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    Ik V
Amci rrofessor Not Heady to An
nounce His Candidacy.
Wet Interests Make Application to
- Saprentr- Coarl Dr. Kelly A p.
prnls 4nsr to the fliprrn
fFrom ft Piatt Correspondent. I
DISS MOINES. It.. lec. 2l.-(Slpeclsl
Te lrgram.)--No definite statement could
ho secured from I'rof. Holden lixlny
whether hi- planned to give up hli work
n agriculture and enter a political career.
He spent the day In consultation with
political Icadrra here and met a commit
ter which had hern appointed to urge him
in become candidate for governor, but
be Mated frankly that bo mi tint ready
to decide the matter. tleorge Wrlijhtman,
secretary of th state manufacturers' a
: . ti'in, announced today tbot lie would
iwt f't as one of the committee to man
age tb campaign.
Want Mown Itcliearlna.
The "wet" Interest of Iowa, beaten by
the "dry" In the supreme court's recent
affirmation of the- Mann aaloon statute,
filed petition, with the clerk of the au
preme court asking the tribunal to rehear
the case.
The "dry" will also mak a similar
move In the cine of Hammond against
Michael Waldron of Valley Junction, In
which they were benten. A petition for
rehearing will be filed.
Dr. Kelly to Appeal.
. Notice of appeal to the aupreme rourt
In the case of Dr. Kelly under sentence
ror manslaughter, was filed today.
, Th state auditor today refused to ap
prove the contract for the aale of the
Atlas Insurance company to the Anchor
and the merger of the two companlea
waa blocked for the time. The stock
holdera liava been In disagreement and
threaten to go Into court to have their
matter Milled.
Will Trr to Disbar Tn.
A committee of the local bar associa
tlon reported to the five district Judges
of the county on th aocusatlona mad
against two prominent lawyer for dla
bermewt. These are 8. n. Allen and W.
T. Maxey. The committee recommended
an action to have them tried for un
professional condnct. Maxey I accused
of tome Irregular financial transactions
with a client lomi yeara ago and Allen
la aecuaed of champerty In that he la
aid to have employed a man to atlr up
trouble and make law business for him.
I.lfr.Terraers Caasldered.
. The governor today gent to the parole
board the name of two more life term
era who deslrs that their application for
Pardon be paaaed upon. Theae are Wil
liam O'Tool of Kao county, and Charlea
Thomaa of Polk county.' O'Tool com
mitted an atrocious murder yeara ago,
but ha alwoaya claimed lf defense,
Thoma la th De Moines man aooneed
of killing Mabel Sehofleld some fifteen
year ago. He waa not accused for
several year attar th homicide and th
evidence waa entirely circumstantial.
Creamery tmasasr.
The article were filed today for the
t'harlott Creamery Company of Scott
county with H.O00 capital!: also the Anchor
Manufacturing and Construction - com
IT any of Fort Dodg with capital of
INMHO. Th Terry Saving and Exchange
bank chanred name to Ferry Having
Taank. . . ; i .
Commiaalaa Make llalea.
The State Railroad commission today
announced that It ha adopted rules that
will be put Into effect the first of th
year covering th methods of procedure
befor the board. The board has never
had any set practice, but some time ago
Clifford Thorns, the new member,
started a movement to have adopted a
set of rulea for the guidance of persona
having business there. These, ha v been
formulated and th board will commence
work tttider them neat month. Th
board will have definite day for session
In the office. On the first Tuesday In
each month the board will begin bearing
formal complaint In eases that are eon
tented and have reached the final state
of disposition, a week later the board
will hear Informal, matter.
The remainder of the month can be
given over to Visiting eectlona of the
state. The board will also make It a rule
that very complaint In writing wilt be
disposed of In formal manner and every
complaint wilt have a chance to be
heard. If SMllsfactorv settlement can
not be effected. It will b turned over
to th commerce oounsel to ba handled.
Theae change are made largely be
cause of Increase of bualnea and beoaus
there la now a commerce counsel. ,
.,J' u,aa JjnffragUt la Dead.
In. "Mary J. Coggeshall died at her
home In this city last night, aged TS.
Sh had long been one of- th most eon
Plcluua advocate of woman auffrag In
Iowa and had devoted much or her llf
to work In that can. She published
a newspaper for yeara virtually at her
own exiten to promote th caus. Hh
wa also devoted tn philanthropic work
and engaged In many charities.
BIUTT. la.. Deo. SI.-YVhlle preparing
dalntie for a Christmas dinner, Mrs.
Kverett Hvlmlndinger waa burned to
death, and her husband badly Injured,
when a gasoline atove In their home her
exploded today. The stove wa out of
oidr and they were trying tu repair It
The woman' clothing look fire and Bo
fore aid could , be rendered by her hus-
band, alio was dead.
IjiiiJiatic Harmonious Judgment
urn m .Matter That May
L'uucera Vou.
J fluj Okomulslon better than au
other emulsion 1 have taken and 1
thall use OsotnuUlon hereafter."
'Our little boy could not dlgeat other
emulsions, but Otomulalon baa wonder
fully tmptoved him."
"1 haJ been taking another emulsion
sloi 1 had Pneumonia, but 1 waa ao
much pleased with th agreeable taste
mid th good effect of Oxou.-ulston that
hereafter 1 shall take OaomuUlon only."
Kxtrncts from thre letters la on
other mails bring aliullar testimony
tu the superiority of Oaomulalon in
taste and curallv effect over all other
emulators of CoJ Liver Oil now befor
thei public.
; i oin nj t"t I needed..
Escaped Prisoner is
Rearrested When He
Leaves Second Prison
SIOl'X FAU.B. 8 D, Dec. :i.-Spe-clal.)
A he stepped from the doors of
the Michigan pi-nltentlary at Jn kaon.
after nerving a term of ten years, letr
V. l.iivcme, a fugitive from B-uth
Dakota ainre Is?), was rearrested by a
South liakota officer. Deputy United
States Mnrrhiil Megueen, who was ac
companied to the Michigan city by
Matthew Yost, a guard at the Bloux Falls
I.uverne In Hf9 with six other prisoners
madn hl escape from the federal wing
of the Sioux Kails penitentiary after
serving but aeven month of a four-year
term for the robbery of the poaiofric at
Clark. S. V. Aftor a prolonged search
he was located In th Michigan pcnl
tentlary, where ha had been sent for a
crime committed In that state, and wa
renrreated on Saturday a lie completed
his term there. Immediately after mak
ing the rearrest. Deputy Marshal Mc
Queen and Otiard Yost departed with
their prisoner for the United State peni
tentiary at Leavenworth, Kan., where he
will l required to complete hi four-year
term for the robbery of the postoffle at
Mother Advertises
Her Ten-Pound Baby
For Christmas Gift
F.IjOIN, III., Dec. U.-A ten-round baby
boy two week old will be given a a
Christmas present to any respectable
couple wishing to adopt him, according
to an advertisement appearing In a news
paper here today.
The mother, according to the adver
tisement, explain that she was deserted
by her husband two month ago and has
Insufficient means to care for herself,
without regard to th need of her baby.
Tag Day in Kearney
Will Clear Hospital
For Bishop Beecher
KKARNKY. Neb.. Dec. 24. (Kneclal Tel.
egram.) Tag day for the benefit of the
Kearney public hospital debt raised about
taOO. The tagging continued until a late
hour when It wa thought that the hos
pital was cleared of debt. The city of
Kearney will give the hospital building
lit trust to rilnhop CI eon A. Beecher.
who will see that It la conducted by th
Episcopal dlooese covering western Ne
Reyes Again Found
By Federal Scouts
MONTEREY, Mexico. Dec. 21-t.ocaled
once mor by th scouts of Oeneral Qer
onlmo Trevlno, Oeneral Bernardo Reyes,
xtlf-appolnted leader of th "constitution-
all!," th nam he ha given th Insur
genu, must cither fight or run again.
Bcouts reported to army headquarter
today that they had secured Information
regarded by them as accurate, that the
outlawed general wa on th Vlga ranch.
not far from Jlurgoa, a town In the state
of Tamaullpas, this afternoon. General
Trevlno sent order to Colonel Manuel
Garcia Lugo to Invade th ranch In
search of Reyes.
Officially K la not admitted that Reyes
ha with him any men other than th
five who were' with him when he crossed
the border, but private advice varlou
estimate his following from a score to
several hundred.
MKX1CO CITY, Dee. XJ.-Effort of a
group of Mexicans to bring about an anti-
American demonstration tomorrow hav
been met by refusil on the part of Gov
ernor Antonio Rlvlerla of th federal dis
trict to Issue the necessary permit, on
the grounds that for auch demonstration
"ther exist no reason which would Jus
tify It"
A call for the manifestation was pub
lished In Oil Ulaa.
Body of Man Found
in Ruins of His Home
DES MOINES, la., Dec. ?4.-The
charred body of Oui Chrlatianson, M
year old, waa found In hi partly de
stroyed house here today.
Chrlatianson, who Is a teamster, be
came despondent last night because he
waa unable to purchase Christmas pres
ents for hi thre small children. He re
turned from town at a late hour and
drove the family from the house. Tt la
believed the fire resulted from an over
turned lamp, ,
BEATRICE, Neb., Dec. S.-(8peUI
Teh-gram.) A atock train on th llock
Ihland waa wracked near Mayberry,
Neb., today and six car went Into the
ditch. Tl train carried 140 head cf
horses which were being shipped to St.
Lout from Nebraska and seventy head
were killed. Many that were not killed
outrtght wer badly Injured. Two vet
eiiiuirian from lie trie hav been called
to attend th Injured horses. None of
th trainmen were Injured. Spreading
rail caused the wreck. Th tin has
been blocked most of th day.
NEW YORK. Dec. tt.-ln trying to fill
a lighted oil lamp Mr. Jennie Calvno
caused an explosion tonight which set
her dress on fire at her home In llrooklyn.
Her 4-year-old son. Fhllln. tried to beat
out the flame with his baby hands, but
hia cluthlng also took fir and mother
and child were fatally burned.
Three men who wer attracted by the
motlier'a ciirti Wore severely burned
while eitlimulihliig th flames.
Trartlna l.lae a flanard.
PIERRE, B. D . Dec. J4.-Articles of In
coi po ration hav been tiled with th secre
tary of state for the Davenport. Iowa
City A Western Traction company, with
nominal headquarter at Pierre, and the
right to establish business offices at
Davenport. Iowa City or Tipton, la. The
director of lh company are C. K. Coon
of Omaha. Vt'ephen Bradley, (I. w.
Kooiits. Iowa City, la., and Tlllmou Todd
of Sprlngdale, la. The company la capi
talised at ii.ttw.uon. t which t4. is
preferred stock and th rest cummon
stuck. The officer propose to construct
a tract dux I'n from Davenport to Iowa
City, with a branch line from the main
line to Tipton, the whole system covering
approximately seventy ridJea, at ao tl
uiatad cost of LWutW a RiJ-.
Lony-Terra Convict is Found Not
Guilty of Harder.
Oaarde of tarflaa. Mtatc Prlsoa
I' reseat Life XI an with IJold
Watch Wbea They Wish
lllsn Uood-Uye.
NEW YORK. Dec. 14. -A Christmai
present to John tloehman of lirooklyn to.
day was tho dismissal of charges which
will lead to his release from Pinr Hlng,
after sixteen yean' service on conviction
for a murder of which the supreme court
now find him to be Innocent.
The necessary testimony wa supplied
by two men who kept allent at a tim
when he needed them to prove an alabl
because, they said, they wer afraid of
being hounded by the police.
Whll In Sing Ping, lloehman. hcii
tenced for life, met a doctor Imprisoned
on a minor charge, who promised to aid
him when released, and as a result of the
doctor' activities recently the necessary
witncsne were found the proprietor and
bartender of a mtialo hall, each of whom
ho made an affidavit that Boehman waa
In their place at the time the crime was
nirheeON Receives Preaenta.
BOSTON, Dee. 24.-WI(h hi physical
condition apparently improving, Christ
tn glfl and flower coming to him
from friend and a Chrlstmaa dinner
promised by two of his former pnrlxh
loner. Rev. Clarence V. T. Rlcheson had
much to make his day cheerful In th
Charles street jail today.
Tonight Rlcheson' physician reported
him a recovering rapidly from the elf
Inflicted Injuries of Wednesday, and th
district attorney's office said that every.
thing seemed favorable for the beginning
of hia tilal on January 13 on the charge
of murder of MIks Avis Llnnoll.
One of Rlcheson' gift today came from
his former fiancee. Miss Violet Edmund
of tirookline. It was a large box aatd to
contain fruit and confections.
Convicts Creed.
HL'STIN, Tex., Dec. S4.-Twenty-f'.ve
convicts will leavs the Rusk anl Huntsvllle
penitentiaries as free men on Christmas
morning th resUlt of Oovernor Col
quitt' exercise of th pardoning power.
Paroled far Christmas.
Robert K Waltham, a llfe-tcrm
prisoner In the Oklahoma penitentiary,
will apend his third Christmas on parole
with his family at Pulphur. Governor
Cruce today granted Waltham a thirty
day "leave of absence." Three short
term prisoner' were given pardons.
Pardoned Man Receives Gift.
MICHIGAN CITY. Ind., Deo. 24.-Ouards
of tho Indiana slate prison presented Ed
ward Asiman, a pardoned "life man" with
a gold watch when they bad him good
bye and wiahtd him a "Merry Christmas"
today. Asiman had served twenty year.
Ha departed for Cincinnati to Jolnhl
widowed daughter and her children.
Prisoner Discharged.
BT. LOUIS, Dec. .-The Christmas
spirit melted the heart of Judge Klmmel
In police court today.
In effect h ,a!d:
"Good morning, prisoners. You're all
Seventeen defendants were In court to
answer peace disturbance and minor
charge. In every case Judge Klmmel
discharged the accused, saying:
"Christ ma la at ' hand. I don't want
to be responsible for any poor unfortunats
spending Christmas behind th bars." -Tweatr-ftix
MONTGOMERY. Ala., Dec. t4 Gover
nor Emmett O'Neil today paroled twenty
six convict and paroled from twenty to
ninety day four other, a hi Christmas
gift to Alabama prisoners. Those paroled
had been convicted of crimes ranging
from robbery to murder.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24. Unsettled
weather during the next few day will
glv way to a period of more seasonable
weather by tho end of the week, accord
ing to a bulltln Issued tonight by the
weather bureau. Stormy weather I also
predicted over th north Atlanta steam
ship routes, the British Isles and Europe.
"Th coldest weather of the season," the
bulletin continues, "now prevails In the
Interior of Alska. th lowest temperature
being I'i.S degree below at Tana, and 45
degreea below at Eagle. Indication are
that th first part of the coming week
will be unsettled with snow or rain In
the northern and, rain In the southern dis
trict east of the Kocky Mountains, at
tending the eastward movement of a dis
turbance that now cover th rolVdlnwest.
"Another disturbance will appear In the
far west about th middle of the week,
cros th middle west fcbout Thursday
or Friday and th eastern states at th
close of th week; It will be attended
by general precipitation. A pronounced
change to oolder weather will overspread
th western slatea Tuesday and Wednes
day and advance eastward and southward
over the eaatetu and southern stall dur
ing th latter half of the week, terminat
ing the prolonged period of unseasonably
high temperatures In these districts."
TOLEDO. O.. Dec. 24-Mayor Riand
Whltlock announced today that at the
rxpiruttiin of hia two-year term, which
begins January 1, 111. he will quit politics
forever. He will devote hia time to lit
erary work. He has under advisement
the writing of thre plays.
Mayor Whltlock' declaration waa
brought forth by the persistent rumor
that he would be a candidate on th dem
ocratic ticket to aucceed Congressman I.
K. eiierwood. Mayor Whltlock, known as
the successor to "Goldeu Rule" Junes, has
served since M03.
ST. LOUIS. Pec. :4.-Clrcult Judge
Wlnthrow granted a new trial today in
the McDermolt will case. In which a
striking Jury after three day' delibera
tion returned a verdict contrary to the
Instructions of the Judge. In ordering a
new trial Judge Wlnthrow denied a mo
tion to return Judgment In favor of the
defendant, notwithstanding the Jury's
findings for th plaintiff.
A vaold-laaiasrrs.
CAMBRIDGE. Neb., Dor. t.-(Bpec!al.)
Tko marriage of Miss Lillian Summers
and Curttn Arnold, both young people of
Frontier county, took place at th hem
of Rev. Oeorge Ml bier, December X), R.v.
MishUr officiating. I
Aged Woman Walks
in Front of Moving
Car and is Injured
A feeble woman, uncertainly Identi
fied as Mrs. Christina KlIllnKham,
walked In front of a fast moving north
bound North Twenty-fourth street tar
at Hlxteenth and Chlcngo afreets at 10
o'clock last nlaht and was dangerously
hurt In being knocked about thirty feet
serosa the pavement.
Phe wa picked! up by f. C. Wells, 411
North Nineteenth street, and T. W.
Pmlth. 2V7 ' Cuming street, and curried
Into rVhnrfcr' drug store at that corner,
where she was given emergency treat
ment. She la(,er was taken In th police am
bulance to the surgeon' room at the
Jail wher T)rs. Fepper and Criss at
tended her. r"he wa badly bruised and
cut about the head and rnny hdv re
ceived Internal Injuiles.
When she became able to talk she
nave her name Mrs. Christina Fllllng
hnm and slid she could not remember
where she lived. She In about M years
old. Her statements were rambling and
Incoherent. Khe . could not renfcmber
how sti wa hurt.
Witnesses to the accident agre with
Motorman II. F. Wielaa that the woman
walked directly across the street and Into
the car, u corner of It striking her.
C. E. Johnson, 1917 Cues treet, among
other witnesses, said the woman re
ceived no warning of the cur' approach;
the motorman did not ring the bell. The
woman wore a veil, Johnson said, whfch
ho thought obstructed her view.
Not All Gifts Have
Been Secured Over
Counters at Stores
The police have come to believe Ihst
not all Christmas presents have been
bought. Reports of petty thefts are om
Ing In from every part of tne city.' over
coat and buggy robes are the more
popular gift thl year, while some rus
pldors and ladles' muffit will be used as
token of love and friendship,
Mr. I N. Whltmoor, 101 Georgia ave
nu. left her $Z muff on a counter In a
downtown store and somebody took It,
yesterday afternoon.
George Freeman of Irvlngton told the
police that a buffulo robe wa taken
from his buggy, which he left standing
yesterday afternoon at Sixteenth and
Douglas streets,
L. C. Wohlers. (sixteenth and Center
streets, also missed hi robe when he
returned to hi wagon, left standing In
front of the postofflce.
' F. D. Weafl. owner of the Wead block.
Eighteenth and Farnam streets, mourns
the loss of a couple of bras cuspidor.
He notified the police that a sneak thief
had gathered them from the upntair hall
of hi building.
J. B, 8ta of Florence left hi overcoat
ranging In the Molur Barber college,
while he got a shave. He waa required to
rid home without It
Otto Feekin Found .
Not Guilty by Jury
WILBER. "Neb.; Dec. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) Otto Feekin, who wa tried be
for Judge Hurd here Friday and Satur
day on the charge of criminal assault,
wsa found not guilty this morning at 15
o'clock. The case was submitted to the
Jury at f:30 o'clock last night. Th Jury
foreman was Anton Shlmerda.
Feekin. who Is charged with assault
upon Klva Blauvelt. took the witness
stand In his own defense and for the
first time told his story. The defense di
rected Its efforts toward proving that no
assault waa made and that the charges
against Feekin and Klvln Talley are part
of a scheme to get money from them.
Feekin testified that on the night of
December 4 he met Ida Garten. Elvu
lllauvelt and India, arranged to
meet them later In the night In Oscar
Miller's room, and gav Mis Smith CO
cent with which to go to a show. He
went to the room and awaited the arrival
of th girls. When they came he offered
them apricot brandy and Virginia Dare
wine, which he found In th room. Miss
Smith refused to drink, but Misses Gartun
and Blauvelt partook. About 11:30 Feekin
went out and got some lunch and shortly
after his return Talley arrived.
Feekin denied that anything of a crimi
nal character took place and declared
the police were attracted by the yell
of the Blauvelt girl when she became In
toxicated. The police did. not enter and
Feekin took the girl home.
Miss Garteji, testifying for Feekin, cor
roborated ills story.. Her testimony waa
that the party was prearranged and that
Miss Kinlth and Mis Blauvelt understood
the object would bo to have a good time.
Hho aald the day before the orgtn Miss
Rmlth told her to meet her down town
that niulit. saying. "I'm game." .
MIbs Garten autU she loves Talley, but
does not know where lie Is, She admitted
taking caibolla Hcld after having ben
scolded by her parents, but said she only
took It In her inoutii and then expelled
It, her purposo being "to scare someone."
A warrant for the nrrest of.Tulley for
assaulting the 8mlth girl U out, but the
officers have been unable to find lilm.
Kdvrard J. Halaey.
ritlCAOO. lire. S4. -State Senator Ed
ward J. Italney, democrat, of th Ninth
district, died nt hi home her today.
The funeral win be held December :7.
Penator lialney had been In Fun An
tonio, Tex. for several mojih In queat
of health and when never;) day ago,
he was advised ha prubably aouIU not
live, lie hurried home tu be with lUs
The Chicago Athlotlo association
boasted of Katuey as It champion strong
man for many years, and hia breakdown
cam. during a particularly active cam
paign for election aa congressman, In
which lie waa unsuccessful.
He was born In MlnneaiHill September
14. 14T&.
t'yras K. Ilarrlsoa.
TABOR. Neb.. Dec, :i-i8necial
Cyrus 8. Harrison, another of ths honored
and long time residents of Tabor, was
uuricq per tma arternoon. tie died at hi
old hunt In th aouthwest part of town
Tuesday, December U, from a com
plication of ailments. Deceased waa In
bla year and had resided In this
community since Uti. Th. deceased I
survived by hi wife and four children
of matur year. Also by oca brother,
John Ilarrlsoa of Unooln, Neb., and one
later, Mrs. N. J. Housel of Atul.y, Keb.
Irs. Sarah daats.
Al'Bl'RN, Neb.. Dec. K4. (Special.)
Mrs. Sarah Adams died at. th hum of
her daughter. Mr. A. H. CampbcU at i
lil'T 'it T l(wsw rv..i-war j -J:
Mil mm
31 " " ' ! ; sna Tll "j
produced forever from the same mother cell.
Schlitz beer is sent to you in Brown Bottles, pro
tecting its purity from the brewery to your glass.
Light starts decay even in pure beer. Dark glass gives
protection against light. i
nr. M you knew what we know about beer, you would say,
Schlitz Schlitz in Brown Bottles."
MILLED LIQUOR CO., ,1309 Farnara St. &
Nebraska Limited
6:08 Every Evening
Arrives at
La Salle
the Heart of
the City
at 8:09 A. M.
Hrock Thursday. Ph had been a
resident of this coun.y for fifty year and
wa & year old.
Jotea grhlater.
PLATTSMOCTH. Neb.. Dec. Si.-iSpe-clal.)
John 8chlater, an old cltUen of
Cass county, died Friday' morning about
o'clock at hi horn at Louisville. Mr.
BchUter leaves several grown children
and on brother to mourn hi death. Hi
funeral occurred thl afternoon from hi
residence. ,
rrssk Uifterd.
IOWA FALLS, la. Dec. J4. -(Special
Telegram.) Frank G If ford, a police offi
cer weil known in central Iowa, died at
th hospital In this city late last night
He had served this city a marshal for
th last thirty ars, I
Cleanliness is a science where
Schlitz is brewed. We filter even the
air where the beer is cooled. Then we
filter the beer. Then we sterilize
every bottle. .
We go to Bohemia for hops. Our
barley is selected by a partner in our
The water is brought from rock
1,400 feet underground. Our vncr ic
e V3 i S wa y ke Famous
Carries drawing-room and observa
tion sleeping cars and free reclining
chair. Electric lighted throughout.
Superb dining car service. Provides
all comforts and conveniences of
modern railway travel.
Ticket, reservations, etc., at city
TICKET OFFICE: 1323 Farnam Street
i. H. McXALLY. Division Passenger Agent
In nny amount on improved (or to improve) Omaha
and South Omaha real estate Residence or business.
, Money On Hand No commissions to pay Interest
vatea reasonable Inpayments of $100 or more on prin
cipal received any day without notice. Prompt action
1614 Harney
Geo. F. Gilmore, Prest.
Made Pure
Kept Pure
It's the
Phones 1 "Ha 159T'
noncs 1 1ndependent A 1522
Schlit? ;T3ottled Beer Depot
723 S. 9th St., Omaha, Nebr.
St, Omaha, Neb.
Paul W. Kuhns, Secy.