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Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
The Council niufi Office of ,
The Oman Ite It t tK. J
Scott Street. Telephone 4.".
Davis, drug.
lffrt'p, optician.
It. Porwlrk for wall T't"".
rorrlpans, undertaker. . rhon ill
Oenuln Vlctrola, IIS. A Honpe Co..
For authority on watchrs ' I.ffrt;
Woodrinf V DJTUkli Co.- TH. "O.
Lewis Cutler, funfrnJ Ultol. tfbene 97.
I For Ilrnt-MAdern lu,' 7.3 !" A'0;
j Krery Victor rnxnl ; in stotK A.
Hop Co. .;
I F'rinting- and BlndiJit "W'"" !''' M,,r;
1 bouse A Co.
I Em tMrd ami slafsfd Mtwl. tffert.
1 regirtered optulani', hJJ I.roadwny.
W g.v Vrrmiiim coupon t 1 nfl I"",f.
649 VroiiMty, tlxm and tobacco.
Merchant' lunch, 3.V. nt Tony' cafe.
IT fouth Sixth. A fc-ood place to eat.
V4u ran net anj thing In the line of
ailvernare lor tin- ThanksKiving labia at
JLifrrt's, ia Hioudway.
X'hiaa gift hint. Don't forget the many
beautiful and in-eful gifts we are showing,
lauble Art Hhnp; open evenings.
J.. B. Matthew yesterday filed hi l"nd
a administrator in the eatate of Sarah
Uviiigstonr, who tiled November 1.
I'frturea framed to orrti-r for Xma
preaenta. AVa will lav them away for
yoii till you want them. II. Uorwlck,
;n gouth Main.
If:vou want WINDOW GL.ASS cnll Hell
rhotie 5M, Hhiff City Ola and Mirror
Work. I7 West Hroalay. Wa make
la feclalty of ULA.INti at low price.
I household good, horvex, cattle and all
chattel securities at a big discount of the
uitiial rates. Office over STO Went Broad-
! t,
! John Klrkland. who waa aent to the
jFott MadlHoti penitentiary three year
agib for bigamy and paroled a year ago,
; tinT heen unconditionally pardoned by
;14olernor Carroll, thu restoring to hlin
m -run right or citiienuiip.
A-dltrlct court decree waa entered ye
teniay confirming the foreclosure of a
mo a rage held by 1.. II. Lougee upon
property owned by John W. Haar and
wifi. comprising flva acrei. The mort
gKB waa given to ai-ciire a note for 2.
Mayor Maloney returned yeaterdny
rom H. Paul, Where he waa called on
Monday by bualneea connected with hi
of.'lre aa treasurer of tha Ancient Order
of Hlbernlanx. He spent some time
profitably Invrstliratlng municipal Im
IprovemenU that can be profitably utll
jlaedT In Council Bluffa.
I Mr.' Adelaide Smith, aged 59 years, died
In et. Joseph hospital yenterday after
two months' Illness from cancer. Hha
(was taken to tha hospital from her for
mer noma here, 4 Fourth strseet. The
body waa brouulit to C'utler'a morgue,
where tha funeral will be held on Mon
day, afternoon at I o'clock. Hurlal will
be In Falrvlsw.
Coroner Cutler ha decided that no In
fiueet la neneasary concerning tha death
of Air. Clara Dodaon, who waa asphyx
iated at tha Kiel hotel Wednesday night.
Ieth waa plainly due to the accidental
en. ape of tha gaa from tha Jet she turned
off before retiring. It was discovered
yesterday that Mrs. Dodson had ona sis
ter. Mrs. Padle Whipple, residing at
'.nld. Ukl. he ha been notified of her
lHtr'a death.
The 10-month-old docile and loving
i wolf, which has become tha possession
I of W. T. Cole and designed as an at
traction toils olgar atore, waa not killed
l yenterday aruordli.g to the program. Mr.
Cole became tired and somewhat sus-
fildnna tt th limit It InrrMUMl In
knowledge and stature and concluded It
1 would look better -If stuffed by a taxl
I dermis than even partly filled with liu
I man flesh. Ho he took th wolf down to
f'ounty Auditor Hannan and claimed the
bounty, hut the atate offers no bounty
on live wolves, and Hannan and all of
'.lie members of the Board of County 8u
pervlaora refused to become executioners.
The wolf was consequently left In th
banement of the court house. The janl
Mor Uvea In p;rt of the basement with
nin lamny, anu wnen ne uiecovereo tne
wolf waa there he sent word to Cole If
It waa not taken away ha would kill It
and claim the bounty. Yesterday Cole
went down to see about It. He also anw
the wolf anil the little creature greeted
him so affectionately that he let It follov
tilm back to the ground. It Is again
dining on food furnished by the Crand
Elks to Make Hit
With Their Show
Just many aa could safely be per
mitted saw th full rehearsal of the F.Ik'
; minstrel show last night. It was more
than worth seeing. It was a menace to
every button on the clothe of the spec
tators. The rehearsal was pulled off In
the auditorium of the Klkg' club with a
I brilliancy that promise something mem-
' ornble next Tuesday night, when the
general public will be Riven Its oppor
tunity at the, Hohany theater. The local
hit are Immense and there I not a man
In town whose name Is worth a headline
who will be permitted to escape. Mayor
Maloney In the crowd suffering from
convulsion with the other - and heard
hi name taken In vain many time. I'at
Miiirlde and Ueorge Hughe, whose busi
ness engagements prevented them being
tUrn Into tha class of funmakers, were
tha only two ad men In the crowd last
night. They were grieving over mlsalng;
the opportunity of their lives. Another
fulj rehearsal will be held tonlcht and
tomorrow afternoon the show will be
staged with full dre effect In the
theater, followed by two other Monday
afternoon and evening.
May Build Tabcrniacle
in Single Day Only
'Pj architect' plan for the big taber
nuCle that I soon to be erected In BaylU
park tor the accommodation of the Hart
Mgann revival meeting ha been
turned over to a local contractor, who
baa agreed to superintend the work free
of rost. In connection with the of for of
the Carixuter' union to do all of ahe
work without compensation this place
the cost of the big tuilorary building
-at the nominal flgurs lo be charged fur
the rental of to lumber, thus reducing
the total cost to a minimum so low that
but a small part of the original estimate
of Ji.vw will be required.'" ; f
It ha been the rurpoae of the mem
bers of the Carpenters' union to under
tW to do at of the construction work
In a staple day. Thu women of tb vail
iug chuiche have plumed to serve
uff-e to the wen while at work and hot i at the appointed time and to show
In every way hearty appreciation of the
ftmerou offer. The meeting are to
UiOn in January and are Scheduled to
lit una mouth, but If the popularity Is
' great a anticipated tb period may
bv vxuitftcd two months.
(anrll Mluff Produce MarVrt -The
following quotations, showing
pro es paid to producers, are corrected
o.Uy by William IHsgeaon, city weigU
u.iLbter. for publication in The Bee:
coim. r4rits5 per bu. , I
UiiKAT. ik- pr bu. ( ' 1 I
o.Ofi. CAi.a per- bu. 1 '' ' - 1
i;y ilwHtei, S'loJ.'UI j,t iMU
ALAU (tovae), lU.VUOU per (yj,
ti. T. Plumbing Co, TL 2i0. Nlgot L-1701 I
Council Bluffs
Attorneys for Marks Say Cosson
f Coerced Grand Jury.
llerlare Slate Officer Had n HUM
to lie In firand Jury Honm
sail I se ArgainrsU nail
- fromlses.
, Alt attacH was made yentcriluy upon
the Indictment returned, by the grand
Jiitjr against Hen Mark upon the ground
that the attorney . general and Mm aa-
slHtant uevd Illegal and coercive mean
to secure the Indictment and exceeded
hi authority hy his cnntlnuoii presence
In the grand Jury room. The motion to
fiunsh the Indictment waa filled yes
terday morning by Attorney (leorge K.
Wright, associated with Tlnley Ai Mitchell
In the defence of Marks. Mr. Wright ln
ltcd upon Immediate hearing on the
motion, but It mused the attorney gen
eral's forrea such surprise that they
axkei' for time. Later in Hie iay was
suggested, but thl was declared to be
too short, and finally the hearing was
net for 9 o'qlock this morning, when It
will be submitted to Judge Arthur.
Attorneys for Marks declare the anx
iety of the attorney general to secure
the Indictment of Marks has led htm
outHlde his functions, and they say at
beat he can rely upon only the loosest
coiiHtructtoii of the law to sustain his
course In the grand Jury room. The Inw
nd jury
ently by
waa amended recently by which the pie-
rogatlves of the attorney general were
somewhat enlarged, but the language Is
conflicting and the amended law ha
never been construed by a court.
Allegations of Motion.
This paragraph In the motion contain
the charges:
When the Investigation of the tran-v
actions Involved In the charge ngaltiat
this defendant was- being had by the
grand Jury of i'ottawattamle county, Iowa,
there was present before tha uraiul lurv
Mr. (leorge Cosson, the attorney Kfnerai
of the state of Iowa; that aald Ouhhoii
wbs present during the Investigation of
the charge by the grand Jury.' and he
la not and wa not a person required or
permitted by law lo bo present; that dur
ing the Investigation of the charge by
the grand Jury said Cosaon examined wit
nesses and argued questions of fact to
the grand Juiy and coerced the grand
Jury by arguments and hy promises of
production of other testimony at a fu
ture day. That there was also nresent
during the examination one John Fletcher,
no noma I lie position or assistant to
the attorney general. That the proceed
ing had before the grand Jury were
taken down by a shorthand reporter
brought here from les Moines to act aa
clerk, that the name of such reporter
is unknown to the defendant, but such
record will show tha statements made bv
the attorney general before the granu
Jury; that the defendant ran establish
the truth of these statements by the
memoers or the grand Jury, (leorge Cos
son, attorney general, and the clerk and
Ihe defendant will offer oral testimony
upon me aunmissinn lo sustain the
Ciound alleged In tills motion.
-1 f the motion to quash la sustained the
cae will end, for a new Indictment la
barred by th statute of limitations. The
contention present ground for carry
ing the case to the supreme court.
Th attorney general ha called wit
nesses from distant part of the coun
try. Including Colorado and Nebraska.
The Council tlluff Cuhs defeated tha
Young Men' Christian association five In
a fast and exciting game of basket ball,
It to 71. last night at the "Y" gymnasium.
The Cub put up a good exhibition of
the game. . Their shooting and basket
throwing kept them In the lend all
through the game and they clearly out
classed the "Y" five.
Hutchinson and .Thomas tarred for the
association team, while Oliver. Mont
gomery and Lrffcilxsugh were the star
for the Cubs. Captain Wise was there
on guarding and ilert sen's passing fea
tured the second half.
The CUbs took the lend In the first five
minutes of play and held It throughout
the half. Deffc nhaugh's lung throw of
a goal In this half was a feature. The
half ended: Cub. :8: "Y," 1.
The Cubs made a few chances (n the
second, half. Ieffenbaugh 'going to left
forward and (laraten to left guard. ' The
association five niarto a desperate effort
to tie the score, when within five minute
of time both team had the same number
of baskets, but the Cubs, with their fast
teamwork, toon took the lead and won
out easily, taking their second game of
the season. The lineup:
Cuba 12. V. M. C. A.-J7.
Oliver RF.IR.F Smith
.Thomas (C)
Montgomery C
Wise (C) It. (J.
(lertaen I..U
(ionls: Oliver ifi. Morrison. Montxom
Cty (SI. Wise, Dcffcnbuunh (ti), Certsen
ft. Hmlth r,. Thomas Mi, Phillips,
Hutchinson 2i. Free throws: Montgom
ery (til. l'hllllps (21. I'olnt awardivt:
"Y." I. Referee: Rohlnaon of Omaha
Young Men's Christian association. Time
keeper: Wheeler. Time of halves: Twenty
Kev to the Situation Bee Advertising."'
r ft i - j it i i i i iii i-sB'
1 1 f" 1 a JT-I I HI I III
l-ll f' M HI asT I 1
Council Bluffs
New Saloon License
Ordinance is Ready
For Final Passage
The new saloon license ordinance wa
presented at the adjourned meeting of
the city council yesterday afternoon and
advanced to Its se.-ond reading, and then
laid over for final passage next Monday
night. This was due to the absence of
Alderman Younkerman and the announce
ment of Alderman Fisher that he would
InalBt upon every member of the council
being present and bearing his full share
of responsibility for the ordinance. Mayor
Maloney also suggested Hint It would be
necessary to take up the ordinance and
pass It section by section.
The ordinance fixe the license at ii.VH
a year by specifying that the mim nf
$11" shall bo paid each month In addition
to the regular stnte mulct tax of VfT a
yiar. The council, however, redded
somewhat from the position first as
sumed In regard to wholesalers and fixed
the wholcsule license at !) a year. In
stead of $9ot, n at first contemplated.
Section three of the ordinance defines
what constitute wholesaling and de
clare: The business of selling intoxicating
ll'liiors at wholesale shall .be construed
under this ordinance to mean nil such
t.eraons. firm or corporations as shall
sell Intoxicating ll'iuor. To retail deni
er, holding permlu or licenses under
resolutions of consent parted by the cltv
council In any tiantU . or to 'others hsn
licensed dealers, In original pacaaae oi
not Irs than case lots oi two dozen
Inige bottles, or three dosen small bot
tles, or ken of not les than four gallon
cnpaelty for malt liquors and In ciuantl-
tie of not ies tnan live gaiinos oi
whlaky. wine or all other spirituous and
Intoxicating lltUor to other than
licensed dealer In quantities less thun
hove limited.
Objection was expressed to the amount
of liquor specified on the ground that It
was too large and this may be modified
to prevent It doing on Injustice to itotne
of the wholesalers, particularly such as
the Jarvls 'Wine company, who conduct
no bar; but sell In original packages a
small a single quarts of wines nnd
brandies, where about all of the sacra
mental and table wine sold In the city
are bought. There may be some modifi
cation of thl section. -
Hectlon four also Invest the ordinance
with additional Interest, for It holds the
property liable for the 'payment of the
license. Thl section says:
That all real estate within which or
whereon Intoxicating liquors are sold or
kept with Intent to sell, subject to the
provisions of this ordinance, shall be sub
ject to nnd held for the payment of the
additional tax heroin provided for. and
uch tax shall become a Hen on said real
estate from thet time the same shall be
cettlfled bv the city clerk of said city, of
Council Illuffs to the auditor of Fottawat-
tamle county, as hereinafter provided.
Ppencer Hmlth appeared befot'e the coun
cil In the Interest of the owners of outlot
1, Prospect place, on Fast Fierce street.
against which paving taxe to the amount
of STjOO and sewer cost of MKM had been
assessed. He showed that the lot wai
bought two year ago for I7u arid assessed
by the city assessor this year at' $100.
The owners offered to pay $5jo. It was
referred to the committee of the whole,
Considerable amusement -waa occasioned
by a . communication of , a rambling
character signed by Charles' Hoefter. who
asked the immediate payment of I'AKW
damage to Ms property, lota 10, 1 and
13, Ferry' addition, which he claimed In
jured by granting ths Northwestern Rail
way company right to lay It track In
Ihe street on First avenue. .Mr. Boener's
notice stated that If thin amount waa not
paid at once It would cost .the city $13
a day for all delay. Th urgency of the
raa wa explained by Mr. Hoener, who
suy It I Interfering wltlvila business aa
a ' carpenter "and also In a necessary
machine Invention, which the patent of
fice claims will be worth $:.0U0,000 If ap
proved to the foreign counsel and navy
and aea man. In order to complete this,
invention thus suit must be settled at
once, otherwise I will be entitled to three
time the amount, according to law." Th
communication wua referred to the alder
man of the ward. .
WHO IS WHO? .We are, of course.
Why? Because we give you the best and for your money all the time. We
have another shipment of that fine ba
con, only l&u pound. . We have Grime'
Golden apple. 40o peck , oranges, 30c
doxen. Homethtng new, picketed herring
In quart glasa Jars, Sic; sardines, 25c
Jar. We always have Bealshlpt oysters,
Oc quart; chow chow in quart Jara, 25c;
olive In quart Jars, 2&c; sweet pickles, 30c
quart. We are getting plenty of country
butter, 35c pound. ' Try our New York
roasted coffee, 2So pound; Peaberry at SOc
pound. We have fresh Graham flour, Soc
sack; whole wheat, 35c; buckwheat, too;
sorghum, 40c. Bartel Miller. Tel. 33!.
. Our Katardar Spec la la
For buyer who are looking for value
for money spent. In our grocery depart
ment: Table corn, seveu cans. He; 6oc
can Paxton &. Gallagher coffee, . f2o;
2f) Jar maple butter, 20c; "Way Up"
flour, guaranteed equal Ji) any flour on
the market, per sack, $1.89; 10-pound sack
pure buckwheat. 46c; 5-pound sack self
rising pancake flour, 5c; half gallon can
The Apollo Player Piano
Council Bluffs
Wedding Breakfast . syfup, 4,"io; fancy
cooking apples, per peck. 15c: mixed
cookies, per lb,, lor; fancy prunes, t lb.,
Kc; Zr Hmyrna fig, lb., 3nc; new dates
lb., loc; orange and lemon peel, lb., 2c;
half peck package matches, 10c; Helm
chow-chow, qt.. kr, celery, green onions,
radishes, cauliflower, lettuce and sweet
potatoes. In our meat department: Home
made liver sausage, lb., Iflc; ducks, lb.,
inc; geese, lb., 13c; breakfast bacon, by
Ihe strip, lb., 1.1V,c; veal, lb., up from Wc;
home-made head cheese, lb., 10c; solid
pnek oysters, qt., jc; fane-.- beef roasts,
lb., up from 10c; dressed spring chickens,
lb., U'fcc; beef soup meats, lb., up from
Sc; fancy oleomargarine, lb., 19c; No. 1
fancy skinned hams, lb., lie andlrtc;
beef pot roast, lb., up from 10c; good
beefsteak, lb., up from JOc; 3-lb. pail
Rex lard, We: fancy boil beef, up from c:
honie-rr.ade pickled corned beef, lb., up
from K'c; home-made sausage, 2 lbs.;
2T.c; pork roast, lb., up from 12'4c; veal
toasts, lb., tip from 12ic; mutton, lb..
up irom sc; nnme-made hamburger. 2
lbs.. L'Oc. Kpeclals In ouc hardware and
house furnishing department: ."."ic slr.e
pint aluminum sauce pan, 12c; waV
nnted oil heater. $2.8S; nlckle-plnted
range teakettle. 2flc; No. 8 solid copper
nlckle-plated teakettle. $1.19; Universal
food chopper, 78c; the Savory roaster,
T!lc; large double roaster, 4.1c: the Rayo
lamp, complete. 11.58; aluminum plepan.
3Te. J. Zoller, Mercantile Co., The Hlg
I ptown Store. lrtM02-irM-os Rroadway.
Four 'phones-Ring .120.
Mrs.Emma DeLong
Shoots Herself, in
Handling a Rifle
Mr. Emma, 1!) years old. wife
of Frank Deling, a lineman employed
by the electric light company, received
a painful and perhaps dangerous wound
nt 8:30 o'clock last evening. She waa shot
In the left hip with a 22-callber rifle at
the home of her father, B. II. Cones, 611
Iowa avenue.
Ir. O'Keefe was called and after an
examination had Indicated that the course
taken by the bullet might be serious.
hurried her to lr. Cleaver's office for
nn X-ray exposure. The bullet was lo
cated by the rays and It was decided
that the safety of the patient required
Its removal and Mrs. De Long wan taken
to the Rdmundnon hospital shortly before
10 o clock and an operation performed.
At II o'clock Mr. De Long was still in
the operating, room.
Details of the accident could not be
secured last night beyond the tatement
of the surgeons that it was accidental.
Mrs. De Lug was handling the weapon
when It waa In some manner discharged
while the muxzle was in close contact
with her side and pointing downward.
Mrs. De Long's home Is on Sixth avenue,
in one of the P. H. Wind houses. '
SATURDAY SPKCfAI-nressefl .nri
chickens, per pound, 12Hc; best breakfast
bacon, per pound, 20c; Trinity church
Rules - mince meat, per Dound. 15c: cauli
flower, lettuce and celery. Fancy largo
oysters, per quart, 45c; black walnut.
per peck. Z5o; hickory nut, lr quart,
10c. Now 1 the time to make your Christ
ma mince meat. Sweet cider, per gal
,on, 35c; new raisins. 10c and 12Ho per
pound; currants, citron and lemon peel,
Jonathan apples by the barrel. u sn.
iAy tream flour, per sack. l.3B; best
coal oil, per gallon. 10c; 6-gallon lots, 46c.
L. Green, 134 Broadway. Tel. 324.
Mrs. Cope Loses
Off icial Position
TOI'EKA. Kan.,' Dec. 9.-Mrs. Carrie
E, Cope, plaintiff in a M.000 damage suit
for libel against Bishop David II. Moore
of the Methodist Kplscopal church, resi
dent in Cincinnati, has been summarily
removed from official connection with
the National Woman's Home Missionary
society of the Methodist church, according
to an announcement here today.
A successor to Mrs. Cope will be ap
pointed aa chairman of the Indian work
committee, and the national society will
Join, in the dissolution suit pending
against the Kanaa fcranch of tha so
ciety. '"
The trouble aroae over- a dispute over
funds, which Mrs. Cope holds as an of
ficer of the Kansas Branch and which
she refuaes to give up. , Bishop Moore
wrote a letter concerning hor action In
this matter, to which she took exception.
He declined to make a publlo apology
and she filed suit for, damages.
Ipw 'Wcaleraa Coatest.
MT. Ifl.EASAN'T. Ia., Dec. . -(Special.)
Saturday evaiijjig. December , the
Iowa WealeyanUeolleg-e orators will hold
their annual home contest, the winner
to represent the college In the state ora
torical contest at Ames in March. The
following four men will compete in the
preliminaries: Clarendon Havlnghurst,
Toledo, O.; Charles Swayney, Marengo,
la.; Leonard Simmer, Agency, la.; Knos
Lauterbach, Mt. Pleasant. A prize of
$j0 goes to the winner of the local contest.
You can check off every advantage
of all other Player Pianos and the
Apollo still has many, left over.
Look at other player pianos. Take a pencil and paper and write down each
one of their advantages. Brine it to us and we will show you that the Apollo has
every advantage on your lint, and also bag several other highly Important ones
that you can not find in any other make of player piano.
The Apollo has the Solothenie which enables you to. accent the melody cor
rectly, omitting the accompaniment, or to play the accompaniment only, omitting
the melody.
No other player has such a feature.
The Apollo has a Metronome motor which maintains even time in the muslo
and rewinds the music roll without pumping.
No other player hag this feature.
The Apollo has the human touch down on the keys as la hand. playing.
No other player has this feature. v
The Apollo has a Teuipograph muslo pointer with which the operator follows
authoritative markings on the music roll, thereby playing in correct time. ,
No other player has anything approaching the Tempograph in simplicity and
Make a note of all the advantages of other player pianos and let us hoe you
that the Apollo has thetn and many others thatno other player has or can have.
Maawn Hamlin, KratUch & Bach, Hush A Ijine, CbleNelson, Prjror A Co.,
Kremlin St (ton, llallet-Davl and tloepe.
1513-15 Douglas Street.
"tite Superintendent of Iowa School
: GiTes Fignres.
Male ' Trsrketa Uet osi Aeri
aTO.2.1 a Weslh tttrsdasre la
rbool' Areraaes 301 (
I0U Day.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DK MOfNBf.-Ia., Dec. 9. (Special Tel
egram.) Iowa ha more boys In Its pub
lic schoolg than girl. During the year
cudlng June 3D, Wll. there were 39,S19
male students between the ages of 4 and
21 year enrolled In-the public schools of
the state, while there were only 332.792 fe
male students.
These figures are taken from the an
nual reports of the county superintend
ents that are being compiled in the of
fice of A. M. Deyoe. state superintendent
of public Instruction, for his report, to
be publlahed soon.
According to the report, there nre -i.HUj
teacher employed. Of this number 2,.C0
are men nnd 2I.5S9 women. The overage
salary paid to the school ma'ams is $18.11,
whllo the average compensation of their
brothers engaged !n school work for the
state Is S7B.23.
The average daily, attendance during
the year was 361, VW.
Eiamlne Medical Schools.
The Iowa State Board of Medical Ex
aminers has a committee at work mak
ing Investigation of various medical col
leges that have been recognised In tho
post as competent to graduate persons
for the practice of medicine. The board
has received information that some of
tho colleges in Chicago were now doing
very poor work and some of them had
engaged day and night faculties for the
purpose of maklnK extra baste in turn
ing out new doctors. The committee, It
Is learned, will report adversely to some
of the schools.
Fort fole Fire Knntl.
The city autriorltle at Fort Dodge have
been engaged In trying to find a way they
can levy a special fire fund. When the
city was a "aecond class" city, or below
15.000 population, there was a special law
which authorUed' it. Now the elty is
out of the "second class" 'and has come
under the commission form, and the city
attorney has Insisted that it may still
levy the fund, but the attorney general
holds to the contrary.
Will Ea force Drag; Law.
The Stat Pharmacy commission is pre
paring to begin enforcement of that part
of the state laws of Iowa which forbids
dealers other than registered pharmacists
from selling polaons and medicines con
taining aloohol. ' ft . appears that the
present commission has not before paid
any attention . to the law and that de
partment and general store are carrying
lines of patent medicine's In violation of
the law.
Prepare to Uo Parkins;.
The newly organised Des Moines Pack
ing company has asked the state execu
tive council for the necessary authority
to commence business by the issue of the
capital stock of $125,000 against the assets
of the ' company; the old Agar packing
plant. The' company will get ready for
business and probably open soon after
the first of the year. ;
Dramatic Attempt at Salclde.
A man. named .James- Wilson, said
to be from Callente, Nov., ' attempted to
kilt himself while on a crowded Rock
Island train early this morning. The
train, was approaching Valley .Junction
from tho west when he took out a rasor
and proceeded to. cut hi throat, making
a terrible gash. . He was taken In charge
by an officer and the train brought htm
at once to , Des Moines, where he was
placed -In 'a hospital. He was evidently
Insane and probably will recover.
Failed to tiet Oat on Parole.
Although be has been paroled and has
been expecting to come home, W.
Carter, who was-sent to Fort Madison
penitentiary November 16, 1909, from this
city, haa not been released. He Is In
solitary confinement ' and Is closely
guarded. It is reported that worry over
foreclosure of a mortgage haa impaired
his physical and mental condition. Car
ter expected to be home for Thanksgiving
dinner. Ills old mother prepared for
htm, but he did not come.
She Will Tell Her Story.
Miss Ella Kling, alleged "confidential
stenographer" of an alleged price con
trolling '.'boss printers' combine of De
Moines," this .morning, cited twice by
Judge De Graff for contempt of court
yesterday and tha day before for flat
refusal to answer catechism of. the grand
jury, which is investigating the existence
or nonentity of the "combine," through
her attorney, told the court she had
made up her mind to answer what ques
tions the grand jury chose to ask In the
way of the Investigation. Her attorney
said she haa been sick for several days
and that only was the reason of her
obdurate . attitude In the grand Jury
saloon Licenses.
- City Assessor Monti is serving notices
on the eighty-six saloons of Des Moines
to pay In the $103,200. or the first quar
terly Installment of the mulct $1,200
license tax, January 1. Notice must bo
served on or before the fourteenth day
of the last month of - the quarter and
:rut he certified to the auditor on or
beloio the nir.eteenti. '
n. I Mrlnlncb. -
AUBURN, Neb.. Dec. . (Special.)
Benjamin , F. Mclnlnch. aged 75
years, died yesterday at his home five
miles poutheast of this place. Mr. Mc
lnlnch was a prominent citizen and for
several terms was one of the county com
missioners of this county. He located In
this county In 1S57 on the farm where he
died. During the war of the rebellion he
enlisted In the Second Nebraska and was
with It during Its Indian campaigns and
afterwards saw fervice In Missouri. The
year that Mr. Mclnlnch located In this
county he was united In marriage with
Jane Kennedy, and to this marriage wna
born eight children, ull of whom, to
gether with the widow, survive him. All
tne children nre married and onlv two
reside In this county.. Mr. Mclnlnch v.-as
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l.lqnor ( naflwi-ittrri and Prl.tiri
Ilflfined Whi-n Thrjr ;lve.
llonil. ?
Information against several disorderly
houses furnished the police by County At
torney English caused three raids In
which fourteen persons were arrested an 1
a large quantity of liquor was confis
cated last night.
The raids were made by Sergeant!
Samuelson nnd Vanous and Detective
Steve Maloney. The first place visited wai
!U South Thirteenth street. At NKI Doug
las street women were arrested who gavo
their names as Mnbie Johnson. Huttio
Williams ' and Blanche Young. John
Brown, charged with being the keeper
of tho place, was arrested, and with him
William' Smith nnd Emma M.CIclla-i
were token upon the charge of beln
ininatos. LllliaVi 'Wilkes end Joseph F.tnlow were
arrested as inmates of a house at HIS
e e
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