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Board Will Investigate Chase County
Stat Itbor Borrai Will Hare Crop
Statistics Read? la Two Weeks
la Mora Complete Form
Tkaa Heretofore.
(From a Staff CorrespondVnt.)
LINCOLN, Dec 19. (Special.) Judge
rturk and County Clork Prall of Chase
county today conferred with the Board
of Industrial Lands and Fundi concern
ing the appraisal of school and university
lands In that county, asking that it be
reduced. They asserted that In many
Instances as high as 1150 per section lease
money was paid while, according to their
Ktatement fully as good lands could be
leased from private persons for much
less, In some instances for one-half.
The board took no action on the matter,
but will Investigate and in case the cir
cumstances are thought to warrant, may
order a new appraisement. They may
also, If they desire, decmlde to declare
renent leases forfeited where rentals are
delinquent. Owing to crop conditions In
that section much of the lease money
i delinquent, but the board has hesi
tated to forfeit the leases for the reason
that many were really unable to pay,
nrid the board had hoped they would
when conditions were bettered. The
board has asked the Chase county men,
as a preliminary to the Investigation by
the board that they send in' an estimate
of their valuation of the lands for leas
ing purposes.
Normal Hoard to Meet.
The state normal board will meet in
regular session tomorrow. In addition to
routine business, the board will deolde
what should bo done to replace, either
temporarily or permanently, the pump
house, engine and pump of the Peru
normal water supply system, which was
destroyed by flro recently.
Labor liareau Hair,
The Btate labor bureau Is busy just
now finishing up the compilation of crop
statistics. Mr. Quye hopes to have the
figures ready to give out In about two
weeks. The report this year will be
much mora complete, Mr. Uuye says,
than ever before. In addition to crops
It will contain figures on the amount of
idle land ,as well as that under crop,
In each county in the state. The figures,
he says, will surprise most people In the
Hhowlng of the percentage of Nebraska
land which is now idle. In practically
every county in the state more than GO
per cent of the land Is non-productive
for some reason or other, largely because
the owners do not care to cultivate It.
Kor the purpose of these statistics, he
considers hay land and pasture land as
cultivated land, the same as that In crops
requiring actual cultivation.
State 'Warrants Received.
The state treasurer's office is busy
receiving and taking up registered state
warrants on the call for $90,000 worth re
cently Issued. Monday $33,000 worth were
received and up to noon more than 140,
000 worth had been received today. It is
estimated that, a couple of days mora
will suffice to clear up this call and
then one will be Issued for $25,000 -worth
more. With the settlements with county
treasurers after, the first of the year Mr.
. George anticipates that still larger blocks
of the war ant may be called In.
K. L. Redfem, state chemist. Is in
In Minden attending the case of the
state against Larson, charged with
manipulating cream tests.
Judge Benjamin S. Baker came from
Omaha, today and circulated among the
republicans In the Llndell lobby, who
were here to attend the Taft rally. Inci
dentally, he said, he vllsted the secre
tary of stat and filed his petition as a
candidate for congress on the ' repub
lican ticket In the Second district. Mr,
BaVer said that he understood Howard
H. Baldrige would soon file for the
same office, but was not Inclined to
diMcuss, publicly, at least, his own
State Institutions
Using Funds Rapidly
LINCOLN, IVC 19.-(Special.) -One-
third of the fiscal year for the state In
stitutions expired December 1 and with
the single exception of the Norfolk Hos
pital for the Insane all of them had used
up more than one-third of the available
appropriations. A majority of them, how
ever, are near enough to that figure to
convince the Board of Public Inds and
Buildings they will have no difficulty In
laying within the appropriations for the
ear. Kearney Industrial school has ued
the largest percentage of Its appropria
tion, .5079.
In numerous cases the extra expendi
tures are credited to the purchase of fur
niture and other similar supplies, which
are usually bought the first thing arter
the new appropriations become available.
The following table shows Just what por
tion of the maintenance fund hax been
expended by each of the state Institutions
under the control of the board:
Institution. Per cent.
tastings. Incurable Insane aiiftj
.Incoln. Insnnc H.i)4
Norfolk, Insane ;;,
Heatrtce, Feeble Minded 37M
(Jeneva, Girls' Industrial 41il)
Kearney, Hoys' Industrial ,Vi;9
Mllforu, Soldiers home ;-onn)
Milford, Industrial H
Hurkett. G. I. Soldiers' S0)
1'enltentiary ;J7,!
MADISON, Neb., Dec, 19. (.Special.) At
a hearing of the county court today Judge
Bates construed the will of August Jacob-
son, deceased, late of Newmun Grove,
Neb., Frank I). Williams of Albion ap
pearing as attorney for the legatees and
M. B. Foster as guardian ad litem for a
minor heir.
John Lemly, cashier of the German
bank of Tllden. was appointed adminis
trator of the estate of John Hannah, deceased.
A marriage license was Issued today to
Frank Phillip Gabelman, son of J. P.
Qableman of Green Garden, and Miss Lil
lian Luella Schmidt, daughter of CTaua J.
Schmidt, residing a short distance west
of Madison.
SCOTT'S BLUFF, Neb., Dec. 18.-(Spe-
clal.) A dispatch received from Wash
Ingtun yesterday conveys the informa
tion that the reclamation department has
up proved contracts with all the ditch dis
tricts and companies operating in the
valley, which have applied for the same,
on which water from the Pathfinder
reservoir will be supplied to them as
needed. These reservoir rights makes
this one of the sure Irrigation sections
of the west. It is life Insurance to crops,
In cave there should ever be a shortage
ef water in the regular flow of the
stream. Government canals now In opera
tion- ha Interstate canal has a ore,
ferev-rlght, being the first to draw
Jh't water. However, the reser
de upo
a the
I'ne In
capacity to supply all
e that have been
wde upon It
Jng con-
;s on
uiice ot U yoaung con tint T.l In
b'rofs wus so strong that Nebraska
ater users would not be able to secure
these contracts.
yamayaapan iisnqn a J, ..mui tisajn
Kit t-Si ;
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Scott's Emulsion
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Scott's Emulsion
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Receiver Appointed Monday leave
New York for St Louis.
MADISON, Neb., Dec. 19. (Speclal.)-
Adolph Schilling met with a painful ac
cldent while on his way home from Madl
son late Saturday evening, accompanied
by bis wife. Before they were scarcely
aware of it an automobile without any
lights approached them and passed by
frightening Mr. Schilling's horses and
causing them to turn suddenly to the
side of the road, pitching both Mr. and
Mrs. Schilling out of the carriage. For
tunately Mrs. Schilling got out of the
difficulty with scarcely a scratch. Mr.
Schilling, In his efforts to control the
team, was dragged for some distance and
had his face and limbs badly bruised.
KEARNEY, Neb., Dec. 19. (Special.)
Saturday, December 2S, was today pro.
claimed by Mayor J. W. Patterson as
Tag day for Kearney, at which time
women and girls will attempt to raise
the remaining $1,100 indebtedness on the
Kearney public hospital by public sub
Four Jewelry stores are running con
tests, each offering a prize for the per
son who guesses the nearest to the actual
amount of money raised that day.
One feature of the tagging will be the
giving of a pink carnation to every giver
of $5 and the blowing of a downtown
whistle as Boon as new ot the "tag" can
be phoned in.
SCHUYLER, Neb., Dec. 19. (Special.)
Sidney high school defeated Schuyler
high at basket ball Monday evening by
a score of 33 to 18. The game was an ex
hibition of the very best type of basket
ball, clean and hard fought battle be
tween two squads who oould pass the
ball bard and fast. Sidney has made an
unusual record on the present tour and
has won five consecutive victories against
some of the best secondary school teams
of the state.
Crete TTevrapaper Changes Hands.
CRETK, Neb. , Dec. 19. (Speclal.)-
The Crete VIdette-Herald, which has
been run by O. C Harry and Bruce
Hill for the last four months, made a
change in ownership Monday, December
18. Mr. Hill has sold his portion of the
business to A. L. Cockle, who formerly
ran a paper at Grant. Neb., and for the
last six months has been In the employ
of the Crete News. Mr. Cockle took
chirge Monday and with Q. C. Harry
will continue to run the paper. This
paper ' was rejuvenatad last ' September
and has been making a creditable appear
ance ever since.
Owners of Stocks and Honda Are Not
Batltfled and Will A. It Ap
pointment of Other
1912, the Interest on which would be de
faulted. The receivers' bonds were flxtd at
t.v000 each, t be given In ten days.
Wrlla H. HWidgrtt, who has bovn general
.oitnml of the road, was appointed coun
sel for the receiver.
K. A. llano Is preshlent of the road
now and Mr. I'ryor until recently was a
NEW VORK. Dec 19.-Tho Mvrral In
terests Identified with the reorganisation
of the Wabash railroad, which was put
Into the hands of "friendly" railroads
yesterday by the Vnlted States circuit
court In St. Ixuif, were actively at work
F. A. Delano, president of the com
pany, and Rdward B. rryor, who with
William K. Blxby ot St. Louis are named
as receivers, left here last night for St.
Wlnalow 8. Pierce, chairman of the
Wabash reorganisation committee, and
Alvln V. Kreech were In conference to
day. Later Messrs. Pierce and Kreech
conferred with Kuhn. Ixeb & Co., who
have become the Wabash financial agents
under the proposed reorganisation.
An official of the Wabash road said
today that the money lo pay January in
terest on the roAd's first mortgage bonds,
of which :U,00,nnO are outstanding, la in
the bank and that the coupon Is sure to
be paid.
The announcement Issued by a commit
tee Inst night to holders of the first re
funding and extension mortgage bonds
offers to pay Interest on this security to
all who deposit their bunds with the
Equitable Trust company.
Security Holders Art.
At the request of many stockholders of
the Wabaxh, both preferred and common,
committee has been formed to protect
their Interests. It will be composed of
J. Horace Harding of Charles D. Barney
& Co., Frank Brown of Redmond &. Co.,
Charles H. Keep, president of the Knick
erbocker Trust company; Frank B. Keeoh
of Keech, Loew A Co., Phillip Lehman
of I-ehnian Bros, and Frank K. Slurgls
of Strong, Sturgis & Co.
An Independent protective committee
for the Wabash railroad 4 per cent re
funding bonds is being formed to repre
sent financial Interests In New York,
Philadelphia and St. Louis. Tne new
company will seek to Intervene In the
receivership proceedings and will apply
for the appointment of a receiver Inde
pendent of the present Wabash manage
The following statement was issued this
afternoon by Ueorge J. Oould:
'Under conditions as they have de
veloped, It became the conviction of
the Wabash directors that the course
pursued was the best and wilt ulti
mately promote more than any other
course, the true interest of the security
Action Taken in . I.onla.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 18.-On application of
t' e Westlnghouse Air Brake company,
Judge Elmer B. Adams in the United
States circuit court this afternoon ap
pointed Frederick A. Delano, Edward B.
Pryor and W. K. Blxby receivers of the
Wabash Railroad company.
In filing a claim ot 118,000 against the
Wabash, the Westlnghouse company
alleged the railroad was Insolvent and
unable to meet unpaid vouchers aggre
gating more than $1,800,000. It also was
alleged In the petition that the company
had bonded obligations due January 1,
Oenth from Hlond Poison
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Mo., who healed his dangerous wound
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Woman Wounded by
Husband Admits It
After He is Dead
MASON CITY. la., Dec. 19.-(HpeolaJ .)
Another crime committed has been cleared
up here. Some eighteen months ago Wil
liam Robinson and his wife were strolling
through the piistures northwest of the
city along Willow creek. They had some
troublo and tho facts have been an
nounced by Mrs. Rublmibq that her hus
band nhot her. Mr. Robinson dlej a
short time ago from consumption and she
cVcided to no longer keep the matter a
secret. She will never recover from tlm
Injury she then received. She was shot
In the back, and while lie ran walk
iround some, she Is Jtr from well. It U
simply another Illustration of the fidelity
of a wife. The two were together nearly
an hour before anyone else was on the
scene, and Robinson mode up the story
thnt she was assaulted by two strangers
nd In fighting them off one of the
men ehot her. Robinson said that he was
along the bank of the creek fishing when
he heard the shot and rushed lo where
his wlfo was and found her shot. The
woman has never until now changed her
story and doubtless would not have
changed It had it not been that her hus
band Is dead. While It was not really a
murder It was an assanlt with Intent to
Only Two Saloons j
Open in Sioux City
SIOUX CITY, le.. Dec. 1!.-Theie Is a
panicky feeling among the Sioux City
saloon keepers today as the result of the
Iowa rupreine court's derision on the
Moon law yesterday, limiting the number
of saloons to one for every l.(W inhabi
tants of a town or city In loa. As the
result of this decision only two of the
eighty-seven saloons here opened their
doors today. The proprietor of these
two places had secured new permits be
fore doing business after July 1. when
the old petition of consent expired. The
other eighty-five saloonmen, who had
failed to . get new permits, decided to
close pending action by the city council In
granting new permits. This actlou prob
ably will be taken tomorrow. The num
ber of saloons will be cut from eighty
seven to forty-seven.
Ten Years for tlnralary.
FORT IMUH.JK. la., Deo. 19 tSpeclal.)
Claud O'Brien, caught redhanded re
cently by a commercial policeman as he
was robbing the New York Brokerage
company store, was yesterday taken to
AnaniOMt to beKln a ten-year sentence
for burglary. Ills companion a si apod on
the night of the robbery.
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UKS MQINEtL Ja.. Dec 19.-Becauso of
Ui"taalth. C. . Hawson, president of
the Pea Moines Life and one of Ita ear
Heat stockholders, hos disposed of his
stock to eastern parties. The stock of
Mrs. Haw son, who has been vice presi
dent of the company since her husband
has been forced to discontinue active
management, has also been sold to the
same purchasers. In addition several
blocks ot smaller stock have been bought
so that the control of the company has
passed out of the hands of Des Moines
people. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Rawson
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pany, so that the purchase of additional
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