Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 14, 1911, Page 11, Image 11

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Early Arrivals at the Sheep Show
J Good Things to Eat, as Well as to
' " Sell, at the Fair.
jin: m;i:: om aha. i iuunday. ,irivim;w u. t:n.
I roar Now (hnrrhfa Ttk IWi.
! ltu to Sell ThHr lVtrri Om
j Ibarra I in llntid nn
The womn of the McCsbp Methodist
Episcopal churih have a very Inspirlru
motive back of tlieir bazar which It part
of the hi Christmas sale Rolng on In
the rotunda of tlm Bee building:. The
little band of workers which forms the
ladles' Aid society of the church Is plan
ning to build a. dining room and kitchen
onto the church with the money which
they make from the bazar. This is the
first barar thnt the women of the Mo
Cabe church have ever held. They bcan
in the heat of tho summer to make
aprons, iiiil(,s and fancy work for the
Mrs. IT. D. Thorpe is president of the
Indies' Aid of tho McCaba church and
Is head of tho Chilstmas bazar. Her as
sistants are: Mrs. A. T. IVtrle' and Mrs.
J. ,N. Lampman ut tho apron counter;
lire. 11. H. Thorpe and JUrs. W. L. Ilat
Xicfd, fanc'y work; Mrs. C. . Shimcr and
Jllsa . Florence Tabor, (juiits; Mrs. S.
Kaullcucr. bakery stuff; Mr:', jr. A. Mar
tin and Mrs. V. J. Stui'Keivn, candy.
The other churches which are holding
thetralcs 1n the Bee building today and
Thursday aro the First Cnnsresntlonal.
Hirst Memorial Methodist Kpisccpal and
Oak Street Methodist Episcopal churches.
Mince' Merit lor 5nle.
The prize article for pale In tho bazar
of the First Congregational church Is
mince meat. The women of the ltaAscom
Parle-division of .the church, have been
famous for their mince meat for several
years. A few weeks ago they assembled
at the home of Mrs. O. W. I.ooinls,
donned big kitchen aprons and mixed
the apples, suet, raielns. meat and other
secret products and put up the mince
meat Into mason Jars. The -women who
took part In the mixing were Mrs. E. M.
Bartlelt, Mrs. W. E. Bingham, Mrs.
Loomls, Mrs. George Wool ley, Mrs. K.
B. Branch and Miss Elisabeth Bosworth.
At noon, there was only one Jar of the
mince meat left for sale.
Mrs. Charles Harding head the First
Congregational church bazar. At the1 doll
counter are Mrs. It. D. Mason and Mrs,
R. E. LJvsey. Mrs. W. E. Bingham Hells
put-up, fruit and Jellies. Mrs. O.. B. Gan
on and Miss Kuth Oanson preside at the
candy table. Selling fancy work are Mrs.
Warren Blackwell, Mrs. E. C. McGIlton,
Mrs. Ella Squires and Mrs. A. B. Somers,
Selling apronB are Mr. G. XV. Loomis,
Mrs. E. B. Branch, Miss Elizabeth Bos
worth, Mrs. C. U. Hemple, Mrs. M. A
Sterns,. Mrs. V. I,. Simpson and Mrs. W.
H. Russell.
At tho bazar of the Hirst Memorial
M.thodlpt church, headed by Mrs. J. F
rettigrew; tlie candy counter la
In chars of Miss Hattle Weeks and Mlis
Nina Brady; fancy work, Mrs. N. C.
Latham and Mrs. V. L. Rico; china,
Miss May Burkamp. aprons, Mrs. Q. W.
i Tlffey and Mrs. John Keever.
The women of the Oak Street Methodist
church are holding their very first bazar,
the church being ' a new one, dedicated
only last Easter. Miss Blanche Young Is
chairman. .Mrs. ,A.- .Watson;: sells fancy
work,,;MrB.'. A. . M.-Svilliamson and Mrs.
A. F. Carleton have aprons. Mrs. I. SI.
Hart is t tho Candy and ptcklo counter,
Assisting at the different sections are
Mrtfc X, C -Webster, Mrs. C. W. ,mlth.
Mrs. Robert Lung, Mrs. M. II. Sturgeon
and Mrs; J.' I Leavitt.
.Railroads Combine
i for Coast Traffio
Having completed Its cut-off . through
Wisconsin,, Ue). ween ..Milwaukee and Wye
vllle, beginning next Sunday, the' North-
western, in connection with the Northern
Paclfle, will get into the fight for the
north coast business.
According to official advices Just, re
reived, on tho date named, the North
western will have the tie-up In perfect
condition and the new train will start
out from Chicago, leaving at 10 o'clock
In the evening, arriving In St. Paul at
10:30 the following 'morning. From St,
Taul, west, the solid train, consisting of
standard drowlng room, standard tourist
sleepers, observation library,' dining,
barber, bath and coaches, will go on to
Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma and Portland.
The service will be daily and east bound.
nt trains will reach Chicago at 8 p. m
The Northwestern trains leaving Omaha
each evening will connect ut St Paul with
tho North Coast Limited.
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ft - ill. r
it1 W w v- v A 5 ' t , -
!V ' ' ' z iS ft?.
vjr , t .. b .ii ,'i i -i
: ; ?. iZh. nr- r-; v, . v .
Bottom Bow William McKerrow, Pewaukee, Wis.; W. O.-Cavan, Chlctgo; A. G, Wood, Saline, Mich.; C. H. Im
ley, KlBlng City, Neb.
Top Row C H. Slmonson, illddle Water, Tex.; F. A. Kor, PJckroall, Ore.: M. TT. Thornton. Waukesha, Win : l.
C. Ix wIb. Camp Point, 111.; James JIcLuy. Iaiamie, AV'yo,; J, II. Kiiib 1-arftle, Wj o., and .'. J . 0 1 ' .v-. V
Mogy Warned by
Black Hand Letter
Mogy Bernstein, probation officer, has
a blood stained document which he Is
exhibiting to his friends. Jt Is a black
hand letter from someone who threatens
Instant death on Christmas day it tho
probation officer has not resigned. The
letter Is signed with a cross of blood
and In the left corner at the top of the
first page Is the date when the proba
tion officer's official career must close.
This Is also smeared with red blood.
The letter follows:
Omaha. Neb., Dec. 10. 1411 Hoar Sir:
I am going to tell you one thing, that Is
you resign your position or cease to
exist.. Vim have crossed my path fro
(lueutly and if this wish Is not fulfilled
you shall go to tne nappy nu:iuui;
grounds sooner than you wish. I have
been troubled by you once too often, so
do ns bade, or fulfill the threat mentioned
on the former page.
I have come to the conclusion to put
you out cf my path In a place where
the dogs won't bite you. Yours truly.
Colored Boy Turns
on His Tormenter
Turning upon Wis tormenters, Arthur
Barnes, colored, IS years old, attacked
Reynolds Lane, white, 12 years bid, Btab
bing hlmiln the back with a knife. Tho
wound III a deep one tn' the region of the
kidneys, but is not regarded as being
Both boys are pupils at the Highland
school In South Omaha, and' the report
Is that the white boys have been In the
habit of tormenting the dusky lad. Yes
terday afternoon they were chasing him,
and someone Is said to have hurled a
brick at the darkey. ' Young Lane, ac
cording to reports, also assaulted him,
and It was for this attack that he was
stabbed. Young Barnes, whose home Is
at Twenty-eighth and U streets, has been
turned over to the probation officer.
Lane Is confined to his home at Twenty
fifth and T streets.
Eecd Favors Park
.; for School Boys
Prof. C. K. Iteed, athletic director at
the high school, Is heartily in favor of
tho plan which Is on foot for the Board
of Education to purchase the vacant piece
of ground at Twenty-first and Vinton
street for school athletic purposes. It
the board decides to buy the site, the
(.'round will be levelled off and a grand
stand erected. The park will be used tor
ttie grado school cthletlc contests and" for
the high school foot ball games and
tract; meets.
Lena Watklns, ono of the two negrcsses
who. quarreled with C. V. Kruger, In
surance agent, on a Farnam street car
teU ti.e car tlx vva;I:i aso, was cnongad
:n district court on a charge of subbing
wHh Intent to da great bodily Injury. Sh
pleaded not guilty, t tying the woman
who was with hr, whom the police have,
not yet captured, wielded the raior which
lashed Kruger.
Graduates of Yale
Meet in January
Announcement Is made cf the fourth
annual meeting of the Nebraska Yale
Alumni association to be held In Omaha
on January 1. Dean Frederick B. Jones,
'4, of New Haven, Conn., and Mr. Guerrt
sey, '81, of Pes Moines, la., will be present
as special guests ot honor. Among the
Yale alumni on the Nebraska university
faculty who will attend are Prof. E. H.
Barbour, Dr. R. Q. ClBpp and Dean L, A.
Boiler Works Has
Built New Plant
The Wilson Steam Boiler works, which
sold Us property at Nineteenth street to
the Rock Island, expects to be In new
quarters within sixty days at Twentieth
and Center streets, where It has erected
one building 00x125 and an office building
and Is now preparing to build a third. It's
facilities and capacity will be doubled by
the move. The site Is on Burlington
number Six at Six O'clock
. i .
via the i ,
CillLUJAOKEE & "St: '.'P AOL
A train of quality, leaving Omaba Union Station promptly at
eix P. M. every day and arriving Chicago Union Station at eight
o'clock next morning.
The equipment ot this train consists ot new steel sleepers,,
with longer, higher and wider' berths, buffet library car artistically
finished In Inlaid mahogany with fittings to harmonize and afford
ing every luxury of the home and club, comfortable steel coaches
end chair cars, and dining cars serving meals that represent the
acme of perfection In the culinary art. Electric lighted throughout.
Try It once and be convinced there is no better.
Two other fine trains leave Omaha at 7:42 A. M. and 7:50
P. M., arrive Chicago 8:45 A. M. and 8:15 P. U. respectively,
W. E. BOOK, Tickets, 1612 Farnam St.,
Oity Passenger Agent. Omaha.
Slain Man's Body
; Arrives Wednesday
it. .
'The body of George 1wUi, the Omaha
raan killed at Centralla, 111., arrived In
(Inialia yesterday and will bo burled in
iWest Lawn cemetery.
Lewis was shot last .Saturday by Deputy
Vnlted . States Marshal Bacon. At the
time, lit) was u sjierlal Hf'nt fur the
Illinois Central, looking after company
property in the Centralia yards. The
Bhootlng wa.j the result of a dispute over
authority. A coroner's ju.y that Investi
gated tho caMO.,ekonorated Lucon. Several
Kliuts were exchanged before Lewis was
tatuljy woupded. '. '
l-r a number of jcura Lewis was a
member of tho Omaha police force, re
igning to enter tho tpeclal sen Ice of the
L'nlon Pacific-. lie rctnulned with the
company until November 1, of tho present
year, refelgnlng to enter the employ of the
Illinois Central In a similar capacity.
Mayor Says He Did
, Not Talk Politics
,'Vs didn't Hart any politics while we
Were gone,': aid Mayor . Duhlmari, upon
Ills' return home Tuesday iiih'iit from Texas
lUid Mexico, where he was visiting with
a party of 20j. "Vv'e uUin't slay long
enough in any one pluce for that."
Mayor Lahlman winl eu the guest of
Colonel John U. Muhcr and visited a
colonization project cf the colonel's In
Texas. They went to Mutamoras, Mex-,lco.
i '
' "3ohn L. McCague told the Real Estate
jcichange yesterday of the Importance of
'tbe Rocit Island's p-Jrrhofs of freight ler
! miosis to Omthi. Next .weak th
ctiangs will hssr the report rf Its city
.planning coir.miute.
ought the
Entire Stock o Furs
m f ft TOST
From Deputy Sheriff Foster, Receiver for the La-Dook & Yost Firm
Also the Entire Overstock of Furs from Hall & Arbes,
of 40 17. 27th Street, Hew York. We Secured Doth
Stocks at an Immense Reduction and Will Sell Them
v7r? nn
w a. m av j
f A Hli
OflUflV Al 9 a. in.
., J frl Z ii I 111
This sale include all the Fur Coats, Matched Fur Sets, Separate Fur Scarfs and Fur
Muffs, together with skins and pelts ready to be made up such pelts as mink, sable,
Persian lamb, otter and pony.
; V "M4Is-sTsW
the Pipe,
Back to the good old jimmy for
real smoking pleasure. Prince
Albert shovs the way.
No matter vhat your grouch, no
matter what kick you've had
simolv forget 'em. You can
smoke a pipe, smoke it long,
smoke it steady, if you load up with this different tobacco.
the national joy smoke
simply hits it right off with every pleasant
idea you ever could have about a pipe
smoke. Has all the mellow flavor and
fragrance of real tobacco but none of the
old kicks.'
That's why ' P. A. is different. The sting
and the rankness and sogginess that you
used to look for in a pipe tobacco they
don't get into this tobacco, because of
our exclusive, patented process of prepa
ration. Prince Albert CANT BITE
You can bay P. A. for 10 cent a
in th tidy red tin. Also in S
cent bagt, handy for cigarette
making, in pound and half
pound tin humidor a and pound t
glaaa humidor.
Winston-Salem, N. C. V
W. J. Locke has written another
novel in that style which so many
readers have learned to love. Stella
is an invalid seemingly compelled
to spend her life lying on her back
in a big, beautiful room. This
room is all windows on one side
and looks out upon the sea. So
Stella has come to be known to
her friends as "Stella Maris' Her
world is the world these friends
bring to her sickroom, and they
keep from her all knowledge of its
misery and unhappiness. It is when she recovers and learns
what the real world is that Locke has a chance for those con
trasts which make his stories so fascinating and which he
works out so ingeniously. Stella Maris in her individual way has
the charm of Clementina, of Zora, of all the Locke heroines.
"Stella Maris" will be the serial of The Century for the
forthcoming year. Subscribe now and enjoy it.
at cit. s copy, It o a ymr. At sii hook stores, or Th Cntnry Co., l'nlon Square. New York
III 1 1 II
The Thing
To Do
It you loss your lwketbool;, umbrella,
watch or koiub other article of value, the thing
to do Is to follow the example of many other
people sod advertise without delay In the Lost
and Found column of The Dee.
That is what most people do when they lose
articles of value. Telephone us and tell your
loss to all Omaha Ju a siugie afternoon.
Put It In
The Bee
Key to the SituationBee Advertising.