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foreign Corn Market Now Showinj
a Better Tone.
Hi Roles SlaBftUh and Va
rhuitd -Trad I a a- la Eaeeptlon-
Sm la l.atkli.
OMAHA.. Dee. 1 1911.
Wheat value are up about a cent from
ma low point or the week, ana wnne
large lines of short wheat have heen cov
ered there la a mooh better feeling on
th bull aide, although conditions mn
noi cnanged materially. Th vast quan
tities of tmt in th'a visible, with no
adequate demand, will no doubt continue
to be a bmrlxh factor.
Foreign corn market! are ho-1ng a
potter ton owing to th light offerings
from this side. The rh property In all
poltion in strong, wtilla weather condi
tions are none too favorable and receipt
are much lighter than expected.
Wheat ruled sluggish and unchanged,
trading wan exceptionally light and news
was lacking to start either the buying
or selling aids. Cash wheat was k'SV"
Hotter Inquiry from abroad and higher
cables gave corn a stronger tone, (Jf
fennits were light and cash values were
'e higher.
Primary wheat receipts were S78.000
bushel and shlments were 22S,(H0 bush
el. againt receipt last veer of 748.000
bushel and shipments of bushels.
Primary corn receipts were l&.Wu bush
He and shipments were bushel,
aitalnnt recrjj t lant year of 7M.O00 bushels
and shipments of 7 nlO bushels.
learaiita were JHO bushels of corn,
l.a bushels of oats and wheat and flour
equaJ to 12,7(1(1 bushels.
Mverpool cloned unchanged on wheat
no N'tisd higher on corn.
The following cah sales were reported:
WIIEAT-Xo. 2 hard: 1 car. V,o. No.
S hard: 1 car, Kc; 1 car, Wo. No. 1
spring: car, Mc.
'ORN-No t white: I cars, C7c; 1
car. fcTe, No. 4 white: 1 car, Mc 1
car. U'c; 1 car. Wc; 1 car, 8 cars,
fkc No. I color: 1 car. &7o. No. 8 yel
low: 2 cars. 57c; 1:1 cars, &h4C. No. 4
ellow: 2 cars, uCc: 9 cais, Ip64c; 1 car,
iwSo: 2 cars, fc. No. 8 mixed: 1 car,
lart old, SHc; a cars, W'4c. No. 4 mixed:
1 car, 8w; csrs, to'?. No grade: 1 tax,
I3c: 1 car, Mc; 1 car, &2c.
OATS standard. 1 car, -W'ic. N. 2
white: 3 rare, atic. No. 4 white: 4 cars,
Oaaaka Cask Prva.
WlfEAT No. 2 haid, t'4fWc.; No. t hard,
4Uto4c; No. 4 hard, Blltftlfldc
CORN No. 3 white, 67t57-io; No. 4
white, UVec; No. 2 color. 6r.HeG7c;
No. I yellow, &iMl&7c; No, 4 yellow, Uii
W-c; No. 3. Wijt,ijc;(No. 4, 6Hymc; no
OATH No. 2 while. 4V.J4fic: standard,
4(i ti4H4c; No. 3 white, 46(Hc; No. 4
while, 4o,4
RAHLKV-Maltlng, 31.HO1.20; No. 1
feed. I1.0V9I.14.
RVB No. 2, WHWici No. 3, MJiSWHo.
Carlot llere:pts.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 17 2U 114
Minneapolis 374
Omaha 11 79 20
Dulutti 74
Pcatarea ( Ike Trading! and C'loslaa;
Prices en Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, Dec. 14-The approach of
t'hilstmaa thinned the crowd today on
'change, and let prices ease off a little
all around. At the end of the session
wheat was down o to VW net. corn
tf ito to o. oats, k4o to So, and
ling products ViQibc to Mkj.
Wheat closed at almoat the bottom for
the day. It waa apparent the market
had no support, but shorts seemed timid
about putting on much pressure. What
decline occurred waa more due to neg
lect than because of any external Influ
ence. Crop news from Argentina, If allow
ing any material difference, turned In
favor of the bears. Then, too, northwest
receipts did not exhibit the falling oft
expected after the light run of the pre
vious day. liberal export sales reported
at Montreal gave scant help, a there was
no foreign demand for United Htates
grown wheat, and no adequate milling
call for the big stocks In Chicago. May
tanged from l7 to 87t, with the .finish
steady at iM(Wo, a decline of Ho com
pared with twenty-four hours before.
Home of the larger commission con
cerns were selling corn off and on. Pit
traders, though appeared to favor the
buying side. May fluctuated between
end 6;ne, closing easy, tatHao down
at KISaV. Cash demand was slim.
-No. 2 yellow waa quoted at "0,3 71 o for
front taking on the part of shorts af
forded the only prop under the oats mar
ket. Top and twit torn levels reached for
-May were 4WtHiWfl and 4SU'Hvc. wlth
the clone So net lower at iS'vtcWSc.
Provisions weakened In view of a drop
in prices at the yards. When the pit
was cleared pork had become less ex-Ix-nslve
by 7Ho to lor and other prod
vuen decreased In cost ZWv'm to 64 7 He.
Uuotationa ranged aa follows:
Ai ttc lj Open. High.
Kbc.. t
May. 97StA4 7T,
July. W MS
I hp.. tCV.i.3 62
May. 63',
July. ta? U3rS
I Hm:.. 47S 47S
May. tSv 49Vti S.
July. ti W
I 'oi k.
Jan.. 14 09 16 00
May. 16 li It 16
Jan.. 100 t06
.May. 27S30 t 80
Jul. .4Ut
Jan.. 8 KS 8 2i',k
May. 8 60 8 M
Inly. 8 f-'H IV.','
WVi 7Si&i4l7i.iui
62S 2S
B3S 63S'? S
8H ''S 47W
is vj:
1 07SI
IS 87S ! 65
17S! It 07H
.00 1
t 40
8 17H 8 17H3I 8 9
2 46-7 S 17SJ0,8 62SM
8 4.V7S! 8 t.O I 8 &6
t'sKh uoiations were aa foliowa:
FLO UK Blow; winter ' patents, 3400(9
COO; winter straights. 3X7(ii-t.7(; spring
patents. UO'ub so: spring straights, 34.J0
bakers. .l-7ot 4.75.
KYK--.No. 2. fcflWu.
HAKLKV-Feed or mixing, 80otftl.M;
fulr to choice malting, 11
HKKP.s-Tliuothy, IU.6uuii.0u; clover,
PKOVIHIONS rork, rr,ees. per bbl.,
liu J.yib.jO; lard. pr 1x lbs., 8S.Mit; short
Bides (looeeS. 37.7IS.
Total clearances of wheat and flour
were filial to Itft.tMl bu. Frlmary receipts
were 07 .two bu.. compared with 749,000 bu.
the cot responding day a year am. Ksti
inated receipts fur tomorrow: Wheat. 15
. bib; curn, ZA cars; oats, 1M cars; hog.
r;.( head.
Chicaso Cah Trices Wheat: No. 3
fp-d. aiic; No. 3 red. HMOfc-; No. 3 hard,
Cv'uil W; No 3 hard, No. 1
noithuin, 31tUl.0V, No. 2 northern, 81.04
V 107; No. 3 imrtliern, 81 .Crf 1.U6; No. 2
flTinir. II Oi0l (M: No. 3 spring, tWf 11.0V,
No. 4 spring, 86'tt8l .00; velvet chaff. WX
i81 M; durum. HtUI 03. Corn No. 2. Ml
,.iSc; No. 2 white, eOHwioSe; No. 3 yel
low, aStilc; No. 4 yellow, 67V,Ws,c;
No. 4 while, tel7t.'jc; No. 4 yellow, Uuiisu.
Kats-No. 2 white, 4iij4c; No. 2 white,
'Vl'if: No. 4 while, H-iMKo; stand
ard. 4MI4SC K e: No. 3, j.V. Karley,
'.Kittl.'fU Timothy, 312. 6o li.ou. Clover
i'i rc.(-j) .si.
Bi;rik.K Steady; crtamerlea, 2yS8c;
dulries. 2.V.J.J1C.
rAHM Meady ; receipts. 1,(11 cases; at
nark, cases Included, 2Lnj-.Sc; firsts,; prime firsts, laioOo.
CH t-Kr-K Steady; daisies, l&Vtllfe'
twins, ld'USc; young Americas, liv
lw; long horns. UVtfll:.
FOlii.TKV-irtuMHtled; turkeys, liaifc
thickens, lOialic; springs, 10c. '
VKAU Kidy; 7jllc.
'arlot Keceipts Wheat. 17 cars, with 1
cf conirait grade; corn, MS cars, with 1
vt contract grade; oats. 1J cars. Total re
ceipt of wheat at tlilcago, Minneapolis
and lmluth today were 4jo cars, compared
v Uli 111 rare last week and J vara the
coricapoiRllng dux a year ago.
. Frarl Market.
r"rXJRU, lvc 14.-;OKN-liigher; No.
8 yellow, jjSc; No. 4 yellow, too; No
2 uk-d. hx;. No. 4 mixed, ttSo; aato
le, M iitjti.
tiA1-Lutr; r.'u. white, iftc; atatid
iu. 4. c. ,
l.ltrrpoul G rati si Market.
I.1VEKPOOU Dee. 14. AVHKAT-fioot
No. 3 Manltol.a, 7a lid; No. 3
ii.nvi.a, .a d; futuiea. linn; !-m-
i' ' 4,d; March, 7s Hy, 7s ivt
C"rRN Spot firm; American mixed,
s M; future firm; January, 6s 2d; Feb
ruary, 63 'id.
Qnetatlona of Ike Day on Varleaa
NKW TOR.K. Ieo. 14-F-IOrR-g.iet;
epitng patents, 3A oij, ,.:; winter straights,
It Viit.X; winter patents, 34 .K'a'4.70;
spring clear. M.l'a4.ii.; winter extras No.
I. )3.i0iJ.0; winter extras No. t, 33 5A(3
l 6. JKsnsas straights, l ij-t 70. Kve
flour, quiet; fair to good, l4 7fa4K6;
choice to fsncy, S6.iiKft 0. Buckwheat
flour, quiet, l!i per 100 lbs.
CORNMhAle-Steady; fine white and
yellow. II .( l.ti; coarse, 31.6Hrl00; klin
dried. 8) mhi J. ',5
JtVK-Kteady; No. 2, 87c, c. 1. f. Buffalo
to arrive.
liAKLKY-Kteady: malting. 81.18fil.26
c. I. f. Buffalo.
Wli K AT Hoot market oulet: No. f red.
9Mo; elevator export basis and f7S f, o.
b. afloat; No. 1 northern Duiuth, 31 117
f. o. b. afloat. Futures market waa barely
steady, with small price changes, he
ceints were only moderate, but the cash
and export demand waa poor and this dis
couraged buying, snd closing prices were
c net lower. December closed 67c;
May. 3l.OVril.02 3-16; 'closed. 21.01'.. 11-
celpt. Ili.O") bu.; snlpments. H.M4 bu.
CORN Moot market dull: exoort nsw.
!V: f. o. b. afloat. KHitures market was
nominal. Exporters took 100 loads for
inrward shipments, ltece Dts. 31.M0 bu.:
shipments. 2H bu.
OATS Knot market steady. Futures
market was nominal. Receipt", 3360 bu.;
shipments. LZO bu.
MAY Ulead v: crime, nominal: No. 1.; No. 2, 31.10(11. 16; No. 2, WRoilll.OO.
jiufn Firm; state common to choice
1S11, Vi!c; mo, nominal. Faclflo coasl
ltill, 4.r4(0Oc; liiio, nominal.
JiiUES-nrm; Central America, 22c;
liOKota, 22-jaSc. .
L.UA i H h. It firm hemlock frets. 23
27c; seconds, 24Zuc; thirds, 21t22c; re
ject. 15c.
FKOVIrilONH Pork. steadv: mess.
317.204(17.7r.; family, 318.00; short
clears, f 17.25n 176. H-ef, firm; mess
112 bou l2.0o; tanilly. 8l4.v0iai4 60: beef
hams, 32.(xij31.00. cut meatx, easy;'
pukieu o5iueH, ten to fourteen Pounds.
n'i'nioc; plrkled hams, lli4811'c. I.rd,
quiet; miame wfn prime, .(j:rf(l'J.l&; re
fined, steady WKil continent, 30.65;
South America.; compound, fl.Zb.
TAblJW Uulet; steady; prime city
hhds., h'rkr, country, iVatHfcC
fcUTTKK Hteady ; creamery specials,
86c; extras, J(c; firsts, iiinXW. ,
CHKKHh-Flrm: state who e ml k. B.n-
tember and enxller average, fancy, l,c.
K'KlS-Hteady on fresh: fresh asth-
ered extras, 3i'40c; extra Ilrst, 34036c;
firs. aiWUc.
l'(iUL,l ty Alive steady to f rm: west
ern chicken, 12HG1--; fowls, i;K414Vir;
turkeys. 13Ul4o; dressed dull; western
chickens, lt'tflOc; fowls, 16rtflc; turkeys.
ivy 17U.
I. I.oala Geaeral Market.
. ' j v , I..''., a j w, , . . 1 1 I x
Cash, steady; track, No. 2 red, 6S(U9H,c;
no. z naru, mhjvii.vo; December, 83Scj
May, :
COUN Kteaoy: track. No. 2. new. 62V;
64Sc; No.. 3 white, new, GUMftc; De
cember, 06c; May, 64Sc
wv rn-eiteady; track, No. z. 47SS47ic;
No. 2 white, 4Mv4c; December, 4So.
xiK-tincnangeo; w,
KIOUll Quiet; red winter patents. 84 M
94 70; extra fancy and straight, 33.76f
4.26: hard winter clears, tl.arrftilt.70.
M-;i.l Tlmottir, 8I4.O016.&0. .
KHAN Firm: sacked, east track. 31.19
pl. 20
ri A t Tier ; timothy, 319 004.00; prai
rie, 311.0oJlH.00.
PROV1HION8 Pork, unchanged; job
bing, $15. Ml. lArd. lower: Drime steam.
3.JS77S. Iry aalt meata. unchanged;
noxen, extra snorts, x.u; clear ribs, 1H.25;
short clears, 88.37S- Jiacon. unchanged;
ooxea, extra snorts,; clear nos, i.2u;
short clears, H.37V.
POULTRY Firm : chickens. 7Wc:
springs. HSc; turkeys, Uc; ducks, HV40;
geese, Ho.
hctter Hteady; creamery, 3636c..
KUOd Uwer; 28c.
Reoelnts. Shipment.
Flour, bbla 8.100 8.700
WhMit h ISJklA O, taut
Corn, bu M.000 . 62,000
Uats, bu 1,00 26,000
Kansas Cltr Grata aad Preielaloaa.
K AN f AH riTT Mo rv.c 14 UIIIPAT
Cash, steady; No. 3 hard, 7Hcr$1.03; No.
J, iMctjii.vv; No. 3 red, Md4So; No. 3,
2fiwic; December, 8iSo; May, 87Sc; July,,
mixed. 0fiiic: No. 2. liOo: No. 1 whlfs '
ttnuc: mo. a, boc; December, aSSc; May,
tiATH unchanged: No. 1 white. 48U
4o; No. 8 mixed, 47Vij48c.
n I r v uvc.
HAY Hteady. choice tlmnlhv. tla Sftn
00; choice prairie, 3U.26M 13.50.
to UTTKR Creamery, a&c; ftrsta, 3Sc:
seconds, 31c: packing stock, 0y,o.
KUUH-Extras, 83c; firsts. 81c; seconds.
Tlecelnts. Rhlnm.nt.
wneat m.oou mnm
Corn 47,000 (5,000
tata 12,000 4,u0
MlaaeasMtlla Grala Market.
Detember. 3100: May. 81.04: Julv. 11 oa
Cash: No. 1 hard, 31.01S; No. 1 north
ern. 81.01S; No. 2 northern, Wc; No. 8,
r iax 33.orH.
(IHIN-No, 8 yellow, XJKJe,
OATS No. 3 white, 4ii43i.C.
JtYr-No. 1 874WSO.
URAN-ln 100 pound seeks, a.00ia.H).
r IXJUR rtteadv and active unliiiiii
first patents, 64.80tn-6.rQ; second patents,
84.40414 70: first clears. 23.20H3 eft: woiJ
clears, 83.30Q3.iO.
Mllwaake Or J a Market.
1 northern, 31.0T31.0: No. 3 northern.
ti.vittri.vii io. 1 nam winter, rikjll.oi;
;w...6er, 84c; May, 37So.
ia 1 n ntanaard, 47ifr4it4e.
HAKUSY-Malllng. tl.i0tfi.23.
Coffee Market.
NKW YORK. Dec 14.-COinini-.Eir,i.
turea opened firm on near and steady on
late tuonthe, with prices &tyi3 points
hlwhet- In response to firm Kuropean ca
bles, higher pricoa at Banloa and rumor
of a continued good demand from lead
ing roasters, business was tint actlvA
and fluctuations wr somewhat Irregular
during the day, but the general tone of
ma maraec waa steady and the final tone
was steady, showing a net advance of 3
tr points. Kales were 42.760 base. Ike.
cember, 13.81c; January, llioo; February,
o.aov, wiivii, Apru, ij-sic; May.
I 1? T 1 ... a I 1 1 . , , . . u . I . 1
'- 1 - , " pr 1 piuurr ana
October, 13.16c:. Nwenilter, llluc. Havre
waa ii' 1. limner. Hamburg waa Sti I
pig. higher. Rio waa unohanaed at
MijO. hantoa 4s, 64 rel higher, at 83360;
7s, 160 rets higher, at 73400. Receipts at
the two Kraxlllan porta were 87.0IX) bags,
against 30,000- bags last year. Jundiahy
reveipia were page, against 17,600
bas last year. Today's special Rantos
cable reKrtel fiantns unchanged. Kao
I'aulo receipts were SI.OOo baga against
2b.UM bags the previous day. It la
rumorea mat a prominent American
roaster has been a heavy buyer of oof
fee in Hantoa. A hailstorm waa reoorted
In one district of hao I'aulo and rain In
tnree other niHtrlcts. New York ware
house deliveries yesterday were 6.61O bairn.
attains! M.476 nags last year. Knot roffse.; Klo no. 7. 14Sc; ttantoa No. 4.
LWltic; uiild. uulel Cordova, liVic.
Mrta3 MarVet.
8 tun dard cupper, firm; spot and futures,
1S J.V11S X londou market firm; spot
Ibl 2a i; futures, 63. lake copper, lo
cally, 313 K7Sioi4 00; electrolytic, 3IS.7U
14.W1; casting, 311I7SM 1.1. S- Tin, quiet;
spot and futures, 3il bUw-iS-U. London
inaraei tocauy; spot. 6a; futurea,
.m v. la. quiet; i.4tuW, New
York; 34.30i'4.37U. knt Rt. I.wi, u.
don market quoted at a.' IS 10a. Hpelter.
quiet; 4.i .86, New York; 8B.UAtf.20,
Kajit Bt. lxiuia Ixindon market quoted
at 36 17s d. AnUmony, dull; Cookson's,
17. 7i. Iron, Cleveland warrants, 4s 4Sd
in ixnoon. iocatiy iron waa ateady; No,
1 foundry, northern, 414 6u,j 16.00; No. J
814 6oial4.76: No. 1 southern and No. 1
southern, soft, 311X4 14.76.
MT. Lil'lri. Deo. 14 MKTALS Dead,
steady at 84.1644.87S. Huelier, dull at ft.U
OIU aaa Koala.
ft A VAN M A If riA rw 1 , ier.Bnt..
TIN b. Firm. tdVAl"! ealea 660 bbis; ra.
teluts. K3 bbls. : ahltin,.ils 1 .KI. .
iliKkn. M'l bbla. '
KOHIN-Firm; aales. .8a bbls.; re
ceipts, 3,u: shipments, none; stocks 17.
4w bbls. Ouute: H. tn l: n !. if
8.C7St.10: F. tl, 11, 8i70; I. 6.70u.T6;
Sv:r ; '' Nl " ; w-
Early Trading- in United States Steel
Securities Spectacular.
Geaeral Market Respoads lawlll
iaarlr to Rise la Steel fttoeka, kt
Fallens Dseimrl Teadency
Wklek Later fervelopa.
NKW YORK. flee. 14 I'nlted Htates
Htfel was acaln the center of the stage
today, fcarly trading In this stock was
fpectacular. Kxclted operators ran up
(he price to 68. the highest figure since
est Heptember. and a caln from vesterdav
of IS. Within the first fifteen minutes
iraneHCtlons amounted to 1.S.000 share.
Hy the end of the first hour the total
had been swollen to 22.( shares.
After that the price eased off until the
gain had been virtually eliminated. The
day's business was the largest of several
weeks, with a total of a:f7. enure of
United Htates Bteel and 838.000 shares of
other stocks.
The general market responeded unwill
ingly to the rise In United states Kteel.
When United 8tates Hteel fell back the
whole market declined, some stocks fall
ing under yesterday's close. During the
afternoon the coalers and coppers were
moved up moderately, but the list, as
a whole, made little response. The fever
ish' bidding for United Bute Meet waa
ascribed largely to short covering.
The tendency of prices of steel products
continued upward. ,
The cupper stocks made further gain"
In response to another advance In the
price of the total, which In now at the
highest level for a long period. American
Agricultural Chemical's recent advance
had partly discounted the beginning of
dividend payments.
The bond market waa firm, with trad
ing on a large scale. Total sales par
value, 34,
United Htates bonds were unchanged on
Number of sales and leading; quotations
of stocks were as follows:
six. II. th. Low. CloM.
Allla-rhalnwrs fd
Amaltamaua (terser ... J4.4'0 Vt u S
Amarlr.n AtTlrultaral .. 4.3'rt lt 67(4 tS
Am. Heat Hum ' XX) US M'4 X1
Amarlnas Can I.tott 1114 11 11
Amaitcaa a A 3" l,al 14 tv M'4
Am. Cotton Oil 200 4t US 44
Araertraa H U sis It
Am. Ioe Henirltle II
Americas Unaaas 110 I'A Hi
Americas feomntlve ... IKK) S7i 37
Aroartraa ft. R 11.100 14(4 "H 7l(i
Am. a. R. r noe lm 1M w
Am. Rtsel Fius4rtas 7IX) ia4 ''
Am. Husar Hellnlnt 3HI 1IS llH Hlli
Amarlraa T. A T,..' "0 1(0 UH
Amarlian Tnbaees Bli.... l.bOO 104(4 lu' lul(t
Amarirss Woolaa K(4
Anaronda Mining Co.... 200 9'4j
Atrhlaoo 1,000 10li M VH,
Atchlioa pfd 13H
Atlantln Coaat I.lna i.lflO 174 in 137(4
Paltlmora Ohio 1,446 1024 l"2 ltn
Hathlaham 8taal l.:0 M'4 I'4 tt(k
Hroohlya Rapid Tr 1,400 77A 77 77
Canadlaa Pacific 1.700 140 140(4 240
(antral Leather n0 II (4 2 1
C.ntral leather M 204 flVij t
('antral n( Naw Jarasy.. VHj 117 o? ot
ChaaapMk A Ohio 1.H00 14 14 74(4. A Altos ,
Cnlcaxe U. W.. saw M it !0 to
Chlrasa 13. W. t 1"0 17 74 7H
Chlcaso A. N. W 200 Hi 141 14i
Chicago, M. it. P.... 6 KM) lll'i lit 111
C . U. C. A it. L HI
Colorado T. A 1 700 il M4 ln
l-olorado A aoattwra loo 44 44 44
Conaoltatad JI 1,000 ll'4 13HV IKS
Corn Prodtuta 400 11 10 V 10
palawar A Hudann 147
Paavar A Rio (trend 81
Dvutst A K. O. pfd M0 44 44 44
manners' fteeurttlea 100 ,,7
Brl 11.100 11 t 11
Kris let pfd I,00 M 61 H
Brl Id pfd IW0 41 41 42
Oeneral tlactrlo loo 1M 14 ir4
Oraat Northern pfd 4.400 lit 1-1 1SI
Uraat Northarn Ore ctra. 1,4011 , a4 U
llllnola (-antral loo 142 143 141
Interbereush Mat I,4m 14 II
Int. Mat. pfd .00 41 47 47
International llarrestar.. l.eno ior 107 107
Intar-Marlne pfd 400 11 11 17
International rapar
International Piuup KK) U 11 M
Iowa Centrsl 14
Kanaaa City ioutharn.... too II
K. (.". to. pfd
Laoleds Oaa to 1M 14 14
Loslavlll A Naakvlll.. I.000 167 164 1U
Miss. A (. Loale It
M.. at. p. A a. A 31... ino i4 n i4
Mlaaourt, K. A T 1.600 10 3i l
M . n A T. pfd 20 at 4 44
yiearairt Paclfle o l i
National Blaciult 100 1 1M 1"
NatlolalJad l.iuOtiU ) 11
li. R. R. 9t U. Id pfd.. 2no JJ:. I U
Naw Tark Ontral 400 107 107
N. T . O, A W too l 5
Norrslk A Waatera l.MO lot loa loa
North American loo 11 1 11
Northers Paclfls 4.0"0 11 111 ll
Paclfla Mall J0 11 III 11
Pennarlrenta 4.400 1" 112 111
Paople't Oaa 101 102 1
P . C. C. A at. L , 400 P K
Plttaburgk Coal 17
Praaaad "teal Car 100 24 (1 It
Pullman Paler Car 147
Rallwar Bteal iprlnj.... , loo SI li M
Heading 152. boo 143 1M 1M
RapuMlo itaal 1.SO0 tfi 21 14
Rapsbllo ikael pfd I.0 14 114 M
Rock laland Co to tK ii .24
Rork laland Co. pfd 1.100 47 47 '44
Ht. L. A 8. F. Id pfd... KM 41 41 41
St. Louis a. W 11
at. L. a. W. pfd 71
iloaa-ebafflald a. A I
fteulkera Parlfta ,.. i.KU 112 112 lll
Suulharn Railway 4.100 10 ' 21 2
so. Hallway pfd loo tl 71 11
Tonneeee Cpr 0) II 17 7
Taaaa A Paclfle 22
T , Bt. U A W eM 11 11 14
T.. 81. I- A W. pfd KM m U 17
I'nloa Paalflo H.aoo 174 171 114
t.nlo Pacina pfd 1 M II
Dalles Slates Realtr t
United atataa Ruboar.... l aid 41 47 47
Usllad states Bteal 131.000 4 44 44
tl. A gtaal pfd 4.600 111 Hot. 110
t'tak Oppar ll.1o aa 6 13
Va. -Carolina Ckamleal .. 1. 200 44 64 44
Wib,h I.axi 1 1 1
tttfauk ptd 1.100 11 11 17
Waatars Maryland 200 41 (1
Waatlnfkenaa Kleetrlo .. 30 4 44 4a
Waalara Halea 8.0(N) ItU 1 7
Whaling A L. E 4
Lettish Vallay It 11 lit 111
Total sales for th day. . aharas.
New York Moaay Market.
call, ateady. 84U-4 per cent; ruling rate, 4
per rent; closing bid, S' per cent; offered
at 34 per cent.
TIM hi UUA.N 8 Firmer: sixty days, 4
per cant and ninety days, 40j4'i per cent;
lit months, 4ti4 per cent.
4Vk per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills at 4.ta
fur sixty -day bills and at $4.6640 for de
mand. CllMU KUCIAIi BIT.IA34.81Vi.
Hll.VKH ilar. 66c; Mxli-n dollars, esc.
lioNl8 Government, steady; railroad,
Cluaitig quotations on bonds today were
a follows
V. A raf. 1. rd Japs 4 o
do ovupea lu a IT
V. 8. rg "'H ee 4 12
da coupon IIK. O. So. lat la ... T3
V. 8. 4a. rt ll L. B. dah. 4a 1M1... 1.1
do reupoo ll L A N. snl. 4a
Allta-Chal. lat la... 41 M K A T. lat ,4a W
Amar. As U 4a aiu
A. T A T. v. 4s.. l Ma. Pariflo 4a 11
Am. Tohacce 4a iN. H.H. el M. 4a S
do 4 H7aN. . O. s a... 17
Armour A Co. 4a. 11 do dab. ta pj
Atoklaos sas. 4.... Y. N. H. A H.
do cv. 4a "1 er. 4a 121
do c . 4 laN A W. lat a. a.. i
A. C L. tat 4 do e. 4a. iimu
Jul. A Okie 4a..... PaNa. Paclris 4a 100
do la 11 do (M M
do A w. 1..... on. a. l. rtiis. ... x
anrouk Tr. ev. 4s.. Ura. c. utj., m
a,a. of 4M. 4 U d 00a. 4 Iras
Cea. Laathar 6a Reading sen. aa twu
. et n. J. a a...nt. u a. f. it. u m
Oaa. A Ohle 4a..wt d sa. la
a, rel. 4 8I U a. W. e. 4a. rw
4hl.-as A A. 1.. s lat sold 4a ... l
C. B. A g. 1. 4a.... , A. U to u
ado ran. 4 . Pao. rol, 4a.... 41
C. M. A B P. d 4a 12 do r. 4a 7
C. a. I. P a. 4a. 12 de la rat. 4a. M
A Hf. 4 8o. Railway aa oi
Cola. lad. as 7 da " 4a rl
aoM. Mid 4a a I'suta Psvitis 4a... .Ion,
C A a. r A e 4 do . imJ
D. A H . t 17 4a 1st A rat. ...
I). A R. O. .. I U. a Huboar 4. ..104
a ral. aa- M . 8. 8iai Id la... .101
aiHutiiiors 6a 14 Va -tar Cham. aa..loo
atcrle p. I. 4a laWabaaa lat 4a 104
d ea. 4s T da lat A as. 4a.... 41
da e 4a. aar. A.. IT 'tera Md. 4a 17
d aerlas IT W w. Mlae. ee. 6a.. II
Uaa. klac. . la... Ill W la. ('astral 4a 9
III. (Ja. lat r.. 4aMMa. Pha. or. 6 81
later. Mi. 4a.... roaaais 8 , 101
lot II. M 4V
Bid. Offcred. Aked.
Bask af KaiUsd taleaaeat.
IjOMON, ne-. 14 Th weekly state
ment of the Hank of F.ugland shows the
following chennea: Total reserve, da
creaeed fl.O4i.ouO. circulation lncrwaaed
(107.000, bullion decreased tl.l63.3f.3. other 1
securities Increased f 1.310.0UO. other iU
poalls deoressed tl.tes.0u0. public deposits
Increased tl ( 000. notes reserve de
creased tl.40,M0, govvroinent fecurlUea
Increased fwn.ono. The proportion of the
brink' reserve to liability thl week I
4! HI ter tent; lat aeek It was 82.4.1 per
LONDON, Dec. 14. American sectirltle
early trading todny. f'rlces at noon
wu.jr.rm iiirgunr iniriK, rarisiOK irm'i
-i amivc if, .4 oeiuw yesieruay s ,rw
... M I Vl ,1 .
London closing stock quotations:
von 1, money ...ii i-in l.ouiarino or nan..lti2
" .liwiii iiho., ivan. at la.. ws
Arnal. Copper 7 Nw York Central. .110
Anarnnda lfnrfolli a Waatrm.111
,,, , ma piq :j
do pfd 107 Ontario A Waatera. 41
naltlmore A Ohio OAPtnnjlvnl 42
Canallan Pacific ...247 Rood Mine 4
imipn r i.nio rieao i ns 1 1 "4
Chi f:r W r . . u - a. . i.
; ". riii'i oi pro 7
- i!iisnutnern facttio
Denrer A Rio O..N. 22s,lnlon Pacific ,...7f
A ii nf it j.i. . .
r - w ,ia ............ e.'
'r,a f. 8. Steal M
" pw on pta ,ut
do 2l ard 4 w-k..K i
Grand Tnink 25 nra lit
llllnnl Central ,...14 T.i-air.
HI1.VKR Bar. Bteadv at tier
MONKY m per cent.
The rata n HIMr...... I .. . u - . i . .
for short bills la 4 per cent; for three
months' bills, 8'4G3 15-18 per cent.
HostOH tna'lla anil Tl r. n .1 -
ririKTriv n.. ,-i
- . - -' ,t. ii.niiia Muollluim
An -,,..1.- ........ .,. .
' ' - i, nvia au, ionowh;
"ooe rt Mohawk 44
Anjal. Copper aft Neyarla Con 1
Z0tJMplaalng Mines ... 1
U M, r r a. m a . . . . . T . . .
- o. h. 'l.ionn nuite -4
. - .... lafcwortn laka a
Ce'' A Arlaona 40oid Dominion 47
" t,atwns 101
Centennial u p.rrott 8. A C 11
Cop. Range C, C... 43(julncy 49
Eaat 14 n 1 1- r U i t . , . .
.;: i.Tioiiwino, jo
Franklin lo iuperlor 29
; a i-ienuperior a H, M . .. 3'm
Oranhr i on in v. g. a. it. m... 3;.
Clraena Cananea atx A ,a . -.
lale Hoy a i. Copper. 3lPtah Con.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'." 17
Karr. Laka ITtaJl Coppar Co.... 42
Lake Copper U Winona f,
la ialle IVipper lWolirerlns
Jdlanil Oppar 22
flank of France Statement.
PARIS. Den. 14 TI, I.. ,
of the Hank of France shows the follow
ing changes: Notes In circulation de
creased 40,ri0,000 franc, treasury deposits
decreased l.l,8i0,000 francs, general de
Posits lncreaed 1.1,V,0(I0 francs, gold In
o'ciMsm a.ti trancs, silver In
hand decreased fiA. tMHl i.nn,. Kin. i..
counted decreaaed T.'M.OOO francs, ad
vances uecr cased soo.000 francs.
New York Mining; etocks.
, . , - - ii.i a, quota1
tlons on mlnlnir stocks war.
i)n ; " M'tle Chief I
om. Tunnel stock. 21 Mnilcan too
-no nonoa n Ontario , 100
flon. C.I. ft Va.... 74 Ophlr itl
'T1" 'I 0tandard 100
VaSvl 'J Con 1 ,llg 60
Hank Clearlna.
OMAHA. Dec li n-i, i i ...
today were 32.767.6m.18 and for the corre
sponding day last year 82,687,6BL8L
BTJTTF.R No. 1 mk carton SRe No
nJn,'b-' tUb'' 'No. " 35o;epack:
(!HKKHPl.IrnnAirar1 a.i. tin-. a .
f?n lw,""-'Z4c: block S!A 1: twins
i; d?'!et't 1Sci V'P'A IKc; youni Am"?!
3-lb lie orica, isc; llmberger,
POULTRY Rrollers, 18c; sprlnca 24c
hen lf cool,, lu. i ... '
i - - - .. n , uuvns, iuc; geese.
18c; turkeys aoc; pigeons, per doV." 1 20.
. ' "'.ko; nens, 7o; old
e rLer,n 4i old S"ck; full
ItfajTAl HAriMl 1 1 trass. a.. II .
9c; turkeys. ltc; Kulnea fowls, l&o each-
IliirAi-inal tkaat- H.i silk.. . . W'
r -asj - uuas., V7V. , 8IUIIItI 8J. 88r Qfll
1.l,il,u5.b NV- I. 1-B; N. a. 6oc.
, - . " i ii a i' mi r n. i;U' lie :
mackerel, loc; eel. l.Sc; haddocks!
grnen cacrish, Ifio:
roe shad, 31.00 each; shad roe, per pair
-"-I, su-wa IIUIIUUL lC a VBllOW
perch, sc; buffalo. 9c; bullhead, he.
ycr.r t,uio-ng, 2 rios, ice; No. 3
riS?,.1Sci.?0; rlb"- 814c: No- 1 ,oln.
..Ti, a-iy. a ivmi, use ino. a loins, luc;
No. 1 chucks u V',. a . V. 1
3 chucks 6c: No. I rounds, 11c; No. 2
rounds, c; No. 3 rounds, 8c; No. l
p atea. 64c. No. 3 plates, 6c: No. 3
plates. ftJc. .' .
FRUITS, ETC. -Apple, erooxlni varle
Ilea, per bhl., 3?."8; Jonatnan and Qrlmos
Golden, per bill., 54.60; Ren Davis, per
bbl., 32.7S; California Uelleflover. per box
31.36; Colorado Jonathan, extra fancy; per
box. 32-60; Washington tfpltsenberg. per
b:x, lii.W; Washington H. Beauty, per
box, 32.50: Washington istaman Wlnesatia,
box, 3.60. Bananas: Fancy select, per
bunch, 3.2ESja.60. Jumbo, pr bunch, 3i75
b3.7&. Cranborries: Wisconsin fancy, per
bbl., 30.&0; per box, 83.2a; extra large
Jumbo, per bbl., 310.60 Dates: Anchor
brand, new, 30 1-lb. psgs. in boxes, per
box, 32.&0; Dromedary brand, new, do 1-lb.
pkgs. In boxes, per box, 33.00; bulk la
70-1 h. boxes, per lb. 8c. Figs: California,
per case of 13 12-oa. pkgs., eoo; per case
of M 12-oa pkgs. 32.fiO; per case of 60
8-oa. pkgs., I2.U0; Nuw Turkish, 8-crown
In 20-1 b. boxes, per lb., luc; t-crown la
3o-lb. boxes, per lb., ltic; 7-crown In 80-ib.
boxes, per lb., 17o. Grape Fruit: Florida,
4d-M slces, per crate, 4.7(6j.00; o-&4-b4
sises, per crate, 36.25. Uripea: Califor
nia Emperor, per 4-basket crate, 31. frit
3.00; Malaga grapes, in bbls., u.&oo.ou.
Lemons; Llmonetra brand, extra fancy,
3oo siso, per box, 4i.2&; 3M alxe, per box,
35.36; Loma Llmonelra, fancy, 300-3oO sixes,
per box, 86.&0; 0 and 4U0 situs, 60o per
box leas. Urangws: Arlsotia navels, so
las sixes, per box, 86.25; lbO-17t-200-2!6-260
sixes, per box, 3S.n0; CaluTornla uatwis, all
sides, per box, 33.60. Fears: California U.
Clarlgcau, per 50-lb. box, 83.00.
VICCIKTABLKB Beans, string and wax.
per market basket, tl.u0i'1.25. Cabbuge,
WUcunain, per lb., HiUlc. Celery, allchi-
5 an, per dosen, doc; California Jumbo, per
oaen, 800. Cucumbers, hot houaev per
doaen. 82.00. Eggplant, fancy Florida,
per doaen, 8100. Garlic, axua fancy,
wbito, per lb., 15c. Lettuce, extra fancy
leaf, per doxen, 40c. Onions, California,
white, per lb., So; Wisconsin, yellow and
red, in lb.. 2Vko; Spanish per
crate, Parsley, taocy southern, per
dosen bunches, 5ta75o. Fotatoes, ktia
nesota Early Ohio, per bu., 31.18; Wiscon
sin wiiito stock, per bu., (l.lo; in lo-saua
lots, 6o leas. Sweet Fotatoea. Kansas,
per bbl., 12.75; per bu. basket, 4160.
Kutabagaa In sacks. per lb., lvc.
Tomai.iea. Calif oinla. per crate, 81(0,
M 1 SC E LL A N FO U o A I mo uds, 1 ai ra-
Eona, per lb., IaVic; In sacks lota, lu leaa.
laul nuts, per lb., loVao; In sack lota, lc
less. Cociianuu, per aack, (5.50. Filberts,
Per lb.. 14u; In sack Iota, la leaa Peanuia,
roasted, per lb., Vi; raw, per lb., Jic.
l'ecaun, large, per lb., 17c; In aack lota, lo
leas. Walnut, new crop. Mil. California,
per lb.. l?Wc; in sack lota, lc lesa Cider,
New Nehawka, pur la-gal. one-naif buL
(J.O0; par Segal, bbl., (5.50; New York
Moll a per 15-gal. one-half bbl , 34.(0. per
3o-gttl. bbl., 30.50. Honey, new, frames
43 to. Kraut, pur 15-gaJ. keg, 4i7; per 5
gal. keg 81.10; Wlsionslo, per oue-balf
bbl.. ei.0.
Pkilatlrlphia I'rodaee Market.
PIIILADKLVHIA. Dec. 14.-irTTEIt-Steadyr
weetern creamery specials a",c
extra. Stk-: nearby prints, extra, xc, '
E(1(J3 (J ii let; Fennsylvanla and other
nearby ftrsta, full caw), (WHO per case'
current receipts, full ca.ea, .O0 per case"
western flnita, full taaea. 4 00 i-r case
current receipts, full cases, 4a 00 per case'
CHEF.rirl-Ftrni! New York fall creams'
fancy, Wfcc; fair to good, lajjloc.
Cottua Market.
closed quiet. 25 points higher; middling
v. iiuuuiiud uu, p.iuc; soles.
3,000 balea
ti'iilur-a nil....! .. ... .. .. . i. . .
- " ....... aim iiecemper at
8 1c; January, .7n: February 3 0c
March, 8 ;c; April, klslc; Way. s stk-; June"
8.04c; July. (.1; August. p.l; HcptenT:
ber, l.loc; October, (Use; Noveuiber, .oc.
iar Market.
NEW YORK. Dec. 14.-HCGAR-Raw
stead; muscovado, 88 test. 4. 37c; cen
trifugal. M teat, 4 87c; molasaes, test
4.1-c; rtlned steady. '
Usaaka Hap Market.
OMAHA. Dec. H.-1IAY-N0. 1. (13 00
No. 8, 811.00; coarse, 810 uo; packing stock
4i5Otj7o0; alfalfa, 3K.U0. Straw; Wheat!
(o Ouviu.50, rye and oaie, 87.50.
MTaatl Market. '
ST. LOUI8. Mo.. Dec. U-WOOL-hteady;
territory and western mediums,
lTtnAic; prime mediums, ltxu Lbc; fine, 11 u?
t f fee Market.
NEW YORK. Dec. 14.-C'OFFEl&-No. T
lUo, 14c: futures closed steady; Decem
ber, U.3U-; Maitb, IJ.iVc
Killing- Cattle Around Fifty Cents
Lower for Week.
At I-ast ilradr Prleea Prevailed la
the Sheep Barn, erltk Here and
There Sales that Looked
SOUTH OMAHA, Dec. 14, 1311.
Receipts Were!
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Oificiai .Monday
OfflNal Tuesday....
Official Wednesday.
Estimate Thursday..
8,17 ,n0 11.149
, 4.200
I- our days this week. .26.379
Same days laat week. .13.547
Hame days 2 w ka ago.. 10.719
Name, days 8 Wks ago..22.7f8
5m days 4 w ks ago.. 26.810
Same days last year... 21.653
The following tame shows the receipts
of cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
lor the year to date, as compared with
last yea;: mil. mio. 1j0. lw.
Cattle ,1.141.814 1.1S0.284 8S.740
"''M 2.210.711 1.S18.747 44L 864
BneeP 3.127,63 2,870,453 42,890
'1 lie following iuie suowa Hie averaga
prices paid lor hog at Nouth Omaha for
the last few days, with comparisons:
Date. leu. ,uio. lo. ,l. iiv. . U. IliejD.
1 1 la 8 03 4 i 4 4 6 W
(03 (Ml 6 bul 4 1J 4 81
6 W14 7 28 t M 4 7 U 4 84
M I 7 4.. 8 12 a 4 1 lu 4 IU
6 84 I 7 41 8 22 6 4i 4 4k, U 4 f
5 k.Vil 7 i2 8 22 5 42 IB 161 4 K.
VIVsl 7 4o 8 801 5 48 4 47 4 84
f 7 6 8 33 6 53 4 34, ( 21
'l I b 3d 6 41 4 4i a 14 8 7a
0 Vb T 6 I 6 321 4 7li 8 081 4 so
Dec. 12.
Dec. 13.
I 7 41 8 2 a i 4 4, uoj t 8s
I 7 3 8 23 e 38 4 2 08 4 8o
Dec. 14.1
Receipts and trixDosltlon nf live stock
at the Union Btock Yards, South Omaha,
oi tne iwenty-iour tiours ending at 3
Cattle. Hon a mhptnU'r'a
-., ra. ac m, i-. iiy..
3S.V! M.ttri
39.WH 27.WI
32,154 22.412
28,577 44.011
27.7K7 M.3'28
2fi.)2 28.3M
3o 2
2 8..
3d 3
2 1..
4 2..
41 15 1
6 1 .
3 .. ..
14 27 1
Wabash. Ry 1
Mia.Houri l'aciflc Ry. 3
t-nion I'acltic Ry.. 22
C. A N.-W.. eaat.... I
C. A N. W.. west.... 26
C, M, R.. M. at O... 2u
C, B. A Q, east.... 3
C, 11. A W west.... 57
C, R. I. A P., east.. 11
C, R. 1. at R., went.. 2
Illinois Central Ry. 2
C. O. W. Ry l
receipts... 16
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
... 623 1.4t3 lbl
.. 822 2.71: l.bol
.. K.I8 2,2.i2 U35
... 711 2.;w Lkio
, 123
, 1.MK
... 42
... 17
... til
I.. 100
... 13
... 82
... lo
... 3H
... 200 .....
... 216
,.. 100
... 101
,.. 114
... 78 1,728
Omaha Packing Co...
Swift A Co
Cuu'ahy Packing Co.
Armour et Co
Schwartx-Uoien Co...
J. W. Murphy
Ray State
St. Clair
VV. B. Vansant Co....
lienton, V. S. A Lush
Hill A Son
F. B. Lewis
Huston A Co
J. li. Roet A Co
L. K. Hun
McCreary A KelloKg.
VV'erthelmor & Degen.
H. F. Hamilton
Mr.. Kan.-Cal. Co...
CUne A Christie
Other buyers
Totals 4,877 10,648 6.S60
CATTLE Cattle receipts for a Thurs
day were very liberal, ltfi cars being re
ported In. The receipts for the four days
this week amount to 26,379 head, being
the largest of any elmllar period since
four weeks ago and larger than a year
ago by almost 6,00 head. Such a liberal
run would naturally give the market a
weaker tendency, but unfortunately there
has been an additional bear feature con
sisting of glutted markets at eastern
points. Chicago has slumped very badly
this week and waa reported slow and
lower again this morning.
Under the Influence of the liberal re
ceipts and unfavorable advices from other
points noted above the market on beet
steers this morning opened very slow and
dull. Possibly something right good
might command steady prices, but the
general market on the kind of cattle
coming was weak to 10c lower than yes
terday, or around 50c lower than last
'1 hui sday, wnicli was thehigh day laat
What has been said regarding beef
steers would apply equally well to the
narket on cows and heifers. 1 hey were
also slow and dull and generally a little
lower analn than yesterday, or around
50c lower than the high day last week.
This means that all the advance made on
killing cattle last week has been wiped
out and more, too.
etrlctiy good feeders were very scarce
and they have shown very little change
all the week, but the tendenoy has been
gradually downward on the medium and
common kinds of feeders and on light
stock cattle. The feeling today on such
grades waa weak to lower.
Uuotatlons on native cattle: (Jood to
choice beef steers, 37.OO4j8.10; fair to good
beef steers, (.25b7.O0; common to fair
beer steers, 35.oou.25; god to choice
heifers. 44. boy 5.76; good to choice cows.
4 ootu6.&0; fair to good cows, 83.754.30:
common to fair cows, 32,754(3.65; veal
calves. (3.25137. 50.
Uuotatlons on range cattle: Good to
choice beef steers, (5.76&6.60; fair to good
beef steers, 8o.00ifr6.76; common to fair
beef steers, 84.40435.00; good to choice cows
and heifers. 84 DO&6.26; fair to good cows
and heifers, 83.6uu4.50; common to fair
cows and heifers. 32.75u3.50; good to
choice Blockers and feeders. 3o.OOft4.00;
fair to good atockero and feeders. (4.76K1
5.26; common to fair stockera and feed
ers. (3.60434.75; stock heifers, (3.604.60;
bulla, stags, etc.. 33.003a.OO.
Representative sales:
No. Av. rr. No.
At. V
n4 m
1170 4 60
1144 4 40
1201 I 6ft
.......1340 I 7
1244 83
I I 21 11..
I M4 It) 10..
1 104.1 I 44 .
Ml I 71 II..
42 11X1 I It 14..
20 11 J 4 W 13..
19 M l
.1132 I 40
.. 114 ( 40
. 1(4 I 24)
lis I as
. 140 I l
, 1 24
,1011 t 60
, UD 3 60
, 4.0 I 60
.am I 40
, Oaa 8 40
, lao 1 74
, 44 I 70
. m I it
lilM I 71
.1171 4 M
..11164 4 00
..lull 4 00
..lifcl 4 06
..12! 4 IS
..1121 4 U
..1140 4 20
. . 74 4 26
..12O0 4 26
. . 160 4 90
..1220 4 94
.. Ia9 4 40
..1170 4 46
..UI1 4 60
..1127 4 it)
..UN 4 40
74 I 74
1 1201 t 64
i'io I to
8 M IK
430 I 44 6.
.. 4S4 4 40 4 at
.. 7i0 4 li
.. 141 I KS
.. 17 4
.. 120 I 26
..100 4 10
..1SS0 4 TO
..1600 4 76
..1460 4 71
..1244 I 14
.. tOO 1 04
.. 140 7 tt
..100 1 26
.. 146 T :s
. . 160 1 64)
:! 4 0 S2
7 4 ' 24
761 4 24 14.....
770 4 lo T
140 171 1
100 76 1
, H IM I
, .110 i 00 1
m 4 oo i
Jot 4 oo 1
176 4 26 1
140 4 60 1
110 I 00 I
110 I 1
160 4 76
11 421 4 10 4 lit 6 1
14 114 4 10 II T7I 26
II 6v4 4 M 0 171 J 21
T IM ( 14 Wt IM
4 60 4 40 1 T4 I II
T tol 4 40 T lat I 14
II 4l 4 7o SI 72 I IS
T0 4 76 II 10 I 46
12 It 4 0 IS Ml IH
i 44 4 OS 14 11 46
HOOS Buyers of hogs' were all more
or less bearish at the opening, hut their
efforts at having coat met with poor
auccese. and the market, as a whole.
ruled steady to merely a nickel lower. A
rather large supply, together with pros
pects or a&aaed values in the east, caused
the easier feeling among packers and
Nickel declines were more rreouentiy
shown In sales of bacon and high mixed
Stuff as these varieties were especially
Plentiful In the run. In a aeneral way.
good butchers and lard grades changed
hands at figure steady or very nearly
bo. from atart to finish. Trading proved
rather uneven In that part or the market
holding orferlnga running from 310 pounds
downward, but strong welitht loada sold
in uniform fashion throughout.
ttevvtplg amounted to sxMueicio nat
1FA loads, everything rhowlna, tip from
choice hesvles down to little lls. Ship
pers and speculators stl'l favored the
butcher classes and bought fully twenty
loads In ail. about onelelghth of the total
Little pigs were not very popular In any
qnartcr landing within a wide spread of
The best lard hoc available made a
top of M.15, Identical with yesterday's
man price and gooa nutcners lamit-u
around 2fi.H0 In moat Instance. Light
bacon and high mixed varieties had to
ell aa low as 15.50, strictly choice lights
moving around 35. M. Demand had a fairly
healthy tone during moat of the session
And th yard were entirely cleared of
sn wetynts before 11 o clock.
Representative sales:
N. a. Bh. rr.
44 17 ... f 10
" "1 ... 140
14 U2 ... I 4ft
71 14 ... I 70
17 ... 171
4 Ill ... 6 7S
M 177 ... I 10
71 114 120 6 0
No. A. 8k. Tr.
24 ... I
72 Ill 44 I M
84 M2 140 I74
w t"o ... nt
14 260 84) 8 00
1 241 N IN
II 227 40 I M
12 261 I I 00
I :! 40 I 15 44 242 10 I 00
II 211 M U IM 20 00
Ht ... I aft 75 IJ7 IM I 00
14 40 6 115 71 241 1K0 4 (V)
e l-o 140 la 11 14 40 00
' 11 ... I 66 47 251 4 4 0
I2.......2M Mi 46 276 120 4 t(4
1 Ml ' 6 64 171 12 04
e tl 6 65 14 234 ... 4 06
64 274 ... I 10 7t 241 Ml Kit
"1 110 6 10 If 261 10 4 (C
'1 U0 I 0 t 2,-,t to 06
II 2"7 W I Ml 41 21 ICO I 06
" 1'4 6 0 II 264 M 4 08
71 224 140 6 to m no ... 4 06
114 ... I 0 II 271 10 10
7 M ... I to 49 711 ... I 10
77 218 ... I til, M 1S4 ... 10
41 841 ... I 6 22 II ... 10
71 1 ... 1 H ift tot ... 10
81 ' ... I 5 24 341 M 4 1
77 Ill ... t 14 J - ... to
42 IM 10 IH 24 ... I 10
6 I W 41 HI 10 1
61 10 H 30 3o ... I It
1" 40 I K5 (4 174 ... 16
44 107 ... I 15 it 878 ... It
41 118 ... 4 60 40 142 ... I S3
88 71 ... 4 60 42 114 ... 4 76
40 14 ... 4 60 il 121 ... 4 VS
44 141 ... 6 00
fiHEEP Most of the regular buyers of
fat sheep and lambs were out In the al
leys early and a good market existed for
anything fed out long Enough to dress
properly. In all Important respects the
trade ruled steady, but there were various
sales of medium stuff that looked a little
stronger when due allowance was made
for quality. High grade stock generally
drew the better demand and usually sold
witnin the same spreads noted recently
Well conditioned western lambs from
Nebraska and Iowa feedlots moved
around 85.osi'5.70. the latter price being a
near limit. It would take something
strictly choice In the way of tidy lambs
to pass the 85.75 mark at present, de
spuo the fact that lo.NMCUio tops were
scorea earner in the week, compared with
last week s cloBe most kinds of lambs are
closing about steady, the main feature
ol trade lately being a more severe dis
crimination between good to choice and
common to medium mutton classes.
Matured muttons showed very fair ac
tion and firm prices were paid all along
the line for anything with dressing prom
ise. Good ewes landed at and near (3.40
and some teppy yearling ewes went to
the slaughter pens at (4.16. There were
only a few strings of wethers on sale.
as total receipts were limited to 6.200
head, and values showed no quotable
change. Choice, handy wethers were
wanted around (4.00, a top that la mar
gined about toe above pretty good heav
ies. Current sales of matured muttons
Indicate a trade Just about steady with
that at last week s close.
There was nothing much doing In feed'
ers for the double reason that supply and
demand were both small. Only (.000 head
of feeder sheep and lambs, according to
packers' tab, have been taken back Into
the country thus rar tnis week.
(Quotations on sheep and lambs: Good
to choice lambs, 85.5oj5.8.j; fair to good
lambs. 35.264C5.50: feeder lambs. 33.7534.75:
fair to choice yearlings, (4.26&4.90; feeder
yearlings. 13.Soii4.Hl; good to choice weth
ers, (3.75ii4.00; fair to good wethers. (3.50
03.75; feeder wethers, 3.ufl3.3o; gooa to
choice ewes, sa.itoojii.w; lair to gooa ewes.
43.10tu3.35; feeder ewes, s. 10313.00.
Representative sales:
No. Av. Price.
60 fed ewes 132 3 40
64 fed lambs 85 6 fx)
2 fed ewes 104 3 00
187 fed ewes 102 8 2S
33 fed ewes 10S 3 00
60 fed ewes .., 126 3 So
93 fed lambs 83 6 40
66 fed lambs 84 6 60
2& fed yearlings 79 4 15
1006 western ewes, feeders 96 8 15
106 fed lambs 82 6 85
26 fed 'ewes 130 3 25
19 fed lambs 80 6 60
71 fed lambs 88 6 50
3 fed ewes 87 3 10
46 fed ewes, culls 72 6 35
15 culls 63 4 00
34 fed lambs S4 6 25
184 fed ewes 100 3 40
52 fed ewes 92 5 85
66 fed ewes 118 3 40
656 Wyoming ewes, feeders 95 3 IB
240 Wyoming ewes, feeders...... fft 3 15
150 Wyoming ewes, feeders 94 3 15
Demand for Cattle Dall Hogr Slow
-Sheep Steady.
CHICAGO. Dec. 14. CATTLE Receipts,
estimated at 7,000 head. Market dull and
weak; beeves, 34.6;n8.!); Texas steers,
(4.106.76; western steers. (4.50fB6.60; stock
ers and feeders, (3.253.80:, oows and heif
ers, (1.90t.25; calves, 33.6bfr3.00
HOGS Receipts, estimated at 4.000
head. Market slow at opening price;
light, 35.55$6.12i; mixed. (6.8&66.27Vi;
heavy, (5.9Ot.30; rough. 85.90ji6.(16; good
to choice heavy, (6.05ti.30: pigs, (iiO
6.60; bulk of rales 35.95S6.20.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, esti
mated at 21,000 head. Market steady; na
tive. (2. 80m 4. 15; western, (2. 754.30; year
lings, 84.25gr6.60. Lambs: Native, 84.250
0.20; western, (4.254j.20.
St. I.onia Live Stork Market.
ceipts., 8, 200 head, including 900 Texas
steers; market, steady: native shipping
and export steers, (S0oti9.36; dressed and
butchers' steers, (5.25(1(8.00: steers under
1,000 pounds. 14.001(1. 25; stockers and feed
ers. 13.00-ns.uu; cows and heifers, 83-0IK3
T.oo; canners. (1.0O(t3.00; bulls, (3.75i5 25;
calves, (i.25iBK.J5; Texas and Indian stnrs,
H?i7.0q: cows and heifers, 84.50i(j7.00.
HOGS Receipts, 11,600 head; market,
steady; pigs and lights. 34.2.Vdi.l6: mixed
and butchers, (6.80it6.40; good heavy, (6.20
nun. 40.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 4.800
head; market, lftii loc lower: native mut
tons, O.OilH 00; lambs, (4.254t.10; culls and
bucks, (1.25i(3.00; Blockers. (1.502.55.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 3,500 head, including 900 southerns;
market, slow, steady to weak; dressed ex
port Kteers, 3o.bOaS.76: fair to good. (5.25t
4.50; western steers, 84.50ft6.50; stockers
and feeders, 83.75(116.90; southern steers,
(4.My f.MU; southern cows. 33.Ourq4.50; native
cows, I2.754j5.2o; native heifers. (t.OOjJV.OO;
duns. aj.tKvuc.uu; calves,
HOGS Receipts, 13.000 head; market 5c
lower: bulk of sales. 35.7Wi6.20: heavv.
(6.15(i6.2r; packers and butchers. 36.004?
6.25; lights, 85.6O0J6.lO: pigs, 4.50v6.25.
SitEbP AND IAMUS Receipts, 5,000
head; market steady to 15c lower; mut
tons, (4. huiu-5. 85: yearling. 44 0u4iJ.OO;
wethers, ewes. (XOOWS.uO; stock
ers and feeders, (2.2tgt.u0.
SI. Joseph 1,1 ve Stock Market.
ceipts, I.80O head. Market steady;, steers,
(45orn6.iT. cows and heifers, 32.t36.00;
calves. (3.50t!7.60
HUGS Receipts, 11.000 head. Market
steady to aeak; top, 86.25; bulk of sales.
lo. ;;! 10.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 5.000
head. Market steady; lambs, 84.508.00.
Stork la SltfJit.
nMlnl. nf 11 ru- tr - V. i .-
urai nroirnt mat nria jHinuafi
Cattle. It ova
South Omaha 4.20
St. Joseph 1.8U0
Kansas City 3.6O0
Chicago 7,000
St. Louis 3.300
Dry Goods Market.
Both the primary and secondary ootton
goods markets were quiet during the day.
Cotton yarns were dull but firm. Raw
silk showed a downward tendency on
the Japanese market. Staple overcoat
ings were opened for the lsll season by
the American Woolen company. The de
mand for diets goods waa not so active
as last week.
Persistent Advertiuing is the Road te
Big Returns. ,
10.5U0 6.10
14. On) S.UO
13.0U) (.Out)
34.000 21.000
H.tXA) 4.9U0
Three Women and Man Beaten to
Death Near Albany, N. Y.
Police Arc Looking; .for Italian Farm
Hand S appose to Be Insane
Money- la tke II ease Is
Mot Dlstnrked. '
ALBA NT, N. T., Dec. lt-Bome tima
between last Thursday noon and even
ing an Italian farm hand employed by
the Morner family of De Freeetvllle, a
Rensselaer county hamlet, six miles front
Albany, Is believed by the police to hav
slain Mrs. Conrad Morner, a widow; her
two daughters. Edith, aged 20, ami
Blanche, aged 17, and her 28-year-old son,
The bodies of the three women were
discovered last night in the cow barn
on the Morner place, where they had been
ao hacked with a hatchet and battered
with a balestlck that the murderer had
been able to crush all three or them Into
a small manure pile on one side of tho
stable. 'Arthur Morner's body, with th"
throat cut, waa found under another part
c-f the barn floor. Trace of the farm
hand, who was known as Ed Dennis, Is
A blood stained hatchet and A four-foot
balestlck were found In the pit near the
three bodies and with these the police be
lieve the murderer first felled and then
mutilated his victims. Mrs. Morner had
received a blow from the hatchet on the
right side of the head and her skull was
fractured In several places.
The body of the elder girl. Edith, also
was badly cut and bruised. Her head
was nearly' severed by a blow from the
hatchet and there was a large hole In her
left temple. The younger girl's body was
the least mutilated.
Motive for the crime seems to bo lack
ing. What money there was In the house
before the murder was found Intact.
Indications, the authorities say, point to
the murderer aa being; Insane.
Western Governors
Visit Columbus
and Cincinnati
COLUMBUS. O.. Dec. 14.-Arrlving In
Columbus from Pittsburgh today, tho
western fovernors, now homeward bound,
were greeted by a reception committee
and a program providing entertainment
for every minute of the five hours they
had arranged to spend here.
As soon as the special train had come
to a stop In the Union station the city's
reception committee conducted the guests
to the office of Governor Judson Harmon
In the state house, where for half an hour
they chatted with the latter and other
state officials.
The program also calls for a visit to
Ohio Btate university, to be followed by
dinner at a downtown hotel, at which
Governor Harmon will act as toast
master. CINCINNATI. O., Dee, 14,-Tbe special
train bearing the western governors, who
have been touring the east, was due here
late today. A reception has been ar
ranged, one of the features of which will
be an automobile parade.
The governors will be met at the depot
by the city officials and given the place
of honor in the parade, which is to tour
the principal streets. A banquet at the
Business Men's club will conclude their
brief stay.
Crew Abandoning
Steamship Delhi;
Loss Will Be Total
GIBRALTAR, Dec. 14.-A11 the members
of the royal party comprising the prin
cess royal, the duke of Fife and their
two daughters, who suffered such ter
rible experiences during their landinc
from the wreck of the steamer Delhi off
Cape Spartel yesterday, are reported to
be well today, although much exhausted.
Ten of the male passengers of the Delhi
are still in board. They and the crew,
will It Is said, be landed In the course-
of the day. by means of the rocket ap
It Is Impossible for lite saving boats
to approach the wreck because of the
high sea. The stern of the liner has
shifted further ashore and the vessel Is
badly strained.
According to later reports from Cape
Spartel, the position of the wrecked
steamer Delhi has now become so perilous
that the entire crew will be ( obliged to
abandon it. Only five passengers are
still on board. All the others have been
taken off and have reached Tangier on
mule back.
The steamer Is undoubtedly lost, but Its
cargo maybe raved.
Proposal to Keep
iederal Employes
Outof Politics
PHILADELPHIA, lire. 14.-A nation
wide campaign to keep federal employes
out of politics Is suggested in the rennrt
of the council of the National Civil Berv-.
Ice league, which began Its annual con
vention here today. The report says:
The federal postmasters, collectors,
etc., the kind of officials that formed so
large a part of the delegations to the re
publican presidential convention of lflos.
and whose activities practically controlled
the balance of the delegates from the
southern states are none of them under
civil service rules, and the rjreaent ev.
ecutlve order regarding excessive political
activity is of small practical value In re
straining such officers from undua notiti.
cat activity. We propose to have an In
vestigation of the activity of federal
officeholders during the coming cam
WASHINGTON, Dec. l4.-Although ap-'
pealed to today by Judge Harvey M.
Trimble, commander-in-chief of the Grand
Army of the Kcpubllo and other officers
of that organisation lo do all In hla
power to provide increased pensions for
civil war veterans. President Taft, It la
believed, will not sign any act providing
such an Increase aa the Sherwood doU
lar-a-day bill.
Th presideit, it waa said, refused ta
commit himself as tobow he would aajt.
St. Laata Jary Defies Jadge.
HT 1 M 1 W. 11 K III ..,,. a.
sign a verdict ordered by Circuit Judge
, . 1 Liimw, iuv imuia in ins mi uerrnott
Will " . liuluU hu.a .. ... . . , . I
- ' w LI J . UClVIllliaU
a A.,.utn nu M.h an .. . . . .
rlghts to decide fur themselves. Judge
Wi throw did not call the Jurors before
uiut touajr.