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Omaha (Hnsrsl KospttsJ, Soar. 035.
XsTPtisa Chocolstss 30O. Myors-IMllon.
Oaa. El.o. ristarss, Bnrgsss-Grsndsn.
X.sp Tour Mousy and Vslusbl.s In ths
mM-tcQ Pafa Ieposlt vaults In the Bee
building. Ilexes rent for ." per yesr.
rnaeral of Miss Alnsoow Funeral
fcervices will be held this afternoon from
Bt. Paul' church for -11 m Margaret
LAInscow, who died Wpclnenday at her
home as the result of heart failure. The
jlnterment will be in the Forest Lawn
Baa Csbsl Itrnca on Mead In an
argument with a roomer In his home,
Dan Cabel. l"a Cass street, was struck
over the head with a pitcher early last
bight. Tollce surgeons sewed up numer
ous cuts about Cabers head.
New Skates Given .
(- Tryout in Omaha
The result of the Christmas trade tn
fckates was apparent In Omaha yesterday,
evidently not less than 1.0H of the boys
and girls havliiK tried out the new run
ners on the Ice.
Everywhere around Omaha, the Ire
Punday was In prlmo condition for the
fkatcrs. The lower arm of Cotter lake
probably attracted the lanrest number.
(Here not less than 500 skaters put In a
greater portion of the day. They got
onto the lc early In the morning and
were there when night came on. The
jlittle ponds In Kountzo park were cov
ered with the yonngsters, while the Ice
at llansi'om and Rlvervlew parks
brought scores of boys and girls from
(the territory adjacent.
Holiday Week Activities at Various
Improvements la Dalldlasrs aad
Eqslpmeat IMaaaed or 1'ader
Consideration Prospects
for Xew Year.
College closed on Peoember 21 until
January 4.
The Board of Aid for Colleges in New
Tork ha recently Increased Its gift for
the annual support of the college to 13.500
About one-third of the second $100,000 of
endowment has now been raised.
Work on the new central heating
Plant Is about completed and after the
holidays all the buildings will be heated
from this plant. It Is constructed In ao
cordance with the most approved prin
ciples and will be effective both In com
fort and economy.
Early In the new year President Turner,
accompanied by Physical Director Holste,
will visit twenry-flvo or thirty towns In
central and western Nebraska, presenting
an Illustrated lecture on "Hastings College
and Its Environs." About 100 pictures will
be shown representing attractive features
of the city, the college and Its vicinity.
the same colors. The Stelnway piano, of
which everyone Is so proud, now has Its
place on the t;tge, where all can see and
fnjoy Its beauty.
Last Friday President Sparks held a
short conference with tha members of
the senior class to chooee tha class
orator and minister for the commence
ment In May. The students unanimously
requested President Sparks to usa his
own Judgment In selecting tha two
speakers. Although it Is somewhat early
to think about commencement, all the
best orators ara making their engage
ments at this time, ami, as Mr. Sparks
Is anxious to secure the best talent for
the school, it was thought best to deold
this matter at once. As this Is to be the
first commencement of the Chadron
State normal, the students and teachers
are much Interested and very anxious to
have It be brilliant as well as profitable.
pfe ni hers of Foot llnll Team Given
Banquet Thursday Evening".
Vacation for the Christmas season be
pan Saturday morning. School will open
for the winter term , January 8. New
blagues will be formed In the certificate
subjects upon' that date. The regular
Semester and the term for the higher
fubjects will begin January 29. A
arge number of students have written
jlhat they will enroll on each of
phese dates. Friday evening and Satur
day morning trains were crowded with
ftudents and members of. the faculty
ff for their vacation.
' MIsh Gertrude Gardner, of the Latin
department, will spend her vacation
Cith her parents at University Place.
Hps Cora O'Connell at Tecumseh. Miss
Eatherien Illcks at Fgrnam. Miss Edna
olvln will visit 'a few days in Denver.
Miss Marion Williams left late Friday
for her home at Barnes, Kan. Mrs.
(Brlndley will divide her vacation be
tween Columbus and Omaha. Miss
Carrett, registrar, wil spend her vaca
tion at Fremont. Miss Jennings in Dx
(venport. Miss Kauts left early for her
home in Illinois. Miss Liudden will spend
ther vacation at home in Lincoln. Miss
Ealgren expects to vlslt-vith bcr par
ents In Wisconsin.
The Latin department, under the direc
tion of Miss Gardner, assisted by Miss
jEunlce Bothwell of the department of
elocution, and Mrs. Grace K. Steadman,
pf the department of music, gave a very
pleasing rendition of the play "Dido, the
(Phoenician Queen," December 16 in the
pollege chapel. The leading parts were
tarried by Miss Ante Mercer, as Dido,
Mr. Charles B. Staubitz, as Aeneas,
bther leading characters were Mr. Splel
rnan, Miss Gertrude Bloom, Miss Potter,
Mr. Guy Burman, Miss Olive West, Mr.
peiver, Mr. George Ultchey, Mr. Will
iBeachy and M1b Flsldgrove. Ralph
Fowler acted as Cupid. The I-tln stu
dents played to a packed houHe and
Rero banqueted, on Thursday evening.
Vc-tlvltlPs of the Week Carry the
Holiday olo.
A Christmas dlvertlsement was indulged
In at chapel Thursday morning which fur
nished amusement for the audience. Prof.
Softley gaily decorated with ChrMlmas
garlands, was driven Into chapel by Mrs.
Clemmons, with Mrs. Gilbert snugly seated
among holly and Christmas bells. In a
wheelbarrow followed by sclentlflcs and
classics. Frof. Softley was presented with
an elegant watchfob and Mrs. Gilbert
a rut glass bowl.
The primary class gave a program on
Tuesday morning and It was one of the
most enjoyable and unique of the year.
They were dressed to represent children
and as they marched in, each carrying a
Christmas toy which was given to each
member of tha faculty and presidents of
the classes, each one being presented with
a side-splitting presentation speech. There
were songs, "HI, Old Santa Claus, Jolly,
Old. Very Old Santa Claus,", and others
In the spirit of the season.
The Mathematical club of the college
has recently purchased pictures of the
world's greatest mathematicians as fol
lows: Napier. Euclid, Thales of Mllatus,
Blaise Pascal, Rene Descartes du Per
ron, Pythegoras, Bir Isaac Newton and
Archimedes. They hang in the mathe
matlc room and add greatly to Its ap
pearance, besides being an educational
Sanley Cernlk of Ord, Neb., came up
from Crelghton, where he had registered
In pharmacy at the beginning of the year.
He found that he could not finish this
year on account of the summer vacation
and as Fremont school of pharmacy con
tinues through tha summer months he de
cided to register here and will start In
after the holidays.
Prof. Templeman's mandolin club fur
nished music Wednesday at chapel. Prof.
Ray having been introduced aa the great
est living comedian did some wonderful
stunts on the platform, which called down
the house.
All the students whose homes are near
Fremont, hsve left for Christmas, but
there are many remaining who will have
a good time provided for them here. The
work will be taken up on Tuesday after
Christmas and there will be ho dismissal
for New Tear's day. Tha school is al
ways in session for those who want to
stay by It.
Dramatic (lob Gives Three Scenes
from Romeo and Jnllet.
Harold Humphries of Alnsworth, a well
known student of the Peru NirmJ. some
what narrowly esoaped cremation early
this week. He waa the only occupant
of a house whose owner was away from
home and was aroused from slumber by
tho heat of the advancing flame. The
house belonging to Mrs. Etta Young, and
was almost completely destroyed. This
Is the second fire of mysterious origin
within a week.
As an experiment in connection, a large
student patronage, the Peru postofflce
will have a savings bank established
under direction of an official of the Post-
office department on January 15.
Vpon Invitation of Superintendent
Doremus of Auburn, Prof. Gregg ad
dressed the young men of the Auburn
High school on Thursday on tho generaj
subject of sex hygiene.
The Dramatic club at Its regular
monthly meeting Tuesday evening gave
three scenes from Romeo and Juliet, clos
ing the program with a catchy production.
The Kleptomaniac."
Among club night evenU last Monday
evening were a unnsimas program oy
the German club, a classic program by
the Latin club, and an address on "Soils"
by Prof. Percy Barker of the state farm,
at the meeting of the Association of
Registration for the preliminary debates
was closed early this week with, thirty
nine signers. These debates will be held
the last week in January and from the
list iU be selected eight debaters to
go against the Wayne and Kearney teams
In April.
The Peru male quartet gave an enter,
talnment In Tobias last avening. They
are scheduled for a number of engage
ments during the holidays.
School work closed Thursday evening
and the vacation will continue till Tues
day, January 2. Class work will be re
sumed at 7:15 a. m., on Wednesday,
January 3.
ptadenta Assist lu Production of
Christmas Oratorio.
Handel's "Messiah," the great Chrlst-
f-ias oratorio, was given Its annual pre
en tat Ion at the Congregational church on
Elonday night. The chorus of ninety
rained voices, chosen from the member
ship of the various churches of the city,
and from the student body, had been
training for many weeks, and were sup
ported ,by singers of ability and reputa
tion from outside in the solo parts Dr.
Carver Williams of Chicago aa bass,
lira Poehler of Minneapolis, contralto;
Austin Williams of Minneapolis,
tenor; and Miss Cooper of Tankton Con
servatory as soprano. The work of
leach one of these singers was received
With enthusiasm by all present. Miss
McKeicher, pianist and Miss Tennent,
prganlst, both of the conservatory fac
ulty, ave unusual reason for praise In
heir work of accompaniment, and on
his occasion Prof. Dalley added an
other triumph to -his repeated sucesses as
L. C. Sorrcll and Miss Ruth
IWright, Instructors in the department
of English, gave a pleasing recital and
program of reading at Flske Assembly
paW last Saturday night.
The preliminary contests for the inter
collegiate debating question have been
held and the following men with rank
fn the order named declared candidates
for the next contest to be hold soon
after the Christmas recess. In the
tTbegn literary society. Swanson, Wil
son, E. W. Bussey, Ericsson, Warren,
Bates; in the Adelphian society: Wat
on, Tobin, Grothe, Munneke, Tack,
Holiday Entertainments and Plans
for Fntore.
There have been so many applications
for admission to the model schools that
It has been thought best to place more
seats In each of the rooms and admit
two pupils to grades two, four and six,
respectively. Grade eight is full and two
applicants for admission are now on the
waiting list. We would prefer that new
pupils enter Immediately after the holi
days and they should stand well in their
respective grades.
The new demonstration desk for phys
ical science arrived Friday. Water and
gas connection will be made during the
Christmas vacation, so that it will be
ready for use immediately after the holi
days. Miss Flora Daboll won the prize for
guessing the names of the greatest num
ber of pktures In the art gallery at the
normal party Friday evening.
The women of the faculty entertained
the students at a Christmas party in the
assembly hall and adjoining rooms Fri
day evening. The decorations were of
the college colors, black and green, and
the red and green, the season's colors. In
the corridor on the second floor, near
the office, was a large Christmas trfee,
with the usual decorations and numerous
electrlo lights. Another tree graced the
rostrum In ths assembly hall.
The assembly room of tha Northwest
normal at Chadron has aulta a festive
appearance sine the patry of last Fri
day evening. Pennants of black and
green, bearing the letters, "N. W. 8. N."
are hung on three sides, while the wall
above the platform displays festoons of
JDegrrea Conferred on Stadents from
Western States.
At the eighty-first convocation of the
University of Chicago, held December 19,
students from Nebraska and adjoining
Slates received degrees as follows:
Nebraska Harold Loeb Kramer (Asso
ciate In Ihllosophy), Columbus; Herman
pates Kopald (Associate in Philosophy),
Omaha; Howard Pierce Roe (Associate
n Philosophy), Omaha.
Iowa Florence Ely Hunn (Ph.B), Des
Moines; Arthur Carleton Trowbrtt&e
IPh.D). Iowa City; Halstead Marvin Car
tauter (Associate in Philosophy), Montl
pello; Ethel Arvilla Reynolds (Associate
in Philosophy), Muscatine.
Kansas-Effle Fyle Fisher (A.M.), Havl
tand. South Dakota Marie Elins Juel (Two
rears' certificate. Canton; Ruth Elis
abeth Hyde (Ph.B ). Pierce.
Bellevae College Notes.
The various departments of Bellevue
pollege resume work on January 3. The
rnd semester begins Monday. January
New students are expected to enter
pa these dates.
The fifteenth Clarke oratorical contest
tas been postponed from Friday, January
to Friday. January 12, in order to give
- prior time for drill. This contest is
preliminary to the Nebraska Intercol
legiate oratorical contest, which occurs
"ebruaiy la.
One Million Dollars to Be Spent In
Jferr Buildings.
The greatest building era In the history
of the University of Wlsoonsln Is Just
being started. Nearly Si ,000,000-1998,000, to
be exact worth of buildings are either
being constructed or will be started before
the next school year opens. Nine new
structures will be completed within the
next twelve months on various parts of
ths university grounds. Tha new build
Inns and their cost will be aa follows:
Biology hall J300.000
Winn to library
Home economics building....
Moc.el High school
Women's dormitory
Agricultural chemistry
Chemistry building wing....
Horticultural building
Gymnasium annex ;.
... 115.0(10
... 150,000
... IW.000
... 80,000
... 78,000
.... 67,000
... 15,000
Total SmOOO
The horticultural building Is now almost
completed and will be ready for classes
at the opening of the second semester in
February. The annex to the gymnasium
will be completed about February 1. The
big new biology hall, which will give the
department of biology one of the flneat
homes at any American university, will
not be completed before the end of the
present school year.
. Last week ground was broken for three
of the new buildings the women's dor
mitory, the agricultural chemistry build
ing, and the new home economics build'
lng and the work will be rushed on all
three of these buildings so that they
may be ready for occupancy at the open'
lng of the academlo year next fall.
Distinctive Features
Of the Lutheran
Ladies' Seminary
A well-equipped, high-grade
school for girls. Scholastic ad
vantages equal to the best schools
la the east. The oldeBt estab
lished school for girls In the north
west. Climate unexcelled. Lo
cated in Red Wing, Minn., at the
head of Lake Pepin, forty miles
from the Twin Cities. College,
Seminary, Music, Domestic Sci
ence,, Art and Business. The sec
ond semester begins on January
24, 1912. Write for particulars.
t 1
tff MiiMiH'
Nebraska Military Academy
Does your boy Hue school? If not, something serious Is the matter.
Pon'i assume that It I the boy's fault and let him drop out of school; If
vou do. tha day will coma when you both will regret it. Put him Into a school
wieio bis case will receive special attention. The Nebraska Military Academy
is UU kind of a school, ir ine lad ranea in some suDjects me rirsi semester,
he tun easily make them up; that's tha advantage of our system of Indlvllual
The nsw term opens January t. If we can help you, phone or writs us.
B. D. HAYWAKD, Superintendent,
City Office, 1S07 N Street. Lincoln, Nebraska,
Splendid bargains ior the day after Christmas
POSSIBLY you were surprised by a gift that you were not expecting, and
you failed to get a present for the donor. We are making special prices
for Tuesday and Wednesday on a choice collection of furniture table and
couch covers, shirtwaist boxes and portieres in order to accomodate those
who wish to get a few late presents. These articles of furniture, are among
the best in the store. We have taken high grade articles in these various
lines and marked theni way down for the next few days.
Furniture that endures and pleases
$75.00 Italian Marblo Fiffuro
"Music," linoa are dainty
and graceful $50.00
$34.00 Old English Clock -fumed
oak, quaint design, ac
curate $20.00
$33.00 Accommodation Table,
Solid mahogany, for books,
writing, magazines, etc $23.00
$47.50 Italian Marble Figure
"Iria", imported from
Florence, handsome $32.00
$15.00 Italian Bust Pure Ital
ian marble, finely and truly
carved, unusual design $10.00
$75.00 Italian Bust "The
American Girl," finely
carved by master band $50.00
Solid Mahogany Tea
Tables -Beautiful patterns. $20.00
Ladies' Desk Chair Oak
and mahogany $3.75 and up
$13.00 Oak Hall Chair-Very
pretty model $8.00
Colonial Mahogany Mirrors '
French plate glass, $13.00 and up
Costumers Fashioned in oak
and mahogany. . . . . ... .$2.00 and up
Tabourettes Fumed and
golden oak, strong. $2.25
Oak Drop-leaf Table Size 36
inches $8.00
Magazine Stand Solid oak;
strong $3.50
Umbrella Stands Oak and
mahogany, zinc drip........ $3.50
Mahogany Sewing Tables--Made
in the best woods,
handsome designs. . . .$13.00 and up
Oak Drop Leaf Table Size
36 inches .......$8.00
Mahogany Stands Made to
endure; attractive $3.00 and up
Cellarettes Oak and ma
hogany; eomo with special
attachment features. .$15.00 and up
Smoker Sets Very select 50c and up
$5.50 Ladies' Desk Chair
Imitation mahogany $4.00
Sectional Book Cases
Maoey and Ounn design; oak
and mahogany $12.00 and up
Smokers' Cabinets Oak and
mahogany; strong and dur
able $3.50 and up
Pedestals Oak and mahog
any $2.50 and up
$16.50 Mahogany Settee
Upholstered in denim;
strongly made... $12.00
Telephone Stand and Chair
Solid oak; strong built $5.50
$25.00 Tilting Top Table
Solid mahogany, an unusually
fine specimen $20.00
Ladles' Wr iting Desks v
Birch, mahogany and oak.. $12.00
$20.00 Mahogany Dressing
Table Beveled French plate
glass mirror, 16x20 inches; size
of top, 20x30 inches; uncom
monly rich design $14.00
$17.50 Bridge Whist Set
Solid mahogany, with hand
some inlay; furnished with
playing and score cards; size,
12x14 inches ,.$14.00
$10.00 Book Blocks Solid,
choice mahogany; beautiful in
lay; exquisito model .,......$7.50
$8.00 Silk Lamp Shade Im
ported from Franco; finest
quality; gold fringe; attractive
and dainty ..I $0.00
$35.00 Colonial Electric Torches
Solid mahogany; height, CO
inches; very acmo of beautiful
creations; graceful list of furni
ture, per pair $27.50
$55.00 Pineapple Post Twin
Beds Solid mahogany; exquis
ite design; strongly construct
ed; graceful lines; nil sizes. $37.50
$200 Mahogany Hall Clock
Beautifully figured wood; bev
el od French plate glass door;
D2 inches high; accurate; hand
somo design and wonderful val- '
ue, at 1... $140.00
$25.00 Ladies' Desk Mnde of
handsome birch; dainty and
graceful; height, 36 inches;
heavy writing bed, 26x20 in.;
selected wood, exquisite work
manship $20.00
$31.00 Sheraton Nest Tables
Selected mahogany; inlaid
lines; created by the best of , ,
modern designers; particularly
useful table $25.00
$12.50 Colonial Fern Dish
Solid mahogany; special brass .
bowl; very pretty model $10.00
$44.00 Martha Washington
Sewing Table Solid, selected
mahogany; beautiful inlay;
roomy compartments for sow
ing materials, excellent model $35.00
$35.00 Colonial Desk Ma
hogany, oak or Circassian wal
nut; height, 44 inches; solid
heavy writing bed, 29x35
inches; strong, modest lines;
beautifully built . . . ..... . ... .$25.00
$53.00 Folding Card Table
Solid, choice mahogany; spe
cial, roomy compartments for
cards, chips, etc., size of top,
49x40 inches ..... w $45.00
$23.00 Ladles' Desk-Solid
mahogany, beautiful inlay;
height, 39 inches; writing
bod, 25x28 inches. $18.00
Cedar Chests and Waist Boxes
Cretonne Covered Shirt Waist '
Box Commodious and strong. $6.00
Cedar Chest Fancy scrolled
front; commodious $23.50
Cedar Chest Copper trim
mings, very large size $25.00
Matting Covered Cedar Chest
Spacious tray; high grade
article ,. .$11.00
Solid Cedar Trundle Box
Fine grained and strongly
made .. $12.00
Matting Coverod Skirt Box
Large and strong; durable. . .$12.00
Rattan BoxGenuine Span
ish leather top; suitable for
hall room seat; largo $13.50
Table Covers
Beautiful Line of Portieres.
One of the choicest lots of
portieres in our store is of
fered at very small prices.
There are many portieres
here that will surprise by
their beauty and worth. They
are to be sold at prices rang
ing from $3.50 to $24.00
Piano Scarfs Beautiful tinsel thread tapestry Table Covers Same as above, 35 inches square. .$7.50
.for parlor table cover, 18x54-inch, for..... "...$18.00 Velour Table Cover 40x67-inch, fine copy of
Table Covers Imported tinsel thread tapestry, Antique Oriental rug '..$10.00
26xl3-inch $3.50 Library Tftble Bmnw25x54-inchf' plain con.
30xl8-inch, same as above, much heavier work . . ,$8.75 ters, borders all around, for. $3.50
Screens v
Beautiful Mahogany Frames Filled with' bur- Three Panelled Frame Fumed oak", plain green
lap, scenic tapestry panels at top, 3 panel size. .$12.00 double burlap filling, for $G.G0
Four Panelled Fumed Oak Frame-Brown bur- Three Panelled Weathered Oak Frame-Scroll
lap filling, scemo tapestry panels at top $13.50 burkp fof
Three Panelled Fumed Oak Frame Embossed '
colored leather panels at top, for $12.00 Three Panelled Fumed Oak Frame Scroll top,
Three Panelled Fumed Oak Frame-Brown bur- doubIe brown buraP fiUiDS for $7.00
lap filling, arts and crafts design, for .$0.00 Panelled rrameMahoganT white en.
Three Panelled Frame Green burlap filling, amel or fumed oak finish, beautiful frames that
arts and crafts design, for $10.00 can be filled with tapestry, burlap or anything
Three Panelled Frame Weathered oak finish, you may select, suitable for bed rooms, dining
Mission style , $15.00 rooms or living rooms, frames only for. $7.50
w Remember, good furniture may be cheap, but "cheap" furniture cannot be good.
Miller, Stewart & Beaton Co.
E.uwi.h.d 1884 413-18-17 South Sixteenth Stroet.