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"US BOYS" Everything Is AH Right Now
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itrUN.lfA THE SLlfrt. ; .
By Tom r icllamara
Another cold so i MAvf
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fro6l66L A BtTAJCW AND
National League Does Not Coniidei
Seriously Action of American.
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"rraaUatloa Will Par Heward !
One Ifaadred Hollars for Informa
tion I.radluc to C'oavlctloa of
Banc Hall Gamblera.
NBW TORK. lye. 15-The American
Icagua'a "dwlaratlon of war" wan plron
holed for at l"at two montha and prob
ably for all time, by the National Jagii
today. It wa not tven aerlounly con-.BtdM-ed.
Triildent Lynch aald, at the
conclusion. of the session. None of the
magnates could decipher Its purport he
said, so they tabled It.
In the final seitHlon of the three-dsy
meeting the National league adopted two
resolutions today, one calling upon the
six states containing cities on the circuit
to make ticket scalping punishable by
fine and Imprisonment, the othiT declar
ing 'war on base ball pools and offering
Hue reward for the conviction of persons
gambling on the game.
The organisation also vested President
Lynch with power to act fur It In dealing
with the request of the three principal
minor leagues for higher classification. A
list of recommendations In this connection
was approved. Among them were the
following: That major league clubs not
be allowed to play In minor league ter
ritory and vice verna, either before or
after the playing season; reduction of the
drafting , season to five days, beginning
September 'IS; drafting of umpires; an
amendment requiring the major leagues
to Increase tht salaries of drafted players
a month over their minor loague
alaiies; the adoption of salary limits by
minor leagues; restriction of player limit
In all leagues to twenty-five durin ih
the condemnation. It was found, Dr. Mel
vin reports, that "the -use of prohibited
preservative and coloring matters was
not practiced at Inspected establishments."
Russian Minister.
Says Exclusion is
Aimed at Agitators
ST. PETERS Bl'IlO, Dec. 13.-An Inter
view with Foreign Minister Serglus Zaio
noff In regard to the claim of the United
States for recognition bv nnaaia r
" - ' - I - r . V . . , A ' V-. . , " .1.1
rmrt laaiiful t A ..... j I . . t I T.i . . . .... . . n .
' ui hih inirirainj jiepreiienittii ve uan iMepnens
Jewish faith Is published today In the today Introduced his maiden bills and
The foreign mlnlHter said that the mat
ter did not directly concern the Russian
New Congressman from Third Dis
' trict Introduces Two Measures.
II. T. Clarke to Re Presented to
President Today and to Appear
Before Itlvers nnd Har
bors Committee.
v. 1 1 clu j uuiu:arii inn IIUVHISU I no uui lur 1110 ottiurrB proviues inai
Foreign office. Neither the Russian mln-I the court of claims shall have jurisdiction
over the settlement of annuities due
IIIA MBfl nnv I . .... lK-.n .. n.ntl . I n . I . V. .
entry Ilusnla of American oommer- H .000.000. The bill" bus once passed the
Mat t mnn iix flnnn.U A at.. v t I V .n- nnJ ..IU1 0 - s il. .
The prencnt asltatlon. huwever ilM not Gamble over the provision as to iiinrnn.
relate to that class of persons. Many U"- The Hteihens' bill provides that the
iiiaiuii, rvvuiuiiunsnes ana anarcmsts j inuo uy uin aiinrneys ror lie
who were adherents of the Hebrew rellg
the recent troubles, and It was not. con
cluded Zasonoff, to be expected that Rus
sia should encourage the return of these
elements. ,
WASHINGTON, Doc. K-As the result
of an understanding reached here today
It Is believed that the senate will pass
before the Christmas holidays the house
resolution terminating the treaty with
Russia because of discrimination against
American Jewish cltlsens.
WASHINGTON. ioc. I6.-The free en
try Into this country of "combings of
hll.HOM I. a I . .1 II.. i
I '"". iii ii yuui:iKiiy in cnetr crude
Maying season, and thlrtw.fiva durln. ih. I h... . . . . "
,, . , ' " , vviwiin, roio i.nina ana otner lanils
the highest class league In which they
aro purchased, so far us possible; draft
ing prices of S3, WO In class AA; I,2M In
class A; 11,000 In class U; 750 in class C
and $500 In clars D, .that Mayers drafted
from clawi A must be offered back tbl.1.1. u . . '
I mhiivukii inn BiiursiNer si jaw rorlt eon.
i nr.rt . n ..a harA.. v. i i
tended that hair partially prepared should
Buiuvioiun ui ins jir Drew reug- ",,- -'" iu npirrovsi e.y
had emigrated to America during the department and In no case ahall fees
.class A at the draft price before belna
lettered to a higher class.
Left to Lyurh.
While It was recommended that Presi
dent Lynch vote for these amendments
to the national agreement, the entire
situation was left In his hands and Mr.
Herrmann's for action at the next meet
ing of the national commission.
The league also adopted unanimously a
resolution submitted by President Drey
fuss declaring It to be thj aense of the
gathering that In future world's rlidiu-
pionsnip game the contesting clubs be
required to turn over 5 per cent of their
shares of the-receipts' to the treasuries
of the two leagues. The resolution advo
cated an amendment to this effect to the
national agreement and provided that a
copy of the measure be sent to the Ameri
can, league. i ,
Maying next year will rvase on or
bout October 4, a week eafller than for
merly; the season will opon on or about
Apt'U IX a resolution to this effect being
unanimously adopted. Final action be
foie adjournment the appointment
vf the following committees:
Schedule Dreyfuss, lieydler. Lynch.
Constitution brush, Herrmann, Locke.
Rules Ward, llresnaban, Kmalle.
The only other who of the world's
eeries ticket scandal was the resolution
culling fur legislation on ticket scalping.
It recited that present laws were Inade
quate to protect the rights of the public
and lu addition to tailing upon the states
lu enact legislation making ticket specu
lation puulHliable, lucluded the club cities
in the appeal.
War w l.autbliua.
The resolution declaring war on gam
bling recites thut orgaiilit-d base ball )
dxtermined to ketp the national game
free fruui the evil; promtxes the league's
support to any movement with that end
In view and concludes:
"The National league will pay a reward
of SluO fur information that will lead to
the arrest and conviction of any person
or persons guilty of using the game of
baae ball as the basis for making a wager
or cuuductitig a pool, or any otner gam
bling device whatsuever." '
r-nnuluneous with the announcement
that the Provident club of the Interna
tional league bad been sold to Frank
-Navtu tot rTO.OWl, iNunuel LU hleiiheiiu.
prtoulpal omuer of the Montreal club
aiUd be bad declined two offers for his
Inlsrest. One, be said, came from T.
Hubert Cusiiing.' the other from K. R.
Curling tun. both of Montreal.
..' W. Murphy,' owner of the Clil
tago club, announced tonight that he had
given two players and ii.uoo for First
iituxman Gandll of the Montreal club. One
of the pUers. he said, ass Pitcher
buipnlcka. the other was yet to be determined.
WASHINGTON, Lee. U.More than
du.uuO.uiA) animals were Inspected during
tjie last fiscal year bythe I'nltsd States
bureau of animal industry, and more than
l.vW.oue carcasses or parts thereof were
condemned as unfit fur food, according
tu the annual report of Lr. A. D Msivin
htui of the iiureau.
'i ttw.ulls was the cause of most
(or the manufacture of wlu-s. nurr.
'rats," switches and other articles of
personal adornment will not be disturbed
by the Treasury department.
Assistant beoretary Curtis todsv l-
elded that duty should not be assessed,
be charged per cent ad valorem duty.
Investigation of the subject developed
the fact that the Imperial Chinese edhn
ordering the clipping of the historic
queues of the "subjects of the celestial
empire lias had no effect on the available
supply of human hair for commercial
purposes. - The nuirket has not been
swamped with Chinese "pigtails." for the
sons of China are carefully encasing the
clipped queues in boxes of gold for
preservation as relics to posterity.
CEDAR r-AIJH. la.. Dec. 16.-ttpeclal
Telegram.) Two children were, drowned
In a creek In New Hart ford. Edith, t
years old, daughter of Rev. H. A. Kbsox.
pastor of the IlaptlsC church, and Esther,
7 years old, daughter of Carl Nebon, were
returning from the kindergarten. Tho
bodies were recovered soon after.
Hlfle Trynnts at luwn Cltr.
IOWA Clry. la.. Dec. lJ.-SpeclaI.)-Try-outs
for the rifle team of the Unl
verslty of lows, which were held today,
have given first evidence or the material
which la to make up the Iowa marks
men aggregation this year. Out of a
possibly fifty the following scores have
so far been made: Arneson, DO; Jeager.
; Ingham, tti; Williams, 4; Doerlng
feld, 4; Ifulley. t7. Leener. 47; Jans, 47;
Albrecht, 47. The team la being coached
by Captain Morton C. Mumma. Second
United (States cavalry.
. '
Prom a Staff Pnrresrtnnflent
WASHINGTON, V. C, Dec. 15. (Special
they were for the relief of the Bun tee
and Ponca Indians In Nebraska.
The bill for the Sunt res provides that
Indians shall be subject to approval Hy
be paid In exfess of the contract stipu
Poncaa to Secure nights.
The Ponca bill provides thai all rinirv,.
they may have against the government
stall be subject to th jurisdiction of
the court of claims. Instead, of having to
be settled Ih the department, as Is true
at present. (The bill gives the same right
to the Ponoas as Is now enjoyed by the
Omahaa. under a law enacted during the
last .. congress, Introduced by Senator
BurketL ,
Senator Brown has made an appoint
ment with President -Taft to receive II.
T. Clarke of Omaha, C. N. Wright of
Scottsbluff and H. D. Watson of Kearney
tomorrow morning.
David O'Connor and wife of Norfolk,
Neb., are In Washington en route to New
York to take steamer for Panama. Mr.
O'Connor and wife will spend the winter
with their daughter, who has settled In
the Isthmus.
Clarke Before Committee.
II. T. Clarke will appear on Saturday
afternoon before the rivers and harbors
committee to advocate the Lobeck bill
providing an appropriation of 110,000 to
conduct a thorough test of the practica
bility of the brush and cable system to
curb the waters of the Mlssourh at and
near Omaha.
Bryan's Wireless Bill.
nniBiur niiuncucK louay introduced a
bill to amend the existing law so as to
comuelv all ooean-aoina- vni.
any port of the United States rUr,.i.,..
W or more parsons Including passengers
ana crew, m om runy equipped with effi
cient apparatus for radio cummii.i,..ii.
and manned by two wireless operators
instead ot one as now required bv lau.
The purpose of this la that an operator
may ue at tne wireless instrument day
and night, and was suggested by' Mr.
llryans recena experience In southern
From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Den. IE. (Special.) What Is
known as the "beer bottle corner case,"
Involving the title of land In Cherry
county, which was decided by the su
preme court In favor of the state, prob
ably will be carried to the United States
supreme court.
According to an allegation made by
Baxter and Van Dusen, attorneys for one
of the claimants of the land named Ball,
a lltlgsnt by, the name of Bachelor, Is
attempting to take hay from the land In
dispute. Thla Information has been file
with Attorney General Martin. A request
is added to the Information that Bachelor
be required to desist.
The attorney general Is Informed h
a motion for a new trial has been made
In the supreme court, the case belns- nn
original one In that court, and thai .
motion for a rehearing will be filed.
Thousands of acres of hay land, now
claimed by ranchmen In the snLzin-r
region of the state. Is affected by the
suit It Is declared that ranchmen in.
terested In the land will carry the case
Destruction Caused by Explosions
More Extensive Than Expected.
Bow Portion of Warship Vose Down
ward in ' Mod Upper Part of
Vessel Near Forward Miia.
sines Swept Away.
Vermont AMAKeii?!
Persistent Advertising"
B(g Returns.
!s the Road to
WASHINGTON. Deo. 15. President Taft
today sent to congress brief formal
message transmitting the full text of the
report of the investigating board which
found that the battleship Main was
blown up in Havana harbor by an exter
nal explosion.
The board In Its report emphasised the
fact that it found what Is called the port
starboard strake a continuous line of
planking running from stem to stern-
was "dished upwards as much as timmv.
four Inches from & straight line," that
another strake, technically called "C."
was displaced "upwards and Inwards' for
100 square feet." and that part of the
Inner bottom planking was "displaced up
wards" nnd left approximately six fcot
above the original position.
The destruction wrought by the two ex
plosions "if of distinctly different charac
ter" was found to be much more exten
sive than had been anticipated. Tho re
port, ' In technical terms, described how
plates were crumpled, how some por
tions of what had once been a. great
battleship wore turned Inside out and
how parts of the bottom works cenerallv
were displaced.
Debris Widely Scattered.
"The debris of one-pounders, six-pound-
ers, six-inch and ten-Inch ammunition
was found widely scattered through the
wreck," the report said. "The location
of much of this material bore iiim
tlon to. its original stowage condition.
Powder tanks were torn asunder nr
crushed and flattened.
"The condition of the vet iata 1 trsamt rA
flat keel at frame 18 was ascribed by the
court of inquiry of 1898 rth v.o,
war with Spain that followed the blowing
up of the Maine) to the) direct effect of
an explosion exterior to the ship in that
Because of Its better
detailed examination of thla wreckage,
now fully exposed, the present board con
cluded that the external
Ignited the magazines, was not in the
vicinity of this frame 18.
The protective deck and hull of the
tU4 f i cor
ship," the report said, "formed a closed
chamber in which the gases wore gen
erated and partly expanded before rup
ture." The bow portion of the Maine ras found,
pointed nose downward In the mud, to
port and lying on Its starboard side. The
upper part of that portion of the ship
in the vicinity of the forward magazines
was swept away. Onlv about nne.half nr
the bottom was left in position.
The Maine explosion occurred almost
fourteen years ago. In that disn&ter twn
officers and 26i ot Its crew perished.
Iown Ken-a Notes.
iowa rrtfTn,.M r . i.
Sigma Nus at the University of lowa'
were awakened from slumber at 6 o'clock
this morning by fire in their chanter
house on Kast College street. They mado
their Parana hv larlrlnra TU. i
total more than tTm. "
to investis-ste th .laath e tj"j "J?,,;'"
aged 11 years, who was killed by .TtraTri
$2!,lov'rF07',?: ,Swan found. thS
body of M. P. Danforth lying In the road
three miles west of Winslow. His death
brain cause(1 by hemorrhage of the
MARSH4T.I.TnnKl. j. . .
SCTS rr"V h" uf Hrle,
,hi. ,"-""" " grocer of
V. w " .Li "nown in Iowa,
died at his home In Ocean Park cai
this morninir Mr- A"Br' ea)
i .h. wh .7..7C ne lounaer
whAV. V. ."-'J npany.
NELIOH, Neb., Dee. U-A half-breed
Indian from Cody. Neb., namo.i Um
was so badly Injured last 'evening while
Dealing tits way on a westbound freight
trsin, that He died early this evening.
The accident occurred In a 'Peculiar
manner, the victim striking the post of
a cattle guard with suoh violence as to
break It off at the around. Ha
have been clinging to the aide of the
moving train and hit the rattle guard
with terrific force as his right leg was
Cyclone V jits Texas When
Mayor Dahlman. is Born
Jim Iah)man. the con boy iiim v or
of Omaha. . celebrated Friday. He
took his first whiff of oxono In a
little log cabin at Vorktown, Tex..
M eais ago. There a as an awful
wall In the neighborhood that day.
said the mayor, although he doesn't
distinctly remember It all. The
shack wasn't commodious enough
to hold a fitting barbecue, and so a
large tent was att up and the
uelghbora notified that the first boy
In the family was born. They held
a great feed. When the merry,
making was at Its height the sky
darkened, the kid voiced his loud
lameutatioii and suddenly a nor'-"
wester was upon them. The tent
was wrecked and the table over
turned. The food was scattered
and the barbecue, the first of a
series the new-burn sun was to par
ticipate In. came to au Inglurluus
end. "Yes, I was born early In
life." said the mayor; "my mother
tuld me I was and the squalla that
broke the quiet of the Texas plains
that day are still remembered. When I was in T.. i... l. ...... . . .
m of It and commemorated the occasion with a barbecue. They announced
that the one I waa to hold on the capltol grounds at Lincoln had been trans
ferred to Kranretas." And tbe mayor tapped the cigar box.
Harmony among home surroundings
'THE influence of home surroundings is so great that too much con-
sideration cannot be given the selection of furnishings that produce
agreeable impressions and help create an atmosphere that is both
pleasing and beneficial.
-.We are splendidly equipped to assist you in this work, and
respectfully request the opportunity of consulting with you in regard
to your plans.
Our drapery department, devoted to window and door draperies
upholstery materials, decorative fabrics, couch covers, etc., is a real
treasure-house for those who aim to achieve the most artistic and har
monious furnishing results.
In each class of goods we offer selections quite out of the ordinary
not only noteworthy for their completeness and variety, but also for
the high character of the materials themselves, from the standpoint of
patterns, colorings, and exclusiveness.
In fine wall papers we have a most exquisite display, embracing
the best creations of the world's most famous wall paper designers,
and including a variety if thousands of patterns.
We have all the wall papers that are most effective for the distinc
tive dressing of each room in the home, and our experts will select the
varieties that go best with period furniture and create the most charm
ing of atmospheres in your home. .
The-refreshing influence of new wall paper new curtains or
draperies or a new rug or, perhaps, a few pieces of furniture will
entirely transform the atmosphere of your home.
The advice of our specialists, qualified by long years of experience,
is freely offered to our patrons, to assist them in a carrying out most
effectively their plans and ideas.
Pliller, Stewart St Beaton-Co.
Th Tag-Policy House
Established 1884 413-18-17 South Sixteenth Streot.
ii i .