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nn: V.KE: OMAHA. Fill DA V. PECEMREK 22. 1011.
kickaid Introduces Eill for Fundi
; to Continue Work.
Hara Trn.hU In lttj District
; Arlalna from I ncrrtnlnty nt !
Mark Will lip Hvlafel If
This Work la llanr,
I fr'rnm a Stuff Cor rep purulent 1
WASH INOTON, Dec II. -(Special Tele
gram.) f'tmf uiiitin over tin- location of
boundary linen of the ulllr liiml !n
Congressman Klnkald district lias n
the member from the Klxth lo Introduce
hill In the (inure today to appropriate
t!O.W for a re-survey nt such lands. Mr.
Klnkald Raid the rnraiiro had thr tacit
approval of the Interior; department,
which recosnliea th necessity for the re
aurvey cnntcmplntcd.
Nearly M.0u0 a expended In this
manner last summer unler an appropria
tion secured by Congressman Klnkald,
and five corps of purveyor ppent monthi
In the, field completing purvey under the
tllrertlon of N. I! Hweltrer, suiwrlnten
dent of the purvey division of the land
office. The mnklnc of thepe survey wa
suggested by Mr. Fweltser, to whom great
credit la due, as Mr. Klnkald my.
Will Meatore Mae.
Thtre are In all letween l) and 170
township In the Sixth Nebraska district
whlth It In Intended to re-survey und-r
tlx provision of the present bill, snd
twelve corn of purveyor will be pluced
In the field If the appropriation I made,
nt Mr. Klnkald believe It will he. Much
trouble now '-llng over the uncertainty
of boundary line will be obviated by
thepe re-purvey, aurti a law ult over
the location of the fence, pettier'
borne and other building, etc.
"It 1 to be clearly understood," ald
Mr, Klnkald, "that the re-urvey will
cause tie chance In beundarle. but will
pimply restore the monument marking;
the original purvey under the supervision
of disinterested official expert."
Kearaaku I'Mtmaittra,
. The 'senate today confirmed the follow.
Ing appointment of postmaster In
Carl A. Anderson, Waupa; Ethel Hop
Kins, Oakland; Clayton Kellam, Franklin;
U. II. Mack, Ilancrofl; rieth W. Wilson.
Wood River; Ilobert J. Marsh, O'Neill.
) ilron aa Mesaeaje.
Commenting; on the president's message
on the wool schedule, Hcnator Drown
"The message la good and strong. It
Wrings home to the country and to con
lire the fact that the wool schedule of
the tariff law In to be revised downward,
tfnd that the revision will be based on
t)i facts a ascertained by a nonperll
xkn board of expert. 1 do not believe
the politician In congress will be able
tp defeat the recommendation of tne
jfresldent for lower duties In accorogtive
vjith the facta reported by the board."
j Vlrat lastallmeat Deferred.
! Senator Norrla Urown In reply to his
endorsement ot the North Platte Valley
"yvater t'ser' association' contract sug
aieaied by them to the Department of the
Jiiterior, ha been advised by the depart
tent' (hat the dratt of publlo notice I
now under consideration by the depart
ment, which, If Issued, will defer the
time when the first Installment becomes
due fur th6 land Heretofore opened to
Irrigation under the aald project and will
aviso permit payments to be made in
graduated Installments. .
New Postal Savlus Ileaks.
'Postal saving bank will be estab
lished January IT aa follows;
Nebraska Grant, Hhelby, Utlca.
towa Delta, riednck, inline Springs,
Linton, isooi.
tKiutn Dakota Oeddes, Leola, Montrose1.
' Wyoming Encampment.
The following poatofflces will be be
come presidential on January 1 and the
salaries postmaster will receive will be
a follows: Ulgston City, 8. D , $1,1U0;
liabel, a I)., li.aui; "Menno. 8. D., ll.WO;
Newell, 8. U., gl.tot); Timber bake, B. D.,
1.J00; Vlborg. 8. D., ll.SuO; Wolsey, ll.OOu.
Thomas W. lilackburn ot Omaha wa
in (he senate galleries to hear the dis
cussion on the Russian treaty. Mr.
lilackburn, who has been In Annapolis
lo ere his son In the naval academy, left
last evening for Omaha. '
Government Files
Suit to Dissolve
Wa tch Case Trust
PHILADELPHIA. Dev. 21,-The federal
government late today filed suit la the
United Htatea circuit court against the
Keystone Watch Case company, declar
ing It an unluwful combination In viola
tion of the Sherman anti-trust act, and
asking' eh st' twee restrained from carrying
tn an' alHtVl monopoly In the manufac
ture and sal of watch cues.
The government declares that the com-I-any
now "manufacture and sells U er
cent of all watch cases manufactured and
sold in the l.'ulted Stale," and that It la
the "Intent and purpose of the defendant
that the company shall monopolise the re
mainder of the trade."
lit addition to the Keystone Watch Case
company, a Pennsylvania coriKiratlon. In
dividual defendant named In the bill are;
Theodore riurbrugg f Klverside, N. J.,
until recently president of ths company;
Caleb V. Vox. Philadelphia. fvting presi
dent; Kdward T. ftnU-elmry. Philadelphia,
y)w president; John J. Mueller, Phila
delphia, secretary; Charles II. Fogg,
I'hilnd.-lplila, treasurer: 1". II. Kaln.
ITIludelphla. assistant treasurer, and Irv
li) MiUlh. New Yoik. a director.
I" Defendants have also urged cuinpetl
tr to sell their plants and business to
tie Keystone company," the bill adds,
"IhieatriiiiiK them with destruction
pkould they refuse to do so, and have
'flared their Intention of acquiring the
leinalnder ot the trade and commerce In
watch rapes and have asserted that they
Would spend II. 00. (AO If necessary to drive
eome of ttst larger of Its rompelltors out
of buainees. and that defendant would
I kng crepe on the doors of such com
petitors' factories'
.The bill prays that the acqu'i'tl.m of
xailous companlea. and the contracts
entered Into be adjudged unlasful; that
tile combination be disintegrated; that It
1 restrained from continuing It munopo
l lt.c method and that Jobber be unre
strained In their desire to handle all
kinds of goods.
ST. PACK Dec n. Minnesota today
t.a awaided the silver trophy cup of
fered by the ft. fg ul Aasoclatlon of Com--mere
for the most comprehensive atate
etblbit at the Northwestern Products
how. Tb announcement wa mad by
tse management after tb Judges had
rnt petrral days making comparisons.
Montsi.a Ui the saeepstakes trupby
cup fur the largest and the best exhibit
of products from any one ptte.
The cup we originally intended lo go
to one state making the "bpst display.
Judged on quaMty of samples, arrange
inent and the chenslve character of
the exhibits."
Guaranty Fund Law
May Relieve Banks of
Giving County Bonds
fc EA TRICK. Neh.. Dee. 21.-Specal
Telegram. I The former' Hiate hank of
I'lckrell last evening brought mandamus
proceedings against the Hoard of Ruber
vlror to compel them lo deKnate the
bank as a depository for county fund.
The potltlon sets forth that the Pickreil
bank has compiled with all 1 tie provisions
of the statute and that the application
a a depository map rejected by the
county loard on the ground that the tte
require a bank to put up a bond for
the security of deposit of public money.
The petition further a"t forth that the
bank ha paid Its lvy to the depositor'
guarantee fund a required by the Plate
banking hoard under (he law. The case
I set for hearing Peeember ?.
Steamship Trust
Must Stand Trial
NKW rOTlK. Deo. "l.-The. full bench
of the I'nlted State circuit cotnt today
overruled the demurrer Interposed by
the Hamburg-American Steamship com
pany and other trana-atlanttn lines which
form the "Atlantic conference" against
the government's suit for their dissolu
tion. The government's contention I that the
"conference" Is by reason of an alleged
pooling agreement on passenger rates,
a trust In restraint of trtiriu and an In
junction I asked to restrain the coin pa
nle from further execution of the agree
ment. The demurrer alleged want of equity
In the government's petition and followed
closely the petitions In the Tobacco and
Standard Oil case auptalned by the
I'nlted States aupreme court In the "light
of reason" and under the "rule of rea
Judge Nnyes, who read the opinion,
aid the transportation of paeseng'er
between the United State and , Europe
formed part of the commerce of the
l.'nlted State with foreign nations and
that congress had the power to pro
hibit all contracts, combination and
conspiracies In restraint of the for
elgn commerce of the country. He de
clared that the agreement between
the companies affected foreign commerce,
because Its operation must divert a part
thereof from the natural channel of free
competition Into fixed channel. ,
Financial Districts
Fixed by Commission
WASHINGTON. Dec. 21. Tha National
Monetary commission today decided the
general outline of the fifteen districts
Into which the United State would be
divided ynder tha Aldrlch plan of finan
cial reform. , ..i " . ,
In the sectional arrsngenient of, districts
It 1 declared apeclal consideration j was
given to the Interest of - the mailer
banks. In order to gratify the popular
demand agalnat'any possibility of th,e
big.' Influential bank getting control ot
the propoaed National Keaerv associa
tion, thirty ot whose forty-five director
would be elected by the districts.
Under tha division agreed upon New
Kngland would constitute one district;
the eastern state, two; the aouth. four;
the middle weel, four, and the Pacific
coast state, four.
One-fifth of the banking power of the
nation la concentrated In New York, but
It I pointed OUt that all tha eastern
states will form only two districts. Th
I regarded a advantageous to the
mailer bank and out of proportion to
the Invested capital of the east. '
nox'KWEUi CITY. la.. Dec. a.-tHpe-clal
Telegram. -Joeph Dewey and a
party representing himself to be an of
ficer from New Mexico are under arrest
and will answer to a charge of kidnaping.
The Dewey formerly lived In this
county and removed to New Mexico some
month ago. Mr. Dewey began ault
gainst - her husband for a divorce
charging criminal . and inhuman treat
ment. " '
After beginning the' action in New Mex
ico, Mra, Iiewey brought the two chil
dren back here. Soon afterward Dewey
came here and filed Information aaalnst
hia wife and had her examined by the
Insanity commission. Palling to succeed
in havm' ber sent lo Cherokee, Dewey
returned to New Mexico.
Last night abovt It o'clock Dewey, ac-
cu,mpaiud by a man declaring himself to
be an officer, appeared at the home of
A. N. Sumner, j southeast of Rockwell
City, wlio fa an uncle ot Mra. Dewey and
where she ha been Staying, appearing to
have aa .order of court for the custody
or tno two children, and took them aaay.
Mr. Dewey Insisted upon going with
them. After they hud left the Sumner
home an attempt was made to telephone
to town to notify the officers of what
had happened and It was found that the
telephone wires had been cut. The slier
Iff wua finally reached and he started
In aearch' of the party, which was located
this forenoon at Jefferson.
Upon order of Sheilff Wheeler the two
men were arrested and they will be
brougnt here.
CHICAGO. Dec. Sl.-W. Hurke Coch
ran, and 1 nlted rUales Hen;or Albert n
Cummins, addressing different gathering
here toiilght agreed In stout defense nt
the Kherman anti-trust law, but without
knowing of the nature of each others' dls.
ruMilons, touched on many common mb-
Jects from diametrically opposed ana-lea
Cochran wanted no changes In Hie
Sherman law, no new legal means of ad
Justing buslnops; ho criticised the supreme
court of the I'nlted mates for its attempt
at licensing business, saying It wa too
definite In Its leniency toward "trusts.'
Cummins would change Kherman
law; he would revise the ctatutea gov
ernlng commerce and hi criticism of the
supreme court was that 'It rendered the
law vague, harming tho business man be
cause It did not concisely tell him a hen
he a a a laa breaker." v
The Yellow Peril.
Jaundice malsrta biliousness, vanish
whan lr. King's New Uf rills are
taken. tay. safe, gusranteed.' 'Ac. l'or
sal by beaton lrug Co.
Efforts to Consolidate Atlas tnd
Anchor Companies the Cause.
Consolidation of Minneapolis A St.
I.oela nllh Iowa t rslral llrlna
In Uoodly am to trite
of Iowa.
( I'roin a Staff Con pondent.)
DKH MolNKH. la.. Dec. M. (9pclal
Telegram.) The effort of stockholder of
the. Atlas and Anchor Insurance compa
nies, both of Hit city,' to effect a con
solidation, I now up to the iitate Insur
ance department. The officials have got
Into a tangle over the matter and are
divided so that It Is possible they will
have to go Into court for an accounting.
John D. Perry, president of the Atlas
company, refused to sanction the merger.
The ptochhnidnrs deposed him and elected
K. O. Driner of NewhalU la.. In his
place. State Auditor Hleakley heard the
contending parties today.
Ilia Incorporation Fee.
tThe state received a fee of S1!,S00 today
In one check from Oeorge W. Heaver.
ttorney for the Minneapolis A St. I -oil Is
railroad, who filed an amendment to In
corporation paper Increasing the capital
stock by 112.500,000. This Is the tar-rent
fee received by the state thl yesr. The
Increase Is made In iiccord with tha
merger of the Minneapolis and the Iowa
lleeve Arrested In Ilea Molars.
A man, giving his name a John Wil
son was picked up by officers, and the
chief ot detectives Identified him a
Cleorge K. Iteeve. a mm wanted by the
Minneapolis police for safe blowing. The
man also ha a record, having served
term In both the South Dakota and
MIsourt penitentiary for safe cracking.
When confronted with hi picture thl
morning he merely said, "It look Ilk
mo, doesn't It?" Otherwise he was non
Reads- to Com ale te .Merger.
Attorney Oeorge W. Seever for the
Minneapolis ft St. Louis and the Iowa
Central railroad today stated here that
the detail for the merger of these com
panies are now complete and the stock
holder of both railroad have all agreed
to the term of the exchange of stock.
In the end all stockholder of the Iowa
Central will have received stock of the
Minneapolis railroad. Mr. Seevera, In or
der to complete the preparation, today
filed an amendment to the article for
the Minneapolis & St. Ixul Increasing
the capital to t,00n,ooo. The Minneapolis
today took over the actual operation of
tha Iowa Central, at oreeeat under
lease, but which will become an actual
merger In due time.
-es Creamery Cosnpaay.
There waa filed with the secretary ot
state today the artlclea for the Northern
est I'olnt Creamery company of
Greene, Butler county, with $2,600 capital.
j ne Bpringviiie Savings bank filed ar
ticle increasing capital tock from U,000
to $25,000. The W. C. Davenport com
pany of Bloux City filed with S10.0C1 can-
Preventive Medlrlae Fratared.
In the forthcoming bulletin of the Iowa
State Board of Health Secretary Sumner
I preparing to make a apeclal feature of
preventive medicine, and will discuss the
varlou step which may be taken by the
public to prevent epidemic. There hag
been no aerloua epidemic in Iowa thl
season, hut the atate board la taking
tep to prevent any danger of that kind.
' Conclasloa of Coafereaee.
Tha state conference of head of Insti
tutions came to a conclusion thl after
noon. The attendance was larger than
uul. The feature of the meeting wa
an addres' by pr. Rogers, head of a
state institution for feeble minded at
Faribault, ' Minn., formerly of Olenwood,
who allowed what Is being done In various
state In the direction ot study of hered
ity In Ynatt'er of crime and defective
Intellect. It I probable that the Iowa
board will ask for an appropriation to
carry on some of this work here.
Find Joker In fcow Law.
The railroad commission and commerce
counsel fur the state have under con
sideration the meaning of a new law
which wa prepared for the purpose of
granting larger power to the state In de
fining a "switching set-vice" on the rall
roada, and It la represented that the bill
was the victim of a Joker which changed
Its entire purpose so that ths commission
has absolutely no authority to deflno a
switching service. Arguments have been
made to the commission by the attorney
on both aides. The railroads contend that
Instead nt enlarging the power of the
commission, the law aa passed, restricted
Its power. The bill a originally Intro
duced, wa quit different from that
which passed and It was re-wrltten In
committee and rushed through In the
closing days of the session.
WATERTOWN. 8. D.. Dec. Jl. -(Special.
)At the Codington county corn
ahow Just closed In this city the first
snd second prise were won by two sis
tersthe first prise by Hllrired Madsou.
Ked 13 years, and the second by fCthel
Madseii. aged 15 years, daughters of a
prominent Dan farmer residing near the
town of Henry. The cash value of the
two prises won by thu two young ulaea
la $H0. Ity the Industry and pluck shown
by tho young misses they have made
themselves tho most talked of young
people In the county.
Fifty exhibits of corn were made by
boy and girls of the county and con-
lderlng the luck ot moisture of the last
aeaaon and the poor quality of seed corn
furnished I lie contestants were rxcep.
tlonally good, II. hv Dawes of Fulton
president of the State Corn and drain
Growers' association, did the.
Future corn con testa In th! county are
being planned tor on a much larger scale
by tlios interested, as the great Interest
being awakened by the farmers and their
children will make the event the most
lniHitant In the county.
A Ileal Treat.
"Nothing like It Lrewed In America
nothing quite so good," Is what every one
says of fciTOUZ OLD 8 AXON HIIAU. If
ou enjoy a glass of rich, rare and mel
low bo-r try OU SAXON RUAt'.
There's lornu class to It. At all first
class bar or cfe. Phone Cha. Stor
for a case. Web. 1M0; Ind. B-1K1.
Y'A 8111 NQTOS. leo. St.-l'nlesa the
condition of Charles V. Morse, the con
victed New York banker, become des
perate, rrrident Taft. It Is declared In
official circles here, will not Intervene
In the ras. at this time with a commu
tation of sentence or pardon.
Reports received by the Department of
Justice from army surgeon at Fort Mc
Pherton, Ga , where Morse I a prisoner-
patient, are said to Indicate s?tn slight
Improvement In hi condition.
Heplylng to criticism of the president
hr aus he does not parole Morse, offi
cial toe's." pointed out thst the hanker
will not be eligible for parole until
hen he will have served one-third of
hi ffteen- yesr' sentence. Ilelee at
thl time must bo commutation of pen
tenre or pardon.
Otto Feekin's Case
Comes Up on Friday
WILBKR, Neb.. Dee. 2i.-(flpeci Tele
gram.) The trial of Otto Feekln of Crete
on the charge of criminal assault and at
tempted assault upon the person of two
young girls at Crete about two weeks
go will take place In district court her
Friday morning. The case wa originally
set for today, but other case on trial
delayed the proceed'ng. It I possible
the work of Impanelling the Jury will be
gin tomorrow. County Attorney Ireland
sayg that no word had been received of
the whereabout of Alvln Talley, the
other young Crete man, who Is accused
Jointly with Feekln of a Plmllur offense.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Dec. 21 (Special.)
Hog cholera or swine plagu is an un
knowii quantity In Wyoming, according
to the report of Blate Veterinarian JJavIs,
Just filed with Governor Carey. During
the last year the veterinarian and his
deputies vlHlted nearly every hog pen In
the state and made a careful examina
tion of all animals, and while the disease
la not common to thl section, and is sel
dom encountered here, the veterinarian
determined to find the dineae If any ex
isted. The report shows that range end
climatic condition In Wyoming are espe
cially favorable to the growing of hogs,
and those who have heretofore engaged
in thl Industry have made satisfactory
profit therefrom.
The report of Mr. Mavla show that 714
hone were examined for glanders dur
ing the year, and eighty-seven other
horse were examined for other diseases.
Of the fi0 horse nineteen head were de
troyed for glanders.
During the year the veterinarian'
force Inspected 41,019 cattle for scable
and other Infectious and contagious dis
eases. Of thl number, 7.SI6 were found
Infected. A total of 67,349. cattle were
dipped during the year for mange, or
All , cattle shipped Into or from the
tat during the year have been care
fully Inspected for tuberculosa and other
disease! with but few nu bin emmA
The dairy Inspections are looked after
by the city authorise, so the atate vet
erinarian' report doe not show tha
number pf animals, killed for tuber
OLENWOOD, la., Dec. 21.-Specla1.
The second annual Ames-Mills county
short course In grain and stock Judging,
dairying. horticulture and domestic
science opened- here yesterday. The en
rollment In grain and stock I 151, in
domestic aotenc eighty-one. - .The dates
being ao eloae to the holiday ha out
the domestic science attendance 25 pet
cent below last year. Tha other depart,
menta arn 55 per cent Jergur. The follow
ing Instructors ace In charge: Uv tockg
Oeorce W.Undfrey and Theodore; Mark,
lln; farm cropn and oil, A. !(, 'Snyder
and 8. L? Moore; horticulture, J. C. (Tun
nlnghani; domeatlo science, Mra Louise
II. Campbell and Mrs. L. J. Lynch; ex
hibit car, K. V. Cable and F. H. Carter;
alios. K. V, Cable. F. K Tracey and II.
U Bas are assisting In all departments.
J. M. Leffler Is advance man. Last
night short addresses were made by the
Instructors and local speakers at the
court house. Tonight Trot. Cunningham
poke on horticulture, a( the same place.
Friday night an all-county spoiling con
test will be given at the opera house.
Proft Oeorge Masters has the most com
plete acuool exhibit In connection ' with
the (hurt course ever given In Mills
county and J. W. Murphy has a display
of Mill county apples that has, taken
premiums at Denver and St. Joseph.
Prof. Hoiden gave a snort address last
night and presided at the meeting with
Chairman Bruce.
M-VSON CITY. Ia., Deo. a.-(Bpeclal
Telegram.) Three tires today In different
parts of the city did damage to the
amount of $."0,800. Firemen Dan Barron
and James Kelley were Injured In the
Wler wardrobe fire, a wall falling and
catching Barron and crushing hi hip
and injuring him Internally. Kelley fell
from the toof. Kstlmated loa on build
ing and furnishings I $30,000, Insurance
The Ilalph fitanberry block, together
with the Stewart grocery, Barber book
more and Home Tea company, suffered
losa of $10,000 by a basement fire this
Advertising for Teachers.
BAC CITY. la.. Dec. 11. (Speclsl.)-A
Forced by the dearth of teacher for the
rural schools to advertise In the papers
of the state for teachers. County Superin
tendent. Slnck has at last been able to
supply the shortage. More than twenty
vacancies existed which It seemed Im
possible to fill from this county or sur
rounding counties.
Mr. A. It. Tauur of Crlder. Ho., had
been troubled with sick headarho for
about five years, when she began taking
Chamberlain's Tablets. (She ha taken
two hottlea of them and they have cured
her. Sick headache Is reused by a disor
dered stomach for which thepe tablets
are especially Intended. Try them, get
well an may well. Sold by all druggists.
. IK
- aW
i ram t
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49c, Smoking Jackets worth 37.50 at 34.79,
Bath Robes worth 37.50 at 33.98, Shirts
worth $1.00 at 69c and hundreds of others at
like prices.
ale of
FemembcrETcryltem Is of
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finished their Christmas shopping for this year,
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hours of the day has many advantages. There is
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stores, and both you and the sales people are
not as tired as later in the day. And when
shopping in the afternoon, we urge you to
start for home before 5 o'clock, if possible,
making it possible for those compelled to re
main down town later to" find room in the cars.
at-. . .
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sayings department at
3 per annum . .
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ity and has a most con
venient location.
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