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The Higher Ups Are the Guys! Yes, Indeed, the Higher Ups!
By "Bud" Fisher
ftoT MUTT.
YtAB. Crve
i i eHrFT T T?) feooiTN I
a j fer -dsn fe.trasir .ffr-vfejr 4rQ
te' tf: HNS ,1,8
j Giants' rr?;iti:t. Aikt ZxpUsatioa
of Ticket tzU in Ihilad'eipai.
j roklya aad Philadelphia Vole far
l Bri, Loalsvlile Newspaper
Man, la Opposition jtn Pre
! 0t I.eaarn Itead.
j JfCW TOr.IC. Dc. M.-Th bsst wa.-.-I
w-hletj txlii on piptr, between ;:t aim .
iloefi and National IttguM win. en r.ier
Irily tdr. but indication : piui."ul
ithtt it to tt ft war of worCt only.
' Officially t'.'. National Ussu u.-n;d
lvrIy to it own ;iiiri. r-l!tin
irr;nt Thorns J. Lynon and I4n0r.n1
ih do;nd ytiteiday by t;(
'Ai":a 'tftsj. Unoffla.aiiy tooi'.t majot
j league I .chad et Ui propel 0: a ral
tnaountor between th mlllloat ot Coi
!)ri kjvatud In rtch,
Th worid'i . stria tlcktl (canilftl con
jtlnuad t hold th ppoiliglit. PrU6nt
Bruh o( t'.i Nw Tsrk Oiftnti. wlio maJ
' puoii rnriy hit rtpnrt la ih ttftvientl
MnmMtn en tlx rnti. ddrtMd
Uiir to Bn Jolintan ak.n( bl;n ! x
ft fw tblMfi ftllcctd to I'.kv htp
lp)-.4 to th ticktu In FhiJfttitlpitia.
j "Why pick the Giante for the otr"
'Mr, Brush kg; omons olhfr thins,
j "While d.iftUnf on the oat-ge p:pe
itrftted upon the New Tork publlo through
mledlreoUon and eollueloa with ticket
' epeeulfttore, why dp you not explain how
1 la riUiidelphU ten pereoni abeorbed
over 1.000 ticket, an over ef (00 tech,
te.:id lxy-thre others absorbed 1,000
Ucketa, s.u average ot fifty eaohT'
! 'Incidentally. Uf. Bruth'a Utter eay
tat there were no atreet ticket' epee
' u'.atore In ! Tork during th world'
"It being unlawful."
I Letter C lrldt IraU.
pert, It reei:
'."Mavlitg cbarged tome official of the
I Nw Tnr' club with handing out i.ow
, m p.ogo t;et to tpecuiatora out or u.aoo
!o lie rervd etet cepeolty, depriving
1 ike public to tun extent of an oppor
i lenity tit liuying direct, why It It that
j are eUant ever Vh dtepoiltion ef tick-1
j In Phliadaipiua, wher a,ia out ot a
total at the reterved teet rapacity of
' l.tu were given to acvtnly-thrte popl.
jaed there waa no public eale for the first
: two gameat '
i "While the New Tork club report enow'
that lea than HO tickttt were taken by
Its player and It official, th balaneo
' being available fer th public, why te It
I that you do not explain how the player
j and the officiate of the Philadelphia elub
appropriated MOO tlckeU out of It total
'Inaamuoh a there were no street
! tkkat pcjuatora In New Tork durlnj
the world's aerie It being unlawful
why do you not explain to the publlo
1 how It aa that the hotel and along
I Broad mrett In Philadelphia they war
j openly piylng their, trad, and tell how
they obtained them? i
''la your letter to me you say: 'Oar
cMef aim 1 to proteot the base ball pub
llo from graft and . ahould work to
gether for that purpoae,' and to this I
eay ;'An.en.' I am with you eolldly, but
why pick only th Kar Toik National
j league elub for the tgoatT"
I The! letter was tuade public two heure
J after Preitdtnt Johnson had lift for Chi
I tag. When a club offlcjai attention
j wa called to this tact he aald Sir. John
son' moveiuente had not been taken Into
consideration In issuing the letter. Be
far leaving New York. Mr. Johnsen de
j ellned to comment on the ru.ution
j adopted by the American league )tor
1 day.
( ( Row Vuiaaacd.
The National league meeting this aft
ernoon gave no dtve'-opraentt in th row
! ret wean th organization. Secretary
) Hrydler told rcpoiteri that neither Presl
! dent Iynch nor the National league bad
I ret-elved a copy of the American league
resolution. To this Preeldrnt Lynci added
' that Inasmuch a it had oot couie before
! tbo league It certainly could aut be 41
euaned. Th National Irague will m'ft tomor
row and It was predicted tonight that it
will frame Its answer to the Ame.l an
league tlirn If thre I lit lx any icply.
With Brooklyn and l'hlladtlphla op
puelng, I'leMdefit l.yn h s rc-eleoted,
th loelng candidate being Rohcrl V.
Brown, a Louisville newspaper man.
Jamea E. Qaitney. who decided ever
night to buy th Boeton club, and did
o, eat In the council, which also Included
a woman, for the first time In Its his
toryMrs. Helen Hathaway Brltton.
owner of the St. lul club.
Th board ot director wae re-elected
and Joaeph O'Brien and William tocke
appointed comroiiteee of one on trans
portation and ho tela, respectively. The
' remainder of the meeting waa given over
to formal dtculon of varioue toplcc and
I th adoption of a resolution Instructing
i th four club playing on horn ground
' oa Jun 1 to observe Flag day wlin flt
( ting decoration of th ground.
Announcement alao was made that th
j Pittsburgh club. In annual aeaaloa at
! Jereey City, had re-elected off'.crre and
I e vector a. adding John P. Harris 10 th
I board.
! ! Be Kejaveaai.
1 la abort talka to the reportere Mr.
j CiLffney and hie new business tnsnsger,
j John a. Ward, promised to revive the
roeua club. Energy and money to ao
; c.mplUh thl would not be lacking, they
4 tMy eapect to met tb tlub a
Eastern Kids Who Claim High Honors on the Gridiron,
The Hi. Paul sc-houl eleven of Long
Ixland. which clalmn the "prep" fnot ball
champlonahlp of. the east. This team went
through the season without Its goal line
being croflsed, the only store made
against It bring a safety. The outfit Is I
declared to be the greatest "prep" team
ever gathered together. Heading from I
left to right the players In the line are:
(loldthwalle. right end: Davis, right
tackle; Tompkins, right guard; Ester
brook, center; Galloway, left guard; Un
derbill, left tackle;' Rogers, left end. The
back field from left to right: Baer. right
halfback; Vadnals, fullback; Chalmers,
left halfback; Collins, quarterback.
power to be reckoned with ultimately
the pennant race.
The market In players waa brisk, com
pared to the last two days, and trading
was lively. The biggest 'reported deal
was tho reported negotiation tor the
Providence International league club, be
tween Frank Kavln, owner of the Detroit
American, and T., J. Crowley, J. LavU
and Hugh lufr. Negotiation, It wa
reported, had not been closed tonight.
Navln Is reported to have offered S,000
for the club.
The Newark International league , club
bought First Paaeman 8walrna from Mo
bile, and It waa reported that Cleveland
was negotiating with Detroit to exchange
Htovall fur Morlarlty.
BO.iHI) A!tOf.MKJ llriC lIO
Basy Hay Uevwled to llearlww
t Neraae Him Hall Sabjoot.
NEW VOKK. Dec. H.-Kollowlng a busy
day deoted to hearing numerous base
ball subjects that were prevented for
arbitration, the Hoard of Arbitration to
night aiiiiounced lie decisions In a num
ber of eases. UwthK to the press of busi
ness a night session was necessitated,
while another meeting will be hold tot
morrow to complete all unfinished busi
ness. The devieions announced Include the
following: ,
Clalins-U C. Thrallklll, for 1100 bonus
agalnat San Antonio, Tex., allowed; D.
M. Nee, agalnat T. C. llayden, formerly
of Muskogee, OWL, allowed; Joseph She
nan, against the Kaatein (now the Inter
national league), disallowed; II. 1 Oar
rett. against Clarke vllle, Tenn., allowed;
J. I'. Clarke, against Johnstown. Pu. al
lowed; Harry McKee. against Des
Moluei", aluwed; Peoria, III., against la
vld Koaan, disallowed; Jake Bauer and
A. Josi, against Boier, allowed; Robert
8padu, against Newark, N. J., and
agalnrt Oreenwood, Mlsr.. both disal
lowed. s The dispute between Hartford. Conn.,
and Kewanee. 111., for the servlcca of
Pllchsr William Puwera was terminated
by awarding Powers to Kewanee. In the
caa ot Harry Martin against I! rand
lowed; of various Ironton. U., player for
arreara In aalarlee allowed.
Alma Disputes Claim
of Beaver City Team
ALMA. Neb., Dec. 14.-8peclal.)-AI-though
th champlonahlp foot ball gam
which waa played at Alma on Thanks
giving day resulted In a tie, t to t, th
Alma boy are champion ot eouthwentern
Nebraska, having never been beaten by
any high school team In Nebraska and
only two game resulting In a tie.
Th following Is a record of the game
this season:
Ooctober JO Alma, I. Orleans. S.
October Ti Alma. it. Kloomlngton, (.
November X Alma lit; Orleans. 0.
November 10-AIroa, II; Franklin, 0.
November IT Alms, 17; Company I .
November at Alms, is; Kepubllcsn Val
ley association, 0.
November 30 Alma. 5: Beaver City, a.
Total Mvore Alma. Ho; Opponents. 11.
According to the report given by Beaver
City In last Sunday's Bee they can only
show 49 points for Beaver City and 21
to Its opponent. Th result Is that Alma
has played more game this season than
any of Ite opponents and ran still show a
much belter percentage in faater com
pany. Therefor the championship honor
Justly belong to Alma. Much credit Is
afao due "llucu ' Beltaer and Weatover
for superior coaching.
miss m'huShrges
all athletes to study
MUa Kate Mi Hugh, principal of th
high school, hss mads an appeal by cir
cular letter to the boy who played foot
ball urging them to get to work In dead
earnest and diminish the number of "fall
urea" In class work. The communication
I alao mad to apply to ull pupils on
the ragged edge of flunking thl semester.
The letter follows;
"I wish to make a last appeal to the
atudenl lo go to work In earnest and
try to pass In all work they at now tak
ing. There are but four week more of
woik this term, but much may be done
Amateur Players and Matches Will
Be Supervised in Future.
Derision Hrsrked at ftoreay Meet
In? of Natloaat Association In
New York Effective
First ot Year.
NEW TORK. Dec. 11. With the advent
of tho new year amateur billiard and pool
players and amateur competition In" both
branches of the sport will be supervised
by the National Association of Amateur
Billiard Players. ,
This decision Was reached today at a
rather etormy meeting of the association,
at which th majority contended that re
cent practlcea had crept Into the sport
which made Itiecessary for the aaaocla
tlon to assert Itself and take charge or
According to a statement Issued tonight
by Dr. Walter J. Douglas on behalf of
napiaa in ooaro aeoiaeu mat nie salary la four wv,kg. 1 tM trom tu, rt,polu
bad been laid in full to June 1 and al- ut ti,e tri4l tha. m.BV hl.v.
lowed his claim for compensation after
that date. Pitcher "Lefty" McDonald,
claimed by New Bedford, Maes., and
Hamilton. Out., was awarded t New
Bedford. TI Louisville club was ordered
to psy the salary claim of M. F. Boucher
10 June &. after that date th claim wss
Th fight In the Virginia league was
tsrmlnated by a decision that no presi
dent haa been rboaen for the li13 era
son, although aeveral so-called elections
have been held. The board recommended
Informally that an election be held early
lu January, with all rluba pressnt. In
case of a tie vote President William
will remain In office until a successor 1
Among the decisions mads late tonight
were :
Claiiue ot Player (Jardner against To
peka for Injuries, .ts). allowed; of vartou
playsra of tbe Tajkorvtll. III., team fur
arreara la salaries, allowed; of Player
UwWUil agalust Javaswu, alia., !
gone to work with more earneetm since
talking over their work In the office. I
em very much Plraed with this reixirt.
Will not each pupil think serioualy about
this matter now, and help the leputallon
of the school by diminishing the list of
fsiiures by one or more? If we can make
the number of failurea less than that of
previous terms, when th conditions are
not now In favor. It will reflect grval
credit upon the school. Fach pupil can
ee to it that hi nam la not In the
falluio list If It la posslbl to avoid It.
It our motto be, 'The Omaha High
school expects every men to do his best.'
Now that the foot ball eeaeon Is over
ran we not form ourselves Into one large
team and all work together to make om
touchdown and home run In scholar
ship? In this gain, a In foot ball, glory
la given the 000 who turns Into victory
what came near being defeat."
I'eraistent Advsrturu
the Uoad
V 1 r J .
f r" 1 r -
' (
?)'. -a' v'
Jim McKntee, crack mlddio-d'danc
sprinter of the Wert bide Young Men'
Christian association of New York who
will go after the quarter-mil Indoor rtc
otd at the national Indoor champlonahlp
ot the American Athletic union In New
York on lecember itt. McEntee. who won
the national champlonahlp outducra when
competing (or the New York Athletic club
In li. la In bttter form than ever at
present, and It is not unlikely that either
he or one ot bis rival Itosenbrrgrr.
HhepparxJ. Kivlat or Davenport will ex
ceed tbe world a fastest tun for this
tisrdcH of all race. ,
th association, on and after January 1
th organisation will assume control ot
and give sanction for amateur tourna
ments In all forms of billiards and pool,
and also will assume control ot all con
testants. Cluba holding- unsanctioned con
testa and all player competing therein
will be disqualified.
Th rule of eligibility as amateur play
er provide that no person may be ranged
as an amateur who hast played In open
to all contests, who haa received pecuni
ary benefits from such contests or who
has owned or worked In a billiard room
or been connected with the billiard trad
as a means of livelihood.
Zbyscko Wishes to
Wrestle in Omaha
Manager Olllan of the Auditorium ha
received word from Stanislaus Zytitcko,
the Polish wrestler .to tho effect Oiat he
will come to Omaha on January 6 and
wrestle If a good opponent can be secured
for htm. Mr. Olllan has several good
men In mind whom he will try to get.
Bectu th free-for-all pace at Mal
vern, la., on August 13 was stopped by
th Judge at the end of the fifth heat.
In violation of th rule of th American
Trotting association, the pacing mar Lou
Chrtety hra been awarded first p'ac In
the race by the board of n Price's ot that
When that rac wa declared ended by
th Judge Castlewood stood beet In tbe
summale and waa announced th win
ner. Budd ft. Latta of -Trksurmh, who
own Lou Clsrtety, pretexted tm the
groend that th preet rules ct th
parent aiocUUloa do not alow a rac
summarily to be esed at the tad of
r.vo heat.
Lou Chrusty was th last two hu
errtcb were paced sac'. su.-eot ij'ng to tb
rvklesir of baiwnn who were cm-went,
vrs aM t wrta ;.! deck; trig. heat.
3e decitol cf r- rreird til aypoxl
111 srasds at Its recent meeting la CbW
1470. The jtUks Cexsrty! sa
tiety ot Starecra waa & tm cxty-l-
cwt cxsltoesu sArf.lca oC te rJts
tte tixcttng cKc-'a.-.Kws.
Tb Belmont foot ball team wCU plrnf
th Exeelalor eleven Bunday afternoon at
Fort Omaha. Thta I th first nam In
which th two team have plkrd to
gether for the leet three years.
A preliminary gam will be played be
tween the.Athletlo eleven of Omaha and
the South Otnaba Ramblera.
Following ta tbe lineup for the Belmont-
Excelalor game:
Weetergard C.
Walt R. O.
Harvey U O.
J. McAndrewa K. T
K. Xmlth
lidvll ...
U O A.
K. G....M.
I- T
U T I K. T
R. F..IU E.
...U K. R-
l 11. B.IU II. B....
It. H. "i K. II. B....
....". B F. B
, I Mneen
. M oraii
.. Foran
.. tiloder
Shibe Denies Any
Scandal in World's
Series Ticket Sale
that any scandal attached to the selling
of world's series tickets here was made
today by John D. Shibe, secretary of
the Philadelphia American club. It was
made In answer to a statement given out
by the New York National club.
"There Is no truth in the assertion that
wo handed out tickets to friends, or that
5,000 tickets were given to seventy-three
persons," nul.l Mr. Slilbe.
"On November It we received a letter
from the National commission requesting
that we send a list of all the persons
who received tickets. We complied with
the request and, furthermore, Joseph B.
Ohl was sent to New York with addi
tional Information to give the commis
sion. This they declined to take.
"We are rer.dy to produce at any time
copies of the list of those receiving
tickets from us. They were regular sup
porters of the club."
Mrtiimrir and Ramsey Klaht.
riTTSBCKOll. Dec. I4.-Eddie Mc
Ooorty of Ohkosh, Wis., una Harry
Kamscy of Philadelphia, aspirants for
leadership of the middleweight fighters,
went alx rounds tonight, with the popular
decision giving Mctloorty a shade the
better of the fiht. The mill was marked
by clever work by botb men In spots.
Carpentier Defeats Lewis in Twenty
Bounds in Paris.
French Weltr rweijcb t Given Decision,
un Points Alter Flcbt does to
l.lmti Jack Johnson Is
PARIS, Dec. H. George S. Carpenter
the 17-year-old French welterweight
champion, wen the decision over Harry
Lewis, the American pugilist, and welter
weight champion of England, In a twenty-round
flsht at the Clque De Paris to
night. The fight went the limit and Car
pentier won on points.
Parisian society, including hundreds ot
women in evening gowns, saw the contest
and applauded tne decision of the judges,
which waa unanimous.
During tho early rounds Carpentier had
all the better of the bout. He succeeded
In closing Lewis' eye and in the tenth
round punished the American severely.
After some stalling, Lewis came up fresh
for the fifteenth. He jabbed Carpentier
repeatedly, and held his own until the
end, but the Frenchman had shown bel
ter form throughout.
Jack Johnson,' the world's champion,
was present and wa introduced to the
The fight was for a stake of Si.OOO. of
which 3,0W went to tb winner.
Noted Architect
Gets Gold Medal
WASHINGTON. Dec. H.-ln the pres
ence of a company which included Preal
dent Taft. the French ambassador and
scores of men eminent In the profession
to which he has devoted more than fifty
years of his life, George B. Post of Nw
York tonight waa presented with the gold
medal of the American Institute of Ar
chitectsthe highest gift in its bestowal.
President Taft, In extending congratu
latlona to the venerable architect, ap
plauded the idealism which has consti
tuted his long time devotion to the ad
vancement of architecture in this coun
try. Mr. Taft said he would not make a
speech, but he came merely to lend such
sanction as the office "which I tempora
rily hold" might lend to the occasion.
With the Bowlers
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Rice 18 . 178 1H0 006
H. Howley l&l HO 173 tM
Rondo H7 " 147
J. Howley 153 1S. ... 30s
Saunders t... 13a 187 104 - till
Doherty 14 1.'7 15j 4 JO
Totals 771 787 7M J,Sa
' 1st. 2d. St'. Total.
Bauer 1: 99 W -J2
Haster ISO l:7 4v:l
D. Moyne ltfi lt5 loj 4u
J. Moyne lt7 13t 16:1 4,ti
Hansen ItiJ 177 211 Oil
Totals 778 724 7ie
lt 2d. 3d. Total.
Condon 1PI 170 19-j 5.',:t
Pohler 172 11 17 4W
Bilk 167 133 luO bio
Totals 630 614 18
1st. 2d. ' 8d. Totsl.
Cobry 123 113 1JS 2tf)
Kefregier 74 ' 175 211 4ia
Anderson 139 IIS 173 4
Totals 840 436 609 1,28
ujn)au Sia
o) poa eiu l SaianjaApv luetsisjaj
i g7
OUt SiyU Lteer it th br tbat b brw4 Just right
MmaiWnr enttiehjr ditfsrarK In tho ml br Kne jnst
as good at vrr ooukl not ho mad Wetter. i
S 1 1 aMstSs 1 7tl St, CM4AHA. NCS.
I 'O "52-;"-
Self-Fittinf Emerfency OTerslioeforHonei.
Prevent aiipping or balling when streets or roads ar icy
or slippery. A VKS keepag your horse rough shod, a the
ahoes can be put oa or t&kea off in tea mtuutes. bA VK.-i
time and muoey. aecommendecl by limuaa flocielua
larywiutf. foe bale by