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    Till-: OMAHA SUNDAY IIEK: PKCEMBEI? 10. 1011.
i i
1 I
Are You Puzzled Over the Gift For "Her?"
Yoi'il Hnd It Easy To Selcd Ihcm Itcrc
Tlio gift wliWi hTPj)ly most appreciated is Hie uni1
which combines luwutifjiitl, !ijproriatenos with the greatest
nmMint of servier uiid evViydtf- u.-rfulness.
Whether uu hvuliV upon a dainty bit of neckwear or a
beautiful set of -furs, youf ffift will give constant pleasure to
the recipient for months, and even years; and will be a frequent
and pleasing reminder of your thouhtfulness.
Why Nol Give Furs?
mere is no neuer way. in wineii to express
your.iMitiment lurin by li'ift f furs. Our present
showing t'udiraeps all the popular furs, such as
mink,- black lynx." 'opossum and black, red, gray
and white fox. The prices are deidedlv reasonable-
514.75 $16.50 $18.75 $20 $22.75
$25 up to $70.
Beautiful set? of White Thibet, White lOnnine, Krhnincr,
White Iceland Fox, Moufflon and Opossum, for the children.
Prices $3.75 $ 1.25 $5.00 $0.75 $8.75 up to $17.50
Head these f-uggestions Among them you'll find just the
things which will please, the woman and miss the most.
Shirt Waists, Including
lb popular man-tailored
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best selection
by shopping
State Ceti Testimony of Defendant
Into the Becord.
( roaa-tOiamlnadnn Fall 1o II reek
Tesflmonr el Mies Marirarrt
Snope Will ot tall
Mra. Iwopf Kn,
KANSAS CITT. ree. .-Ths greater
I art of Pr. H. Clark Hyde's testimony
Ivan In his first .rial of tha allerod
murder of Colonel Bwope was today read
by Prosecutor Con kilns. 1'arts of teatl
auony relating to matters of tha suprema
eourt held not to be advisable were left
Now that tha accused physician' story
bis been heard by tha lury thero Is little
Ilk II hood of bla taking the witness slant).
1 liyde's attorneys did not want him to
testify If it could ba avoided. It U said.
The examination of Mra . Margurel
fcuopo finished thla -morning.' Tha
UefetiHo falloA to break down her direct
The Piste' derided to postpone tha call
Ins ut Mia. lxr-ft O. Kwope.
(Continued from Clrnt l'aso.)
its own titlr riK I Urn full and free
K.ollllil on AmerlcaA liuK )
l'or wiy iarty and for you and me.
Ueaalae Grand Opera.
Ucnuinc Brand opera by the Gridiron
quartette and chorus wai a novel feature
of the entertainment. "Kauet," somewhat
condensed, waa tha act, but It was dis
torted from Its high moral purpose to
demonstrate ths certainty of the ultimate
victory of evil as represented by atatid
psttlKin. Tho shade of the Immortal
baid, Dante, being still In quest of
knowledge, made another pilgrimage to
hell, where ha discovered soma ancient
friends, such as Marguerite . Democracy,
Progressive l'auat and ttandpat Mephlsto,
who "Is never wholly down and out."
Vaunt pursued by Miss Democracy, de
clared: "Nest yiar la leap year. She Is
on my trail." The ancient lady retortej
In song, charging Ingratitude and hate
fulness, declaring that tha thanks of pro
gressives should be democracy's due.
Marguerite Democracy next warbled a
inesrage slie had received from Robert
J -a toilette anklng her to be "his val
entine." tfhe sang: '
"Ho Is flirting with me; he's always
He Hinila out like a lover; on each
magazine cover.
Whrn his featutes I are I am filled with
1 am ii. led. 1 am filled, with fear."
At Mephislo'a demand a ballet ap
peared, Us members Included "Miss Inde
pendence Deague," who complained that
she was "broke." hhs tang: "I think
Hill Ileum lias tjult For Keeps"; Miss
Prohibition warbled the story of how
near she came to loving her "Home, Way
Down la Maine"; Miss Knolalism an
nounced: "I Don't Want Any Dynamite;
Just tilve Me Beer"; II ins Populist a
lared as a -M-ass of olden Time; Much
l out ltd in Her Prime," and Mine Crecn-
Quality Is
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time within a year should you bo dlus.tlbfled with your purchaa,
or tor any other reason should you want your money back -will
give you nlne-tonthg of what you paid us for It. Doe this
assurance mean anything to jog 7 '
We ttn alto gupply your every want iu Walcliei, Clocks,
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15T -
SI. 50
to $2
Manicure Bets
Writing Sets
Hand Hags
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Air Pillows
Music Rolls
And many others.
to SSM
llano Kercnieij
at ....I5k to 50
Mark Cross leather
poods offer hundred's
of beautiful things for
Sewing Baskets
1318-20 Farnauj (Street.
back complained that "Free Silver Stole
My Wig and Tights." Tha basso of the
quartette terminated the act with this
I'll gather you all In ere I have done,
Kor every party as It starts in life,
Is led by a reformed brave In strife.
And when his cause Is won he does his
To bravely hold It safe "against every
Defending each assault with all his
We're all standpatters-after wo get ours.
Some of the guests of the club un
expectedly found themselves embalmed
In song and veree for tha delectation of
the other dlnors. This gem came from
the chorus to the tune of a recent' rat
tling "rag:"
Ct-me on along, come on uloi.g,
Hear La Kollette's own brass band;
Come on along; come on along;
III tho loudest In tho land.
It ran rnske a hUaer noise than you
firf heard before.
Bounds just like the boom of a pre!
dentlal war.
That's just the busy little band;
Yes, It kin.
Ilrrfca I Beapertcdly Appears.
A sensation was created among ths
guests when William 1. Hrysa unexpect
edly waa introduced and In a brief speech
1 repudiated all of tho d-x trlnes, the adv.
cacy of which have made him famous.
He declared his admiration for Harmon,
his friendship for t'lurk and his sym
pathy for I'ndorwood, but asserted that
his vote would bo for Tsft. In the 'rum
mntlon that followed It was discovered
that liryan had been successfully Im
personated by a great American actor,
who justified the deception by declaring
that Bryan was also a grVat actor.
rW.ino of the guests were: President
Taft, Count von Hernntorff, the Uermau
ambassador; iHinilclu da Uama, tho Bra
slllan ambasKador; J. London, the minis
ter of Tho Netherlands; Secretaries Knox,
MacVesgh, Usher. Meyer and Btlmson;
Pustmaster General Hitchcock; Blr Gil
bert Parker, Speaker Champ Clark, Sena
tors Pallcy of Texas, clapp of Minnesota,
Cummins of Iowa; Itepresentatlves Borger
of Wisconsin. James of Kentucky, Mo
Klnley of Illinois, Stevens of Minnesota;
Major Archibald W. Butt, Governor
Charlea 8. Deneen of Illinois, Btuyvesant
Msh of New York, ex-Governor Joseph
W. Folk of St. Ixmls, Oovernor Judson
Harmon of Ohio, Secretary Charlea D.
Hllles and Medlll McCormlck of Chicago.
At the annual meeting of the Gridiron
club today Louis Garthe of the Baltimore
American was elected president and Ku
dolph Kauffmann of the Washington Star,
vice president, for the next year, with
the following executive committee: Harry
Cunningham of Washington. Arthur J.
ttadge of the Minneapolis Tribune and
James F. Hornsday of the Indianapolis
News. .
John S. gchrlver of the Paltlmore Star
wss re-elected secretary and Ixuls W.
Strayer of the l'lttsburgh Dispatch,
CKNTKHVILLK. la. lec. .-Flre
wiped out two business block here today
and damaged a third. The loss Is approxi
mately f.Vi.Ora The heaviest losers were:
G. W. Handle, genet al store. Stl.OOO; David,
son Hardware company. SIJ.OOO; J. W.
Williams, owner of Davidson building,
Persistent Advertising Is the Hoad to
L'lg Returns.
Open Even
ings Till
&D0DGE. -
I !
a r
( jLjI
Our Krre
Catalog is a
Help to Oinsi
man Huylnji
Sent! I'r It.
Six Arrests Made in Solon, la., for
Using Mails.
eterlnarr Sarsron Charles Mann
Rearrested on Charge of send
Inac Letters After Ont on
CEDAR RAPIDS, la., Dec. 9-Charles
Himra and Jerry Wortner of Folon were
arrested In the John Adams "blackhand"
esse and are In the Linn county Jail,
where they will be detained pending the
hearing to be held December 15.
Government official, who have been
acourlng the country In -the vicinity of
Solon, are said to have' found valuable
evidence that may result in several more
arrests. , v .-" ", f
WoHner 'asserts ho Is Innocent, w hile
Hamm refuses to muke any statement.
llnmm, who Is a veterinary jturgeoti, la
under arrest fo the 'xocnnd time In con
nection with this ease. lie recently was
takeu Into custody and released, on ball.
He Is charged with having jent two
blackhand letters to Adams, sfter get
ting out of Jail. The urrrets In the esse
now total six. I
Committee Will
Make Two Reports
On Dick to Dick Case
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9.-A formal re
port to tho house today from the commit
tee on expenditures In the Interior de
partment dismisses front congressional
consideration the Controller bay charges,
the keystone ef which wss the widely
quoted "Dick to JXc-kt" letter and the
accusation that Richard 8. Ryan will be
acquiring a monopoly of valuable Alaska
harbor rights.
The committee's action was based on
the recommendation of Louis D. Hrau
dels and Amos Itnchot, counsel for the
"The government." the committee re
port says, "should not part with the title
to any coal, petroleum, natural gas or
mineral land which It owns In Alaska.
"The government should construct, ao
u,u!re, own and. If necessary, operate at
least one railroad there. It Alaska Is to
be developed, that development must
come either through outside syndicated
wealth or through universal energy and
enterprise stimulated and aided by gov
ernment construction of necessary rail
roads." In committee. Mr. Burke of Houth Da
kota, representing the republican mem
bers, Ineffectually demanded continuance
to hear Miss At. K. Abbott and others as
to the authenticity of the so-called "Dick
to Dick" letter.
Repuiiucans claim the letter never ex
isted In the Interior department flies or
elsewhere and that the perpetrators of
the "fabrication" Imposed on Miss Ab
bott's credulity. A resolution by Mr.
Burke declaring that It no such letter
existed the affair was an "infamous st
tack" and "vicious assault'' on the presi
dent, wss deft. ted by a party vote. It
declared that tho "forgery and libel"
should be' expoted and the parties to It
Identified. The minority uus glxen fle
days to make a report.
(Contl.iued frim First Page.)
letters! at slid Juiy next v, ek. It became
known today.
"Tire investigation of the National F-rec-tors'
association tends to show that sov
eral hundred men had knowledge of the
plana for these destructive explosions,"
said J. A. C. LaJotf. a representative of
the ss.oclation.
The repreientatlve of the F.lectors' as
sociation laid it would be able to show
the grand Jury that groups of men In d.f
ferent cities helptd to finance the al
leged dynamiting conspiracy, and that its
effectlvness wss not dependent on funds
of 'the International Iron Workers' asso
ciation, alleged to have been devoted to
tills purpose by John J. ktcNamara.
OrlwfU Jewelry ataro Hobbrd.
OtXWfcJK. la.. Dee. .Sptiil.)
Fla hundred dollars worth of watches
were stolen from the show window ol
Herg & Arduster, Jeaelsie. some lift
during last night, hntiancs tne build
ing was gained through a transom ever
the front entrance. Ttie police have pot
let found ft clue.
Member. Still Deliberating on Ques
tion of Insanity.
Majo laeas. I'orter la slooa. Falls
Heir In Fifty Tbonsand
Hollar Estate In
I From a Staff Correspondent.)
DKH MOINRS, Ja.. Dec. 9-i Special
Telegram.) When court adjourned at S
o'clock this evening the Jury In the Dr.
ICellv esse UO atlll HelDierallnir Vm rK-
j In the day there seemed sonic hope Of a
verdict but latter It became evident that
the prospect was good for disagreement.
In the sftern.ion the Judge sent for the
Jurors and tiled to aid them In arriving
at a verdict li!t It became evident from
what the foreman said that while they
rou.'d at;ree on a verdict they could not
aeree on a decision e to whether or not
he wss Insane.
Home wanted to refuse to answer the
isprclul Interrogatory Insanity question.
Tlfi- court made It plain that no verdict
would be considered unless this Is done.
All day the parents of Dr. Kelly fat In
the court room which for" a part of the
time Was deserted, and when the lurv
came In on orders of the court they were
apparently on the Kilnt of breakfna
down. The, defendant also showed great
motion, hut later became more cheer
An estimate by the county officials on
ic cost of the trliil fixes l! nt uhont
I'orter Heir to I'roperlv.
Ilajo Jgess. p. native of Holland, norter
ii a saloon here, has been Identified as heir to a X.'0.ihjO eatato In Hoi.
land, and he hopes to ho able to secure
possession. A letter to the mayor mak
ing inquiries about him led to his loc.
Hon. Ho has been In this country twenty-seven
yearsii and the estate was In
herited eighteen years ago. If found
thst the requirements of the Holland law
that advertisement be made in the news
papers of the city where he wus lust
known to have lived had hot been com
plied with and he will claim the prop
erty. Requisition for Srkrvenskl.
Governor Carroll today Issued requisi
tion for Otto Schwenskl, In Omaha, ac
cused of connection with the Derby hank
Coats of Parslows
Found Near Logan"
LOGAN, la.. JJec. .-(Spnclal.)-,Sherlff
Rock and Deputy Sheriff W. R. MUUman
have received word of the finding of two
coata In tha cornfield of C. A. PlUer.
south of Missouri Valley, which are be
lieved to have belonged to the Parslow
brothers, who murdered Officer Butcher
of Missouri Valley late In August last.
The coats had in the pockets a lunch,
tome coffee, matches and time tables
over dlferent railroads. It will be re
membered that the officers tracked the
Parslow brothers to this cornfield on the
evening of the day of the murder. It
will also be remembered that neither of
the I'brelow brothers had on a coat
when discovered as floaters In the Mis
souri river shortly after being sen and
shot at on the Robinson Island west of
Mondamln. ,
The two coats will be given a careful
Inspection by the officers and also by
the eyewitnesses of the shooting, now
employed at Missouri Valley.
Doctors Sleet at Malvern.
ULKVWOOD, la.. Dec. 9.-peclal.)-The
Mills t'cunty Medical society at Its
meeting at Malvern yesterday elected the
following officers for liil': President.
Kdgar t'hrlstle, Hastings; vice president.
J. It. Scott, Malvern; secretary-treasurer.
J. M. i loot Ian. Glenwond; delegates to
state society. J. G. McCue. Hlver City;
alternute, G. M. Agan. (lien wood; censor,
S. A. Campbell, Malvern. The next meet
ing will be at Silver City In June. After
the scientific and business sessions an
eight-course dinner was served at the
Co'tage hotel.
' Iowa Kerns Notes.
LOGAN ICdgar Cadwell, C3. early set
tler of Harrison county, was painfully
injured on the hesd and shoulder In a
runaway three miles northwest of U
gan yesterday afternoon. He is suffer
ing from injuries on the forehead, right
temple and shoulder. Shortlv after the
accident iMr. Cadwell was taken to his
home north of Logan.
UH IAN Miss Flora Wonderltck. Miss
F.rtna i'urker and Miss Alia l'iSil won
first, second and third, respectively In
the cooking contest-of the domestic sci
ence class of the Methodist church of
If! '' 'veiling. The Judges were
Miss Mary Rice. Mrs. J. K. Vanficoy and
Mrs. Husle Fslth. In the spelling school
connected with the cooking contest, Roy
Heaburry was the winner.
DKNIHON-sThe Knights of Pvthlss
lodge of lienlson at the last meeting
Hale and Nearly at 71
One of the first men to respond to
President Lincoln's rail for troop
says Mils great tonic stimulant la
Kood for old and young.
L .'" tl ' ut age this coming
March, eeterioi of the Civil War and
ono of the fist to respond to President
Lincoln s ca II for 7r. nun .......... .. . .
Jsken prisoner at Rattle Front Hovel.
, " l-1"g there a skeleton fron. chronic
diarrhoea and acurvy half nuked.
""st i.ay that If Hurry's Pure iaxlt
Whiskey Is ure.l as dlre.-ted without
a iiiae. ii la a great stimulant, either for
old or young. rr rlp tliei :s nothing
t'ctter. 1 ltuve. u.,.i loiffv'M iur vi..i.
Whiskey with excellent result-, and
have recou, mended It to all inv com
J lades for a number of years. 1 know it
ieu 10 onj uge.' . apt. Tnonms 11.
H3g. ii Mellor Ave., Catonavlil. Md.
Duffy's Piira Mali Wrtlskey
If you wish to keep
strong, vlajorous and
actlvtt and enjoy pec
feet heallh, taka Duf
fv'a Pur M.ii lui.
key regulurly, acco.-
ug 10 directions,
builds uo tna i.a-
tissues, tone up the
heart, elvei power 10
the brain, stroiigiu
slid ela-ticltv to ..-
Iliuscie n.l r'.Lh... . ..
Drllixa Into aclmn -11 . n .
It makes digestion pert act and enables
you to get frojii the food you eat all
the nourishment It contains It Is a
wonderful ruined y In tha prevention end
cure of nervousness, typhoid nialar a,
every fonn of stomach trouble, d!j
ess of the throat and lungs. It Is
prescribed as a medicine by doctors of
all s -lux. la.
Buitr rare laaJt W.lsksy is the
only w.lsksy Ikst was txu by te
uovarauinut as a metiiolBe in lag tke
Spa-uen--LiaercaB 'Var.
aid by aramtrimtM, grocers and deal
are la Ntlil botUee, prloe $10. It yoa
Mat proeare it. Ut ns know sad mm wU)
tell yoa sow te oktala It. Write fa
free s actor's e4e end took el rectpea
for table a ad alek room.
Tke Vmtlj ait Xl) Ca, ooum.
tar, m. T.
13 VSvV .v itl
elected the following ,'fficers for the
coming yeur: C. C. V. K. Kahlnr; V.
. W. K. Terry; prel.. '. Charles K.
Meyers; K. of J! and S... K. F. Tucker;
M. of P.. M. J. McAhren; of E . J. II.
Lyon: M. at A Leon ' iir: M. ,of W..
John Kntt: I. : . w. u .'Slbsoni' O. O..
A. D. Wilson, trustees. A. .felsley, D. L.
Hoynlon and H . W. Fergui on.
DKNIHON The mayor' nf enleon, W.
If. l-iul. and the nollce luv.t been hav
ing trouble about men filing bit a liquor
to a man w ho hnd tsken tl te cure at
Knoxvllle. the state institution i'or In
ebriates, so when he becHm Ii r.vicated
this week he was put In Jail ut df sen
tence that he should be given hi m bread
and water for three dsvs each witV dur
ing his time of thirty days. The p Vi ed
that the instructions of the niavor 'ould
be csrrled out to the limit caiisei.4 the
prisoner to be ready tt give the nam
of those furnishing him liquor, end ft w
the authorities plan to get after Ve
guilty ones for the full penalty of la v.
Waiter Puts Harmon
in Quick Lunch Seat
WASHINGTON. Dec. B.-Goveinor Har
mon of Ohio, prospective candidate for
the democratic nomination for president,
arrived here today and had a conference
at the capltol with about twenty-five
leaders of both houses of congress, In
cluding many of the Ohio delegation. The
meeting was held in the office of Sen
ator Pomerene. It was asserted politics
was only Indirectly discussed.
While the democratic leaders were
gathered to do honor to Oovernor Har
mon a telegram urging united action by
democrats was drafted and sent' to the
democratic central committee of Ari
zona. Governor Harmon took luncheon In the
senate restaurant with Adjutant General
Weybrecht. An Imperious servitor wavel
the governor out of that portion reserved
for senators and seated him at a quick
lunch counter. The governor crowded his
knees Into the uncomfortable space and
was lunching simply when his Identity
became known. He was Immediately be
sieged with waiters who begged him to
movo to the sacred precincts of the sen
ators' dining room. The governor de
clined. "This Is what they call democratic
simplicity," he remarked to General Wey
brecht. Key to the Situation Bee Want Ads.
:ii ho
y,J I t 1
Our Vay of finishing collars
gives the same comfort and tie
space as you always find in
new collars.
Thla la because
we return them
to you with their
natural shape.
We el bo return all ghlrta la Sani
tary covers without pins or boards.
Lt us show you the
Wagons Kverywhere.
rhone Donglaa ltls.
Ind. r-iaai.
,ir-cifcf r
Interest allowed in
sayings department at
3 per annum . . .
The United States
National Dank of
Cmaha gives prompt
and courteous service,
affords absolute secur
ity and has a most con
venient location.
Sxf cents
si Feimum
You reach people . who huy 1
when you advertise in The Bee J
(Continued from First Page.)
rescuing apparatus, due here about 1
President Stephenson said the casualties
would not be as targe aa first reported
from Brlcevllle. He did not believe there
were many men In the mine at the time
of the explosion.
He said the mine Is usually manned by
about tOO workers. They lived about
Drlcevllle, and each morning were
brought to the mine on early trains.
He understood several of these trains
were late today, which would have de
layed the miners In getting Into the shaft.
Respite Work. Slow.
I'p to 2:39 o'clock this afternoon squads
o rescuers had rnsde no effective progress)
in their efforts to reach the entombed
mtitsrs. Cave-Ins barred the way to the
poll., where It is hoped the hundred or
more, men are still alive.
A i'deral rescue car Is expected to
reach .Brlcevllle late this afternoon.
Special trains were sent from Knox
vllle to .the scene of the disaster. Presi
dent SteiJ'henaon of the Knuxville Iron
company w-aa In charge of a train over
the Bouth-n railway. With him went of
ficials of the local mine rescue station.
They carried 1 paraphernalia of rescue.
Brlcevllle. ,u a mining town has had
a stormy hltory. It was the scene In
the early nine les of rioting when miners
rebelled agalmt working with convicts
leased by tho ' state. Troops were sent
there to uuell ijhe trouble
At Coul Creek, near there, on May 13
m. 200 men we killed in the Frater-
vllle mine explosion.
There are several big mines at Brlce
vllle known as the .Cross Mountain sys
tem, t was in one of these that the
explosion occurred tot'ay.
Black ney-gprffer.
FAIRFIELD. Neb.. Dec 9. gpedal.)
Mr. Orvllle Blackney and .Miss Katherlne
. r
Sale of Jewelry
Vitit oar Horm. See gift, of quality
at prices unheard of.
Special Sale for Coming
Solid HnM ti.-.
i . " . .r "ci wun uentnne t-"-i' screw.. ,7oj5
ISO Pairs Solid Gold rr'nfV V.iVu. "...
. ii , , ,i ar i nn n.. -
with Genuine Diamonds, cut tA -.
tually ajr .ca
80 Genuine Diamond Rings, Iidle,'
and Gentlemen, Solid Gold Mount
ings: $30.00 values, cut to... 917.60
160 Holld Gold Tie Clasos, set with
Genuine Diamond; $10.00 values,
"J to M-80
ve nave you money on watches and
high grade Jewelry.
Seeing it Believing.
The Popular
Keese0 f Jeveler
Executors, Administrators and Trustees
1 They tinjoy permanent existence.
2 They are managed by men, qualified by training and experience.
3 Their capital and surplus are a guarantee of good faith and
honest administration.
4 They act Impartially and without prejudice.
5 They are alwayj accessible for business. (
6 Their accounting is systematic and exact.
7 The fees are fixed by law, that they can be no greater than
those of individuals and are usually lees.
We draw your will without charge If named executor cr trustee.
CaplUl and Surplus. . KaH),ot)0.tU
A Safe Investment
American Safe Deposit Certificates are secured by loans on
the best farms in Kastern Nebraska. No loan is made for more
than 40 of the appraised value of the farm and in many cases
for not more than 10 of the appraised value. There is noth
ing safer on earth.
A,'cnSare Deposit Certificates are sold iu denomina
tions of 20 $o0. $100. $250. $1,000 and $5,000 and pay o
interest. They are payable to bearer and no other person can
know your business. Write us.
American Safe Deposit Company
Fr V. IIAMEit, President.
21 South 17tl. Street. Uev lildg. iiV Xortl, i3th Street.
Omaha. Lincoln.
. .. . uinoau oox ror
urfc-lar proof American hate Uepoalt
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Ier in the. ash pit.
Price onlv &1.00.
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splner were married at the home of tbe
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Splcer.
at 8: Wednesday evening. Mr. Biack
ney is with the Burlington at this place
and is highly respected In railway circles.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
I Am
The Jeweler
I have lived In Omaha 4 4 years
Over JO yesra In the Jewelry busi
ness. My address la
215 S. 16th St.
Paxton Block
I sell only reliable Jewelry :icver
have any fake sales never make
any rash statements or give any
guaranteca I do not fulfill to the
And you never can buy the nan e
article any cheaper elsewhere un
der any conditions. 1 have a clean
up-to-the-minute stock of diamonds,
watches, Sterling silver, leather
goods, cut glass, etc., that I sell
at the right prices. A visit from
you and a comparison of goods and
prices will be appreciated by me.
Henry Copley
215 S. 16 h St., Paxton Block
SUte JH'Poslt. . . .$10,tHK).
a year In the abkolutelv rire an.
Vault. l the Uee bu?Mlni o
Policies. Ueeds. ,b.tral tsf mort
vuliml.l.. .n . ...
until s p. ,. Sat" rday nigh"
107j Aoto, A-1330.
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