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    rUH OMAHA SUNDAY JiJ: DrA :r,.Mi.r..i V.
General Manager Brooks Comes to
Omaha to Locate Warehouse.
Krflarrr to De In Operation h Ike
First at the Vrr to Take fare
of Oatpat of the New
Wmln i Melds.
icneral Manager Htooks of the Mid
Mcst Ull company Is here from Caspar,
Wyo., conferring wltn the Omaha bunt,
i fis and railroad men with a view to
t.-tabllshlng a warehouse and arranging
or tne distribution of the
picduct from this point.
Tnc Mid-West Is one of the largest oil
producing companies operating In the
new Wyoming oil field. Its wells are
located In the Hand creek district and at
this, time are flow ing about 1,500 barrels
per day. The field Is forty miles north
west of Casoar, to which point a pipe
line will be completed early next week.
I'P to thla time the oil has been stored
in reservoirs In the vicinity of the wells,
but upon completion of the pipe lino It
will be pumped to Caspar, a distune?
of forty miles, where It will be treated
at a refinery that will be completed and
In operation by the first of the year. This
refinery will have a capacity that will
be about equal to the preset flow of
the wells.
From the Sand Creek district to Caspar
the country Is lecl most of the way. In
fact it Is so near level that there will
probably be but one pumping station
needed, tire oil being carried the balance
of the distance by gravity pressure.
Warring Officials
to Engage a Berth
County Commissioner Oscar J. I'lckard
and Pater P. Elsasscr, who have done
more or less warring on the Board of
County Commissioners since last Janu
ary, will go to Denver and Yule to prod
the Colorado Yule Marble company Into
rushing marble shipments for work in
the new county building. They were
named as a pushing committee by the
board and will depart Wednesday. There
Is some speculation an to how they will
pet. on together, but they say an armis
tice will be In ' effect during the trip.
Their expenses will be paid by the
t'nder Its contract the Colorado Yule
Marble company should hae all the
marble here by January lx but o far
only one car has arrived and one is on
the road. John I.atenser, county building
architect, advised the. board to send a
committee to Colorado, Baying the Wood
men of the World and other buyers of
the Colorado Yule marble have' men on
the ground to make the company rush
out their contracts.
for Minors to Be
Posted in Schools
A copy of the law against the use of
tobacco by minors, printed In bold, black
face type will adnrn each room In every
school building In tho city before the
holiday srajion begins. The probation of
ficer has had several hundred copies of
the law printed and the Hoard of Kducs
tion Is having them posted on the walls
where nil the pupils may see. The law
provides that no "minor under the age of
IS years" shall use tobacco In any form
and for violations of the law may be
fined not to exoeed. 110. Any minor, how
ever, shall be free from prosecution when
he shull have furnished evidence for the
conviction of the person selling or giving
him the tobacco. The violation of the
law renders the boy a delinquent and
makes him subject to proceedings In the
Juvenile court.
Land Baron Case
Will Be Retried
I'niteJ Mates Attorney Howell and Spe
cial Assistant Attorney General Kush
have prepared new vldence to be used
In the trial of F. S'. Ualrd, a Chicago at
torney, who has appealed to the circuit
court of appeals from the decision of
Judge Munger, who, two years ago, sen
tenced him to sixty days In Jail fur an
attempt to defraud the government of
lands In lawes county. Besides the Jail
sentence Ualrd also was ordered to pay
a .!0O fine. Mr. Howell and Mr. Hush
will leave Sunday afternoon.
At the close of the trial In St. l,ouls
Mr. Hush will go to Ies Moines, where
he will represent the government in the
suit against Edward li. Muson, former
clork of the district court, who was
short $12,000 In his account. Mason will
not be prosecuted on a charge of embes
ilement, but will be merely sued on his
errific Speed Made
on Union Pacific
Passengers on the l.os Angeles Limited
from North Platte Into Omaha this morn
ing were treatedMo the -fastest ride that
has ever been given in the history of the
I'nlon Pacific railroad. The ; limited
pulled Into North Platte two hours, and,
forty minutes behind time, when It Was
discovered that a woman was on the
train who was en route to a hospital in
Rochester, Minn., to undergo a serious
operation,. If the delay - was not made
up In the 291-mlle stretch between North
Platte and Omaha the woman would miss
connections with the Northwestern to. St.
Taiil and be forced to lay over In Omaha
twenty-four hours, thereby risking her
life, 'vHen this I fact was learned the
conductor gave ;the engineer orders to
"hustle along." and the trip of 291 miles
was made in 300 minutes. Five stops
were made, averaging six' minutes to the
stop, and deducting this time from the
300 minutes tho Limited made an average
speed, of abodt sixty-five miles an hour.
The name, of the woman for whom this
extraordinary run was made is not
known. The Limited arrived In Omaha
t $:uii Its rjfitilar time being 8:39.
No Reduced Rates
for the Holidays
People this year need not look for any
reduced rates on the railroads for the
holidays. Railroad officials have given
out the information that there will not
be any. As a result, people will pay the
regular fare 2 cents per mile or stay at
A month, or more ago, It was thought
that possibly a rate of one fare and
half might possibly be made for the round
trip to all who had a desire to go visit
ing, or go away from home to spend the
holidays . with friends. However, the
Western Passenger association took the
matter up, threshed It all over and d
elded that the regular, every day rates
would stand.
E. Buckingham is Chosen President
by the Board of Directors.
C. t. (lose Is Selected as A tee Presi
dent rhlllp Totter Treasurer
Row Over tae Pro
posed hiaea.
K. Buckingham was elected president
of the Omaha Field club by the board of
directors Friday night. C. A. Uosa was
chosen vice president. Fiililp Potter was
re-elected treasurer and J. W. Hughes
was re-elected secretary.
The action taken at the annual nieM.
Ing of members Wednesday night in
recommending that the directors abolish
Junior membership has aroused a storm
of protest among those who were not
present. They say only a few members
we're present at the meeting and the
action takn does not represent the
sentiment of the majority of tlie club.
They have asked the directors take
no action In the matter without calling
a meeting of the entire membership of
the club to discuss it.
Home of the directors have practically
given assurance that the meeting will
be called. An exciting time Is expected.
as many mn with families are consul -eiahly
Incensed over that attempt to
deprive their children of the privileges of
the clnh, saying the scheme originated in
the minds of "childless cranks" and old
"cranks," whose children have grown up.
At present fons -if mombers are al
lowed the privileges of the club It they
are under IT, on payment of 111 a year.
If over 17, they have to pav full member
ship foes and dues. Junior members.
however, are supposed not to be on
the dance floor on regular club dance
night nor to play golf on Saturday.,
Sundays and holidays.
leaders of the. movement to abolish
Junior memberships say the boys have
disregarded these restrictions and that
the younger girls have been dancing with
each other, crowding members otf the
hicf Donahue May
Be Called to Help
in Dynamiting Case
Chief of Pol'ce lVmahue received a let
ter today from District Attorney John IV
Fredericks of Los Angeles, saying that
he Ortle McManigal confession would be
forwarded later and that Chief Donative
probably will be railed upon to assist
in tho further Investigation of the dyna
miting .cases. v
It Is probably that Chief Donahue will
e summoned to Los Angeles, according
o the letter from Mr. Fredericks. Ar-
angementa are being made to extend
lie investigation, but the plans of the
os Angeles prosecuting attorney were
not revealed In the letter.
A representative of the Orpheum Thca
ter company, with power of attorney to
sell ,that part of the .company's property
lying between the Orpheum theater and
Harney street, lk Iri Omaha In conference
With George Barker, who has made an
offer for the -property.
It Is understood , In the local real es
tate -world that an agreement has been
reached as to price; and the only thing
that la now delaying the consummation of
the deal Is failure to come to terms over
the passage leading from Harney street,
through the other building, Into the thea
ter. The theater company does not want
to give up the Jlarney street entrance,
and has obtained perpetual easement on
It by reason of having used It, rent free,
for more than ten years, during the most
of which time It did not own the prop
erty. Mr. Barker and the theater represen
tatlve have been closeted' for part of two
days in an effort to reach an agreement
on the passage that will satisfy both
sides. .
Blankenship Will
Shortest on Record
The shortest will ever filed for probate
In the Douglas county court has Just
been recorded. It Is the will of the late
Lloyd Blankenship, teacher Jjitho ntate
school for the deaf. It contains nine
teen words, excluding tho date and the
signature. Ulunkenshtp bequeathed all
his property to his wife, Mrs. Ota Bell
Blankennhlp, also a tencher In the school
and names her as executrix. The will
was written November 10, litll, only a few
aays oeiore tuanaensnip s death, on a
leaf torn from an ordinary teacher's note
book, 3x4 Inches.
The property consists of two acres of
ground near Benson and Is worth about
5,0t0. But for the will Mrs. Blankenship
would have received only half the prop.
erty, the other half being distributed
among Hianaensnip s rather and other
Tcrslstent AdvertMngls the Road to
Big Returns.
The Thanksgiving feast at the City
Mission Friday was the event of the year
for the Mothers' club. Each year at this
time Miss Nellie Magee gets up the very
finest meal to be had for the Mothers
club. There were seventy-seven mothers,
together with their babies, who are too
young to leave at home, at the feast
wmcn was neid in tne mission annex
from 2 o'clock until 4.
The meal, which was furnished by one
of Omaha's philanthropic men, comprised
roast pig, chicken, rich with dressing and
gravy, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, pickles
celery, cranberry sauce, Ice cream, cake
and coffee.
i-rcceaing mo omner, tne Dorcas so
clety of North Omaha gave a program o
music and readings. Many of the mothers
who could not have gotten to the mis
sion otherwise were taken there In auto
mobiles secured by Miss Magee.
The Gift for Remembrance
TDECAUSE of its beauty
,and usefulness, an ar
tistic Electric Lamp re
ceived as a gift becomes a
treasured heirloom. Its
enduring qualities with
stand the ordinary usage
of generations. Our stock
of Christmas Lamps have
been most carefully select
ed this year, and never be
fore have we had such a
beautiful display of useful
Electric Lamps. Make
your choice early and we
will deliver on Christmas
day. Prices from $5 to $85.
Billy Has Appetite
for Costly Apparel
Mrs. IV Daniels has a goal, and accord
ing to testimony Introduced In Justice
I.eeder's court Hilly is some epicure. lie
scorns to contemplate a wholesome un
derskirt If he can find silk hose on the
line. Fine handkerchiefs and napkins
tickle his palate, and dollies are a dcll-
acy upon whteli he fa;rly dotes, lnflecd,
Billy's is not tin overall appetite by any
means. Well seasoned mix are not al
together distasteful to him If he hns a
choice jabot or a portion of delicate lace
with which to top off his meal. v
Billy's highly cultivated appetite litis
got hli mistress Into a peck of tremble.
She has been sued by her Mrs.
O. Nelson for the price of several nuals
on.sumed by the flnc-halrcl William.
She says she would not have i ured so
much had Billy been content with a Tmk-
sh towel or even a bed sheet, but that
she was considerably put out when she
wanted to go out for u 1mI and did not
have any silk hose and other finery that
Is so necesary to one's good appearance.
Judge l,ecder has taken the case under
Saloon Man Sued ;
for Boy's Downfall
Mrs. Hose A. Ilallihan of Smith tlmaha
has started suit for 15,000 damages against
Cornelius O'Brien, a South Omaha saloon
keeper, In district court, alleging ho
ruined her sun, Jam s, a minor, by soli
ng him llcjtior. Fred II. elghton and
James L. Agnew, O'Brien's bondsmen, are
made rodefendauts. Mrs. Ilallihan al-
eses that the lad got drunk, destroyed a
buggy and was arrested for destruction
of pioperty. Since he learned to drink.
she says, he cannot secure a position and
unwilling to work, his whole disposi
tion having been changed. Before he be
came a liquor victim, she alleges, h
worked hard and supported her with his
t .
: t;;. .
- .
I ' ! .'J' - f
Judges Are Chosen
for Sheep Contests
The list of judges for the mid-winter
Sheep show next week has been com
pleted by the selection of the Judges for
the Ramboulllet class, as follows: J. K
Webb, bouthport, Ind.; C. K. Lockwood,
Washington, Mich.; F. It. Cock, Belle
Fourche. H. D.
The flpor of the Auditorium, In which
the show will be held, will be sprinkled
wtth green sawdust and the building will
be lighted at night with green lights.
Green's-band of thirty pleceswlll play
very evening and moving pictures of
Omaha scenes will be shown on a screen.
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Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers
1311-1313 Farnam St. OMAHA. NEB. Established 1859
Berka Undecided
on Barber Ordinance
ActlnK Mayor Ioula Uerka will reach
a dpclHlon Monday on the signing- of the
barber ordinance pa sued at the last meet
ing or tne city council. Thin lant or
dinance repeals the others and leaves the
situation here as It wa before the be
ginning of the fight for Sunday clotting.
By a vote of neven to five It carried In
the council. However, It was .put through
only after the opposition had made a
determined effort to block Km paHaago.
Mr. llerka la as yet undecided as to
whether ho will sign or veto It.
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Burgess-Granden Co., 1511 Howard Street
The Great Western has adopted a plan
of monthly ineetlngi for the officers and
agents of the road. The first of thene
meetlnaa of the we item division will be
held at Fort Dodge December 14. at
which time and place the miperlntendents
and agents went of (Heweln .will meet
and talk over affairs that pertuM to their
various lines of work. '
The Fort Dodxe meeting will lie at
tended by a number of the general of
ficers from the Chicago offices, who will
furnish Information upon subjects which
may not he iulte clear to the men out
ulm-g tho line and at the division polntn.
In the evening af'er the Fort Dodge
meeting the company will funiixh motor
cars and the entire membership will go
to Clarion, when; tho trainmen will hold
thelrnonthly meeting.
Ilarrv (Hover and I'larnic? Tyler,
chnrifed with highway robbery, tnmle two
of the hlKgeHt mistakes of their lives In
criminal court when they took the wit
ness ntund In their on defense to stoutly
declar they were not the men who hold
up John Stenovlneky In South Umnha
and robbed hlin of Deputy County
Attorney Fitzgerald crovs - examined
them and they had to admit they had
been In trouble before and had served
terms in the penitentiary for highway
robbery and breaking and entering. The
J'iry piomptly convicted thfm and they
innrt go to the penitentiary for three to
fifteen years. The law dots not permit
the state to show previous convictions of
men accused or crime unless iney take
the witness stand. Then they may be
Interrogated regarding former convictions.
Hava moot Print It.
Omaha Oanaral Hospital, Dour. tSO.
Egyptian Chooolrtss SOo. Myers-Dillon
as, Else 'ltm-s. Barar-',,da
Silver Plating, Dm. 1'latlng Co. D 2o.15
Kssp Tour Monsj and Taluables In the
American Hafe Deposit vaults 111 tha Uee
building, liuxes rent for 11 per year.
Soldiers (or tka rhlllpplnaa Tw
carloads of soldiers, en route, from Ht.
IxiulM to the l'hlllpplnes, are being
hand led by the Burlington. They mill
from H.-attle.
Cora SlTorosa Wanted Divorce peti
tions as follows have been filed In dis
trict court: Lucy 11. Cummlngs agalnHt
William D. Cummlngs; Tcreno Moyer
against William II. Moyer.
rhotos of Houses V. D. Wead will
have photographs taken of all the hotim-s
on bin rental Hat, that prospective renters
may get some Idea of a house In the of
fice before going to look at It.
Mostly la Tlusa lun klosely, a negro,
who has been In the habit of Mopping
women on the atraet and casting alurrlng
remarks at them has been arestcd. lie
was fined -a and cosla In police court.
Children to Bntartala arBta Tim
children- of Ht. Btephon's Bunduy school
will entertain their parents and fi lends
at a party In Haratoga hall. Twenty
font tli and Aiufi avenue, on New 'ear"s
eve. . i
Hugs Taksa rrom Porch Mi. J. W.
Kockuell reported to th police that while
Key to tho Hittiatlon I'ee Ailvet IImIiik. ahe -was cleaning Iter house, elKlil rugs
Various Bodie. to Meet Monday
Afternoon with City Council.
l.llLht Company WaUes I'ropo.lllon
Which Will He Considered ly
the arlona runlmalons
at the AleetlnsY.
The electric light committee of the city
council, a .committee from the Commer
cial club, the Ait club and tho Ak-Har-
Uen will hold a meeting Monuay after
noon at 1:1.30 o'clock to dlHCiiss the light
situation In the city. The relative value
of tho flaming arc and the ornamontul
post systems will bo considered.
An attempt la being made to reach a
decision which will lie concurred ill uy
all Interested organizations us to the
system of lighting that ought to be Installed.
Following the proposition submitted by
the electric light company, that flaming
arcs would bo placed for 111) per year
Increase on each, the council at once
bezan its Investigation. Tho problem of
uavlng for either system will aluo be.
under consideration. Klectrlc light
t.,T,Am me now considered Inadequate to
lustlfy the ornamental post system but t a mowing opposition to the
lews expensive flaming arc.
wera stolen from har front porch at
104 Houth Twenty-fourth street. The rug
are valued at I1UU.
Saloonkeeper la Tinea William Mi'
ler, arrested Hunday In a raid on his sa
loon at Thirteenth and Harney street",
was fined 9100 and custa by Judge Craw.'
ford In police court. Miller was charged
with violating the Sunday closing law.
Thirty Days for 'Btiok Up" Frank
Htuck, whom, It Is alleged, "stuck up'
pedestralna on the street Friday night,
got "stuck" for thirty days on the roclc
pile In police court. Htuck was arrested
about 1 o'clock Friday night at Tenth
and Dodge streets, where he was suppta'd
to havo held up a negro by the namo
of (Jeorgo Wilson about au hour earlier.
Wilson gave the description of the mau
who had held him up and robbed him ol
(A) cents, and In court Identified Stuck u4
the man who had held him up.
Ilrnat Company's I'lanl llama.
KAROO, N. D.. Deiv .3. The stock of
the Meredith Wholesale Drug company
was destroyed by fire today, at an esti
mated loss of fliO.oon, with Insurance of
about two-thirds of that amount. The
flames are supposed to have started from
an employe dropping a llKhled cigarette
near aome wa,ite In the drug basement.
. Jnror Hearers Old Man.
CHICAGO, Dec. 8. A Juror, sitting In
the Insanity court, today refuond to sign
a certificate of Insanity against an old
man, who, not a resident of Illinois and
suffering from senile dementia In a mild
form, was to be sent to his former home
In Cedar ltuplda, la. The Juror, C. K.
H haeffer. also paid the old man s furo
back home.
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The shop early campaign. Inaugurated
by the Commercial club and thoughtfully
followed by thousands of Omanans, Is
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the Commercial club expected when the
"shop early" move was started. Aa a
result of the thousands of early shoppers'
efforts, packages being aent by mail to
other cities are now beginning to pour
Into the Omaha poHtofflce, thereby In
suring a merry Christmas for the postal
The extra clerks have not been put to
Work, but the ostmater expects to need
I hen by the end of the week. Kevera!
extra aUuup cleiks will also l employed.
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