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If Somebody
1 Go I?olnd Vne J
CONNER.. rn.e j
Wisconsin Offers Corahnsken CLoice
of Two for Toot Ball Contest.
May piay game at Lincoln
If OTrml.rr 2.1 la (koira iame In
Thrlr Slatr, bat If lr(olrr Ir
la I'lfkrd 4. am la to
. to Iadlaon.
MADISON. Wla., Jhii. X.-ippcIb1)
Nehrimka and Wlnconnln arn rpi-lain to
mwt on th Krlrtlron nfxt fall at olthM-
l.lnroln or Madison. Tim lornl hoard of
Nintrol Ima offprrd thfl PornhimkiTa the
Miolce of two datra, Ortohor 12 and No
letnber Ti
lt the rnrnliiiakrrK wlh to play at I.ln
ton. the game will be scheduled for No-
lembor; ,lf at Madliton the Ortohrr Hat
tirday will he a-l.-td.
Ioral stildpnla ar onlhualaatlc ovrr
the popta of nn Bnnnul rontfet with
Ihe CornlniMkiTM nd tnpn to roe one of
Ihe bat (miiii'B of th yiai' when the two
Hpvetia nuet next fall. Hlnce the per
formance of the Nhraka t''Mni HKalimt
Mtrhlran and Mm niiciwlnw In all the hat
!! lurt full, tint at oik nf the fjncolli
Irhool hnn gone hli;h In thla Bctlon. It
U helleved here that the Cornhiiki ra and
lia.gvra would have foiiKht nn even
tt)e I ant scaaon. ,The IladKora had one
f the heat elevena In their Malory; thla
aaa ulao truo of the fornhni'kpra.
The fart the Coach Kwald Sllrhni la a
friduate'of tha local achool and playi'd
n the Wlaronaln tenm has helped mould
I feeling of trood 4lll hero toward the
i'ornhuakera. Coach Btlchm vlaltcd Uila
lllynot long atio, and thu pralae h had
tor his player and tlu-lr erhuot has
eiado all Madison think that the fill -lenity
of Nebraaka mwt be a very fine
Cornhuskers Have
Made No Schedule
I.l.VCOUV, Jan. S.-(8peclal.)-Thf
N'ehrakka foot bal lauthorltlea have not
llxed on a alugle data for next fall. It
U wrtaln there will be a game with
VVIai-onnlii October 12 or November 21.
Heyond thla everything la waiting on
Minnesota. The odphers are trying to
rt datea with acme of the big eaatern
toiletry and If thla la done probably
Nehraaka will be left off their acheduie.
Arrangempnta therefore Hie being hung
up to aaertaln what Mtnneaota la going
!o do. It la thought things will be ahaped
up ao that aotnethlng definite., ran be
Decided on when the basket ball aquad
Koea to Minneapolis the latter part of
Ihe month. '
Uu.ikt-t baJl ira Uct hua been resumed
In earn. Bt at liellevue and a heavy sched
ule has been arranged lit tha Trl-Clty
league of Omaha. All of llellevue's games
llils winter will be played In Omaha. The
tiiiedulu follows:
.liinuai-y 3 llrlli'vue aKalnat Crplghton.
.lanuary a liellevue agalnat I'nlveralty
of oinaha.
Jaiiuitry 'M Kxllevue againat Young
tii n i t'hristian Aaaixiatlon Pirates.
l'-hriiaiy :iltnllevie aalnat company
it Vitiinif Mcn'M -irlKtiun uukiu'latlnii
H'.-hruary 6 llillevuo aKalnat Omaha
I i lv ll acluiol.
l-'i'tiriiary 10-Hi'llevue aKalnnt Young
icn a t unaiian AaaoiiHiiou J igora.
K-tiUHry .l r'lKriioii aaalnat liollevue
hehruaiy 17Hi-ilvuo agi-i'.t tioutlt
l.nwihii. 11 it" aehoi'Ii
t'ehruary 27 llelltvuo against Vr.lver-
imv or tiiimiia.
March i Hvlli-vue against Young Men's
I'hriKtiHU Aattocialiou 1'iratea
Marcii 9 !ompany H, Young Men's
t'hriMtiun aaaiK-tallon, aKnat liellevue.
Man li 12 lii-llevue atuinat Yotuig Men's
C liriBtlun Asaociatlnn Tigers.
Hedge Slaila pnlrarta.
8T. IX)V1H. Jan. . Prealdent R. U.
Jledgea of the lit. Ixiuls AmerlcJUl Ieaue
!.., Hull club maJlod contracta today to
the players he has on hi a reaerve list.
Among II. me who l'rtusldeiit lleilges aays
alll receive an advance over what they
tecelved laat year are Hert Khottou, tirl
I lam. Hon and Joseph Kutlua.
Table Hork Trans Loaea.
TABI.K HOCK. Neb.. Jan. (.-(Special I
KKriduy night the Table Hock banket ball
leum, coiixlalliiK .f Chumbera. .Norrla,
I'.lnder. Wood and AnJrea. went to Hern
Kan., and played the team of that place'
Ihe score Man Si to 1( In favor of Hera.
Ctlaar and t airfield Mia mmd Lose.
KAIHFll-JIJ). Neb., Jan. (fcoeclaj.)
hotly contpfted games of banket ball
were played Krlday evenmg between EU.
kar and l-'alrfiekl teama. The tiigar girls
won In lb girls' ooutust and tha K air
field boya succeeded In defeating the boys
from i-dgar.
Kraiaai Thrrnit TleUru.
L'TICA. Neb , Jan. . (Social.) Mike
l-i'omni of Harlan, la., middleweight
champion of Juwa and Nebraska, thiew
I'red Tleken of thia p.ace In (wo atraight
falls here taiuiilay nlKlit. trie fuai fali
In twenty-seven minutes with a toe hold
ki:d tha aeoond la a few econds less than
lo hours. Th two men aere evenly
tiiiu .u in aaiu, airengtti and endurance
" " iiiBicu waa an iiiiereatlrig one.
Kent tuna are being circulated her to
$l&4t the iiaoosj of Lr. f. L- Hail p( r ,m
toln on the ballot forba position of
democratic national cutnmlttcornan. Pe
titions at aJao being circulated by
rnei'.ds , EL. jfamUug to (Iva blm that
Don't Rescue
7aWJ iTJM r . " , , i v j " J
asm. w mm j " - i i - i r I - - i - s ... i -
Jkf Say-- a-fP sS93 Aw
I iir f
t ; J
Nebraska Pitching Wonder
V S 'ftp. ..
tlrover Alexander, phenomenal young ,
twirler of the I'hUadelplila Nntlonala. w ho
la keeping himself In ahapo during the
off season by taking long walks and
Basket Ball Games
of the 0. H. S. Are
. Now All Scheduled
The schedule of the Omaha High school
basket ball team for thla season la now
complete and Includes tho following
gamea arranged by Prof. C. K. Heed, ath
letlo director. Tha only gamea which
will be played away from home are thoae
at Lincoln and Hloux City with the high
achool quintets of these places.
In addition to the following schedule,
the regular five wilt enter the Interstate
tournament, which will be held under the
auspices of the Unlyeralty of Oinaha next
month, und the Nebraska state high
school tournament, which will be held at
Lincoln front March li to 1,
Home of tha following games will be
pluyed as scheduled under the newly or
ganised Trl-Clty basket basket ball
league. The Hat:
January U University of Omaha at
I nlversity gymnasium.
January ao-Councll Muffs Young Men's
Ci rlBtlun axaoclatloii at local uuu....Im,i....
Je.nuary 27-Tlger Cubs at University of
'jinulit. ,
rebruary .1 Sioux City High school at
local association.
February (i-Bellevue at local asaocl
atlou. February IS-Piratea at local assoclaUon
February 17-Crelghton at University 0f
February l-Llncoln High school at
February i3-Ploux City High school at
Bioux City.
March 2 Lincoln High school at local
M;trch (South Omaha High achool at
University of Omaha.
Bishop Scannell
to Mend Slowly;
Shock is Severe
night Itev. Ilishop Ulohard Bcaiinell,
whol was Injured whim he fell down
a flight of stairs In bis reside lies Sunday
mmilng, l resting easily, though his
shock w as a severe one, according to
Dr. H. W. Connell, who Is attending tha
"His recovery will ba slow, owing to
the severity of the shock," said Dr. Con
neM, "but there la no -suae for anxiety,
As the bishop start-Mi djwn stairs he
was overcome by a audden dltxtiiess and
fell down fifteen steps. His Injuries,
thcmaelvea, are slight; but one ran under
stand that the shock of the fall would
he great."
CHICAGO. Jan. a. Tba home of Horace
Q. Huit. forme; iMrrakieut uZ the Colon
rtclfto, was destroyed by firs today. Loss,
Persistent Auvertiamg la in Hoad, to
cig r.eiurra
Jeff He'll Starve
playing hand ball
He saya ha wants to
ho ready i to Jump right In at the begin
ning of the spring trip and deliver the
Works on Commission
Form of Government
As the commission form of govern
ment Is a subject If paramount Interest
In Omaha at the present time, C. N.
Dlet of the Omaha Publlo Library
board has presented to the library du
plicate copies' of tha number of the
"Annals of the American Academy of
Political and Soclai Science,' for No
vemer, containing articles on commis
sion government In American cities, by
wrltei; particularly well fitted to per
form thla task. The copies of this
periodical are lying on tha tables In the
rending and reference rooms and may
alsl be had for circulation on cards.
This is tho best work of the kind yet
published, the number of separate works
being few and the material In the maga-
ilnps bring rattier scattered. This
volume contains first, the underlying
principles alui typkial plans ot this
form of government; second, problems
of commission government; third, ob
jections, limitations, and modifications
of the commission plan, and fourth, re
sults of commission government In typi
cal cities.
This work Is the fifth of a series of
volumes on municipal government, the
first and second dealing with general
municipal problems, tha third, munici
pal ownership and municipal franchises,
and the fourth, control of municipal pub
Ho pen-Ire corporations. .
Kvery one Interested In the subject of
tho commission form of government
should make every possible effort to see
this volume and to Inform hlmseir re
garding the underlying principles of tha
plan and hte results obtained In other
Posses Are Searching
for Fahlberg's Body
CK.NTF.RV1M.K. 8. D.. Jan. 8 -Mystery
still surrounds the strangs disappearance
of David Fahlherg. who suddenly dropped
out of sight last Tuesday night. Posses
are dally searching tho surrounding coun
try for the body of the missing man.
One theory is that Fahlherg went to his
barn und found a thief trying to steal a
team of hoises; that the thief ihot him
and fled, leaving his body lying on the
ground; that Fahlbaig soon partly re
gained his senses, wandered off In the
storm and perished. Ills cap, with blood
and hair sticking to It. was found on
the barn floor.
Fahlbei g was to have been manie I tl;ls
week to Miss Kuilly Anderson, the d..iuh
ter of a well known farmer near Betes
ford. B. D.
Kleetloa Uel Legal.
PPRINCFIKLD. Mo.. Jan. (-The le
gality of local option elections In Csrtn
age and Webb City, alo., was upheld lo
by ? P,nl" handed down In the
N'rtiig field court of appeals. Thus these
clliea icinalu. dry, -
- .-.J is n -4 v-v
' 1 - ' i ' fepvifitT f r rwt I
to Death
Urges Democrats to Stand Together
and Be Honest and Intelligent.
lie Says "tralixhteat Road to Com
plete Snceese la to Deserve Con
fidence of Insurgents and
WASHINGTON, Jan. .-Speaker Champ
Clark's speech at the Jackson day din
ner here, tonight was an appeal to all
those who are opposed to "standpatters"
and to "stai.dpat" policies to "stand
together, pull together and work to
gether." The only hope of the country
for progressive legislation, he declared,
lies In tle democratic party because the
"standpatters" nie In the majority
among the republicans. Referring to the
split of the republican party, the speaker
said It looked as though nothing short of
a miracle could bring the warring fac
tions together, but at the same time he
warned against depending for success
upon opponents' dissensions.
WiU Aid of ItlpobLcaus.
'Demmrnts desire progressive legisla
tion." said Mr. Ctarlt. "Independents
and divers republicans want it. Tho ma
jority of the American people favor It.
Tho only way to achieve it Is at the
hands of democrats. The Insurgent re
publicans would, no doubt, enact some
remedial legislation If theV could, but the
standpatters are In the majority In that
party and It looks as though they will
continue to dominate It Indefinitely. It
may be for years and It may bo forever.
Thy have control of the republican ma
chlno and they will run it over the In
surgents ruthlessly. The Independents,
having no separate party organisation,
wilt make tlnir Influence felt at the polls
by voting for those candidates who ap
pear to moat nearly approximate their
standard; but as they can entertain no
toasonablo hope ot remedial legislation
from the republican party so long as It
Is dominated by tho standpatters. It Is to
be hoped that they will give us their
aid and comfort by voting for demo
cratic! candidates this year. As tho in
surgent republicans can achieve nothing
except when working tn conjunction with
democrats they would most easily and
most certainly accomplish their purpose
by voting for democrats all along the line.
We are politically somewhat In the same
condition which wise old Ben Franklin
described himself and his compatriots to
be In when, after signing the Declara
tion of Independence, he exclaimed: 'Now,
wa must all hang together or we will
all hang separately.'
IVerd Many Votes.
"One thing Is clear as crystal," con
tinued the speaker, "In order to win we
must hold aTt the voters. w-e had In 1908
and draw to ua about 800, ow who were
against us then. Consequently It Is of
supreme Importance that wo enter the
Impending contest thoroughly united In
purpose, in principle, In policy and In
'The results of tho November elections
demonstrate conclusively that the repub
lican campaign canard which haa been
overworked many times to the effect that
democratlo supremacy breeds panics has
been exploded forever, for the places
where national Issues and national lasues
alone wero considered were the very
places where democrats did the best. Thla
was notably the case In Massachusetts
and In Joe Taggart's congressional dis
trict In Kansas and In Dan V. Stephen's
district In Nebraska,
"On matters of principle there should
be absolutely no compromise even to se
cure and retain unity, but each and every
one should be willing to yield on non
essentials which are not matters of prin
ciple for the general good In the efforts
which we are making for better govern
ment. nenablleana Are Deutorallaed.
"The republicans se-oin to be utterly
demoralised and split to pieces It looks
as though nothing short of a miracle will
reunite them. It Is not, however, the
part of wisdom for us to rely for success
upon their dissensions, for they may acci
dentally get together. That their quarrels.
unless composed, will help us there can
be no question. Our chief reliance tor
suecewi Is to give to the people such, a
record for honest. Intelligent, courageous.
constructive statesmanship as to Convince
the country beyond the shadow of a doubt
that we are worthy of the continued and
enlarged confidence of the public. That
IS the stralghtest. plainest, shortest and
easiest road to complete success. Pur
suing that line o conduct, victory will
perch upon our banners, whether the re
publlcana patch up their differences or
not. We hold our own fortunes absolutely
In our own hands. Vet os not lose our
golden opportunity through overoonfl
dence or upon Ili-advUcd rellaace upon
Ihe quarrels and factional fights among
our opponents."
Wrei-k Near Fargo, X, U.
FARGO. N. D.. Jan. (.-The Great
Northern's passenger train No. t was
wrecked today a half mile west of here,
a Pullman and obaervatlon car leaving
the track. E. H. Well of Wtlllaton. N.
D , was (lightly injured.
Fearfal Maaatter
of deadly microbes occurs when thrat
and lung diseases are treated with Dr.
King a New Discovery. 60e and II 00. For
sale Utatoa Drug Co,
Hi -"7, JJ
Kid McCoy, kltifr of the . "comebacks,
who has been matched to : meet Bomba
dler Wells of Kngland in London, The
Kid declares ho Is in flno shape and will
be the cause of a wide opening of eyes
among the pugilistic fans when he lets
looso anainat the formidable Londoner.
Plenty of Good Ice
For Skaters to Enjoy
lee skating was tho principal diversion
for outdoor winter sport enthusiasts yes
terday and dtirliur the afternoon and far
Into the evening hojrs the various iakes
and ihiii'Ik about the city were crowded
with a merry throng of skatois who were
willing to brave the chilling cold.
Hanscom park was the favorite meoca
for most of the skaters as the Ice there
Is swept clean dally by tho park tenders
and la always In excellent condition. In
the residence district near the park,
many youthful imtulgenia of the popular
Ice sport carried their Bkates to church
witii them, laid them: underneath the
pews while services were In progress end
afterwards hied to the lea for a couple
of hours of solid enjoyment.
Carter Ike and the pond at Miller
park were also crowded with throngs of
skaters from -the north part of town.
At Carter lake several of the skaters
rigged up one-man Ice boats and with
plenty of east wind behind them were
ablo to glide over the Ice without much
At Kountzo park two youngsters nar
rowly escaped falling Into the Icy water
near the artesian well In the cast lagoon
In the afternoon.
TOPWlvA, Jan. 8. A plea for clemency
by F. II. Tlllotaon, a. Kansas City de
tective sentenced to from one to five yeara
In the penitentiary for complicity In the
kidnaping of Marion Illeakley, the fa
mous St. Louis World's fair "Incubator
baby" was denied by Governor W. R.
Stubbs. Kvldence showed that Tlllotson
was Instrumental In abducting the child,
then 5 years old, from the home of Its
mother, Mrs. Charlotte Bleakley, In this
city. In 1W8, and In taking It to the home
of Its foster mother, Mrs. J. B. Man-lay,
In Kansas City.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 Concerted ad
vances In the freight rates on soft coal
mad by the railrosds of the Western
Trunk Line association effective January
13. today were suspended by the Inter
state Co mm. roe commission until May
1L The proposed Increase averaged ap
proximately 10 per cent. They will be
investigated by tha commission.
Farm llonae Near I.eaaa, la.
liOQAN. la., Jan. (.-(Speclal.)-The K.
E. Heck house on the farm four miles
southeast of Logan was deitroyed by
fire thla afternoon. It is preaumed that
the fire originated from a defective flue.
The building was insured for $1.0u0. The
Joaa was adjusted Immediately after the
building was destroyed. Mr. and Mrs.
Will Coulthard. occupants the house,
sustained, a loss on household goods.
- j?
Changes Are Made
On the Burlington
Ten promotions and changes In the ex
ecutive force of the Burlington have gone
into pffect.
X. C. Allen becomes ttainmaskr of the
Ottumva division, with headquarters at
W. C. Welch is made superintendent of
the Hannibal division, with headquarters
at Hannibal, vice B. B. Greer, who goes
to St. Joseph.
ST. Cone Is appointed assistant superin
tendent of the Aurora division, replacing
V. A. Chittenden.
Robert Rice Is named as superintendent
of the Aurora division, vice W. S. Klrby.
who has been transferred. Klrby becomes
a member of the general manager's statf.
T. C. Dougherty becomes trainmaster
of the Ottumwa division, assigned to
quarters in Burlington.
O. F. Hcudder becomes assistant real
estate and Industrial commissioner of
the lines east of the Missoui I. with head
quarters at Chicago.
At the same tlmeL'. M. Switger Is ap
pointed superintendent of safety, also
having headquarters In Chicago.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 8. Federal Judgo
Dyer announced today the case involving
tho mysterious disappearance of George
A. Klmmel will be tried In February, it
Is expected that the) trial will consume
two weeks. An ex-convlot known as A.
II. White, who says he Is Klmmel, will
be brought here by an Insurance com-
laiiy which is contesting the navmont
of life Insurance policy In favor of Klm
Rolph, Jr., the "world's fair mayor,'
whoso task It will be to prepare this city j
for tho Panama-Pacific International ex
position in 1S15, took offlce today, reliev
ing P. IT. McCarthy, the labor leader.
Among the projects expected to ho I
completed under the new administration!
are the purchase of the municipal water
system, expansion of the municipal street
railroad, now under construction, estab
lishment of a civic center and the con
struction of a city hall.
KANSAS CITV, Mo., Jan. 8. Poverty
Is the chief cause of the present divorce
evil, according to W. W. Wright, divorce
proctor, who spoke before . the Socialist
Educational society here today.
"The fact that " the average working
man is seldom free from debt cause more
martial unhapplness than any other one
Influence," Mr. Wright said. "The peace 1
and quiet necessary to the home dlsap- :
pears with the home's financial security.
There, are comparatively few divorces
among the rich In this section."
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8.-An echo of an
elopement which stirred Washington so
ciety a year ago was heard In the local
courts today when Phillip S." Hlchborn, a j
son of Admiral Hlchborn of the navy,
sued his wife, Klenore lloyt Hlchborn,
for absolute divorce, naming Horace
Wyile as co-respondent. Mrs. Hlchborn is
The combination to! healthful vegetable ingredients of which S. S. S. u
composed, makes it an especially desirable and effective remedy in the treat
ment of sores and ulcers of every kind. Since an impure condition of tht
blood is responsible for the trouble, a medicine that can purify the blood i.
the only hope of a successful cure; and it should be a medicine that not onlj
cleanses the circulation, but one that at the same time restores the blood tc
its normal, rich, nutritive condition. S. S. S. is lust such a remedy. It is
made entirely of healing, cleansinjj vegetable properties, extracted from na
ture's roots, herbs and barks of the forest and fields. It ha3-long bec:i
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necessary to remove every impurity in the blood. When t. S. S. has purified
the circulation, and strengthened and enriched it, 6ores and ulcers heal read
ily and surely, because they are no longer fed audkept oren by a continual
discharge into them of irritating disease-laden matterfrom theblood. S. S. S.
brings about a healthy condition of the flesh by supplying it with rich,
nourishing blood and makes a permanent and lasting cure. Book on Sorea
and Ulcers and any medical advice mailed free to all who w rite.
Your sliirt Opportunity
In spite of tii severe vealher tuo firtt day of our senil-unnuaJ
Shirt sale wi s p. hummer. .
On our counters you will find such celebrated makes as F
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Tout KeJlry.
"Bud" Fisher
a daughter of the late Henry M. Hoyi.
solicitor general.
KANSAS CITY, Jan. S. Entering; a
shed back of her home here today Mrs.
Charles Oscar Kirk In the darkness
bumped Into something swinging from a
rafter. Striking a match she found It to
be tho frozen body ot her husband hang
ing by a clothesline. Kirk was a brick
layer who came to this city recently from
Pueblo. lie left a note, saying he took
"this way to get out of home troubles."
He aRkd that his body be given to some
medical college that his burial might not
put his relatives to any expense.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. Senator Owen
of Oklahoma announced tthat if Presi
dent Tnft sent to the senate the nomina
tion of Judge W. C. Hook as a member
of the supreme court he would fiiit con
firmation Indefinitely. A fight against
the naming of the Kansas jurist has
grown out of his decision in the Okla
homa 2-cent fare cases.
A v In or Beamed From Sen.
LONDON, Jan. 8. V. It. Fowler, th
English aviator, wan today rescued from
the sea In the vicinity of the Isle- of
Wight In an exhausted condition, after a
hazardous flight. He was driven out to
sea by a gala and his aeroplane plunged
Into the water.
O. NUUMAM am IK 3 CO., UOpmm, We,
LERCH A VAN SANDT. Diitrftnror.
311 Soulk 17th St, OMAHA, NEB.
PAmmw OmiIii 19T9-AI T0
I 1 li Ii il man aii i
1 ii wmar.ia ilaiia'i.-uiMiih.ii.Ma. riii ir'T r
Tail's Dental Rooms
rst . ' t. ' M atL ta.1 sTa Sal SW SB. fa m r
If-VJAAtfel HIM k3 t "
L riiliii 1 1 a n'l i li'i a 1 1 mM t m I Mam.
Jack Mi-Vuilleu.