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    "US BOYS" -
I str You AIjOHE I
foR. A MiAtuTE, i )
Kfport Adopted at Meeting Held in
: Lincoln Auditorium.
da rr ('ontlimaiir ( Baalaraa
tar Jtlr, mu tlrttrrrn All Cltl
, Hud for prvaratlOB o(
niarallr of tloa. ...
'From a Ktoff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Deo. .-flpecll.)
Tha committee on reaolutlona of the Ne
brukt; Tft league )at nlht reported
M follow, and the report mi unanl
roomly adopted:
Ba It Resolved. F.y the membera of the
republican party In the eta to of Nebraska,
assembled In masa convention this, the
nineteenth day of December, 1011, that we
heartily, earnestly and .sincerely are In
favor of the renomltiatlon and re-election
cf William Howard Taft as president
of the United States.
"We are In favor of hla renomtnatlon
and re-electton because ha has demon
strated by his administration that ha la
American In all his Ideaa and ha has be
come recoKnlsed as one of the big and
brainy presidents of the United Htatea.
In his Rraap of public affalra and In the
exercise of hla matured. Judgment ha la
- equal to any, and the superior of many
of his predecessors. He exercises that
hleh degree of wisdom which best con
serves the Interests of all the people and
a broad atatesmanshlp which protests the
American rights In all International nego
tiations and controversies.
"We are for the renomlnatlon and re
election of William Howard Taft because
the benevolent Christian people of civil
tsrd nations everywhere have been look
Ins for many years for a great leader tn
the advocacy of world peace, and they
have ound him In our president,
t'phttlds Men roe Doctrine,'
"We are for the denomination and re
eleotlon of William Howard Taft because
he believes n that broad conception of
the practical construction and operation
) of . the Monroe doctrine, which forbids
the occupation of our territory by the
soldiers of any other country,- or the ac
quiring of porta or harbor on the eoasta
of either North or South America by any
foreign naUon. He was actuated by this
hlgo sens of Amerloanisnu in hla advo
cacy of reciprocal trad relation between
the United Bute and our neighbor upon
th American continent ao as to create
between th American countries a greater
degre of personal friendship and a
closer bond of American unionism In
trad and commerce.
ataada for Justice.
"Wa are for the renomlnatlon and r
atlecttoa. of William Howard Taft because
he ta a man of Judicial temperament. 11
Invest) gate before he acts; he i willing
to near both aide of every controversy
auiA after proper deliberation decides
tU question In harmony with th
great principle of Justlc and right
Ma 1 not awerved. from til sense
of duty by an excitement' of h.
fccur. and under too circumstance ' Is
ita lorgetrul of th responelblllty of his
high, and exalted position as th ruler
4t m Kilkl nation, lie la a atateemait who
live a4 act in that atmosphere of
g-enuine Improvement and progreea which
evidences true greatness.
"W are for th renomlnatlon and re
elect lun oT William Howard T.ft
dent of to United State because hi ad-
.ministration ha carried on to a suocess
lul finality a prosecution against the
,Biiaara Ull company and th tobacco
company and other creat truata. and h.
ivaaa thee Interests abuse him th (nor
1 adrolr him.
tratetr of Baelaeea.
"I'Pun the other hand wa eoua'.lv mt
uilre him becauee he protects and does
nut aesu-oy the legitimate business In
Uresis of the country. We recognise that
at Unas inauy pt-ople have severely crlt-
mse sums acts of his administration
but It Is to be remembered that Urorg,
Washington, during the last terra of bli
adniuUsUatlou ws also crlUuised and
aUused, and that Abraham Lincoln dui-
ii li the flret turn of his administration
um alsu bitterly and vehemently crlt
Ivisrd by many men wh should hav
ltfn his firm tuupoiter. Nevertheless
.Wasblngtun aad Lincoln each remained
IW-in in their purpose to administer th
uverniiu in lbs spirit of wisdom an.
laU-aminship, and as time has gone it;
lAe raviuoHes of Washlnston and I Jnrv li
iiare grown brighter lu pases of hl.inrr
twnlle the names of their detractors have
been burled in the oblivion at ih
it will be with William Howaid Taft
ills remarkable personality I attaining
stronger place la th lovable hearta of
Uie American people and their afteotlon
for him will continue, to grow stronger
m th names cf bl cilUc pass out ol
( "Wa are for the renomlnatlon and re
lectlo-j of William Howard Taft ts
piesident of th United Hat because
ais Judicial wisdom compel him ta shun
and put aslds all controversial quastlurt
' wher not baaed upon th great piln.
tple on which our government wa
created and ha prospered for mor than
century- "
"Ha believe In th ronstltutlert of the
1 Vnlted States as It wa wilt ten by lt
( fismers. as It was Interpreted by t'hlrt
: Justice Marshall gad as It ha been 4-
W v& :.v I 1 - m & r .. T2 .f La -rvl. -aEZ3Es cD S. arsiipfH
V J Vf $lVff A .;. J MOW MARY A wiMtwuE fVOU HAO S f CA8 I -1
Leave It to Mary, She'd Spoil'
r -Tv (vill 1' ? MART. T" CvV 1 C0E I VV LufM i PImaED Hri TAii mf jat IJoTwu&d qm AHorSTOvE ME 1
J I . I i" su V a- a-. I -p "V 7 II 1 1. BMl-U V 1 1 fWl S-U J I W V I Js I niVlll US 11 VW aW IkJl rf 1 ) IN aw-anax, n
. I X-s? U w VV 1 none or K.V; Crol L1'HM and also me conoui L.., sat
li y ? - ('ii ' " Vr-' If , Qy ' I
te -a miiirl V'-:' ?: i
' iL "" uIIlI "''"' ; f lil ' ' i j
, -vv -v-A uj 11 , , y ? . , "f Aft . t .
-sv,..,x rvxA k l J1 ';: r ffl -4A- x?e. i
YCXyA mKj, A ' .Vn l ... . - f;', (jS L,.
, , V ir . ?'isi&AGr Y h' " ' j - I L '',v "1' V7 .quarters from one Jurisdiction to an-
ministered by hi 'predecessor ' In office.
He has no desire to rewrite that, con
stitution, nor to put. upon It new In
terpretations, neither would he give up
th rich heritage of th past for new
creed or new notions' of civil policy
until It ha first been demonstrated that
that which la newly offered ta better
than that which ha gone on before.
"Wherefor th renomlnatlon and re
election Ot William Howard Taft a
president of the United States, because
h I the friend of all our people and
th protector of their Interests, and the
morning of th day Is dawning when th
consensu of opinion of th American
people will recognise him as one of th
best presidents we ever had and the
world will reoognlse In him on of th
aafeat and most Judicious rulers of th
United State bf America.
For these reaaona and for many other
equally cogent we hereby pledge our
selves to use our esrnest and loyal en
dcavors to secure th renomlnatlon and
re-election of William Howard Taft as
president of the United Btates." .
to consider tha matter and no Came ha
been suggested as Mr. Pollard's successor
3tockmen Will File
Suit Against Illinois
Central Railroad
FORT DOUCB. Iu.. Dec, Ki.-t Special V
Joseph Hobbs, R. H. French and Chester
Demar of Marcus and twity-two other
prominent stockmen of that vicinity were
arrested her Sunday and are now
out on le bond each until a hearing
of th charge preferred against them by
the Illinois Central Railroad company can
be heard Wednesday morning in police
court. Holibs Is now at a local hotel
with serious injuries. Internal aa well as
external, resulting frcm a fall from, a
car platform when he waa being arrested
by apeclal agenta of th road. Th othei
two men named remained her wltit him.
but the other went on to Chicago to dis
pose of live stock they were accompany
ing to market.
The trouble arose, th stockmen say, be
cause though they had three tralnloads of
stock they were given only on caboose In
which to rneke th trip to ChL-aga. Tal.
being Inadequate they left It at For-.
Dodge, determining to continue by regu
lar train. Boarding th train th con
ductor refueed to recognise their etoci.
passe and they allege would not acocp
money fares. Thsy feared to leave ta
train to buy ticket for fear cf gettlni
left and th conductor called th apacla
officers to eject them forcibly and arrest
them, Th itockmrn today asserted they
would tart suit against th company a
soon as th polie court matter la settled,
Tea-Maa) far 9rrr,
TL'IK11H. H. D.. Deo. M--8imh1 Tl
gram.) Hharlff Collin rft ton.gbt lo
Hons Ka'.la with William tfiwrry. Bperrj
i.esfso guilty te a statutory charg In clr
mow t-Mcf hoo ad w-e r TKor along
n Some of the Lively Little Fellows
; I - : .
cult court and was sentenced today by
Judge Rlc to ten month In the state
penitentiary. . .
A B, Allen Wins Out
. io Succeed Perkins
(From a fluff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.. Dec. .-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Th ritat Railway commission
today appointed Arthur B. Allen, secre
tary of the, commission to succeed Clark
Perkins, who resigned to look after his
business at Aurora. Mr. Ferkin and Mr.
Allen will work together In th office
until the annual report of th commis
sion Is compiled and divide th (alary
of the position between them and then
Mr. Allen la to assume th duties of th
office and th commission will fix his
salary. Th snlary cannot be under th
law, mor than S2.W0. Th report of th
commission Is supposed to be filed De
cember l, but It 1 not yet completed.
Mr, Allen wa secretary to Ouvsrnor
Mickey and oil Inspector under Oovernor
Sheldon. Previous to that he wa a news
paper man at Tecumseh. Commissioner
Kail deeirod to give th appointment to
E. L. Ripley of Lincoln, who managed
Mr, Hall s campaign, but the other two
members outvoted him and lie finally do
rkl'.'d to make th election unanimous.
No Sweaters for
High School Athletes
The High School Athletic Hoard of Con
trol yesterday afternoon decided not tn
award sweater to th elxteen letter men
of thi season' foot ball team.
Th report of receipts, and expenditures
for th Isst foot ball season showed
that foot ball scarcely jald Ita own ex
penses this year, as ths fcMO now on lisud
rrpreent Just about th Collection taken
nun the school at ths beginning of the
Interest In the mete between Bob
leller, th big Iowa boxer, and Al flray,
)mah'a premier negro heavyweight,
hlch will occur Thursday evening at
he Lrrlo theater. Increases dslty. Heller
a working In this city and ha with him
;Uy Buckles and Jack Withers. II
reigns around th 100 tr.ark ami ha
hovn plenty of form and hopes ta win
he cot.i'n bottt ail rhallrng Carl
iorrls, th Oklahoma giant
Cray 1 being bandied by good me
nd will keu; the "ahlte lupa" busy alt
he time. He hes for n-rr a well
xnown Omaha real estate dealer, who
Jec lares th big fellow will glv a full
accounting for Id nisei f Thursday night
Few contests have evuked more Im'al
ntereet than this one. With it goes a
itx-rvund match twtwtcn Uuy Buckles
IJtfhtweluhts v. ho uie thrown much
Into the limelight ty the Incapacity of
Ad. Wolgast: From left t rlKht Rat
tling Not no n, former champion; Packey
McFarland, One-round Hogan and
Knockout Brown.
and Walter McCarthy, two old-time rivals.
A rattling preliminary will precede th
main events.
Trratow Wis Tug (iamrs.
TRENTON. Ntb . Deo. .--;8petUI.)
Trenton High school basket bail teum
was victorious in two games on baturiiay
last playing eitiattcn HiKli school boys in
the afternoon here, winning W to 0. In
the evening It played Culoertsoti High
school at Culbcrtsou Indojrs, with a score
of 17 to 7.
Squabs Defeat Havens.
Squabs, a boys' department uam, heat
the Havens at basket ball Tuettday
tilxht. at the Toting Men's Christian
Sumx-iatlon. Ths game was rough at
times, resulting In a number of fouls on
both teams.
Two horses were burned to death at t
O'clock last nlht In a barn fire at th
rear of L. Morgan' reaidenco. Twenty
seventh and Parker streets. The animate
belonged to L. J. Byrn and wer valued
at UK). The barn waa ot valuable. Mor
gan said he believed neighbor had set
th place afire, a complaint liad come
to him against th barn being located
A small fir la'B: Shaftcn' second
hand store, ins Douglas street, did, .IpO
dsmnge about f :30 o'clocy. '
Fir In th bakoty .'on. tha third floor
of th Courtney grocery etore. Seven
teenth and Douglas street, frightened
tha ownsra of adjacent store at 10
O'clock. Tha fir department extinguished
th blazes, which sprung from some
mouldetlng rags. ' '
l ,
Approximately 1.600 persona, mad a p
el trip down town last night t pur
rt.aas on or more of th tetty Rller-ije-k
Christmas trees whlrb. wer Im
ported Isst week from Germany by J. L.
Uiandels A rns and the sal on them
U-h waa adverttaed to oren at T o'clock
a forced to slsrt at i
21, 1911.
r.eglstr-red, I'nlted Btats PatTit Office.
IT ?
Witnesses Tell of McJifanigal Sent-
inf Empty House.
Hoaso at Mystery Tsrai Oat to Do
torag Floe Ised by Coafeesed
Dynamiter for Hiding;
INDIANAFOL1S, Ind.. Deo. fO.-Fer-on
who for week unknowingly have
lived near to enoLth dynamlt to b.o
up the ccishborhood and whos children
skated over the floors of a vacant hOu
In which, nitroglycerin had been spilled
testified In th government' investiga
tion of th dynamite conspiracy befois
th fedaral grand Jury today.
Witnesses frcm ilunole, In'd., wsr
questioned concerning what thsy knew of
tho renting of a house In Munol to OrtI
McManlgal In December, 1H0. After pay
Ing rent for several month In advance
McManlgal stored It with boxss and saw
dust In which he parked nitroglycerin.
The fact that th rant had been paid
and tha house, always In darkness, was
visited periodically by a strangsr. created
an element of mystery which still waa
unolvtd svsit aftsi th place, again du
scrt'J. was tin own open and school
children skatsd tves the floor upon
which appeared grets spou. Latsr It
was found th spot wer caused by
nitroglycerin and expert wer called to
dtetroy their explosive power.
Among th witness from Muriel war
Mrs. . r.iiiabeth Hlne. Isaae Crant and
a manufacturer who told bexc to Mc
Manlgal. Th evidence wa traced by th Investi
gators, not only to confirm McManlgal
confession, which Implicate John J. and
James B. McNar.iira, but also to bring'
ouf who asslotod than. ,
Kept Drssaill la Bin,
Ot'icr sxprtssioos of horror at d.scorer
Ing they had boon living near explosive
come from member of th family of D.
Janes, a farmer nigr Indianapolis. For
a long tlm prior to hla arrest on April
ft, Ml, J. J. McNamara, secretary-treasurer
of th International Aaaootatlon of
Brldg and Structural Iron Workers, on
th pretext that h wa storing old
records, kept In Jon Lara a piano boa
filled with dynamlt from whleh Mo
Manlgal replenished hla supply whan go
lag cn dynamiting expeditions.
Th plana bos mil had twntyflv
peHiad ( dl-aamlt In it whn Jon, dig
flnff on hi farm, wag apprised ol th
faet by dtetlM who Vlciwd th place
th day John J. wa a created.
' II im teamed mat the wltn ii will
ingly a!4 ef th repranUUri under
wniak they rnt4 their placed aad wUa
I (em one paid IhetM taoney,
fiv far In Irunworkem' gMoldlU
w anaaeraed, tut oppdititidn will be
mad berea'ier agatnat tt removal of
book and papers Lakes from th bead
By Tom
Young Fireman Dies
1-1 X T- 1
r rom injury on uuty
WATERLOO, la.. Dee. 20. (SpeoUl
Telegram.) ClKirles Herman Elchtr, aired
.12. member of the fire department, dle
this morning from an accident met while
fighting fire. He fell from the roof to
the basement, seven floors, and died two
hours later. Fire loss, $9,000 to shoe more
of U. W. Hesalford.
SCHUYLER. Neb., Dec. 20. Special.)
Sidney high school defeated Schuyler
high at basnet ball Monday evening by
a Boor of 32 to 13. The game wa an ex
hibition of the very best typo of basket
ball, clean and hard fought battle be
tween two squads who could pass the
ball bard and fast. Sidney has made an
unusual record on the present tour ami
has won five cousecutive victories against
some of the best secondary school teams
of the state..
1. Answers must be addrecbed to
"Datfydll Kilitor" of The Lea. ud reach
The Bee office not later than 0 p. m.
Thursday ot each week to be considered
lor prixe award of that week,
t Contestants may submit one or more
answers for any or all of the prizes.
. i. Winners to be selected one by each
advertiser on Dutfydii contest- page and
printed in hl advertisement, which vviu
ainp announce pnxe for next -contest.
4. Kach Dafrydill must be written on
a sepej-ate sheet vt paner and must des
ignate the advertiser for whom it is in
tended b. Winning Dafrydils wlil be chosen for
their originality, wit and humor and
preference will be shown those pertaining
to name or business nf the advertiser.
6. Winners must call in person for
prises al advertiser's place of business.
T. In addition to advertisers' pnse3 The
Bee will award five $1 pr:xea tu the five
next beet Daffydll writers and will print
then), together with all others worth
publishing on Daffydll Contest Page.
It's Summer in Texas
When Winter is Here
lou can tak th fmlly and escape cold, blustry day for surprisingly
llttlo money If you run down
To Beautiful San Antone
Tropic plant Moore when wintry day ar blowing up here. Let in
tell you detail of th
X v
Women Carry Home
$25,000 Gold from
Subtreasury Vault
LOS ANGELES, CaJ., Dec. 20. Mrs. C. I
E. Duhordieu, to whom the city of Los
Angeles owed some $.000 dropped In at'
the i ;ty treasury today and got her
money. Fifteen neighbor women helped
to cairy it home.
Mrs. Dubordieu presented a warrant foe :
$-'l,S73 duo her for property which, tha j
city had condemned.
"I'll take thUs In money. If you please,' ,
nho aaiJ.
Chief Deputy Treasurer N. T." Powell i
detailed two men to drag sacks of gold
from the vault. Each sack bore th seal I
of the United States sub-treasury, with
a certificate of the contens of th bag. 1
"Vou see, there'll 15,000 In each bag,"
Fowell explained politely. 1 .
"How do I know?" asked Mr. Dubord-'
hu. I wsnt tn count it." 1
I Tables were provlsed and th counting
wan apportioned among th neighbor.
When It was determined that the sub
treasury had counted correotly, Sire.
Dubordieu split the place Into piles :
appropriate to tha strength of aclt'
woman. It wis scooped Into shopping j
baskets and the procession trailed forth
toward the Dubordieu home.
Tho key to success In business Is thej
Judicious and persistent use of newspaper
tt. NgJi-XJa an KRCWIN) 0,UtCeMM,VMe.
LEEC3 A TAN SANDT, Di&trlslara
111 South ink. St, OMAHA, NB3.
aeaaat IWu HT.At$T$
Something HE Likes
it Isn't a difficult matter to decld
"what" to give a man, but It Isn't
alwuys easy to get Just the right
kind. Hundreds of ladle buy men'
present at Kelley's because they ar
aure they will have a good selection
of articles of apparel that ar In
good taste and that a man will be
fclad to get and WEAK, such a
airjrtmCTarii-jiij-,ijw wmtimm
Silk Sox
Hath Robes
Jewelry '
Taney Vest
31SS. 16th St.
Low Rates Via the Mitionri Pacific
Tho.. F. Godfrey, rMien,6r Md Tltktt Agent
1423 rABXaiC ITUZT, or