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    Tin-; OMAHA SUNDAY BF,K: DKCEMBKlt 10. 1011.
! Churches cf Omaha Prepare for the
Tuletide Celebration.
I St. Mark Fngllah l.ntheran t'karch
Mrmhrri t'amaiemnrfltr Tl- ,
Fit leara of Arllill) la
Services in onnncfiioration "T the.
' taenly-flfth antiive rem v " tne fovimiinii
rf 8t. Murk s Knell" Lutheran church
will be hcM at the Imr. h, Twcnth th and
Hurdette vtrefLs Mirohiy aitirnoon al .1
o'clock nml Monday ami Tii"iay nrn
Ings. The following Ministers will tmike
addresses at Sunday nfii-mooue meeting.
Hev. G. W. Hnyder. St. MMhrw'p, "Lu
theran Work In loa."
Ttev. H. K. k, filer. Hem-on. 'i.:illiian
lnfiueme on lt -liKiuiis of the World."
Rev. J. 8. Isrlon, So-.ith unialin. Lu
theran lxjrit(. In Chicago.'-
Rev. M I.. Khlins, g.ncrul secretary of
the Luther Iurw. " I.eaKiu ' Work."
Rev. J. I" Ilummm. x-pn sidcnl synod,
"The Word nl.' ur Pwutd."
Rev. II. M Hmiscn, Twenty-sixth and
rant Mreots, 'The lanlsh l.titheranM.'"
Rev. . D. Lialtzlv. Kountze. Memorial,
")utheran Theology und Theologians."
Rev. O. It. Hrhimr. Ht. Paul, Minn.,
"Our Work In iilniifFoia.''
'Rev. K. T. into, T.venl y-e.glilh and
Parker, "Our Work In Missouri Synod."
IRev. M. W. Italvirsou, Twenty-sixth
and Hamilton. " 1 ho Norwegian Activi
ties." The minister who will address Monday
nvenlnga meeting are:
tRev. lr. Abbott, Methodist rplseopal ;
jitv. Ur. Hampton, Congregational !
Mwv. Mr. Klrshstine. Christian; rtev. Mr.
Iouglas, I'nlted Presbyterian; Rev. I r.
Xbersole, Hsptlst; Rev. Dr. Hlgbes,
! Presbyterian.
Icommunlcanls of the l'rotestant Kpla
ifipal church livinaj north of Ames avenue
'are urged to Interest themselves In the
:ork of Ml. ftephen's mission, which t
temporarily holding services In Haretoga
nail at Twenty-fourth and Amen avenue,
'the Bunday school li enthusiastically
gy owing and the church services ara well
attended. '
(c$ r 1 fr$
, . . .
.' "' A K - , ?
Ynuns wotle' preyer meeting at fi:X p.
M. HIMr Kchool at 12 m.
I altarlan.
Klrat S"venteenth and ri, Rev. Man
fred l.llllrfor. I'h. I. Mln.aier yervleea
at in AO. anhject of adnreei. "The Mlnlnn
of the I nltHrlan Church.'' I,at In the
nerlen nn "Rellirlooa Reciprocity." Pun
dHy fhool at 11
!H laeellaneoaa.
Intrrnational Rlble H'udenta' at)cl
atlin at Karlrht hall. Nineteenth and
I' hi nam vtreete. Addr' by frof. .1. ,.
(Illleple. Hubleft; 'Preparation of the
ltrlde of Chrlut "
1 he New Thoiieht Kellowhlp meeta In
rrxim 8 of the Wend hulldlnn. outhwewt
corner of Klrht"ciith and Ksrnatn etieeta.
i.lxar II. Alnrecht will eak at II o'clock
in Sunday mnrnln and will teach a
clan on vibration on Wertnealay evening
at S o'clock.
The Omaha ?,hlloanphln docletv will
meet rtundav afternoon at S o'clock in
Martaht hull. Nineteenth and Karnnni
afreete. to hear Judge j. j. p(nt dla
cu "The t'auee and I'ore of Vfoluice In
Reintlun to the McNamara rae." The
.uMlc la Invltrd lo come eatlv, aa the hall
v HI be taxed to Its u.nio't a a'liiu
i parity.
jtr. Milton U. Williams of tha Flrat
Methodiat chuicli will deliver a aerlea of
aermona during tha next few wmki dal
ipg with the plana and personality "f
Jeui Chiiet.
; Kitting preparation for the ClirlatmaJt
eaaon will be offered the Sunday avenlnis
rcngregatlon of tha Caatellar atreet Pra
h5 terlan church, beginning Punday aven
In, lha paator announcea a aerlea of
ermona on "Tha Preparation of the
TVorld for Ita Meaalah," aa followa.
- December 10, "Tha Treparntlon of a
December 17. "The Preparation of a
; Dacembi r 84. ' Tha Preparation of o
'The chorua choir la under tha leadur
lilp of Mini Cailsta Kerr. I
ltathrt '
Calvarv" Rranch. Thirty-fourth and
Seward-lUbte aohool at l.
Mirand Vlaw, Foutth and Cedar Sunday
a.'hoo at 3 p. hi.; R. hi tflruil, aupertn
tmdeni. lrr. Tenth and Ai ft.Jr." TReV. . V.
Vellman. Paator Sunday rchuol at 1" a.
n. lermon subteot at II. '"Ilia n That
iwith o ICaallv Htnrel C. ' at i:t.'. "Chrlfll
Peeking tha Voan VatteVs- metl-
tng at I p. m.
Vlrat. TWentynlnth Awnae tfarkV ami
Harney. Rev. Jonn alalthewe, l'utor
Organ rec.ial at I'): 15 awl .li. tarvtoea
at Ui.m mill ':. iuartet: Mrs. Wiley,
tM,prann. in hie acliool at Quop, w.t aoe
rtal mualc by onlietra. ltd by Miaj
-Calvary, Twenty-fifth and Hamilton,
Rev. K. U. c'hitv. Paator Rervlcea at
10. JO and ":. Kren'iig eiitilwt. "A Sluitv
of Job, or the 1'ronirxn of tlunxvn. riulter
Ing." lllhle achool at noon. Voiimt I'i o
'))!' aervhe at :.''. Mtd-waek aevaUoikil
service Wednesday evening at K.
Klrat. Twenlj-alilh and liarqcy, Hcv.
J. M. Keraev. Paetor prrarhlnii at'pi:3i)
and T::io. liibla acnvol t noon. Vouutt
People a mveilng nt i X.
Northnlde, Twenty-seuond . ami Luthrop,
H. J. Klrachstein. MloUti-r Uible achiwl
at :) a. m. All ta hers and eiaawe will
meet at the ohurcii aa anove. Chrlktlan
Kndeavor at :So a catirtlv light aervlee.
'Jo evening prcorhlng aervlee.
- i t'ajrlallau ttplenve.
'Klrat Church of ChrlM., Pclenlist, Twen-ty-Fourth
mreet and tt. Mary's Avenue
eunday achool at H ti a. m. Kervlcea at
111 a. m. and p. m. Subject of leneon
(ermon, "Uod tha Prreerver of Man."
i W ednesday evening meeting at s o'clock.
. J ( unareaa t lwnal.
; Plvniouth. Twentieth and Spencer At
T ) Rev. I). U. Jenkins. 1. 1).. will de
l liver the sermon, special music by the
horua choir, lilble school at noon. No
vvenlng avrvlve.
Hi. Mary's Avenue. James Alexander
Jenkins. V. U. allalaU'r I0.3U a. in.,
i morning worship, suhjret, "The I Huh Cost
Of Holy Uivinn ,.. p. in . piMpu.' s ser
, Wee, sublei t, "lying at the Top. '
Saratoga. Twenty-fltth aitd Ame, Rev.
Q. M. ilumiilueyif. I'HHior Sunday school
at 10. M-rmuii suhitct lit II. to. "The
Ulgn "f hrlei." Chrlatlan Kndeavnr at
i?ii. Evening worshh' at 7:i. M O-week
yiaer meeting Thuraday cvrnliw.
1 Klrat. Nineteenth and I'avenpoit, Rev.
T'renerlck T. Ituuae. Pastor Morning
service, with iominiirtloi and tepttou ,(
i enembers. Text. Kven a Thy .s ml
Pi operth." At the evening service at
Tits Mr. House will dlscua "The McN.
laara Confession and tne Labor Hllua
l(nn.'' Christian l.nUravor at i:4j.
Ih'alnt ftephen'a M' r-aratota Hall.
twenty-fourth and Ainea AveiMe Sun
da.)' svliool. lo a. pi. Morning pruyci, 11.
;alnt Paula. Thirty-second and Callfor
1a Hlreets. Rev. V. II. Uavley. Rrctoi -Holy
cumniuiilon. a. m. riunday school,
Itl a. in. choral euciiarivt. It a. in.
'Halnt John's, Twenty-amth and Kran.i
lin streets. Rev. W. II. llayley, Reito,
Monday schoul and lilUle cluae. S.4.. a. m.
Oiural euciiarlst. 11 a. ni. Kvenlng.
'All Balnta ' Twentvulxtli nnd liewe
-Venue. Rev. T. J. MucUay, Rector-Holy
isymmunlon at 7:30 a. m. Church xcluiol
and klndi rgarien at t.'i. Moininc pi aver
Hiid sermon at II- Stiangcrs ulivnya wrl
n;e. ,'church of the Mood Miepherd. Twi-n-tletth
and )hli. Rev. r.-J. Collar. Ri'ctor
teuisil Mu.ujV ill Advent. Holy c in
jui.nloii at V ondj' RCttool at -J tV
Mnrnlnif prayer, lltanv and Krrmon at 11.
Lvrnlnn prayt-r and srrmoii nt 7:.KI.
Church of Ht. I'hllip the leaon. Twenty-Prat
and Paul. It v. .Icihn Albrrt Wli- ll,rl,ir.Ki'nnil MmiHu. In A . n .
I lolv communion at J:3o. Matins at Vi:.i! ! f ' om "'M tu '''i'
i norai eucnaiiet ermou at II. sim
dav school ami calrchlsrn at U .To. even
ing prayer and sermon at S.
St. Paul's, Twenty-eighth and Parker,
Rev. K. T. Otto, l'ntor -Services at 10
o i lo k. Hondav school nt 1 1 : JO. Sunday
evening's sermon ut l''list I.ijllurun,
Twentlvlh and Mason.
Kountzc Memorial. Fatnam Street and
Twentv-slxth Avenue, Rev. Ur. Oliver I).
Haltxly, pHstor-Services lor the se.ond
Sunday In advent: Mnrnlng worship and
special senium al 11 o'cloog; Instal.ation
of the new officers. Evening Worship and
sermon at ; subject. "The Tell Tale "
Sunday n hool at 10. Luthr league at 3.
catechetical cla sses Ki'lday afternoon at
4:15 and Friday evening at 7 :4k'.. Enroll
ment still open. Call Harney 2i,4.
Fit. Matthew's ICngllsh, Nlnteenth and
rastelUr. Rev. tl. SV. Hnyd"r, I'astor
Regular preaching service at 10:45 a. m ,
sul.jet. Chrlt's Next Coming." At
the woman h Mlesionarv aocletv will con
duct a thank offering service, led by the
preaiueni, jurs. H. II. Hnyder. Hrrlptnre
and song service at 7 p. m. Hundav
school at noon. Catechetical class oh
Tuesday at 4 p. m. lilble study and choir
rehearsal on Wewnevduy evening at the
residence of the pastor, 1IK2 Mouth Fif
teenth. Methodist.
Hanacom Park, Twenty-ninth and Wool
worth. Rev. K. li. Crawford. Paslor
MornniK service, to:); sermon, "The
Irratest Career." F. veiling service, 7:4G,
"The Ureal Physician.'' MuMo by the
vested chorus choir.
The Norwegian and lanish, Twentv
fllth and Kccatin, M. P. I'nerecn, Pastor
services with prctchlng by the pastor
at u a. in. ami 8 p. in. t-umiav school al
:4.i, led b S. i . IhinieiHun. VoUlig
IVotde s meeting at 7 p. nt.
lHeta Memorial. Tenth and Pierce. J.
FianMIn Haas, t'as.oi HermonH, lo::t0 a.
m. and :bo p. m. suioUy sciiool at ll:t.i.
i-.iwui'ih league. n:.n. Twenty-minute
song srrvlco preceding the evening aer
nion. lyivangeiieiic services now in prog
reps. '
First, Twentieth and laxvenport, Milton
Hnant Wtlllama. Minister Morning aor
vice at 11 o clock; subject. "Christ's
XVorld-Vlelon." Kvenlng service at 7:110;
sniiject, "The Devplned fTirlst." Sunday
school at V:4j a. in. Kpworth league at
4;;w p, m.
flak Street. Twentieth anil lluU T c
i i.t r. Pastor PreachliiM by tne pastor
Suimay evening at 1:. Rible achool at II
p. in. Adult and other claaaes lor all.
Mid-week meitinn Ihursunv evening at
i :4j o'clock, and men an election yl Suu
day school officers will be held.
First Swedish. Corner Nineteenth and
Burt, Oustav fcrtckson, MlnlHIer-Sunday
"J h t
ing ami song service at 7::j0; subject of
"moioii. --iiiicatciica to Christ." singing
by Mlm Minnie Neisin and church choir.
Pearl Memorial, Twenty-fourth and
Lanmorc. can t.. ltenurr, Pastor-Mr.rn-ing
won nip al iV.mi. hunoay echool at
no.m, L. M. tljerde, atierint-ndeiit. Kp
wortn league at s:.l t. m., lead r, C. tl.
Iianer. r. veiling worship at 7. an, xermon
by the pastor, bumluy school ioi,rd nieet
lug oil aiouduy hi p. in., ut I he home
c f Mr. ujerrte. to t it r lorenco boulevard.
Player meeting Thursday at 8 p. tn.
Walnut Hill. Rev. William Royer, Paa
tor public worship and sermon uv the
pastor at 10:JU and 7:mi. By special re
quest the pastor will preaon al J(i:x0 on
the first oi two sermons on the subject
of SHnctliicattnn, "The iluninn Klemenl
In Manet II icatton." The next Kundav, the
II, he will speak on ' The Divine F.lement
In sanctlflcatlon." Kvening aunject, "The
Nature ot tho Kingdom nt HimI." Sunday
school at noon. Lpwortrt league at e wi
1'he Rev. tl. W. Uuthrie, returnud mis
lonary, will lead.
Trinity, Twenty-f hat and Blimey. O. V.
Abbott, Pastor Morning subject "The
Incresslng l hrist." Lvenipu subject
I he l-uiple r the Way."
McCabe. Kottli-tn and Pnniam, Rev
John urant Shlck. pantor Munua y school
- "i.. ouiicriiiiciiutnt I), u. Curry
In charge. Pleaching by the pastor mi
II a. m. I heme, "What shall We Rtir
I hese meetlngM win n held at the two
south room of the-chinch. No evening
services Player meeting Wednesday
night at the noma of the paator. The
Ladles' Aid society will hold a bazar at
'I he He building en Weonesday, Decern.
Wt al MIU 1.
W. V. A. otea.
The Junior vesper service will be he'.d
nt .1:). when the talk will be given by
Mln .Madeline Hlllls.
The vesper service st- 4:.K) will he nd-dres-ed
hy Dr. K. II. Jenks, and music
will be furnished by Mr. H. C Johnson.
The flo"il Hour club v.!!l meet In the
association parlor at 2:30.
The Park Wilde club of the Junior
department, will meet a usual at a ::!'.
Tha second of the Monday evening "At
homes" will be held this week. Monday,
New member of the
association and their friends- are espe
cially invited to tin party, and since
( hri'tma is si near, all are asked lo
bung their fancy work, for the early
part of the evening.
1 he Ruslness Hills' cum will hold their
rex ii I ur meeting on Tuesday of this week
I loin s:Uo to .!!. Last week, 'i uexdny,
the club had their monthly nodal. Fol
lowing the regulHt' supper lln-ro v'.ai an
informal brlei progia.n In the assembly
room, after which ail aillouineu to the
dumextlc science kitchen lor a candy pull.
This wrel;. Tuesday evening, a group
of girlH trom the Mentis Bag factory will
ine.'i ux lliey nave lor eeveiai rrR.
pievious, to make candy In Ihe domestic
science kitchen.
The I). A. R.'a, who meet regiilar'.y on
Wednesday evenings, have adjourned un
til artir tho holidays.
A new junior club, Iho Kensington club,
haa been organised to meet on Friday
afternoons from 4 to S, in the pnrlor ot
the BHxoclatton building. The fhat meet
ing of thla club will be held this week.
the Fellowship club will meet aa uajal
on Friday from 8 to ";I6.
On Saturday afteinoon will be held the
regular meetings of the two Junior
clubs, the Pansy club and the OleentM,
both from 4 to 6.
Thla will be Hie last week for all
regular class work until after the holl
oayB. Work will, be resumed In all de
partment on Tuesday, January 2.
e 111 have a two week' vac ation during
the holidays, the salesmanship clafa will
meet as ususl on Monrtav evening. nd
the Public Ppeaklng club will hold a
meeting on Tuesday.
WASHINGTON, Dec. .-Thc owner of
a lost or stolen United states coupon
cannot realize on It except by special act
of congress. Comptroller of the Treasury
Tracewell today decided that the secre
tary of the treasury hss no authority to
redeem aurh a bond even upon the pro
duction of evidence showing to a cer
tainty that the Instrument had teen lost
or atolen.
The question wa decided on an Invest
ment cf civil war days. Marcus S. and
yulncy Reed of Masaclusetts reported
to the Treasury department decades ago
that I'nlted KUteg flvertwenty coupon
bunds aggregating $i!.iflO li(l been stolen
from them November CO, ISM. The matter
has been before the department and can
greea at varlons times ever since, but
was not dcflnrtely leidcd until today.
Paul Atzpodien. iTonacrly of Lin
coln, of.NobJle I'amily.
Married rse in l.laroln Following;
noaaaaer Da Ha leknea
ow gerloosly J" "
Mir-W-Al-'KEE. Wis.. IX c. !.--splal
Telegranv) That Milwauke I ha liad for
a resident for the last ten ears a ramir
ber of the nobility of Oi rniany. coi
necled: to tho royal famll f by ties ta"
blood, Vas learned today when a loc:I
German lewopaper man. Tfrul Atflpodleu.
was takert to the hospital atier a nervo n
breakdown, Atzpodien la a grratg ran fi
scal of Frxedrk-h William IV of Prussia
and Is 44 yers old.
Atzpodien's 'real name .ns npcogn'lMd in
Oennany Is Coxint Karl Rriadf ich Leotcild
von Brandenbuis;- His grwat-Rrand fa chcr
married Countesi Doenhoff. It was .1
nmrgantic marriage ,nnd the name von
Br.inilcnburg was created by Hie king.
When a boy of 17 Count von llranden
burg attended a Heriln school, and one
day recelvin45 a report not up to the
standard demanded by his father, whose
signature to the report w-as required, the
boy, fearing parental punishment, hl
disctpllnatory methods being of a stren
uous character, left home and came to
Iater he went lo South America, and
after remaining there a few years rime
back to the I'nlted States. He was nt
one time a correspondent for the Ilncoln,
Neb., German newspapers. Twelve years
ago he visited that city on a professional
mission. He became III end was taken
to a hospital. He fell In love with th4
nurse who cared for him and persuaded
her to marry him. The couple came to
Milwaukee, where they have lived aa Mr.
and Mrs. Atzpodien. They have one child,
Josephine, a beautiful little girl.
committed sulcldo today.
Scott was Insane.
It is believed
Kills Wife and Himself.
HOI.TON. Kan.. Dec. .William Beott.
a farmer living four miles east oi this
place, shot ond killed his wife and then
Surgeon General
Condemns Foot Ball
For Naval Cadets
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 Athletic game
in treneral and foot ball in particular.
are In disfavor Wltn Burgeon iremni
Stokes of the navy. In litn annual re
port, the surgeon general presents sta
tistics lo prove that the leaders In ath
letics at the raval academy havo not
been the best officers In aHer cart. He
says foot ball Is a questionable sport t'
be encouraged where future officers aro
being trained and expresses the opinior.
that while the play may bo Foniawhnt.
hazardous, tho disabling after effects of
the game are even more objectionable,
rtegulated out-of-door sport Is sirontiiy
recommended by tho surgeon general,
however. Daily physical drills on declc by
all ships' crews aro suggsted.
i.le!'ei; ii, T'vll .'5 "'U''" ""J-' d-liftmenl. and meets on. Mon-
... i fr '""l"' Test." ay evening at it o'clock. The atudy takes
lh league service, p. ,. Pre,ch- p the psychology of boy life and the
Y. M. C. A. Notes.
Dr. W. O. Henry"" class on Life prob
lems, which meet on Hunday atternoons
at 3 o'clock at the association but, ding,
la Increasing In Interest each Hunday. At
the last meet there waa an attendance
of seventy. Dr. Henry's subject for next
Hunday will be, "Young Aien and the
nty." i
The regular Sunday afternoon meeting at
4 o'cIock, will be addressed hy Mr.
Charles Alden; subject, -Tha Optimist of
Ualilloe." Mr. John Hopkins will assist
by Hinging A tenor solo.
General Kecretary K. K. Denfson spent
Friday at Atlantic. Ia at the home of
hia parents. Mr. Denlnfins mother has
been III for sometime and Is In quite a
critical condition.,
Mr. H. H. Flower, boy's secretary.'1 and
Mr. Deulacm will be In attendance at the
Hoys' conference, which lg in aesalon
over Sunday at York. Neb.
One of the moat practical and Interest
ing classes being oonducted at the asso
ciation building IS the training class for
men engagea in the work for noys. Tnt
clam Is being taught by Mr. Mower of
methods pf working with and for boys.
On Friday evening, December 15 stu
dents 4n 4ko educatlonai classes will hold
a social. This will be the last meeting
before the two aeeks Christmas vaca
tion. The plans' for the New Year's re
ception on Monday evening, January 1.
I'.ilJ. are getting under way. The board
of dirrctoia bava appointed a committee
consisting (if tl. W. Noble. Joe Parker
and Dr. Lord, who are working with tha
secretaries to provide the best reception
that has been held tn the new building.
The whole building will be thrown open
to the public, both men and -vomen, as in
cast years, snd an opportunity given to
all to see the work of every depart u.ent.
Hpedal featurea along the entei talnment
line will We provided, aa will also good
mualo and refreshments. All are welcome
and a troosi 4km is assured.
While most of the educational classes
f A Guarantee
Falrvlcw-L. F.. Koenig, an lovva Sun.
tlHy school m s.itonury, will deliver lua
addreps. "i he tlticient Huoday H. hool
First Herman. Twentitth and Hpru. .
Julius K. . Hrhssrt, Pas.or-tjerinai
preaching service at 10:J). 1,".
preaciiing ..rvlce at '.:.. Babbath sJnoul
Flrft. Seventeenth and D.idge, ilev Fd-
"l.irl"'..1' ,'N(0'--''"'ly worsi'ilp
at 10 .so with Kciinoii by pUHtor. Kvenmg
woiwhip t :t... fhnetian Kmleavor meet
ing at tS:lj. Bun.l.y hool at tiooii
tllttoii Hill, Forty-ftrth and Giant
1 1. urn. H. Giecnh f, Pastor-Sundav
.. hool at Hi. Pot.iic worship , '
::. Moili ng them.. "The s. ,.nii
vvrnlnK. ' i lie Lay i t.ut tlo.t . Maalna'
.... a . . re- Di
li ::'!.
LnJcav or
toy. limit, Twenty -seventh and Prop
U L. Koenig, a Miunlay . msonaVv
':,.'.'.'wu'. ,''"'..'"' "'he Kllu-.en,
instead ot a
goes with the
Walpolk Hot
Water Coitle
A very good
reason for your
Insisting upon
Holiday Kchool " at U:4o. A ; 'v , "k
KciIk,- tl... "Ml. - 4k- I-
. ... .... ......u-rniiiit i ycione,
' "-"' IMMM.OiurY ot
will speak. .
. Thud, Twentieth and Leav ei.iv... 1 1. !.
IV tamsay. Pli .. l'loi-Hund,v ecliooi 1
and puMora adun class at W :i. vVor mo '.
li lt aerinu.. , "Bidrliual I'l ot-.iitut.ou. ui
ti 'V' . .Vo,""',,l '" aennun. "Achan or 1
Itahab. .1 7::. Prayer meeting XV I
oay evening at . iic
i,'-0-!- r-orileil, and Ni, lulas
" .i. 'fiiieu, i.. Al,.
.hmk c i . n e ai io:. h'
Hot Water Bottla
fine piece of moulded rubber ne seams,
joint i or cement to give, y.y under tls action
cl hot water.
Moil economici.!, toe. becmna it will out
I.. t three oidinury water bottUi, jet cotts no more
tlau Uunv ether..
1 U . (1 -I fl tl--4 ,u.. t t.
r.uwi iTilinl till. Omla
tua w.mi Suu ud raauia Siuusw
1 4U..S1 n ..
Is.ilst uron tlis W.lpole of your dmxr't. If hi cannot
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Announcement of
Winners in
Second Dee
u;i7( be made in g
TAe Omaha Su itfay Be'e I
December 17
Klltl SV a .. I
at noon. t'i.rlst'.un Fudcavu.- at
evening service i 7:lo t0v I ?
Koeiug. Hunday . h..oi mUsloiiai v" lor
llnmpbroys Seventy-Sevan
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at noon: Henry U.a,r. su.e.-,tende"i
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While "Sevenly-geven" la fin for
any kind of a Cold It ia superfine
j for Urlp, Influenia. Cold tn the Head.
running of tha Noso and Eyra Cu-
I larrh and all affections of tha mucin
I "Seventy-seven" ot s direct to the
.kirk apot without disturbing the rest
' of the system.
' A finall vial of pleasant pelletg,
fita the vet poi ket. At Drug Btorts
;ic, or mailed.
lluinphreya' Honieo. Medicine Co., Cor.
Wii:ium and Ana SlreaU. New Yeih.
iueryone Hants a ift
I ii tim mi wsi' -
It's ft poor t'hrlstmai lnded for those who don t receive a gm.
of eome kind. Kveryb6dy wcnls to be remembered and neail)' cvtpry
one wants to huve the joy of giving. High cost of living etnd
scarcity of ready c3h make gift-making difficult and ofUlmes ln-lo-alble.
Hight at this etage, lUrtnmn'sj credit works out the pe s
I'lexlng problem.
llartmnh orfers surh GENEKOl.'S TERMS of jiayment and suoh
STUPENDOUS UARGAINS that gift-giving ta made eixsy and al
lows you the opportunity of giving the kind of presenc that will !
lat forever and make this' Xruas long to remembered. Besides,
Hartman'B credit Is 30 FAIR and LIBERAL that you will at no
time feel the strain of the small payments required.
The fact that we are- the largest buyers and sellers of Home
Furnishings In the United States arms us with a mighty purchasing
which no other store ran command. It
accounts for our superior wlues Iti
vmv Innlancn If vnu wnnt tn rive a nine nf Furniture. fliR'us? or Stave 88 a I
Xmas prenent. CHOOSE RIGHT choose from the magnificent Hartmk n line
GUARANTEED A TIJIRD BETTER IX VALUE than any other store cvn of
fer. See the prices below and remember we pledge very assertion In tbVs al '
true and sincere.
Ws are bow Introducing the famona and popular ateinmeyer Piano to our ens to
tters. This beaoUfnl tnatrnmsnt will meet tha requirement of most exacting- play
ers. It stands nnrlvalad for purity, sweetness of too and aoliditjr ot construc
tion. We offer this Instrument on our well known and popular oradlt terms.
Other stores charge Interest on pianos sold on credit; wa do not We dont add
on extra cant to our very low prices.
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'lW'J --mtmrntm..
Imperial Leather Couch
Thla handsome gift pleee la) mad of solid oak with carved
i law feet Top l deeply tufted and aides ruffled. Has
a 1 1 ateel spring construction and patent uphoetery buttons.
Uuaranteed Imperial leather coverlnga
a I n
Throe-Piece Parlor Suite
Tliorcughly well made, of birch and mahogany: set consists
r larare Rocker, arm chair and divan. Upholstered In gen-
!.. luihar hm acrnll aims arid n.aaslve lean. No value like
this artistic set to be had Anywhere. Kaslly worth (35, thla week
Jfej Credit to People iTt'ini If 1"S
Free to
- W& ml
Only $4.95 for This Elegant
A handsome genuine Selected American
quartered oak rocker, upholstered In Im
perial leather, strongly built
and richly covered. New de
sign, ("omfortahle and dura
ble. Note the low price
Princess Dresser
This week's special Is
a remarkable droaer.
Made of brtlllantlr pol
ished aoltil oak, SfltQJt
lurts mirror.
full buperfino
front, only . . . .
i-, I w.
Attractive Bargain Brass Bed Outfit
erv hajndsome and stylish led combination. cnslsttiic; of
lasatlve Trlraas Bed with two-inch continuous posts. Supp-tecl
Iron Spring, and ouiaoie nwyy ''"". s,
iovereVi with good ticking; thl. Is a big bar
gKjn mm: should not be overlooked. We guar
antee tne iieu t-ricc lumiicm
Rare Morris Chair Bargain
The greatest value ever offered. Carved
frame of American quartered oak highly
polished . foncy upholstered adjustable
back toot rest Spring seat.
Covered In guaranteed Imperial
leathei- $12 you'd pay for this
chair at other stores. Hurtman'a ,
if ft "J
" . ... eifj
Comliiilioa Bo:tasc
few" i l
'.La --lfiT
- inBBBKfMgsXfXfgBrWjra
Class door book conipart
uieiit, roomy desk, iiaga-
Mirror In carved
tup touii oaa
t Ooartercd Uak Lionry iam
A half priced value. Top measure. 4OX.0 in.
Has larse stationary drawer and convenient
extra alwlf. Heavy legs of Tudor design and
naiv feet. Hest of i,uartcrort white oaU.
used in a 25
llces That
Warrant Your
. Your Horn s
With thtM
Rug Bargain
I Cm Wiy
Daadtocsc Muik
Ijtrce size, made
adluatable slw-lves
Heavy legs. Brilliantly
pollbhed .IJuaKer Hawed
oa!t. They're easily worth
J 13 offered tlfir.
for this salo
at the low y
price i"
tidies' Dress l
our choice of char
tered oak. bird's eye
maple or mahogany.
Handsome new designs,
lias, Urge pattern mir
ror aet lu artlalic stan
dards, e. j
Sis 12x9 fttt.
Soli on Credit with
No Intmrttt
to Pay
Our large I ur.hsje cf l'ju .it ic tnt .".cw Vkirk auction enables tin to ofi'er
h wide selection of hiKli u le .vxmin iter t onu m i ,s reduction.
Thin wenu e nuote on a beautiful V:cininir It ur, siae
go wlierc you will, you caa't eijus! the quality at the i'i c.
1'rice now down to only
MMeweeMMeMMMMMeeMeweMesieMweweeieeweei J
It ia Vfry 11 arranged and just
the thing for uuw'n peraonul
Crttkmto'i Chi loaier
Ila f. drawers, hat boa apacloua
wardrobe see I ion, fitted with exten
sion coat liai.gcr
enience. tMilltl
oak mirror door
1414-16-18 Douglas St.
- - - ai 1 Ml I Mil a,- t I
Kitchen Cabine.
A special C iiristmaa rfcrinif. one ot
the lien arranged i".i; ih ever man-'
Klada of spleiid:,! material
oi.ii iiuiii lor service. t.;ias4 if,
noor and cupbroad, 2 v
bins, il drawer and slid
ing bread board. Uooiuy top
i in i i
rM nef ;7'p' i""Ty " "' '' T'
-flaViTs-T-' --mrt