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    T1IB HKK: OMAHA. TII1!1(.SIAV. DECKMIIKH 28. 1911.
Slurdy BooJs
Every wido-awake hoy
want' to Ik out loors ovory
pofsiblp tninuto those winter
days- lut cart hliould lu
taken to fully protect him
from tlie eoM anl ilaiiipm'ss
wliich often causes a stub
born colli.
These ttaanch hootg will kep
tha boy's feet warm and dry in
the colJest weather and Inanrr.
comfort and protection the whole
winter through.
In nf lh . K...
- oiuim iu icarner, wuirn win noi Harden
when wet. heavy oak Goodyear welt tolea, g unset aewed in all way
up frcnt; top reach above calf of lea. wliln ruff t tnn rit.n..i ith
two large brans burkleft.
$3, $3.50,
TBf ydoko
Art o.
1318-20 FAK.V.1M STHKET.
Jury Findi Owners of Triangle
Waist Factory Iffot Guilty,
Proprietor of Partary la Wfcleh
Maay lt W.mea Hat Death
ay Baralaa- Held Not Heaa.a
Ihle for Horror.
NEW YORK, Dec. ST.-The mate failed
tfKlay In in ,ttart to fix me blattic for
the fire horror of March 25. mil. In which
17 employ of the Triangle Waist com
lny lost their lives. A verdict of not
guilty was returned late today by the
Jury In the cae of lxaac Harrla and II ax
lHanik. proprietor of Lie factory, who
wer. Indlctel In connection with the holo
caust. l.'nususl precautions wrn taken to pre
vent repetition at the court house today
f the demonstrations which have been
made against the defendanta during the
trial. a few persona were allowed In
the court room and tlin corridors anJ en
trances were heavily guarded hy extra
The Jury came In at : o'clock after
deliberating- for an hour and forty-five
minutes. Tha pronouncement of acquittal
was first taken quietly by tha defendant!,
but after an adjournment to an ants
room thy cava way to the;r emotion tn
Uara when embraced by relative and
friends. Aa they passed out through a
Una of policemen., to the street a' larg
crowd of men. y-omen and children
awaited them. One liyelrrlcal man tried
to press throuaU tie throng crying. "Not
guilty? Not guilty? Murderer! Murderer!
He fell cn the etepa of the court house
In convulsions, gasping that he had lost
a sister In tha fire.
Uy the time the excitement was over
tha defendanta had darted Into a subway
entrance, earaplng th hostile crowd.
Harris and Blanek were not charged In
a wholesale manner with the deaths that
occurred at the fire, but specifically with
manslaughter In the rasa of Margaret
ttchwartx. a young girl who was found
dead near a door on 'the ninth floor of the
building. The main argument of both
prosecution and defense was directed
against this door, the state Introducing
more than 100 witnesses In an attempt to
prove that It whs locked and the defense
To Get
Its Beneficial Effects
Always Dvy (ha Ccnulna
manuficfurcd byflio
Sold by oil leading
OneSixe Ony, 50 o Boiil '
Ask Your Doctor
Ayrr Htr Virr 1$ romOOWi of Slaae. Ctvcerla. QuWa, Sediam Ctilertd.
,1.1 i CaasJivm, Set e, Akekot, Water, Perfaa,
Show thl to your doct 'jf. Ask hire M there U lns) Injurious Ingredient. Aik
him If he think Aycr's llahr Vigor, aa made from these Ingredients, la the beat
prep;ratlon you ccuui use (or falling hair, or (or daadruff. Doe not color the hair.
.' . r lTl rnVfAST. lfell. Urn
In any amount on improved (or to improve) Omaha
and South Omnha renl estate liesidence or business.
' Money On Hand No commissions to pay Interest
ratea reasonable II ('payments ef $100 or more on prin
cipal received uny day without notice. Prompt action
1614 llaxney St, Onuha, Neb.
Geo. F. Gilmore, Prest. Paul W. Kuhns, Secy.
lor Sturdy Boy:
i .,.. ......
$4, $4.60
refuting this contention ay ' mass of
(Continued from First rage.)
blnation to continue tha old price fixing
pool which previously existed.
Another agreement Introduced waa
dated July 1, ikoj, aa provided for a
loan of to Armour. Pwlft and
Morrle by the First National bank o?
New Tork. An agreement dated Decem
ber 1, was read which provided for
a loan of ItG.OflO.ono by Kuhn, Loeb A
Co.. James Stlllmoii and K. H. Harrlman
to Armour. Swift and Morris for uso In
flniinclng the National Hacking company
"When Michael Cudahy Was taken Into
the deal for the reorganisation of, the
proposed big company, u now agreement
was drawn and signed by Armour, Hwlft
Morris and Cudahy. and each deposited
tl.noO.WA in a . Chicago bank as evidence
of gool faith." said Veeder. "These de
poelta were later withdrawn when the
organisation of tho company was aban
doned." The government Introduced In evidence
this agreement after the document had
been read to the Jury.
Family of Six Found
Dead at Farm Home
I.1TTI.K ROCK. Ark.. Dec. I7.-Ncwi
reached this city this afternoon that the
entire family of J. Ford, consisting of
himself, wife and six children had been
found dead. Kord resided twelve miles
from Benton, Ark.
The evidence tends to show, it Is de
clared, that Ford killed Ida wife and clill
dren and then took his own life. Details
are few regarding the tragedy.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) '
WA8IU.NUTON. Deo. 7.-(Suclal Tele
gram.) The Greater Dee Molnea commit
tee today filed a complaint aaalnst the
t'nlon Pacific and eight other railroad
companies with the Interstate Commerce
commission, aliening unjust and unrta
aonaule rates on shipments from or to
Dee Molnea to or from fait lka Cltv
and Ogden. Utah.
Th petitioner pray a that the defend
ant be required to put Into effect be
tween Des Molnos and Halt Iako City
and Ogden and the locality commonly
known aa the t'tah commtn oointa. in.
eluding points Intermediate therewith and
points on branch 1 1 nee leading from Junc
tions Intermediate with said t'tah com
mon points in the elates of Colorado,
Wyoming and t'tah. rales that are just
and reasonable In and of themselves and
with relation to the ralea of tha rltUa
located along the MImsoui I river and cities
located along or east of or near the
Mlsalsslpiri river.
oT. LOUIS. Dec. ST.-rederal Judge
Dyer today set aside the remainder or
the six mouths' sentence of William C.
Kush. who three weeks ago waa con
victed of selling colored oleomargarine
without having paid the government II
reneo. Itusli was released front Jail after
hla little daughter had pleudod with
Judge Dyer to release her father In order
that he might be able to attend a church
entertainment and hear her make a reci
tation. C'OI.Ua l At. Mb HttAUaCHE.
LAXATIVE BItOMO tjulmn. the world,
wide Cold and Orlp remedy remove
cause. Call for - lxok for-slg.
siure L. W. GROVE. Sc.
,WJjs'aVWlal1 WLW' lit'llMI LXIOaUl JUi
mmi iimn imi ws) ye tf fi'T'miki
23 III 1' III
Unidentified Woman Spends Entire
Time on Intenirban Car.
He. Mr. Campbell, Pmninr ot Temalr
hareh t I oadon la ! Malnre
ae Jrra ailD should
Juln for I'rai-r.
(from a Ptaff Correspondent.)
DK8 MOINKS, Deo. 27.-tpeclal Tele
gram An unidentified woman, who re-
iusei to give hrr name, was arrested by
the police on a Perry Interurban car
today, (the rode all day on ono car jee
trrday, paying her fure each time, but
aylng nothing, She remained In I'erry
last night and again started out to travel
today. The police refused to permit her
to continue a.l a permanent paanger,
halloas Combine for Crses.
Combination of the fnii.,1 hi a t mA
Oreat Britain In the Interest of universal
peae Is urged by ev. Mr. Campbell,
pastctr of the Temple church of Iondon,
who Is in the city.
Combination of the Stars and "tripes
with the Knglish Jack would mean In
ternational peace forever and tha end of
all conflicts and wars between nations,'
ha said. "The effect of such a union
would be to put every nation on earth
under dominance of Its united power, and
where International difficulties existed
tha I'nlted Stales, batked by Oreat
Britain, could step In. demand a settle
ment and prevent any war."
IOWA CITY, la., Dec. ST.-Captaln
Morten C. Murnma commandant of tha
state university of Iowa. In a letter to
the national Intercollegiate rulea com
mittee at New York today advocates the
granting of four downs to a foot ball
team who gains porsesslon of the ball
within ten yards of Its opponents' coal
lino. He alBo urges a prolongation of
time when time expires und the ball la tn
motion. In addition he suggests a change
of value of gout from field to two points
and would make the length of a forward
Psks unlimited.
Tcanaat Shot by Ksfis Owner.
OfwtNT. fa., rw n ro..-ii
rloua shcotlng affair occurred )at even- t
ing tour miles southeast of town. Joseph
Ponry.. a fsrmer. shot and seriously In
jured Lewis Clark, who resides on a farm
owned by Penry. The shooting via the
result of a quarrel over Clark's refusal
to leave the farm In March and make
room for another tenant, nark was re
turning front Grant and Penry followed,
shooting dim twice with a small-, allber
rine as he was going Into the house.
Prnry was arrested and Is now In the Red
Oak Jail.
Letter Head Stirs
Up Trouble for Time
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Doo. 27.-(Bpeclal Telegram.)
The Inaccurate wording of a letterhead
used lt tha state department of edu
cation stirred up what looked Ilka a
maraa nest this afternoon. The legis
lature appropriated money to pay tor
the Inspection of state normal schools
and twelva private and denominational
oollegTfs; " which under tha law are en
titled to Isaue life certificates to teachers
and for tha naming of a board for the
purpose. The members of this board are
designated In tha letterhead aa "inspect
ors of normal schools, for whloli there
Is no provision tn law and a board whose
Jurisdiction Is over certain high achoola
Is designated as the examining board for
life certificates.
Homo ono who saw tho letterhead
thought the members of the first board
were grabbing fees that belonged to th.
latter and wrote tha state auditor, The
latter official, on examining the statutes,
could find no authority of law for pay.
ment to the board of normal school in
spectors and until the matter waa ex
plained It looked aa It there waa really
to be something doing.
Michael Gorey Dead
From Bullet Wound
FRKMONT. Neb., Dee. 7.-Mlehael
Oorey of North Bend, formerly of South
Omaha, died at (:& tonight from bullet
wounds sustained In a pistol duel with
Albert Pruyn. a hay buyer, on Christmas
day In the saloon conducted by Oorey.
Pruyn In the Dodge county Jail, made
no comment when told of hla victim's
(Continued from First Page.)
of O'Nxlll: N. P. McDonald of Kearnev.
The executive committee to have rlmm
of the organisation of Taft clube all
over the. state was named a follows:
K. M. Pollard or NehewKa; c. K. Adams
of Superior : Frank Ciirrie of Broken
How; A. V. Jef feres of )maha: H. It.
Schneider of Fremont: (. J. Miles of
Hastings; A. K. Cody of Ht. Paul.
Meat Jaaoary II.
Members of alt theae committees, ex
executive and district, will meet with the
other officers of tha leagua at the Uu
dell hotel ih Uncoln, January 18, to name
the delegates at large and also tha dis
trict dalegatea to he voted on at tha
At tha same time tha candidates for
presidential electors and tho national
committeeman will be named. As pro
vided for In the resolution adopted by
the mass meeting the district nominees
ure to be clionen by the district com
mlttemen and their selections will be
reorted to this meeting.
Aa a result of the gntherlng today th
organisation formed laat week Is now
thoroughly organised for work and
active operations In all parts of the
state are expected to result within a short
time, as otjanixed effort wit) proceed to
crystallise the Taft sentiment Into a
potent organisation.
(Continued from First Page.)
for any aevrel attempts at evasion ot
the law.
Mr. Crum told of tha complaint that
waa made the next day by Mrs. Cattle
man that tho visit vf tha police had
frightened away good paying tenanta who
had leased the room and who fled after
the appearance of tha polK'e. Khe threat
ened to aua the city.
Hen Kill Hla Mother.
tST. lAil'lH. Dec. JT.-Wlth a rtfie whleh
was ma I'nriatnias girt. lo- ear-old Harry
Iewali today klllvd s mother. Mrs.
I'uraanna i-.!i, in Shelr . ome near
J-ffron Barracks.- Harry did aot know
the rifle was loaded.
Hoosevelt Will -Not
Attend Peace
Dinner Saturday
NEW TORK, De. 17. Representatives
of the cltlxrns' peace dlnmr to be given
.alur:ay nlglit. to which President Taft.
Uaclfn diplomats, Andrew Carne
s'e and many ot).rs have accepted Invi
tations, sourht out Colonel Roosevelt to
day to ascertain whether tho roionel had
such v!ews on questions of peace that he
would find It inconvenient to attend the
Colonel Hoosevelt already had been In
formally Invited and to that Invitation
replied in a seven-page letter, which Mil
lard t. Tiloomer, secretary of tha execu
tive committee, alarolutely declined t
make public today.
Last night a formal Invitation was
drawn inviting the ex-prcsMeut. but It
waa understood the invitation was with
held In order that Mr. Bloomer might
go over and sound Colonel Roosevelt In
the matter.
"Absolutely no; I shall attend no din
ner." Colonel' Itoosevelt declared today
after Mr. Bloomer bad culled. Colonel
Itoosevelt added that the correspondence
between himself and Mr. Uloomnr on the
f ubject would be made public Saturday.
Mr. Bloomor said tho endorsement of
the pending International arbitration
treaties had not been specifically planned.
He did not know, he added, whether
President Taft and Andrew Carnegie
knew thin or aot.
"I want to announce." Mr. nioomcr
said, "that the peace dinner with Presi
dent Taft as tho guoet of honor has not
been called for the specific purpose of
endorsing- the treatlea with England and
Russians Begin
Boycott of iixjports
From United States
WA8HINOTOV, Dec. JT.-The movement
to boycott American machinery Is grow
ing. Tho state department was advised
today that members of the council at
Moscow and Kursk have petitioned the
Duma to act.
ST. PKTERSBl'RO, Dec. 27.-A supple
mentary legislative proposal of a frankly
prohibitive charaoter was introduced by
ihc tia.lnna'hts Into tho Duma lo. It
.a al.i...d tln-cti.v at the United Statue.
According the terms of the proposed
enactment, Anur. .u.i citizens of the Jew
ish religion are to he totally excluded
from Russia, and ..i the second place
eustoma duties are tJ tailed by 100
per cent unless the Ilusm.ari lurmal sched
ule Is lower than the American, in that
case a duty equalling the American duty
will be collected. '
The author of the hill states that the
last provision Is necessary In order to deal
with the Import of American agricultural
machinery. f ,
The remaining points of the proposed
bill correspond in virtually every par
ticular with tho bill Introduced on De
cember 2 by form r President Quchoff,
providing for tariff schedules applicable
to the United States at the expiration of
the Ruaso-Asnerlcan commerce and navi
gation treaty of 1822.
AHERDEJvV.,,8. D.. Dec, 27,-(BpeolaL)
Tha Indiana on the Cheyenne River res
ervation are progressive, as ta shown by.
the tact that Mark darter and James
Spotted Horse of Swiftblrd'a camp on
the reservation visited Forest City and
laid Hi a supply ot articles for their
Christmas tree, and furniture for the In
dian Episcopal church at the camp, in
cluding a cook atove and othur articles.
As In the caee of the churches ot the
white folks the funds were raised largely
by the women, the women's society ot
the church being officered by tho follow
ing Indian women; President, Sophia
High Bear; vice president. Virginia
Hawk; secretary, Annie Garter; treasurer.
MolUe King Man; assistant treasurer, Ida
Crow; care of sick, Annabel Spotted
Horse; collector, Christine Nichols; door
keeper, Angellqua Blue Body.
William Baady.
FAIRBURr. Neb., Dec. 2T.-(3peclal.)-
The funeral servtcea of the late William
Bundy were held from the home of his
son, V. W. Bundy, at 1127 C street. Tues
day. Deceased was Hi yrara of age and
death waa due to general debility. Ite
waa a veteran of tha civil war. Hla com
rades of Rusaell post, Orand Army of
tha Republic, No. 77, had 'charge of tha
funeral services. Burial took place In the
Kalrbury cemetery. Deceased had made
hla home with bla son In Kalrbury for a
number of years.
Mra. lva Slatmana Blngkaiu.
SEWARD. Neb., -Dec. ST. (Special.)
Mrs. lva Simmons Bingham, a pioneer
Lxeuard girl, died at her home In Lin
coln today, leavtns a little babe or but
a few weeks. She waa married over a
year ago to John Bingham, a mall clerk
on tha Burlington. The body will be
brought to the home of her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Simmons, for the funeral
Begins Next
Dec. 30.
Must Go
Every Prico
Slig-bt Let Up ia Political Activity
by Candidate.
Throw Do era (liven II Im by World
Herald IMarpleaelaK n goo.
Porters of the reerleaa lender
la Capital City.
(From a tSaft Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 27.-tSpeclaJ.) There
was a dearth or political filings at the
offlco or tho secretary of state this morn
ing. There were some Inquiries how
ever. Indicating that something will be
doing In the future. M. 1 Fries of Ar
cadia sent for blanks. Indicating that ha
would file as a republican candldat for
lieutenant governor.
Herman filers of Oresiiam made In
quiry how much It would cost and what
petition would be required or a candi
date for a state office. Tho letter did
not Indicate which office he had his
eye on, but Information is Mr. Piers as
pires to be the democratic candldatu for
ileutunant governor.
W. H. Mmlth of Seward wrote to In
quire about filing ks a candidate for del
egate at large to the democratic national
Uryan Men Alarmed.
Tho tentative endorsement of Judaqn
Harmon as democratic for president, con
tained In the Omaha World-Herald ot
this morning ret things to buixlng tn
Hrynn'a home town. The talk anent the
editorial Indicate only too plulnly that
tho democracy has plenty of troubles of
Ita own and that the sore spots are
not by any means confined to last fall's
state campaign. If anything was lack
lug to ahow that the followers of Bryan
would not fall In under tha Harmon
banner this editorial has furnished tho
mtsxlng link. Not one had th eleast im
pediment In hi speech today In discuss
ing th eeditortal In the Omaha paper and
the declarations W3re both empnatlc and
unanimous among Bryan's frtenda that
they could not be led by the Omaha
paper or any other Influence to support
Harmpn either at the primary or at
the polls. If the Omaha paper threw
out the editorial as a feeler of the real
sentiment of the Bryan followeraypaper
sentiment of the Bryan following It cer
tainly got the "rley It waa looking for.
More tlrweathee Petitions.
Another batch of Grucnther petitions
came In today, . eevoral for the dem
ocratic candidate for senator and sev
eral for governor. Like their predecessors
none of them bore evidence that any
filing fee lied been paid to the county
treasurers and as a result they have gone
to Join previous ones in the waiting lnu
pigeon hoiv.
forr.ek Seemrea Petltloa.
F. B. Corrlck, yecrctar- of tho state
La Fftllette organisation, today obtained !
from the secretary of ,tate a copy of
tho Roosevelt presidential primary peti
tion Hied by John O. Yelser of Omaha.
It was intimate he intended to forward
it to tho former president.
C. H. Oustafson, member of the leg
islature from Saunders count)', has In
dicated that he will tile as republican
candidate for lieutenant governor.
-An Innovation in Oil Heaters
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater, with its
drums enameled in turquoise, is an ornament to any
room, whether in the country or city home.
No home is quite complete without Perfection 03
Heater. It is a necessity in the fall and spring, when tt is too
warm to start the regular heating apparatus, and too cool to be
without heat In the midst of winter it is often convenient as'
an auxiliary heater, as there are always some cold corners
in a house.
The enameled hater always preterits nice appearance, aa the
enamel will not tamiah or bum off. It is not an "enamel paint," but it
is the same as tha enamel of your cooking utenaua.
The Perfection is the moat reliable and convenient portable heating
device you can find. An automatically -locking flame spreader prevents
turning the wick high enough to smoke.
!'"'-" ""MJH"mm'i an .i ii. ii ' ill i UK .. -Mittj. .jMBwem
Illinois Grand Jury
indicts Millionaire
Texan tor Fraud
STERLING. III., Dec. I7.-H developed
today that Duncan Mackay, one of the
largest real estate owners In San An
tonlo, Tex., has been Indicted by the Oc
tober grand Jury on a charge of mlsappro
prlatlon of the money left by his father In
an estate valued at nearly U,0W),OW).
Tha transactions which led to the In
dictment date back several years. After
long litigation In tha circuit court of
VVhlteelde county a Judgment for nearly was Issued against Mackay, but
beforo tho findings were entered he left
tho Jurisdiction of tha court.
Duncan Moore. Maokay's nephew, then
went beforo the grand Jury and gave
testimony which resulted In an Indict
ment charging; bin undo with misappro
priation of property to the entire amount
of tho Judgment entered previously.
The Indictment was withheld in the
hope that Mackay might return to thle
state, It being generally understood that
he waa in Europe. Now It Is alleged
Mackay lias returned to tho Urrtted
States, but his exact whereabouts arc nut
It la stated that the greater part of
Mackay'a holdings, which Include several.
of tho main business blocks in San An
tonio, were transferred previously to the
supposed European trip.
Man With Dynamite
in Suitcase Says He
Will Reveal Big Plot
PITTSBURGH. Pa.. Dec. 17. "I'm go.
Ing to clear myself. I will not take all
the blame for this and the rest of them
will have to take their medicine along
with me. " Is the utterance credited today
to George Bridges, a Stranger arrested
at Monet-sen, Pa., while carrying a suit
case containing seventy-two sticks of
dynamite and a roll ot fuse.
Bridges weakened uhder police ques
tlonlng and, according to the authorities,
declared he would make a clean breast
of It when taken before a magistrate for
a preliminary hearing late this after
Little Is known of the man. He appeared
at Monessen several weeks ago. Eight
thousand non-union men are employed In
the mills of the town.
Dr. Lyon'o
Tooth Powder
not only cleanses, preserves and
beautifies the teeth without in
jury, Dut lmparxspunty ana ira
grance to the breath, removing
instantly the odor ot tobacco.
Cm Ik rarfean Hnle nliJ i mr wrae
' amnnuve cmalar ui isao ot
Standard 03 Company
' loaorperaaxti
Men's Shirts
Men's Hats, Caps
Collars, Socks
Sweater Coats
Gloves. Etc., Etc.
At Bargains That
Are Wonderful at
Dec. 30
ff"'llll"L'"itt' rlfl'if
One-Fourth of the Folks of Omalu
Find Life a Burden.
Are .t.teal.hed at Wawaerfnl
Reealta ef TsU Netr Itetaear
It le Prorlns It nevela-
ttea to Maar.
"Twenty-five per cent of the people of
Omaha find life a burden and have llttte
real happiness. The cause ht nervous de
bility, and la produced by modern condl
tlona of city life." Thla statement wn
made recently by one of the' specialists
who are introducing a new tonic, "Tona
Vila." to the Omaha public.
According to this specially the hustle
and worry of modern life is too much of
a atraln on the average man or woman,
and chronic nervous debility Im the re
sult. The specialist claims that no In
dividual can hope to Succeed In or enjoy
llfe when once the disease Is eetabllslicrf
and that comparatively few people know
the cause of their poor health and lack
of vitality.
"Tired, droopy, half rick na.n anl
women are as common aa leaves on the
trees," said one of the specialist. "Tb?y
have uncertain appetites, poor dlgcstl.Tsi,
ltttlo ambition and feel almost too tlri
tor work most of the time. They suffer
from timidity, have no initiative unit
haven't enough good, rich blood in their
veins to make them capable cf aelf-re-II
a nee. Their nerves are In such a atstu '
that they Imagine themselves afTllcteil
with various diseases at different itnst-i. .
The real trouble with them Is ileblly
produced by the life they lead.
"The medical profession, as a whole,
has recognized these facts for a number
of years, but little was done to overcome
thla ailment so far as tha general public
ia concerned until a tonic waa Introduced
In Europe a few yeara ago which proveU
very effective. A company has been or
ganised to put a similar preparation ou
the market In the I'nlted fctates. Tlio
medicine Is called Tona Vita' in tlias
country, and It Is now being introduced
In many cities here. I have charge of
this work In Omaha, and I expect to gou
wonderful results."
The specialists who have charge of th
introduction ot the medicine in Omaha.,
have given some astonishing flve-ininutu
demonstrations. -This consists in giving,
the proper dose of the tonlo to sufferer.
from nervous debility, and in five mlnuuea
requesting them to state what effect th
medicine had.
There Is an attendant remedy known
aa Leo's Rhubarb Laxative, which is most.
valuable to those suffering with chrome:.
constipation. It has a pleasant taste
doea not gripe and acta promptly.
The sale of tha new medicine ! now.
the biggest thing at the kind ever seen
In Omaha, and esch succeeding day
marks an increase of Interest. - "Tona
Vita" la proving a complete revelation
to the thousand of half sick, run down,
llatlese men and women' In tha city who
did not know exactly what was tha mat
ter with them. It would be worth any
body'a time to visit Brandels Drug Dept.,
16(h and Douglas Sta., south side main
floor, and Inspect the large number of
testimonials from .those who have been :
benefited by the new tonic and who have
undoubted faith In It aa a remedy, of un
usual value. These specialists ire Ou.
hand to meet the ' public between thu
houra of 9 a. m. and p. m.
Have you RgAD it? . .
The Adler-1-ka book, telling how you
can KA81LY guard fcgalnst appendlcltiu
and get INSTANT relief from constipa
tion or gaa on the stomach. Is being;
ra wiin mucn interest Dy umana
People, it Is given away free bv the
riherman ft McConnell Drug Co., Cor.
Wth and Dodge, Cor. lth and liiimrv.
Cor. 24th and famam, &J1 North Mh St.
Tkll-llc,7io, SI.SI.JM!
Oa Safe at Boya'a Sax onto.
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The Fascinating Opera
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PrtceaT Night 10, 16c. 9c tic. Matinee
10c, btet seats J.c, wttvi
Sundays and holidays. -
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Our classy CLiiaUnas week offerlug xie iVAssing Parade.
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