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Former Bookkeeper at Beatrice
Pushes Claim against State.
Krtnras to Lincoln 4frr li-livrrlne
Address nt llnatlnu tilmlrer
orldrl-h Srnils llnrnr.
hoe for Portrait.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Doc. 9 .-(Special.) T. H.
Stewart, whn m at one time book
keeper at the Institute for feelile minded
youth at Heatrice. has. through his at
torney, applied to the Mate for a war
rant for J100 for salary, which lit- says
lie earned prior to the time' of hU dis
missal from the Institution. After he 1. 1 i -
jS x M "l services lor me state no was
F "lrl,'d on a charge of embezzling J1.300
if' while bookkeeper at the Institution and
was acquitted by the jury. He Is also
alleged to have put in shorter hours at
tinie.i than he was supposed to have
lone, and State Accountant Tulleys Is
said to have discovered a shortiiKe of
JtiS a few months before Stewart left the
service of the state. On these grounds
I-Hnd Commissioner Oowlcs has refused
to give him a warrant for the amount In
Coventor Itelurna Hume.
lovernor Aldrlih returned yesterday
fiom Hastings where he Inspected the
state asylum and delivered a lecture in
the MothoUlft Episcopal church. Trior
to the time of the lecture he was the
tuest of honor ut a bamiuet Riven by
the brotherhood of the Methodist church
of Hastings, mid whicli was attended by
all classes of business men. Ono hun
dred ami fifty were seated at the ban
quet which wag given in Odd Fellows'
Ilomenhoe for Picture.
A tiny liorse shoe was received by (.Jov
unor Aldrich yesterday mude by Charles
liorsuch of MartinsburK, Pu. It is a
good luck emblem of gold and is not
more than three-quarters of an inch In
length. All the maker asked In return
was a picture of (Jovernor Aldrich to
put union;; his collection of such souv
enirs. Mr. Gorsucli ulso had inclosed
a 1 tter asking tho governor to accept
this little work of art, and hoping it
would hi lug good luck.
Sniirenie Court Itulliitt.
following; are rulings on motions for
hearing in supreme court:
Omaha Cattle Ixiun compano against
Shelley. Motion for appellant for modifi
cation of opinion overruled.
Omaha Cattle l.can comnanv iiirainst
Shelley. Motion for appellees for rehear
ing overruled.
j'erry against Clark. Overruled.
walker ugHinst Anderson, overruled.
Sneller against Hull. Overruled.
Pendergast against Koyul Highlanders.
Frederick against Moran. Overruled.
Hill against Hill. Overruled.
Campbell against I.uebben. Overruled.
CJItAND .ISLAND, Neb!, Dec. 9. (Spe
cial.) A a largely attended meeting of
the executive committee of the Commer
cial eltib last evening reports were re
ceived of the Various committees which
have bfeen soliciting the members for sub
scriptions for th employment, of a paid
Decretal V- and rate expert' for the general
business interests of the city. A com
pilation of the leports showed a uf
flilent amount saibsi'i lbed to provide the
means for a year's work, and a com
mittee consisting 4t J. Donald, L, M. Tul
mage and C C. Hansen was uppolnted to
receive applications and to nuike recom
mendations to the club. A suite cf rooms
will be secured In one of the downtown
business blocks, und It Is hoped that the
new offlclul will begin work with the
beginning of the new year. '
Frank Gorty Found
Guilty of Shooting
With Intent to Kill
NKPUASKA CITY. Dec. P.-Tlie Jury
In the esse of the Slate vs. Frank C.ert.v,
after being out for two days and two
nights, found the defendant guilty of
shooting hht wife with Intent to murder
her and the penalty Is from two to fifteen
years. Oerty will be sentenced some
time In January, as Judse Travis has ad
journed the present term of the court
until that time. Frank Clerty came here
from Oklahoma, with his wife and they
went to work in a restaurant. He Inter
cepted notes written by her to other men
and they quarreled over them. He went
home one morning after working In the
restaurant ail night and got Into a
quarrel with his" wife, and before her
sUter, who was In the house could pre
vent him had shot his wife three times,
once through the right lung, and then
tried to shoot lilmselO but the cartridges
failed to explode. He then grabbed up
forks from the table and stabbed him
self in the breast a half dozen times,
trying to reach his heart. When over
powered there were four forks sticking
In his breast. The wile recovered despite
the opinion of the physicians that she
would not and appeared against him and
told the story of the trouble and the
shooting. The attorneys for the husband
entered a plea of Insanity, but failed to
convince the Jury of their view of the
case. The parents reside In Oklahoma
on a farm and furnished what funds
they could for the defense of their sou.
Wagon Box Falls
Across Man's Throat
GRAND ISI-AND. Neb., Dec. 9. (Spe
cial.) With the edge of a large, three
deck wagonbox across his throat, Frank
Klincncek, aged 27, a young farmer re
siding two miles jw-thwent of Cairo, at
the edge of the county, was last night
found dead, In a ditch alongside the road.
He had been in the village of Cairo in
the evening and had started home. Wagon
tracks Indicated to the coroner that the
driving had been irregular and that
official decided no inquest to be neces
sary. The country In this section Is rolling
and the Incline down which the wagon
went was about ten feet deep. He was
found about midnight by Karl Van Win
kle who immediately summoned help.
The hcrses were stil hitched to the
wagon. It required the strength of three
men to lift the wagonbed from the dead
nin and death Is believed to have been
Richard L. Metcalfe
Files for Governor
From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.. Deo. 9. 'Special Tele
gram.) Richard L. Metcalfe of this city
filed today as candidate for the demo
cratic nomination for governor. Mr.
Metcalfe called upon - Governor1 Aldtlch
while at the state house. "1 hope you get
the nomination," said the executive.
"Will you support me?" asked Mr. Met
calfe. "You bet I will, up to the pri
maries," replied Mr. Aldrich.
shot by companion
Rogers Convicted
of Murder in the
Second Degree
FIIF.MONT, Neb., Dec. 9 (Special Tel
egramsThe Jury In the Rogers case
brought In a sealed verdict this morning,
finding the defendant guilty of murder
in the second degree. The defendant did
not appear much concerned. His rela
tives, who have been confident of an
acquittal, say the esse will be appealed to
the supreme court.
Funeral of Former
Governor Nance
Will Be Tuesday
(From a Staff Correspondence
LINCOLN, Neb., Deo. 9. (Special Tele
gram.) According to announcement made
here today the finical of Former Gover
nor AtblmiB Nance will be held In this
city Tuesday afternoon, with burial in
Wyuka cemetery. Stale officials and
many vrornlnont men from over the
ctate will attend the services.
A. e. cady says has no
(From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Dec. 9 (Spnolnl.) "I have
no Intention of entering the race for gov
ernor, railway commissioner or any other
political office," suld A. U. Cady this
morning before leaving Lincoln for his
home at St. Paul.
"I never sought a political office In my
life. 1 have mado the race for governor,
for cungress and for the legislature, but
never by my own seeking. Yet somebody
considers that at this time, six months
before the primaries, I might be feeling
around to see what my chances are. 1
suppose the report originated because 1
called on Commissioner Wlnnott of tlie
State Hallway commission yesterday and
had a lengthy personal conference with
him. There is no secret why I was at the
commissioner's office. A young friend of
mine Is an applicant for the position of
secretary of the commission. I wanted to
tell the commission what I knew ahottt
him, but finding only Mr. Wlnnett pres
ent. I poured my trouble into his ear."
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 9. (Special.) Approxi
mately 600,000 gallons of beer and 39,000
gallons of whisky are consumed in Lin
coln eacli year, according to a IJncoln
wholesale liquor dealer. These uro the
two favorite drinks In Lincoln. The
amount of wine consumed is small, and
will nut come within thousands of gal
lons of the amount of whisky.
The liquor dealer said he would estimate
the amount of beer used ut each of the
twenty-five saloons about two barrels
daily. The amount of whisky, he esti
mates at about five gallons a, day fur
each of the saloons.
AUBURN, Neb., Dec. 9. (Special Tele
gram.) The TepubHcan committee of
Nemaha county met this afternoon and
adopted resolutions endorsing the admin
istration of William Howard Tart as
president of the United Statis and urging
his' renomlnation and re-election. The
committee was called together by E. H.
Dort, chairman, who presided- at Its de
liberations. No opposition developed to
the'Taft resolutions.
1'LATT.SMOUTU, Neb., Dec. 9.-(Spe-cial.)
William T. Richardson, who was
injured in the Missouri Pacific wreck of
October lj. losing a foot and having his
right arm broken, settled with the com
pany Thuraday out of court. Mr. Rich
ardson does not give out the amount re
ceived, but says the company treated him
very nicely. As lie was not required tit
employ an attorney the sum received will
be net to him.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 9. (Special.) The suit
of the state against the Lincoln Traction
company was argued at some length In
the state fcupreme court yesterday, the
suit being brought to prevent the dissolu
tion of the merger of the Citizens' Hue
and the local Traction cornpuny's lines.
into la Hsraed I p.
BK A TRICK, Neb., Dec. . tSrecial.)
An International automobile Uied by the
II. W. Hill company for delivering
groceries, cauVht fire this evening In
the alley back of Johnson A Garrison's
aroceury store and iu prsx'.lcalry de
stroyed, with Its load ut good. The fl.-e
Li (uppuaed to have started from a UaX
la da ail Una.
NEBRASKA CITY, Inc. fi.-Specla!.)-Mr.
1mm of the firm of Imm & Tucker
was out hunting with Marcus Sichl yes
terday and whilo the latter was crawl
ing through a hedge fence his gun caught
and was discharged, the contents of the
gun entering the calf of the right leg of
Mr. Imm, making a Keripus, If not fatal
wound. The physicians here removed sjme
twenty or more shoth from the limb and
this morning sent the Injured man to a
hospital at Oniaha for treatment.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Dec. 9. (Spe
cial.) Floras Ilartlett, traveling salesman
for Wcstfleld (Mass.) Whip company,
came from Nebraska City .Wednesday
night ill with diabetes, and went to the
home of August Qorder, one of his cus
tomers, where he died Thursday night
at 10:30. .
Mr. Martlclt has made this town for
the last twenty years and is well known
all over the state. He was In comforta
ble circumstances and leaves one brother,
Silas Ilartlett of Lewlston, Me., as his
only surviving relative. His brother was
notified by wire, and replied that he
would come to Plattsmouth and accom
pany the body to LewlBton, Me., for Interment.
A tx tiodleii'a llrlde a Nan,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 9. (Special Tele
gram.) Puul Atzpudleii, the fiction
writer, who Is now ill In Milwaukee,
created a sensation in Catholic circles
here in May, 1900, when, he married Mary
Kotster, a nun, who had not completed
her novitiate. Circumstances surrounding
the short courshlp were markedly ro
mantic and cnused a ripple In this city.
Xtzpodien at the time of his courtship
here was a writer on the Lincoln Frie
Presse and was In Nebraska in connec
tion with his work. He gave the name
Atzpodlen, as thut was his mother's
maiden name.
Two Wedding at ebrakm City.
NEBRASKA CITY, Dec. . tSpeclul.)
Joseph H. Carter of Sidney, la., was mar.
Led laat evening at the home of the
briilea mother, Mrs. John K. Blckel, to
Mli.i Zula Hkkel by ltev. F. M. HUaun,
pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church
of Fremont. The young people after a
short wedding trip will make this city
their home.
Philip ,DeFreece of Dunbar and Miss
Do I He Hall of Shubert Were married In
this city yesterday. They will make their
future home on a farm near Dunbar.
Farmers' laatllnte Held at Sargent.
SAIlCiENT. Neb., Dec. 19. (Hpecial.
A farmers' Institute and exhibit was held
at Sargent December 4-6. The speakers
were Mr. O. Hull of Alma, Hoi. K. P.
Brown of Davey and Miss ilary Parous
of Fremont. The institute u la a thriv
ing condition and plans are bring laid
for the work the coming year. The new
officers afs: M. E. Vamlenberi, frtsl
dent; 8. J, Penny, vice prestJtmt; Wilbur
Tobias. secretary-treasurer; executive
committee. James Gibson, Carl Cole and
S. T. Johnson. '
SIDNEY, Neb.. Dec. 9. (Special Tele
gram.) Frank Welch lodge No. 75, An
cient Free and Accepted Masons, raised
six candidates yesterday to the sublime
degree of master Masons, and in the
evening a banquet was given by the lodge
to Masons and their families, at which
300 people participated at Tobin opera
The following toasts were responded to:
"Fraternallsm," Judge Joseph Oberfelder;
"Opportunity," Colonel Abner B. Per-
slnger; "Something Worth While," U K.
Pfelffer; "Wyoming." 'leorge Copcland;
"Masonic History." Dan Short; "A Young
Fellow's Chance." Joseph M. SwetiRon;
"Frlendshjp," Robert 'W. Devoe. Bene
diction, Kev. Mr. Hornaday. The toast
master was Harmon Schroeder, master
of .the lodge.
Administrator Files
Stanisics Inventory
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dee. .-(Speclnl. )- ( '.col ;v
L. DeLacv, special administrator of the
estate of Throdoro Stanisics, has filed In
court an Inventory of the properly of
the deceased which hus come Into his
hand since his appointment. The Inven
tory emhiace a largo number of liens,
but most of them are rtiviilnully of no
value whatever. There is JlT.i'1 cash and
a certified check fur $I.S.".i;.14. The nd
mlnlstrator holds two notes from Abner
Heater, one for $;?0 and the oilier for
fnro. There ore receipts from the Lin
coln Ponding and Surety company for
r.'.V), deposited for a surety bond.
Thus far four claims have been filed
against the estate In tho county court.
They are: American Safe Deposit com
pany, services and cost ns trustee. $1'.C..2;
Lancaster county, taxes, .V; Mr. u:id
Mrs. J. T. Clark, board, I'.T IN, clerk of
the supreme court, costs. $l(i.!ir.
The ilnal divto for filing claims iu;aln.t
tho estate has not been set by the court.
The money said to be on deposit with
a New York bank Is nut Included in the
Inventory filed by the special administra
tor, as It tins not come Into his possession.
( orlliitid Drnaalsta Fined for lo-
Intlii State Law liny Sent
llrtorm School.
PI'.ATltlCE. Neb., Dec. P. tSpeclul )
Joseph Evans of Haymoud. (.. and Mrs.
Lorinda Miller of Cortland. Neb., were
married nt tho latter place by Kev. (1. A.
C lea-son.
E. S. Allen & Son. who disposed of their
drug stock at Cortland the oilier day to
John F. Wehrll, were fined I0 and costs
for- operating their Htore without the
services of a registered pharmacist as
required by the state law.
Albert Calhoun, tho lti- car-old son of
Mrs. Anna Calhoun of this clly, wa.s
brought beforo Judge Walden yesterday
nnd sentenced to tho reform school at
Kearney on the charge of Incorrigibility.
Sheriff Schick took him to that place lust
John Pagels, a pioneer grocery inn n of
this city, yesterday purchased the (.illbert
block on lower Court street and will soon
occupy It with IiIh stock of goods.
Gardner is Given
"Another Chance"
By Judge .Estelle
Lyslo (iiinlner, over whom hangs n
penitentiary sentence' for breaking nnd
enleilng and who had been given
other chance'' tlce by Judge le S. F.
telle, was glven one more yesterday
when the judge paroled him.
"ou'vc taken advantage of me," said
Judge Estelle. "1 treated you right,
tried to help you make a man of your
self, and ou thank tne by getting Into
more trouble. I'll let you hue one more
chance, though I'm not sure but what
I ought to send oil to the penitentiary
right now. Oct to work nnd the next
time von come befnro me you'll get St
least ninety days In Jail and maybe I'll
send you to the penitentiary."
(iardner pleaded guilty to breiiUhiK
and entering more than a year ago and
ili paroled. He has gut Into trouble
with the authorities since then, but never
lu(s committed a serious crime. Keeenlly
he started nn "athletic club" under a
pool hall and got Into trouble with the
membeia. lie entered the club ittoms
and carried off some property, claiming
It as his, and the other members charged
him with breaking and entering,- When
paroled men get into trouble it Is the
custom not to try them, but to sentence
them under the first conviction or guilty
(iardner told Judge Estelle lie didn't
wunt to be tuit In Jail beeauso he wanted
to support his sick mother. Witnesses
said ho has contributed t.'.Ti to her sup
poll during the Inst year. Judge Es
telle (old him to really support his
mother, go to work, quit being a big,
worthless Juafter and do honest toll
Instead of running athletic clubs under
Pool hulls.
otniiierelnl t lab llitnqurt.
1.1 i A K, Neb.t Dec. 9 (Hpeclal.)-A
bamiuet was given last evening by tho
Edgar Commercial club to Its members.
This being tho first bamiuet the club has
given, It was thought best tii extend in
vitations only to tho individual members
of the club, and, If they made good, at
some oilier time Invitations to those out
side of the club might lie extended. Out
of n membership of eighty, sixty-two were
present. An excellent three-course ban
quet was served at 10 p. m., after v'.ilch
the time till midnight was occupied by
speeches in reply to toasts by members
of the club. The Edgnr orchestra furn
ished the music.
Red Flyer Derailed;
Passengers Injured
HIOUlNtMIl HO. Mo., Dec. P.-Chicago
Jfc Alton passenger train No. ". known
as the "Hed Flyer," was derailed near
Alma, ten miles from here, at HtCO o'clock
this nfternooii. scwial passengers tvere
Injured none serlounlv. The train left
St. Louis at li ft; o'clock this morning and
was ("hip In Kansas City at r.;yi this after
noon. The cause of tho accident Is un
known. E. P. Miller of Paula, Kan., W years
old, who was the only passenger badiy
Injured, suffered severe bruises on his
shoulders, hip and buck. Engineer II.
Mcf ortnai k of Slater and Fireman Wil
liam Walden received slight Injuries.
The train was running thirty-five miles
nn hour when luddenly, on a slight curve.
It left the rails, the engine mid four
couches ti rnlng over on their sides. There
was a mad scramble of passenger to
get out of the overturned coaches. Miller
was Injured Vt hen a number of the panic
stricken passengers trampled over him.
John II. Mnnrt.
NKUUASKA CITY, Dec. 9. (Special.)
John H. Swans, one of the pioneers of
this section, died at the county farm and
was brought to this city today for burial.
He was M4 years of sgo and at one time
was olio of the largest land owners of
this fraction, but sold out and went south, j
where he Invested lit southern land und
lost his all, and then camo back to his
old homo to be cared for. His daughter,
Mrs. James Jarittt of Texas, enme here
and looked after him during his last Ill
ness. He was a member of the Masonic
order and his burial B under tlulr di
rection. (
t . H. Hall.
Al'HlltN, Neb., Dec. 9-(Speolsl.)-Clnreneo
K. Hull, on old soldier, died
last evening' at his homo 1n litis city,
uged about 00 years. He hhd resided hero
twenty years nnd stood high In the com
munity. Ho is survived by a wlnow and
several children.
Mr. Kilvtard Ward.
AUHl'liN, Neb., Dec. P. (Special.)
Mrs, Ward, wife of Edward Ward, a
prominent farmer residing sevon miles
northeast of this pluee, died yesterday
after an Illness of considerable duration.
Itnln Kstrnda Into (Its', .
HEATK1CB. Neb., Dec. P. (Rpeclat.)
A hesvy rsln has been falling here most
of the day and the ground Is receiving a
thorough soaking. The moisture will be
beneficial to the winter wheat.
sf? I
Have your clothes
Christmas wear.
Wouldn't It prove decid
edly comnioiiBenslcRl t o
gather up your clo flies, your
finery, your apparel nuccsal
Ucb NOW, and to Bond them
to nif' for a ntaalprly dry
t'leanliiB HKKOKIC the I're
('htlHlniag ruslt is actually
at hand?
Phone Tlor lSOil or Auto A
22 Jo. Leave work at the plant,
at Dresher The Tailors, 1615
I'arnain St.. or at branch In
I'oiiipiiiun Itooiu of Hrandels
Expretw paid one way on out
of town shipments of f3 or
Dresher Bros.
2211-2213 Fnrnam St.
The Twentieth Century Farmer
la the leading ttrsrlcuUurul Jour
nal of the weal. Its columns
are Tilled with tho bent thought
of the day in matter pertaining
to the farm, the ranch and tho
orchard, nnd it 1b a factor in tho
development of the great west
ern country.
Firemen Are tilven llanqurt at
Hotel Clifton by Committee of
Business Men.
BLAIR, Neb., Dec. .9. (Special.) In
recognition of post services and more
especially for tho hard 'fight in which
the flro department of this city kept a
bad fire from spreading over the entire
south part of town last week, a banquet
was given the fire boys at the Clifton
hotel on ( Wednesday. 1 -
Banker Castetter and John McQuanle
Interested some of the business men In
the scheme and a surprise was sprung
on the firemen after their regular nicet'.nn
Wednesday evening by Inviting them to
lunch nt tho hotel, where, they were
royally entertained. The banquet was fol
lowed by an Impromptu program of
speeches, sours and toasts. A feature of
the evening was some specialities In Irish
lig dancing by Mr. and Mrs. "Doc"
Wright, proprietors of the Clifton hotel,
who are 60 years of age.
The Holmquist Elevator company is
Just completing a 10,000-bushel elevator
at DeSoto station south ut Blair on the
Omaha railroad. Tho farmers in this
vicinity have had to haul their grain to
Calhoun or Ulalr, or load It into cars.
They will appreciate this convenience.
.Coroner K. C. Pierce has held the body
of John O'Neill, a rullroad laborer, who
died of pneumonia at Washington, this
county, for ten days endeavoring to
locate relatives. A brother will arrive
today from Illinois to caro for the body,
and a sister, Mrs. Peter Hanky was lo
cated in Lincoln. '
-crr A '1 should feel guilty of In-
P""njk gratitude If I did not tell of
the benefits I have derived
from Hood's Sarsaparilla. Five ugly
and painful abscesses ' formed In the
lower part of my abdomen. I was con
fined to my bed thirteen weeks, and the
pain was almost unbearable. A neigh
bor suggested that I try Hood's Sarsa
parilla, which I did. I began to Im
prove Immediately, the abscesses began
to heal, and I took the medicine until
I was well. ' John Wallace, Field See,
Y. M. C A., l'ittston. Pa.
Get It today. In usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called hantatalm.
Persistent Advertising
to Big P.tturua
la the Kosd
A large u.anufacturlng con
cern of the middle west l de
sirous of getting In touch with
several high claus capable
salesmen, for service January
first, men who have had ex
perience selling general far.i
Implements and gasoline ori
gin's. Experience with Utter
not absolutely neresaary, but
applicant absolutely inusthat'e
experience selling agrloulturAl
niachlDw-y. High grade .im
portunity for men of ac
quaintance! with the trade n
Nebraska. Iowa, Kansas. WIs
coustn. Illinois or Missouri.
Ail replies absolutely confi
dential, fitate as near as pos
sible la first letter full par
ticulars a to experience, eai
ury expected, etc. ACdrr
X 17, He, outsits.
Our big light, bright basement is
brim full of attractive, amusing and interest
ing Toys. For little and big children."
These Should Interest You.
"l.'ncle Sam"' double iwatcri wajron, room for
four passeugeiB. Made with heavy sprlnfta
nnd steel tires. Painted red, Price $12. ?0
Farm WuifoiiH Mado from aelect oak. AM
frame body with standard. Wood seat.
Price . $11.50
l'atrol YaicnM Side rail and beats. Hull at
tached. Prhto 815.00
CoRNtlnv Htick lUuirds Steel braces and hoIUI
Bteel rims. Price $5.00
XIAMi Toasters Can be used as express or
coaster wagons. Kxtra heavy. Price $5.00
Kxpretis WntfotiK All solid oalc wheels. lOxtin
heavy tire. Size 15 Inches by 30 $3.00
American Tri-Kar Combination express and
coaster car. Steel axle and rubber tires. Iron
brace $0.50
DOLLS v ' .
Tosltlvely the most complete assortment of
dolls In the city. Dolls with bisque heads, natur
al hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Jointed bodietf.
18-lnth ..$3.50
22-Inch K5.50
24-lnch $0.50
lUby Dolls -.35 to $1.50
IwMly Doll $3.00
Dolls with Kid Bodies 35 to $3.00
Character llnliy Dolls, natural expression, up
from 35
Kverythlng ready to wear for the doll. Wigs,
shoos slippers, Btocklngs, hats, bonnets, hoods
and feather boas; long baby dresses, gingham
dresses, party dresses, skirts and sailor dresses.
Meccano Heta Th world's me
chanical wonder. Material to
build trucks, windmills, bridges,
aeroplanes, etc., etc.
Prices S2.00 to $23.50
Turn Overs A fascinating game
for everybody. ,
Prices 25 to 50
l'ost OfficeEverything oompleto
for a postofflce. 25 to $1.25
PutzleH All the new pastimes on
the market.
Prices 25 to 75
Tea Bets Prices 25 50 G5
ranging $2.75
ift Pieces
of worth and stability that please, that, are useful and ornamental
You'll be surprised at the many pretty and inexpensive furniture pieces
we are showing thafr would make pretty and acceptable gifts.
I. Ill
. (Like illustrtilion.)
Solid nuihogiuiy. Miiitlin Washing
ton design. One of our most popu
lar patterns, 'omes in dull finish;
regular value ..'().( N)--neeial, eaeh,
at "... $19.00
nerving Trays Solid Mahogany--at
$3.75 to $21
Jiook IMocka Oak and mahogany
at ....v $-1.50 to $12.00
Dinner Wagon h Solid mahogany with
tray $30.00 to $00
Heavy ncroll design, dull finish; gen
uine mahogany. Top is 30 inches
wide, 50 inches long. An extra high
table. Value $50.00, special, each,
Medicine Cabinets Oak, mahogany and
white enamel. New line
'"Ices ,...$3.75 to $15.00
Fluno Itenches Mahogany, Oakland Wal
nut. Prices $0.75 to $22.00
Magazine J tacks Fumed golden oak and
mahogany. Prices $1.50 to $12.00
HmokinK Htand Fumed oak and mahog
any. Large variety
I'rt'e $2.50 to $13.50
('andleHiliks A beautiful assortment in
maiiogany. Some electric, others for
candles. Prices $2.75 to $-10
(Like illustration.)
Arts nnd .Crafts design. Stickley
Bros., make. Soft brown fumed oak
with Spanish leather seat and back.
Ijargo and comfortable. Regular
value $27.50. Choice either anil
chair or rocker $19.00
Ollarettes Prices $13.50 to $35.00
I'ednfttaJs New line. Golden and Fumed
Oak and Mahogany $2.50 to $40
ur BRie-a-BRae department
offers jus-t the opportunity you want for the selection of your Christmas gifts useful and artistic traveling nov
elties, small compact sewing boxes, manicure sets, necktie and handkerchief holders, nt from $1.50 to $15.00
For the Home Coalport China, English Kock Crystal Cut A?ovelti of every description Cretonne trays, smokers' articles.
n , re , rp . fancy waste baskets, fern dlahos. Jardinieres, hanging flower
tiiass, uresueil V oliee ana jeu rsets. baskets. Individual pieces, paper cutters, paper weights, ink wells,
For the Library or Office Complete desk sets from $3 to $35 calendars, etc., etc.
You can save money here on Monday. A complete line of Florentine nnd bronze ware, comprising a- beautiful
assortment of comports, fruit baskets, bon bon. dishes, small fancy vases, fancy fern dishes, twine boxes and hun
dreds of other beautiful imported high class pieces of which the regular prices have been $3.00'tb $12.50 a piece. All
marked at Special Prices from $1.75 to $8.125'each.