Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 16, 1911, NEWS SECTION, Page 6, Image 6

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Till- I5i:i:: OMAHA. SATURDAY. PKCKMHEK K. 1011.
Goods in the
1LC Oil
Culp-Laog worthy Ootlhes
tock to be Forced Out
i i
THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Omahans have been WAITING for this; the "Bankrupt" clearance of the CTulp-Lang-worthy Clothes Shop IFurniflhing Goods Stack; a
stock known the state over as Omaha's "Toniest," "Niftiest" and "Swellest." YOU know that THIS shop carried the extremes, the exquisite things, and these exquisites"
must go Saturday at prices even less than the prices of COMMON things. Could it happen at a more opportune time? Christmas only a few days away, and all of these Neckties,
Bath Robes, Smoking Jackets, Hose, Mufflers, Handkerchiefs, Shirtf, etc. to go at BANKRUPT prices. Better be early; you DON'T get a chance at a Culp-Langworthy Bank
rupt Stock' EVERY day; particularly not on the eve of CHRISTMAS!
Takes any Culp-Langworthy
C Shirt that cold for 01.00 and
51.50 (Monarchs Included).
"E. 2c W." Shirts, Too!
Choice of $2
to $4 value
to go at
"Odds and Ends"
but all good and
Any Ciilp-Langworthy Shirt
that sold for 52.00 or 32.50,
may be had Saturday at ... .
cvouiro JACKETS
Cult-Lns;woriUi,v'a 17. BO
klHdO to ff I'l tf.tiirdnv'n
Hani nipt Sal 0 1C
et . '
Culn-l.tingwortby's 110.00
klnna to go In f!aurdv'
m"? $5.00
l'ulp-Ln;worthy $12.50
kind to ko In Haturdav'ft
Bankrupt Hal.
'ulp-l.ingworthy'H IIS. 04 leather case, Culp-I-ann-
klmlii to go In IsnnirdRyrt worthy . 11.60 kind to
bankrupt ale "1 Ell In thla sal.
at m3U at, case ,
Men'. Xinaa styles. In
bot, Culp-Lantrworthy'a
J1.76 kind to go In Ktir
day's Hale, QCa
at. box 93b
Men's fiOo oil Ic and linens.
In aale of t:ulp-Lang-worthy'a
Bankrupt ntook,
Haturday, 29 C
Your Xmas
Gift Chance
Manhattan Shirts Cut!
Any former $1.50 M 'g
Manhattan Shirt....V-W
Any former
Manhattan Shirt
$2-00$1 A Afly
hirt:...IJ Man
$2.50 orEten $3.00
Manhattan Shirt it
Buys any IS cent
CCulp - Langworthy
Collar in stock
For choice of 25c
Collars; best Eng
lish kinds handled
by Culp-Langworthy
Buys any for
mer $1.30 or
$2.50 "Cluett"
Men's Underwear
Per garment for
Culp-Langworthy's $3
to $3.50 all wool shirts
or drawers.
Men's Underwear
Per garment for Culp
Langworthy's Men's all
wool shirts or drawers
worth to $2.50.
W 3
Bankrupt Sale Hosiery Specials, include "Onyx""Shawknit" "Interwoven" and "Wilson Bros." makes:
OCa for Culp-Langworthy ' Pair, for Culp-Longwor thy s CC. for Culp-Langworthy s ftOA for Men s Silk Hose worth $2.00 to
VUl Men' Hone worth 50c. laV 9 L 25c Hone. "Interwoven. 'etc. UUl fine 1.00 Silk Hosierv 7Ul
$2:50 pair, Culp-Langworthy's best
union Suits
up to 02.60 kinds,
to o at. per M 1 C
Suit viiv
Union Suite
up to $3.50 kinds,
Union Suits
Culp- Lang worthys
up to $5.00 kinds,
to go at, per AC
Suit Q&.IO
choicest 50c and
78c kinds
Saturday, at .
choice $1.50 kinds,
to go Saturday,
choicest to $2.50
kind, Satur- CI 1 C
day at...v.;-.. 311 V
choicest $3.50 to
$4.30 kinds, M cr
Saturday, at VVJ
LADIES' 8ILK HOSE Culp-Lanjrworttay's fin
est $1.69 kinds are offered Satur. HK
tr at, per pair S9C
LADIES' SILK HOSK Culp-Langworthy's bent
$2.00 grades are to go in Batur- 4 fkt
day's selling at, pair ,.plUU
IiADTES' SILK HOSE Culp-Langworthy s
$2.60 and $3.00 grades go on
Saturday at, per pair, only.....
LADIES' SILK HOSE Culp-Langworthy's
highest grade $5.00 to $8.00
grades Saturday at, per pair. .
MTTFIEIW -Take choice of any of
LAngworthy's choicest $1 kind Sat
urday at, each, only .,.....
MUFFLERS Take choice of any
Langworthy's choicest $2 kinds
Baturday at, each, only
of Cnlp-
MTJFFLEIIS Tak e choice of any of Culp
Langworthy's choicest $2.50 kinds, 4 4C
Saturday. at, each, only .....$11J
MUFFLERS Take choice of any
Langworthy's choicest $3.00 kinds
Saturday at, each, only s
stock fairly teems with goods suitable for'
the purpose at bankrupt prices.
MUFFLERS Take choice of any of Culp
Langworthy's choicest $6, $7 or ' tJO 1C
$8 kinds Saturday at . v. iu
Don't let your Christmas gifts cost you as much as usual THIS year. The Bankrupt Stock includes
THOUSANDS of items ideally suitable for men's giftS"and quite a few for womenand ALL at sensational "Bankrupt" prices
The Location: S. E. Cor. of 16th and Harney Sts. Ground Floor of the City National Bank Building
sayi Company Would Milk
City, for Another Year.
locclar XTmtmr Hoar Does Kt Vr
tm Walt VU Next raJl t
I ' Bvaia EXaaaioM ot the
j? Saw lee Malaa.
f CpaaSdog et the propoaltloa of Frcaldant
KWoodbary of ttia Omaha WaUr oarapany
M lay nialpa and malt a cxtanaiona
to tb Omaha, watar plaat. K. Beaohar
Qiawali ol tha Omah Watar bnaM aald:
Imraadlataly attar taa report ot tha
(appraisers in 1M tha water company
Lfcrewc ht suit ta compel the city to taaa
tha alant at the appraJaed value and to
Ipay Ukerafor. The court ot appeela ha
reeantly ha!4 that at no time aluce com-
meacament of that salt h the water
company beea ta a poaltloa. or dona tlioaa
Ihiexa which It could easily have dona
to place Itacif la position, to afford tha
city good title to the water plairt. In
short, the wate.- company baa hca hi de
fault ta thla matter during all these
Wltiar fo Perfect Title.
Recaatly tha city has made applica
tion to ttoa cotrt to allow it to pay tha
purchase price to a trustee uiul.r the
Uontrol of the court, and the aama to ba
lveld r such trustee until tha water com-
Spaay shall aerfect the title the prop.
rty ba tha city., with the further pro
vtalo that the city shall immediately be
granted possession, of (the water plant.
This application Is now pendlni and the
water company not desiring Ita money,
but aaaloua to retain poaaeaslon of the
water plant, now proposes to tha city
that it will construct a new mala from
Florence and then make water exten
sion In the city under certain conditions.
However, It wilt be noted that the water
company In tta Utter guardedly provides
that no extensions shall be undertaken
until after the completion of the new
Florence main about next July.
Death Beet Reaeataave.
"It ia very evident that the water com
pany's proposal te d now what It should
have done of Ita own motion long ago In
the Interest of the city and water users
la a sort of death bed repentance a pet!
fosxlng attempt to Influence tha court In
connection with the present application
or future move of the Water hoard to
oust the water company.
"The great cliangj that the present
emergency lias caused in the water com
pany's attitude la apprcnt when , it Is
remembered that within tba last month
the company's manager, Fairfield, pub
licly auivouiu-ed that the water company
would not turn water Into the mains now
being conntructed by the water board.
Stripped of all verbUge the water com
pany's proposition, embodied In Its letter,
la merely this: We wilt build the new
Florence main at your expense; we will
extend water mains la the elty. also at
your expense, after the Florence main Is
completed, seme time In the latter part
of next year, and allow you all but 15
per cent of tha Income from tUaae new
malua; provided you will let ua milk and
skim from the water plant for another
Floreaee Flans Heady.
The water board now has plans for
the new Florence main In preparation and
does not propose te wait until next tall
to begin the extension of service mains.
On the other hand the board proposes to
push work on both the big main and
the service mains at the same time, ao
that there shall be no delay In the en
joyment of the benefits ot the Florence
main when It Is completed,
"The water board has already com
pleted the (School for the Ieaf main and
the new Dundee supply main will be
ready for use by the first of the year.
Departs Baohelor,
Eeturna Benediot
Philip C. Lindbarz, who has been con
nected with the Browning-Kins; company
for many years, sprung; a neat surprise
on his many friends when he returned to
Omaha yesterday with a bride. Ua was
united In marriage Thursday afternoon
In St. Joseph, Mu., to ladys O. Beckett.
The wedding la th culmination ot a
boarding house romance which had Its
Inception nearly two years ago. Both
buarded at tha Martins home. Ill South
Twenty-fourth street. Though they were
known to bo close friends, none of their
acquaintances suspected that a bond ot
love existed between them.
Mr. and M:i. Unfibrrc do not have any
housekeeping plans for the present and
have decided to remain at Martins'
home until a Is provlJ.
After Wandering' Eighteen Yean
Denver Man Eereals Identity.
Jesses W. Kaaaell Walks lata Office
of raited States Marshal War.
aev and Telle of Crime
Coaaaaltted Years iio.
After eighteen years of wandering
around tha world, with hla conscience
continually reminding him that he was a
thief. Elmer E. Johnson, walked into the
United States marshal's office In the
federal building late Thursday afternoon
and announced that he was wanted by the
federal authorities In Denver for embea
slcment. He was taken before the United
BtaUa attorney, where ha told the story
ot his offense. ,
Tn 1893, Johnson says, ha was In charge
of a United Statea land office, and he
bad In his possession I-V.000 which he had
collected aa fees from homesteaders. He
deposited all but tl.SOO In a bank and
several days later the bank failed.
As he depoBlted the money, regardless
of a rule which stated that he should not
place public funds In a bank not secured
by the government, he feared the conse
quences for his act and fled with the
U.S00 which he had not deposited. He was
arrested several months later In Fort
Worth, Tex., where he tu taken before
a commissioner and extradited to Colo
rado, where he wae Indicted. He was
later released on a 12.000 bond.
Johnson had been at liberty only a few
days when he disappeared and. since IRQ
nothing had been heard of him, although
federal officials kept on the trail for
several years. In ISM the officials gave up
hope of ever finding htm so the case was
nollled. Foucht im Boer War.
When Johnson flt4 the country he
went to Africa, where i'e enlisted in the
Boer war. After the war, he came out a
captain and went to Australia, from
where he Journeyed to South America.
Later assuming the name of tha bonds
man he had betrayed, Johnson enlisted in
the Unttod States army and fought tn the
Philippines. He remained in the Islands
several years and returned to the United
States, lonesome and penniless.
He picked up the printer's trade and
worked for a while In New York, where
he joined the Typographical union. He
later drifted west and bad been in
Omaha only five days when he passed
Captain Hayes on the stieeL
Hayes gave hint only a passing glance,
but to Johnson, who racognixed the dep
uty as a federal authority, the glance l ad
a peculiar effect. He went over to Coun
cil Bluffs, but hla conscience refused to
let him live In peace and yesterday he
appeared In the marshal's office and
made a clean breast of his crime. '
He was placed In the Douglas county
Jail and the United States attorney at
Denver notified by telegraph. Thla morn-i
tng Mr. Howell received a reply informing'
him that the case against Johnson had
been aolled and said that there was no
reason for holding' hiiu. Johnson when
released and told , that the case had
been dropped fifteen years ago. Instead of
being overjoyed, wept like a child. He
says he Is going back to Denver and
square himself with the men who went
his bonds and he says ttmt he will pay
back to the government . the $1,800 he
Musical Clubs of Harvard University Coming to Omaha
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Cornish Rounds Out
Full Half Century
E. J. Cornish, lawyer and .business man,
was 0 years old yesterday. Jle was born
at Sidney, Fremont county, I t., and began
his career tn the Iowa Slate, university,
completing the classical course. At the
age of 20 he graduated from the law
course In the college ot law at Iowa City.
He began practice tn Omaha when he
was 21 years old. At school he was the
youngest boy In a class of forty. In
Omaha he has held the position of as
sistant city attorney and has been In
charge of the Carter White Lead com
pany. Upon the death of Levi Carter he
arsumed the vice presidency of th Na
tional White Lead company, which posi
tion he now holds. A keen and able law
yer Mr. Cornish is alxo a successful busi
ness man. Of late he has spent much of
hla time in the east looking after his
extensive business Interests, but he still
retains hla residence lu this city.
' ''Take Warning:.
Don't let stomach, liver nor kidney trou
ble dewn you, when you can quickly
down them with Electric Bitters. 60c. For
aale by Beaton Drug Co.
Thieves Ransack
the Entire House
The home of A. A. Egbert, STJ North
Forty-first avenue, was entered by burg
lars between 1 and S o'clock Friday
afternoon and ransacked from garret to
cellar. All the silverware and ixw.irv
of value was stolen from tho place. The
robbery was reported to the police, who
are making- an Investigation. The loss is
estimated at about tm
Mrs. Egbert left her home shortly after
1 o'clock Friday to g- downtown shop
pine Before leavlnr ah ftnrt mi
the windows and doors. When she re
turned at 3 o'clock she found the front
door open. Entering her fiaze was met
by a disheveled room. Drawers In
desks, tables and bureaus ta all rooms of
the houso were torn out and the con
tents scattered over the floor. Nearby
neighbors all say they did not see any
one enter or leave the house during tha
time Mrs. Egbert was downtown.
Today Is school children's day at
the Sheep show at the Auditorium and all
children will be admitted for 10 cents.
The management will not allow the re
moval of any exhibits until Sunday, so
the public may be sure that the show
will be just as g-ood Saturday evening as
Today wilt be the best day of the
show, as the Judges have finished
awarding prizes and visitors caa see what
see what sheep won prises. ' Two thousand
persons saw the show yesterday.
It Never Flickers
The long winter even-,
ingi give a woman a splen-
did chance for sewing or
embroidery; but her eyes:
suffer from the strain unless
he has a good light
The Rayo is the best
lamp made.
It gives a strong, doused Kght that is remarkably easy to the eyes.
There is no glare to it ; no flicker. It lights up a whole room.
The Rayo is an economical lamp, too.
You get the noatposabla fa jht-vslue lor the oil buraed ; aad the Rave kaeU a
low-priced lamp. Yet it is a hasosoraa lamp aa ornenent to aay room m the bouse.
The Rsro Lamp is caaly hghtej without rcmovug shade or ckuaoeyt assy te
clean sad rewxk. Made of toUd brass, nickel-plated ; aUe ia aastereos other styles
aad bauhe.
Aas r esW to aW rwtxluW FUrs kai ar writs r aWrfeoss draaW
la saf seawr las
Standard Oil Company
(laisrs )