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    TUB HKK: OMAHA. TIH'l.'.SDA Y. IIK( KMIlKIt 21. hill.
Mark Cross Gloves $1.50
Tlic cry beat leather gloves you
ran buy made over In London ly
the inoFt skllle! workmen In (lie
world. Three plovoi oro carefully
sewed by hand. Ihcy don't rln r
lout shape. An Ideal Christmas gift.
Or any ot these nonld pleis:
him Irrcnensely
Found Guilty of
Blowing a Safe
Rfport on Union and Woodman Con
solidation Comes Soon.
..30c to $3
50c to noo
S5 to $9.60
. . . 50c to $3
. . 1 5c to T.Oc
Neckwear ,
Suspenders ,
Silk Hot
Ha-o and Tie Set.
Interwoven Hose, 4 pair, any color,
In box $1.00
Uoy'a Ties 25e-50c
Collar Bags Ath, Trays Bill
Fold Tobacco Pouches Cigar and
Cigarette Caaes.
rat Ytnuo f tonn
P k
r-h. ill
vran r4 ( in i
Aent of Premier of China Makes
Concession to Revolutionists.
Maya He Meet t'oramanlrat with
rrklnc Before It lleeomea Offi
cial rorrlcn Coaenle
' Frraeat Xole.
SHANGHAI. Dec. 20.-lurlng th peace
Jronference between the representatives of
the Imperial Government and the revolu
(KonlKU thin afternoon, Tang" Phao Yl,
"who represents Premier fuan Shi Kal,
expressed .himself ai "ready to accept a
republic, but must first ommunlcate
with Peking."
' The consuls of the six power called
'en Tana Kilo VI and Wu Ting-Fang this
'morning and presented their note, ex
'iresstng the good will of their respective
tiovrrnmeuts and the hope that the peace
conferences now In sesnlon would be auo
tessful. ', '1 he representations, first at the Itead
' ti:rtcr of Tana ".hao Yl and then at
, the homa of t)r. Wu Ting-Fang made
' iiti Impieselon.
The Uerman funiul waa the first apokes-
iv n at each place. The American repre-is-ntailve.
Consul General Amoe . P.
- , wildtr, seconded the Herman address
' .knd as followed by the other four
'tlplomat In order or their seniority, an
ui let mined by length of residence at
Armlatlr la Kxteaded.
' Tho conference wu reautned at the
.town hall thin afternoon,
i' After 'the meeting had adjourned an
. official statement Initiated by Tana Hhao
Yl and Dr. Wu Ting-fang, the leader of
' the Imperialists and revolutlonarloi, re
' spccllvcly, was Issued to the pre. It
' , In substance that after Ir. Wvi
Tlng-fung had presented the case In
. faor of a republic a an' Indispensable
condition of pence Tang Hhao Yl "ex
: 1 -rosed hla readiness to accept Or. Wu
Ting-fang's lcw, but the matter waa so
important that he must first communi
cate with Peking." '
The armistice between the opmslnt
- fvrcea lies tern extruded to December 30,
jForty-Seven Licenses
Granted in Sioux City
1 SIOL'k CITY, la,. Iec. lo.-The saloon
question, which haa been the main topic
J here since the Moon law decision, was
handed down by the Iowa supreme court
'Monday, waa settled aa far aa the city
' council la concerned this afternoon, when
, pertnlla mere ' granted to forty-aven
UtiufSftntT. tfcits eliminating thirty-one
' uf the seventy-eight saloon. The lucky
dealers- will reopen for business a anon
, aa the necessary bonds are filed. Plnce
Monday all the salocna, except tuft, have
been closed.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dec. 20.-8peclal.)-The
State Hallway commission today con
tinued the hearing of the physical valu
ation of the Northwestern lines. The
company put Its right of way man, Mr.
Cleveland, on the stand for the purpose
of showing thut the multiple used by the
state In fixing the ratio of railroad right
ot way to adjoining land whs too smalt.
Mr. Cleveland gave figures estimating
the valuation of right of way In Wiscon
sin, South Dakota and elsewhere and
rearhed tho conclusion that the correct
multiple was three, whereas Mr. Ilyrd,
the state's represent a live, had fixed It
a varying figure of from ono and a half
to two and a half.
The stale Bought to ahow by cross-examination
that while the method of as
certaining the valuations, as testified to
by the witness, were Isrgely the same
aa those used by Mr. Hurd, the lines
which Mr. Cleveland had valued wera
constructed under . conditions differing
greatly from those obtaining In Ne
braska. T. M. MeCague was on th atsnd this
afternoon In behalf of the railroad for
tha purpose of -valuing the terminate of
th company In Omaha. He valued the
new freight depot at SM6.W0. Asked
whether tha etunpany paid anything for
tha vacated street Included In th com
pany property, he said ha dldnot know.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Dec. 20-(pa-
cial Telegram.) A petition waa circulated
here today by some ot th foremost
democrat placing C. M. Uruenther of
Platta county In nomination aa candidate
at th democratic primaries for governor.
Th petition I being signed very freely.
This would mean five candidates In
sight for that office, R. I,. Metcalfe ot
Lincoln, Tom Smith of York, J. II. More
head of Falla t'lty and C. W. Pool of
Tecumseli. Called up over the telephone
today Uruenther, who I In PlatUmouth,
said he knew nothing about the circula
tion of th petition and would make no
statement cf his Intentions.
Yoansr Farmer Killed,
FRIEND, Neb., Dec. S0.-(Pclal.-Yesterday
while engaged in shelling corn
at the Kveret Illanchard farm, four miles
northwest of, town. Carl Johnson, a
young Danish farmer, waa caught In the
fly wheel of a gasoline engine and re
ceived Injuries from which he died In
about two hours. Johnson waa unmar
Heatrtce Pastor Umr Bnokaae.
BKATK1CK. Neb., Deo. .-( Special.)
Rv. J. K. Davis, who haa been paator of
the First Christian church In thla city
for th last sis' years, haa accepted a call
from tha Ctntrnl christian church at
8pckane. Wash., and will local there
about March 1. Ills new position carries
with It an increase In salary of 11 per
Strong Healthy Women
II a worms) is strong aad healthy in a womanly nr, moth
erhood mean to hr bat little suffering. The trouble lies
a tho (act that the maay weati taller Irons weakness and
disease of the dittiaotly lemiaia organism aad era unbtted
tar motherhood. Thi caa be remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cures the weakaesses mmi diaordere of womao.
It mu directly the delioat aad important
organs eonaeraod ia motherhood, aaekiaf theaa
healthy, ttronl, vigorous, virile aad oiattlo.
ot women htv
Favorite Prescription" baaUhea th indispotitioat ot the
period of expectaaoy and makes baby's advent easy and
almost painless. It quicken aad vitalixe th leminin
oi-gans, and insures a healthy and robust baby. Thousand
t3tined to its marvelous merits.
It Mak Weak Womtn Strtutg. It AUken Skk Womea Welt.
ji. ,,U Uo "ot ff,r ub,ut. d r then upon you a "just
a tooi. Accept eo secret nostrum ia place of this aea-srirrf remedy. It
rantsiot aot a drop of alcotiol aad not a fraia of habit-torming or iajuriout
drugs. I par el)ctri rxtrsct ol l.celinj, a&tiv Aaierivao roots.
In auy amount uu improvej (or to improve) Omaha
find South Omaba real estate Hesidence or business.
Money On Hand No commissions to pay Interest
rate reasonable Inpayments of $100 or more on prin
cipal received any day vrithout notice. Prompt action
1614 Ilarney St, Omaha, Neb.
Geo. F. Gilmore, Prest. Paul W. Kuhns, Secy.
nrfltr llartmi tlnltls Thta la Diver
sion of l'sni nail Mnj nt t onie
I luler Xlrlct I n terprela t Ion
of State l.ona,
ri'i-om a 8laff torrcspondent.l
LINCOLN, lrr. W. fHpeclal.l The
stotm clouds which have been hanging
over the Woodmen and Cnlon f'lre In
suraii'e companies are l.kely either to de
velop Into n downpour or be dissipated
with the filing of the report of Ihe ex
aminers, whn hnv teen at work on the
hooks of th" two companies. Tha re-
I yiti i iTuuauiy win oe rueo wiTnin a rew
days. The proposed ronsolldstlnn of the
two Lincoln comrmnlre hns been In the
courts and an Injunction Issued restrain
ing sich consolidation previous to the
snnuel meeting of Ihe stockholders Jan
uary 4, when they will vote on the ques
tion. Auditor Barton objects to the
wording of the circular which has been
sent to the stockholders, which by Impli
cation, says that Ihe Insurnn" depart
ment and the -auditor approve the con
solidation, whereas Mr. Harton a f erts
the fact to bn that neither himself nor
the Insurance department has officially
endorsed or opposed tha consolidation.
Whether In the finality they will endorse
cr not rtependa upon conditions of the
companies and whether the terms of the
consolidation are equitable to all con
cerned. Payments to Officers.
Methods pursued to bring about the
consolidation, however, are likely to pro
duce the real fireworks and according
to Auditor Harton may result in action
against some prominent men In Lincoln
i ami iiiv emir, ii Hiijrrnrs irJin me rec
' ord In the Injunction case that the offi
cers of the Woodmen company paid the
officers of tho t'nlon, which has been In
existence for sbout twenty-five years,
IM.OUO to resign, that the officers of the
Woodmen company might succeed them.
This was previous to the Injunction pro
ceedings and they actually did succeed
the old officers of the Cnlon. Mr. aBrtnn
holds that such payment was a diversion
of funds of the Woodmen company and
that those, who authorised It payment
rnuet return It to the Woodmen treaaury
or the Insurance department may be Im
pelled to takn legal action to compel
them to do o.
Former Oovernor Sheldon, Mayor Arm
strong of Lincoln. J. W. Walt and K. II.
Marshall of this city are Involved In th
payment or receipt of the money.
Whether the payment of the money will
have any effect on the flnlnclal stand
ing tff the Woodmen company, Mr. Bar
ton declared, would only In disclosed
by the examination, but whether It did
or did not ha held It waa a di
version of tha funds of the company.
Still another act of the officials in the
proposed consolidation has come ' under
the ban of the Insurance department. A
considerable amount of the business of
the Cnlon company. It la charged, ha
been reinsured In the Woodmen and that
commission had been paid for such re
Insurance, which the auditor holds is
contrary to law and In addition he Is pot
pleaaed with the reinsurance pending ac
tion on tha consolidation, as such act. If
the consolidation should fall of approval
by either th stockholders or tha Insur
ance department, would tend to weaken
the Union company. .
' Governor to Aabnra.
Governor Aldrich and Adjutant General
Phelps went to Auburn today, and to
night Inspected Company f of the Ne
braika National guard. The governor
will deliver a nonpolltlcat address In the
opera house at that place.
Inapert Taben-alosle Hospital.
Land Commissioner Cowles Is In Kear
ney today Inspecting work already don
and arrangements made for opening th
Tuberculosa hospital at that place. Ar
rangements have about bean completed
and It la now anticipated tha Institution
will be opened January 1.
Barton to Slake Speeehea.
Ktste Auditor Barton has three speak
ing dates for the tiear future, at! of them
of a nonpolltlcat nature. January 1 lie
will go to Sutton and deliver an address
at the fraternal rally, January S to Ila'a
tlqgs for Institutional work for the work
men, and January SO to Wilcox, where
he will speak before the farmer's Insti
tute. Halsh Must Oet Petition.
John K. Walsh of Humboldt, who
aspires to be a delegate to the democratic
national convention will find nior
trouble In accomplishing his desire than
he anticipates. II sent to the aecretary
pf slate an affidavit of his intention, sup
posing that waa alt that waa necessary,
btu Seoretary Walt ha written hi that
a regular primary petition ia required
and thut he will have to obtain 500 sig
natures to the petition and that the
signers must be distributed among two
thirds ot the counties of tha First Con
gressional district. Mr. Walt I preparing
a circular setting forth In concise form
all of the requirements of the primary
law, which he will send to anyone ap
plying for the en me. He siys he finds
considerable apprehension regarding the
provisions of the law and that such a
circular will be the boat and most expe
ditious way ot anttlng Inquirers right. He
will consult th attorney general before
completing the circular to obtain an opin
ion whether or not the petition provision
applies to purty committeemen.
t ouali Asaeasor
In response to an Inquiry from Reward
county the attorney general haa ren
dered an opinion construing the law ex
tending the terma of county aeaeaaora for
one year. Cnder th old law theae offi
cials would have given place to new one
January I. and the question was whether
the old officials simply held over without
any formality or whether It wax neces
sary to requallfy and gtve a new bond.
The attorney general rules that the old
official must requallfy and give, a new
bond, all th procedure being th same
aa though he were taking orflce for a
new term. The decision of the supreme
court in th case of Andrew Koewater,
city engineer cf Omaha, is cited by th .
attorney general as a precedent,
cafeteria, fur. Ittadeats.
I nlversity authorities are seriously con-
smarm ine esiauusnmcnt of a restaurant
on the cafeteria plan, at which students
cen be fed at coat, for tha noon luncheon,
.conserving both tha time and the finances
jof the students. l 8. Allen, prostdrnt of
me Jioaru ot ttetfenta, and Chancellor
Avery are now working on the plan.
Hreaka l ea While Wreatllag.
DAVID CITY. Neh.. Dec. I). (Special. )
-At the Young Men'a Christian aaaooa
tlon gymnasium last evening George
Quade. while wreatllng with one of the
other boys of thla place, was thrown and
sustained a broken leg just above lh
I LATTSJIUCTII. Neb., Dec. 3.-Frnk
Mi'Tami. ( ne of three men held on Ihe
crarne of being connected with a series
of hank and pontnffice robberies In this
, section of iWhraskii last s.immt r. was
I foi nd guilty of blowing' open the safe of
j a Jeweler In UtulsvlMe. The Jury wan out
one hour. His sentence . !e from twenty
years to JJfc; lis termination depending
on the stale pardoning b.ard.
! iismss ansa jsjh (
OLDO I'sllH lit; iu.t UK.
LAXATIVE HROMO Qulmne. the world
aide i'oI.I and lrlp remedy reniutea
tauae. full tor full name. Look fur mu
i.Uis fc. W. UKUYb. 3Jc.
WiATRICE. Neh.. Dec. I).-(Hperla:
Telegram.) "Deacon" Burroughs and
Clarence Cain of this city were arrested
on the charge of robbing Klein's store
here Hunday night. They were brought
here tonight and lodged In Jail. Home of
the atolen goods were found In their
possession. Cain Is believed to be Im
plicated In the robberies which have oc
curred at Htelnauer recently, as a sult
cane belonging to W. If. Huff of that
place was found among the articles
Carl Helman was arrested here today
and lodged In the county Jail for trying
tovpass a bogus check for IIS on a bank
at Wmore. He saya Columbus. Neb.. Is
hi home. Whrn he called at fie bank
he gavethls name as Harrison and said
he was employed as a farm hand' near
Wymore. The sheriff was notified and
he was arrested when he stepped from
the truln here.
mtOKEN ROW, Neb.. Dee. 20.-(Special
Telegram.) Charged with embetxllng ttie
sum of SMi6.1T, Ross J. Holman, a citizen
of Ansley, this county, has been arrested
by Deputy Sheriff Penn and brought to
thin city. Holman was arrested at the
Instance of "the Loup City Mill and Light
company, which iharges him with re
ceiving and selling goods on commission
and not turning In the cost jirlee of
same. Holman will probably have a
hearing today or tomorrow. '
Tooth Poudor
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tifies the teeth and imparts
purity and fragrance to the
breath. Mothers should teach
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Use the same care in buying 1
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just ask for crackers
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h '"si for
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Evtry Little Polly ii guaranteed.
Ilorrah & Stnqart Mfg. Co.
Dei Moinct, Iowa
Its i
Extraordinary Piano Announcement!
New 1911 Styles
Steinway Grands and Uprights
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Also a Few New 1911 Styles
Webers and Mehlins
This is the first time during out
many years of piano business that we
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In order to facilitate a quick sale of
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l JaVaV I
t-Vnfi C3cfQ C5 Z3a
tOOD OBtfTg'Js
Tstrassiri pbczai.b
Only a few more hlce Christ
mas tree left, each . ...Oflo
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i sum i i 'C5
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r v - --
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'asr f W W
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oaycty dark ' the week before Christmas'.'
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tadle' Dim Matins atvary Week Say.
The Omahn liee reaches moro
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3a T it , .
rfrf n-y !,, ? '
i m " i ' w & 1
''MP 5? ?3 i
a. a ..
. iy . a . a ih k - ',
(- - -1 V - -i -
t i. i. . ij.4' ..
CHRISTMAS, The Time of Gifts
Some for use, gome for pleasure, but all carry the true gplrlt of the
aeiton. Of useful glfia thero are none better for a Mid than a Savlnga
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John F. Flack, Free.
J. A. Sunderland, Vice Pres.
V. 8. Hlllis, Cashier.
J I). ltnl(rfcr, Asst. ('ashlar.
Resources Over S3.000.000