atarakalltswa Plaas.
MAU.-IUIXTOWN. la. Jan. S.-iHpe-rlal
V-A contest will undoubtedly develoue
for tha Marshslltown poatufflce. con
gressman James W. Oood today tele
graphed that hs had recommended the
appointment of Dr. W. 8. Devlne. Friend
of M. 8. Mcr'arland, saslatsnt poalmas
ter. Joined In a petition to the postmaster
general to hold up the appointment until
a petition could be circulated In Mr. Mc
Ksrland a behalf.
Front thU ftff the human ftVdtm
1 raduallv tl('llniri aiitl the acruinuUttHl
pulsion In th bluod t-aiiM rheumntlmu
In Join in, muwlon ami back. 'J'htnt
wartilnic shmild be promptly rfllfvet
and wrloua lllnem. avolilM hy ualn the
followtnn preMTiptlnn wiilrn comes
from a noted doctor and la aald to have
no equal li rurlnj rheunmUaii.' and
rentorlna; phyalclal vliror. UimhI reeulia
rotne after the flrat doae. "hVoTn your
tlruKKiat get one uuare of Tort, com
pound 4 hi orlKlntti aealed parkaxe) and
one ounce of ayrup of araaparill rum
pound. Take theae two InKretllenta
home and put them Into a half pint of
food whtakey. tihake the bottla and
take a tablenpoonful before each meal
and at bed t tine." If your riruicjrlit doea
not have Torla compound tn.jitmk he
will Ret It for you In a few houra from
hla wltoleaale hou.e. Ion t be Influenced
to take a patent methclne Inatead nf
ti Ik. Inalat on barlnit the genuine Torla
compound In the original one ounce
aealed, yellow package. Adv.
om MAM me III ( I
When you are r C S
taken away do you III f
. know that your III I
I i property will so
a ... .. a-..., I Ml ar BB
6 I ;;; ;:;n;w,.., I Mi; 1 1 I
I llli ' ' "" name us Fill' fa! I
I i i:e..,,t..r In vo... Ill I
! I I rle.n"o.a'i'o 'Tie'" li I
IL'I ter and ro,n..- 1 I I
IN it ally and hone"' 1 1
I W. draw Wis t I
without eh ergs i fi
where named Bz- i II .9
ecntor or Trostaa. I I
f- f tsTaaLiancD 1886 ViH I
Vy sncosimuiu) IS 07 ,
7w I I
ss7aaswsfssjssssss (T4
i ilr !3
I Four days of Oriental rug sale remain
Taminosiau a slock of high grade rugs, which are being disponed of nt r.iucli-leas-ihan-ueual-pricca
-some- just half the original figures must be soli brier? Saturday night, when the gale ends. .New
prices en some of these rugs ws. Ill surely sell tbent. They are tbe beet Oriental rugs In Omaha at prices
never beforu of fere J here. A few of the rugs and prices follow:
Morrell's Ereikhst
Eacon and Fried Mush
Home Made Hausage and
lltirkwheat Cakes
Delicious Waffles Hot
of fee .Made With Care.
Drop In for breakfast some
Belmont Restaurant
IHI DodKe Ht.
C. -V Hall, I'rop.
1 2.110 Suirran Door Mat $7.00
HW.YIIO Hawaiian, 12xS-3 8 1.U0
-9.M hit man. ;i-Jx2-2 aSaCo.OO
9IJV.IHI HelurhisUn, 2-9x1-0 a.Ot
;tn.O(i Antique lamut, S-o.OO
aan.iMt Antique Mosul, 3-8x3-10 18.00
ll.OO Slurvao IKuor Mat $6.50
10.00 Camel s Trapping, 5x1 Iti.OO
10.110 Camel's Trapping, 4-3x1 $5.00
SH.fMC Camel's Trapping, 3-4x1-3 $5.00
VI 1.00 Anatolia, 3-7x1-8 $J.OO
1 1.00 llelurhlslan, 2-lUxl-S
fclll.OO Motiil. 6-SX3-S $28.00
30.0l) .Mosul. u-lx3- S2S.0O
V-i.VOO llokhara, 4-:ix3-3 $3 l.OO
f. t.i.110 Modern Ssraliaml, Cx3-2 $25.00
I l.OO Kine llrlurhlstau. C-Cx3-4 $32.00
:I0.00 Itelurhlklan, C-1x7-10 531.00
Sl.t.lM) Antique Hamadan, 6-10x3-5 $33.00
1(1.00 Antique Hauiailan, 6x3-4 $35.00
trr.i.00 Antique Camel's Hair Hug. 6-Sx;l-o
at S35.00
MIMIO Dnghistau. 5-8x3-10 $3(i.00
M.00 Mosul, 5-8x3-7 $31.00
43.00 lliikhara, 3-6x-4 $30.00
IH.00 Antique Hainadan, U-8x:'.-3 S3 1.00
ami kmi:nts.
Your drtisslat will refund monev If
PAZO OIKVMKNT falla to rure snv rax
of Itchlns. Hlind. Hieedtng or frolruding
files In lo l daya. iuc.
A Dea Molnea ssaa Bad aa attack at
tnarrular rbeumatlara la his shoulder. A
Irlsod adelssd Dim to (o ts Hot Bpriaxs
Tkat mas nt aa expense of SU ar saora.
Its sssbtM sor a euKker and cheaper way
ta rare at and found It la Chamberlains
Jjninent Tbrea ears after the first as
liUrattoa at tsia llniawat as wss wail,
t srsls sy an de-lera. -
"Beautiful Enough to
Wear a Pearl Necklace"
If you thiuk Unit, why not give lior one!
For "oiiit'wluit loss tliau a tliousiind dollars
you csn buy a bt-autiful string of finest
jieurls. For tea times that niueh you
would still prefer tlie single strand though
the pearls would be mueli larger. It's not
the price but th sentiment that she will
appreciate. Ijet us submit a string of fine
pearls at the figure you would be willing
to pay. It's the lifetime gift.
Albert Edholm
Jeweler. Sixteenth and Harney.
IKE Wednesday, Jan. 10?
B0UO. iSU.
A 4033.
om. ouiresuo;, wan. IV fltura
JOXsT COST aaaoaaess
tha aotad XarUsh eomedlaa, la
tii il or riWTdtiiii.
2 IX Frida, Jan. 12,
jossra BCBH1K
Atnerua'a iirisitfat ienor snd
Ksnoui. Cant In
I.0TB Tax.Es or xorrstABB.
Friday Msht and Saturday Mat.
NStuniav NiKitt.
The Tuesday Morning Musical club
Mrs. Ma belle
Crawford Welpton
In Song Iteeilal
Tuesday Kvening, January 16th, at
V. W. C. A. Al lllTOKIl'M
KeXTTttl Keats $1.00
On Sale at A. liorpo Co. after
January 10.
IMiunes: 1ouIji9 4U4; hid. A-Ul4
Mmt, Xrmrf JJtxy g:lS; Kwmrj might :lft
Mary Nonnjtn, tilcrisj) ttrp;r V Com-P-iny,
Vn flovfi.; Vrnn & Lynch: Ths
tour KI'khIm; Harry I.i-mii; Internatton-
I l'olo Teams. KinfttotK-'M1; Orpheum
oiuf rt ort hsira. PrlcsM, Hight 10e, lie,
boe. T5c. MdatlUt. 10C bsMt tMta 86c.
txcpt atvrd&j and aaaday.
Wat. Se to SI Toalfht. 4e ta 11 50
The aeaaaUoaal Musical Comedy
Thtusdsy, a Bays Mat. Saturday
ISc to o Matlaea S5e and See
i The iitr. 'lfv Hurrah Show. I
ti.-o. ,..iie u.i ...Anl ol via Uu,, j
P-tlte Jnnl Aullln. Kleelrlr ttty r'our,
Wl hur ! t ls and a Xl-rry Klfty.
X,sdles Dime Matinee Beery Wees Bay.
Than Is Only One
"Bromo Qulnlno"
That la
Laxative Bromo Quinine
rm imnkjb a3f re cms a oold m on oat.
Tsalfat. Matav Toss, Tbbtb, Bat,
MIS BTA XtABfe and taa
Nest WecS-
raa Maa af tne r."
JUtrsTf renember Uv full asmd. Look
for tbil sifiAiura oa tTcrj Vox. Sic
Vat T-'-r V eht 1"
Bast Beata 60a.
xirzosri bio bxttiw
and Fraakie Xeata-
eautiful aouvenit. io lauea at da!t
. $80.00
. . SaO.Ou
. . l.0O
. 85.00
3 1.00
. S29.00
... 15.00
(III. mi Sfiirsan l'r Mat 80.50
S-.MI.IK) t'tmel) Trapping, Cxl-3 $12.00
Sltl.lHI ('anirl's Trappiim. oxl .....-8U.0O
BIO.IMI i amel'M TrappliiK, 4-3x1 S5.00
Sll.ino I I are. t Ib-ttli Ills all, ti-Gxil-lU . . . .gTQ.Oit
Sn.on Camel's Trapplns. 3-4xl-o $5.0ft
$11.00 Anatolia, 2-Txl-9 , 80.00
IIS.1.0O lUrr Ispnltun, 6x4-3
IO.y0O lsalian, 7x4-6 Sar-kh.M. 5-7x4-4
S.YI.OO Antique lielurhistan, 6x3-6 .
Kino Itoluohlstan, 6-10x3-3 .
Anatolian Killini. &-6x3-S . .
Modern Maraliand, 6x3-3 . . .
Farachan, 6-1 (1x3-7 .......
Mosul. 5-1UX3-8
r.eliM'hlstan, 6-ix2-6
Antiue Hourlibulak, 0-7x3-5
Hourhbulak, 9x4-5
Afaliar, 7x4-6
M.OO Mosul. 6-8x3-9
4.1.IHI Antique llrlurliistan, 5-6x3-1
94H.IMI liamulan. 5x3-5
S7.IM) Antique Irnn. 9-4x1-10
$70.00 I In k u. 5-4x3-8
.VI.IMI Slilran Klllim, 8x6-6
We Invite a visit hart to loot ovsr tha mis, avtn though yoj ds not with to buy.
Omaha'a Lar(st Retail Orisntal Rug House. '. '" i
Farnam Street. Omaha, Nebraska.
"ft fel I sis. l
Lontidence mspiring ability
THIS phrase adequately ex
presses the impression made
by the Oldsmobile on its
The fact that the car is practically emer-'
gency-proof; the fact that wherever you
go, you are relieved of nerve strain and
worry by the sheer ability of the car
itself, makes Oldsmobile ownership a
pleasure without flaws or "come-backs.'
Such ability cannot be measured by
rated horse-power or a printed list of
specifications, however impressive.
For example:
While retaining' all the manifest advan
tages of a long-stroke motor such as
the persistent application of power over
varying grades and smoothness of opera
tion the Oldsmobile will accelerate
under full load; is "quick on its feet" and
marvelously responsive to the throttle.
D. E. FORD, Special Factory Representative
2418 Farnam St., Omaha, Ntb.
Autocrat, 4-Cylinder
5 inch bore; 6 inch
stroke. Comfveiiion
4-speeJ transmission
with ojiet gears.
?4 elliptic rear springs.
Comp ete shock-absorber
39 by 5 inch Tires on
Demountable Rims.
.Ventilators in fore
doors an exclusive fea
ture. NickelandBlackenamel
finish on metal parts.
Absolutely complete
touring equipment of
highest quality without
any extra charge.
Price $3,500.