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    Tin: ',i:h o.i viia, Tuesday, January 1912.
Looted of Goods
Txcal Democrats Fail to Pay Homage
to Their Patron ?aint.
Cll Mrim tanl Shunt How he lri.i
nrrntit Mood Tnrnlr Uiin Ao
hrn llanqnel Vn llolil
in tinmlin.
and $250 in Cash
"Jaikfon 0a" pansc'l wltli'nit Riiy
I ai in ii. ur notl' i- l. nm i.ikrn in Omaha
this jear. It was nut Itku this in the swl
Id mi., wiii'ii ti.L' tuning ol January S
was am i. I(hicJ Ly il' iuncr its very much
n a huly day m.fcU tic In llip church.
An oUl-Uim r wh i umwI in luiiho Inn ui
In di nmc rat.c docti'inu ln-foro
Jliyan took exclusive ctiaiK.' of the iiohtl
cal bath loom hioufchi . i.ynt thin moi n
I11K oiifi "I i"" n. ciiu carilx aim bmiaa
urrd at the JachMHi day ct hthration in
onim. a In IVi 1 he IjmiIko carrlca u pic
ture of Ainlrcw JaikKoii, with the word
Jai kiHinlan I'lult, Omaha, Neb.," and la
fringed bll gold, amcc It wan inado prior
to the adotilion ol silver us the only lamia
worth while
The Jackaoiilan banquet of bcin
ratcn btfoio dollar dinner a were made a
teat of democracy, cort .t0 a plate.
Euclid Martin, now of California, waa
toHi' It la worth notlnx, '". tlutt
it waa at this baii'iuit Gilbert M. Iladi
cock formally took hia place In thu demo
cratic ranka. of the eight men on the
fpeukeia' lint only Hitchcock und M. V.
Gannon followed the fieo ailver fluK
Gannon la now back at hia old alampInK
ground In l)aveniiort, la. T. J. Mahoncy,
then county attorney, responded tj the
aentlnient, ' The Jackaoniana," ami A. J.
1-oppletou had for hia auhject, "Tho lJay
Wo Celebrate.-' Sir. Hitchcock outlined
'Tho liemiaracy of lvc," and "Heform
the Primaries" waa the tonat of W. I.
McHugh. Warren Hwltaler ainika on the
tariff, anH J. Sti-rlliiK Morton on "An
Iloneit I"ollar." Governor Moyd waa to
l.ak of "The Democrat of Nebraoka,"
but excused hlmaelf at the laat moment.
Ilryan was to have been prcaent, but sent
Cleveland won the election hands down
In IK'2, and it waa shortly after that the
1 to 1 agitation took threatening form.
The ultimate result In Nehraaka, It Is re
called, that six of the speakers on the
program of tho Jackaonhin club banquet
took their places on the special train the
Sold democrats sent through Nebraska,
following Bryan's trail, Morton at the
tlmo being a member of Cleveland's rab
Inct. Since then tho glory of the Jack
sonlans In Omaha has faded quite appreciably.
Midway Owners
Give Cash Bond;
Hearing Tuesday
William Crutchfleld, Jack Uroomfleld
and Kobert Ford, proprietors of the Mid
way saloon resort, which was raided by
Sheriff V. J. Mc-Shane and his deputies
Saturday night, were arraigned In police
court yesterday alonff with thirteen
negro gamblera who were caught In the
raid. All pleaded not guilty,
i Crutchfleld and . Ilroomfleld were
charged with keeping a gambling house
and device and with selling liquor after
V o'clock p, in. Fori) tun charged with
keeping gambling houae and device. The
otherr'Wera charged 'with gmhllng.
Hearing was aet for tomorrow morning
by I'olloo Judge Foster. Crutchfleld and
liroomflelil were,, admitted to ball In the
sum of 1400 each and Ford In the sum of
t'MO. The others were released In ball
each. Ilroomfleld put up $1,600 for the
release of alt A. R. Kltchle appeared as
counsel for the defendants.
Crutchfleld and the thirteen patrons
were caught In the raid and spent Hunday
and part of Monday In Jail.. Droomflold
and Ford were arrested on complaints
filed this morning.
Heirs Seek Claim
Forty-One Years Old
Hearing on the claim of the heirs of
William Knight for appronimately U4.000
against the 1100.000 estate of the lata
John Kennelly, was begun before Judge
llryco Crawford In. the probate dlvlalon
of the county court Monday. The claim
ants are Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Thomas
'Knight, Mrs. Mury O'Connor and Mrs.
Cenlnda Wherry, sons and daughters; and
William Knlgh grandaoiu
It Is uTleged that the late William
Knlght'a wlfo borrowed $.100 from Mr.
Kennelly and gavo as security property
which he afterwards sold for Jd.000,
though the debt had been paid- The
giving ot the property as security oo
curred forty-one years ago. The clului-
anln aak fti.OU) aud Interest and sccu
inuluted fees for forty-one years.
Thieves broke Into the store of W. T.
Ili'iirke. the clothier. St ,1!S South F.f
teeiith street, Honie time h'lii'l.iy nlcht,
w-r'ekrd the Interior of the store and stole
tJ'fl In rash, from tho safe and fifty sulta
t.f clothfs and a like number of over
coats. The thieves gullied (nlranee to Ihc store
by breaking In the HkyllKht directly over
the center of the store and dropping to
the floor, a dlMtnnce of uhuut twenty feet.
When Mr. Hourke rnme to the store he
found everything tnpay-turvty. Clothes
were scattered over the floor and vai.
liable papers from ii desk were thrown
around. All the drawers in the deak were
turned upside down on the floor. The
thieves evidently used a wagon to cart
away their loot as the wheel tracks of a
small wagon were found directly In front
of the store In the snow. The thieves
got out of the jdore by unlocking tho
front door, which locked from tho Inutile
with a spring lock.
This is the second time IJourke's store
liax been robbed. About a year ago
thieves entered the store In Xbe same
manner, but did not get awtfy with as
much loot.
Too Cold for Great
Singer to Travel
Mica I'.Ianche Porenson haa word from
Chicago to tho effect Hint Mme. (lervll'n
Iteachr, who was to have nppeared In
concert program at the First Methodist
church on Tuesday evening, will n"t come
at this time. The reason given Is that
Mine. Gervllle-Reaclie has been traveling
on her concert tour until she Is nearly
exhausted, that tho trip from Chicago to
Omaha in the prevent weather Ih too se
vere for her to undertake, and that some
new operas are going Into rehearsal by
the Chicago Opera oompany, which will
require her presence' there. She haa prom
ised to come to Omaha at a date to be
fixed r little later In January.
Miss HoreiiHon says the tickets sold for
the concert will be honored at the dale of
Mme. flervllle - Reache s appearance
which will be announced when determined
Although It was not so cold In Omaha
Hunday night as It has been. It was some
cold. In the yards of the Omaha road a
turntable frozo up so that It, had to be
chopped out before It could be made to
go 'round. During the time, which was
several hours,' the table held an engine
on Its top, It being impossible to move the
machine. An engine waa run' onto the
turntable and a.-out this time a water
pipe In the vlclnl.y sprung a .leak, the
water running into Hie pit. An effort
was made to push the engine off, but th
table waa turned a bit so that the tracks
would not track. . Iletore this could be
done the table was frocen Into the ice and
had to be choppod out.
It was cold, down at tbe Bur.
Ilngton shops at ,Pattsmouth According
to reports an engine waa brought In from
Its rurt and place In tho roundhouse. The
fire wws drawn and then the. hostlers
tried to let the water out of the tank.
blU'tt had frozen.". The freezing As eaW
to have taken place between the time fife
fire waa drawn from, the pit flreBx stnd
the time It took; a hosier to walk around
to the aide of the tank perhaps a couple
of minutes. , r
Ho far as passefe aro concerned clergy
men, except in the r-ent cases,' have
been placed oa the same I'oothig aa other
persons. . .'
According to the Hepburn law preach
ers and tlioso who are devoting the whole
of their time to charity are exempt from
It provisions. In the pant most of the
western roads , have been lusulnsT iiaaaes
to such persons. This year It la different
and rarely Is an exception to be made.
liallrond passenger men take the posi
tion that they ran aafely Isaue passes to
-clergymen and actual charity workers
and not violate the terms of the Hepburn
law, but In most status the local laws
prevent such use of passes and In order
to be on the rafo sldo and hot show any
discrimination the clergy and charily
passes have beun shut off.
Poor Family is to
Be Well Cared For
The mother aud two small children
who were found last Friday by Salvation
Army officers living In a chicken coop
In the rear of the residence ot a colored
family on North Twenty-seventh street
will be amply provided for, for two
prominent society women of this city who
read the story published In The Dee have
communicated with the halvation Army
and ordered clothing and food for them.
One of these women gave )M and some
Captain Savage, chic! ot detectives on
the Omaha police force, haa suffered
another attack of stomach trouble and
la reported In a serious condition at his
home. .
Plans Being Laid
n-for an Irish Fair
Manager Ciillun of the Auditorium is
negotiating with various lili.h organiza
tions with a view to holding an Irish fair
In the Auditorium some time this winter.
riixictul scenery Is being painted In (t.
louU for Irish fairs In rt. Loula and
Kansas City, and Mr. Oillan a ths
tame scenery could be used In Omaha at
a nominal expense The scenes aie all ot
familiar and historical spots, building and
)eiaona of Ireland.
The (ilad Hand
la seen when liver Inaction and bowel
stoppage files before l)r. King's New Life
lills, tho tusy regulators, rie. For sale
by lleaton Drug Co.
Superintendent Jack Mastrn of the rail
way mail arvio fourteenth division ha
returned from a five-day Inspection tour
through the western part of the dlvlalon
and has announced the appointment of
John B. Oood to the position of assistant
chief clerk under Chief Clerk Hsllj who
was recently promoted. j
Mr. Good haa been In the railway mall
aervlce fur eight year on a "run" out of
Omaha to He Far land. Kelt on the Rk
lai&r.d. He will aaaume his new duties
Women who bear children and re
main healthy arc those who prepare
their systems in advance of baby's
.... : t-i i . . .
iuu""s uniess me luoincr aula
nature in its pre-natl wort theciisis
unas her system unequal to the de
mands made upon it. and eh? it n'
left with weakened health or chronic
ailments. No remedy is so truly a
help to nature as Mother's I'licnd,
and no expectant mother bhould fail
to use tt. It relieves the pain and
discomfort Caused bv the strain nn
the ligaments, makes pliant and elas
tic thosa fibres and muscles which
qature is expanding, prevents numb
ness of limbs, and soothes the inflam
mation of breast glands. The avsteiu
wiua j'lcparca py Mot Iters
Friend dispels the fear that the crHs
may not be safely met. Mother
rnena assures a speedy and complete
rwoverv for the mother, and she is
left a healthy woman to enjoy the
child. Mother's f ATTTT'Tm'C
Friend is sold at rlUillfclcS
irxxg stores. TTVXY-nirrv
St;r,! MEND
ant mothers which contains much
valuable information, and many sug
gestions of a helpful nature.
Second week greatest of January
sales promises miicti tor house-furnishers
7ms event long will be remembered, if not for
its magnitude, then for the very cheapness of
the price and unsurpassed quality of the rugs
r g aHE second week of this greatest of rug sales has begun auspiciously,- with sales going
higher than even we had occasion to expect. The cold weather has kept many shop
pers at home. This store, however, has been favored with many buyers. All visitors
to this rug department have made purchases. You will purchase, too, for the same reason
that others have done so. The bargains are irresistible. We guarantee the quality of these
rugs. The selection is the most extensive ever offered here. Rugs at all desirable prices for
any sized room are presented. Here is a glance at a few of the prices:
The choicest designs of tho best and most
reliable niiiiiufiieturer.s. Many of these pat
terns aro new Spring designs and but only
sample rug.s of caeh pattern. For this reason
we are offering them with the balance of our
goods at clearance prices.
Royal Wilton $76.00 U-3x 15
Royal Wilton $68.0010-0x13-Royal
Wilton $60.0010-0x12
Royal Wilton $60.009x15 . .
Royal Wilton $60.00 9x13-0
Royal Wilton $42.009x12
Royal Wilton $40.008-3x10-Royal
Wilton $28.000x9 . .
Royal Wilton $16.004-0x7-0
G ....$52.00
G ....$32.50
There are hundreds of different patterns
to select from in this assortment, both Orien
tal and Floral designs.
Wilton Velvet $32.00 9x12 $25.00
Wilton Velvet $25.00-9x12 $18.00
Wilton Velvet $18.007-0x9 $14.50
Wilton Velvet $15.00-0x9 $12.50
Wilton Velvet $22.50-9x12 $15.00
Wilton Velvet $24.00-8-3x10-6 . . . .$15.00
v A large assortment of these choice Im
ported rugs is shown and we are offering them
at great reductions in price. These- rugs aro
made without seams and of chenille fabric,
being n very soft, rich, durable rug and com
ing in n variety of colorings and exclusive de
signs. German Saxony $95.009-10x13-1 S75.00
German Saxony $80.009-10x13-1 SG5.00
German Saxony $75.008-3x11-0 ..$57.50
We show several different qualities of
these goods; among which are only the new
est styles of the best manufacturers. There
is such a variety of sizes that it will not be
difficult to fit any room.
Axminster $45.0012x15 $35.00
Axminster $40.00 10-0xl3-G $30.00
Axminster $35.0011-3x12 $27.50
Axminster $24.75-9x12 $18.00
Axminster $21.758-3x10-6 $1G.50
Axminster $18.007-6x9 $14.50.
Axminster $15.000x9 .$12.50 -
Axminster $21.75 9x12 $16.00
Axminster $18.50 8-3x10-6 $15.50
It is quite important if you are contemplat
ing the purchase of a rug of this character,
to take advantage of the present prices. Tho
assortment is very complete, with a full
showing of Medallion and Oriental designs.
Tapestry Brussels $21.0011-3x12 $17.50
Tapestry Brussels $17.509x12 ..$14.00
Tapestry Brussels $15.008-3x10-6 $12.00
Tapestry Brussels $10.007-0x9 .... $8.50
Tapestry Brussels' $8.006x9 $6.00
These rugs are especially adapted for
rooms in which Craftsman or similar furni
ture is used. They are reversible, and come
in a variety of colorings suited for various
rooms in the homo.
Craftsman $3.0030x00 2.40
Craftsman $3.5030x72 S2.80
Craftsman $9.750x9 $7.80
Craftsman $14.007-0x9 $11.20
Craftsman $18.009x12 $14.60
Tho assortment of the different sizesof
these rugs is very complete. It "will 'be
easy to find just the coloring and the correct
design to meet your requirements.
Body Brusels $12.75 4-0x7-G $9.50
Body Brussels $22.750x9 $17.50
Body Brussels $31.508-3x10-0 . .. .$22.50
Body Brussels $33.50-9x12 $24.00
Body Brussels $42.0011-3x12 $37.50
Body Brussels $42.0010-0x12 . . . . .$35.00
Body Brussels $48.00 10-0x13-0. .. .$40.00,
Body Brussels $56.0011-3x15 $45.00
These rugs ore made in beautiful two
toned effects with a variety of colorings and
popular designs, and are very fine rugs for
long service.
Scotch Weave $8.004-6x6 $6.40
Scotch Weave $13.50-6x7-6 $10.80
Scotch Weave $16.506x9 $13.20
Scotch Weave $18.506x10-6 $14.80
Scotch Weave $19.507-6x9 $15.70
Scotch Weave $23.009x9 $18.40
Scotch Weave $27.50-9x10-6 $22.00
Scotch Weave $32.009x12 $25.60
Wool Art Squares $5.400x9 $4.00
Wool Art Squares $9.45-9x10-6 $8.25
Wool Art Squares $10.809x12 . S9.00
Wool Art Squares $12.6010-6x12. .$10.50
Wool Art Squares $14.4012x12. . ..$11.50
Cotton Art Squares $6.859x10-6. . . $5.50
Cotton Art Squares $7.809x12 $6.25 ;
Cotton Art Squares $10.40-12x12. . . .$9.00
Cotton Art Squares $11.70-12x13-6 $10.50
Tbe expensive htock of printed aud inlaid linoleums are placed on the bargain counters of this sale at huge re-
highest. The lirires are meant for the most bumble purse
ductluus. Tbe variety is very large, and tbe quality is the
60c Linoleum 0 ft. and 7-6 wide, sq. yd., 45c
65c Linoleum 0 ft. and 7-G wide, sq. yd., 50c
75c Linoleum 12 feet wide, per sq. yard . .55o
$1.75 Quality, per square yard $1.50
$1.65 Quality, per square yard $1.40
$1.45 Quality, per square yard $1.25
These are reversible rugs. They are per
fect reproductions of Oriental rugs in design
and coloring and are excellent values.
Kashmire Rugs $2.5030x72 $1.50
Kashmire Rugs $9.75-9x9 $8.50
Kashmire Rugs $12.759x12 $9.50
We are showing some very fine patterns
in these goods, made in shades of blue, green
and browns, with pretty borders at each end.
Raglan $20.009x12 $15.50
Raglan $12.000x9 $9.00
We are offering our entire stock of all
wool ingrain and three-ply, Carpets at a great
sacrifice, liring measurements of rooms.
$1.00 Hartford, 3 ply ingrain, per yard 81c
85c Hartford, extra ingrain, per yard. .61Vit?
75c Best Wool Ingrain, per yard 55c
$30.00 Brussels Rugs 10-0x13-9 ..$17.00
$24.00 Brussels Rugs 10-0x12 $12.00
$16.50 Brussels Rugs-G-9x8-ll. .. .$10.00
$10.00 Brussels Rugs (5x7 $6.00
$10.00 Brussels Rugs-0x0-9 $7.00
$18.00 Brussels Rugs-8-3xll-G $9.00
$13.00 Brussels Rugs 0x10-9 $9.00
$18.00 Brussels Rugs-S-3xl()-4 $9.00
$11.00 Brussels Rugs-0-9x9-9 $7.00
$17.00 Brussels Rugs 8-3x9-3 $9.00
$20.00 Brussels Rugs 8-3x11-0. .. .$11.00
$16.50 Brussels Rugs 0-9x12 $11.00
$26.00 Brussels Rugs 10-0x13 ....$1-1.00
$27.50 Brussels Rugs 10-6x12-6 ...$16.00
526.50 Brussels Rugs-ll-3xl3-2.... $16.00
$25.50 Brussels Rugs 11-3x13. . .
$26.00 Brussels Rugs 10-0x10-11
$25.50 Brussels Rugs 10-0x10-8 .
$22.50 Brussels Rugs 9x11
$35.00 Brussels Rugs 10-0x12-9. .
$32.50 Brussels Rugs-10-Oxll-9 .
$24.00 Brussels Rugs-10-0xl2-3. .
$25.00 Brussels Rugs 9x12-2
$31.50 Brussels Rugs 10-0x12-2. .
$32.50 Brussels Rugs 9x12 .....
$20.00 Brussels Rugs 10-0x10-2. .
$26.50 Brussels Rugs 10-0x10-0. .
$26.00 Brussels Rugs 11-3x12-9. .
$26.50 Brussels Rugs 10-0x12. . .
$26.00 Brussels Rugs 10-0x10-0.
$24.00 Wilton Velvet Rugs 0x9-6. .$14.00
$23.50 Wilton Vel. Rugs 8-10x11-4 $14.00
$25.50 Wilton VelvetRugs 8-3x11-6 $16.00
$15.50 Wilton Velvet Rugs 6-9x9-10 $9.00
$22.50 Wilton Belvet Rugs 8-3x9 . . $14.00
$12.00 Wilton Vel. Rugs 6x6-6 $5.00
$27.00 Wilton Velvet Rugs 10-6x9-4 $15.00
$21.00 Wilton Velvet Rugs-8-3x9-0 $11.00
$27.00 Wilton Vel. Rugs 8-3x11-2 .$17.00
$20.00 Wilton Velvet Rugs-8-5x8-3 $10.00
$41.50 Wilton Vel. Rugs-10-Gxl2. .$28.00
$32.50 .Wilton Velvet Rugs 10-0x12 $18.00
$41.50 Wilton Vel. Rugs 10-0x11-1 $27.00
$31 Wilton Velvet Rugs -10-fix 10-8 $17.00
$33.00 Axminster Bugs 10x11. . . .$17.00
Remember, good furniture may be cheap, but "cheap" furniture cannot be good.
Millem, Stewart . IBeaton Co
Established 1881
413-1S-17 South Sixteenth Street.