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Governor Deposit! it in the Office of
Secretary of State.
IWIoV. to l.rt Piling and Official
Record Stand and Makes Xo State
unit MrCook Protrata on
rbone It a ten.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
MNCOL.N, Dec .-(Special Telegram.)
Governor Chester Jl. Aldrlch late this
afternoon changed his mind about wait
ing until next week to make his filing aa
republican candidate for governor and
deposited his declaration with the sec
retary of state that he was a republican
and that he would be a candidate for re
election as governor and asked that his
name be placed on the primary ballot.
The nomination was filed on his own
declaration and not by petition of elect
ors, At on time he contemplated issuing a
statement In connection with his filing,
hut today announced he would let the
filing and his . official record speak for
him. for the time being, at least.
The filing Is also taken among the
politicians to settle the rumors he might
enter the senatorial race.
The citizens of McCook have filed with
McCook Telephone Protest,
the railroad commission a complaint al
leging that telephone rates in that place
re excessive. The rates are $1.60 for- a
residence party line, $2 for an Individual
line and IS for business telephones.
It Is alleged the rates are 83V4 per cent
too high.
Aaylam Farmer Sella Swine.
The farmer at the LJncoln 'Insane
asylum today sold seventy-five hogs
which averaged 240 pounds each, Lent
year th easylum sold 18,000 worth of hogs,
but the amount this year will not be so
great, though the number sold will be
about the same. The hogs today brought
$6.10, while laat year some erouht as
blgh aa $10. j .
f Cupid Again Busy
(.Special.) Guy Davis : Qrlffith and Miss
Alalia Wissler of Splcer were married in
. this city last evening.
Mack Collier, a mi'tnber of the Nebraska
City base ball team of 1910, who since
lias been In tho employ of the Morton-
Gregson Packing company, was married
last evening to Miss Louise Bueis, daugh
ter of Chris iiOesH, democratic candidate
or sheriff this fall and one of the leading
Jkrmera ot this aeotlon, They win make
this city their home. '
Albert WeUfield. a traveling man with
headquarters at Chicago, and Mips Myrtle
Mackay ot Wrwolji were married In this
city last evening: They will make Lin
coln their home Icr the present. ;
JkZc .l.rir-
UUdl tJlUfcCnviayna rims
Sutherland Woman
Drives Away Man
Who Attacked Girl
SITHEUUND, Nt-b., Deo. 2J. -(Special
Telegram. ) In the absence of R. H. Calll
han. watchman at the Union Pacific
supply yards at O' Fallon, three mllej east
of Sutherland, last night, the car In
which Mrs. Calllhnn and her 12-year old
daughter were sleeping was entered by a
man. The cries of the daughter awoke
Mrs. Calllhan. who rushed to the girls
assistance. The Intruder ' then struck
the girl with a cleaver and floored the
woman. The later, who is quite fcusky,
managed to get the better of him in o
rough and tumble fight and he took
flight receiving a blow, from the cleaver
as he fell out the door. The man who
attempted the a?eault Is said to have
been employed as a laborer by the com
pany. He made his escape In the dark
ness after a mix with men who were at
tracted by the noise. The cut by the
cleaver on the girl's back Is not of a
serious nature. Both are 111 '' from the
shock. . .
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Dec. 22 (Special
Telegram.) James Thomas, proprietor of
the steam laundry here, was assaulted
this afternoon by Lowell Adair, an ex
balloonist. Adair, who had previously
been working for Thomas, wa let out of
his Job last week, and today, it is al
leged, that he went Into the laundry,
caught Thomas unawares and struck him
from behind, knocked him down and then
kicked him in the face and side, break
ing his nose and, U Is thought, fractur
ing some of the ribs. Adair was ar
rested at his home by Sheriff Kennedy
and taken before Judge G. Schwlnd, who
placed him under $400 bonds to appear
January 2. The ballonlst failed to secure
bonds and 'was placed iu Jail. On two
previous occasions when Adair had beon
In trouble Thomas had gone on his bonds.
Adair gives no reason for the alleged as-eault.
expert;, : accountant
6ROKEN BOW, Neb., Dec. -(Special.)
The Board of County -Supervisors,
in aeBeioh this. Week. Jia tly expert ac
countants befoi-p Jhem who were anxious
to secure the contract for exnmlnlng Into
the records of the county treasurer's
office for the last eighteen years. The
finance committee recommended that the
contract be given to J. 8. Thompson of
Oklahoma City, 01:1., whose bid was very
much the lowest. The work will be done
at $10 per day for the first thirty days,
J7 per day for the second thirty days and
5 per day for the remainder of the time
h la emraeed. the county" to . supply
clerk nd atenographat- and pay hotel hill
and, railroad expenses of the accountant
hlle engaged in the worn. A comraci
. . i . i ... rrWinmnartn anA
was entered into wun an.
a bond fixed by the lworfl In the sum of
$1,000. It lB,arrsn!reJ tur.t me wont anau
commence April 1. ana it i- pi
w iimi the record books of the various
offices will he installed in the vaults of
tha new court house and will be easier of
access In cqnaequence . .
FREMONT. . Nob., Dec. 22.-RlierIff
Bauman and his deputies came back this
ynornlng from Crowell with Charles Les
ter, who terrorised the town and at
tempted to hold up the postoffice and
general ntore of Herman Piers last
night. Iter was - captured In the
kitchen at, the home of Roy Kills, two
miles from town, where he was formerly
employed as a farm hand.
In the Crowell saloon last night Les
ter, who claims to be a cowboy from
Oklahoma, tried to induce several men
to help him hold up Piers' store. Get
ting no reply, he made the attempt
alone. Covering Dlers and a customer,
Ben Janesovsky, with a pistol, ho de
manded money. Janesovsky knocked
lister down and a general fight ensued,
in which Dlers, who attempted to aeUe
Lester's -gun, was knocked unconspious.
Lester ran out and got away. A posae
followed him to fills' farm, but was
afraid to attempt to enter. Lester sur
rendered to the sheriff.
RHD CLOUD. Neb., Pec. 22. (Special.)
. a a-alLattunH. fArmcru' Institute was
held here Tuesday and Wednesday.- The
exhibits this year, were large In number,
both In the men's and the woman'8 de
partmenu, and" Were a- a whole of ex
cejtlonally fine quality... ,
There was aUo a large stock show In
connection, tbut' owing to the severe
storm the parade that was billed for 1
o'clock Wednesday was called off.
The speakers for Tuesday were ex
Governor hhallenberger, F.'W. Chase and
riarl Hamley. Those for Wednesday were
3. P. Brown and Miss Louise Sabln.
Two Weddlnara In Gave Cooatj.
BEATRICE, Neb., Dec. 22. (Special.)
Alva D. Rice of Virginia, this county,
and MUi Bava C. Sherwood were mar
ried at the bride's home at Barneston
Wedneaday evening. They will make
'.heir home on a farm near Virginia.
Michael Richardson, yardjnaster for the
Burlington road at this point, and Mias
Pearl Douglas of Wymore. were mar
ried here TaBt evening by Judge Walden
In county tourt. After a wedding trip
of a few days to Kana City they will
make their home In Beatrice.
Tha key la success in buaineaa Is the
Judicious and persistent us of newspaper
CENTRAL CITY, Neb., Deo. 22.-(Spe
eial.) Central City and the surrounding
country possess a number of poultry
fanciers and a movement has been on
foot for several months to organize a
poultry association. This sentiment was
crystallized Into action Tuesday evening
when the Merrick County Poultry associa
tion was organized. The purpose of the or
ganization, aa set - forth In resolutions.
Is, first, to promote In the county the
breeding of tho best kind of poultry;
.second,, for . promoting aji. annual poultry
show; third, the mutual protection ' of
poultry raisers against theft. The assof
elation adopted a constitution and bl
laws, 'and elected the following officers:
M. G. Scudder, president; F. R;' Sweltzer,
secretary; -George Wolcott, ichajrman of
Biombership committee. ' "!
... i
TECUMSEH, Nb Dec. 22.-(8peolat)
In the year 1897 the Wrought Iron Range
company of 8t. Louis had a number of
salesmen nnd teams In this county at
the lime the assessing was being done
and the Fame were promptly assessed.
The company did not pay the taxes, how
ever. Last week one of the agents and
a team was In the western part of the
county,' engaged In delivering stoves,
when the fact become known to County
Treasurer. C. Redfield. Sheriff E. .L.
Roberts attached the rig for taxes. The
agent made arrangements with a Beatrice
bank to stand good for the taxes and he
was allowed to go. Today the county
treasurer received a draft from the range
company for-$223.71, the amount of the
taxes, Interest and costs of collection.
FAIRBURT, Neb.? Dec. 22. (Special.)
The' Nebraska Association of Sheriffs,
which has been In aesslon at Falrbury,
concluded Its meeting with a banquet at
the Merchants hotel. James Dunkel of
Grand Island, president, acted a toast
master and each member responded with
a toast. The following officers were
elected for 1912: President, George Dun
kel, Grand Island; vice president, John A.
Jones, Nelson; secretary and treasurer,
James Chlrnslde, , Falrbury. The asso
ciation selected ILncoln as the place for
the next jeml-annual meeting, which will
be held in June or July. Owing to the
inclement weather that prevailed the at
tendance was not large.
CENTRAL CITY, Neb., Dec. 22.-8pe.
cial.) A family of nine stricken with
trichina poisoning lMthe report that )r.
Earl E. Boyd brings In from Prairie
Creek township, the afflicted parties
being Fred Nickel, a prominent German
farmer, his wife and seven children. It
Is supposed that the family contracted
the' aliment from eating some underdone
sausages. Although none of them are re
garded as being in a dangerous condition,
all are very sick. This I the first case
of 'genuine trichina poisoning that lias
occurred In this locality In a long while.
LI"COLN,'Neb.. Dec. 22. Three boys.
, 10 and IS years of age, are accused of
having committed fifteen robberies in
I'nlversity Place, a suburb. In the last
few months. The youngest of the trio
was discovered robbing the residence of
John Iloisch last evening and confessed
to his complicity with the other lads in
former crimes. The three lads, whose
names are suppressed by the authorities,
will be tried In Juvenile court. The sums
secured In most cases were small.
Merrick Count? Laud Is Hick.
CENTRAL CITY. Neb.. Dec. 22. (Spe
clal.) That Merrick county land Is still
advancing In price in spite of the rather
poor season Is shown by the sale this
week of eighty acres of the old J." R.
Ratollff farm Just west of the city,
across the road from the Teschmacher
ranch. The owner, p. C. Smith, has
this week sold this eighty, to Charles
Erlcaon of this city, receiving In pay
ment $11,000. Two years ago Mr. 8ml th
bought this Xarm for $12S per uti
Hal:-Hlnult Storo Twk
f Soon ou will be Betting up the
lhrlsUM tree getting ready to
decora U It putting .on It all aorta
of pla .nlngs and remembrance for
the little ones ami their el. lots aa
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Blackhand Letters :
to Crete Men S6nt to
Postal Authorities
CRKTK, Neb., Dec. 22. (Special Tele
gram.) Anonymous Black Hand letters
have been received by Mayor Dredla of
Crete, as well as by Joe Splrk and Frank
Osborn, a negro hack driver. Rev. Mr.
Huntington also received an anonymous
letter, but it contained no threats as the
others did, and is not considered . seri
ously. The threat against the mayor was
of the worst character, that of dynamit e.
The following Is the letter to him:
Mayor Uredls. You are hrre notified
to get Nigger Krank out of Crete within
threo weeks time. If not your house will
bo dynamited and the undertaker will
hiva von. HaM nIkkpi- Frank move on
and you will be a gentleman. Now. be-
ware; your time is nmiiea irom nn
Hand, not the Preacher 11. If .you wou'.d
of searched that old nigger's barn you
would have found Talley. From Black
Hand. Dead nigger soon In Crete. He
was starter of all this. Lt a poor wnue
man have that job hack driving."
Jos Splrk, . a young . rciiow naving a
room over the smoke house, also received
letter telling him to leave that room
and the town or he would get treated
badly." Frank Osborne, who ha been a
hack driver at the Burlington depot for
many years, also received a letter of the
same character, lie Is accused of knowl
edge of poker dens. Improper relations,
etc., and ends up by saying: "If you
don't cut this out you will b loaded
down to the bridge with a rope around
your neck."
Osborne, who has known many people s
questionable secrets, says Talley ha not
been in his barn for over a year, and
that while he has known about the gam
bling joints, he ha not been In league
with them. He Is a Jolly old negro who
everyone In town know and trusts,' and
suspicion doe not rest heavily upon him.
The mayor Is wrought up over the case.
He has submitted the letter to the pos
tal authorities at Kansas City for in
vestigation, and says he thinks he knows
who the guilty parties are, and tht he
has evidence that will put the officers
on the right track. He' says he knows
no reason why he' should drive Osborne
from town.
The Huntington letter only contained a
few suggestions as to the future con
duct of the minister's prosecution, and
no disclosures as to what these were have
been made.
Chief of Police Atteberry went to
Omaha today on the report that Talley
had been seen there, and wll be arretted
Fifty Per Cent More Children Will
Have Treei This Year.
MILFORD, Neb., Dec. 22 W. D. Alex
ander, a merchant of this place, was
slugged by a highwayman last night and
Is In a dangerous condition. The robber
got away with $200. He Is thought to have
made his escape on a train paaulng
through here shortly after the robbery
and police In other cltiea bav been noti
fied to be on the lookout.
1.14 Uara Us at Wauore.
WYMOllE. Neb., Dec. 22. (ISpeclal.)
Mayor Mauck has ordered out all slot
machines, die games, raffles, card games
and all gambling devices of any rt The
order has teen- complied with.. .
Old Maaston Uernea.
QL'INCY. III.. Dec. 22 Fir deatroved
the realdenc of Mia Clara Koch at
Lagraniui, Mo., laat night. The loss la
about m.eoo. The horn wa one of the
oldcfct in northeast Mluurl.
Key t U Situation Be Advertising.
Ilualaea Ilaa Ileea Great and Jbe
Colder Weather Friday- Helps
Oat All A Ions the Start
of Trade.
Omaha will use SO per cent more Christ
mas trees than last year. In 110 Trimble
Bros., the big handlers of the trees In
Omaha, bought sJx carloads of trees and
had some of them left. This season they
bought nine carloads and have sold every
The retailers report a big sale and say
they will have very few left by to
nlKht The Missouri river, into which the
left over Christmas trees are usually
dumped, will have to forgo Its annual
meal this Christmas.
yesterday's fair weather made Omaha
merchants smile, for It filled the stores
with people, making up for th discour
agement of yesterday, when "soft"
weather kept shoppers away. Had thei
weather been bad, th merchants feared
that Saturday, the final Christmas shop
ping day, would find the store so filled
with people that they could not be waited
on properly, .
Burr Brothers Enter
Pleas of Guilty
NEW YORK, Dec. 22.-rea of guilty
wer made today by Shelton C. Burr,
president; Eugene II. Burr, secretary
treasjrer; Charles H. Tobey, vice presi
dent, and Kdwln Wesley Preston, an of
ficial of the Burr Bros, (incorporated)
stock promoters. Their offices here were
raided last November, the men being
charged with using the mail In a scheme
to defraud Investors.
COUNCIL DROVE. Kan., Dee.22-N.
T. Olsen, who was convicted of chopping
off the head of 'Walter Newrarmer, his
hired man, with a corn knife, was today
sentenced by Judge King to twenty-five
years In the penitentiary. II was granted
a stay pending an appeal and wa re
leased on 20,0QO bond.
C08HOCTON, O., Dec. 22.-Whlle play
ing Ftnta Clau In a school entertainment
Melville Bhryock, lrt, probably was fatally
burned, and Jessie Turner, 13, his as
slstant, was seriously burned when a
lighted candle fell and set fir to a
Christmas tree.
The school building was . crowded with
person, and In the panic lhat followed
several teachers and a number ot others
were more or leas seriously Injured.
MANCHEJiTBR, England. Deo. 22.-Tho
committee of the Lancashire Cotton Spin
ners and Manufacturers' association to
day decided to lock out the whole of the
workers In the mills belonging to mem
bers of the federation, beginning on De
cember ft.
The lockout Is a protect against the at
tempts of trades unionists to fore weav
er not belonging to the union to join
their ranks. No fewer than 100,000
operatives are Involved.
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i i ii m
h mill
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