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From Broadway, New York, Factories, Consisting of Wen's, Ladies' and
V""UIC" viuniuiK, nuie, rurnisninRS. &nOGS and Kubberi. W Me P nrnri
TT A T Tl n Tr '
,)JlIVr. f I I I II ...... ... .11 I I . I
f " tiL'-': -V"- T ....mi. riri-irlrl n i loi.a.u.i - n i 1 1- - ..
(7 ... .
- ' -w. m w jm. m. m JLA BMP' VJ1lftAV4J. y tALil X JLFjA,
A 4- C-aT r "Q; mi j. tar-n n o . M 7
u!'jgL.,v1 latise you to Supply Yourself and Family for Years to Come. Read Every Item Carefully.
Women's. Misses' and Children's Department tho styles for 6,,rlnK wi ; :,v .1 1 '1" - . . .rf. rowl h opcy. -L
as those) now in vostup. w i.n..pi. ti,J B I :.:':,. ". ii navo tMtiier Skinner
Gray Worsted Suits for a son and you .nav ha v I 7 f" S,Z18' ,aKe vour lhoi' -S23.
cf these real $10.00 values at S S 1 .-Y . V . c aracul coats
t'iliinl.llill.v ivimiiluu ito - i.nnes mm .Misses solid coots anil face
In this Hankrupt Sale Group, we have novelty mixtures, fancy
broadcloths, serges and cheviots beautifully tailored gar
ments, in all sizes and all the latest styles, at your choice
for S3.DS
ladies' and Misses' Suits, made up In the latest and most
up-tc-date models, big $30.00 values, at vour choke T fpfl
Some strictly tailored, some richly trimmed. The range of
materinls includes Just about every cloth and color now lu
fashion's favor. Basket weaves, homespuns and various lm
poried novelty suitings in all the correct Bhades, all go at
your choice SO. 08
$10.00 IjA Dl US' AND MISSKS' COATS, $2.08.
Good looking models of cheviots and mixtures, some lined
throughout with flannel jaunty boyish looking styles,
some with large sailor collars, all sizes, your choice, S2.08
A pickup purchase bought at just half the price we would
have had to pay if they were secured earlier in the season.
Reversible models, semi-fitting and Polo styles; large con
trasting colors; your choice at $-4.08
$30.00 AM) $25.00 LADIKS' AXl) MISSKS' COATS, $0.08.
Double faced coatings, color combinations equal to the most
expensive, large sleeves, wide cuffs and rolling shawl and
cape collars, that ought to create a big demand for these
garments, at $6.08
$5.00 Ladies' Capes Hoe
$2.00 Auto Scarfs, Imported styleB 75
$10.00 and $15.00 Ladies' Hats, trimmed or shapes, all go
at your choice $1.30
$15.00, $20.00 and $15.00 Ladles' and Misses' Silk, Serge 'and
Voile and Satin Dresses, take your choice $4.08
Ladies' Fur Caps, values ranging from $2.60 to $10.00 all
go at your choice $1.48
$20.00 and $15.00 Ladies' Caracul Coats $708
$2.50 Black and Drown Skirts in Ladles' and Misses' sizes,
at 08tf
l!l i V t II fu
oKiris. .-imi gRie price at ow
$7.50 Skirts, including Voiles, l'a u a mat' 'Bnd ' 'imported
Worsteds; your choice w
$10.00 Skirts for Ladles' and Misses', your'ch'o'ice! ."sa')S
Children's all wool CoaU, iu plain woolens and Teddvs va'lues
up to $j.00; your choice at
$7.50 Mioses' Coats t. . .v 5'hn
$15.00 and $10.00 Misses' and Children's" Coats,' "iMuVhe?
Caraculs and Broadcloths; all go at vour choice. . . w
75c Ladies' Muslin Large lloomy Drawers, EmbroldeVed.
at JIf
$1.00 Ladies' Flannel Dressing Sacks, Kuiplre and German
siyie3 at
$10.00 All Silk Waists, the greatest of all bargains, R1 m
$1.00 Corset Covers, all go at 7.,iiJ?
$1.00 Children's All Wool Sweater Coats at
50c Ladies' Head Shawls at ."H
60o Children's Stocking Caps at
50c Ladies' and Misses' All Wool Gloves at
Men's, Young Men's and Boys' Department
4 .c
$2.00 Ladles' Crepe and Flannel Kimonos, all styles at
25c Ladles' Ribbed Vests, in various colors, at Jjf
60c Children's Romper Suits, all sizes, at 15!
10c Black or Tan, Heavy Ribbed, Ladies and Children's
nose, at
$1.00 Ladies' Tan or Black, Silk Hose, at
50c Ladles' Back Combs, Tazanes and Renos, at. ,
$5.00 Plumes, In BRSorted colors, your choice at.
$2.50 Child's Sets Furs, at
$1.50 Children's Hoods at
50c I. a lies' Jabots, lace collars and ties.
i.'C Mens Black S.iteen Shirts at
1 5c Men's Fleece Bibbed I' luierw ear at
50c Men's Fleece Lined 1'nderwear at
$1.50 Men's All Wool Sluris at
$2.00 Men's Heavy Bibbed Cnlon .suits at
76c Boys' Sweater Co:its at , , ,
50c Men s Work Shirts at
$2.50 Men s All Wool Shirts at. .
2oc Mechanics Aprons at
$2.00 Men's All Wool I nderear at '
.till, t - I. . . .
!'. ivmcKeroocKor Milts, sizes ;! to 17. come enrlv
and take your choice at.... m j)
$:!.00 Men's Corduroy Trousers, "Wear Proof " 'iti and,
tt .w
$5.00 Men's Corduroy Trousers at $" 1
$.'..00 ISoys' Overcoats, kLch 2 to 10. your choice at jftT'li
$7.00 Men's and Young Men's All Wool Blue Serge Trousers,
all the latest models, your choice at ftJ
$5.00 Men's All Wool. Fancy Mixtures. Ti
$1.00 Boys' Knickerbocker Pants ut 'l .'tlt
ii.iiip noys ji'Us. all colors and si.-es. at
$1.00 Men's and Boys' Fur Lined Hat Caps at!...!!!
$7.50 All Leather Suit Cases. - leather or Hn..'i
choice at
, your
60c Ladies' Corset Covers, trimmed with lace or embroidery,
jjauirn HI.
10. vv m uibib, KrenieFi or aii values, ai. . . .
$1.00 Slip-ons for Ladies and MisseB at.
85c GownB for Ladles and Misses at
.... 'tKJ,
$3.00 Ladies Wool Sweater Coats at...' u!k
$1.50 Ladles' Black Sateen and Mohair Shirts, open front anl
back, at . .3
. ..uiiv- Cl I S I I
$12.50 and $10.00 Cow Hide, leather Ballast, Extension Suit
Cases, at
$10.00 Men's Suits, every men's suit In the house 'that 'sold
up to $10.00. your choice at o u
$15.00 and $12.50 Men's Suits, including blue BcrgeiT'aiid
fancy mixtures, will go at i ou
$35.00, $;!0.00 and $2 5.00 Men's Suits, made by the' 'leading
clothing manufactures In New York, your choice at the un
heard of low price jgjj jjg
. . .BSO
. . . .80
85c Ladles' Corset Covers at
50c Lad es' Union Suits at...
7.ri Iui1Iph' Colored TuMored Wulwt.H at...
i!5o Clillilren'b All Wool MlttPim lit
15.00 I.Kllli-M' All Woi.l N ..(... I.,u. ...
$2.0(1 LiuIIph' Hii.l MIssoh' Kancy Sti lpe.l cjuspflt' ivtii.'oatN n'l 680
Rile IhiIIph' All W011I, KIIk.w I.oiikUi OIovph. . ?o
$2.00 lletitlicrlilonm Pett li'tuttH at 74I,
$2.00 I.aili.'!'' Klnmiel I'ott li'im (s at !. ill
V, ? ,,'a,11l",' w'1,to M"Mi"- Kinl.rolilery .TrlminP.Vi'clilVoaVs nt'4Bo
$.1.00 IjuiIIpm Uounp 1 )rpHsm at.... ZXl
$5.00 India Silk lVltlrimt at.
$25.00 Plush Lined,
out. at .
Black fchell Fur Collar and Facing Over-
Si 2.4 S
$:to Calf Skin, Fur Lined and Fur Collar Overcoat, $l.l.t)8
$50.00 Fur Lined Overcoats at $iJ4!)8
$ I 5.O0 Men a Overcoats, all the latest models, choice, ,5.!l8
$20.00 Men s Overcoats, will go at, your choice. .. .$7418
$30.00 and $20.00 Men's Overcoats, will go at, choice, $9.yy
l'ltl'.K ! 1 HKI". !
With Every Man's Suit we will glvo FREE a $2.00 Hat.
With Every Boys' Suit we will give FREE a $1.00 Hat.
25c Boston Garteis at 1 0
50c Emblem Button and Pins, representing every secret so
ciety In America, at. 5c
$1.00 values. Men's White Stiff Bossom Shirts, open front
and back, at Sof
$5.00 John B. Stetson Hats at $12.48
$.1.00 Men's All Wool Sweater Coats at 75
$1.00 Men's Dress Shirts, inculudlng white pleated bosoms,
t :m
$1.50 Alarm Clocks, guaranteed one year two minute alarm,
50c Men's Tech and Valour All Silk Ties at.
15c Men's Black Sateen Oversleeves at....
10c. Hoys' Cotton Flannel Mittens at.,
25c Men's Dress Hose at ,
25c Men's Half Wool Hose at
Il.'c Men's Dress Wool and Cassltnere Hoso at
50c Men's Dress and Work All Wool Hose at
25c Boys' Suspenders at
60e Men's Dress Suspenders at ,
60c Men's and Children's Knitted Wool Mufflers at.,
$2.00 Men's Dress Coat Shirts at JSJ)
50c Men's All Wool Gloves at l"i
60c Men's All Silk Four-ln-hand Ties at
2 5c Men's Four-ln-hand Ties at
25c Rubber Collars in all styles, at
$4.00 Goodyear Welt Shoes, In many styles and leathers,
at $1.00
$1.00 Women's and Children's Rubbers at 25r
$2.60 Men's, Women's and Children's Overshoes at....ft"
$1.60 Men'B Felt Boots at 50r
$2.50 Ladles' Dress Shtes at ' !)8c
Other Styles in Rubbers, Overshoes, Gaiters and Leggins
will be Bold at Remarkably Low Prices.
KieBse oear in minu mat 1MB 'A1K Is located at UliM121-112:i Farnam Htreei. Look for the large FairKicn" extenllnir Hcrouu tlm kilMrib . ... .1 . ; -r- -. ; r- :
Oiat THE FAJlt Is the greatest Bargain House West of Chicago. COME EARLY WEDNESDAY MOHXIXC1 AXl) in'coXVIXtT:D THAT TIH I ,'?Bm "M"1"- ' B" ",know "erjlH.dy
r. -j-. . ... l , 1 oi.u i,uni.m inuri B.iiiii I'.V llf ! ritl' II TIIK OMAHA PI'llI.ln
Visit Our . Ladies' Fur Department,
Oydng at Slaughter Prices.
' i
Southeast Corner
,12th and Farnam
Look for the Large
5 - FAIR'' Sign
,aam1-'mamammawmm HvwiN-w--i-ni-Hn-a"Miipi iiMiiai imua muiui-i'ii
r . . Mrm-- - -- - - - - --.--- - 1. ....i 1.. iiiiph
Visit Our IjmIIch' Fur Department,
olnn at Slmigliter lrlces.
Kvei-j thing
Southeast Corner
12th and Farnam
Look for the Large
"FAIR" Sign
. . v .
State'. Cash. Balance Reduced Sev
enty Ibousand Dollars in Year.
l.arffp Amount of Oatatandlns; War.
ranta Partly Dne to Fact that
I. act I.efflalatnre Spent .
Ilecord Sum.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 1. (Special.) When
6tat Treasurer George closed his bcoks
Saturday, afternoon for the year 1911, he
. . . . 1 . a m-fu t". f r j . . i .
jiaa a casn uumiice 01 ov,ii.ot ukuuibi
a balance of Jrtb5,71t.25, when he assumed
office January 0, 1911. One year ago the
state's permanent Investments are 9.
029.438.S9. The at ate board tics invested money in
the permanent fund at present up to the
limit, aed In fact so closely that the
treasurer haa been unable to care for
registered atate warrants as la usually
the case at the close of the year. The re
ceipts from settlements with, county
treasurers, however, are-coming in now
and the outstanding warrants will all be
taken care of and in addition those issued
In the course of current business. There
are now outstanding 150,000 of general
fund warrants.
One reason for the large amount of
outstanding warrants is the fact that the
last legislature appropriated more money
by I1.000.0ij0 than any of its predecessors,
and more than the revenues of the state
tan provide for until the receipts from
the new levy are available, which was
made larger to care for the increased ex
penses, following is the statement of the
Pal. Nov. Hal. Dec.
General '
Tfiiipmary bc-lwHil
Temp, university
Jlo.sp. for insane
1'erm. school
I'tnu. univursity
Agr. college endnw't..
Normal endowment....
Normai inteiest
J'eru normal library...
State library
'fcUate aid bridge
Agr. and lltch. arts....
1'. S. Kxp. station
1 niversity cash
Kearnsy Nor. library.
I'hadron Nr. library..
l'orest reserve
Institution cash
1 'Diversity lncuino
lire commission
Wayne Nor. library....
, mil. 3o. lull.
I 2H'J.9) J;, 171. 47
J52.:ibi.rji ir,3.'3.ri!
2,U& 4i lti,3lU.X9
43,(1.. IW 71.715.71
M.45 13.3ta.43
2.VI1.10 33,3!5.!
K.7.17 1.05.17
2.5V.!. 1 n'.u.'il
1,150 .at 217. 71!
oi'.Hx ti.Lir-o.rtu
38.075 W 27.UiU.iiv
li.HC.iWi 1.2'
"tl.'il.J'J 6S.l.i5
l.'v.'.lk'i 1.7.M.17
l'...4't 1,(10.40
2J).:0 !W.!.2.'
s.iui.t;t J7.nv,.aa 4 4i7.00
S,7:v0.: 3.74." . 17
tisy.t00.10 0,77G.M
4-ash on hand t 2.C22.3!
Cash on deposit 527. .la 3030.770. 01
Tltl.'ST l'l Nl'3 INVKrfTEU.
Perm, achoul t-i, j....1ii'i.'j
Jferm. university.... '"U.4-i.0'l
A. C. E 4.-...1..7.U
Normal endowm'l.. 77.10J.,i-'lJ,02;,llS.&9
lionds on limid 3.i.8-i.474.7u
fni. war. on hand. M.A. 1 j-Js.O-.
btaleuienl of biiuK balances, icLciiiOtr
P 1M11:
Aliisworib. fitixeiis Slate
Alblun, l Itlzeim Male 2,i'.ti4
Albion, First Nul.unal i,W).ii)
Alllane, First National 2.CVOI
AUIanie. AMiaine Nhiihi.uI a.onVin
A I tuna, rarinns htate 2. '. j
Aliselmo. Aiiseiuin !-iaie .'.(nni.uu
iule'. Fust National i.U'OO'i
AiapatlOe, 'itiz!lM Slate J.IMi.iil
ivdla, CumuiiTiiul !rlai Z.'f .'H
Ashland, National Hank of 1 000 00
Aurora, Fidelity National 2.000.00
Auburn, German-American 2 0u0 00
Battle Creek, Battle Creek Valley llooo.OO
Bayard, First National l.OuooO
Bazile Mills, First National 1.500.00
Beatrice, Uerman National 1 000 00
Beatrice, Beatrice State 1,000.00
Beatrice, Union 'State 1,000.00
Beemer, Beemer State looo.0i)
Bertrand, First National 200 00
Benson, Farmers & Merchants... 1 ,000 00
Berwyn. Berwyn State l.OuO'OO
Blair, .Citizens State 1,000 00
Blue Hill, First National 1,000.00
Blooniington, Blooming State 1,000.00
Bostwlck, Bostwlck Slate I.OOOOO
Broken How, Custer Nutional 6 000 00
Broken Bow, Security State (t.OoOOO
Brayton, Urayton State 1.5O0.00
Bui-well, Farmers 1 ,000.00
Cambridge, Cambridge State l.Oon.OO
Callaway, Farmers State 1,000 00
Callaway, Callaway State 2,000 00
Campbell, First National I.DhO.U)
Cedar Rapids, S. S liadley Co... l.MJO.OO
Cedar Rapids, First National.... 1 ,000.00
Central City, Cen. City Nat'l I.OIKVOO
Chappell, First National 1.000.00
Clarkaon, Farmers State I.OOOOO
Comstock, Farmers & Merchants 2,000.00
Comstock. Citizens State 2.000.00
Cozad, Cozad State 2.000.00
Cornlea, Cornlea State.., 2,000.00
Columbus, Columbus State 2,000.00
Crab Orohard, Farmers State.... I.OOOOO
Crab Orchard, Bank of lOoOnO
Craig, First National,. 1,000.00
Craig. Farmers Statu 1 tun mi
Crawford, First National l'ooaon
ciawiora, cmnmerolal state
Creighton. Crelvhtnn Nutinnul 1 i.nni
Crelghton, Senurily
Crete, First Nutional 1,00000
Curtis, First National 2 000'K)
Hannehrog, Hannebrog State I000OO
Havld City, City National LomuiO
Dlller. Diller State ii,ki
Iiiller, First National l!ooii.00
ltodge, First National l.OoO.OO
Klgtn.l Klgln State l.OOOoO
Kddyvllle, Eddyvllle State 2.000.00
Krleson, Kricson State l.Uto.OO
Kustls, Pioneer 1,000.00
Kustls. Farmers State 1 tu 10
lowing, Kwlng State 1,000 00
F.wlng, I'loneer l.Omj.oo
Fairbury, lionham National 1.O00.0J
Fairfield, F. & M l.OnOltf
Farnam, Farnam l.ofio.OO
r arnam. Stat.. Hunk nf . o ,hHi nn
Fremont, F. & M. National....!. iioOOW
Memont, Commercial National.. 8,okA
Fremont, First National 4.00000
(iletnllle, Hank of 2.MiO
tiering, Geiiiiff National 2.000 00
(loihenliui c, Cotlienburg Nat l lomtoo
iothenbiiig, Citizeis National.. 2,00000
liretna. Bank of 2,Ujo W
Greeley, Uieeley State 2.00ioo
Greeley, First National 2 000 00
Grand Island? O. 1. Nat l gitnO.uO
Grand Island, Com. State 2j(ii)00
liatvard, Cnlon state 2MM.H)
Harvard. Harvard -State 2,'xn.oO
Itaslings. Fiist National :i,ooo.(K
Il istliiKs, Bank of Commerce.... S : "J
Hasting, German Nutional IdrO.'io
ilavelixk, F. i M 2.(.JO.wo
HavelocU, First National 2(.)ix
llnndciaoii. First National 2,'M00
I'uniiliiey, Bank of Otis &
.Murphy 2.000 00
I luiili tgi!, Fust National 4.O1OU0
Holdief, 4'lty National 4,(O0u
Jansen, SIKH) Rank of 2.( J.OJ
Kearney, Central Nutional Souuou
Kearney, Fanners 3.4io.oo
Kennard, F. & M 2.00O 0
Kimball, Bank of 2'i0j
Lawrence, First National 2.O0O 0;
I.i jiilitu!). Lexington A.Uii.ih
Lincoln, First National ?2.i'40.t.7
laiiciiln. Central National H'jlisi
Lincoln, City National 17.S.;i 0;t
Lincoln, German Amer. btate.... 4, "!)
Lincoln, Nat 1 Hank of Coin 14 . ".2.1 :
Liiaoln, Nebraska State lh.otxo
Look Fine. Commei clal 2. ()''
ioonUs. First National 2,(iu 11
Loup City, Loup City State 2 cio.oo
M-idrid, Madrid Kxcliange 2.'io0
Mahno. 1'. & ,M tt (i
Madow liruic, Security 2 (.'
! on ill. F. , M IM'iOOU
..I' 1 'nol: .Mr! '00k XdTloriat "riji.wl
.Mii'.iiik. I'tlzeiiH Naliona1 2. '(
N'-licJi, Nellgli National..., 2o"iu.oo
N Ittii. S."Li it'. 2 4ti( oA
..ui-orie,- ,. uoilce ri.HI" 2,00.'! i
Ncniair (jrove, Hist Nati)iiul.. 2,oo00o
Newman Grove, Newman Grove
Newcastle, Newcastle State
Norfolk, Norfolk National
Norfolk, Nebraska National
North Bend, First National
Oakland, Oakland State
Oakdale, Antelope County
Ooonto, Oconto Stale
Ogallala. Citizens State
Oblowa, Home '.
Omaha, Corn Kxcliange Nat l....
Omaha, City National
O'Neill. O'Neill National
Orchard, Citizens State
Osceola, Osceola
Peru, Citizens' state
Bender, 1'ender National
Petersburg, Hank of
Petersburg, Citizens' State
Pierce, Pierce Stale
I'll asanton, Pleasanton State
Republican Ct.ty, Commercial
Rising City, Rising City Na
tional Rlverton, Riverton State
St. Paul, First State
Sargent, First National
Schuyler, First National
St. Ubory, St. Ubory State
Scott'B Bluff, First National
Scott's Bluff, Scott's Bluff Na
tional Silver Creek. Silver Creek State..
South Omaha, Stock Yards Na
tional South Omaha, Live Stock Na
tional Snyder, F. i M
Spalding, Spalding City
Spalding. First National
Sutton. Sutton National
Sterling, F. M
Superior, First National
Syracuse. Rank of
Tecumseh, citizens' National
Tllden, First National
Trenton, Fust National
L'nlversity Place, First National,
t'nlversity Place, Citizens' State.
Valentine, First National
Valentine. Valentine State
Valparaiso, Valparaiso State
Vet don, F. & M
Wahoo, Saunders County Na
tional Wahoo, Citizens' State
Wakefield, Farmers' National...
Walton, F. & -.1
Wait hill. First National
Walthill, Walthill National
Waverly, lani aster County
Wayne, First National
Weeping Water, First National..
Weeping Water, City National. .
Winner, Wisner State
Wisner, First National
W'i.tox, Kxchange
Wo. bach, First National
W more, Flint National
Wymore, F. & M
York, City National
4S, 400.00
2.000 0)
2, 0 10.00
2.U0 0
2,000 0
2.000 00
2.000. 00
2 000.00
2,000 01
2.000 0)
2 ( 0
2.000. 00
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. l.-A. E
Stillwell, president of the Kansas City,
Mexico A: Orient lailway, has been nued
In the clicult court I. ere by James i;d
ward Buckley, a railway promoter of
Chicago, who asks $1,000,000 actual and
ji'io,j0 punitive damages for ti e alleged
breach if a contract In connect, on with
a proposed , railway In Colombia, South
Buckley alleges in his pcliton that he
obtained a concession from the govern
ment of Colombia to build a railway 100
ml ei long and that stillwell and asso
ciates agreed to Investigate the proposi
tion and if found satisfactory to build
the road.
It Is alleged by Buckley that by reason
of the failure of the Stillwell people, to
furnish him with a copy of the reports of
experts sent to Colombia he was unable
to tnake financial an angcmciit ami that
I. Is credit as a proii.ottr arid railroad loan I
has suffeicd.
Week Fails to Live Up to Promise
of Political Activity.
Frank. Carrie, New Secret a rr of
Organisation, Opens llendqunrt era
at Lincoln. Mneh Knroiir.
Bed j Outlook.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 1. (Special.) Start
Ing off with the meeting of the Taft
league the week promised to be prolific
of political developments, but for some
unexplained reason failed to "make good
on its promise. ' Filings of candidates
were few, the most important being that
of R. I). Sutherland, as democratic aspir
ant for congress In the Fifth district, and
C. M. Skiles, democrat, for congress in
the Fourth. Wilbur 6. Walt of Lotip
City filed as republican candidate for
land commissioner.
The meeting of officials of the Taft
league promises eomo active work In the
Immediate future. Frank Currle of
Broken Row. who was selected secretary
In place of K. M. Pollard, who was un
able to devote ills time to the duties,
has arranged to take hold in earnest. He
arrived In 'Lincoln toilay and tomorrow
morning will open headquarters lu the
Llndell hotel ami proposes to start tilings
moving at once. In conversation today
he suld he was more encouraged than
ever since he had started iu on the work
and there Is no cpuestlou, h asserts, tout
the vast majority of Nebraska repub
licans are heartily in favor of the re
nomlnatlon of William II. Taft.
The executive committee and Hie, com
mittees from the various congressional
districts will meet in Lincoln Januury 15
to name the candidates for delegates to
the national convention, the candidates
for electors and also the national com
mitteeman who will go on the primary
ballot as the representatives of the Tart
forces. This plan was considered essen
tial to avoid a multiplicity of candidates
which promised to defeat the will or the
voters, as it is certain the La Follette
men will center on one set of candidates,
l a Follette II 00 in Vlpprd.
The failure of Senator La Follette to
visit Nebraska when he makes his west
ern toil- has caused a chill to creep down
the spine of his boom iu this state, which,
even before this event, had shown signs
of anemic conditions. ills followers.
however, met during the week and de
cided they would try and have a rally in
Uncolii some time during January, the
date of which bus not yet been fixed.
Another development of the week is the
probable swlt h of W. H. Price, who, It
Is rumored, has switched his ambitions
from the governorship or congress on (be
democratic ticket to the senatorshlp. He
is credited with thinking that both :""!ial
lenherger and Thompson have worn out
the.r welcome by continued appeals to
demortacy for office and that there Is
good chance, to land the plum for
Hitiuuetj from Head to Heel
was prn i'ool, Threct, Al t., when dragged
over 11 rough road; but Hucklcn's Arnica
Stive healed all ills Injuries. 20c. Kor
alo by I'estou Hiug Co.
Commission Comes
to Aid of Shipper
(From a Staff Correspondent. )
LINCOLN. Jan. 1. (Special.) All the
state offices will be closed Monday on ac
count of the New Year holiday, hut as
UBual some of the officials will he around
to open their mull and take a look around
the state house Just from force of habit.
Attorney General Martin has gone to Fort
Madison, la., fur a few days, and a few
of those In the state house who did not
visit their homes on Christmas are doing
so on New Year.
The hearings on the physical valuation
of the Northwestern road will be resumed
January it. One thing stands out promi
nently, and that Is the. company is seek
ing by every means to raise the valuations
placed on lis property by Mr. Hurd, the
slate's exrt. In the matter of right-of-way
Mr. Hurd placed tho value at
from two to two and a half times that
of adjacent lands while the company in
troduced evidence to show the multiple
should be three on all purls of the road.
This alone would make a considerable
difference In valuation, but In addition
tho company witnesses- placed a much
higher price upon adjacent lands than
did Mr. Hurd.
The Ktulo Railway lonitnlislun yester
day sett ltd the troubles of u Franklin
stock shipper iu abort order. Unbeknown
to the stockman thu train for live stin k
which generally leaves that plare Sunday
had been abandoned on account of the
holiday. Ho had brought his stock in
and did not relish holding It until Wednes
day when the next stock train went over
tli branch, 11 lid wired the commission.
The Burlington officials wero advised of
tho situation and Immediately ordered the
stock moved Sunday.
The Havelock Commercial club, through
Its secretary, W. I. Fisher, has com
plained to tho railway ' commission that
the Plattsmouth Telephone company,
which operates the exchange In that city.
Is giving poor service In the city and also
between there and IJncoln. The com
mission will Investigate and If necessary
set a date for a hearing.
Georgo M. Laird of (iniulia wunts the
stain to pay hint $1,000 damages because
he alleges he fell Into an open ditch dug
by the state at Forty-fifth and Bpruce
streets, Omaha, In connecting the State
School for the Deaf with the city water
system. He alleges he received perma
nent Injurlee. He filed his claim with
the State Hoard of Public Lands and
the Zebrugge about the.r wages, tue sail
ors have brought suit against the owners.
One of the Antwerp deputies has an
nounced hia Intention of demanding ex
planation! from the government In the
chamber for not preventing such a fla
grant breach of neutrality.
Warship Fitted in
Antwerp Used to Aid
Revolt in Paraguay
ANTWKUP, Jan. l.-The crew of the
steamer Zebrugge, which soiled from
here on the night of October 12 with a
cargo of arms and ammunition. It was
thought, for the Portuguese royalists, re
turned today to Antwerp. The men re
lated a remarkable story.
It appears that the steamer and Its
cargo were not Intended for the Por
tuguese royalists, but for the Paraguayan
revolutionists. it carried 2Ti0 tons of
powder, four large cannon, one machine
gun, f,-',OOo rifles, a wireless apparatus,
uniforms and other military supplies.
There were two Fiiglish passengers and
flvo Spanish passengers aboard. One of
tJin Spaniards, Arrlcos by name, assumed
direction of affair as soon as the
steamer w as out of sight of land.
The Kehrugge, Instead of proceeding for
Port Stanley, Falkland islands, for which
It had clearml, headed direct for South
America. The Belgian snllors then learner
that It was thu Intention to attack the
Paraguayan villages on tho Rio do la
Tho crew was compelled to obey orders,
Arrlcos standing over the men with a
revolver, and they feared, too, that If
the vessel were taken they would be iim
marlly deult with. They continued there
fore to work the ship up the river.
When tho Paraguayan border was
reached thu Fngllsh captain announced
that the steamer belonged to Arrlcos ami
thn men were free to leuve. Refusliu;
the Invitation of Arrlco to Join his ex
pedition, the crew made their way to
Huenos Ayrcs and thence to Antwerp.
Difficulties having arisen between the
crow and the former Belgian owners of
Johannsen Confers
With Labor Leaders
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Jan. l.-It wai
reported late this afternoon that Anton
Johannsen, one of the labor leaders In-,
dieted here yesterday , by the federal
grand Jury, had left for San Francisco
to hold a conference with labor leaders
Olaf A. Tveitmee, secretary-treasurer
of the California Btate Building- Trades
council, and J. K. Munsev of Salt Uku
City, secretary and business agent of the
international Association of Bridge anil
Structural Iron Worker, Intend to re
main here until after their arraignment,
et for Tuesday.
Federal officers and county official.
according to Intimations made during the
day, expect a finale to this case equally
as startling as that of the McNamara,
trial and similar In nature.
It Is thought there will not be much
activity in. the case tomorrow, owlnir to
the holiday, but the case will be reopened
at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning.
The name of J. Stltt Wilson, mavor .if
Berkeley, was brought Into the case today
by the publication of a statement
H R. Mills, manager of the Burns de
tective agency here. In which he declares
that Wilson gave the original information
that caused the Investigator to make a
rigid Investigation of Johannsen' action.
Persistent Advertising I the Road tt
Rig Return.
n Drop of Blood
Or a little water from the human system when
thoroughly toted by tbe chief chemist at Dr.
i'icrce' Invalids' Hotel, liuBslo, N. V., tells tbe
story of impoverished blood nervous exhaustion
or some kidney trouble. Such examinations are
made without cot and it only a small part ol the
work of the stair of physician and surgeons under
the direction of Dr. It. V. fierce giving the best
medical advice possible without cost to those
who with to write and make a full statement of
symptoms. An imitation of natures method of
restoring wast of tiuo and impoverishment of
the blood and nervou force is used when you
take an alterative and glyceric extract of root,
without the use of alcohol, such at
J Key to tho Situation-B'. JLlLv.: J.l"i
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
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nd restorutive nerve tonic. It makes men ttrong in body, sctiv in mind
sod cool 10 judgment. Cct whut you tk fori
Whooping1 Coucrli
tTStlH(0 1ST
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thiil iroubm. rolling snip. Vtaerlied Creto-
Icos stsps tat piroxrama si WLstptng Cough ss4
rtllaves Croup at one. II U s to sufereri
horn Afthino. Tb sir naderta Mrosrlf tatiMp.
tic, Isvplivs wltb ovary brtata, atakt braataing
aaijri aootbaa tba aar throat aaa Kopa tha coagh,
aMuriag rasiful algal. It u lairaluabla to SMlbcit
wltb voung childrta
tasa iu soital lor Scacrlntlva aooaiat.
TtfCnnltms AmtUiftlt
Thri THt$4 for tb
imtalcd throat. Tbe
art airs pit, aifrcti sad
aaoacpttc Of yaar
dragglM fta at, Xuc
I Mapa,
Vp CretoleM Co.
2 Cert-aa St.. H. V.
'ii "lyy '"" """ " i