Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 23, 1911, EDITORIAL, Page 17, Image 19

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omitwt von kext I -a".-.,;:.: - --- 1 - ,
tarnished Jlonae keeping Itoonia.
I3- ..J Howard, 2-rooin, private
bath. $.15.00. 2it .nd Howard' ,male
back Prlor snsulte. frna.-e brat an
gas;, also other rooms. Tyler is.
Kurnlabral iaoees.
uN,It!E' hoiiTof S room,, for rent
for winter. Address 1" 7m;. lu-e
Lataralsavd Mourns! "
nllhedH10' . " M' ci-" wnfur-
THk more you eat the more you want
fastv i Vi1 nnB ,an,,y lH'-lcuw and
h ee dl'VH ve V" ?lv "Pr aq
ordwr for a ftt-.-ent box of o Brien's candv.
Hotel stud Ayarliurult.
N IC E LT K t; u Ni 1 1 K D UOOM S f or g n
tlemen. THE CHATHAM. lid 8. i;:th St.
Hup Hotel, nt-ani-heiiieu. 1;iuk loug. SL
Excellent meala, iv s. Mtt, So. uuiahaT
Howard Hotel, eiewaiu ims. HOj Howard.
hOTLL Flumar, l,tli and Cauitol Ave
Burlington, nica rooms 1 block to depot
CASS HOIICU nice rooms. 17u3 Cass Ml.
OXFUrtlJ and Arcade, npei ,al w klv ratal
Aimrluitrnta anil llata.
WODERJJ 5-room heated apartment on
west Farnam street, vt-r choice.
Ely 418 Omaha Nat I Bank Llug., or phone
ouglng ibs. .
S-room flat on Merman Ave. Web. i7Si.
a and 4-r. niuU. apar 1 tiients. MS 8. 2JdT
3-ROOM A l'AKTM K N'Es7n the Cali
fornia. See Janitor, Douglas 6237.
1515 VINTON St. 4-rootu brick flats,
modern except heat; water free: 113.30,
1)8.60 per month. Phone Doug. S474.
Uoimi and lottagee.
WALL PAPEK pamtinc PPr hang
framing-. Monscn, 803 Park Ave. H. bm.
4-ROOM cottage, atrlctly modem, fUiiy
walking distance, J. B. Sedgwick. Phone
Harney 6m
warded; cheap freight rates; moving and
Storing. Expressmen's Delivery Co. Tal.
Douglas 394. City office, SIS 8. 17th bt
& Bldg.
Central, steam heat; all mod.; 7-r., h.;
ball, bathroom, basement. 220 N. 23d.
OMAHA EXP. CO., moving vana and
storage. Trunks, baggage del. D. 33it,
1 N. 17th.
'OR RKNT Four-room cottage on aith
A vo., Between Dodga and Douglas street.
rrq sexier kj. i nomas. 41Z Me Hlag.
irnn trhjT am mAr- i .. .
ed, 5-room cottaue. Webster 4U or call
at 3668 Ames Ave.
3ill Jonns fit., 8-r., all mod., WO.
2f.23 Caldwell, 6-r., mod. ex. heat, 16.
13 No. 47th Ave., r-r., mod. ex. heat, S14.
3117 Ohio. 6-r., mod. ex. heat. 117.
2M0 Ppratrue. 8-r mod. ex. heat. SIS.
806 Mason, g-r., strictly mod, hot water
heat, elegant location, 145.
1025 No. Kid. -r.. mod. ex. heat, 123.60.
4232 Harney, 8-r., all mod., 2S.
423 Bee Bldg. D. 47M, A-1764.
BARGAIN Suven room, modern; close
to car. Web. 4304.
A N INK-ROOM bouse at 3HW1 Hamilton
St. All modern excepting furnace. Dot
100x120. Barn. Dargs shade trees. Plenty
of room for frarden and chickens. Rent
$2& House newly papered and painted
throughout. Cn&s. 11. Brown, Telephone
Douglas 1628.
7-ROOM. modern, walking distance.
Douglas 11477.
Will make most liberal concessions for
immedlttto occupancy. Make us offers.
.' 4 r.. large, mod., elec. It, 1508 N. 81st, 112.
- 6 r., newly, papered, mod., 1608 Corby, $13.
;tfi r., mod., tmap, 1421 Vinton, waa $21, Ilti.
, 5 r., mod., elec. It., choice, 1608 Docust, $17.
' 5 r., city water, 724 Hanoroft, S9.
8 r., part mod., 20 Hamilton, $13.
' 7 r., furnace, barn, SM1 Parker, $14.
I r., mod., choice, 2712 Caldwell, $22.
4 r., city water, 141a Phelps, $,
& r., city' water, 2923 S. 17th, $8.
.4 r, 2707 8. ttst. $&
G r.. city w., bam. 4101 N. 2$th Ave., $10.
5 r., part mod., 2407 fivant. $13.
432 Ramge lildg. lith and Harney.
7-ROOM house. $24; 8-iroom, $82. Han
com park; modern. Phone Harney IhtA.
Tlnnspq '" all parts of the city.
IlUUBea Crglgn gone & Co.. Bee Bldg.
2609 MAPDK HT., a rooms, modern ex
re pt furnace. $20. Hall, 433 llaruga. D.
1M; A-440U. $23.
THINK Central, cheapest 7 -room house
with bath, basement. - in city. Apply 224
N. 23d
House. Ins, Klngwalt, Brandela Th. Bldg.
5-r. house, 709 N. 32d Bt., $. "
' 8-r. house, KtCT Kvana St., $10.
J. II. PARKOTT, Board of Trade.
3715 No. 23d, 8-r. mod. house, newly
paJuted; itorm windows; close to car; re
duced to $21. Call Doug. 4754.
103 N. 41st, 1 room modern, nice home.
Best reaidenoe district. $30. A. L. Patrick,
442 Bee Bldg.
8-ROOM house, modern except beat. 141$
N.. 24th BL. $20.
7-rooin bouse, modern except beat, SIS
Charles St., $l.
( rooms, 2d floor, 1106 N. 20th St. mod
ern except heat, $14.
(-room cottage, modern except beat, S9U
N. 23d Si.. $20.
6-roum Ucuse modern except beat, 161$
,Corby St., $19.
6-roem, 1st floor, 1903 N. Zth Bt., partly
modern, $16.
6- room, 2d floor, 1903 N. 26th 6 1... toilet
7- room bouse, modern except beat, tSOS
liard St., tuO.
CHRIS BOY ER, KA and Cuming Su.
$TS 8. Uth bt, 8 rooms, completely
modern, $&.00. Hall, 433 Ramge. D. 74u.
1127 DOUGLAb 8 rooms, modern except
beat $W per month. Tel. Douglas li8.
' $20-7 rooii:a, S&28 N. 27th; mi N. 27tb,
$18. Webster 1677.
For Rent
Brick House
Four bedrooms, bath and toilet on aee
ond floor; large faintly room, lining
room, buttery-klichen, refrigerator room,
hall and vestibule on first floor; full
eament ' basement, with toUet; furnace
heat; everything first ulaaa and atrlctly
modern. DucateU at lill Georgia, Ave. boa
the owner at WJi Georgia Ave., or phone
Harney 1R4.
6-ROOM house, hot water heal, gas and
electric light; shades. i;u2 Bristol.
i-ROOM modern cottage, ex, heat 2&U2
Wirt. Webster 4308.
MOD. -roun cottage; fins rap r. H. 844.
OMAHA Van and bturage Co. packs,
motes, stores household ouua. fireproof
storage. 8ot a. loth. Branch s). litu.
Uel. Douglas 41MI. A-13&.
FOR RKNT New lu-roorn modern
brick nause, 2622 Harney; ready Jan. 1,
Hot water heat.
Inquire V. J. O'Brien. Henshaw hotel.
Phones. D. 1216. H-10y4.
238 DODGE rilx-room cottage, strictly
modern, cloe to r amain, liainey and
4tti St. car lines. Phone Douglaa 8770.
FlVE-RoOM brick flat, Deavn
worth et.
' stores an Ufflvrs.
WISH to sublet suite cf five rooms la
Citv National Pank Ilhlg. Ca'jI4IJ8.
Ahit store UuliUing wlih modern living
rooms upiars; vtui ue ready 1,
Write or phone 1i27 Grand Ijianu, Neu.
J. H. AlUin. Grand In. and. Nub.
FINE upright piano, vtry cheap. SCS N.
laii m
F1NH baaebiirner, usd one eeaaou,
(irkl-ckii (.L'Udiliou. Wfiieter 6162.
v" rwit, CVH.Iti I IEsV II, rKTlTl' I IPIVTrtvimilViAta I . ....... ...
"i- .. I mw J- i w fhl( ii VI 1 MJ.BlgrVJ"ai I lilll r.H V ffl r, I 111 It 1'..
Maalcal laatraiaeats.
TTANO. sllshtly ued. at a bargain.
l.r.hT fcargalna here n violins, bows,
cniies. llekett. violin maker and re
pairer. UOl Hoston Store Bldu.. Omaha.
MJX'TRIC piano and
ralrlng. Acme Machine I
'o., 3m l-ev'w'th.
?rp." -T"1?, MONARCH TYPIC
m jnm rto.. 411 r lh. Phone i 4o.
TY PEW R ITK Its. A iirMAK ii For
sale or rent: largest Etook, best bargalna
B. F. Swanson Co.. 1314 Farnam St..
StKN'L an tyiriter from the
Oliver Typewriter Co. Poiulas 2ld.
SMITH PRKMUSRS. models No. I or
No. 4 In excellent condition, ranted thro
months for 15
lth and Douglas.
Farm Machinery
At a Big Sacrifice
1 Decrlng Hanester.
1 Ua.i Knglno, 20 H. P.
1 (irlnder.
2 Mowing Machines.
1 Ross KiiMtlage Cutter.
1 Manure Spreader.
1 Pekln Uster.
1 Cultivator.
1 Mccormick Binder.
Miscellaneous lot tools.
Make me an ofter for the whuia hit or
will sell separately.
Here's your chance.
C. Y. SMITH, 1812 Farnam St., Omaha.'
HA r'KS Overstocked with second-hand
safes, all sizes and makes: bargain.
American Supply Co., 1110 Farnam St.
FOR SADE New and kecond-hand
rarom and pocket billiard tables and
bowling alleys and accessories: bar fix
tures of all kinds; easy payments The
Brunswick-Balke-Collander Co.. 407-40$ &
loth at.
FOR 8ALK-Two scholarships in the
Omaha Commercial college and one In
Boylea college. Business office, Otnaba
Peanut, gum, match and post card
machines. Acme Machine Co., 3124
K Coal for stove or furnane Try 1L.
Harmon & Weeth. Webster 848.
2D SAFES. DER1GHT. 1818 Farnam ht.
KINDLING. 4 loud. ii. Gross. W. t8.
ELECTRIC Dlano and music roll re
pairing. Acme Machine Co., 31! I Leaven-
V.' . . . . . vV 't B ' 1 1 , 11141 VlllllVl J 111
small planing mill at Benson. Telephone
i ..." i ... .i , . , ,
u. oo-yv, or suurtni ueorye oneil.
' w Doiiiji wvnv fu.wv cavil, A iivuv
Harney ItiH.
4M4 N. 24TH 10-room rooming house.
with bath, newly furnished, steam heat,
gas, electric lights, hot and cold water;
half block from car barn. If sold by De
cember 28, $300.
RATTAN baby buggy, good as new.
Inquire 1128 8. 28th Bt. Phone Harney 808.
MR. HUSBAND, If you are looking for
something to take home for an extra fine
dessert, step Into Dalsell's. If J. W.
Nicholson, 117 N. 40th Bt, will come to
Tho Bee office within three days we will
give him an order for a Quart brick of
this fine Ice cream.
Gladish Pharmacy. 12th and Dodge.
Massage. Rlttenhouse. 808 Old Boston Eld.
YOUNG women coming to Omaha as
strangers are Invited to visit the Young
Women's Christian association building
at Heventeenth and St Mary's Ave.,
where they will be directed to suitable
boarding places or otherwise assisted.
Look for our travelers' aid at the Unluc
Miss Lang, manicuring, vibratory mes
sage treatments. R. 1, id floor. 1603 Dodge.
WK rent and repair all kinds of sewing
machines. Ind. A-10&3. Douglas 166$.
16th and Harney Sts.
HINDOO TAiiLB. J 8 will bull.1. brace.
irrnnmen, ouc. ocULt UHUU CO.
MASSAGE treatment Mrs. Steele.
aLn.OOAVJPi 1T03 poay. Qround floor.
MAbSAGUbwealah movement; noising
netier tor rneumatism: ladies. 11; genus
men. $1.60. Apt. 8. 1802 Farnam. D. 11240.
MAGNETIC! treatment. E. Brott, 718
remedy for Itching, bleeding or protrud
ing piles: Wc postpaid; sample free. Sher
man A McConnell Drug Co., Omaha,
LI EH EN, mask suits to hire, 1614 How'd
THE SALVATION ARMY solicits cast
off clothing; In fact, anything vm do no;
Head. We collect repair ana eiL at IS
N. 11th Bt, foi- cost of collection, to the
worthy .poor. Call 'phone Douglas mi
and wagons will call.
WANT good family to adopt beautiful
baby boy, less than 8 months old. Ex.
eel lent parents. Address M-887, care Bee.
MASSAGE bln lt 'ow romall
-.vxiooiVJXj treatment Mm a. Allen
Chicago. 108 B. 17th St., 1st floor. D. H6,
Mrs. Snyder, massage, electrical treat
mant $ Dunaany. iOirt A Pierce. D. 4880.
Dr. Burke, wwuien s diseases. 41 Doug. Bk
Bcreenliigs, $13 per luu. Wagner, sol N. Is.
WHAT is Christmas without a nice bux
of the famous candy made by D. J
O'Brien? If Mrs. Arthur Traill, 4616 L
St., South Omaha, will come to The Bee
office within three days we will give her
an order tor a 60-ceut boa of O Brlen'a
Electric gas fixtures. Omaha Silver Co.
Ideal Cement Stone Co.. 17th and Cuming.
Fuchs, Son Blind, painting, decorating.
ROOFING PAINT, building paper. piaa
tar board. A mar. Sup. Co., 118 Nicholas.
Masonry con., jobber. Haaly. Web. 1141.
i fry ritoeuHTV rou sale.
Field Club District
14 S. SSth St., 8-room, entirely molern
new house, built by day tabor for a home;
bast of material and workmanship; liv
ing rooms finished In oak; beamed ceiling
In dining room; colonnade opening In re
ception hall; parlor, reception hall and
dining room nicely decorated; four bed
rooms; No. 1 furnace; cemented cellar;
large attic; east front; lot nicely sodded;
cement walks; In good neighborhood and
olose to school. Just completed and now
ready tor occupancy. Price, $r,500. Will
make terms, if you are looking for a
home, go and look, at this.
Bemis-Carlberg Co.
310-3)2 Rrandoia Theater.
Look at $701 Plnkney St. Thie will
please you mid it can be bought for $HA)
down and $20 per month.
Payne Investment Co.,
Phones iMiuajlas 17X1, Independent A-1188.
For quirk aale. nearly new S-room. cot
tage, located near 34th and Parker Sts,
All modern except heat; cemented cellar;
larj,e lot; one block from car line; this
piace la worth ftsuu. But non-realdent
owner auys 3E1.L, so make an otlti
B. E. WAIT II CO, 617 Bea Bldg.
THREE FINB LOTS on 14th Ave. and
firand Ave. for sale at a bargain, lswl
liard Pt. Phone Red 4.vft.
Xmas Present
GIVE yourself a nice, new all modern.
8-room house; I ran give you your choice
of two of the bext In the city at abso
lute cost. Telephone Harney 60. Harry H.
Putnam. Mt Hurt St.
Riand new 7-room, hall and bath,
oak tininh downstairs, bln-h upstairs, full
cemented basement, furnace, gas, elec
tricity, North 41t street. ?..On. Fesy
terms. Phone owner, W. J. Keane, Red
6144, If interested. Station B. Route 1.
I HAVE a partially developed fruit
farm In northwest Arkansas for sale; best
climate on earth; terms. Address Y 1977,
"My knowledge of land on uncompleted
Grand Trunk can make you quick profits.
Frank Crawford. 313 Homer St, Van
couver, or Omaha"
TEN-ACRE farms accessible to Jackson
ville. Fla. Excellent for winter garden
truck. Thirty dollars per acre; fifty cents
cash; fifty cents per month. Write for
particulars. Jacksonville Heights Im
provement Compafty, Jacksonville, Fla.
We are offering 10, 2c and 40-acra tracts
snd upwards located In Columbia county
near lake City, Florida. 60 miles west of
Jacksonville and only 80 miles from St.
Augustine. Thia property Is Intersected
by three railroads of national reputation,
which furnish the best of services at
reasonable rates to all markets of the
United States.
The climate Is Ideal. Fine farms are
now being worked In our tract wltb
exceptionally good reeults. Own one of
our farms. Investigate our offer. Small
caah pay ments and easy terms
Low rates daily. Tickets good until
(Sales Agents)
860 Omaha National Hank Bldg.,
Omaha, Neb.
Traversed by the
Lands adaptable to the widest range of
crops. All the money crops of the south
plentifully produced. For literature treat
ing with this coming country, Ita soil,
ollmate, church and school advantages,
General Paasenger Agent
FOR SALE Chicken ranch, 8H acres;
plenty of fruit and peaches; good build
ings; location central Illinois; for par
ticulars write Laurens. Iowa, Route 8,
Box It
THE easiest way to find a buyer tor
your farm Is to Insert a small want ad
in the Dos Moines Capital. Largest cir
culation In the state of lowa, 43,000 daily.
The Capital la read by and believed In by
the standpatters of lowa, who aimply re
fuse to permit any other paper In their
homes. Rates, 1 cent a word a day; $1.8$
per line per month; count iilx ordinary
words to the line. Address Dew Moiuea
Capital, De Moines, la.
NEBRASKA and Oregon land. $$ up.
(94 Brandels Blk . Omaha. Neb.
60-ACRE daiiy larm, all new buildings,
bringing owner $6,ouo per year. Only
$,60u. A snap. Write Dili at Huston,
Grand Island, Neb.
166 ACRES; 10 miles from Red Cloud;
26 acres alfalfa; 100 acres cultivation;
good Improvements. Price, $8,000. Ml
acres; 7 miles to Bladen; 200 acres culti
vation; 30 acres alfalfa; 120 acres pas
ture; good Improvements. $18,000; good
terms. Write at once. Carpenter & Son,
Red Cloud, Neb.
New Mcalc,
crops and profits sure. Fruit and alfalfa.
Government Irrigation. Considering cost
aud profits, we ofter the beat on the mar
ket. Come all right. Hartshorn ft Co.,
Carlsbad, New Mexico. '
FOR SALF. Good farm tracts; 800 acres
diked ttdeland, ) acres upland all thor
oughly drained. Will furnish feed for 400
head cattle. Land especially adapted to
dairying and accessible to good market
Good water. House and barn Just com
pleted costing 86,000. Bounded on two
sides by county road. One mile from
school and uostofflce. Lies suitable to
subdivide Into small tracts if so desired.
Price. $100 per jcre. Part cash; terms
on balance; no commissions. If Interested
correspond Immediately with owner, ueo.
W. Warren, vice president Astoria Xsa
tlonal bank, Astoria, Oregon.
tiiutb Dakota.
160 ACRES. In Lyman county, South
Dakota, for sale. Address D 868, Bee.
A FINE quarter section Stanley Co.
land must be sold In 10 days. Address
Owner, L. B. 302, Fort Pierre. S. D.
SEND for description of beautiful 8.(0
acre farm at $100 an acre. No TRADING.
W. H. Graham. Cuero, Tex.
WANTED City loans and wairanta. W.
Farnam Smith & Co.. 1320 Farnam Bt
OMAHA Property-and Nebraska Lands,
1016 New Omaha Nat'l Bank Building.
FARM LOANS near Omaha; no commla.
sion; optional payments; cheap money.
Orln 8. Merrill, 113 City Nat l Bank Bidg.
MONEY to loans on buvlnesa or resi
dence properties, l,0uu to $mjo.uu0. W, H,
THOMAS. 03 First Nat l Bank Bldg.
$100 to $10,000 made promptly. F. 1A
Wead. Wead Bldg.. 18th and Varnam.
$1-312 Biandels Theater Bldg.
uiUH 4JiirVkJ.0ra4)lt Natl Ban It
LARGE LOANS, municipal bonds, mort
gagee bought and sold. toiULL BROS.
WANTED City loans. Patera Trust Co.
YOl.'R husband and son are looking
forward to dessert time they know that
you have ordered aome of Dalsell's Ice
cream. If Mrs. 6. P. Boswlck, 1U N. 4Jat
St.. will come to The Bee office within
three days we will give her an order for
a quart brick of this fine ice cream.
TO EXCHANGE The moat up-to-date
modern atore for its alae in northern
South Dakota. Stock invoice $12,400, can
be reduced. Positively no stickers. Want
unproved land up to JlO.oui, balance caah.
Good territory. No agenta. Land moat
be south of Sioux City and not far weal.
Write Lock Box 86, Garden City, S. D.
td-hand gooda, Kleaer, 1020 Center. D. 64W1
WANTED Second-hand aafej give
name maker, height, width, depth,
weight and price, F. O. B. Omaha
8KB naturally la looking for a dessert
that needs but little preparation. Tell
her of luJsell's Ice ortam. If Mrs. A B
Curry, 126 8. 42.1 St.. will come to The
Bee office within three days we will give
her an order, for a quart brick of this
flue Ice cream.
YOUNG lady with tine years expert,
knee aa stenographer a position
in a firm; salary according to ability.
O HJ. Bee '
LADY wants position
17t h St Mrs. Lay.
as cook. Hi N.
SITUATION wanted A manaaor of
general store, country town; experienced.
O H. Bee
WA8H1 NU and curtains done. T. n7u30
AN 1 to.i t Cfiwon a honweaeei'ar by
respectable middle-aged lady. Prefer
home with ehlldrwn. Also xparteooeel as
nuiae. Add re .is Mr a. Mario turner, gen
eral dell very. Council Bluff a, la.
"Bi HJ K.K K EPlNG and clerical work
evenings and Saturdays; use type writer.
Addreae L 748, Bea.
YOl'NO married man would like posi
tion of any kind where he could work
from 11 to p. m. N !, Hee.
'1HH8.S yeung ladies, piano player and
slnaer, want portion In p'cture show, x
pries)cel. Douglas 8KN. K TTk. Bee.
YOUNG man wania position aa bar
tender; experienced. 8 61.1. Bee.
POSITION wani by oampetent lady
etenogiapher; references aa to ability.
Harney 644.
Toung man needs work for board and
roam. Phone Douglas 4384.
WHITE lady deeirea steady place of
day work; neat conscientious; does not
disappointment engagements. Phone H.
BEGINNER wants stenographic po
sition; will work for low wages. F IISI.
WH1TN woman dealree day work; neat
and clean. Tel. D. 640.
A MIDDLE-AGED man; sober; of good
habits, handy with carpenter or mason
tools, must have work of some kind soon;
can nil mil as janitor in or near town.
Write B W0.
FIA0R1ST, Gardner and Horticulturist
wants private place. Address H S3 Bee.
WASHING All kinds. Harney 8661
YOUNG man wants Job with own wagon
and horse; will work for $16 per week;
no dirty Job will be accepted. Address
L bx.
YOU Nt) lady wants poHtilon aa stenog
rapher; small wages to start: best of
references. Phone Webster S076.
Ship your stock to South Omaha; save
mileage and shrinkage, your consign
men ta reuelve prompt aid careful alien-
Byers Bros. A Co. Strong and responsible.
WOOD BROS.. Irt-m Excnange Bldg.
Great West. Coin. Co., Omaha di Denver.
W. R. SMITH A SON Juat handle shaep.
W. F. DENNY CO., lie Exoh. Bldg.
TAGU BROS, hauule oattie, hoga. sheep.
Clay, Robinson A Co., 8uu Exch. Bldg.
Interstate Co. Better results. Ship to us.
CLIFTON Com. Co. 821 Exchange Bldg.
BURKE-R1CKLY CO.. 801 Exch. Bldg.
1,. E. ROBERTS CO., ta Exon. Bldg?
Cox 4k Jonea Com. Co., bunch of hustlers.
Farmers L. 8. Com. Co.. 8u r.xcnecige.
Deposit proceeds of shipment In Slook
Yards Nat'l bank. Only bank at yard.
Martin llroa. ac Co.. 808-6 Exch. Bldg.
Nebraska-Iowa Grain Co., 764 Hrarwleia.
WEEKS GRAIN CO., grain marohanta,
consignments solicited, 7BJ Brandela
IF yffi have a sweet tooth be sure to
try a box of D. J. O'Brien's candy. Al
ways fresh and pleasing to candy lovers.
If & 8. Packard, 414 South Uth St, will
coma to The Bea office within three days
we will give him an order for a (0-cent
bos of O'Brien's candy.
UNION STATION -Teath aa Maaoa
t'aloa Pacific
... . Depart Arrive.
San Fran. OverI'd L..a :46am a 7:40 pm
China & Japan F. M. .a 4:03 pm a 1:46 pm
Atlantic Express a 6 4$ am
Oregon Express all:pm a 5:10pm
Loa Angelee Limited.. aH:46 pm a8:Mpm
Denver Special a 7:04 am a T:t7 am
centennial state Hpe i.emiwpm aiJ;HS am
Colorado Express
..a i:o pm a 4 w pm
..all:eo rm a 1:39 rra
Oregon-Wash. L't'd
North Platte Local.
Grand Island Local,
Stroma burg Local . . .
i:umi ae.etpm
..a 1:80 pm
b litOpra
a: am
all: 18 pm
bl0:li am
W abash
Omaha St. Louis Ex.. a 6:80 pm
Mall and Express a 7:03 am
Slanb'y L. (from C.B.Jb 1:00 pm
Cbioawo, Hook Island, at Paclft
Rocky Mountain Ltd..al2:28 am
Chicago Local Paaa...bl0:86 am
Chicago Day Express. a 4;U arc
Chicago Express ..a 4:10 pm
Des Moines Looal Pas.a 4:i7 pm
a 10:85 pm
a 4:80 pm
a 1:10 pm
aU:lJ pm
a $ 00 am
Chicago-Neb, Limited. 6.0S pro
VY Mi,
Chl.-Neb. Lmtd to Lin
coln a 1:01 am a (:$$ em
Chl.-Colo. Express. .. .a l:2t pm a 4:00 pm
cni.-coio. express ....a in pia a :uv pm
Okl. Tex. Express.. a $:uo pm aU:4 am
Rocky Mountain Ltd.alO:47 pm aU:80 am
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Chicago Express a Tr09 am a 1:4$ pm
cnioago umitea a e:w em
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tblcago 4 rVartbwestera .
Mlnn.-St Paul Jf....a 7:0 am
Minn.-St Paul L t d. .a 7:00 pin
Twin City Express ..a 7:46 am
al0:80 pm
Sioux City Local a 8:46 pm a 3:28 pm
Minn. Dakota Ex.. a IMi pm a IB am
j win city umiin ...a s.e pm
Minnesota txprs
Carroll Local ...-a 7:0o am
Dayllgbt Chicago a 7:40 am
Chicago Local al05 pm
Colorado-Chloago a 6:10 pm
Chicago Special a 6:02 pm
Pac. Coaat -Chicago.... a t;86 pm
Los Angeles Limited.. a $ W pm
Overland Limited a 7:65 pin
Carroll Local a 4-80 pm
a 7:10 am
aU.-oo am
a :10 pm
al0:ii pra
a 3:28 pin
a I U pm
a :4 am
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au:8u pm
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al0:00 an.
Fast Mail a 8.W pm a tM pua
Ltnar napiua, dioux ax
Centennial State Lira. 12 40 am
a 8:15 pn
U.i pm
Long Pine a 8:0$ am all:00 am
Norioik-oaiias a w am
aiv i pra
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a 6 DO pro
Long Pine-Lincoln.
....a 3:16
Haalinas-Sunerlor ....t 2:16 pm
Deadwood-Hot Sp'gs..a 8:66 pm a $:20 pm
Casser-Lander a $.66 pm all.eo urn
Fi enionl-Albttfn b 60 pm b I4i pa
Mlaaoerl PaclfU
K. C. St L. Ex....a :J0 am a 7:48 am
K. C. St L. Ex.,,. all. 16 pm a k) pm
Chlraso Great WMtira
Chicago Limited a 8:86 pm
Twin City Limited a 8:86 pm a 7:48 am
Twin City Express.. . .a am a $ M pra
Chicago Express....
a $- pm
Lscal paaseucer a 6.18 pm
laieaara, Mllwaakt ak St. 8a
Overland Limited
.a 7 60 pm
:U am
Perry Local
Colorado Express
Colorado Special ,
Perry Local .. .
.a 4 0 am
.a 4.00 pm
.a 7:42 am
.b $:U pra
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Borllaftoa Btatlaa Tenth Maava
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Denver California. .a 4:10 pm
Puget Sound Express. a 4.10 pm
Nebraska points a $:80 am
Black Hills a 4:10 pm
Lincoln Mall b 1:80 pm
Northwest Express.. ,.all:86 pm
Nebraska poluta a 8:80 am
Nebraska Express a -li am
Llnooln Local
Sohuylar-PlattsmouUi b $:0$ pm
Llnooln Local
Plattamouth-lowa a :18 am
Bcllevua-Platlaniouin al8:8tt pm
Chicago Special a I II am
Denver Special 11:16 pm
Chicago aixpreaa a 4. 80 pm
Ckiu. Fast ibxpraas....a 4 80 pm
Iowa Local a 616 am
Creston (la.) Local... .b 8:86 pin
at Louis Express a 4:8i pm
K. C. ex St Joseph. ...alO:S pm
K. C. 4k St Joseph. ...a 6:16 am
s. C 4k bt Joseph..,. a 4:41 pot
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xtUssart Paclfle
Auburn Local b tM pm bll:(e am
Cfcasra, It. Paml, jsTIsuasapertU A
Depart Arrlva
Rloux City Express. ...b 8:86 pm bU.DK pm
Omaha Local o 8:36 sia o t u pia
Sioux City Pass b $.86 pm
Twin City Pass b 4:46 am
Kmaraon Local b 6 at pia b 6:10 am
tb dally exoept Mitaday. to) Sunuay
only. ta daily.
Absolute Title Given the unalloled
landa of the Choctaw and CMckasaw Na
tions of the Five Civilised Tribes In Ok
lahoma and not Including the coal and
timber 6esregatlons. will be sold at pub
lic auction to the hts-hest bidder at the
following terms, times and places at not
leas than the minimum price stated In
the advertisement: Grady county. Chlok
aaha, 6s$ tracts. 87.MO acres, November
t. 8, 4: Stephems county, Duncan, 7!W
tracts, iW.SOO acres. November; 6, 7 8;
Jefferson county, Ryan, 702 tracts, 4.400
acres, November 8, 10, U; love county.
Marietta, 8'-4 tracts. 7N&00 scree, Novem
ber 13. 14. b. It); Carter county, Ardniore,
1,178 tracts, )), acrea. November 17, 18,
30. 21. 22. 2$; Murray county. Sulphur, 8T4
tract a, ai.ixio acres, November 14. 2S; Gar
vin county, l'aula Valley, (ill tracta. S:".ho0
acres. November 27 . 28. 8: MoClaln
county, Purcell, tS8 tracts, 14.400 acrea,
December 1. 2; Pontotoo county, Ada, 688
1 rivet a. 46,300 aorea, December 4. 6 4;
Johnson county, Tishomingo, 6M tracta,
38.300 acres December 7, 8, ; Marshall
county, Miidill, TT tracts, 18,500 acres,
December 11: Bryan county. Dtirant 608
tracts, 26.100 acres. December 12, 18; Atoka
county, Atoka, 1,3ns tracts, 124.000 acres,
December 14. 11, 14, 18, 18;' Coal county,
Coalgate. 04 tracts, 64.400 acres, Decem
ber SO, 21, 22; Hughes county, Calvin 487
tracts. 60.700 acres. December 20, 27; Pitts
burg county. McAlester, l.tiQ tracts, liH,.
1U0 acres. December 28, !9 JO, 1011; Janu
ary 1, 2: Haskell county, S'.lgler, 418
tracta, 30.800 acres, January X, 4: Itlmer
ounty, Wllburton, l'Jl tracts, 16.000 acres,
January 6: Leflore county, Poteau. HI
tracts, 21,800 acres, January 4; Pushma
taha county, Antlers, Mi tracts. 62.004
acres. January 8, , 10; Choctaw county,
Hugo, 661 tracts, 37.500 acres January 11,
12, 13; Mccurtain county. Idabell, 778
tracta, M.600 acres January 16. lfi, 17, 18.
UilS. Not more than ItW acres cf agri
cultural and 640 acres of other lands will
be sold to one person In any one nation,
minimum valuation of $80 or more per
acre. Terms are 2i per cent at the time
of sale, 25 per rent in twnlvs months,
and 60 per cent In two years, with $ per
cent Interest Payments must be made
In the form of draft or certified check,
payable to J. G. Wright comtulaaloner.
Upon full payment being made at any
time deed will issue. Immediately after
approval of sale certificate of purchase
will Issue and possession be given, but
cutting of timber or drilling or mining
for minerals thereon will not be per
pries. Right Is reserved to reject sny or
all bide. For Information apply to the
Commissioner to the Five Civilised Tribes,
Muskogee, Oklahoma, or any of ths Dis
trict Agents ss to landa within their re
spective districts. Lists of these lends
havs been prepared by counties, showing
ths terms of sale, the description of the
various traots and minimum price. It
will be Impracticable to furnish each In
quirer all of these lists, and It Is sug
gested that persons desiring such Infor
mation specify the locality in which they
aro Interested. Blue prints of the various
counties, showing the location of the land
to be sold, will be furnished upon appli
cation to the undersigned upon ths pay
ment of $0.60 for esch county in the
form cf draft or postal money order.
J. G. WRIGHT, Commissioner to the
Five Civilised Tribes, Muskogee, Okla
homa. August 1, It'll,
Stockholders Meeting of Ths Union
Land Company.
Notice la. hereby glten that thn annual
meeting of the etockholdere of The Union
Land Company for the election of five
directors and the transaction of such
other business as may legally come be
fore the meeting, will be held at the
office of the General Solloltor, Union
PaclflO Headquarters Building, 16th and
Dodge streets, Omaha, Nebraska, on
Monday, the 8th day of January, 1H12,
at 10 o'clock A. U. -
Ths stock transler books will be closed
10 days previous to the meeting.
Alex. Miller,
New York City, N. T-, Dec. 18, 1811.
braska, December 8, 1811. Notice la hereby
given to the stockholders of Lee-Glass-Andreesen
Hardware company that the
annual meeting of the stockhpldsrs of the
company will be held at the offices of
said company, corner of Ninth and Har
ney streets. In the ctty of Omaha, in ths
state of Nebraska, on Tuesday, January
8, A. D., 1818.. at 3 o'clock p. m., for the
purpose of electing a board of directors
for the company to serve during the ensu
ing year, and to transact such other
business as may be presented at such
meetlna. Attest: W. M. Glaas. Secre
tary: 11. J. Lae. President
Notice Is hereby aiven that ths An
nual Meeting of the Stockholders of the
Omaha Uas Company will be held at the
office of tbe Company, ldOv Howard St.,
at 10:30 a. m., Monday, January 1, 1012,
for ths election of Directors for the en
suing year, and for ths transaction of
such other business aa may corns before
ths meeting.
Omaha, Deo. 16, 1911. Secretary.
D 22d lOt
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Bee Building company will be held
at the office of said company, Omaha,
Nebraska, at 4 o'clock p. m. Tuesday.
January 16. 1912, for the election of the
board of directors for the ensuing year,
and for ths transaction of such . other
business as way protferly corns before
the meeting.
By order of the president
N. P. FE1L, Secretary.
Retiring Members of
Board of Education
Execute Their Exit
Retiring members of ths Board of Edu
cation, assembled in their final session
yesterday afternoon, took leave of the
remaining members. Following the trans
action of minor business details. Dr.
Holovtchlnar expressed the board's appre
ciation of the services of Alfred C. Ken
nedy, twlco elected president, and Presi
dent Kennedy replied, stating his regret
at their departure and the pleasure with
which he had worked with them during
their term.
Another meeting will be held ths lat
ter part of the month when reorganl na
tion will be effected. Ths first session
of the new board will be held ths first
Monday evening in January.
Jt V. Cole, S. P. Bout wick, Alfred C
Kennedy and Grant Williams are the re
tiring members. The new members are
O. T. Walker, Dr. J. J. Foster and F. J.
Streltx. James Richardson succeeds Rim
aelf. The board reorganises wltb twelve
Instead of thirteen members.
A special seaaion may bs called within
the month by President Kennedy, but
such action will bs taken only in tbe
event that Important business calls for
transaction. Tba last official act of the
old board was to hear unimportant com
mittee reports and to pass ths pay roll.
No Indication of ths probabls slats of
committees for ths new board or as to
tho new president has been given by soy
of the remaining members.
Union Faclflo council of the Royal Ar
canum closed Its official year wltb a
special celebration at Continental ball,
Fifteenth and Douglas streets, last night.
Ths feature of ths program waa tbs sn
turtalnment offered by the Diets Baraca
octet, which was presented n tbe
bumanophone. The octet was com
posed of the following singers: George
Robb. R. H. Chenowsth, George tikov
mand. E. L. Consollver, C. C. Wemlell,
George Board man. Frank Hamberd and
A. J. Alvord. 11. U. Crosuley wa director.
Key to the Situation Bee Adveriistsi;.
Board of Education Will Retire
iArge Amount First of Tear.
Allknitk tinO.AOO Was Needed
Meata Ago, Finance Committee
Has Arraaated to I.lqal
dae All Bonds.
With the beginning of the year the
Board of Education will retire $Vi.Ono
bonds of the school district of Omaha.
At the last meeting of ths old board
yesterday afternoon n. V. Cole of the
finance commit tee requested the author
isation of a warrant for $77$, 000 to meet
the obligations January I. The board
still needs $A2,000 to meet the bonds. (Tut
there Is sufficient security ir transferred
tu liquidate all bonds.
A month ago $180,000 wsa needed. Since
that time $190,000 wortli of securities have
been sold. A warrant for the required
amount to pay ths warrants falling due
January 1 will be drawn In favor of
Frank A. Furay, treasurer. In accord
with the action of the bosrd. Interest
In the amount of $37,668.10, payable semi
annually on ths bonded Indebtedness of
ths district, hss been authorised for pay
ment. Invested la Mnalclsjal Bonds.
Omaha school district funds havs been
Invested In Omaha intersection and sewer
bonds and have been drawing 4'4 per
cent Interest. The rate of Interest that
could havs been secured from banks Is
1 per cent.
In 1818 the next school bonds will be
come due anj payahle. In tho amount of
$3u0,000. Ths finance committee recently
disposed of $7.0,000 school bonds at a prs-
mlum of $4.3$l7. Ths policy of ths retiring
flnsnce committee has been to Inveet In
Omaha securities at a rate of Interest
higher than would havs been paid by
banks, and this hss Increased ths avail
able funds by a substantial figure.
Eligibles Selected
For Debating Squad
The High school debating squad for
this sesson ,was picked yesterday after
noon when the candidates met In the as
sembly room st the school and argued the
Immigration question. Professor Herbert
A. Senter, Professor J. K. Woolery and
K. K. McMillan of the fsculty, acted as
Tho following twelve were re-elected:
Edwin Landale. George Grimes. Phillip
Johnson, Paul Mackin, Waldo Shllllngton,
Fred Rypins. Milton Petersen Karl Hath-
away, Harold Torrelt, Morris Clark, Mat
Block and Barney Kulakofsky.
The squad will work on the Immigration
question through tho holidays, dividing In
two groups and taking opposite sides on
ths subject. Coach Edward R, Burke of
Bellsvus will not pick ths regular team
until aftsr ths holidays.
This is Shortest
Day of the .Year
Today is ths shortest day of ths year
nine hours and eight minutes long. At
4:63 this afternoon ths sun will hang di
rectly over ths Iroplo of Capricorn, In the
southern hemisphere, and will Immedi
ately begin Its sis months' niarch north
ward. Tho sun will rles today at 7:11
and set at 4:84; tomorrow It will rise at
7:31 and set at 4:3$.
Astronomers say that ths sun has been
running; fast all month, but is now slow
ing up and will rise exactly on time on
Christmas day and be three minutes slow
on December B1. In January It will
catch up again.'
Lucy Furness Wars, wlfs of Charles
Ware, assistant general manager of ths
Union Paclflo railroad, died Thursday
afternoon at t o'clock, after an Illness of
several weeks. Ths funeral will bs held
on Sunday afternoon from Hansoom Park
Methodist Episcopal church, wltb Inter
ment at Forest Lawn cemetery.
Mrs. Ware was 49 years old last Sun
day, and was ths daugbtsr of Dr. and
Mrs. Furness. lats of Bells Plains, la.,
but now residents of Guthrie, Okla. She
waa married to Charles Wars at Balis
Plains about twenty-flvs years ago, and
came with him to Omaha lo (ha 1s te
80s. They havs mads their horns here
ever since, with ths exception of a couple
of years when Mr. Ware waa stationed
at North Platts as division superintend
ent for the Union Pacific She had no
children, but her husband, her parents
and four slaters survive hsr.
The Best Known Office Building in Omaha,
, There is great advantage in being ' in a
building which people can find easily. No
building in Omaha, or as a matter of fact, in the
entire west, ia as well known as
The Bee Buildieg
Every man, woman and child in Omaha
knows whero it is and everyone who has ever
been hero knows how to find it, Thia is only one
of the many advantages in having an office in
ftosa aao Is a choice corner tfflca having a north and west exposure,
making; tbls space attractive at any season of ths year, on auouunl
of good light and ventilation. We will arrange this spaoa, lais,
suitable for tenant snd there
extra protsotlon fur valuables,
41 Has a south and west exposure which makes e well lighted
office. lltiXlOS feet In sUa We are only asking 78o a square fool
for this spacs which is very cheap rent, considering location and ail
venvealeiiccs furnished by The bee fiulldlug. fries, per month. aia.Cv
(Mom 81 e Don't pa for dssk room space when you can rent a privets
of ties for the same amount. This room is 8x14, has a large winds w
on ths court affording plenty of light and vsuuiauuu. fries pes
" ;u
esa 4V40 Else 8x18-4, having a frame and glass partition aersas center
of room mailing two good sised offices with every coBvecleoo. ana
lbs rental piles only, psr mouth 7TT5i.OS
Boom Ml This room Is located near the elevator and has a total or 188
square feet of floor spave. This U a vary isliabls small otflcs aud
location is convenient, lien tal, per month 1T.SS
com 407 Is 11x1814 feet snd has two !arga windows oa the court
ltautal price, per n.ojith 7T.I17.4
Bee Business Office. 17th and Farnam Sts.
Judge Redick Has
Heard His Last Case
Judge William A. Ilerllck. who will re
tire from the district bench to give place
to District Judge-elect Chsrles Leslie on
January 4. has heard Ms last case. It
was the $iV0H alienation damage suit of
William Tlghe s gainst J. f. Kemp, which
was finished Wednesday afternoon. From
now until his term expires Judge Redick
will be buy of disposing of odds snd snds
of his work, such ss passing on motions
and demurrers.
Vv. M. MrGee. who lives at the Peo
ple's rooming house, Fifteenth and Far
nam streets, Impersonating the anthropoid
ape, climbed up the fire escape In the
rear of Kllpatrlck's department store at
10 o'clock last night and It took ths hand
of the law to pull him down.
O. F. Thomas, manager of Kllpatrlck's
store, suspected that McGee was trying
to do his Christinas shopping through ths
skylight McGee declares a band of Vik
ings pursued him until a flight towards
ths clouds wss his only hope of escape.
He was booked at the Jail aa a sus
picious character, v
Thomas Stafford, superintendent of ths
masonry on the new High school build
ing, says the damage resulting from the
falling of a hugs column of stone wss
overstated In the papers. Instead of
being SS.OOO, the total loss aa ths result
of ths sccldent will not exceed 83.600,
This includes ths damage to ths der
rick as well as to ths masonry.
ST. PAUL, Minn.. Dec. H-A Christmas
surprlss In the naturs of an unexpected
legacy of $2,000 In English money (about
$400,080) has corns to the family of Thomas
L. Winn, manager of a stock brokerage
firm in St Paul. Tho letter announc
ing the bequest came from England
without warning. i
About a month ago Lady, Harlan of
Belfast, Ireland, and of London. ' died,
leaving no immediate relatives. She wss
sn aunt of Mr, Wann, being a slater of
his father, John Wann, a pioneer resi
dent of St. Paul.. . who died five years
ago, leaving a largo amount of real
estate In the heart of the St Paul busi
ness district. . .
Lady Harlan was the widow of Sir
Edward Harlan, head of ths firm of Har
lan & Wolff of Belfast, shipbuilder.
Bring a Merry Christmas
Red Cross Seals Provide
These Things
Pnbllo Edteailot
Hospitals and Sanatoria
Dlipentariei and Visiting Nonet
These Prevent Tuberculosis
and Protect Your Home
Last Tear $300,000 Worth Were Sold
This Year a Million is Needed from
Red Cross Seats
Ited Cross Sests Cost only One
- Cent each, and should be tiaed
oa the back of all Chi iatmas Malt
M M MM. k-, tt-J -. I J.l.I
StaSa Agen : ;-, , v
433) City sratloaal Bak MaUdlag'. Onvaaa
belne- a vault lu tba roum. it affords
ltsitt r-er month ttOJM
i I